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HP FF: Life goes on - Chp3 updated

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Ok here you go.. all of you... a new Harry potter fanfiction. The story is set after the great war of hogwarts. My imagination of a few things which were left untold. How the wizarding folks managed to mourn and celebrate at the same time- how they got back to lead a normal peaceful life.  Please read and review.  Comments and criticisms welcome.
The characters in the story are copyrights of JKR.. I am a mere Fanfiction writerBig smile
Happy reading- I am reserving this post for the index Tongue
Chapter 1: All is well 72624395  
Chapter 2: The aftermaths of a war 74081183  
Chapter 3: Weeds admist Seeds 74578854  

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abavi IF-Dazzler

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From the author's desk: This chapter is about how Harry learns to let go the guilt of war, and how he learns to take appreciations that come his way...read on to know more.
Happy reading!
Chapter 1- All is well 
The three of them walked back from dumbledore's office and were soon confronted by Professor McGonagall who urged them to visit the already crowded hospital wing. Harry did not quiet feel like meeting people right now, all he craved for was some sleep. After Hermione convinced professor mcgonagall that they were alright and all they needed was some rest, they went back to the griffindor tower for a nice long sleep which they needed the most at the moment. Back at the boys' dorm, Ron reckoned, "Did you realize it is almost 2 days since we slept?" To Harry it seemed so distant… so many things have happened since yesterday when they decided to break into the gringotts wizards bank… Harry mumbled back, "yes that was at the shell cottage" then he was fast asleep…

It was almost past three in the afternoon when they woke up and realized that they were very hungry. The boys quickly dressed up and went down to the common room. They found people here and there who greeted them with usual cheer-congratulating him, slaping his back-shaking hands. Hermione was nowhere to be found. Ron wondered if she was still fast asleep in the dorm. Then they saw her coming in through the hole carrying some sandwiches. 

"I went to the kitchen to see if I can get something to eat… I overslept and missed lunch" Hermione said handing them sandwiches. "I thought you both will be hungry too" She told them. Harry and Ron gratefully finished the sandwiches.

"Thanks Hermione, You are wonderful" Ron told her.

"Tell that to me when i am not doing you a favour Ron" HErmione shot back with an amused look. 
"We are leaving tonight" She informed them as a matter of fact. 

"Tonight? but.. but what about hogwarts? people here who need help" Harry was suprised.

"There are healers from st. Mungo down there at the great hall… people who were seriously injured have been taken directly to st. Mungo but Madam Pomfrey could not handle this many crowd so a few healers have come here to take care of those who can be healed with little effort" Hermione told him. "We also have trains leaving at 11 am from Hogwarts from today onwards."
"what about the school? I would want to stay back and help build it again" asked Ron.

Hermione patiently stated "Ron, Hogwarts can repair by itself. Any damage to it by a wizard or witch or any magical creature can be rectified on its own. Its in Hogwatrs a History. It only needs time and some spells which I am sure the teachers of Hogwarts would be well versed at".
"I only want to talk to Professor Mcgonagall before we leave" Hermione told them.

"About NEWTS?" Predicted Ron

"Yes about that and about reopening of school too. I want to come back to finish my school"

Ron was aghast. "Hermione, you still think you should complete your seventh year?"
"Yes of course I do and you should do too Ron. We have a future to think of. If Harry wants a career as an Auror then he needs to pass his NEWT and what about you? You too want to become an Auror right? " Hermione advised.
"I haven't given much thought to it yet" mumbled Ron, he knew better than to argue with her now.
"Harry was looking around the common room. There were quite a few people in there with mixed feelings- some celebrating, some mourning, some staring at them with admiration, a girls gang stealing glances at him and giggling amongst them, some chatting about the war and some left to themselves. Suddenly everything came back to harry, the war- the loss of lot of loved ones- Lupin, tonks, colin, fred and lot others who have died in the war. There was lot others who were hurt badly, other fellow students who decided to stay back in spite of their age, those who were crying to get back home. Then he asked about the one thing he was dreading to ask.
"How is George?" Hermione made a quick glance towards Ron.

"I havent seen him after I got up"  She told him.

"He is probably more shaken than any of us about Fred's loss. But he will be all right". Ron told him. He seemed to have sensed that Harry was feeling guilty of Fred's death. "It was not your fault mate. It was Voldemort's. You have stopped him haven't you?" Ron added.
They left to the great hall and met Mr and Mrs Weasley near the stairs. They told that they have decided to have Fred's funeral  the day after tomorrow. They also told Harry that they did not blame him for their son's death. "He died bravely in a war. Didn't he?" asked Mrs.Weasley as her eyes welled with tears. "Harry, Fred must have a great time where ever he is now. He had his smile etched in his face when he died. It's an honor for him to die in a war against Who-you-know" added Mr.Weasley.

 Just then Bill came to them. "Dad the portkey is ready, Its arranged to transport at 8 tonight."
"What about Fr..Fred?" Ron asked him feeling a lump in his throat.
"there will be a little delay to get Fred's body. Charlie is staying back" Bill told him
Harry was searching for a certain Red headed girl,but couldnt seem to spot her. 

"Hermione, Have you seen Ginny?" He asked his friend a little later

"She was with Neville when I saw her today afternoon" she told him

He kept looking out for her all through the afternoon as he kept doing what he could do to help and comfort all those who were affected in some way in the war...  but didnt seem to spot her until late evening...
To be continued

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Wow abavi nice FF it's incredible how you are able to pick nicely from where the battle ended.
Thanks for the PM and please do up-date soon very anxious to read both the FF and the OS.
Once again awesome work and do PM me for up-dates.

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Amazing update!!! Please do pm me when you update. Embarrassed

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Wow lovely. Do PM when you update. Big smile

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Really nice FF abavi! Please PM when you update. Wink

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abavi IF-Dazzler

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From the author's desk:
Not proof read, liability for typo errors at large, kindly tolerate!
happy reading- and please be generous in leaving feedbacks
Part 2
The Weasleys went ahead as the three followed them to the great hall. The trio soon learned from Mr.Weasley as they came down the hall that there was going to be a meeting in the great hall, later that evening- all the witches and wizards who were still left at Hogwarts, offering their help, all those who have fought bravely, all those who have lost their loved ones- everyone will be addressed by the Minister Kingley Shacklebolt- himself. There were decisions to be made- for hogwarts and in general certain speech had to be made after the victory of the war.
It had already been decided that the Weasleys would be taking Harry and Hermione with them to Burrow that evening. Bill had arranged the portkey to deport at 8, so that they can attend the meeting and leave soon after.
Harry had an uneasy feeling in his stomach as soon as he heard about the meeting- he wished Kingsley wouldnt call his name and praise him with so much credit that he felt he did not deserve- All of this thought rooted from the guilt that he started to feel strongly as he descended down the stairs - observing the damage, a war of this magnitude has inflicted upon the place which was closest to his heart and the people who had supported him.
Though he had to acknowledge the congratulations and waving of hands at him very often than not by the people he passed, he still couldnt get over the feeling that- he didnt deserve their gratitude- He should have surely done something soon enough- something that could have saved all these lives- He didnt feel he was the major reason it was over- rather he was the reason it all started in the first place...
Hermione and Ron knew why their friend was brooding- and was the reason why hermione was throwing sympethetic look towards Harry and when ever he would catch her throwing those looks, she would look away.
What is it hermione? Harry asked  her atlast, getting more worried that whatever she is lecture him about is not going to help him at all. The guilt was there and no one can help him overcome it- He should have done something sooner- He kept telling to himself.
Hermione started to tell something but caught Ron's warning eyes and fell silent.
"Nothing Harry" She said at last
 Ron kept patting Harry's shoulder, mentioning him about some aspect of the war- where they have outdone themselves- how the DA performed in realtime- their hunt for horcruxes - and the like trying to make Harry realise that the war had been building up for quiet a long time and it was Harry who had at last put an end to it.
Hermione, had been generally nodding in affirmative for Ron's casual facts- in actually wondering when Ron had grown to be so sensitive to other's emotions.
They reached the Great hall and the families of the students who had stayed back to fight the war had started to arrive, if they were not already a part of the war last night. The bodies of those students who had died a brave death was being handed over to their tearful parents.
They saw Mrs. Tonks, standing amongst the crowd, She was being comforted by Fluer who took the little bundle that Mrs.tonks had been carrying - with utmost care- and with a jolt of guilt Harry realised that it was little teddy- his god son- who was orphaned last night. As soon as Mrs.Weasley saw her, she ran across and hugged the elderly lady- and the others who accompanied them rushed forward. As the grief was shared by the two parties, Harry stood there in pained silence as he watched Hermione approach Fluer who was holding little Teddy. She suddenly turned to him and getured him to come and have a closer look. Ron nudged him forward.
"He eez lovely" Fluer told as Hermione held his little chubby fingers- and Ron exclaimed as the little one's hair turned red as soon as his eyes fell on Ron's hair.
"He looks like one of the weasley's with that hair" he commented.

"He eez your godson eeznt he?" Fluer asked Harry suddenly- making him nod awkwardly.

"Come closer Harry- Do you want to hold him" Hermione asked him
The other weasleys and Mrs. tonks who were quiet absorbed in their condolence talks were distracted too watching Harry go near Teddy. Oddly, the scene of Tonks and Lupin lying lifeless flashed before him- then he remembered talking to Lupin in the great forest last night when he was ready to die- He remembered the day when Lupin had asked him to let him at Grimauld place one dasy to accompany the three when they went on their secret mission- then the day when Lupin announced them all that it was boy flashed before him- then he recollected what followed that announcement- Lupin had told him that they have made him little teddy's god father- and he reminisced with a little chuckle that he had infact vowed himself to be as reckless a godfather as Sirius was to him.
He held the little one's hand.
"Hi teddy" he called out "Your godfather Harry at your service"
"yup, he has just come to meet you after making this world a little better to live in- I am Ron, by the way"
"Teddy would be very proud of his parents as he grows up" Mrs.Tonks told suddenly " and ofcourse of his Godfather too" She smiled at him kindly. Harry swallowed a lump in his throat.
"That he will surely be" Mr. Weasly tapped Harry's shoulder.
As the tension in the air eased out, Mrs. Tonks ventured to talk to the authorities to hand over Lupin's and Tonks Bodies. Mr. Weasley and Bill went with her to help her out.
They spent the reminder of the late afternoon helping wounded people, house elfs and centuars or helping families that arrived for the bodies of loved ones or clearing debris that were piled on the hogwarts floors in general- which were blocking the paths to the other areas of hogwarts, helping students- or wizards trapped there- needing medical attention.
Soon they were heading downstairs to the great hall where Kingsley was to address the group of people. The Great hall was already half full as they ventured in to find some place to sit down. As the three sat down, Neville came down the hall along with Seamus and Dean.
"Have you seen Ginny?" He asked them looking a little apprehensive
"No" Hermione told him after throwing a quick look at Harry and Ron "I saw her last when she was talking to you"
"Oh - thats alright then..." he said as he made a fleeting glance across the room and moved to sit beside Seemus and Dean a little further along the line.

"See you all later then"
As soon as Neville left them, Harry started looking around to see if he can get to see Ginny- High time they started bridging the gaps, he thought as he felt so relieved to see that his entire life was there before him to live-
He was wondering again about Ron's reactions when he found her coming towards them. She caught his eyes, smiled at him, and just when he thought she would come and sit near him, She waved to them and stopped by for a customery chat as Neville called out to her. She turned and smiled at Neville as he gestured her to come and join him- and then there was a general hush as the Minister of magic entered the hall who was accompanied by prof. Mcgonagall.
She quickly bid them bye and went to sit with Neville- and before the commencement of the meeting, Harry noticed that she and Neville were talking in hushed tones with such great interest- that put him off for strange reasons which he couldnt fathome- and to his right, Ron was also not very happy with his sister's behaviour or Neville's- and Harry felt that he shared Ron's sentiments in this matter- the resentment was equal to Ron's if not more.
To be continued

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Oh a really nice update. Do continue soon. Clap

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