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*SwaRon New Years/Xmas One-Shot Contest Voting*

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Welcome D3ians! Hug

Guess what time it is? It's Dil Dosti Dance Forum's Christmas One-Shot Voting time!

SwaRon [Swayam-Sharon] One-Shot Voting

But, here's something different! We'll have 3 different categories in which everyone can win! We'll have 3 different one-shots chosen as the winners, one for each couple! So we'll have a winner from Kriya-Rey OS, one from Sharon-Swayam OS and one from Taani-Rey OS! And since we decided that everyone would not like to read all different couple's one-shots, we decided to hold 3 different votings! So be happy and vote for your favourites!


You are allowed to vote for 3 Entries!
Participants are NOT allowed to vote for their own entry or advertise it through PM or on the forum. If found doing so, that One-Shot will be disqualified!
One-Shots are found in the post below!
Deadline to Vote: January 3rd, 2013
PM any questions to me, *Shifali*

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SwaRon [Swayam-Sharon] One-Shot Voting

Entry # 1

In A Heartbeat

I smiled at Rey as he one more time asked me if I would like to come over to his place for Christmas. Christmas is supposed to be a family festival. We are supposed to spend time with our family. Rey was supposed to go visit his family and after that he had plans with the love of his life kriya. I didn't want to spoil them.

"No, I will be fine plus there is a high chance that Dad might come home tonight" I said to him.

He frowned and then nodded knowing me that I would never spoil his evening. Then I stood up and walked out of the caf. I stopped at the door of the caf and held my breath as the same tickling sensation returned in my stomach when the smell of the cologne he always wore went inside my nostrils. I raised my head only to find him stopped in front of me and his eyes on me. Our eyes met and something stirred inside me. It had been two weeks since we had called off our secret relationship but that doesn't meant that our emotions for each other had also vanished.

I hugged myself as I walked down the street. It was very cold outside and snow covered the ground on either sides of the road. I increased my pace eager to reach home soon but stopped at the sight of a boy holding his mother's hand and looking at a Christmas tree in awe. Tears formed at the edge of my eyes and my throat seemed to constrict a little. Christmas used to be fun when my mother was alive. Me, dad and mom we all used to enjoy Christmas so much. But ever since she died, that would be six years ago when I was twelve years old, everything changed.

It's not like my dad turned into those drunk, heart broken men and distanced himself from me. He is great and loves me a lot in fact I share a unique bond of love and understanding with him. But he had been busy with the growing business and I was usually alone at holidays. Besides that we both missed mom so much on such holidays that we decided to let them pass by just like any other day instead of reliving all those memories of her and go through the feeling of losing her once again. But sometime I wished what if she was alive today then our Christmas would have been so different'so full of life.


The clock struck five and I looked up from my laptop. It was Christmas today and the entire day had passed just like any other day while I had tried my best not to go into self pity mode. Dad called in the morning and we talked for almost an hour. It made me feel better so I had been more energetic today then I expected myself to be. But as it was getting dark and guests were starting to arrive at my neighboring houses the feeling of being lonely on Christmas was retuning.

Suddenly my hunger had vanished and I was going in self pity mode. I decided to listen to music to distract myself but then the door bell rang. I became confused; I was not expecting anyone today. The door bell rang again and opened the door to find swayam standing there with a box behind him and some bags in his hands. He looked breath taking handsome in his black jeans with black V-neck sweater and a black leather jacket. His smooth, silky hair fell on his face hiding half of his forehead and he looked at me in a way which made me melt right there.

I looked at him confused while he smiled at me and said "Merry Christmas" while I replied absent mindedly "you here?"

"Why I can't be here?"

"No, u can. But what r u doing here? I mean its Christmas! Shouldn't u be with ur family instead?"

"I didn't like the idea of u spending Christmas alone" said swayam while his face turned soft and his eyes started to reflect love for me in them.

I sighed and replied "Swayam, you rea'."

"relationship khatam hone se emotion to khatam nahin ho jate na" he said and for a moment I saw his face twist his agony as if he was regretting that our relationship had to end. Then he continued "right? U said that to me. So I can be here and moreover we r still friends right?"

He said the last part while coming inside and placing the bags he was holding on the table and then looked at me while I nodded fighting back the tears in my eyes. He had no idea what this meant to me. Then he went outside and dragged the box which was present behind him inside.

He looked around with his hands on his hips and I noticed his manly build as the shirt clung onto his body as he had taken his jacket off. Then he looked at me and said "No Christmas tree?" I looked away fumbling for words "yeah'I'I was busy something came up with dad" it was a white lie and we both knew it. I didn't buy one. What was the point of decorating a Christmas tree if I had to decorate it alone?

Thankfully he decided to let the topic drop. Sometimes he made me wonder how he could know me so well. He said while picking up the bags he had earlier placed on the table and while going towards the kitchen "so what r ur plans for dinner?" I was still processing all this what was happening and replied "I was thinking of skipping dinner" he looked at me as if I had two heads and said "and I bet u skipped lunch also" when I didn't reply he sighed and then said "don't just stand there and help me make dinner" this time I looked at him as if he was an outer space alien and he gave me the "Duh" look.

I said while walking towards him "what are u doing swayam?" he grinned at me and replied "I am making herbs glazed Turkey'..I bet I can cook better than u Sharon" I looked at him with a raised brow

"r u saying that I am a bad cook"

"Looks like that since u decided not to eat anything made by urself today"

I snatched the bowl from his hand faking mock hurt and not at all trying to wipe the grin off my face and said "fine then I will make something for desert, how about Yule cake" swayam grinned at me, it was his favorite and I felt light as a feather. It was one of the best qualities of swayam he could make me feel happy and contented even in the worst of situations.

Then we started cooking and I had no idea that cooking can be so much fun. We talked about random stuff and pulled each other's leg and I soon forgot that I was feeling lonely at some part of the day. He was done with the turkey before me and I was almost finishing the cake when suddenly I turned around and found him looking at him with so many emotions in his eyes. I knew he loved me and it made me feel guilty that I did not return his feelings or at least I thought I did not.

The way his gaze held me prisoner was surprising even for me and I didn't even dare blink. A few heart beats later he closed the distance between us and I was trapped between him and the kitchen counter. My knees felt weak and my head started to spin as he moved closer and I could once again smell this cologne. He always smelled so great which didn't nothing else but shut all the logical parts of my brain. I started at him not knowing myself how much love was reflecting from my eyes and he slowly bent his head down. I closed my eyes and tight knots formed in my stomach as his lips touched my chin. My skin burned as he marched upwards and stopped at my jaw. Then suddenly he licked the chocolate which was on my face and I gasped holding onto his shirt, pulling him close. Then as he licked the chocolate off of my jaw line I hoped and wished for him to continue but he moved back disappointing me and said "hurry with the cake I am hungry" and walked out of the kitchen while I nodded and hoped my face didn't showed how disappointed I was.

Done with the cake I walked outside and saw him pouring champagne into two glasses. I smiled at him and he offered a glass to me. I took it and we sat down to drink it. There was an awkward silence between us and I decided to break the ice and said "thank you" he looked at me visibly shocked and replied "for what?"

"For coming today"

"Oh, don't thank me instead I should thank you for your presence today in my Christmas Eve. U have no idea what ur presence mean to me"

Once again the knots formed in my stomach as we looked in each other's eyes for answers to unspoken questions. Then as the knots grew tighter and it was unable to control for me I looked away and said "I think we should have dinner" he nodded and we walked in the kitchen. I was eating homemade turkey on Christmas after six long years and it brought back some really good memories. I looked at him as he served the dish and once again fought back the tears. He had no idea what he was doing for me. For the first time after mom died I felt alive at Christmas.

We shared our experience of previous Christmas with each other and it felt good to talk to someone about mom. After the dinner we dried the dished and then he took me to the living area where the box was resting. He opened it and there was a Christmas tree inside it. I couldn't take it anymore so I allowed the tears this time to run downwards. He looked at me and I ran into his arms saying "swayam u have no idea what this means to me'..eversince mom'" he hugged me back and soothed me saying "Its alright'.I didn't do this to make u cry" I looked at him and smiled through my tears, in a heartbeat I realized what he meant for me and the words came out from my mouth before I could myself even realize "I love you" he looked at me wide eyed and shocked and then a tear ran down his own eyes as he gathered me in his arms once again and replied "I love you too" he broke the hug only to kiss me softly on my lips. The knots returned in my stomach making my legs go weak beneath me. I responded back with equal love and desire and we both broke apart gasping for air. He rested his forehead against mine and I said "u sure took a long time" and I pulled him once again against me in reply.

We decorated the Christmas tree together and it was the most beautiful experience of my life. Then done with the tree he took my hands in his own and said "I am sorry I don't have a gift for u" I smiled at him and replied while tightening my hold on him "I got my gift for Christmas'you" he smiled at me and pulled me in his arms while I laughed at myself for not realizing that he was just a heartbeat away.

Entry # 2

My Angel

She slammed shut the door of her car and took a step back. She had no idea why she was so mad and why she left Rey's New Year party so abruptly. She had just seen swayam dance with Nicole and then she didn't know why something burned in the pit of her stomach turning her heart into ash. It was going to be a New Year in few hours and she was here fussing over a certain man whom she claimed to hate. She sighed as she kicked her car and then jumped back yelping in pain as pain shot through her foot.

She turned around when she heard someone chuckling and found him aka Swayam sitting on the stairs of her porch looking drop dead gorgeous. He was wearing black denim, white shirt and a black jacket. His hair which was a little longer curled over his ears giving him the perfect bad boy look, his eyes held some kind of sparkle in them which made her knees go weak beneath her and his full kissable lips were turned into a one sided smirk which always increased her heart beat.

She looked breath taking beautiful today with that white back less, one shoulder, and knee length dress. The dress hugged her delicate body and outlined her perfect figure and curves in all the right places. She was wearing a white coat over her dress but she had taken it off during the party and boy did she make him go gaga. She had no idea how much and in what ways she affected him. He looked at her from tip to toe and felt his heart skip some beats. She looked like an angel dressed in white and standing on the road which was covered by snow on both of its sides. He smirk grew wider as he thought "an angel for the devil"

She narrowed her eyes at him and felt like breaking his teeth. "jerk!'how dare he comes at my house after ignoring me like that at the party" she moved towards him with her hands on her hips and said "what r u doing here?" he stood up and came towards her tucking his hands into his jeans pockets "you left the party so soon Sharon I was missing you" she crossed her hands upon her chest and said barley controlling her gaze traveling over his lips as they spoke "as if u actually looked at me in the party" he smirked at her once again and she felt her stomach turn into liquid as he decreased the distance between them "u wanted me to pay attention to u in the party?" Sharon took a step back, his eyes held a mischievous glint in them which made her thoughts take a banned direction.

She went pass him towards her house saying "why are you here really?" swayam followed her to the stairs which led to her house saying "u look really beautiful today" she stood on the stairs with her back towards him and didn't turn back trying to hide to the soft shade of pink spreading on her cheeks. His simple compliments did wild things to her and she simply replied "thanks" while brought his face down and whispered in her ears as his hot breath fell on her face "don't thanks me'.I was just kidding" then he moved back not even trying to hide his smile. She turned towards him glaring and placed her hands on his chest trying to push him back saying "get away from me" but he only took a step back and grabbed both of wrists trapping her hands on his chest and pulled her towards himself.

She bumped into his chest and he snaked one arm around her waist while the other raised her face to make her look at him. He looked in her eyes and said "you look even more than beautiful today'.just like an angel'My angel!" she blushed and he loved the soft shade of pink on her cheeks. Then he pulled her even more close towards him almost molding their bodies into one and said while gazing her lips "so u were jealous of Nicole?" Sharon was brought back into her senses. Of course she was jealous but she won't ever admit it in front of him.

She pushed him back and said "pfff' why would I be jealous of Nicole?" swayam crossed his hands upon his chest and said giving her his trade mark one sided smirk "because I was dancing with her" Sharon turned around and opened the door to her house saying "yeah right, I don't care whom u dance with or not. Got that!" she was inside her house and hoped to shut the door on his face but he was already in the door frame smirking at her.

She looked at him annoyed and said "yeah, I am not gonna let u come inside the house when I am alone" swayam's eyes twinkled with something unknown to her as he replied "why? Are u afraid u might finally loose ur control with me" she turned red and replied trying to push him back "get. Out. Now" swayam turned around and picked her up, then throwing her over his shoulder he walked towards the couch and sat down placing her in his lap.

She looked at him horrified and unsure of what to make out of her racing heartbeat and tried punching him in the chest. While his arm remained locked around her waist and he waited for her stop and didn't even allow her to get up. Finally she stopped with a flushed face as the intimacy was teasing her, her dress had moved dangerously upwards and she was sitting in his freaking lap. She glared at him and hissed once again trying to remove his hand from her waist "what do u want? Let go off me?" he smirked at her as he grabbed both of her wrists and held her hands in mid air and said "u have no idea what I want angel! But for now I want u to admit that u were jealous of Nicole tonight" Sharon tried freeing her hands and he let go of them. Then she looked at him and said "No, I was not" swayam frowned at her and asked "why won't u admit?" Sharon "there is nothing to admit!" he placed his hand on her bare knee and traced his index finger upwards, half way of her thigh he met her dress and then he slid his hand under it while she slapped his hand away and he said "admit it u wanted to dance with me!" Sharon glared at his and he smiled at her. Her heart fluttered inside her chest like a mad bird and she melted in his lap, looking at him smile at her like that.

When she didn't reply he grabbed her hand and kissed the palm of her hand before saying "say it once Sharon and I'll leave u alone" she yelled while pulling her hand back "fine I wanted u to dance with me today not with that bit** Nicole" he smiled at her and removed his steel grip from her waist while she stood up sighing in relief. She waited for him to leave but when she didn't heard him move she turned back at him and found him sprawled at the couch grinning at her. She glared at him and said "u got what u wanted, now get lost!" swayam "I love it when u blush like that" Sharon looked away and finally heard him moving but instead of going towards the door he went towards the music system.

She yelled at him "what r u doing?" swayam replied while turning the music on "its almost new year and I don't think I will be able to reach the party in time plus you will be all alone here so why don't we enjoy the starting of a New year together" then he asked for her hand and she looked at him with narrowed eyes though tight knots formed in her stomach at his breath taking smile. He said while grabbing her hand himself "come on, I know u wanna dance with me"

He placed her hand on his shoulder and then his hand on her waist while their other hands remained entwined together. They slowly started moving together on the music and she found the knots in her stomach growing tighter by every passing second while her heart beat accelerated and he found it hard to keep his hands in control. Their bodies kept swaying on the music for a while then she locked both of her hands around his neck and moved closer so that their chests were touching. He placed his hands on her shoulders and said while pulling her jacket down "I like u without this thing" she smile at him and said while grabbing the collar of his jacket "if I don't get to wear my jacket then u don't also" he smirked at her and took his jacket off after taking her off.

Then he placed his hands on waist and pulled her closer while her hand remained locked around his neck. He bent his head down and kissed her on the shoulder which was bare. She craned her neck side ways giving him more access and he continued leaving a trail of feather soft kisses to her neck. Her hands went inside his hair and she pulled him close silently telling him to never stop. His hands reached her bare back and she felt her skin burn where he touched her. His hands roamed on her entire back while he kissed her on the cheek and moved towards her ear. She tugged on his shirt and helped him get out of it. Her hands roamed on his chest, her fingers running over the lines of contours of his muscles, familiarizing her with them. While he kissed her jaw line and then instead of moving upwards he moved down her neck and she groaned disappointed "swayam'" he replied teasing her now moving towards the shoulder which didn't receive his attention earlier "yes angel'." she replied  breathless "swayam plz'" he pulled the strap of her dress down from her shoulder and said "plz what angel?"

She couldn't control herself and pulled his head back by his hair and then crashed her lips upon his. with in a second he responded back and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around him and they kissed like the world was going to end. He moved back and they fell on the couch with Sharon on top of him. They stopped when they felt the need to fill their lungs with air and she sat on top on him blushing furiously. He looked in her eyes and said "I told ya, you would kiss me before New Year" her mouth dropped to the floor and she asked him "u did all of this for a bet?" he sat up on his elbows and replied "why Angel, should there be another reason?" she punched him in his chest but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down and rolled over trapping her underneath him while she yelled at him "I hate you so much" he smirked at her and replied "No Angel, u don't hate me" she tried pushing him away but he didn't budge and inch and finally said "I love you Angel" her breath stuck in her throat as she looked at him, he waited for her response and her eyes grew misty before she whispered "I hate you Jerk!'.I love u so much" he smiled at her and kissed her again as the fire crackers lighted up the night sky and a New Year began in every one's life closing all the hideous chapter of previous year behind itself.

Entry # 3

 Alone In The Dark

"Can you pass me the Scotch tape, Swayam? " Sharon asked, as she struggled to stick one end of the 'Happy New Year!' banner on the wall using the small piece of tape she had in her hand. Some of her nail paint had chipped off thanks to the tape and she was highly irritated.

Swayam was busy arranging the food on the huge table. They had exchanged their work for a while.He passed her the tape lying on the table.

"I can't believe we are spending our New Year's Eve organising a bash for our senior colleagues. I mean, seriously? Just coz we're interns and at the bottom of the ladder. Thank God, atleast they know we won't be staying for the party. "Sharon said grumpily, as she attached the banner to the wall.

"Yeah. I hope we are able to get to Rey's party in time for New Year." Swayam said, his voice dripping with sarcasm and boredom.

They were both decked up in party clothes. They wanted to rush out of the office as soon as the party arrangements were ready. Today was New Year's and it would take them a hell lot of time just to reach Rey's house.

Sharon was wearing a baby pink knee-length dress with a golden belt  which Swayam had bought for her as a Christmas gift. Along with the pink ballet shoes, the matching pink earrings and necklace.  Oh yes, and the pink and gold bag.

Swayam hadn't been able to take his eyes off her ever the whole evening. Not that he looked bad in any way. He was wearing a simple blue formal shirt and black pants. Typical Swayam.

Sharon had wanted them to go to the party co-ordinated but Swayam would not wear a pink shirt. Not matter how many threatening words she said.

And here they were, at the L & T Infra Offfice, organising a party. Instead of partying their heart out with their friends.

Swayam's phone beeped loudly. It was a text message from Rey.

'Where are you guys?'

Swayam began typing out the answer.

Suddenly, everything went black. He couldn't seen anything.

He heard Sharon scream loudly.

"Sharon , don't worry , I am right here." He began walking towards where the scream had come from. Luckily, the mobile's light helped him to see her standing near the wall.

He flashed the light in her direction so she could see him coming.

She let out of a shout of joy and went running towards him. She hugged him so tightly, his phone almost fell out of his hands. She was trembling with fear. He hugged her back, stroking her hair and trying to make her calm down.

"The lights have gone off, they will be back soon. Don't be scared please." He whispered gently in her right ear.

Sharon had her eyes shut tight. They were on the 23rd floor of the building. Alone. Her behaviour was completely understandable.

"Swayam'I'm scared" She said,hugging him closely.

Suddenly her phone began vibrating. It was Mr Gupta, their senior.

She lifted her head off Swayam's chest and proceeded to remove her phone.

"Hello sir?" She whispered into the phone.

"Sharon, as you might already be knowing, the lights have gone off in the entire building. We were just entering when the lights went off. So we won't be able to come up.  You could use the emergency stairs to come down . However since it is 23 floors high, I suggest you guys wait till the lights come back on. We have already contacted the electrician. He is on his way'.And oh yes, there are spare candles and matchsticks in the cupboard in the janitor's room." Mr Gupta said.

Sharon's voice was shaking, as she struggled to contain her tears.

"Ok sir. We'll stay here."

"Keep in touch me about your whereabouts.. Bye.Take care."

Sharon kept the phone down and began sobbing. Her phone fell from her hands. Luckily, Swayam caught it before it fell on the floor. He kept it on the table and took her face in his hands.

"What's wrong Sharon? I heard everything. The electrician will be here soon. Don't worry. Everything will be fine"

"No it won't ,Swayam. Today is New Year's Eve. And here we are, stuck on the 23rd floor of a damn building instead of celebrating. Do you really think I would want to spend my New Year like this? Really?"

Swayam looked at her grief stricken face, realising how disappointed and upset she was. There was nothing he could do though. He couldn't get the electricity to start working again. But he could do one thing.

He quickly jogged to the janitor's room and got the candles and matchstick box. Thankfully, the windows were open so it wasn't completely dark. By this time, Sharon had sat down on a chair and had her head in her hands.

He ran back to her with the candles and matchstick box in his hands. He lighted two of the candles, and placed them on the table, near Sharon.

The glow of the candles made her face light up. To Swayam, she looked like an angel with a golden halo around her. She was perfect.

The sudden heat made Sharon smile a little. It was quite cold plus she was wearing sleeveless.

He placed the stuff on the table and picked up his mobile. Suddenly, 'Pehla Nasha' began to play from his mobile. He extended his hand out in front of Sharon.

Sharon looked up at him surprised. She placed her hand in his and slowly got up.

He pulled her close to him and they began to slow dance to the music.

"How can any New Year be sad if the two of us are together?" Swayam whispered in Sharon's ears. He didn't expect her to reply.

She looked up at him and then placed her head on his chest. They moved very slowly to the music. Sharon forgot all about where she was and what she was doing. She was lost in Swayam's arms. That was the effect he had on her. She closed her eyes, comfortable and peaceful in his arms.

Swayam began stroking her hair. She meant the world to him. Her happiness was what made him happy. He bent down and kissed her head gently.

They kept moving slowly, unaware of which song was playing on the mobile. They were so unaware, that they didn't even realise that Swayam's phone had conked off because of low battery and there was no song playing.

Suddenly, their dreamworld was broken apart by a loud sound. It was the sound of fire crackers. It was New Year!

Sharon looked up at him.

"Happy New Year" She whispered.

"Happy New Year love." He smiled. Their faces were mere centimetres away from each other. He brought his lips close to her. She closed her eyes. His lips were on top of her lips. She could smell the sweet smell of his soap. She wanted to be in his arms forever. She felt so happy, so blissful, so..herself in his arms. She didn't have to hide anything from her. She could be her true self when she was with him. She really and truly loved him.

Their kiss was broken by the sound of Sharon's phone crashing loudly on the ground. It had been vibrating since a long time and had come so close to the edge of the table that one more vibration and it fell down.

Luckily, it didn't break. Only the battery went flying somewhere else .Swayam picked up the candle and moved here and there, trying to search for the battery. He found it, picked it up and handed it over to Sharon. She got it into place and switched on her phone.

10 missed calls from Rey

2 missed calls from Kria.

1 missed call from Mr. Gupta.

7 messages from Rey.


Just then, the lights came on.

Sharon was happy, yet a little upset. This had been the best and the most memorable New Year ever. In Swayam's arms. She kinda didn't want this to end. She didn't want to go home. She wanted to be in his arms forever.

As she was walking towards Swayam, her phone rang again.

"Sharon, the lights have just come on. I hpe you'll are fine. When none of you'll picked up the call,  got worried. " Mr Gupta said.

"Don't worry sir we're fine. Happy New Year sir." She said happily. She wanted to go on the terrace of the tallest building and scream "Happy New Year". She was so happy.

Swayam pulled her towards him as she spoke to Mr Gupta. He caressed her hair gently.

"Happy New Year to you too Sharon. We're all sorry you're New Year got spoilt."

Sharon smiled as she looked up at Swayam. She could see the love in his eyes, love for her. She loved him more than anything.

"Spoilt? This was the best New Year ever!"

Entry # 4

SwaRon OS : New year's bliss

Being married to swayam is no less than a blessing to me...
He is the best thing that has ever happened to me...
He treats me like a princess...
not only he his family loves me too...
they treat me like their own daughter.

The last two months was the best time of my life...
sleeping hugging swayam and waking up next to him ...
life had been like a fairytale for me...
swayam has made so much efforts to please my dad
not that his oh-so-killer-smile was not enough...*blushes*
but making my dad trust him enough to give away his only daughter to him...was one hell of a task ...
n now its my turn...
Swayam's grandmom or dadisa what he calls her...will be coming to visit us today..
its her first visit here after our marriage..
She lives in jodhpur so rarely visits us ...
I had met before two times...
n what I have heard from mom(swayam's) n swayam himself...
she is a food lover...
so i wanted to impress her with my culinary skills...
but impressing and old and experienced woman...
isn't that easy...
so i am quite nervous...
n to top it all even swayam is not here...
He has gone out for some business trip...
I was tucking the plates of my saree...
when i heard noises coming from outside n i immediately knew that dadi sa is here...
I wore the saree fast n giving one last to myself in the mirror rushed outside in the hall...
As soon as i reached towards her ...I bent down to touch her feet...
she touched my head n kissed me on my forehead lovingly...
After talking to her for a while, I excused myself to kitchen to begin the work I dreaded the most: serving food to dadisa...
I was almost done...i just needed to take everything to the dining table when swayam sneaked in...
As I held the steel plate or thali what mom calls it...
swayam hugged me from behind...
I screamed and let go of the bowl. It fell on the floor with a such a loud noise that dadisa and mom came running into the kitchen, wondering whether I was hurt.
I looked at swayam and he definitely had a shocked expression, not knowing what to do.
dadisa became a little upset and scolded swayam...
I looked at swayam he looked sad...
and slowly walked out of the kitchen without even sparing me a glance...
Food turned out to be great ...and dadisa was pleased...

I was keeping the plates in the sink...wen i remembered something and felt even worse...Swayam once told ne he gas necer been scokded by ger grandmom...Being her only grandson...She loved him dearly...
after doing the work...I was about to go to our room...when my cellphone beeped...
it was simi's message inviting me and swayam for dinner and a small celebration...rinni amar and our whole gang was gonna come...
n it was then i remembered its new year..
n the memories of the best new year of my life came in a rush...
Mine and swayam's first new year as a couple...
and a smile crept on my lips remembering instead of being the furoiusly he blushed after our kiss
"Our first special kiss"
n a blush crept on my cheeks too...

I heard another beep coming from my phone...and came back to reality
swayam was upset and i have to tslk to him...I headed towards our bedroom...
He was sitting at the edge of the bed facing the window. I walked up to him and sat next to him.
He was not looking at me. I touched his hand softly and said, "swayam, I'm so sorry I caused you trouble just now. I really didn't mean to scream, and I didn't expect you to be home that early. Please forgive me ".
He still didnot respond...
I immediately kneeled on the floor in front of him. I gently touched his face and looked straight into his eyes. His eyes were tearing but his expression was not one of sadness. It was more like a satisfied and happy look...

now I was confused.
I 'm so sorry darling...I really didn't mean..." He covered his hands on my mouth to stop me and started to talk.

"Do you know that I've never been scolded by grandma all these years in my life?"

I nodded and felt my eyes tearing as I started to cry. He continued.

"Today I was scolded by her, and I am so proud of it."

He stopped and looked at me. Proud? 
"She scolded my for giving you a shock. So what does that mean?"
What?" I asked, still unable to understand what he is trying to say.

It means that she really loves you more than me. I am her favorite grandson and she never scolded me. Today she did because of you. Even mum did not protest or scold you. This means that you are well adapting into this family and everyone loves you. I could see the look in her eyes as she talked to you during dinner. Grandma adores you. I am so proud to be your husband. You managed to adapt yourself into an unknown family in just a short time. My wife is so smart and I am proud of it," he added as he gently touched my face...

I was again taken by surprise. All evening I was so worried that he'd been scolded that I never thought of the incident as something to be proud of. But swayam was right. I really have been accepted into his family.

For the first time that night, a smile formed on my face and I gently kissed swayam
It started as a short peck on lips...
but soon turned out to be be a passionate one...
we broke apart after sometime...and swayam scooped me up in his arms...
He gently put me on the bed layed beside me and put on the covers on both of us...

keeping my head on his chest and his arms around my waist ...I slept knowing that with swayam by my side every new year...will bring new join and happiness in my life..

Entry # 5

Life, Love & Change

He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed in desperation. His eyes, glanced the beautifully decorated room, which still spread emptiness around, it's only her who was the splash of colors to his Life. Her final words still resonated the room and got the chilliness from the cold outside Newyork to his other wise warm home.

"I am leaving, before traffic outside gets bad, we may not meet again next year, you take care of yourself", she paused before she continued in her plain voice, "Happy New year"

The loud celebrations from the Time Square outside was making it's way in and he couldn't help but think of what plans he had, for what he thought was their first New year as a couple. He knew she was mad at him, but was she angry enough to leave him forever?

"Why did it have to come down to this", he thought.

He loved her and it was no easy to find the perfect rhythm that their heartbeats danced together. He'd always loved her and she learned to, in course of time or that's what he thought. His Love for her was so pure it touched her soul and pushed her insecurities securing him a place of his own. Then why the guilt, the pain in his eyes and the million questions his heart raced.

Did I do wrong to her, by leaving her then?


Change was always inevitable, then why challenge?

He was the big looser and nobody in her life, with all the right intentions he made her feel special being the secret admirer, she slammed his feelings, the love book, was shut. But all the while, she never let go. She was affected by each of his move and his indifference got them close, shrinking the distance between them.

Dance played cupid as they secretly stood by each other. He urged her to shun the new change in her but she adhered to them with a greater obstinacy. Why was his change any different to hers?

He could never fathom the idea of a life, without her. He bellowed in pain since the day he left her blind and deaf to his whereabouts But he was left with no choice, uncanny coming from a guy like him who believed in 'everyone had a choice' or was it the choice he made for a enduring life with her by his side? 

She kept, moving forward with her last year of painful life flashing in front of her making each step heavier by each passing second. She wasn't ready to live hell again, not after coming this close to a life she loved but the pain and anger fogged her eyes and with heavy heart she moved with hope to hear him call.

He was accepted to the New York business school and had to give in, to his dad's wish and prove him that his passion for dance and love for Sharon was no infatuation. He took this one-year to be a challenge and a step forward to a relationship he hoped with Sharon. His biggest mistake was that he thought he couldn't talk through Sharon in to the same and that she, needed time. He knew he affected her, but what he did not know was he was a big deal to her, more then she ever cared to show and she indeed loved him with life.

The loud blare of a car horn took him out his reverie and he rushed to the exit door to stop her. He took her by her shoulder as she rippled under his angry hold. She shook with anger and fear in her sobs, before lowering her gaze to the ground.

"I want to know why you took the decision you did, and what are you angry on me for? Why do I have to justify myself to you, its not like you love me", He jerked her which made her look in to his teary eyes.

"You know what? You are better off without me and I without'" His trembling voice just trailed, as he looked in to her red eyes, which were blazing in pain and anger. She lowered her head as a sign of protest as he stepped back immediately giving her, her space. "I .. I am sorry, I did not mean to hurt or scare you"

"Yet again, unintentionally I am proved to be the wrong to your life", He thought to himself.

She slowly raised her gaze to meet his. She knew she, can't have this conversation with his image as she did in her dreams for the last one year. She needed to face him, look in to his eyes for the answers her heart seek.

"YES! Yes, why not - you are a better person without me, no doubt", She said stopping back the tears caused by the pain her sentence just caused her.

"Sharon, I did not mean a word I just said", He said apologetically.

She scoffed and left a sigh and shook her head, "No, you don't Swayam'you never mean anything you say, that is something I have learned the past year.

"Sharon!" He said trying to come close.

She raised her right hand gesturing him to stop, " Look! Its alright, I mean, you sure seem to have found someone you deserve" she said in a ice cold voice.

"How can she?" he thought and not giving her time to speak any further he pulled her close and put his arm around her waist trapping her by the wall.

She shut her eyes as she reasoned, to what she just said. She was positive about, what she meant to him, she knew the importance of her in his life. The last year was enough of time to spend in denial. The pain and then the acceptance came with a heavy price. She felt cheated that he had come to Newyork for dance and had opened a dance institute in her name, but all in silence. The fact that all he did was for a future and life together with her took the back seat. She waited all day for the past one year for his return but when she finally met him in the Newyork airport a week before, she felt betrayed and wanted to move on with life.

"Open your eyes Sharon" he said, breaking in her chain of thoughts.

He raised her chin with his thumb as their eyes met.

"Tell me what you see?" He asked pointing towards his eyes.

She found his questioning eyes staring right back at her, as she drowned herself in them with an exploring heart, first breaking in the anger he had for life, then the pain she caused and when she finally reached the in depth all she saw was her.

The image in those eyes were sad, a strained eye with pain and tears, just the way she was for now. She realized his eyes to be her mirror as a small smile crept on her face and she could instantly see the same smile on the image, and to the owner of those orbs, "her mirror". The moment just stood still as she kept admiring herself through his eyes, she had the answers to the questions her heart raced. She was incomplete without him and he without her. "It's a chain reaction", she thought.

If she was happy, her image in his eyes, were happy. Which makes him happy and seeing him smile was the best serene happiness she ever felt.

She slowly raised herself and let her eyes trace his face lovingly. She parted her lips and inched closer to his face inviting, as he kept looking at her unblinking. He loosened his grip around her waist, before thinking of abandoning them as she took his arm and said, "Finish what you started, will you?"

His hands went numb with her voluntary hold as he saw oceans of love for him in her eyes. He pulled her close and said, "This is no time to play.."

"Shhss.. on the contrary I think it is" She said not letting him finish.

"How about truth or dare? And I choose truth" she gleamed along with the lights decorated around.

He looked at her trying to discover the reason behind the sudden gleam in the eyes he so fondly loved and asked, "Why are you doing this"

"Truth be told, I think..NO, not think", She blinked her eyes and started all over again.

"Truth be told, I most certainly know that I '", She paused and softened her facial muscles to a slight smile and looked in to his eyes and blushed a shade of pink before she continued. " I love you, Swayam"

It was just 10 minutes before the clock struck 12 and the ball drop at Times Square Newyork would start. Even with the party noise outside, these two happy souls could listen to their heartbeats and after few heartbeats in synced rhythm she said, "Now you, and I dare you..", before she could complete she felt his soft sweet lips on to hers as his hands traced her face sending shudders down her spine.          She moved her hands over to his neck and then slowly caressed and soothed his nerves. He kissed her hard melting away all the pain and leaving nothing but the taste of sweet honey behind. He let go of her lips but in no mood to stop nuzzled her neck and rested his head on her shoulders.

"You win", She said.

"Nope, we win" They could hear the final countdown to New Year's as he looked straight in to her eyes and said, "I love you, Sharon"


They had the best start to the coming new year. They had found the way back to lovelife and the change that it got along made life heavenly.


The noise outside clamored with New Year wishes as Swayam took Sharon in a tight embrace and said, "I love you and always will, year after year. Happy New year"

She wished him New Year and placed her lips on to his, as her promise to life full of happiness for eternity. 

Entry # 6


My one mistake had cost us both, both more than we had to give. It left us broken, empty and exhausted. It was New Year's Eve, the world would be outside celebrating, but I was in no mood to be around people. Nothing had felt right, since the day Sharon left me, after I told her about my mistake. Since, that day, I had lost myself in a black hole; I existed only day to day, uninterested in the world around me and preferring to be alone or to be doing my work. It made it easier to deal with the pain, with life. There was no life, without Sharon in it. I had agreed to give her time, told her I would wait for her when she was ready to talk. But it still didn't lessen the hurt, or lift away the sadness.

I dimmed the apartment lights and plopped down on the couch hoping to get some work done, when there was a knock on the door. I groaned and stood up to get the door. Twisting the knob, I opened the door. My heart stopped. She stood infornt of me, biting her lips. Sharon had surprised me by turning up at my apartment, two hours before countdown. I was shocked to see her there outside my door. The sight of her filled me happiness and suddenly the world seemed like a brighter place to be in. The gloom I had walked through for the last six months disappeared as I became recipient to her shy hesitant smile. I stood there, with my mouth hanging open.

"Sharon," I whispered, afraid to blink that she might turn out to be a figment of my imagination, and then I heard soft laugh and I knew she was real.

 "Sharon, Sharon, Sharon" I chanted under my breath as I took her by her hand and drew her in my embrace.  I looked down at her upturned face, which were only inches away from mine. The warmth of her breath kindled a raging passion inside me. I saw her eyes darken with desire, and the she whispered huskily, "Swayam."

I leaned forward slowly, capturing her soft lips beneath mine. I felt her hungry response, and I was lost after that. I gave up control and only sought to enjoy having her in my embrace again. I broke off the kiss, with a groan, my breathing deep, my heart pounding loudly. I swore, under my breath.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that, I had no right to do that. I'm sorry," I said backing away from her.

My conscience chose that moment to rear its ugly head. I had pressed her too quickly and blown whatever chance I had of fixing this mess. Was she repulsed? I couldn't look into her eyes. I didn't want to know if they reflected contempt for me. I shook myself out of my thoughts and gestured her to come inside.

"If you don't mind, I thought we could go for a walk, or ice skating, in the central park. ummm' we could talk there," she offered hesitantly.

 I stared at her, her eyes filled with hope, fear, and tinged of pain. How could I say no when she would look at me with such woeful eyes? I murmured my assent, grabbing my coat, and skates on the way out. I locked the door behind me and turned to face Sharon. She smiled hesitantly at me and then preceded me out of the building towards Central Park. The silence between us was almost deafening now as we entered the park. I wanted her to say something, anything, even a how are you would suffice. My nerves were frayed and I couldn't wait any longer.

"Sharon I'm so sorry '"  I said brokenly.

"Swayam, just don't, not now."  she replied, her voice wavering.

"But we can't go on like this, and I need to say this. I was with someone, we kissed a bit, but I couldn't take it further. Honestly Sharon, I have regretted it ever since, and I know that's what people always say and you have no reason to believe any differently of me, but it's true. I just ' God, I missed you so much. I'm not saying that's an excuse, because it's not. I hurt you and there is no excuse for that, I screwed up and if you never forgive me I will totally understand. But I can promise you right now that I will never stop fighting for you. I love you. I love you with every fiber of my being and I hope that one day you can forgive me." I was breathing very heavily by the time I was done talking.

"I don't know what to say" she said hazily. "All I know is that it hurt, that you broke my trust and my heart."

"I can't live with myself, Sharon knowing I did that to you. I KNEW how it felt. I KNEW I was wrong! I am so sorry."

"I know." Was all she said.

What else could we say? We talked and now there was nothing else to talk about. So, we trudged silently on the dark trail leading to the skating rink. I contended myself to just look at her. She was so beautiful, walking in the silver glow of the moon. She had such delicate features, a small chin, and large, luminous moss green eyes beneath thick russet lashes and exotically winged brows. Her coloring was vivid. Her hair 'heavy and lush, glistening like polished dark mahogany. She had a tall slender figure with generous curves, covered by a dark plaid coat, figure hugging jeans and a pair of black boots.

Sharon moved closer to me. I knew she was afraid of the shadows. So, I took her hand between mine and entwined my fingers through hers. I squeezed her hand gently to let her know I was there, and then I felt an answering squeeze, a thank you. I felt a smile form across my face, she trusted me a little. I felt like dancing like an idiot, I wanted to shout my happiness from the rooftops. I caught her staring at me, and I immediately wiped the goofy smile from my face.

"Why did you do that? I liked seeing you smile. I missed it." She said softly.

"I missed seeing yours. I missed YOU." I whispered back, my eyes filled with naked emotion.

 It must have scared her a bit because she backed off and sat down on the protruding roots of a tree. I hunched down next to her. Smiling at each other, we proceeded to take off our shoes and put on the skates. Sharon let out a curse. I looked down at her holding the laces trying to tie them up. I kneeled down before her, and tied the laces on her skates. I looked up to be caught in her mesmerizing gaze.

"I forgive you." She whispered, and then she stood up at walked to the edge of the ice.

 I raced past her, and executed a figure skating maneuver that left Sharon's mouth gaping. I looked back at her, and saw fear and hesitancy flash across her features before she masked them with determination. She stepped cautiously on the ice, but have misjudged her steps because the next instant she was flaying her arms and had landed deliciously on her backside. I laughed at her adorably disgruntled look, before skating my way towards her. I offered her my hand and helped her up.

"I though you said you knew how to skate." I said, a smile evident in my voice.

"And you said you didn't." she rebuked gently.

I laughed heartily. "It's embarrassing that I can figure skate. I'm a man!"

"What has being a man go to do with anything?" she asked exasperatedly.

"Everything." I said as I whispered in her ear, and stole a kiss. I glided away quickly before Sharon could chide me for it. I heard her mutter something about being too charming for my good. I turned back to give her wicked smile knowing it would lead to a chase. God! She was magnificent when she was provoked. I took off as fast as I could. Looking, over my shoulder I could see she had decided to give chase and was gliding over the ice in the effort to catch me. Our laughter and shouts of joy wafted through the air along with noise from the city. I slowed down to see if she was okay, skating could be quite strenuous. I turned only to be hit by her. I caught her in my embrace, and when I fell I took her down with me. We laughed at our foolhardiness. I brushed away the hair from across her face and gazed deeply into her eyes. Although I was forgiven, things were far from being solved.

"So where do we go from here?" I asked, hoping it would be with me.

"I don't know? You broke my heart but I still love you" she said brokenly, her eyes filled with tears.

She pushed back from me and stood up. I followed, grabbing her hand I pulled her in my embrace.

"How can you still love me?" I asked.

 "Swayam, you are the love of my life, my just feelings don't go away." she admitted, her voice raspy.

"I love you, I want to be with you and I never want to let go of you." I said, voicing my need.

 "But, you broke my heart" she said, laying her head down on my chest.

"And, I don't know what to do, but I can promise you I would never do something to hurt you again." I replied, wrapping my arms around her.

We stood in silence, embracing each other when Sharon started humming a soft melody. I smiled into her hair and moved my feet to match the rhythm. Where I lead, she followed and soon we were dancing across the ice, to a music only we heard. The magic of the moment held us in its thrall. Suddenly, Sharon broke away from me and moved a distance. We stared at each other over the expanse.

"I can't love anyone else. I can't and I won't. I love you. And I only love you, Sharon. I might be able to love again someday but it'll never be the same. I'll always be wishing it was you." I said desperately wanting her to understand.

"Swayam, I'" she started.

"We'll start of new this New Year's, you only need to trust me again. I have bared myself to you and now I stand before you as man, flawed, hopelessly in love with you." I pleaded.

"I am afraid to" she whispered

"Take a leap of faith, I'll catch you, I'll always be there to catch you" I promised huskily.

She stared at me, stark desire naked in her eyes.  Chants of countdown, from the city filled the air, but my attention remained on Sharon. She hesitantly took a step forward, another and another and then she glided around me, to the previous tune. My eyes never left her and then she glided towards me and leaped in the air towards me. I was ready. I caught her in my arms and held her high above me, twirling us around. She looked lovingly down at my face, her eyes filled with happiness, as if I had given her the world. I lowered her down against my body and held her in my embrace. I had her now and I never wanted to let go of her. I leaned back and dipped my head to claim her rosy lips in a searing kiss just as fireworks exploded over the sky. I broke off, resting my forehead against hers.

"Happy New Year! I love you" she whispered.

"I love you too." I said, claiming her lips again

Entry # 7

In the coffee shop

K-yeh hua itni urgently humhe yahan kyun bulaya hain

Sh- shaadi ke baad humara first New Year hain aur mujhe yeh swayam ke liye special banana hain

R-toh iss mein problem kya hain?

Sh-problem yeh hain ki mujhe nahin pata ki main yeh kaise karun mujhe toh kuch samjhe hi nahin aa raha aur mere paas sirf kuch ghante hain

K-uski pasand ka khana bana kar ek candlelight dinner arrange Karle

r-ya phir usse ek romantic date pe leke jaa

Kriyaansh gave her lots of ideas

sh-nahin yeh bahut common se ideas hain guys please kuch acha aur dhanka baatao

k-kya batau tujhe toh har idea common lag raha hain mujhe ab nahin pata ki tu kya chahti hain

r-sharon tu jo bhi pyaar se karegi swayam ko definitely pasand aayega

sh- woh sab main jaanti hu rey lekin kuch toh hoga na jisse swayam bahut kuch hojaye aur ek prince ke tarah feel kare woh hamesha mere liye suprises plan karta hain aur mujhe ek princess ke tarah treat karta ab main usse prince ke tarah feel karwana chahti hoon kuch toh hoga jisse main yeh kar sakti hoon

r-ek aur idea hain mere paas


Sh-omg rey this is fantastic swayam bahut khush ho jaayega chalo bye mujhe jaa kar iss plan ko execute karna hain

 k-rukh ek problem hain agar new year pe swayam ne kuch plan kiya hoga toh ?

sh-nahin iss baar usne kuch plan nahin kiya hain maine usse kaha hain ki main new year sabke saath manana chahti hoon toh woh kuch plan na kare aur woh maan gaya

k- woh bahut upset ho gaya hoga na

r- aur kya kar sakta tha bechara joru ka gulam

sh-rey tum mere swayam ko joru ka gulam maat bulao warna mujhe se bura koi nahin hoga aur kria sharon swayam  shekhawat jaanti hain uska majnu pati uski wish se kabhi upset nahin hota aur iss baar bhi nahin hua aakhir hum akele nahin toh kya hua saath main toh new year manayege uske liye mera uske saath hona aur waqt beetana zyada zaroori hain akele yaa sabke saath usse fark nahin parta

kriyaansh looked at each other and smiled knowing how true what sharon said was true.

Sh- chalo bye guys see you in the party

Kriyaansh bid bye to sharon and enjoyed the coffee together while romancing

In the evening  swayam reached home and open the door with his key as sharon din't open the door as she was getting ready and went inside the room

Sw-sharon baby kahan ho tum jaldi aao naa kyun mujhe iss tarah pareshaan kar rahi ho 16 ghanto se tumhe nahin dekha maine ab please samne aa jao

Sh-baby bas 5 mins mein aati hoon tab tak tum party ke liye ready ho jaao kapde bed pe rekhe hain

After 10 mins sharon came out of the dressing room in a red saree having silver work with a backless wearing a diamond earrings, bracelet and a simple pendant  looking hot and sexy

Swayam was wearing his red shirt when he heard sharon coming in the room he turned and was shocked to see his angel in this avatar he was completely lost in her

Seeing swayam totally lost in her and his bare chest sharon blushed hard and slowly moved to him to close the buttons of his shirts

As soon as sharon tried to moved away from swayam after closing the buttons of his shirt swayam pulled her very close to him such that her body striked with his and her hands on his chest and held her by her waist tightly so that she can't escape from his strong arms

Sw-jaan maarne ka irada hain kya?

Sh-matlab? Main samjhe nahin

Sw- agar tum iss tarah tyaar hokar mere saamne aaogi toh main toh maar

Sharon quickly cover his mouth with her hand and nodded in a no

Sh-jaan please Mazak mein bhi kabhi marne ki baat maat kiya karo meri dhakane ruk jaati hain jab bhi tum aisi baate karte hoon daar lagta hain ki agar tumhe kuch ho gaya toh main mera kya hoga main tumhare bina ek pal nahin reh sakti agar tum mujhe dur chale jaoge toh main bhi tumhare peeche aa jaongi main tumare bina ek pal nahin jeeongi

Sw-main bhi tumhare begair ek pal nahin jeena chahta main kabhi bhi tumhe chod ke nahin jaaonga hum saath jeeyenge aur saath maarenge

Sw- I love you sharon hum hamesha saath rehenge

Sh-I love you too jaan hamesha maut bhi humhe juda nahin kar sakti

swayam and kissed her forehead and wiped the tears from her eyes and hugged her tightly. both  sliently prayed to god to never separate them while they are alive and to call both of them together to heaven.

In the party

swayam held sharon from her waist and sharon hands around his neck while they slowly danced completely unaware of their surrounding totally lost in each other eyes in the each other arms which was their most private place in the world. Sharon now could no longer see the eyes which had endless love and passion for her and only her and rested her head on swayam's chest near his heart

Sh-baby yeh party mujhe boring lag rahi hain chalo na ghar chalte hain

Sw-honey abhi thode time baad new year ho jaayenga sab ko wish karke chalenge

Sh-nahin jaan hum abhi jaa rahe hain main chahti hoon ki new year ki shuruwat hum akele ghar pe kare

Sw-kya baat hain janab aaj bahut hi romantic mood mein hain ab meri jaan ne kahan hain toh main usse mana kaise kar sakta hoon chalo chalte hain

Swaron bid their friends bye and came home by 11.30 pm

Sh-baby mera maan ek game khelne ka kar raha hain tum kheloge na mere saath

How can swayam refuse his jaan who was asking him so innocently

Sw-sure honey toh hum kya khelne wale hain?

Sh-treasure hunt tum apna treasure matlab mujhe clues ke zaariye dhundna hoga

Sw-toh mera pehla clue kya hain?

Sh- tumara pehla clue hain mujhe mein paani hain ruka hua garmi bhagani ho toh aajao mere paas

Sharon kissed swayam's cheek closed his eyes with her palm and disappeared

Sw-swimming pool chal beta lag jaa kaam pe

Swayam came to the swimming pool it was dark all over the place with some dim light coming from the other side of the pool.he went to the other side and was surprised to see I love you written with candles on a rosebed

Sw-I love you too jaan

Swayam looked around and found a piece of paper with his next clue

Baby I know you love me too yeh raha tumhara agla clue tum iske saath mujhe yeh meri sauten lagti hain pura din tum uske saath pura din rehte hoon aur kabhi kabhi puri raat bh

Sw-pagal mera laptop uski sautan   

Swayam smiled went to the study and took out the laptop he was searching for a file which might contain his next clue when he found a video named I love you the video contained sharon's message for swayam with their memories as the background every moment of their life till now was running infront of him the most beautiful memories of their life

Mujhe pata hain clue read karke tumne mujhe paagal kaha hoga par yeh laptop sach mein yeh mera sautan hain mujhe promise karo ki tum kabhi bhi office ka kaam ghar pe nahin karoge

Sw-I promise sharon office ka kaam kabhi ghar pe nahin karunga mera saara time tumhara hi hoga

That's like my sweet hubby main new year pe tumhe batana chahti hoon ki main tumse kitna pyaar karti hoon aur tum mere life mein kya importance rakhte hoon

Yeh sach hain ki main tumhare bina ek pal bhi nahin reh sakti main yeh maana toh nahin chahti lekin tum mujhe pura karte hoon main tumhare bina adhuri hoon sirf ek khayal ki kahin tum mujhse dur toh nahin ho jaaoge mujhe jeeteje maar dalta hain  tum meri dhakhan,mera junoon ,mera gussa, meri sharm ,meri khushi, meri aatma ,meri muskaan , mere hasi mere saas mera maan, mera ghamand ,mera guroor aur mera sab kuch sirf tum hi hoon.kya tum mr swayam shekhawat apni aage ki puri zindagi mrs sharon swayam shekhawat ke naam kar doge?kya tum hamesha ke liye mere ban kar rahoge?

 tears had started to flow in his eyes by now he was feeling on top of the world he was feeling special sharon had accomplished her mission making him feel special just like a prince charming

Sw-main tumhara hi tha aur hamesha rahunga

Main tumhara jawab jaanti hoon swayam mujhe koi shak nahin hain ki tumhare jawab kya hoga I love you aur chalo jaldi se apne aason poucho aur apna next clue slove karo kyunki mujhse pata hain ki tum ab mere paas aaneke liye au bhi utawale ho rahe ho  ab toh mujhe  bhi tumse judai achi nahin lag rahi main tumhara intezaar kar rahin hoon jaldi aao jaan

Sw-I love you too tum mujhe kitne ache se janti hoon ab mujse aur intezaar nahin hota please ab yeh khel band karo aur mere saamne aajao

Khabar daar jo tumne yeh khel beech mein hi chod diya main tumse baat nahin karongi yeh raha tumhara clue Aasaman ke taare aur garden ki haryali hum yahan se enjoy karte hain jab bhi jhagra karke yahan aati hoon toh tum mujhe bade pyaar se maanate hoon

Swayam smiled and wiped his tears away and moved towards his next destination terrace by 11.58.there he found a paper asking him to look down in the garden.he did so and was surprised to see the grass decorated with lights in such a way that it spelt 'happy new year jaan'.swayam smiled seeing this and further read the paper

Happy new year jaan kaisa laga mera surprise? Ab jaldi se yeh aakhiri clue slove karo aur mujhe aakar mera sawal ka jawab do main intezaar kar rahin hoon

Woh kya hain jo humhe paas laya tha uske liye humhare ghar mein ek khaas jagah hain main wahin intezaar kar rahin hoon

Jaldi aana tumhari sharon

Swayam dashed out of the terrace to their private rehearsal hall.the rehearsal hall was dimly lighted with pics of their performances glowing in the light having a romantic atmosphere.he was busy admiring the place when he felt too arms encircling his waist from behind

Sh-happy  new year baby I love you

Swayam turned and broke the hug.sharon cupped his face and wiped the tears away from his eyes with her lips and again hugged him they stood like that for sometime and then broke the hug swayam still had his hands around her waist.

Sw-happy new year and I love you too honey main bata nahin sakta ki main kitna khush hoon hain aaj bahut hi special feel kar raha hoon

Sh-main yahin toh chahti thi ki tum special feel karo hamesha tum mujhe special feel karwate rehte hoon ab mera time tha tumhe surprise dene ka yeh mera tareeka hain kehne ka ki tum meri life mein kya mayane rakte hoon

Sw-toh my dear wifey will you honour me with a dance?

Sh-my dear hubby the pleasure is always mine

Shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean come on heal me Girl heal me

Thinking about the loving making and life sharing come and feel me Girl feel me

Shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean come on feel me Come on heal me

O aaja tu bhi mera mera

Tera jo ikraar hua

To kyun na main bhi keh doon keh doon

Hua mujhe bhi pyaar hua

Tera hone laga hoon

khone laga hoon Jab se mila hoon

Tera hone laga hoon

khone laga hoon Jab se mila hoon

 Swayam turned on the music and forward his hand to sharon which she grabbed immeditately and he pulled sharon closer to himself and both started moving  slowing to and fro on the dance floor without breaking the eye-lock.

Shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean come on feel me

Girl feel me

Shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean come on heal me

Girl heal me

O Aise to mann mera pehli bhi raaton mein aksar hi chahat ke haan

Sapne saujaunta tha

Pehle bhi dhadkan ye dhun koi gaati thi

Par ab jo hota hai woh pehle na hota tha

Hua hai tujhe jo bhi jo bhi

Mujhe bhi is baar hua

To kyun na main bhi keh doon keh doon

Hua mujhe bhi pyaar hua

Tera hone laga hoon khone laga hoon Jab se mila hoon

Tera hone laga hoon khone laga hoon Jab se mila hoon

Swayam spun sharon round and round and back in his arms hugging her from back and they again started moving in sync.sharon was just feeling his touch both of them completely lost in the moment.

Aankhon se chu loon ke bahen tarasti hain

Dil ne pukara hai haan Ab to chale aao

Aaoge shabnam ki boondein barasti hain

Mausam ishara hai haan Ab to chale aao

Baahon mein dalein baahein baahein

Baahon ka jaise haar hua

Hamara maine mana mana

Hua mujhe bhi pyaar hua

Tera hone laga hoon khone laga hoon Jab se mila hoon

Tera hone laga hoon khone laga hoon Jab se mila hoon

Shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean come on feel me Girl feel me

Shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean come on heal me Girl heal me

Thinking about the love we making and life sharing come and feel me Girl feel me

Shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean come on feel me Come on heal me

Swayam gently puller her out of his embrace, spun her and then puller her back in her place in his arms holding her lightly by her waist and sharon hands around his neck.

After the dance swayam lifted her in his strong arms and took her to to their bedroom.the bedroom was dimly lighted and rose petals on the bed.

Swayam gently laid her on the bed and lights off.two souls again become one.the fire-crackers outside stopped but they didn't until dawn.

Sw-I love you sharon thanks for letting me make you mine and for the suprise

Sh-I love you too jaan my pleasure

With this both slept in each other embrace welcoming a new year full of love,promising to be with eah other

Entry # 8

SwaRon OS- i wanna grow old with u..

The whole place was decorated with people... ya, u heard it right- PEOPLE. CROWD. MUSIC; OR RATHER NOISE...Nywys, to be really frank' I NEVER WANTED 2 COME AT THIS NEW YEAR'S PARTY AT THE 1ST PLACE! But all thanks to my annoying besties-cum-roomies- Kriya & Neha, I had to come along with them & their annoying BFs Rey & Vicky to their newly-launched club "Electric". True to its name, it did have an electrifying ambience.
Rey: So, liked it?
Me: Loved it! I mean'. WOW! Amazing job guys!!! Congrats!
Vicky: Thanks Shar!
Kriya: Hey! Watch out u both!! ONLY me n Neha have the right to call her Shar! Get that'
Neha: Exactly!
Me: hey cm'on girls! Dnt be so harsh on them' I mean itni mushkil se in dono ne apna yeh new venture shuru kiya hain' n it's turned out to be really awesome! So, give them some credit n enjoy d party!
Rey & Vicky *hugging me*: Thank u so much Sharon! *to Kriya-Neha*Dekha!! Issey kehti hain real friend! U both go 2 hell!
Me, Kriya & Neha were *mock* surprised as to what they said'
Me *mock anger*: kya kaha tum dono me abhi? Idhar aao tum dono' 
They both lean fwd & I twisted their ears'.
Rey & Vicky: aow! Aow! Aow!!! Sharon'
Me: Idiots! Say sorry!
ReCky: Sorry'
Me: mujhe nahi, in dono ko' n listen,  thoda romance ke saath'.
R n V: Ok...
They both went up 2wds their girls & soon the 4 of them were on the dance floor'
Kriya left the dance floor & dragged me into it despite my protests. So, I did try to dance but soon got tired' so without letting them know, I quietly slipped off & went & sat on a chair near the bar & ordered for a virgin mary'
Voice: Look whose here'. It really can't be you! Sharon' Sharon Rai Prakash!!!! OH MY GOD!
It didn't take me a nano-second to recognize this voice' the most angelic yet irritating voice' n neither it took even less than that to recognize the guy to whom this voice belonged' Swayam Shekhawat. My uber irritating yet handsome classmate-cum-love since 10 yrs' I turned around to face him & expected him to be in his style statement- check shirts with tees & jeans, but' SURPRISE! SURPRISE! He was looking ultra-suave in that white jacket with black jeans' 

Me: WOW! Someone is looking dapper tonight ha'
Him: well' I so wish I could say the same for you too Sharon'.
Me: Unbelievable! Compliment dena nahi aata, toh comment bhi nahi marna chahiye'.
Him: hey! I was just kiddin' chill!
Me: nywys'. Join me?
Him *taking a seat*: with pleasure' 
Me: let me buy u a drink' a double vodka for him & make it neat n strong with no ice.
Him: WOW! I must say tum mera taste mujhse bhi better jaanti ho!
Me *mumbling*: Kya karun' 10 yrs se tunhe like karti hu'
Him: kuch kahan tumne?
Me *SHIT!*: nahi' I mean, 10 yrs se tumhe jaanti ho toh' itna tumhaare baare main mujhe pata hi hoga'
Him: not bad'. Umm' dance?
Me: mein abhi abhi dance karke hi aayi hu'. Totally tired'
Him: so'. Walk outside?
Me: I won't mind that' waise bhi, it's too crowded here'
Him: chale phir'
Me: ok'
I signaled Kriya & gestured her that me n Swayam r going out; she saw both of us & nodded' l8r, I received a text-
all the best sweets' ussey apni dil ki baat aaj bata de! *wink*- Kriya.
I chuckled at her text.
Him: hey, choose one.
I looked at him; he had folded his thumb, little finger & the third finger & asked me to choose either his index or middle finger.
Me: what?
Him: arrey! Choose karu na'
Me *choosing the middle finger*: ok'
Him *pinching me on my arm*: here's what u get'
Me: ouch! *rubbing my arm* yeh kya tha?
Him: see' this *his index finger* was thread & this *middle finger* was needle' so since, tumne needle chuna, I pinched u!
Me: oh'. Aur agar mein thread chunti toh?
Him: toh mein tumhe'
He came closer to me' so much so, that I could feel his hot breath on my cheek' my legs started feeling like jelly; my heart was beating so fast, as if it could burst out through my chest; I closed my eyes when'
Him: Kriya'
I almost jumped when he took Kriya's name' I shrieked & hugged him tight but to my surprise, he was giggling'
Him: yes! Yes! Yes! Revenge taken Sharon Rai Prakash!! Ha ha ha!!!
I realized he was playing the same prank on me, when we first met' our 1st day in school- class 5th D- he was a new entrant while I was already there since 4 yrs' I played the same prank on him; except that he took thread & I tapped him on the cheek in front of the class' then, he came up2 me & said 2 me smthg which no boy ever had the guts to say b4--- "TU BADI JHALLI HAIN'. PAR UTNI CUTE BHI HAIN!" and from that day onwards, he always called me jhalli' & just 4 the heck of it, I always called him jhalla; I smiled as I recounted the whole episode'
Him: Oye! *snapping his fingers* kya hua? 
Me: kuch nahi' btw, I didn't expect ki tumhe woh din yaad tha!
Him: u kiddin me' u r d only girl who ever slapped me' kaise bhul sakta hu mein yeh?
Me: hey!! I didn't slap u' it was just a tap on the cheek'
Suddenly, we both hear some music.
*pls play this song in the bg-*
Him: hey, its you're fav song' wats say' dance?
Me: tumhe kaise pata it's my fav song?
Him:  10 yrs se tumhe jaanta ho toh' itna tumhaare baare main mujhe pata hi hoga'
Another day without ur smile,
another day just passes by,
but now I know how much it means,
for you to stay right here with me,
The time we spent apart has made our love grow stronger,
But it hurts so bad I can't take it any longer'

I smile & place my hand over his; he pulls me closer & puts his hand on my waist & I place my hand on his shoulder n we dance'
We keep on dancing' then he stops, cups my face & leans in closer 2wds me but stops mid-way as if 2 ask me; I gaze into his dark blackish brown eyes & close my eyes' soon I feel his soft, warm lips on mine. I respond by kissing him back' I slowly start brushing his hair & he tightens his grip over my waist. What started out to be a soft peck on the lips turned out to be a passionate kiss... I felt as if I was in the clouds'soon we broke apart due to lack of air.
I wanna grow old with you,
I wanna die lying in your arms,
I wanna grow old with you,
I wanna be looking in your eyes,
I wanna be there for you,
sharing in everything you do,
I wanna grow old with you'
Him: U know what... the first time I kissed u (after u slapped me), I knew that ONLY I have the right to touch u that ways; the first time that we danced together, I knew that ONLY YOU are going to be my dancing partner for LIFE; the first time we played together, laughed, smiled, fought & patched-up, played pranks on each other, on the teachers, on r friends, played cupid for Rey-Kriya & Neha-Vicky' Basically, the first time I ever laid my eyes upon you, I knew instantly that WE ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER!
Me: ohk' so what r u trying 2 say?
Him: ugh! Woman'. I'm trying to say that I'
Me: that U LOVE ME right!
Him: exactly' that I love you my jhalli!!!
My happiness knew no bounds' I threw myself on him & he hugged me back'
Soon, we heard noises from inside & realized New Year is just about to come' We rushed inside & soon joined in the chorus'
Voices: 5' 4' 3' 2'. 1'.
Lights out!
Me: AAAHHH!!!! Swayam, where r u?
Him *hugging me*: m right her princess' btw, Happy New Year!
Me: Happy New Year!

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-Vishaka- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
Oh my god...!!!!
Wats dat...i read only 1st 2 might take me whole night 2 complet i came 4 comment box b4 any1 could reac...dats was a great gift 4 new year...
-FrozenRain- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 9:02pm | IP Logged
Let me read all the 10 entries!


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Its a treat to read 10 SwaRon OS's back to back Day Dreaming

<font size="3"><font color="#ff0000">All the OSs were absolutely fantastic!!

my vote goes to - 1, 5 and 6

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Its tough to choose only 3 os.All are amazing.
Well my vote goes to 1,2 n 8...:)

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*sighs* SwaRon the most romantic pair and each writer the best, How can we choose from this Confused All the OS are fantasticccClap
my vote goes to 4, 6 and 7

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Phosphenes Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 10:24am | IP Logged
Wow. Really nice OSs! 

My vote goes to entry 2 and 5. 

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