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*TaaRey New Years/Xmas One-Shot Contest Voting*

-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Welcome D3ians! Hug

Guess what time it is? It's Dil Dosti Dance Forum's Christmas One-Shot Voting time!

TaaRey [Taani-Rey] One-Shot Voting

But, here's something different! We'll have 3 different categories in which everyone can win! We'll have 3 different one-shots chosen as the winners, one for each couple! So we'll have a winner from Kriya-Rey OS, one from Sharon-Swayam OS and one from Taani-Rey OS! And since we decided that everyone would not like to read all different couple's one-shots, we decided to hold 3 different votings! So be happy and vote for your favourites!


You are allowed to vote for 1 Entry 
Participants are NOT allowed to vote for their own entry or advertise it through PM or on the forum. If found doing so, that One-Shot will be disqualified!
One-Shots are found in the post below!
Deadline to Vote: January 3rd, 2013
PM any questions to me, *Shifali*

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-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 February 2007
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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
TaaRey [Taani-Rey] One-Shot Voting

Entry # 1



1st January 2013, 8.00am. Present.

She stirred in her sleep only to feel the warmth of his breath against her neck. Smiling she cuddled closer and she felt his hand wrapped around her. Few more seconds and reality struck her. Shocked, she opened her eyes. Looking at him in front of her, she pushed him back in an instant. Startled he opened his eyes and he could see her with a vase in her hands. Quickly he got up and held her hand to prevent her from hitting his head and that was exactly where she aiming. With a shaky voice he spoke,

"Woo...Miss Jhansi ki Rani, relax."

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" she was constantly struggling to get off his hold.

"Stop struggling, it will hurt you more" he said calmly.

But she wasn't in any mood to listen, instead she increased her efforts. However, the poor girl didn't hold a chance against the well built man.

"Taani stop it, just trust me. "

She couldn't fight anymore. Apart from the fact that he was way too strong for her, she could feel someone hammering her head.

"God! My head." She said pressing her temples.

"It's the hangover."

"What? You drugged me or something?"

"The migraine is not because of me drugging you, but because of you having too much of alcohol last night."

"Last night?" she tried recollecting the events of the previous night. "I was at the pub."

"And you were drinking." he completed her sentence.

"Yea, I was drinking."

"So that means you yourself are the reason of your misery. You can keep the vase down now."

"Not until I bang it on your head. A girl is drinking that doesn't mean any person can end up in her house on her bed."

"FYI, I didn't come here, you forced me to."

"What nonsense. I don't believe you" she said so and raised her hand to try and hit him with the vase.

In defense he stopped her again. Unwillingly, because he knew whenever he did so, he was hurting her.

"Taani for God's sake, just try to remember things instead of constantly trying to hit me. Okay before that ,just have something to curb the hangover."

He tried to get up so that he could get her something, but stopped hearing her shriek.

"Not now. Sit and tell me your story."

 "Okay fine. At least you remember you were at the pub drinking."

"Yes, what next."

31st December 2012, 10.20pm.

He was dancing with his friends, but his mind constantly made him look at the girl sitting near the bar. She was alone, wearing a black short dress. Her hair were down, she wasn't wearing any piece of jewelry. There was something about her that had caught his attention, other than the fact that she was simply gorgeous. However hard he tried to concentrate upon other things, he would end up looking at her. He was fighting with himself for the past hour and finally gave up. He approached her.

"Hi! You alone?"


"Right, you are the handsome guy from last night."

"Handsome?" he said with his one eyebrow raised.

"Don't flatter yourself I am just saying it because I don't remember your name."


"Whatever. Correct me if I am wrong "Rey" didn't I ask you to just shoo off?"

"Well initially yes."


"Do I know you?" her voice stern.

"Not yet."

"I am not interested Mister." She said so gulping down another Vodka shot.

 "What? You think girls cannot drink?" she said looking at his shocked expressions.

"I don't know about all girls, but you surely can. So, it's the last night of 2012, you sad that you are alone?"

She looked at him and then by his sides.

"Hmm, and you are surrounded by a lot of people." Replying back.

 "My friends are over there"

"Then why are you here?"

"Because, I can't bear to see a beautiful woman alone."

"Are you trying to flirt?"

"Isn't it pretty obvious?"

She smirked before gulping another glass of alcohol.

"I am fine. You can go back and join your friends."

"I am good here" sitting down besides her "Lime juice please." He asked the waiter.

"Lime juice?"

"Have this." Offering it to her.


"That was sweet" she said with a slight smile.

"You didn't seem to think the same then."


"Why are you giving me this?" fighting hard to speak steadily.

"Because you desperately need it."

"I don't think so." Saying so she ordered herself another drink.

"Are you sure you want to get wasted in a pub full of strangers?"

"Why do you care?"

"I will answer this question as soon as I find it out myself."


"So, did you?" she asked him.


"Did you find out why you cared?"

He looked at her and then held up his hand to touch her face. Immediately she got back.

"Don't touch me."

"I already have'.Many times."

"You dog."

She got up to hit him with the vase, but yet again he stopped her.

"Taani, What is with you trying to kill me? I was kidding."


"You are really good with words." She said slyly. "If you want me to not drink anymore, you have to do me a favor."

"A favor and what is it?"

She got up, but trembling.

"Woo, easy" he held her by her arms to prevent her from falling.

"I am fine, I can take care of myself." She said pushing him away. "Do you see that guy out there?"

"Who?" The one in the black shirt?"

"Yes him. You have to go and drop this drink on him."




She burst into laughter remembering the incident. And he intently kept looking at her.

"You actually did that."

He was still looking at her and this time he had a smile on his face. Not looking away he said,

"Taani you are beautiful."

For the first time this morning she looked into his eyes and she couldn't look away.

 "Coming back to the topic." He continued, breaking the moment.


"You made me do something wrong." He said as they got in a corner away from everyone.

"I didn't force you."

"Of course you didn't."

All this while they didn't realize how close they were standing to each other. He had held her by her waist and she had placed her hands around his shoulders and their faces were close enough for their breaths to mingle.

"I am going to kiss you now." He said in a husky voice.

"And I want you to do so."

He didn't let her finish her sentence and pulled her into a tight kiss. She ran her fingers through his hairs pulling him closer and he pulled her by her waist until their bodies were touching each other.


"Woo. Stop right there."

"What? The kiss isn't done yet."

"Stop making that up. We never kissed."

"We did, you don't remember."

"I know it when I kiss and we didn't, so stop it."

"Okay, we didn't. But you couldn't deny that you wanted you. I noticed you were staring at my lips then."

"In your dreams." She lied blatantly, because she knew she was doing so then.


The alcohol seemed to be taking a toll on her as she was finding it difficult to keep her eyes open.

"I think, I am going to go to sleep. I want to go home."

"Home? It's 11.30 now, it's going to be new year in half an hour, I have my friends here and'"

He stopped as soon as he realized she had rested her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes.

"Fine, lets get you home then." He said to himself.


"But how did you get my address?"

"You do carry an ID card right?"


"Let's see, Taani Shekhawat. Taani, that's a nice name." He said reading from her ID card.

 He put her hand around his shoulder and helped her out of there.

They reached her place and he opened the door of the car. He was helping her come out when he heard her mumble something. At first he couldn't understand what she was saying but she repeated it again, this time clearer than before.

"I have a fat mole on my waist."

"Glad to know" he answered her.

They reached her door and he asked her for the keys. She didn't reply instead kept mumbling the same thing again and again that she had a fat mole on her waist.

He asked her for the last time,

"Taani you don't have your keys in your bag, where are they?"

"I have a fat'"

"mole on your waist, I know, but what I don't know is where the hell are your keys. Are you going to tell me or not?"

"Big fat mole"

He thought it wasn't any use asking her anymore and went around the house. He found an open window. Somehow he managed to get both of them in. Now she just couldn't walk and hence he carried her in his arms. She rested her head against his chest and fell asleep.


"There was no need for you to carry me, I could have walked."

"Walked right." Sarcastically.

"Fine, but why did you stay?"

"I was going to leave, but you stopped me."


He put her on her bed, but she held his collar. He tried to pull it away, but she held it strong. He shifted her aside and lied down besides her, making sure he wasn't touching her. But that was in vain because she snuggled close to him and fell asleep in his arms. He looked at her and began admiring her beauty. He couldn't stop himself from touching her face. He raised his hand and got it close to her cheek. He wanted to tuck behind the strand of hair, but somehow stopped himself, instead got close to her face and blew the hair strand away. He noticed the slight smile on her face on account of the ticklish feeling. She smiled and the clock struck 12.

Getting his lips closer to her ears he whispered,

"Happy New Year, Taani."


"I had decided I would leave as soon as you were asleep and away, but I myself felt asleep." He explained.

"And I should believe you."

"You already are. That's why you have kept that vase aside and you have stopped trying to kill me."

"Well now I am not holding you so you can leave."

He got up and turned around to leave.

"And thank you! I know I have been stupid. And things could have been worse, if not for you. Thank you for being there and for being nice and I am sorry for my rude behavior."

"You shouldn't thank me. I should thank you."

"Why do you want to thank me?"

He moved towards her. Got her face close to hers and whispered in her ears.

"Well for teaching me three things. One, that you have a mole on your waist. Two, making me realize that this was the best night of my life and Three, for making me realize that I am in love with Taani Shekhawat."

She looked at him shocked as soon as he uttered the last words and to her surprise she wasn't angry at him.

She opened her mouth to say something, but he stopped her by placing a finger against her lips.

"Don't say anything."

She pushed his finger away from her lips, ran her fingers through his hairs and pulled him into a tight kiss. She took his hand and placed it against her waist making him pull her closer so that their bodies touched each other. They kissed passionately until they were out of breath.

She pulled away to catch some air.

Her voice was still heavy when she spoke,

"Happy New Year, Rey."

Entry # 2

The passing of an old year and the coming of a new one was being celebrated in St.louis college. Time had pass as it just flew! Many things happening around,the change in everybody's life! The dance , dance ban was removed , rey and swayam proved that their passion can be taken as a profession. Others realized the worth of dance in their lives. They all took dance as a profession. The dosti , bond between friends was as strong as before but the dil , hmmm it was perfect! AAl the couples were happy , although taarey neither were a official couple nor they had confess. But pyaar ka izhaar ankho ankho mein hogaya that bas kami thi to rey ke taani ko propose karne ki par he had decided with the beginning of the new year he would start a new phase of life with his love lady taani n that too officially but first he need to confess his love to taani to make it official!


The St.Louis College was buzzing with energy on New Year's Eve. Everyone was busy all day trying to make sure that everything was perfect,especially rey who had to do extra preparation for his confession to taani!

9:00 pm.

Rey was currently fixing his tie for the hundredth time in the mirror in one of the many bathrooms in his house  He looked at his appearance to make sure that every thing was perfect. He had worn a black suit and a red tie in contrast. He had tried to tame the mess on top of his head, but he was unsuccessful. He gave his head a shake, trying to settle his hair . Rey took a deep breath. He wanted tonight to be very special for his love, Taani. They had been doing amazing since their ankho ankh waala izhaar at Christmas. Rey would tell anyone that asked that it had been the best week of his life or rather, existence.

9:10 pm.

Taani hadn't seen Rey all day. He had given her a note for her telling her that he had to take care of things during the day but would pick her from the her house. The note also told Taani that Sharon would be stopping by with something for her sometime that afternoon. The "something" that Sharon was bringing to Taani was a dress. Sharon had helped Taani put on the dress and fix her hair before she excused herself to go get ready for the party.

Taani stared at herself in the full length mirror in her bedroom. Her hair was full of brown curls and a half puff pulling her hair up. She had on a small trace of black eyeliner and mascara. Her lips were painted a light shade a red. The dress that she had on was short enough to end halfway up her thighs. It was covered in black tassels and beading. To finish her look, she had on black pumps . Sharon had tried to convince her to wear black heels, but Taani was not in the mood to break her neck tonight.

"Oh my baby sis! You look gorgeous n beautiful " Swayam walked into the bedroom and smiled brightly at her sister.

Taani spun around in a circle and watched the tassels move with her.

9:30 pm.

Rey was standing beside the staircase of taayam's house ,waiting for Taani like he planned. His eyes grew wide, and he gasped when he saw her at door . His eyes scanned over her body, taking in every detail. He watched her in amazement as she descended the stairs. She stopped on the last stair so that she could be eye level with him.

"You can close your mouth now." Taani teased him and moved his chin up with her hand.

"You' Wow." Rey was at a loss for the right words to describe Taani.

Taani blushed and smiled at his reaction. "Thank you. You look 'wow' too."

Rey stretched his hand out asking her to come with him n she gave in and rey led her to the car! Soo they reached the venue (St.Louis Collgege)

The atrium looked completely different. The lights were twinkle lights hanging from the ceiling and walls. Balloons covered the floor. All of the students were mingling around. Everyone looked really happy after a long time.

Taani looked up at Rey and smiled. "Every thing looks amazing."

11:30 pm.

Taani was having an amazing night. She spent time chatting happily with every person.Taani was currently talking to Sharon and thanking her again for helping her getting dressed. Rey walked up behind Taani and wrapped his arms around her small waist. Taani in no time turned red n blushed harder n smiled, loving the secure feeling that she got when she was in his arms.

Sharon smiled brightly at the couple. "Oh, to be forever in love. You two are very lucky, indeed." She nodded her head slightly and walked off to talk to Swayam

Taani gave a slight push to Rey n said " Rey ap ko mujhse kaam tha" Rey who was mesmerized by her beauty said "Yes  lets go! Mujhe tumhe kahi lee kar jana hai" and he pulled her with him out of the party to a nearby place which was aat a walking distance

"But where are we going rey?app mujhe party e kyun le aaye?"a confused Taani asked."Shhh! no mre uestion! Chup chap chalo sab samjhe me aa jaye ga" said Rey. Taani was in total confusion n decided to shut her mouth n look at whats happening.

 There was a path made from tea candles that led to the gazebo.The whole path had tea candles on the corner the middle way was covered with rose petals The gazebo was also covered in twinkle lights. Rey gently led her to the gazebo. Taani stood in the middle and watched as Rey moved to turn on the stereo that was sitting off to the side. The song "Ishq Waala Love" played quietly over the speakers.

"May I have this dance?" Rey extended his hand out to Taani. She placed her small hand within his large one, and Rey pulled her close.

"This is so corny, but I love it." She smiled up at him before resting her head against his chest. They swayed back and forth to the beat of the slow song.

"You know'" Rey spoke quietly. "Everyone always asks what your favorite part of the old year was. My answer will always be the same every year."

Taani looked up into Rey's greyish brown eyes.

"You, Taani, will always be my favorite part of every year."

Taani eyes were becoming watery n she wa blushing hard!

Rey then goes dow on his knees n places a rose out etending his hand in front of taani n says

" Taani ii don't know how too express my feels to u but one thing I will say that when I am on my death bed I just want e person beside me n that you n only you, I LOVE YOU TAANI ONLY YOU"

This made taani really emotion n she tears rolled down her eyes n she went down on her knees

"I LOVE U TOO REY n I will allways be beside u"

Rey saw tears I her eyes n after hear those magical words he bend down kissed her eyes n fore head!

They were lost n mesmerized into each other as if the time has stopped n they were just together lost I each other!


Soon the eeye lock was broken when they heard voices yelling from inside the house. "10! 9! 8! 7!'" Rey n Taani then stood up  he stared into Taani's eyes. "6! 5! 4!'" He placed a kiss on her soft hands."3! 2!.." A kiss on her forehead. "1!HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Taani moved so that she could look into his eyes. "Promise me that we will spend every New Year exactly like this. Lying side by side, completely wrapped up in each other."

"I promise u"

 "Happy New Year, Rey."

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my vote goes to Entry #1

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unres entry 1

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My vote goes to Entry One.. Completely loved it.. It was DIFFERENT!! My heart skipped beats reading the " Ahem" parts.. Totally loved it!! LOVE TAAREY FOREVER!!

Edited by Shivangi_Taarey - 28 December 2012 at 4:03am
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unres- i love both the stories they both r so heart whelming but my vote goes to entry one the story is so damn unique and different...really loved touched my heart

Edited by pixi26angel - 29 December 2012 at 1:00am
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My vote for story one..
Forum.Maniac IF-Rockerz

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My vote goes to Entry 1...Loved it!   Heart

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