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*KriYansh New Years/Xmas One-Shot Contest Voting*

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Welcome D3ians! Hug

Guess what time it is? It's Dil Dosti Dance Forum's Christmas One-Shot Voting time!

KriYansh [Kriya-Rey] One-Shot Voting

But, here's something different! We'll have 3 different categories in which everyone can win! We'll have 3 different one-shots chosen as the winners, one for each couple! So we'll have a winner from Kriya-Rey OS, one from Sharon-Swayam OS and one from Taani-Rey OS! And since we decided that everyone would not like to read all different couple's one-shots, we decided to hold 3 different votings! So be happy and vote for your favourites!


You are allowed to vote for 1 Entry 
Participants are NOT allowed to vote for their own entry or advertise it through PM or on the forum. If found doing so, that One-Shot will be disqualified!
One-Shots are found in the post below!
Deadline to Vote: January 3rd, 2013
PM any questions to me, *Shifali*

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KriYansh [Kriya-Rey] One-Shot Voting

Entry # 1

Sealed with a Snowflake


" m sorry rey , but I don't think we are meant to be . sorry . you were one of my best friends . I hope we stay that way forever . thankyou for coming in my life . it's a goodbye . " and with that she turned on her heels and walked away from him .

Rey's world was shaken . he was devasted . his proposal was plainly rejected by the only girl he loved . he had nothing to say to her so he simply let her go with a silent promiseto love her till his last breadth .




An year later . . .





Rey was pacing to and fro in front of a small yet pretty house . it was yet another Christmas eve . the same day and time on which he had been deprived of love . he was waiting for someone desperately . finally that person arrived after hell lot of time unknown of rey's presence . that person started walking away unmindful of the silent stalker behind them . they both crossed many petite lanes , buildings , offices , parks , churches and what not . rey was getting restless . he just couldn't take it anymore and burst out , " won't you confess this year ? " the person stopped abruptly . rey hadn't realized that they were alone by now and were almost on the last street with only a church as surroundings . the person thought they might be dreaming things and was about to move when rey re ' questioned , " answer bhi nahi dogi ? " the person turned to face rey and could only utter a single word , " tum ? " Rey , " haan mein  . kabse wait kar raha hoon . its almost Christmas now . why haven't you gone to any church today ? abhi tak to tumhe ghar mein hona cahiye tha waiting to open ur presents . then what are you doing outside at this time without even worshipping today ? bolo ! " the person was hell shocked ! they had never imagined rey to be here that too with so much information about them ! wait a minute ! INFORMATION ? ? ? how did this happen ? directly a question was thrown at him , " how do you know all this ? " Rey ' " who actually . . . actually pichle char saal se tum yahi karti ho ! aaj nahi kiya toh mein ghabra gaya , isiliye poocha and in sabhi ki wajah se toh tumse pyaar hua tha ! " "what ? iska matlab ki tum mujhe stalk kar rahe the ? " "stalk nahi kriya who actually hua yoon tha ki . . .




Four years back '


It was mid afternoon on the christmas eve ! rey was one of the carol singers in the church . everyone had gone home  and he was just taking his belongings to leave when all of a sudden a girl burst in out of nowhere and started talking rather confessing to jejus about all the things in the world . she didn't even stop for a minute , completed her confession , wished him Christmas and again ran away . rey was taken aback by this sudden entry of the girl and decided to follow . she then went to a mall for last minute shopping *girls* and then rushed home for the evening dinner and her gifts . rey had been following her from church itself but she was too excited to notice this . every year it was a routine for rey to follow her like this . 

TWO YEARS LATER , however , they met accidently . rey was rushing in order to reach church on time so that he could she her on the only day of the year and she was running as she was a bit late from her schedule and BAM ! both bashed into each other right in front of the church . both where taken aback by this sudden meet of theirs . Slowly they both exchanged greetings and wishes . She rushed in , confessed and came out to find Rey waiting for her at the door . they both exchanged their goodbyes as for her he was still a stranger . little did they know that this meeting was going to be so important in their lives . slowly -2 they met casually atcoffee shops and started talking day and nights about each and everything . they started sharing eachothers's life . but hell broke loose when rey proposed her and asked her to reply on the coming christmas eve . she wasn't ready for a relationship andwas scared to loose such a good friend so she had plainly rejected the proposal . still he had waited for her at the same church today so that he could see her after whole one yearbutwas tensed not to find her and had finally reached her house to check if she was ok or not . but shw never knew that rey had known so much about her . she was touched by his actions . 


rey - " so here's the reason of me being here and knowing everything . am sorry agar tumhe yeh galat laga ho but mein khudko rokh nahi paya . pyaar jo karta hoon tumse . tumhari baatein sune bina reh nahi sakta tha toh dauda chala aata tha . i no sunna nahi cahiye tha but usi baaton se toh pyaar karta tha . m soory again . and now that i no ki tum theek ho mein chalta hoon . " with that he turned around and started to walk away only to be stopped by her voice . " itna pyaar karte ho mujhse ? itni chinta karte ho meri ki itni dur se sirf mujhe dekhne aate the or kabhi kaha bhi nai . kyon rey , kyon ? jab mene tumhe tuhkra bhi diya tab bhi mujhe dekhne , mera haal jaanne aa gaye . kyon karte ho mujhse itna pyaar ? kyon ? " she was about to break down when rey held her possessively in his arms . she came out of his arms , took his hand in his and tooh him inside the church near the idol . the moment they reached their , she let go of him and started her confession . 

" dekha aapne . meine kaha tha ki yeh mujhse bohot pyar karta hein . yeh kuch bhi karke aayega aaj ke din . ise lagta hein ki sirf yeh mujhe dekhta tha , mein nahi . huh . koi baat nai . well , aap haar gaye . mom ke operation ke waqt meine kaha tha ki isse dur ho jaungi hamesha ke liye par aapko mom ko theek karna padega .  mom toh rahi nai ab aur aapne apna wada poora nahi kiya . par maine kiya . mom aane se rahi toh sorry but m goin bak to him . usi ki wajah se aapse ek saal se mili nai hoon and usi ki wajah se aaj aapko wish kar rahi hoon , MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU JEJUS ! and bye . baadmein milte hein par rey ke saath hi aaungi warna kabhi nai . aage aapki marzi . "

with that she strode out followed by a bewildered rey . he never knew that he was noticed or taken account of . moreover he never knew that kriya loved him the same way that he did . he was confused rather than being happy . he questioned her shocked , " ummm kriya , yeh sab tumne abhi jo kaha woh " , " sab sach hein ya nai yahi na ? well yeh sab sach hein rey . jis din hum pehli baar mile the mujhe tumse usi din pyaar ho gaya tha , par himmat nahi hui ki tumse yeh kahoon par meine tumhe mujhe follow karte hue dekha . mein jaanti thi ki tum nahi cahate ki mujhe pata chale toh meine kabhi jataya nahi .mein yeh bhi jaanti thi ki tum meri saare baatein sunte the or mein bhi wantedly tumhe saari baatein sunati thi . saayad god ko yeh pasand nahi tha or isiliye mom ka accident karwa diya coz mein sabse close unhi se thi . unhe theek karvane keliye meine tumse dur jaana manzoor kiya parbhi unhone mom ko mujhse cheen liya . mein god se naraz thi aur isiliye peechle ek saal se kabhi unse milne nahi gai . meine unse kaha tha ki jab tum aaoge tabhi aaungi . n c u r here . toh aaj waapis tumhare saamne hi confess kiya but tumhe nahi . so here it is . I LOVE YOU REY ! i love you a lot . am sorry ki ek saal tak tumhe dur rakha aur tumhe accept nahi kiya . m sry . please forgive me . "

rey didn't know how to react . he was more than happy . he just scooped her in his arms , lifted her of the ground and twirled her while yelling I LOVE YOU KRIYA , I LOVE YOU TOO ! finally he brought her down and cupped her face . "pagli" , he spoke , " mujse ek baar keh kar toh dekthi , itna pyar karti thi phir bhi dur chali gai , jhali ! agar kabhi waapis aise karne ki sochi bhi na toh mein ma... " before he could complete kriya shut his mouth with her palm and nooded her head in negotion furioushly ! rey chuckled at her action . " ok nahi bolunga . happy ? " she nodded a yes . " so , with me ? forever ? " the moment she said yes the clock struck 12 symbolising christmas ! they both hugged each other tightly forgetting the world . finally rey pulled back and cupped her face qns slowly inched forward . kriya understood his actions and closed her eyes in anticipation . the moment their lips were about to touch a snowflake came in between themand disturbed their private moment . they both pulled back and looked up to see god blessing them with the shower of snowflakes . both smiled at the sky and then got back to complete what they had started with snowflakes falling on them continously . but whatever happens , they always remember that their first kiss was sealed with a snowflake !

Entry # 2

Under The Mistletoe

"Ho ho ho' Rise and shine my deary. Its Christmas eve."

"What so merry about this Christmas?"

Kria snorted as she tried to grab back the pillow which Sharon took from her to wake her up.

"Everything is merry about the Christmas except for u. Now come on wipe that sulk away or u won't receive any gift from St. Nicholas babes."

Sharon winked leaving a highly annoyed Kria behind her. Kria willed herself out of the bed so that she could begin the day. She had become this fussy old lady who cribbed at any occasion. She hated this but just couldn't help it.

What had happened to her? - she often thought.

And the next second she knew the answer - Reyansh Singhania happened to her.

God - how she hated him'

But who was she kidding - every freaking thing reminded her of him and she felt so embittered about it.

Her fashion house - The Opulent - had been his making.

He was the mastermind behind the marketing of the clothing range she had launched.

He was the sole reason that she had such a competent staff.

So how the hell was she supposed to just forget about him?

It had been 5 years and she still wasn't over that wretched existence. She still would mope about him. They were 2 strong headed individuals - so when they announced their love in public everyone was wary. Their close friends pointed it out to them but they believed they could work it out but in the end it didn't. When their interests started clashing neither of them relented and then it ended.

She just wished that he wasn't having an easy life. If she couldn't then he didn't have any right to.

She was so right about it - Reyansh Singhania himself wasn't having an easy life and he was wishing the same for her.


Rey just banged the file shut. He was hell frustrated. It was Christmas and he was reminded about her as he was going through the events his company was gonna organize on the occasion of Christmas. He owned an Event Management Company - not just any - the leading one which was spread worldwide. Everyone appreciated how he had single-handedly did everything but he knew better.

The maneuver of his success was someone else.

It wasn't his idea to include festivities in the prospectus.

Neither it was his plan to enroll people from all walks of life to garner the ethical applaud.

Nor it was his design to make a team just responsible to authenticate the festive celebration.

And he hated this feeling that he owed it to her and that she still was and will remain an integral part of his life.


"Seriously Shar... Mistletoes???"

Kria looked at her best friend as if she was an alien. Sharon had come to decorate her house and had stayed overnight for the work. She didn't want her friend to skip the occasion so she hadtaken upon the job to get her all set for the Christmas. Kria couldn't believe that the decoration was gonna include a bunch of mistletoes and this irked her. Mistletoes had memories attached which made her all the more fuss about the Christmas.

"Stop giving me the looks and just help me with the decorations."

Sharon stated ignoring her friend's snorting.


"U have gotta be kidding me."

Rey said as he looked flabbergasted over the surroundings. This time the church had chosen a specific decorating item for the festival as the theme - Mistletoes and the entire Town Square was elegantly decorated using it. It opened his old wounds.

Kissing under the Mistletoe - a ritual which ensures a long happy life for the couple. They had shared their first kiss under it. It was beautiful and magical - a reminiscence but now a reason for Christmas aversion.

Rey shook himself out of the memory flashes and indulged himself in the atmosphere that bloomed around him.

Kria brushed the memory away and started putting the trinkets over the tree.


Everyone gathered around the town square for the celebration. The place was beautifully lit. A big mistletoe bush was held over in the center while everyone was in the Christmas mood. Kria walked amongst the crowd looking for Sharon and bumped into someone. As she faced him she got the shock of life - Rey was standing there in front of her. She was flabbergasted but couldn't help noticing the manly features that had enhanced over the 5 years. He had grown muscular but still maintained the aura. The flicks that covered his forehead gave him an appealing look. The chest that showed off from the top of the shirt invited her. She hated how he was still able to just dazzle her away.

As Rey moved in the crowd he bumped into someone rather some girl to say. As he faced her he stood rooted there at the spot. Kria Ghai stood in front of him looking as radiant as ever in that red silky flawlessly cut dress that reached till her knees. She was wearing a red and white fur coat with the santa hat on that made her look like a cute yet sexy santa. The coat was open and he was able to see how the dress complimented her curves and appealed him.  Those straight raven black locks made her look more delectable. Rey chided him out of his reverie irritated over how his eyes were treating themselves.

"How are u?"

Both asked at the same time as the silence was getting awkward for them. They looked at each other in disbelief. Rey gestured her to speak.

"I am fine. U?"

"Me too. Hows business?"

"Great. We r the leading fashion house. U?"

"Same here."

The silence returned. They couldn't just walk away after being aware of the other's presence. Soon the clock struck 12 indicating the arrival of the day. Everyone rejoiced and wished each other with zeal and enthusiasm. Soon it was announced that according to the Christmas tradition people standing under the mistletoe had to kiss. The spotlights started flashing over the couples standing under it and before either of them could comprehend anything a spotlight was focused on them. They never realized that they were standing in the center and before they could move everybody had turned their attention towards them. They looked at each other clearly awkward due to the situation coz nevertheless they had to do it. Rey hesitantly moved his hand to hold her waist. Kria wasn't able to meet his eyes and was constantly avoiding his gaze. Rey held her close and coyly she looked in those hazel pair of eyes that had charmed her always and didn't fail to do so this time too. Rey cupped her face by his other hand and slowly brought her face closer to his and slowly their lips met.

It was a soft kiss through which their emotions penetrated. It was a gentle and a soothing one mixed with the soft caress and concern that had once lived in them and now was locked in some corner. As they broke the kiss and stared in each other's eyes they found the same emotions that defined them 5 years back and now hovered over them. Both of them realized what it meant and decided to start over. They didn't need words. They understood the other's heart. As Kria took hold of his hand Rey grasped hers firmly reciprocating the gesture and Kria guided him to her place. As they got inside Rey quickly gathered her to give a heated kiss as they moved inside. As Rey parted away both of them mumbled together.


They laughed as they spoke out loud and then kissed each other slowly savoring each moment. Rey spoke then.

"So'. Under the Mistletoe?"

"Definitely under the Mistletoe."

Kria answered chuckling as they realized that they were again standing under the bush.


Kria shifted in her sleep as her phone buzzed. She adjusted not disturbing Rey as she took the call.

"Merry Christmas."

Sharon chirped.

"Merry Christmas to u too."

"Looks like St. Nicholas gave u ur Christmas present."

"Yes babes. Nicholas definitely did give me my present."

Kria chuckled before switching off the phone.

"Whose Nicholas?"

Rey asked sleepily as he woke up while Kria was talking.

"My secret Santa."

Kria answered winking before taking his lips into hers.

"So will he give me a present too?"

Rey asked as Kria laid across his chest facing him.

"Ask and see."

"Okay then'. So will someone do the honor of gracing my life forever and ever?"

Rey slowly asked gauging her expression.

"Well' that someone can do the honor if'."

Kria said slowly as she moved towards his ear.


Rey asked.

"If that someone is promised to be kissed under the Mistletoe always on the Christmas Eve."

"Well that can be done."

Rey twitched his nose before taking Kria into a kiss to mark the promise.

Entry # 3

KriyAnsh OS- Happy New Year

Mumbai, St. Loius College, Atrium-
Taani: "And listen, I want all the arrangements to be done perfectly' koi problem nahi honi chahiye, warna AVP ma'am hum sab ki band baja degi' u knw na bhai' waise bhi, she's such a stickler for perfection'"
Nilesh: "Chill Taani... sab kuch control main hain!"
Vicky: haan' Aur waise bhi, AVP ma'am ke haatho se marna acha ki hum khud zeher khake mar jaaye'
NiCky hi-5 each oder while others giggle' but soon, Taani comes back to her hyper-mode'
Taani: "aur yeh Rey' Rey kahan hain bhai?"
The gang's faces' fall bcz they know how important today's day & date is for Rey.
Taani: mein kuch poonch rahi hu' Rey kidhar hain?
Nil: Woh aaj New Year's hain na'
Taani: Haan... toh?
Swayam: toh' aaj ke din' in fact, poora yeh last week of December' Rey, hibernation mode main chala jata hain'
Taani: hibernation mode' par kyun?
Vicky: Kyunki, aaj ke din hi toh Kriya aur Rey ne sabke saamne apna relationship "OFFICIAL" kar diya tha'
Neha: haan, aur usske theekh 2 1/2 years ke baad, un dono ka break-up ho gaya tha' straight 14th feb ko!
Simmi: haan' aur issi wajah se woh apna bday bhi nahi celebrate karta hain' 
Vishakha: aur naa kisi ko karne deta hain!
Taani: Par kyun?
Vishakha: Silly, kyunki ussey Kriya ke saath spend kiya hua har ek moment yaad aata hain'.
Sharon: Right! & also, woh Kriya ka bday bhi nahi celebrate karta' aur issliye, woh inn 4 occassions par- Kriya bday, Valentines day, apna bday & New Year's ke time, apne "dukh wale sad", hence "hibernation mode" par chala jata hain!
Amar: Haan' hum sab toh phil (phir) bhi manage kal lahe (kar rahe) hain' pal (par)... woh abhi tak, Kriya ke jaane se move on nahi kal (kar) paya hain'
Bharat: haa! Kriya ke college chodne ka, apun ko bhi bahut gussa aur gham hain! Par woh... who aaj bhi puraani cassette ki tarah "Kriya, Kriya" kare ja raha hain!
Taani: OH! Toh Rey kahan honge abhi?
Rinni: Pata nahi! Bas itna pata hain, ki woh har saal, issi week Dehradun chala jata hain!
Swayam: Chalo guys' party ki preparations karni hain' lets leave fast! N Taani, dnt wrry! Rey ka kaam' Nil & Vicky kar lenge'.

Meanwhile' Rey had already reached the disco where he n Kriya first met. He got out of his car & stared at the name of the disc- "CLUB DESTINY". He chuckled at the irony of the name- it was destiny that made him meet Kriya yet it was not destiny bcz of which Kriya & Rey split; it was bcz of 3 ppl- Smriti (Kriya's mom), Shivam & (partly) Kriya herself. 
He went inside the club & sat on a chair near the bar, asking the bartender for his usual- whisky with a hint of gin on the rocks'
He always wondered- if Kriya had really, truly loved him, had faith in him & had trusted him, then he & the gang would've figured out something to convince Smriti aunty' But the problem was not just that! The problem also was, that Smriti auntie's memory was like that of a computer- one look at Rey & she knew that Rey was the guy whom she saw at the jail on 31st Dec 2010! And that was it' though on Kriya's insistence, Smriti gave a chance to understand Rey better & thankfully, her POV regarding Rey was changing a bit' she came 2 know that Rey came from a broken family so he knew the pain of losing a parent (just like Kriya's father abandoned her & her mother, Rey's mom died after giving birth to Rey); came 2 know that for Rey, his friends are more than his family to him & could do anything for them' but with this, she also came 2 know that just like Kriya, Rey also knew how 2 dance, was a part of her college dance team just like her & also wanted to become a dancer' & THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW FOR HER! She never had a problem with Rey-Kriya relationship' she was all the more happy to see her daughter happy with the guy whom she loved; but she had a problem with their passion for dance! Having faced this situation in life due to which Kriya never came to know about her dad, she didn't want the same thing for her daughter' she could CLEARLY see that HISTORY CAN REPEAT ITSELF! And before that happens, she knew that either Rey or Kriya would have to give up on their passion' Since she "knew" that Rey would never do that, she let her daughter do that' But then, that would also mean- to sacrifice Kriya's love for Rey, her dance, her friendship which meant the most for her'.
Smriti knew that Rey was a great guy at heart, that he would be willing to risk his friends & family for her, but with this, she also knew that he would never let go off his passion- HIS DANCE, JUST to have a girl in life! Well, too bad' had she asked him to do so, he would've happily done that just for Kriya'. Coz, ONLY HE KNEW HOW MUCH KRIYA MEANT TO HIM!
Well, even though Smriti was Kriya's mom, ONLY Swayam & Rey knew her more than anybody else alive on the face of the earth. Both of them knew that whatever she said on the 14th of Feb 2012 to Rey was false'. To the rest, she was a selfish, ungrateful bitch who took Rey's popularity to make herself look popular, but to THEM, she was this obedient daughter to her mother, the best friend to Swayam & the by far, the best thing that could've ever happened to Rey in his life!
On their last day & date together, they promised each other that they will try n move on in their lives but not forget each other & as a token of remembrance, they gave each other a picture of a moment so special to them that will remain etched in their hearts forever.


St. Loius Gang- HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!

Rey *taking out THE picture from the inside pocket of his jacket, caressing Kriya's face from his fingers & kissing her face*:  I STILL LOVE YOU KRIYA! Sorry ki pichle 2 yrs se move on nahi kar paa raha hu' kya karun! Tum ho itni special mere life main! HAPPY NEW YEAR KRIYA!

On the other side of Dehradun, 
Kriya *sitting on the sill near her window' She looks at THE picture, caresses Rey's face & kisses it*: I STILL LOVE YOU REY! Sorry ki 2 yrs se move on nahi kar paa rahi hu' kya karun! Aap ho itni special mere life main! HAPPY NEW YEAR REY!

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Reserved!! Now I get to read 3 back to back OS!!


My vote goes to entry #2
All three here good.

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entry two Smile

to be frank loved all three. but my vote goes to entry two.Big smile

best of luck everyone! Embarrassed

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Entry 3

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Radiance. IF-Rockerz

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My vote goes to entry 2.
Honestly, all three are awesome.
But I loved this one Wink

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My vote goes to entry 2...
shaffy_arsha IF-Rockerz

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my vote goes to entry no 2

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