Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

LOVE(NEW chapter 44 in page 73) (Page 6)

saijahnavi IF-Rockerz

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recap: rk in hospital..arnav thinking about their childhood.
rk was ok.and he shifted to i.c.u.
arnav and khushi left to drop anjali,purvi,shyam at house.
madhu stayed with rk in hospital.
rk shouting.madhu answering that she will never let him go by leaving her.
rk opened his eyes to see her.

chapter 11:


madhu wiped her tears.

madhu: rk...

rk: t.tum.. yaha kaise huun.i mean it was too late and u stayed here why?

madhu thinking ho wto answer?

madhu: o...o...

rk staring at her confusedly...

madhu: o arnavne kahaki mujhe yaha rukhne keliye...

rk: arnavne tujhse kahaki yaha mere saath akele rukhne keliye...

madhu: ha...o...a bai ne kaha...

rk: tumhara ba tujhse kaha yaha rukhne keliye...

madhu(to herself): ab mein kya kahunn.isko koi answer toh dena padega...kya kahun...

rk: madhu meine tujhse kuch poocha?

madhu stayed dumb.

rk is trying to sit.

madhu holding him.

madhu: rk tum ye kya kar rahi ho.tujhe rest lena hai na aur tum kyun aisa kar rahe ho.agar tujhe kuch chahiya haitho mujhe pooch sakthi ho na.

rk: i need water.

madhu given water to him.

after sipping some water.he returned the glass.

madhu: now go to sleep.i will be here with u.
rk is about to sleep.but suddenly he noticed madhu's eyes.her eyes r turned in to red without rest.
rk: madhu ur eyes r luking so dull.and u also...

madhu coveringly: ha bcoz now-a-days.i am not sleeping well.i am getting devil dreams...
to cover herself she is talking al of nonsense.
rk pissed with her nonsense.
he grabbed madhu.madhu fall on rk's side.
they r staring at each other.
he lwly tken her hand in to his hands.he noticed madhu ith pain when he touched her hand.he lukd at her hand and becomes shock that in her hand middle a red colour scar is there.he tried to touch it.

madhu: ouch...Cry
rk: madhu what is this?

madhu: nothing..

rk: tumhara haath jala hai madhu how could it haapened?
madhu: there i snothing to worry.when i am cooing at morning.mistaknly i picked hot pan with my hands.

rk not convinced with her answer.he is luking at that scar and that scar is not morning's.he remebered that at morning when he luked at her hand.there i sno scar.and no wit was present.he was totally surprised.

rk: madhu tell me truth.

madhu(hiding her face): ha rk ...i am saying truth.

rk made her face to face him.

rk: madhu mein tumse milkar zyaada nahi hua.par mein tumhaari chehra dekhkar keh sakthahunki u r lying?

madhu luking down.she doesn't want to face him anymore.

rk:madhu i need answer.
madhu is not answering.
rk again luked at her hand.and he got a flashback

one day he is suffering with fever.his body becomes so weak.
purvi rk ko dekhkar dar hoke o tmple jaathi hai aur waha...o shivji ki saamne uski haath diya par rakthi hai badle o uski bai ki health maangi uski haath meinbi aisa hi hai.
rk(to himself): iska matlab madhu ne uske haath diya par rakhi hai isliye iski haath jali hai.

rk luked at madhu.

rk: madhu...

madhu luked at rk with teary eyes.

rk: but why did u do this?for whom u did this?don't u know about me properly?and we met just few days back.itni jaldi tujhe mujhse itna rishta kaisa rakha.i mean tu mereliye tumhaara haath jalaya...but why?

madhu is not answering to him.

rk with anger: wat r u thinking urself?and why did u do this?and what i sour relationship?
answer mi damnit!!!!

rk:ouch(with pain)

madh: rk rk tum teekh toh hai na.mein doctor ko bhuladon.
rk tightened his grip and he is not letting her go.he need answers from her.
rk: u cant go until u respond to my questions.

madhu: rk don't behave like child.
by saying this she is about to left.suddenly light was gone.madhu scares with she runned towards rk and she hugged him tightly.
rk bit confused and he was uncomfortable.he want's to hug back.but he nver trust he stopped before doing that.

rk: it's ok madhu.don't worry.i am with u.and be dare.don't fear.

madhu in rk arms.she is feeling comfortable.
after sometime rk also placed his hands on madhu's back.he is supporting her.

arnav and khushi returning to midway arnav's car gets trouble.he is trying to solve it.

khushi:wat happened?

arnav:i think engine failed.

khushi:wat????????then we have to stay here for a long time.bcoz this is a lonely area and no one will use this road.what can we do?how can we go to hospital.(she is questioning arnav opening her eyes widely)
arnav: khushi can't u stay silently.why r u using ur mouth wastely?give rest to it.

khushi(with anger):wat i had done?huh...and i am not talking more.ther madhu is alone.and here ur car in trouble.

arnav: excuse me.madhu was not alone.mera rishu hai waha.

khushi: huh,but he is in unoncious state.

arnav: don't worry.mera rishu unconcious state mein tumhaara behen ka kyaal rakhegi mujhe barosa hai uspar..

arnav is trying to repair.suddenly khushi becoming nervous and she noticed some object far away and she hugged arnav with fear.
arnav totally confused.
arnav: wat happened?

khushi: arnav there is something.i mean i noticed a object.
he tried to luk.but khusi stopped him and asks him to not leave her alone.arnav accepts but khushi holding arnav tightly.he is trying to control himself.but he he hugged her back.
a long hug.

in home:
purvi is crying.
arjun in meeting but he worried about he called purvi ...
purvi answered call.but she is mum...she is not talking.
arjun: hello,purvi.i know u r so sad.but don't worry.he will get well soon...

purvi just listening.

arjun; plz purvi.don't be mum.plz speak anything.i am so afraid when u r crying ike that.
and i know u luv ur brother's so much and they r life to u.plz purvi don't stay calm.i can tolerate anything except ur calm.i want to listen ur voice purvi.plz...

purvi: i know arjun.and i hope that my brother will recover soon.and there is a meeting na for u.go and confirm the deal.u will win.i haveconfidence on u u will get that go...and after meeting call me.don't forget.
arjn was so happy.
arjun: definitely i will inform u.ok now bye.
he hung up the call.


rk asks doctor to discharge him and he requested arnav to take him home.
arnav asked permission from doctor and he taken rk to home.
madhu crying alot in her room.
khushi notices that and she questions madhu reason behind her crying...


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-Secret_Giggle- IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing posts dear. Please do me pm when u update next part.

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love.piyali IF-Dazzler

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awww...that was a very cute update...loved it..

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nice update dear..

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AroraN Goldie

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Good story Dear Clap
Please PM whenever  u update.

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saijahnavi IF-Rockerz

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chapter 12:

arnav and khushi shared a long hug.but suddenly they disturbed by a car horn sound.they luked at the car and they asked for lift.they given lift.

arnav khushi reached there after few minutes.

but when they r reaching both r shocked luking at madhu.she is crying and she ran away from there.
arnav noticed that and he walked towards rk.

arnav: rk wat happened?and is madhu crying because of u?

rk: chote plz take me to home.i want to come home.i want to leave this place right now.

arnav: but...

rk: plz tujhe patha hai na mera na ka matlab na hotha hai...

arnav: ok .but no now and i will talk to doctor.and how r u now?

rk : i am fine.and plz don't cry.u know i don't like ur crying.

arnav :ha,i know.ok now take rest.

rk closed his eyes.
madhu left hospital.khushi folowed her.
in kirloskar's house:

madhu was crying.khushi notices that and she questioned her behind the reason of her tears.but she is not giving answer.she hugged khushi and started crying more.

khushi: madhu from few days ur behaviour was so when rk was injured u behaved differently and wat happened now?why r u crying?is anything wrong?

madhu is not answering.
khushi cupped madhu's face with her hands.
khushi: madhu aajtak tumne mujhse koi baath nahi chupaya.par aaj tum mujhse teri behense koi baath chupaana chahthe ho..

madhu: nothing happened khushi...

khushi: acha,toh kyun ro rahi ho...aur meri kasam khaakar bataa kya hua...

madhu: khushiShockedShocked

khushi: ha,madhu bataa.


when madhu hugged rk.rk also hugged her.but after sometime.he thrown her from his arms.

rk: wat r u thinking?do u luv me?

madhu luking down...

rk: i am questioning u and why u r not answering me dammin it!do u love me say answer...

madhu: h...ha...i luv u...but...

rk: stop it!stop all the nonsense.wat r u thinking urself?huh...u luv me oh that's really nice.but listen i don't luv u...

madhu ShockedCry

rk: huh i don't luv u.u listened ...

madhu: but why?????do u luv som..

rk cuts her...

rk: huh,i am in luv with other.

madhu ShockedShockedCryCry

she left that place...


madhu: khushi i lost my luv.i failed in first luv and i don't know how it was happened?

khushi trying to console her.
madhu was crying more and more.khushiwas totally upset with this.

in hospital:

rk regaining his words.

rk(to himself): sorry madhu,but i have to do stay away from u.i am not that lucky person to have u in my life.what ever i want i lost i don't want to loose i did it.i know it's paining for u and not only to u and me too it's more paining.but i have to do this...i am sorry...i am really sorry...forgive me...


arnav dicussed with prepared discharge papers for rk and he discharged.arnav taken him to home and nurse also allotte for him at home.

rk was not happy after coming to home.he is thinking about madhu.

in kirloskar house:

khushi tried to get back madhu to she forced madhu to join with her to college.
they attend to clases.their first day was so gud.but madhu was thinking about rk.she is seeing evry where rk...

khushi can't toleratethis more so she decided to take madhu to AR mansion.
because she knew that madhu will get happy when she saw rk.

khushi taken her to AR mansion.
madhu shocked luking at AR mansion.she pleased khushi to left from there.but khushi forced her...

arnav: hai khushi...

khushi: hai...

arnav: hey madhu hai.and wat happened?r u alright?

madhu: ya...
her answer to arnav but her eyes r searching for someone.
arnav observes that and he taken madhu to rk's room.
madhu luked at rk.he wass sleeping.arnav left aftershowing her rk.

madhu(to hrself): in sleep ,he is luking so all worries will go  far away from me when i see u.when u stay away from me then my heart beat will stop because of ur absence near me.and when u near to me then my heart beat will start beating heavily...e\why is thi ahappening only fo rme???????///why????????????CryCryCry

and she slowly wiped her tears.she slowly touched rk's hair and she rubbing softly his hair.he slowly moving with that.when he was moving his face expressiongs r luking just like a kid.his acting when she rubbing his hair was just like a small kid.
rk opened slowly his eyes and when opened his eyes there was no one.but he felt that someone touched him.but here noone is ther.madhu left that place while rk opening his eyes.

in downstairs:

arnav and khushi r discussing about rishbala.
khushi questioned arnav about rk's girlfriend.
arnav: no,never.rk never luvs agirl.i mean he don't trust luv.i think he lied to her.

khushi: how dare heis?how can he do thi sto my sister?how can he reject her proposal?

arnav: plz khushi don't talk about mu brother like that?

khushi: hey devimayya,imeinesach bola rah huun...tumhaara baai yek patha hai pathar...

arnav: what the??????????????????wat r u thinking about my brother?and atlast i am warning u don't talk like that..

khushi: if i repeat this...

arnav: then our friendship will end.

khushiShockedCry :ok,today our friendship will be end.and remind it from today onwards we r enemies...

arnav ShockedAngry: ok done...

after few weeks:

rk is getting fine.and he recovered almost so he started to college.
and arnav khushi breakup is going on.
in college they daily used to fight.
madhu as always upset.but from few days she is recovering beacuse of her friend abhay.
he is a gud luking man and so handsome.all girls will die for him.but he luvs only one girl.she is piya dobriyal.
she is studying in oxford universty.she is coming back after completing her studies.and she luvs abhay so much.

madhu daily teases him about piya.and they dailyplay nok-jhok on each other.but she never forget about rk.he is her heart then how can she forget him so easily.he is his life...

khushi luvs arnav but for her sister she broken her relationship with arnav.arnav too luvs her.but he can't tolerate someone taunting hi sbrother infront of him.
madhu knew about their break up.she tried to fix but se can't.
rk don't know about their break up .

rk decided to attend classes.already he had missed so many classes.
arnav tried to attend classes for rk ad he done it.he written all notes for rk.and he daily explained all chapters to rk whatever said by his teacher.

rk: di i am going to college.

anjali:wat?no u can't go to colege.u r not recovered totaly.then how can u?

rk: plz di.i am getting bore.and ok now i am fine.and luk i am walking perfectly.and there is nostrain.

anjali: u have to take rest...

rk: (making puppy face)plz di...plz...

anjali: u can conveince anyone with ur face.ok but take care.

rk: thanks di...

arnav: oye brother!without me how can u go to college?

rk: i know.and plz come fast already we r late for classes.

rk eneterd in to college.

in classroom:

rk seated in his place.but from rk's absence.there madhu is sitting.


all r reharsing for dance contest in their college.
arshi,rishbala r selected for disco deewane song and rishbala selected for terimeri meri teri prem kahaani...and arshi selected for kuch toh hai tujhse raabtha song.

plz do comments.

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