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LOVE(NEW chapter 44 in page 73) (Page 5)

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chapter 8:

rk: welcome to college.

khushi : thank u.

madhu just staring at him with smile.

rk: come with me.i will show college to both of u.
arnav : rishu tum madhu ko le jao .mein khushi se kuch personally baat karna chahtha huun.

rk: tum kabhi nahi sudereghi.

rk madhu left that place.

arnav: well,then welcome to our college.and we have some rules here.


arnav: ha rules.well if u want to join in our gang(by showing his friends gang) u have to first introduce urself to my friends.

khushi Smile

arnav: well friends.this is my friend khushi kirloskar.mere honewaali jeeju ki behen hai.

rohit(one of his friend): wow she is too hot yaaar.

arnav listened it and he felt jealous.khushi observed it and she felt happy inner.

rohit : hi i am rohit.

khushi: hi.
rohit is about to hug khushi.but arnav stopped him.that they had to leave.


rohit: yaar arnav,u go.i will show this college to khushi.
arnav gritting his teeth:no need i can show her.

rohit: oops sorry.i think she is special to u.

arnav by holding rohit collar: be in ur limits.u r crossing ur limits.

rohit: leave me collar.otherwise u will have to pay for it.

arnav: i wont leave u.if u again repeat this.

rohit: what will u do?i will do anything.i will touch her.then what will u do?

arnav: don't dare to touch her and even don't dare to tought to touch her.u will pay for that.

rohit: oh then we will see.
by saying this.he left that place.
rohit is not a gud guy.arnav also not interested with rohit friendship.but he doesn't want to fight with anyone.
but now it's the time for a war.

rk: ok kirloskar.

madhu: u can call me madhu..

rk stared at her for sometime.

madhu: well,college was awsome.

rk : really thanks.Smile

madhu: Smile welcome.

rk showing her whole college.suddenly in talks they reached a room which they donot have to enter.

rk: oh no.

madhu: wat happened?

rk: we have to leave this place as early as possible.

madhu: but why?wat happeed to this place?

rk: in this room a devil is we stopped coming this side.

madhu(with shaking voice):"DEVIL"

rk mesmerized at her big brown eyes.and he can feel her fear .he slowly walked towards her.
madhu:is it true???????????????

rk: ha.

madhu: rk plz tell me is it true????? sach mein yahi devil hai?

rk: ha...
he is just luking at her..

madhu's lips r shivering with fear.her face was turned in to like a small kid with fear.rk memerized with her luk.she is luking more gorgeous in fear...

arjun getting bore without purvi.
he is thinking about purvi.he is thinking about their first meeting.when she came to his company for requesting him.

arjun is busy in phone.he is dealing some clients in phone.

purvi is waiting for arjun in his office room.
arjun entered in to his room.he luked at purvi first time.first time his heart felt something about a girl.she is luking gorgeous in whit res.she wore a white this colour she is luking like a goddess..
arjun staring at her for few minutes.but purvi broken his staring at her.
purvi: hello,sir.


purvi: i am purvi kundra.
arjun: oh nice to meet u ms.purvi can i help u?

purvi: sir i have to do my i need ur help.i wan to do my project in ur company.

arjun: ok,that's fine.but why u have choosen only this company?i mean there r so many companies?

purvi; yes,sir.but ur company is the topmost company.and i know that u r a very brilliant business man.and i want to learn from u.if i joined here then i can complete my project and at same time i can learn.

arjun: ok,i am impressed.u can join.

purviSmile: thanku sir.thank u so much.
she given her hand for a shake hand.
arjun also joined his hand with purvi's hand.her touch made him feel different.first time his heart going fast beats.his heart saying to don't leave her hand.for five minutes he is shaking her hand.purvi confused with his act.




precap: arvi's first hug..

arnav rk fightnig with rowdies...
one person is trying to kill arnav.rk interrupts them and he gets hurt.

in fighting rk gets injure.rk goes to un cnciousness.

madhu: rk...CryCry

arnav: rishu...CryCry

so let's see wat will going to happen?

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Thumbs Up

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 rk attracting to madhu slowly.
arnav fights with rohan for khushi
arvi first meet.

chapter 9:

arjun: oh sorry.(by removing his grip on purvi's hand.)

purvi: it's ok..

purvi is about to go.but she slipped and sh eclosed her eyes with fear.but two strong arms saved her from falling.those arms r so protective.purvi slowly opened her eyes and she luked at arjun.they shared a big eye lock for sometime until they get disturbed with phone ring.

arjun: sorry.
purvi: thank u.

arjun got out from his past by a knock on his door.
she is his assistant.she got there to have some signs on files.

arjun did that and she left that place.again arjun thinking about their past.and his sweet memories with purvi.

one day:

arjun is busy at his work.and he is going in a car at mid night.
suddenly a girl got in midway of his car.
arjun: hey who r u?

he got out of his car and he was surprised luking at purvi..

arjun: purvi tum is waqt kyun baagh rahi aur kyun itna dar raha hai?

purvi: woh...

arjun: purvi just relax wat happened?

purvi getting arjun trying to console her.while consoling he hugged her...

purvi also hugged him back.

arjun: purvi calm down...calm down...

arjun cupping purvi face with his hands...

arjun: wat happened?

purvi se batane se pehle..kuc gunda aay awaha aur arjun un gundonko dekhkar samajh gayaki purvi kyun bhaag rahi hai..aur arjun beaten them so hardly...

arjun: purvi now everything is fine?

but purvi fainted...
arjun protected her from falling.and he is trying to get her in concious state.
arjun ordered driverto get some water.

arjun splitted water on purvi's face..

purvi got in concious...

purvi: thank u sir.

purvi is still in arjun's arms.
purvi released her from arjun's arms.

arjun: i will drop u..

purvi Smile


arjun smiling by regaining his moments with purvi...

in college:

arnav and khushi r out side of colege.and they r playing jokes on each other.suddenly some rowdies entered .
rohit got rowdies to take revenge on arnav.

rohit: arnav u have to pay...

arnav started fighting.fighting is really going gud until someone beaten him with a rod from back...

arnav: ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at same time:

rk and madhu having a big eyelock.suddenly when arnav shouted "ouch"

rk felt something wrong.i mean he doesn't knew about fight and even he doesn't heard his shouting.but his heart is saying that something was wrong.

he started running from there.

madhu; rk wat happened?why r u running?(she is following him)

rk questionng evry person about arnav.but nobody knows where arnav had gone?

rk was full disturbed and his fear becoming more...

suddenly someone talking about fight between arnav and rohit..

rk heard that and he suddenly ran towards that person.

rk: sushant kya tujhe patha hai arnav kaha hai?aur abhi tumne baat kii thi woh sach hai??

sushant: ha,rk.morning rohit warned arnav.and they had a fight.

rk now confirmed that something happened to he doen't wants to waste a minute and he ran outside of the college.he is at bike parking place...

here arnav got injured and all taken this as advantage and beating him more...
suddenly rk interrupts and he got angry by luking at arnav's blood.he doen't bare arnav's blood.he can tolerate anything but he can't tolerate when arnav got some small fever also.and he saw his blood at first time.rk's blood is boiling with anger and he started fighting.he beaten them hardly...

arnav also started fighting and both brother's r fighting until someone is trying to harm arnav with a knife.
rk luks at that and he started running to save arnav.
but it was late already knife was goone in to body...

khushi: ShockedShockedShocked

madhu just came there and she shouted with full of rage: rkShockedShocked...

arnav: rishu...

rk beaten them hardly and they left that place.

rk fall on ground...

arnav taken him in to his lap.

khushi ran towards rk.

but madhu still shocked and her heart started beating...
she is still in shock state...

arnav: rishu CryCry

rk: chote mat ro na mein tumhare aankhon men aansun nah dekh saktha meri pyaari bai hasthe hue acha lage ga...

arnav: stop it's not a joke time.

rk: (with pain) are yaar.i am not joking.chote di,purvi ki gyaal rakhna ache se.aur mujhe kabhi mat bhulana.agar mera jaane ke baad ...

arnav slapped rk...:mat baat kar aisa tujhe kuch nahi hoga...

rk:Smile mujhe pata hai yaar mujhe kuch nahi hoga...

by saying this rk luked at madhu who was still in shock state.
rk Smile luking at madhu and he is going in to unconcious state.

arnav trying to get him in to conciousness...

madhu ran towards rk and shouted rk...

rk again opened his eyes lightly but again he gone in to unconcious...

arnav rushed rk to hospital...

rk was taken to operation theatre..

arnav informed to anjali,purvi,shyam.they reached hospital...

anjali purvi r crying a lot...

madhu still in shock state and khushi is trying to console purvi,anjali.

madhu regaining her sweet memories with rk.suddenly she luked at ganeshji idol.he went near to idol.she started blaming him..

madhu: bappa aapne kyun baar baar meri dil ko todthi hain.par phir bi aapse koi sikhayat nahi...
aapne meri mama ko mujhse cheenli.aur aaj mera rishu ko bi aapke paas lejaana chahthi hai.nahi bappa aisa kabhi nahi hoga...rishuko aap mujhse nahi cheen sakthi.mein abhi bhi uske saath sapne dekh rahatha aur aap usko mujhse duur lejana chahthe hain.par aisa nahi hoga.isbar mein nahi haroongi..min meri haathko aapki ye diye mein rakthi huun...jab tak mein rk ki hosh laane khabar sune tak mein yahi par mera haath jaaongi...(ye kehthe hue madhu uska haath diya  todi upar rkhi thi.)


rk in is I.C.U.

he is shouting "papa mein aa rah ahuun.aapke paas.papa..."

madhu listening ecompletely confused and she is tryin to make open his eyes.
atlast she shouted "tum kahi nai jaa sakthi mujhe chodkar"

rk becomes silent and he is about to open hi seyes.


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hope RK  gets well soon and madhu take care of him in hospital .liked RK and Arnav ki dosti and pyaar.keep writing dear Clap and thanks for PM
saijahnavi IF-Rockerz

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recap: rk severly injured and arnav admitted rk in hospital.
madhu ka haath ganapathi bappake saamne hue diya par rakhthi hai uski badle o rkki jaan maang rahi hai.

chapter 10:

anjali and purvi r totally became weak.they cried alot.shyam anjali aur purviko console karnekeliye try kiya tha par.khudko o nahi samjha nahi paya hai.rishab aur arnav uskeliye bilkul beta jaisa hai.o undonon mein unki beta dekha tha par aaj ek beta hospital mein critical condition mein hai aur ek baap kaise saanth rah saktha hai.par o anjali aur purvi keliye uski aansun nahi aane de raha hai.par andhar o itni ro rahi hai ki koi nahi bata saktha...

arjun went to hospital and he luked at purvi.he worried about purvi's condition.her face became pale and her eyes r  filled with tears.

purvi: arjun CryCryCry
she ran towards arjun and he hugged him.arjun tried to console her.and he made his best.but suddenly he luked for madhu.but there is no madhu.he questioned khushi about madhu.

arjun: khushi where is madhu?

khushi searched for her.

khushi: bai yahi toh hai abi tak?par...
patha nahi kaha chali gayi..

arjun called to madhu.but she is not answering to his call.

arjun wants to search for her.but in this condition how can he leave purvi?

so he standed their.but his mind was thinking about madhu.

arnav is luking at rishab from outside of operation theatre.


in childhood days:

arnav and rishab r playing foot ball with their classmates.suddenly one classmate injured arnav in play.rk luked at arnav.and he beaten that classmate badly.arnav tried to stop him...but

principle called rk,arnav to his cabin.

principle: rishab why u behaved rudely with ur classmate?

rk: because he cheated my brother and because of him my brother fall on ground

principle: tumhara bai haina gira tha tum nahi na toh tujhe kya farak padtha hai?

rk: mujhe koi bi chunelijiye sir.mujhe farak nahi padega.par mera bai par koi haath utaya ya koibi use choth pahuchna chaha mein usko nahi chodungi..

principle surprised with his answer and he impressed too.but what he can do?he suspended rk for a month..

principle: but i am sorry rk.u suspended for a month.

rk: it's ok sir.mera bai keliye mujhe koi punishment bi manjoor hai.

principal: ok,then.we will meet after a month.


arnav:one minute sir.

principle luked at arnav.

arnav: mera ek request hai sir.

principle: wat????

arnav: agar aap mera bai ko punishment dena chahthi hotho o punishment mujhebi de dijiye....

principle was totally impressed.and he luked at both of them.

principle(in mind): these two kids r really no one brother or sister r like this two. and there is no respect for their forget about their relationship and all r selfish people.but this two without blood relation they bonded like a own brothers.

principle taken two kid sin to his arms and he kissed them.

principle: ok.


arnav eyes r filled with water.he never cried from his any problem he tries to solve it but he never he cried at first time.

he knew his brother never likes his tears.but today he cannot control hi stears.hi stears rolling from his eyes like a water fall.he is thnking about their childhood.

and again a flash back:

it's rk's birthday:

all r preparing for rk's birthday.

rk and arnav became ready..

rk cuts the cake and he irst prefers his brother to take first on that day arnav busy in playing with his friends..

rk is luking for arnav.but arnav i snowhere.he left that place with teary eyes.

after sometime arnav said sorry to rk for his absence.

rk kept the first peice to arnav.

arnav: if i would leave u in future.then to whom u wil give ur first peice?

rk without thinking he said this" tumhara jaan se pehle mein vaha jaaonga.otherwise tumhaare saath meinbi vaha aajaonga.par mein kisiko tumhaara jagah nahi doongi.aur ek baath yaad rakhna agar tumhe bagwaan mujhse door lejana chahtha hai tho pehle woh mujhe lejanahi hoga."


arnav(to himself): rishu tumne aaj woh baat sach kiya.tumne mereliye aaj is haalat main thi...CryCryCryCry

khushi walked towards arnav..

khushi : arnav.

arnav hugged her by crying.

khushi tried to console him.

madhu is praying to bappa.

in operation theatre:

rk is in critical condition.he is doing war between life and death.

doctors r trying their best.they need so much blood.he lost so much blood.
so they asked for blood.
all did blood test.but no one blood group is matched.

doctor: we need b+ blood group immediately.

khushi:yeh blood group tho madhu ka hai.

doctor: then call her immediately.there is no time.

khushi started searching for madhu.she called madhu..
madhu luked at her phone.she answered to call.

khushi: madhu where r u?

madhu: ab rishab kaisa hai?

khsuhi: madhu plz come fast we need u.u can save rk.

madhu: me?????

khushi: ha tumhara aur rkki blood group ek hai tho plz tum aaja yaha...

madhu prayed to ganapathi bappa.and she started running towards operation theatre.
nurse taken her to blood test and luckily it was she given her blood to rk.

she is luking at rk with teary eyes.

madhu(to herself): madhu tumhaara rk ko kuch nahi hoga.rk tum plz waapas aajao.bappa tujhe kuch nahi hone denge.ganapathi bappa sab teekh karegi.bas tum lado tum ladna mat bandkar.tujhe hum sabkeliye waapas aanahi padega.

after sometime doctor went out from operation theatre.
all r luking doctor.with feary faces.

doctor: operation success.and u can see him after shifting him to i.c.u.but don't disturb patient and he will get concious tomorrow.and only one person can stay here with patient.

all r happy and eager to see rishab.

they shifted rk to i.c.u

all  r happy.

arnav: tum sab jaakar aaraamkaro mein yahi rishu ke saath rahungi.

khushi:baai aap aur madhu jaayiye mein yaha rukungi.

arjun: no,khushi tum donon ghar jaayiye mein arnav ke saath yaha rukungi.

suddenly arjun got a is his client they asked him tourgent meeting.arjun tried to conveince them.but they r not arjun is about to cancel deal.but madhu interrupts and says that she will stay with rk and she asked them to go for rest.

madhu comprimised them that she will take care of rk.and she asked them to take rest.

arnv is not arnav and khushi also ther with madhu.arnav khushi left hospital to drop anjal,purvi,shyam in house.
at first shyam is not ready to leave hospiatl.but arnav explained him that he has to be stay with anjal,purvi.

so he left..

madhu went near to rk bed.

madhu thanked to go.and she holded rk's hand in her hands.

madh staring at rk.suddenly after sometime.rk started shouting" paapa,mein aa raha huun aapke paas..papa...mamma mein aa raha huun."he started cryng with pain.

madhu luked at him confusedly and she don't know what to do.

madhu :rk rk open ur eyes.tum kahi nai jaaogi rk rk...

she shouted "tum mujhe chodkar kahi nahi jaa saktha.mein tujhe nahi jaane dunga."

rk stopped shouting and he slowly opening his eyes to see her.
PRECAP: rishbala moments,arshi,arvi moments.,arsh
arshi moments.
shoutedlapped rk
.rk rk...
he don't kno wwhat

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Thumbs Up Very nice  dear  flashback part was good.update soon and PM me  thankyou.

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