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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

LOVE(NEW chapter 44 in page 73) (Page 28)

Jane523 Goldie

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
awesome dear...
continue soon...

AroraN Goldie

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Posted: 16 February 2013 at 12:26am | IP Logged
Ohh yah..just read last part ...RK is not Vampire Big smile

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deepak148 IF-Sizzlerz

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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saijahnavi IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by deepak148

ok new rk will fall for madhu but he will get his memory back later
saijahnavi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2013 at 2:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jane523

awesome dear...
continue soon...
thanks jane...
love.piyali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 February 2013 at 4:24am | IP Logged
lovely updt...poor abhiya n rishbala...they're apart... hope they unite soon...
saijahnavi IF-Rockerz

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chapter 31(a):

in london:

rk is trying to adjust with his surroundings.he is trying to mingle with them.

he wants to accept haseena and chand as his parents.


madhu,khushi,arnav,abhay r busy in their exams.they completed their exams.

arjun and purvi are not completed their marriage yet.they want to wait for his siter and brother.

but madhu compelled him to complete his marriage with all rituals.

arjun is not accepted at first.but she and khushi compelled him.

arjun accepted.

their marriage was done with all rituals.all r happy oneside.but they r so sad for rk...

in marriage they got another gud news,that is anjali is pregnant.

all r happy for her.but anjali was not full happy.

in london:

rk slowly trying to live happily and he slowly adjusted in that environment.rk wants to start a new life with new he thought to become a hero.first of all he gone for trianing in a well institute.he trained well in acting skills.


after nine months anjali given birth to a baby boy...

all r happy especially shyam.he is not leaving his son even a second also.

they want to give him a they arranged a small pooja.they informed to priest.priest also arrive to home.

all r preparing names for baby...

priest asked a name for baby...



rk: di...di...

anjali coming from kitchen with worried luks...

anjali: rk wat happened?why r u shooting?is everything ok?

rk: not ok di...

anjali Confused

rk; di how can everything will be ok?

anjali: wat do u mean rk?

rk: di imean when u given birth to a baby boy.then wat do u want to name him?

anjaliEmbarrassed:rk ...i am not a pregnant present to think about it...

rk: di plz...i want to know right now...

anjali: ok then u decide name i will keep that name to him...

rk: promise!!!!!!!!

anjali: promise...

rk: then aarab...nice name na!!!!!!!

anjali: ha,if baby is a girl then????

rk: if it is a girl.then it nice?

anjali: ha...

rk: if purvi given birth to a baby girl then name as geeth...


anjali with teary eyes: aarab...Cry

all r turned towards anjali...

anjali; aarav his name is rk already decided this name to my son.i promised him that when i given birth to a baby boy i will call him with this his name is "aarab"

all r happy...

arnav gets emotional bcoz he knew that rk kept that name by mixing their three names...


all rituals comleted well.

madhu,khushi,arnav,abhay,piya studies r completed.

after rk left them.abhay is angry on piya.even he never uttered a single word with piya.he stayed away from him.piya knew abhay never forgive she decided to leave that house.but anjali conveinced her and requested her to stay with them.

arnav and khushi decided to postpone their marriage untill rk back in to their lives.

after completion of studies...

arnav joined in his company.he became a wok-a-holic.he turned as arrogant person.he never interested on any girl except at khushi.but he never given his time to khushi...means he is busy with his work.

khushi also decided to do a per arjun's request she joined in her company.she done so many efforts to improve that company in states also.

already company is topmost company and now arnav singh raizada and khushi kirloskar are enemies in business.two companies r topmost companies.and both r well one can win them.they r winners...always...

arnav and khushi are nominated in brilliant business minded persons..
they r winners...

madhu decided to do further she decided to do fashion designing.

she joined in a institute for training...

abhay also joined in company and he is helping to shyam...
anjali appointed piya in same unite abhay and piya...
but abhay stayed away from her.but one day ...
she is busy in her she will be late ...
abhay decided to wait for her in company but he doesn't want to tell it to he waited for piya in his cabin.piya don't know about him after completing her work.she left office.
it is too late.and her scooty also got a trouble.she is worried...
suddenly few people r walking on road side...they saw piya alone across road.started to follow her.piya is running to save herself from them.she slipped on ground...
those persons went near to piya.they r in fully drunken state and they smiled at piya devilishly...
they r about to touch piya.piya closed her eyes with fear.suddenly piya heard some sounds.she opened her eyes and shocked by seeing abhay fighting with that people.
piya felt happy...
all gundaas left the place and she ran towards abhay and hugged him tightly...
abhay caressed her back to give her support... 
piyaCry: abhay thank u so much.. thank u so much..but how do u know that i am here?
abhay: reena(pa of abhay) said that u have some over time i thought to wait for u.after sometime when i came to see u.u r already left i went out of office to find u and i heard some running i followed ...
piya again hugged him...
but abhay refused her.and taken her to home without talking a word.
anjali seeing them together felt happy...
anjali: abhay wat happened?why r u so late?
abhay: di,i have a work in i became late..
anjali Smile
piya Smile
piya is happy that now she confirmed that abhay still luvs her.but he was angry on her just angry...
next morning:
it is valentine's day:
madhu is walking on road side...just then she saw a couple...
boy went to his knees by offering a rose in one hand
boy: i luv u
madhu imagined rk in that place of boy and herself in that place of girl...
rk went to his knees and holding a hand of madhu in one hand and in other hand with a rose

" We are a little weird.And life is a little weird.And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatibl with ours,we join up with them,and fall in to mutually satisfying our weirdness-and call it luv,true luv..." happy valentines day madhu...
"will u be my valentine"
when madhu is about to answer.rk disappeared and she was disturbed by a phone phone call brought her out of her dream land.
she felt sad...
madhu(to herself): rk u will come one day back.then i will never let u go...i promise come back soon...
madhu in this two two valentine's day she celebrated valentins day with rk's photo and even her gifts also she used to present to rk's photo and she safely kept that gifts for rk.when he returned she wants to present him.
in london:
rk got a film chance.but it is not a big film.but he got as lead in first he wants to make it sucess by working hard.he done hard work and ofcourse he suceeded in it.his first film become block buster hit.he was so happy.he is now a new born hero in hollywood.he got so many films.but he doesn't want to take steps he accepted to one film.
 rk saw a couple proposing to each other and kissing..  

rk got some flashes infront of his eyes.flashes r not proper.his head started aching he went to home soon.he went to his bed to sleep.

daily rk dream dancing with a girl.he doen't know her.but her face is famiiar to some one.he felt that he knew her.(in madhubala madhu dream dance with rk is here rk dream dance with madhu)

in dream atlast rk left her on ground.
rk woke up by shouting" no..."
his face is full of sweat.daily he sees this dream.he don't know that his dream girl is there.he just that she is his dream girl.
rk is now doing his next film...
and the film released becomes hit in now he become more popular in one knew about him in INDIA.since one film also not released in INDIA.
now so many girls r big fans to rk.they want to go for a date wth him.but he never shown any interest on many tried to seduce him.but their trials r gone in vain.
2 years r completed...
and now purvi is pregnant.after nine months she given birth to a as per rk's wish she wants to name her as geeth.

now 5 years madhu lived without rk...
in this five years she start her day with a hope that today rk will come back and when she is going to bed.she went to sleep with a new hope that tomorrow he will come back...but this five years she just hoping for his back in to her life...
madhu(luking in to rk's photo): rk where r u?and when will u come in to my life?i am waiting rk.u luv me na then come fast...rk.plz...
in london:
he got a big film.that film is going to release in INDIA for promoting the film.they taken some photo shoots of rk.
they invited rk to INDIA.rk accepted their invitation...
he informed same news to haseena.but she refused to go there.rk felt bad...
chand conveinced haseena...
chand: haseena let him go.
haseena: chand if he gone back to INDIA.then his family members will recognize him.
chand: yes,but he can't then wat is ur problem?
haseena: ok...
rk felt happy.and he packed his luggage to go to INDIA.
here madhu's heart started beating rise.and she didn't knew behind her happiness.just she was so happy without any reason.her heart sayng to dance and it is saying someone is coming who is near to her heart...
madhu playing with purvi's baby and started singing happily.all r surprised seeing her so happy.
kaisi halchal hai harpal kyun chanchal hai,
kaisi halchal hai harpal kyun chanchal hai
yeh kisne jadoo kiya
kyun mera jhoome jiya
kya mera dil kho gaya
ye mujhko kya ho gaya
yeh kisne jadoo kiya
kyun mera jhoome jiya
kya mera dil kho gaya
ye mujhko kya ho gaya
rk in flight.he is about to reach mumbai in few minutes...
flight landed on Mumbai...
rk landed in mumbai.when he landd.madhu felt something different...
wind is playing with her hair...
she is luking at rk's photo with a smily face...


jaane kahan hai wo,
muzhme chupa hai jo,
kyun meri jhoome najar,
kya dhoonde meri najar,
jaane kahan hai wo,
muzhme chupa hai jo,
kyun meri jhoome najar,
kya dhoonde meri najar,
anjaani rahein hain kyun,
bekhwab aankein hain kyun,
ghabrayi saanse hain kyun,
kya mera dil kho gaya.
anjaani rahein hain kyun,
bekhwab aankein hain kyun,
ghabrayi saanse hain kyun,
kya mera dil kho gaya.
kaisi halchal hai harpal kyun chanchal hai
yeh kisne jadoo kiya
kyun mera jhoome jiya
kya mera dil kho gaya
ye mujhko kya ho gaya


precap: rishbala meeting after five years...
i dragged story fastly.sorry if anybody don't like it...

plz do comments

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saijahnavi IF-Rockerz

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friends i know some members r not convinced with this track.i am sorry for that.and i want to clear a thing rk is not much as that popular to know whole world about him.he is just done two films.and now he is currently doing a new film.and his two films r blockbuster he is popular in hollywood.but in his two films no film is not released in INDIA no one knew about him.but his current film is going to be release in INDIA let's see further story.if anyone is not convinced with this explanation.i hope they try to understand...and thankd for all of ur comments dude...

and i will try my level best to impress all of u with my story...   

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