Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

LOVE(NEW chapter 44 in page 73) (Page 10)

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nice...update soon

-Secret_Giggle- IF-Sizzlerz

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very well written.
geetrana45 Senior Member

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Oh no the kiss part was Madhu's dream.Anyway very nice update dear Thumbs Up
AroraN Goldie

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Nice Update Clap
saijahnavi IF-Rockerz

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chapter 15:

after performance.
arnav again started chatting with lavanya closely to make khushi jealous.
khushi luked at him.her eyes r filled with tears by luking arnav lavanya closeness.

she left that place with tearful eyes.this all r noticing madhu.she felt something wrong so she decided to know about the matter.she followed khushi.but in the midway rk stopped her by helding her hand.

madhu: rk plz let me go.

rk: madhu...
madhu luked at rk by hearing her name from is not first time that he calling her.but this time his call is total different from before.his voice is filled with luv.madhu totally surprised and she is staring at rk.

madhu: r...rk...

rk luved that his effect on madhu was gud.

rk: madhu...(smirk) i think u want to go go and complete that work.i will meet u next time.
by saying this he left.
madhu totally confused with his behaviour.she forgotten all and she is again regaining that where she was going before rk met her.
madhu:"yes,khushi.she is crying.i want to know about reason behind her cry."

madhu: rk bhi na kabhi kabhi bachi ki tarah katha hai.
she started searching for khushi.but she failed to find her.

madhu started thinking when khushi was sad she used to go to maa durge temple.bcoz she is her favourite godess.and khushi threats her as a friend.she used to share her sadness and happiness with two people(madhu,devimayya.)

madhu(to herself):if my guess is right then definitely khushi will be in temple.
madhu left college hurrily.rk noticed that and he about to go to know about madhu's tense.arnav stopped him.
rk: chothe!!!!!!!!!!

arnav:rishu i am not feeling plz let's go home fast.
rk: but...
rk noticed that arnav really not well.he taken arnav towards car parking.they left college.
in AR mansion:

rk thinking about madhu.and in hospital how madhu expressed her feelings to him and his refusing her proposal.rk felt bad.
rk(to himself): sorry madhu...but i don't want to miss u in my,rk.what r u thinking?no u can't u will have to forget change ur mindset.don't think about madhu...don't think about madhu.
but all his tries are gone in vain.bcoz his heart thinking about madhu only...

in temple:

khushi(with tears): hey,devimayya why r u doing this to me?what i have done to u?i never harmed anyone then why all this happening to me?
she is thinking about arnav with another girl(lavanya)

khushi: i thought that u r my friend .but no,i was wrong.

madhu: khushi!!!!!!!!!!!!

khushi: madhu..

khushi hugged madhu.
madhu (worrily): wat happened?why r u crying?

khushi: nothing...

madhu : plz tell me khushi.i am ur bestfriend na...

khushi: ha,madhu.u r my best friend.
madhu: then tell me.sharing ur problem with ur friends make u feel happy.

khushi: ha,madhu.u r right.

madhu: then tell me wat happened?and if i am right u r crying bcoz of arnav.
khushi Shocked
madhu:tell me am i right?

khushi: ha.
madhu: oh,then my doubt is right.u luv i right????????/

khushi: ha...but he doen't luv me..
madhu: no,khushi he luvs u so much...

khushi: no,madhu.he doesn't luvs me.
khushi left that place with sad.
madhu: khushi wait.

khushi: madhu now we have to go...i don't want to discuss anymore and now i will try to forget arnav and i will move on in my life.

madhu: but...

khushi: no buts,now i taken decision and i will do it.

khushi and madhu went home.

dk informed about arvi's engagement ceremony...soon.

khushi and madhu jumped with happy.they forgotten all worries bcoz now their brother happiness is important and they teased arjun...

khushi: bai,ab tho app gaya.kyunki jab humaari aagaya tho mein,madhu,bhaabhi aapko koob irritate karenge.aur mein,aur madhu bhaabiko aapki saari secrets ke baare mein bataayengi...

madhu: especially about bathroom scene.

arjun: hey madhu plz don't reveal that truth.

madhu: if we do that then wat u will do?

arjun: agar tum donon us secret ko bathaaya tho mein mein...

khushi: ha,bai kya karega aap?????

arjun: mein...aap dononse baath nahi karunga..

madhu: acha aap humse baat karna bandh karogi...

arjun: ha.

khushi: ye aapki bas ki baat nahi hai,kyunki aap humse baat karne ki bina ek din kya ek second bi nahi reh saktha...

arjun(to himself): that's true.

madhu: chal,ab hume bhaabi ke saath bi masthi karna hai...afterall she is becoming sister-in-law soon.

khushi: ha,u r right.

arjun: plz plz don't reveal that...

khushi: ok,but with one condition.

arjun: wat??????????(he luked confusedly at them.)

madhu: u will have to book two tickets to london.

arjun: acha,shaadi meri ho rahi hai tum donon ki nai...

khushi: bai,don't worry...hum donon humaare liye nahi tum dononke liye hi book karne ki kaha.
madhu:ha,bai.we r trying to say same...

arjun started smilig with shy...

khushi: madhu dekho bai sharmaa rahi hai...

madhu: ha,khushi mein bi wahi dekh rahi huun.mujhe lagtha hai aaj kuch hone wala hai...

khushi:mujhe bi yahi lag raha hai...

dk(with smile): ab band karo aapp donon.and go to ur rooms.

madhu &khushi: ji dad.

in AR mansion:

anjali & shyam informed gud news to arnav,rk.

rk: oh,really di.then our purvi is going to become mrs.kirloskar soon.

arnav: ha,rishu i am really shocked that our purvi is going marry.and today also she is just like a child to us.and we r going to miss her.
by listening this purvi started crying.

rk scolded arnav.both hugged purvi and wished her.

in morning:

arnav and rk reached college.but they r shocked that whole college is empty.noone is there in their class.they r confused.suddenly they noticed a guy is running towards their football ground.

they followed him.all r standing there by luking curiously at game.
arnav also luked he was totally shocked that khushi is playing football with armaan.

arnav stared at armaan seriously.he just want to throw armaan from khushi.
but he can't.
rk : hey,is she khushi?????????????????

arnav just staring at her...AngryAngry

khushi and armaan r playing football.madhu is judging.and she is encouraging khushi.
rk noticed madhu and he is just staring at her.madhu also staring at him.

here not only arnav becoming jealous another one also there ...shilpa.she is also getting jealous luking armaan khushi's game.

khushi: sir,accept it.aap mere saath kelkar kabhi jeet nahi saktha...

armaan: acha,tho deklungi...aur dekthi reh jao mein kaise tujhe hara doonga...

khushi: never.u will become looser.

armaan: dekthe hai...who will become looser?

arnav getting more angry.he left that place..

rk: arnav luk how they r fighting like kids...
but there is no arnav.
rk:chothe!!!!!!!!!!!!where is he?and why he left without saying a word to me?

rk searching for arnav.suddenly he noticed that arnav riding bike with full rage.
rk shocked that why arnav behaving rudely and why he wants to hurt himself?
and he smelled something wrong.he want to discuss with arnav about this.but he knew that arnav never reveals that so he decided to know from khushi.khushi is also unavailable.
so he decided to discuss about this with madhu.

madhu is encouraging khushi.suddenly someone dragged her forcely to a lonely place.
madhu luked at him that he is mukund.(mukund is madhu's classmate.he luvs madhu.he is a sensitive person.if he want anything he will own it in anyway.just like a psycho.he already proposed to madhu.madhu refused his he decided to force her to luv him.)

madhu: muk.mukundh...leave meAngry

mukund tightening his grip on mahu's hand.

mukund: wat r u thining urself?huh...if i want anything i will own it in anyway.i want u and i will own u in anyway...

he is about kiss madhu.but suddenly someone kicked him hardly.

mukund: ouch!!!

rk: how dare u to touch her?

madhu: r...rk..Cry

mukund: who r u?and don't try to come betwwen me and madhu?

rk holded his collar and he beaten him hardly.

mukund ran from there.

mukund(to himself): u will have to pay for this.

madhu hugged rk tightly.rk is trying to console her.

rk: madhu,don't's ok.nothing happened here.

madhu is crying more with fear.
rk can bear anyting but he can't bear her tears.

rk cupped madhu's face with his hands.

rk: madhu don't worry.i am her with u.and no need to cry.i will be there with u forever.

madhu (with smile) hugged him back.

rk (again cupped her face): i think ur name will be glycerine instead of madhubala..bcoz always u used to cry for small reasons.and luk at ur face when u r is just like a baby's face.

he is teasing madhu by showing her tears to her in his hands.

rk: do u know with ur tears my all clothes can wash without a washing machine.i think in future there is no problem for me with clothes.bcoz u will wash daily with ur tears.
rk bitted his tongue.he sensed that he just spoke something secret which he doesn't want to say...
and he avoided her eyes contacting with him.he is hiding his face by turning opposite to madhu.madhu luking at rk with confusion...

madhu: r...rk..

rk wants to change topic and he wants to clear his doubt about arshi relationship.
madhu: rk tum abhi kuch kaha woh sach hai...mera matlab.
rk wants to hide his he wants to act now.
rk: madhu wat r u thinking that i luv u?no,never and stay away from me that will gud for u.otherwise,,
madhu(with angry):luk first .i never wants to come close to u.and i am not interested on u.
rk: oh,then it's fine.
rk:then don't try to talk with me.i am not interested on u.i already said that i luv somone.
madhu heart broke again.but now she wants to hide it.
rk felt bad that madhu taken it easily.
madhu: i am not interested in ur personal matters.and better to stay away from ur personal matters.
rk(with serious face): madhu i want to ask u a question?

madhu(with confusion luk): huh.

rk: is everything alright between khushi and arnav.

madhu also wants to disuss about that so she thought that it is right time to say.
madhu: but,why r u asking me?go and ask ur brother.

rk: oh,thanks for ur stupid idea.i can do that but arnav will never speak out.and when khushi armaan sir r playing arnav becomes angry.he rudely i came here to ask u.

madhu: well,then.yes u r right.everything is not right between them.bcoz they luv each other.but they r busy with their egos.both r expecting to propose other.ego is stopping them from proposing to each other.

rk: but wat happened between them?

madhu is about to explain that they started fighting bcoz of them.but she doen't wants to say she hided about that part and she continued.
madhu: i don't know why they r fighting but they r jsut became enemies.but from few days khushi said that she will have to say sorry to arnav.but don't know wat happened?
she explained about khushi's jealous.

rk: we will have to do something.

madhu: ha,we will have to do something otherwise,problems will become more.

rk: ok,then.i need ur help to make my brother happy.

madhu: me too to make my khushi happy.

rk: ok then.we will have to think how to make confront each other about their feelings.

madhu: ha,u r right.from now onwards our mission is going to start.

rk: wat wat mission??????

madhu: mission...

rk: madhu r u mad?mission u r really just like a kid...

madhu: rk,i am not a kid.

rk: oh really,ms.madhubala kirloskar is a super woman.

madhu: rk,plz don't tease me.i am really a super u know from my childhood my friends also used to say that i am super woman.

rk(with smirk): i think they r kidding...

madhu : rk ...

rk: ha,madhu u r really a kid...for small reasons u used to cry and at same time u will smile without any reasons like a kid.

madhu: rk i am warning u.don't call me kid.

rk: yes,from today onwards i will address u as glycerine

madhu runned towards rk.rk tried to escape.suddenly madhu slipped on rk.madhu fallen on top of rk.a big eyelock...


arvi's engagement preparation...
rishbala plans for arshi's patchup and for their confrontation.

in arvi engagement

armaan shilpa whole college invited to party.

and abhay also invited.
anjali,shyam,purvi r shocked luking at abhay.



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Nice post dear.
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Very nice dear.I liked the bro sis bonding and Rishbala parts .ArVi engagement superb pls make some romantic moments for ArVi too pls. Update soon waiting

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