Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

LOVE(NEW chapter 44 in page 73)

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hi friends i want to write a ff on plz luk at it once and i hope u like it.

Rishab kundra:

he is just 21 years.he luvs his family so much but he doesn't want to show that outide.he is a sensitive person.and he doesn't wan to bother with anyone except with his brother arnav.
he don't trust in his thoughts luv is just he likes to stay away from luv.

Arnav singh raizada:

he is also just 21 years.rk and arnav are brothers.rk mother and arnav mother are own sisters.o they are brothers.arnav is a naugthy boy and he too luvs his family.he ia full different to rk.he trusts luv.and he wants to change his brother.but he know that he can't change they are both studying in iit college in mumbai.

arnav and rk luvs to spend their time with orphans.because they know the pain of orphans.because both of lost their parents in an accident.

Arjun kirloskar:
Rithvik Dhanjani

he is 22 years old.he is a workaholic.he just luv his work.he is a great businessman.but he is totally changed because of a girl.purvi is his luv.she changed him alot with her luv.he realized that with work there are so many to lead a life.she taught how to luv?

Madubala kirloskar:


she is just 19 years old.she luvs he family so much.she is the sister of arjun kirloskar.arjun luvs his siters so much.madhu respects his brother and she luvs him so much.and her best friend and her cute sister khushi kirloskar is her life.

Khushi kirloskar:

She is the elder sister of madhu.she is just 20 years old.she luvs her sister so much.madhu and khushi both are naughty girls.they used to fight daily and they are really naughty girls.

Arjun luvs his both sisters so much and he never said no to their wishes.he likes to fulfill their wishes at any time.he doesn't want to sense them that they had no mother.their father is d'kirloskar.

he is busy at his business.but he luv his childs very much.
he used to spend with his chilrens.


she IS JUST 19 YEARS old.she is younger sister of rk.and she luvs arjun kirloskar.she luvs his two elder brothers so much.she respects them.

Anjali oja:


SHE luvs her brothers and sister so their childhood they lost their parents.then anjali taken responsibilities of her family.she is 28 years old.she is married with shyam oja.he is a nice person.he luvs her so much.he can't see her in after marriage he taken responsibilities of their family.he luv his brotherin-laws and sister-inlaw too.

shyam and purvi are friends.they used to play with rk,arnav.shyam is a lawyer.but after marriage he taken responsibilities of ARP COMPANY.

KHUSHI AND MADHU wants to join in iit they written entrance test.they r waiting for results.

ok friends this is my character sketch hope u like it and i will start continuition...




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saijahnavi IF-Rockerz

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Anjali is trying to awake her brothers.
Anjali:come on get up mere dono's already 9'o clock.both of u getting late to ur plz go and get fresh up.

Arnav:di plz today i don't want to go to college.i have to take rest more time bcoz i am not feeling well di.

Rishab:why r u lying with di? di he is just alright he is just faking that he is not alright.yesterday total night he is in disco with his he is feeling restless di.


Arnav:no di.rishu is lying.

Rishab: Acha beta i am lying?di do u know humare chata sahib enjoys flirting girls.he proposes daily a girl.and after proposing they go to disco.

Anjali:wat???????chote is this real? 

Arnav:no di...i am not proposing infact they r proposing but i am refusing them di.u know na i am a gud boy...

Rishab:oh really then what is this?(rk asked arnav showing a kiss mark on arnav face.)


Arnav:di...plz trust me.rishu did this.

Anjali:acha i know about rishu he is just gud boy...

Rishab:luk di said that i am a gus boy.

Arnav:but di...

Anjali:ok baba ok just leave it and go and get fresh up.both of u want to miss ur classes.

rishab and arnav goe for fresh up.

Purvi:gud morning di(wishing anjali with planting a small kiss to anjali)

Anjali:gud morning my dear little sis.r u ready for college.

Purvi:ya di ofcourse.

Anjali:wat about ur project?

Purvi:it completed succesfully(with a dull voice)

Anjali:wat happened to u?why u became dull?it is really a gud news and u r getting freedom from ur arrogant boss then why r u?

it's the problem that she doesn't want to leave his arrogant boss.(suddenly a voice said this from back.both r turned towards the voice.)

Shyam:ha rani saiba do u know? from few days our purvi behaviour was changed.i mean she is spending more time with her phone...

Anjali:ha i also obseved that but what is the link?

Shyam:there is a link rani saiba...

Purvi:jeeju plz stop...di there is nothing.just i am talking with my friends.

RK:no di i also observed from few days our purvi ehaviour was changed.i think this change is because of a person.(arnav closed rk's mouth)

Arnav:di i will continue..the person is none other than arjun kirloskar.


Shyam:ha rani saiba.meri saali saiba is in luv with her arrogant boss.

Purvi:jeeju he is not arrogant...

Rk and Arnav:luk di...she is not tolerating against a one word on her arjun.

Anjali:ab mujhe bi lagtha hai..that there is something something between the...

Rk and Arnav: not only something there is more...

suddenly purvi phone rings...

purvi left that place with an excuse.

Arnav:dekho purvi kaise bhaga phone ring ko sunkar...

in purvi room:

Purvi:aaj mera band baja...

Arjun:kya hua?????

Purvi:mere donon bai,mera jeeju humaare baare mein di ko bata diya...

Arjun:wow that's really great.then it is really a gud news there is no problem to meet u.

suddenly a kiss planted on phone to purvi.purvi shocked and started to taunt arjun...

Arjun:sorry purvi it is not is my sister.


Arjun:ha mere dono cutie and rakshas behen hai na.o donon ne kii hai...

Purvi:ok then bye...

madhu: dekha khushi humara bhai ne kisi ladki se baat karna shuru kia. o be romantically...

khushi:ha madhu mein bhi dekh rahi huun...aajkal humara bhai ki behaviour mein changes aa rahi hai...khaana khane samay smile karna.aur phone mein zyaada time spend karna...aajkal o office toda jaldi jaa rahi hai...aur o bi sirf ofice ko hi nai...cinema halls mein bi...

Arjun:oh plz stop my dear little sisters...there is nothing beteen us...

madhu:when we said there is something between both of u.

khushi:ha bhai kab kaha hum donon ne aisa...

arjun:now i am getting late.ok bye.(to hide from them he left that place.)

khushi:madhu we have to do something..

madhu:ha ab to karna padhega

(they hav a plan on their mind.)

PRECAP: madhu and khushi went to Purvi house to talk about marriage.and there servant got drinks for khushi,madhu.suddenly servant han slipped and cooldrink has fell on madhu.anjali shown direction to madhu or washrom.
madhu suddenly heard some music and she turned towards music.

in hall khushi is waiting for madhu.but madhu is not khushi thought to search for madhu.when she is searching...a voice heard from back(it is arnav).

so friends in next part our two most beautiful pairs will let's see what happen.


if u like it plz press the "like" button.plz do comments.

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.MishtyLove. IF-Stunnerz

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i like it...waiting for ur ff..plz continue dear...
saijahnavi IF-Rockerz

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now madhu and
khushi thought to move this luv story to they decided to talk with purvi family members.for this their father is busy so they taken that responsibility to fix their marriage.

madhu:my now we have to go to purvi house...

khushi:ya,but we don't know her address.

madhu:arey buddhu nothing to our company receptionist and ask her details...but first of all we have to warn her that this matter will never comeout..

khushi:ya,u r risght...

they called receptionis and taken her address.

khushi:yahooo...we got it...

madhu:ya,but now we have to get ready decently.


they r gone for getting ready...

in AR mansion:

arnav: arey yaar...wat's the problem with u???plz bro today we will stay at home.
rishab: never i don't want to miss classes..
arnav: but yaar today we have to stay at home...
rishab: kyo???koi aa rahe hai kya?
arnav: are yaar nahi par tujhe yaad nahi hai kya??????kal ek important din tha????/aur tum bhul gayi????
rishab: oh really???kal kya important tha???????????
arnav: arey yaar tujhe yaad nahi hai?????????
rishab: arnav be serious really kal kya hai??????
arnav: tumhaara dost ki birthday tha yaar???
rishab:mera dost kaun???????
arnav: dipz yaar...
rishab: oh stop it nonsense..u know that i don't like her...
arnav: hey i know yaar.but she likes u.if u attend to college today.then definitely she wont leave u.mind it my dear bro...
rishab: oh my god!!!!!! really u r i wont go to college yaar...

arnav happy that his plan worked...

madhu and khushi reached AR mansion.

madhu: really this house was so beautiful.

khushi:ya,madhu.after luking this heart is saying i will marriage  a person who had this type of house.
madhu:oh,shut up my sis.

Anjali:can i know who are u?

madhu: we r sisters of arjun kirloskar.we came here to discus a important matter about our brother.
Anjali:(with smile)ho come and sit here plz...
madhu and khushi sat on a couch.

Anjali:both of u like to have any coffee or tea?///


madhu pinched khushi hand.
khushi:ouch!!!!why u pinched me??

madhu luked seriously and signed to keep quiet.


anjali:no,no,u hav to take atleast drink.
anjali called servant to bring drink for them.

anjali got a phone call...
anjali:excuse me...

servant brought drinks or mistakely,servand slpped drink on madhu...

servant:sorry mam...i am rely sorry...

madhu:it's okay...

servant:mam come with me i will show u wash room.


anjali:wat happened?

madhu:nothing just drink slipped on my dress.
anjali:oh sorry...
madhu:it's okay...
anjali shown directions of washroom.
servant:mam i will show u come.
madhu:no need i will go.thanks.
servant:it's my pleasure mam.
madhu gone upstairs and she is going towards washroom.suddenly she heard a beautiful music...from piano.that music really attracted her towards it.she changed her direction towards music.

in downstairs:

anjali:ya,aap donon kya baat karna chahthe hai o mujhe pata hai?

khushi:ShockedShockedShocked realy aapko patha hai????????

anjali:ha,aap purvi aur aapki bhai ke baare mein baat karna chahtha hai na.

anjali:hume pasand hai.
khushi:oh,that's really gud.aapki parents ko pasand hai????
anjali(with sad face):mera parents nahi hai is duniya me...
khushi:i am so sorry...
anjali:wat about ur parents?r they happy with this??????
khushi:ha,agar meri hothi tho woh jaroor khush hogi?????
anjali:oh sorry...
khushi:it's okay...par meri baba hai usko abhi tak nahi bataaya.par oh zaroor manega...
anjali:oh,that's really gud.

in upstairs:

madhu is near to tha music.she suddenly saw a person playing piano.she is unable to see his face.she is trying to see his face.she is enjoying that music very much.she is involved in that music...her heart is saying that music is belongs to her..

in downstairs:

khushi is worried about.madhu gone for washroom before half-an-hour.she is luking for her return.she decided to search her.she and anjali came upstairs to search her.suddenly anjali got a phone she left with an excuse.

khushi trying to madhu phone...
madhu is involved in music.suddenly her phone rang with a big sounds.
madhu got tense and she tried to cut the call.and she succeeded in it.but it disturbed that person who is playing piano and he turned towards the phone ring.suddenly he was mesmerized with her beautiful eyes.
madhu also luked at him and she attracted to that person.he really luking handsome and his eyes huh really they r just marvellous...
they r luking at each really a big silence between them.

here khushi is tensed and she is searching for her in that big house lonely.suddenly she heard a voice from her back(who r u?)

khushi turned that side.
arnav is luking at her mesmerizingly.he fallen in luv first time.ab tak woh sirf doond raha tha usk girlfriend keliye.aaj khushi ko dekhne ke baad arnavko laga ki uski girlfriend milgayi.
khushi also luking at arnav and she i thinking like this in her mind(huh really he is handsome...mujhe lagtha hai ki he is made for me)
both r thinking like this and they r staring at each other..

anjali luked at them and she thought to introduce them to each other.
anjali:chote this is khushi.sister of arjun kirloskar.

arnav(oh then she is sister of kirlokar.then she can pair with yaar arnav control...control...)

anjali:khushi this is arnav.he is my brother.

khushi(ho then this handsome is arnav and my brother's saala...ok)

suddenly a loud voice came(GET OUT)

arnav:di it is RISH.wat happened to him?and why he was taunting and whom?

anjali:oh,no.i think it's madhu.
khushi ran for madhu.
anjali,arnav also ran towards the voice...

rishab (holding madhu's arms tighlty):who r u?and what r u doing here?how dare to come to my private place?

madhu:leave me it's hurting.
her eyes r fillen with tears.and also her eyes illen with fear...

rishab luked at her eyes and he left her.

khushi:madhu r u alright?

madhu hugged khushi and crying...

khushi:wat happened?why r u crying????/is he did anything with u?
arnav:rishab???????wat happened????????and why r u showing ur angry on her?do u know who is she?
rishab:arnav she ent here without my permission.
arnav:oh chill yaar...she don't know about this place...and important of this place.
khushi:really u not a can u behave like this with a girl????
khushi throwing her angry on rishab with words.but rishab left that place without caring.


rishab in kirloskar house  and he is trying to say sorry to madhu for his bad behaviour with her.and while madhu was slipped rishab holded her in his arms.
arnav khushi talking with each other and planning for first date.

arjun taken purvi to a restaurant.for celebrating the happiness that their was fixed atlast.


plz d comments...and if u like it plz hit the "like" button.

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arunsunita_gm IF-Dazzler

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Title of the story is imteresting plss cont soon an dont frgt to pm me
sangeeta9211 IF-Dazzler

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Thumbs Up

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geetrana45 Senior Member

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Wow I just loved your post.the best part is that I am big fan of Arjun and purvi , madhubala and Rk .i just love them and they r all together here pls do continue and don't forget to PM me pls  pls  pls

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Very nice please continue

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