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*~2013 Fan Fictions Index List*~

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Welcome to the Fan Fiction forum's 2013 Fan Fictions Index List!

In this thread, all the current Fan Fictions will be listed for everyone and anyone who'd like to read them. Please be aware that only CURRENT ACTIVE Fan Fictions will be added. Fan-Fictions that are COMPLETE and have been added to previous Index Lists, will not be added once again. Fan Fictions that are COMPLETE but have not been added to ANY Index List, will be added.

Please post your Fan-Fiction and the
couple it is written on here in this thread to be added. If possible, include a short summary of the storyline as well.

The FF's will be added underneath their respective channels/titles.

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Life OK/Star One

Geet Hui Sabse Paraayi

Back To Us smj1977.shruti

another Maaneet story, it starts with light note gets painful and ends with romance
 Maan and Geet share the same age difference of 7 yrs.. they get married under unavoidable circumstances.. child marriage.
 they share a month of togatherness as children where Geet calls him Maan Bhai
 then they seperate due to the week stand the elders take ... Rano, her mother is a negative character
 the pain starts when they are seperated, Geet leads a miserable life with her mother
 they meet again when they grow up and the romance begins
ending up in their legal marriage
 later they have kids Wink 
 read to know how all this happened

Ups&Downs smj1977.shruti
here Geet is older then Maan

both are attached by a bank robbery where both lost their fathers
the story is how Geet takes the command in Maan's life in initial yearsand how they fall for each other
and get separated due to their ambitions
the story also unfolds as how Geet solves the Bank robbery case in her own way
at many points the age difference comes in between
but later age is no barrier
as the song goes  "Na umr ki seema ho
Na janm ka ho bandhan
Jab pyaar kare koi
To dekhe keval mann

Nayi reet chalaakar tum
Yeh reet amar kar do"

Gimmick smj1977.shruti

it has 3 main characters:
 Maan, Geet and Sameera
 Maan & Geet are the main lead of a serial "DRASHTI KON- struggle of a woman"
 Sameera is Maan's fiance
 the short story of 11 parts touches the issues as to how for TRP's the cators are forced to pretend that they also share a off screen chemistry
and how at many times it effects their real life
 its not any attempt to defame shows that show off screen stuff, it is just an attempt to ask veiwers to let their role models lead a normal life
 it is all said in a humourous way
on offenses

Rescue smj1977.shruti
This story is a Maaneet love story where they are separated due to the tragic earthquake that happened on 26th Jan 2001
It is a short story with 14 short updates

Sunshine smj1977.shruti
[Adaptation of Pakistani drama 'Dhoop Kinare']

Save You [Complete] Angel-Jot.

They didn't know each other, they weren't related in any way yet they were connected. Geet knew Maan's life was in danger and for some reason unknown, she felt the need to save him. In the process, what if they fell in love?

Love Of My Life Rami92

She is a person who lives for happiness.And happiness according to her is

. Getting a hug from her parents
. To tie a rakki for her dear brother
. Movie with Annie
. Sleeping in Daadi's lap 
.Having a fight with Maan.. 

He is a person who belives in LIFE.His life is none other than "HER"
 He is not perfect,he messes up,makes her cry,fight with her for silly things,but he loves her.Doesn't she deserves him?He do gives her gestures for which she falls for him.
 What happens in their life when her happiness is shattered and his life has lost its happiness?

Revenge of a Damsel Rami92

I have nothing 

I just dont see where i am

i dono wat i do
But i continue to do so
Bcos she is my life

U  entered her life long ago
She showered love for each other
In a second it was all but a memorry
Just another memorry
U broke her...broke her life..her heart..her hopes..her love for u
I blame myself this time..
I wish to speak to her..tell her i need her back

All I want is small smile in her face

But I know I could not bring that on.

Its all because of you

I want revenge

I want you to suffer as I have suffered

Miley Jab Hum Tum

Once Upon A Time drfizaahmed

A Dark Love MN Maria.

It Had To Be You: Mayank-Nuper Maria.

Ishq Maria.

Destined Love Maria.

I Wish MaYur FF yashu_arti
its about two professionals who have met after a long time and have a mysterious past...How and what went wrong between is the main plot..
what happened in the past is still to come. Smile

Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani

The Lost Angel | Multifandom ZAHARA.
In 1885, twenty one year old Madhubala Malik goes missing. 127 years later, friends Raghav Singh and Abhay Raichand buy a house on the edge of Goa. There they experience unusual circumstances: ear piercing screams and weeping cries heard in the heart of the walls, they soon realise that the house is haunted. Enter Jhanvi Sharma who catches the attention of Raghav. But who exactly is she? And what link does she have with the mysterious Sia? Is everything really what it seems? Or is there something else that doesn't quite meet the eye? 

Main Characters
Harshad Chopra as Raghav Singh
Vivian Dsena as Abhay Raichand
Sriti Jha as Jhanvi Sharma/Sia
Drashti Dhami as Madhubala Malik

Side Characters
Barun Sobti as Count Arnav Singh Raizada

Dill Mill Gayye

Ricochet Aanya.
Because that's what it really boils down to, doesn't it? That one look, that one smile, that one wave, that one ordinary moment that overwhelms you in ways you don't want to comprehend and you're left hiding behind whatever little of that wall you have left, but then you find yourself looking, smiling, waving back and it hits you square in the face that the walls are gone and so is the armor and your life isn't yours anymore. All because an ordinary person, no more special than you, came into your life, crawled their way in (and really, when the hell did that happen?) and did something stupidly, monotonously normal and you realize it then; wow, I love him.


So she's never been able to pinpoint when it started but she likes to think it started at the beginning.

Meant To Be ..Maitree..

They were best friends. From the time they practically remember. But when they separated at the age of 9 years. somewhere down both knew they would meet again. Their intuition turned true- they met at college after 9 years, became best friends again...and then lovers. Two people who were meant to be together- everyone said so. Destiny worked its way out...they were separated at the midst of their college life, and met again after 7 years. But would it still be the same? Would they really be together...At last?

It isn't a fairytale. it's a simple story of love, and how two people who really love each other will come together..because,True Love Is Destiny.

Believe. ..Maitree..

Well,Almost everyone. For Riddhima Gupta,these fantasies don't exist. Angels,Love or Fairy Tales. She is too busy for friends.  Too busy for life. She is a workaholic, one who doesn't like to talk much, or doesn't have much friends. She has a small house where she lives alone, and a business of her own, and a mother who she has to take care of. She has a boyfriend- who (she thinks) she loves. Riddhima has spent all her life living for others..But she has lost out on life..on the many essential elements of life.

A wrong number-thats all it took. For Him to enter her life. For him to make her smile, to bring out the real Riddhima hidden deep inside, who still finds happiness in little things in life. For him to teach her to live, to overcome her fears....for her to fall in Love.

He was the one who made her...Believe.

Lost & Found ..Maitree.. & Trisha

The clock went on running with the time.All say that time and tide wait for none.But when time,stops at that one moment - or can we say,it stops every moment for me? Anyways,at that moment,your breathing stops,you feel dizzy..Your world is coming to an end.That one moment,which you dread with every breath you take,when you wish to be dead,it nearly makes you feel that your heart is wrenched out of you. I have seen this moment..Felt it-for three whole years now. The pain is unbearble,the void hammering against my chest,I wish I could turn back the time.I still wonder,do people who are lost always found? Will I find the person I love,I admire,I remember and most importantly,miss in my life?

"Hey",I hear Rahul's soft voice behind me,"You okay?"
Same question..No answer.I felt I could cry out any moment.Even after three years,this one question..It doesn't fail to bring back all the memories. I turn around to let out a fake smile. All fake things are a part of me now - fake smile,fake jokes,fake jokes,fake laughs,fake LIFE. I wish I wouldn't be living..Because even my life has no meaning.

"Did you find..? ",his voice trailed off gently and tears stung my eyes,all over again.
I whisper to myself,letting the tears flow down my cheeks," I wish I could..I only wish.."

The Right Choice Accio_kajen

We always wanted to know what happened afterwards in Armaan and Riddhima life.This will take us through their journey of  post-marriage life-living together,raising kids together and knowing each other better which ultimately happened because they made "The Right choice".

PS-It will basically show the madness,masti of the OLD DMG!Wink

" Infatuation is when you think he's as sexy as Robert Redford, as smart as Henry Kissinger, as noble as Ralph Nader, as funny as Woody Allen, and as athletic as Jimmy Conners. Love is when you realize that he's as sexy as Woody Allen, as smart as Jimmy Connors, as funny as Ralph Nader, as athletic as Henry Kissinger and nothing like Robert Redford - but you'll take him anyway. "

Sometimes, in our life, we meet someone, feel attracted to him/her but is it really love? The story revolves around four people, of different opinions, different nature, different behavior. They meet, they fight, the become friends, they fell in love and commit mistakes. It's their journey, to find their true love, their soulmates.

Armaan in his internship days, fell in love with Riddhima, who at first denied. Armaan is set to make her his, but will he be able to do so. He should concentrate on his complicated love life, but his past connection with Shilpa is not letting him do so. Shilpa's thoughts, even her name, makes Armaan restless. What is this ? Armaan considers Shilpa as his enemy, is it so ? What is his relationship with her ? What is it that binds Armaan and Shilpa together.

What will happen, when Armaan will have to face Sid..Siddhant Modi, as a new challenge for his so called love life.

Short Stories

SS: Love Express dmegha

London-based Armaan Malik is pressured by his parents to marry Amritsar-based Shilpa Malhotra, daughter of Shashank Malhotra, a childhood friend of Armaan's dad. The engagement takes place in Amritsar, and the families, together with friends, board three train coaches - duly decorated for the occasion - to travel to Mumbai for a five-star wedding and reception. The couple have a room to themselves and decide to share their feelings while the rest of their respective families and friends sing and dance. Armaan finds out that Shilpa likes Sumit Singh, a Gurudwara singer, but her parents do not approve of him as he is not wealthy, sophisticated, and does not even know how to wear a clothes properly, while he confides that he is not yet ready for marriage. Hilarious chaos results when the duo decide to make their incompatibility known to their respective parents.

Armaan and Shilpa, decide to break their marriage, completely oblivious to the connection between their best friends, Siddhant and Riddhima, respectively.

Dil Se Di Dua

Sleeping With A Cruel Beloved ZAHARA.

Jhanvi Sharma is married to the successful, powerful Businessman Viraj Dobriyal. To the outside world, it seems as if everything is perfect. But to Jhanvi, it seems as if her world is ending. Faced to deal with the brunt of Viraj's obsessiveness and cruelty, she runs away from her sad life whilst he presumes her to be dead. Can she find love again, especially knowing that she can never trust a man again?

Short Stories

Love Notes [OS Gallery] ..Maitree..

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Madhubala- Ek Ishq, Ek Junoon

The Lost Angel | Multifandom ZAHARA.
In 1885, twenty one year old Madhubala Malik goes missing. 127 years later, friends Raghav Singh and Abhay Raichand buy a house on the edge of Goa. There they experience unusual circumstances: ear piercing screams and weeping cries heard in the heart of the walls, they soon realise that the house is haunted. Enter Jhanvi Sharma who catches the attention of Raghav. But who exactly is she? And what link does she have with the mysterious Sia? Is everything really what it seems? Or is there something else that doesn't quite meet the eye? 

Main Characters
Harshad Chopra as Raghav Singh
Vivian Dsena as Abhay Raichand
Sriti Jha as Jhanvi Sharma/Sia
Drashti Dhami as Madhubala Malik

Side Characters
Barun Sobti as Count Arnav Singh Raizada

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Star Plus

Rajat Tokas & Mughda Chaphekar FFs

Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHi FF: Silent Love -Alina.
Arnav and Khushi married each other as per their families decision. He is a very understanding guy while she is a very shy and quiet girl who is very scared from everyone. His Love is Silent, Her Love is Silent.. Does Love needs words?

FF:Teri Meri Prem Kahani -Alina.

Arnav is a NRI while Khushi is a simple and traditional but yet modern girl who believes in Love, Marriage and God while he doesn't. A remake of Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon edited on my way. Nafrat Paas Ane Na De, Mohabbat Door Jane Na De, Kesi hoghy Teri Meri Prem Kahani?

Path Of Destiny PariLoveArshi
Dhruv (Mohit Sehgal) is a nice and funny guy who has fallen in love with Khushi, a quiet and calm girl living in an orphanage with a burden of pain in her heart. But he is unaware of her past connected with Arnav Singh Raizada.

Tum Dena Saath Mera -chamkilli-
Khushi a beautiful young girl who is currently married to a devil in disguise, but later on finally succeeds in escaping from his den. When she does escape she finds her prince charming at last. However her prince charming is related to her past.

One Night Stand II Appy_Indy
(Tears shad for another person are not a sign of weakness, they are sign of pure heart)

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna Appy_Indy
One Night Stand III
(The night i have got you is the night i have lost you
The night i have lost you is the night i have got you)

Bonded For The Womb II Appy_Indy
(When two best of friends plans a baby together without any material commitment)

Pawn Appy_Indy
Bonded For The Womb III
(When you create a heart beat inside someone. Can you ever  stay away from her?]

Umbrella Appy_Indy
Bonded For The Womb IV

(I accept you as you are, I don't care what the world will think about us, you and your baby will get my name cause the reason is i love you a lot)

It's Destiny Appy_Indy
("There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be..." ? John Lennon)

Unconscious Love Appy_Indy
(I shut my eyes in order to SEE... John Lennon)

Punishment Appy_Indy
(Can you ever punish the person you love the most?...)

Life Guard Appy_Indy

Escort Appy_Indy

Married To Get Divorced Appy_Indy

My Mom's Boyfriend Appy_Indy

A New Khushi ssyahoo
This story picks up from the Sheetal track and embarks on Khushi and Arnav progressing in the relationship. They deal with things from the past along with Khushi's transformation into a more suave and sophisticated Khushi!

Her Memory ambishika

Dark Night ambishika

Haunted Villa ambishika

Hell Weds Heaven jenji08

Revenge By My Own Daughter jenji08

My Love, My Arnav jenji08

You Are Arnav's Khushi jenji08

Heartless Monster's Love jenji08

Truth Makes Our Future Dark jenji08

The Destroyer's Wife jenji08

My Life, Heaven or Hell

Our World-Completed jenji08

A Fleeting Glance -COMPLETE Sweet_Ashum
What would happen if someone stalks Khushi?
What would happen if he doesnt come before her?
What would happen if Khushi is given the toughest job to do. Interview Arnav Raizada?
What would happen if she has only 15 days for that?
What would happen if she is kidnapped before that?
Dive in to know the answers...

Love Never Changes Natasha333

Love Sacrifices Natasha333

The Turning Point AA1407

He was a self-made man who the world called stone-hearted. She was a woman whose heart had been crushed by her only encounter with love. Sparks fly when they meet after 10 years apart. Can this mark a turning point in their lives?

Unrevealed Truths & Love tintin0602

Chotey Ki Ayegi Barat -Grace-
A comical/humorous story of how Arnav's life turns upside down as he meets his wedding planner ;)

Blacks, Greys & Whites -Grace-
A dark story about 6 individuals with different personalities and viewpoints come together at one point and deal with hardships in their particular ways. They open to their most trusted people and each grows as a person.

As A Maid deepti1906

"You have to call me Master... or I'll cut your salary." ---- What would you do if your new boss is your biggest enemy in school?

Party girl Khushi Kumari Gupta has a big secret: she's actually very poor and has to work her butt off to maintain her lifestyle. But when she finds out that she's working for Arnav Singh Raizada, the school's most despicable player who dumped her bestfriend 2 years ago, as his maid, her life is completely turned around.

Arnav finds absolute pleasure from annoying the hell out of her, and often she finds herself trying not to beat him up into a mush. But what is actually Arnav hiding from everyone? Why he is such a different person at his house?

Most importantly, why is it getting harder and harder to hate Arnav freaking Raizada?

Guilt or Love deepti1906
Its true that Without the spice of guilt, sin cannot be fully savoured but its also true that Nothing is more wretched than a guilty conscience. Will Arnav ever get forgiveness from Khushi. Will Khushi ever be able to forgive him??...forgive herself?? What Arnav feels for Khushi is Love or it's just Guilt for what he did with Khushi. Read to find out.

Of Lemons & Limes Omoraboti

D For Desire Omoraboti

An Untainted Love Story ForeverArhi
So... What happens when a Girl from Lucknow(Khushi Gupta) falls in love with a South Indian Boy( Arnav Ramakrishnan)...???
How will their families react to their love?
will they ever get together?
Will their UNTAINTED LOVE ever get a name?
To know...Come join me in this joyride to find out what happens to this UNTAINTED LOVESTORY...

You're Not Alone ForeverArhi
Arnav,Khushi and Akash are the best of friends. Arnav falls in love with Khushi but keeps it to himself when he comes to know that his brother Akash and Khushi are deeply in love with each other. 
And then things take a drastic turn where Akash meets an Untimely death leaving behind a completely distraught Khushi. Arnav tries to comfort her while his sister Anjali makes him realise his Love for Khushi... 
Will he ever tell his feeling to her?
Will she ever be able to go through the stage of...

A Legacy Of Love ForeverArhi
His memories of her were so clear that he might have seen her only yesterday. With the memories came tears, which he shed with no shame but with much regret..

Just As You Are.. ForeverArhi
What happens when a succesful, not-so handsome Psychiatrist(Arnav) and a rich, beautiful Business woman(Khushi) fall in love??

Married To The Best Friend THREAD ONE GodnMe.Foreva

What if you get married to someone whom you love?
Seems perfect, right? But it wasn't the case with Khushi, She got married to the Las Vegas wild-party guy, Arnav Singh Raizada, who considers her his best friend. And then started the journey of Mr and Mrs Raizada!!

Married To British Raizada GodnMe.Foreva
The craziest girl gets married to the most gentlemanly guy! 
He was silent..she was blabbering.
He smiled at her cheekiness..she still was blabbering.
She found him to be every girl's Prince Charming, while he was going through a rough breakup. 
They still came together? Oh yeah they did.Their marriage was a big affair, he was the biggest tycoon of London, his birthplace. She was from a traditional, affluent family, brought up in the colorful streets of Punjab.
Two people, as different as Chalk and Cheese, priorities different, Dreams as different as they were, will they ever find love in each other?

Married To The Crush GodnMe.Foreva
Crush. This word can bring out thousand thoughts in anyone's mind. The butterflies you get in your stomach when he/she is around, the awkward things you do when you think about them..Khushi was no different. But the exciting thing was, she got her crush as her husband!

Saansein [complete] scorpionsavenge

Written after the MahaEpisode before Arnav gets kidnapped.  My take on what could've happened.  There are twists! 

Shaadi, Aur Woh Bhi Tumse? scorpionsavenge

It is a well known fact that Arnav and Khushi don't get along, then why are they suddenly sitting beside each other on their wedding mandap? Khushi is already quite pagal as it is, will she finally be able to throw Arnav off the rocker as well?

Your Love Broke Me ShikhaKhushi

Five years after breaking his heart, Khushi returns home to attend the wedding of Arnav to her own sister. She still has feelings for him but there is a lot that stands between them; their families, her sister and their tangled pasts. Will love be able to bloom in their lives?

Shopaholic V/S Workaholic ShikhaKhushi

Khushi is a shopaholic, Arnav is a workaholic. They are total opposites. The attraction is very strong but the hurdles are great. Will they be able to get past every barrier together in life?

Differences Between Us ShikhaKhushi

The second daughter of a typical middle class family, Khushi Kumaari Gupta hates the arrogant Arnav Singh Raizada at first sight. The feeling keeps on increasing with every step Arnav takes and snaps on the day he asks her in marriage. Will Arnav ever be able to prove Khushi wrong and win her heart?

Tied To You ShikhaKhushi


Arnav never saw Khushi the way she did. She always had a huge crush on him since childhood but gave up hope of catching his eye after years of waiting and then only, it seems he has started noticing her. Love colours her life with unexpected shades only to bring her dreams crashing down when Arnav decides to marry another woman.

Shaapit: The Cursed Sisters ShikhaKhushi

Anjali and Khushi are sisters; not bound by blood ties, but by the heart. Their bonding has always been envied by the people around them but they share an unbreakable relationship. But one small mistake is enough to change their lives. Marriage is their punishment; it appears a rather easy one, but the series of heartbreaks that follow proves everything wrong. Can marriage separate these sisters?

Learning The Alphabet...Arshi Style! ShikhaKhushi

Now that Shyaam is gone, the Raizadas get their lives back on the track. Things are not always rosy, but Arnav and Khushi can count on it to be colourful, especially with their first baby on the way. The couple sets on a journey, full of love and nok-jhoks, to find the perfect way to teach their child the alphabet.

Raizada & Raizada Co. LTD ShikhaKhushi

Khushi Raizada becomes co-owner of Raizada and Raizada, with her arrogant, edgy and engaged cousin, Arnav Singh Raizada, after their great-uncle and the founder of the company dies. Arnav hates her without failing because of a prejudice his father led against hers. Determined to kick her out of the company, he puts her to test. But who can ever stop love from interfering?

Dark Love Maria.

It Had To Be You Maria.

Out Of The Cage goldengirl.0123

Story of a girl who was locked up for 23 yrs of her life, from birth. Now she is let free. She has to learn everything to survive in real life.

Love Just Happens Rami92

Her vision on life is:

So  simple "live your life whatever it may give you just get it and smile in return."

His vision on life is:

So  simple " who are you to me?why should I listen to you?its MY LIFE just get out of my way"


This is the story of a girl who wants to be loved immensely by her family and a guy who never cares about anyone though he have family who loves him.The one thing both the people have in common is love for their sibling.They would go beyond the world to bring happiness for their Siblings

They expectedly and unexpectedly come together.It was a big twist in their life and yet they love the twist that had happened to them.



FF: Forced Love tintin0602
Love can't be forced on or by anyone. If done the result will be negative. In very rare cases the result is positive. So lets see how the love is forced in the most loveable manner to the most lovely girl.

Meri Brother Ki Dulhan naughtymallu
You always fall for the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time and sometimes for the most unexpected reason..Welcome to a funny love story with lots of rabba veys and romance..

Gutter Shot: We are Happy naughtymallu

ArShi lovestory after marriage..with lots of romance and naughtiness..Enter to their world to see a loving and romantic Arnav and a caring and blushing Khushi...High doze of romance..

Born To Be Mine Kesh123

Arnav Khushi fell in love... But Arnav got married to Khushi due to a revenge... 
Lot of truth to be reveled...
Who is Karan ?
Read the ff for more information

Dreams Painted With Love

On the road Arnav is driving ..Khushi in a wedding suit running towards 
Arnav's Suv..
She wanted to suicide her self..
Read the ff .. i know you will enjoy ...

I Found Someone _RheeluvsBarun_
What happens when two completely different individuals, meet one day and end up getting married to each other in a drunk state, not in their senses, despite that one of them is already engaged to someone else?

Cactus Love
A love story that traces back to the past of Arnav and Khushi and relived through the eyes of their daughter; Navshi.

The Blessing and the Curse aaaziz

It's about a young Arnav and Khushi who were best friends but had later become a couple.Khushi was n a subtly forced relationship with Arnav.Arnav did something horrible to Khushi, which caused her to break up with him.It's seven years later, and now they're both shown in their respective lives.Read to find out how they ,one again, unite.

Mujh Main Tu Hina69

What it felt like to lose the person who is ur life and how it felt to be the major cause of losing the most important person?can u live with guilt?what u feel when ur whole life turns upside down due to ur one mistate and change u from sweet person to a monster?READ AND FIND OUT.

Khushi..An Item Girl Hina96
Khushi is a dancer.For her money is life,money is love and money is everything.
Arnav singh raizada falls in love with khushi when he first saw her.
Can arnav change khushi's thinking and ideas,can he make her fall in love with him,can he change her thoughts about money and love.READ AND FIND OUT.

Punishment Arshi1988

Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. That name got her; That name trapped her. 

People often say that Love is blind..But for one woman could it be her death? 

This is the story of how one girl was punished for something that she wouldn't dream of...

She still remembers the day when Anjali Singh Raizada placed her in this mental asylum and prison. She still remembers the day when Arush was taken from her and her husband handed him over to Mrs Jha. She still remembers the day when he left her here...

Once Upon A Time Titaliya_AP

There Is No Beauty Without The Beast Titaliya_AP

[URL=]Perfection[/URL] Titaliya_AP

Short Stories

Life Of My Angel-OS jenji08

Love Of My Prince-OS jenji08

OS: Picture perfect  Sweet_Ashum

Collection of OS's the-crazy-girl

OS [ARHI]: I Give Up Angel-Jot.

OS: Don't Leave Me- Arnav & Khushi Angel-Jot.

OS: My Man ForeverArhi

SS: Eventually In Love naughtymallu

The fear of falling in love with somebody is itself already silent love..Lovestory of two people who loved to hate and hated to love each other..Be with me throughout this journey to see how they fall in love eventually..

Inevitable Pain arshina223
What will arnav do if khushi attemped to commit suicide, when he reveals the truth behind their marriage?

The Wait FF arshina223
When the wait for the love of you life comes to end, but
your love refused to even aknowledge your presence, what will you do???
Ek Hazaron Mein Hai..



Romeo and Juliet. Laila Majnu. Heer - Ranjha. Each are stories of two star cross'd lovers who fought the world for their destined love but at a price. True love isn't something that you want; it is something that you are willing to spend a lifetime for...

Virat and Manvi are two souls who are drawn to each other. Their hatred gradually turns into love, a love which is put to test by no other than death itself. A heart warming about a separation only for them to be reunited.

Finding The Light VIRMAN ZAHARA.
Maanvi Chaudary finds herself on a journey to unveil the truth about her parents, in a turn of events she meets Virat Vadhera, a brooding young man and forms a friendship with him. The rollercoaster of pain, sadness and jealousy try to separate these star crossed lovers but they are destined to be together. Can these partners find the light and become life parters?

Short Stories

SS: Cinderella ZAHARA.


Ariya FF: Tere Liye dmegha

It's the story of ACP Arjun Raute and his wife Riya. It's the series of sacrifies, the true love, friendship, family bonding and trust. It revolves around the ETF team, their personal and professional life.

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Sony/Channel V


Taarey SS: Mission Rey's GF miss_neha

#4 Guzarish *Khushii*

It all begins after the mess-up of the show. A character leaves while another enters. Enter in yourself to read the story every viewer wanted the show to be like. A place where the desires of those lost fans is fulfilled in a justified manner. Past...Present...and the future... all disclosed and planned out as per the high demand. The Guzarish of one and all.

Short Stories

Taarey OS: Hate or Love toshi_ta

Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai

A Sweet Dream Angel-Jot.

A test of trust, love and honesty. A short story of Angad and Kripa dealing with their life as husband and wife with the interference of their families.

The Unknown Angel-Jot.

He introduced himself as 'Sahil Kapoor', an orphan, employed at Starbucks. But, the truth as Kripa later finds out, is not exactly what she had been told. A love story of Angad & Kripa where the two have to fight destiny for each other.

Short Stories

AK OS: The Unknown
[excerpt from the FF] Angel-Jot.
In Love With Pain: AK SS Angel-Jot.

A dark story where Angad and Kripa fall in love but Kripa discovers who the man she's with is really. She's trapped in the relationship and it seems to get worse as it goes along. Can their love save them both? 

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Zee TV/ Imagine TV

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Other/ American, Your Own

The Unnatural|Multifandom TheWandmaker

The Irani's lived in a small town near the outskirts of Madhya Pradesh. Madhura, Sanaya and their dad, a small loving family held onto what was left after having lost the most precious person in their lives, Mrs Irani. The girls were very young back then having little or no memory of their mother, Mr Irani being a loving father soon filled the void of his wife's absence. The girls grew up to be best friends and each other's confidant. Life was normal until two men Abhinav Shukla and Barun Sobti visited the town.

1983 : Chaos.Panic.Hiatus. It was all around the city, People were screaming, writhing in agony, tearing things apart. They burned, they cried for help. And then he rose; ordering Calm and Peace among his Slaves, as he branded them.

Some refused, some obeyed and some went into hiding.  The Good and Bad now stood against each other and It was declared War.

2012 : Among the shadows he played, as the Slaves one by one perished. They Gathered and learned. They planned and plotted while he devised his cunning plan. He wanted revenge, he wanted power, he wanted to Rule. And so it was a war not declared, a threat not announced, danger kept secret. Such was the Second War between the Slaves and him.

Prithvi kautilya04

"Prithvi" is the tale of an incredibly intense love that demands nothing less than unconditional surrender. A potent love that pulsates with light and darkness, joy and anguish, hope and despair, strength and vulnerability in equal measure.

But it has to manoeuvre its way through a labyrinth of long-buried secrets, vicious enemies, shattered blood ties, and most painfully, untamed inner demons. Everlasting happiness may be within reach, or perhaps, very far away.

Never before has the path of love been so dangerous'.so mysterious' beautiful'

..and then there was another life -Grace-

Two friends have come together, their children find their other halves, bonds of a lifetime and some sibling teasing.

Guzaarish [ZAHARA.]


A tragic secret causes Raina to leave her family, her life behind. Five years on, she's now the strong headed business woman living with an adopted aunt. She's got everything you could wish for: money, power, and fame but why is she still not happy? What happens when a figure from her past enters the present and make her life worth living again? What happens when she comes face to face with her demons - will she ever win and get the life and love that she deserves?

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Jot can u increase the Font size please? and thanks for this new thread...

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