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FF Mind Games Th#5 *Link to new thread, pg 147!!!*

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 A light, romantic story of love and seduction with a twist.. and some naughty conversations, a few fantasies, and a handful of lingerie thrown in for good measureEmbarrassed

omg in arnav's words from last chapter: "What are you trying to do to me?" I come back to thread #4 and see its almost doneShocked woah, I'm so blown away by the response to this FF. i wasn't even going to post it. it was going to go into my folder of misc ipkknd stories. seriously. But i'm so glad i didEmbarrassed

To all of u mind-blowing readers: Thanks for ur encouragement and feedback. U all are the bestBig smile

To new readers: catch up on Mind Games Vol 1 and any missed chapters of Vol 2 at my blog

To Satina and -memorable-: Thank you for these beautiful artworks. love them!Day Dreaming

*DO NOT plagiarize, share, or distribute my work. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.*

Note: Chapter is two parts, pg 1 and pg 84. I'm going to be really busy next week so I'm posting this early. EnjoyEmbarrassed
Note 2: Pinterest page for true MG fans:

Now, don't fight with me. We have fifteen minutes. And I want to make the most of it.

Really? said Khushi, blushing.

Yeah, answered Arnav matter-of-factly, I have a feeling Di is going to keep us away from your girl's night.

Yes she will, said Khushi, Only girls allowed. Sorry, baby.

He shrugged, his eyes twinkling at her as he pulled her into his spacious master bedroom, kicking the door shut behind them. No problem. You can spend all the time you want with those girls. But tonight..

Hmm..murumured Khushi, entwining her arms around his neck.

He kissed her thoroughly, hungrily..Tonight, you'll spend with me.

Are you asking me to sleep with you? teased Khushi.

Damn right, he said against her lips, I'll come down there and pick you up in my arms myself if I have to, but you're sleeping with me tonight.

Khushi smiled as she leaned into his touch, rising to kiss his cheek.

Yes, Mr. ASR..always..

And then no words were spoken, as Arnav pushed her down on the mattress, covering her body with his, their mouths meeting feverishly.


Chapter 5: Drunk?!

Anjali stood waiting in the hallway, her eyes trained on her wristwatch. Around her neck was a simple chain, a metal whistle dangling from its end.

"Anjali, what are you doing standing like that?" asked Nani from the stairs, her eyebrows raised. "The guests will be arriving any moment."

Anjali spun around, her heart beating fast. She hadn't told anyone else about the 15 minutes she'd given her brothers. She smiled extra brightly. "Oh, Nani, could you please welcome them? I'll be right down."


"Please, Nani.." Her eyes pleaded with her grandmother's.

"Fine, Anjali. But, hurry."

Anjali nodded at once, a sigh of relief escaping her as she was left alone again in the narrow hallway. She glanced down at her watch: Two minutes were left.

Should I interrupt them? wondered Anjali. She didn't want Nani to get too suspicious. She was just about to knock on the doors when her cell phone buzzed.

"Hello?" she answered hesitantly. No one really called her except Chote. And from what she knew, Chote couldn't possibly be calling her right now.

The voice on the other end was all business though. "Hi, Ms. Raizada. Sorry to disturb you, this is Aman, Mr. ASR's personal assistant."

"Of course, I know--"

"I have an important message for Mr. ASR, but I can't get through his phone," cut in Aman hurriedly, "Please tell him to call me right away, it's very urgent."

"Okay, I'll let him know," promised Anjali, looking confused as the call was disconnected.  Urgent message? She hoped it was nothing too serious.

She glanced at her watch again. 30 seconds were left, so she let them have it.


She looked up with a wide smile, but her brothers' doors remained firmly shut.

With an amused shake of her head, Anjali hobbled toward Arnav's room first.

It was very quiet inside, but just as she was about to knock, Arnav's husky voice broke out from within, "Khushi..your hair..your're so sexy, love.." The conversation elapsed into soft moans.

Turning bright red, Anjali wrenched herself away. Okay, maybe Arnav could use a minute or two extra. She decided to go to Akash and Payal first.

She tentatively neared his bedroom door. His voice rang out loud and clear, "Payal..I really love your buaji's's so yummy.."

Anjali covered her mouth with her mouth, giggling. Okay, maybe Akash could use a few extra minutes--or more like a lot of extra minutes-- too.

She waited about three minutes more and then brought the whistle to her mouth, blowing as hard as she could.


Arnav and Khushi almost knocked their heads together as what seemed to be a fog horn sounded outside.

What is that? cried Khushi, clapping her hands over Arnav's ears.

He covered hers, looking toward his door with a frown. Di..I think.

Khushi's eyes widened. She pushed at his chest urgently. Let me up. God, what must she be thinking?

Arnav shook his head naughtily, refusing to move. No, not yet. First, kiss me, he demanded.

She looked at him shocked. What? Arnav, behave! We just kissed--and a lot! She pushed him again. Let me up now.

He thrust her back against the mattress, holding her firmly. Kiss me first, princess.

Khushi shook her head, her eyes glinting impishly. You can't always get your way, Mr. ASR.

Watch me, he murmured, leaning down toward her parted lips. Khushi closed her eyes, unable to push him away any longer. Her legs entwined with his, her hands slipped into his wavy hair, pulling him closer.

They were just about to kiss when the whistle blew again, louder this time.

Anjali knocked on the door outside. "Time is up, Chote! Please, don't make me come in there."

"Coming, Di!" called Arnav, although his eyes remained locked with Khushi's. He had no intention of letting her go without one more heated kiss. He bent over her, but Khushi pushed him back, squirming underneath him.

Arnav, stop it! Di's waiting! she said, scandalized.

One minute more is not a big deal, he said, keeping her pressed into the bed, And baby, you better stop squirming like that, otherwise we'll not leave this room for a long while.

Khushi flushed and then leaning up, kissed him swiftly on the cheek.

There! You got your kiss, Raizada, she said, Now let me up!

"CHOTE! Khushiji?" called Anjali.

Arnav growled as he straightened up. Khushi practically leapt off the bed, grabbing her dupatta from the floor as she hurried to the door.

Arnav grabbed her wrist before she could make it, twisting her around.

Arnav! Baby, please!

But he just gazed at her mesmerized, second.. He cupped her face in his palm, his fingers stroking across her reddened lips.

Khushi's heart raced at the look in his eyes. Part of her wanted to push him back onto the mattress and kiss him endlessly.

But Arnav simply massaged her slightly swollen lips, and smoothed down her hair. least now you don't look like I've completely ravished you, he muttered, his lips curving into a pleased grin.

Khushi touched her face self-consciously. This is so embarrassing, she told him as she imagined the scene outside, And it's all your fault!

Arnav shrugged. If a bit of awkwardness meant he could make out with Khushi for a good 25 minutes, he'd take that deal any day! She was so amazing.. His eyes drifted over her adoringly and then paused at the side of her exposed neck. A small reddish mark was beginning to form there. His eyes twinkled as he noted the evidence of his touch on her.

Oh, Princess-- But Anjali knocked once more just then and without waiting another second, Khushi threw open the bedroom door wide.

Anjali, Akash, and Payal stood waiting outside, looking at them curiously.

Khushi froze with embarrassment, her eyes darting away.

But nothing seemed to faze the man behind her. She could sense him smiling. "Sorry we're late," said Arnav casually. His hand fell across Khushi's tense back, massaging the soft skin sneakily.

Khushi looked at him warningly, but Anjali grabbed her hand, pulling her away.

"Khushiji has nothing to be sorry for," said Anjali firmly, "I know it must have been you, Chote!"

"No, Di, it was all Khushi." Right, Princess?

Khushi narrowed her eyes at him. "Come on, Di. It's time for our girls' night out. No men allowed." Got that, Raizada?

Their gazes clashed heatedly.

Arnav began to say something, but Payal jumped between them just then, confusing him completely. She smiled up at him shyly. "Khushi told me about you both. Welcome to the family, Arnavji."

"Thanks," he murmured, genuinely surprised. He hadn't really noticed her presence till now.

That's because your mind is always filled with you-know-what, said Khushi, shaking her head at him.

Arnav smirked, glancing out the corner of his eye at her. Filled with what? Explain it to me, detail..

A blush tinged Khushi's cheeks. She turned away with a toss of her long hair, looping her arm through Anjali's. "Let's go, Di. I'm so excited for this G.N. O.!"

As his sister led Khushi and Payal away, Arnav leaned against the doorframe, his eyes trained on his love.

Hey Princess..

I'm ignoring you, she said, firmly. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was? I couldn't even look at Jijaji! You can't always have your way, Arnav.

Fine, ignore me. Let's see how long that lasts.

Khushi glanced over her shoulder, their eyes locking as he smirked. God, thought Khushi, how was she supposed to scold him when he looked like that! Damn, his good looks.

As she descended the stairs, Arnav jogged after her, stopping at the railing.

By the way, love, I would cover your neck a bit more on the right side.

Khushi's eyes rounded as she clapped a hand over her neck, adjusting her dupatta hastily. A memory of his stubble, lips, and tongue over the tender spot flashed through both of their minds.

This is all your fault, Arnav! she said with a scowl.

He grinned slyly, the corner of his mouth turning up. You still owe me a kiss, Khushi. That cheek one doesn't count.

You're not getting one anytime soon.

His grin widened. Oh, love yes I am. I always get my way.

Not this time, said Khushi.

"Chote!" chided Anjali, "You can't stand up there and spy on us! Only girls allowed." Khushi nodded, her eyes meeting his amused gaze. "Some people just don't understand, Di.." she murmured.

Anjali's eyes flew between them. A small smile crossed her face. Never had she seen two people more in love than Chote and his Khushi.

"Agree completely, Khushiji," she said, "Chote, leave your soon-to-be wifey alone now. Or I'll.." She waved her whistle at him warningly.

Arnav's eyes widened. "Fine, I'm going, alright? Just don't blow that whistle again, Di! I feel like my ears are still ringing."

His eyes raked over Khushi one last time as he turned away, tracing over her petite form very thoroughly.

Khushi quaked slightly, but controlled her yearning for him. Stop looking at me like that, she chided, I know what you're doing, love. It won't get you your kiss.

We'll see, said Arnav arrogantly. And then with a last wink at her, walked away.

"Chote!" called Anjali behind him as she suddenly remembered, "There was a call from the office! Some important message."

Arnav nodded, "I'll handle it, Di." See you soon, baby.

See you, replied Khushi grudgingly, not able to keep the smile off her face as her eyes traced over his tall, lean retreating form. Goodness, he shouldn't be that good looking, she decided. It was so hard to stay mad at him. Her eyes twinkled with mirth as she made up her mind to not give him that kiss so easily.


Arnav kicked open the door to Akash's room, his eyes narrowing as he noticed Akash pacing before the bed.

"Bhai!" cried Akash, jumping towards him. "I ruined it, Bhai. I totally wasted the 15 minutes!"

Arnav rolled his eyes, relaxing back on the sofa. He reached for the pitcher of orange juice on the coffee table, pouring himself a tall glass.

"It couldn't have been that bad," he murmured absently, still lost in Khushi and their 15 minutes-or more like 25 minutes in his room. It took everything in him not to go downstairs, pick her up in his arms, and take her somewhere no one would disturb them.. for hours and hours..

Akash shook his head, his eyes panicky behind his glasses. "It was bad, very bad. I don't even want to remember half the things I said to know, voluntary amnesia or something.."

Arnav took another sip of his drink, glancing toward his phone.

"I think I talked about Buaji's potatoes most of the time," admitted Akash.

Arnav's head snapped up, he almost choked on the orange juice. "You what?"

Akash nodded, looking depressed.

"You need to make the most of every minute, Akash. Why the hell would you talk about vegetables?"

Akash ran a hand through his hair, deep in thought. "Well, to be fair, she asked me what I liked. And I thought to compliment her on the food she made--I read that in a book: 15 Secrets to Pleasing Your Wife. But see, then I realized that she hadn't cooked for me yet. It was Buaji. So I.."

"So you talked about Buaji?" asked Arnav incredulously.

"I think so," said Akash, scratching his head, "At least from what I remember. My memory's a little foggy about what exactly happened. But this is bad, right? I should have complimented her somehow. If only I could talk to her for a minute."

Arnav shook his head. "Don't even think of going downstairs right now. Di's walking around with that whistle of hers. Really, it's a Girl's Night Out."

Akash sighed hopelessly and then turning on his laptop, flopped back on his bed.


Downstairs, Khushi was finding it hard to turn her thoughts from Arnav as she sat beside her sister and his sister. Nani and Mami had already retired to their rooms. She was contemplating a plan to sneak into his room when the doorbell rang.

"That must be Anjali Di's friends," whispered Payal. Khushi nodded.

Two girls entered the room, rushing to hug Anjali close.  Anjali smiled as she pulled them toward the Gupta sisters, "These are my best friends: Sarah and Juhi. And these are my beautiful sister-in-laws, Payal and Khushi."

Everyone exchanged smiles. Sarah looked back and forth between the two quizzically. "And which one of you is in love with Chote?"

Payal pointed toward Khushi before Khushi could say a word. Anjali's friends looked at her with raised eyebrows. "Oh you poor dear!" said Juhi, smiling wide, "Really? You don't have a fever or something do you?"

Sarah hushed her, turning to Khushi apologetically, "Ignore her, Khushi. It's just that we've seen our dear Chote grow up. He's like a younger brother to us too."

Juhi nodded, "That's why we were so surprised when Anjali told us. I honestly didn't think Arnav would ever get married. He's always so business-like you know. I can't believe he fell in love. You must be very special, Khushi."

"Oh, you should see Chote now," interrupted Anjali with a wink.

"Good," said Juhi, "I hope he's at least a bit romantic with you, Khushi."

Khushi nodded with a blush. But Payal answered, "He's very romantic..The way he looks at her.."

The girls turned toward Khushi, amazed. "Wait a minute, are we talking about Arnav Singh Raizada? The man that walks like this.."

Khushi burst out laughing at their impression. "It's actually more like this," she said, demonstrating, "But he has another side to him.." She smiled as she thought of her Arnav. Sure he was at times ASR, but she loved that side of him just as much.

As everyone laughed, the doorbell rang again. "That must be the women from the salon," said Anjali, "I've arranged for manicures and pedicures for all of us."

Sarah squealed, hugging Anjali. "Oh, I can't wait!"

"I'll go get a movie to watch," said Juhi, running toward the giant flat screen TV.

Khushi smiled as she relaxed into the plush sofas, wondering what Arnav was up to.


Arnav was making more honeymoon plans when he noticed the six missed calls on his phone. He called back Aman at once.

"Hey, Aman. Sorry, my phone was on silent. Anything important?"

Aman hesitated. "Boss, the Japan deal hit a set-block. I think you'll have to go personally."

"Sure," said Arnav, "When?"

"In around 10 days."

Arnav stilled. "10 days? No, Aman I can't. I'll be on my honeymoon then. Tell them to reschedule."

"Boss, I've tried everything, believe me. You have to go."

"Well, I can't," said Arnav firmly. He'd imagined a good two weeks at some secluded beach house with Khushi. No way he'd let that dream go.

Aman sighed. "Look, Boss. As your employee, I'll follow whatever you say. But as your friend, I'm telling you that this deal is very important. It could open a whole new market for AR Designs."

Arnav ran a hand through his hair. "Aman, look, I've been to Japan a few times now. It's a beautiful, crowded cosmopolitan. I just don't want my honeymoon there."

"What if I find the perfect place?" suggested Aman, "Just send me your requirements, and I'll figure something out."

Arnav agreed hesitantly. "This isn't final though. I need to speak to Khushi too," he said as he hung up, emailing Aman all that ideas he'd come up with so far.

"Akash!" he called suddenly, "Akash!"

His cousin looked up surprised. He removed his ear phones, pausing the movie. On the laptop's screen, a drunk Devdas was calling out for his love. "What, Bhai?"

"If I say Japan, what's the first thing you think of?"

Akash frowned, thinking hard. "Umm, sushi?"

Arnav closed his eyes hopelessly. Yeah, a honeymoon in Japan didn't sound the least bit romantic.

"I'm hungry too, Bhai," said Akash, "Good idea. I'm going to call down to the kitchen for some sushi and drinks. Your usual, right Bhai?"

Arnav didn't hear him, his mind on his honeymoon. He was about to call Aman back when he sensed Khushi crying.

Click here to read second half: pg 84!

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