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--MiNi-- Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 7:46am | IP Logged

So guys here I am with a new Os. I know Christmas kal tha but could not post it yesterday, so am posting it now. Hope you like it!! Smile

Everything Is Incomplete Without Youu.

 A lot of Sound was coming from the canteen. Students Talking, gossiping. Having Fun. But the center of attention was our gang! They were having fun, The ambience was cheerful, fun after all it was Christmas tomorrow!

Vicky: Yo! Guys toh Christmas  ke kya plans hai?

Nil: plans kya hamesha ki tarah hum saath mein hi celebrate karenge na!

Sharon and swayam beyond all the talks were steeling glances at each other!  Talking through eyes!

Suddenly everyone stopped talking and caught SwaRon Starring at each other. Simmi Elbowed Rinni To look at them.

Rey Smirked. Vicky and Nilesh had an evil smile on their faces!. But SwaRon were unaware of the Eyes of their friends on them. They were in their own world. Starring at each other. After all their relationship was a secret from all. But the truth was that yes they did love each other! And had confessed some days ago only. So they were enjoying each and every moment of their new and not trail but pakka wala relationship!

But suddenly:

Vicky: Aakhon hi aakhon

Nil: Mein Ishara

Bharat& amar: Hogaya,

rey: aye haye

Neha& Taani: baithe baithe

Rini&simmi: Jeene ka sahara o gaya!

Hearing this swaron came out of their dream land!
Swaron: What?

Vicky: are sorry guys, tum log continue.

Nil: are haa yaar continue continue!
Taani: sorry bhai aap dono ko disturb kar diya

Rey: sorry yaar apna starring session complete karo chalega!

Swayam: kya guys kuch bhi aisa kuch bhi nai hai!

Sharon: haa guys aisa kuch nai hai!
Neha: sharon agreeing with swayam are wah!

Gang goes all *cough* *cough*

Sw: stop it guys! Kya tum log bhi!

Rey: accha on a serious note Christmas ka kya karna hai? Koi plans?

But they were disturbed by swayam's cell ringing!

Sw: excuse me guys main abhi aaya!

Swayam goes out of the canteen. Sharon was watching his retreating back. And unknowingly was starring at the door to see him come back.

Taani whispers to Sharon: Who aa jayenge! Sirf phone pe baat karne hi gaye hai!

Sharon was taken a back with taani's words,

Sh: are aisa nai I was not---

But was cut short by taani

Taani: its okay! Pyaar mein hota hai!

Sharon was about to say something in her defense but swayam came before she could speak

Sw: guys mujhe aap logon ko kuch batana hai!

Rey: kya hua dude koi prob?

Sw: ha yaar, mujhe aaj raat ko Ek week ke liye jodhpur jaana hoga. Dad ko kuch kam hai!

All: what?

Vicky: matlab tu Christmas humare saath nahi spend kare ga?

Nil: par kyu?

Rey: jaana jaruri hai kya?

Taani: bhai phir to mujhe bhi jaana hoga nai aap ke saath?

Sw: haa jaana zaruri hai, and nahi taani tum nahi chal rahi ho mere saath, sirf mujhe bulaya hai!

All were sad,but the person who was sad the most was Sharon!
Sh(in mind): oh no! matlab swayam aur main Christmas saath nahi manayenge?

She wanted to talk to swayam alone,so she txted him:

Sh: abandoned corridor in 10mins
swayam on the other side was sad too as he will not be able to celebrate Christmas with sharon, suddenly he felt his cell vibrate, he took out his cell and saw sharon's txt and half smiled.

Abandoned corridor:

Sharon was pacing up and down the steps waiting for swayam. At last swayam came. He gave her a smile, to which sharon gave a puot to him.

Sw: hey!

Sh: hey

Sw: tumne mujhe yaha kyu bulaya?

Sh: who, tum sach main aaj jaa rahe ho?

Sw: haan, I have no option left!

Sh: but, i1'' miss—

But the bell rang, and

Sw: we will talk at my place, taani aaj late aane wali hai and I m going alone to the airport so we'll talk at my place. Okay sweetheart?

Sh: okay!

Throughout the rest of the day sharon and swayam were thinking how are they going to stay away from each other for a week! How on earth is that possible! They day went boring nothing new, same old same old!

Swayam's house:

Sh: but how swayam?

Yes they had been talking the same thing for an hour now. Sharon and swayam both were reluctant to leave each other for a week! Just a difference was that swayam being the responsible one was not showing it, and sharon being "Sharon" was showing it! :P

 Sw: par we have too, dad's orders, he wants me there!

Sh: I know, and I understand that par yeh dil nahi samajhta na. ending it with a cute pout.

Sw: aww, I know, but dad ko kuch imp kam hoga na!

Sh: hmm…

There was a complete silence between them for a while, none of them spoke, they just wanted to take in each other's presence.

Sw(taking his suitcase): chalo sharon!

But no reply came from sharon, nor did shron nove even an inch a bit. Swayam got tensed was walked towards sharon

Sw(cupping her face): kya hua princess!

Sharon without saying anything just pulled swayam into a rib crushing hug! Swayam was at first taken a back with her sudden out burst but then hugged her back!

Sw: agar tum aisa hi karti rahi na toh main jaa nahi paaunga!
Sh: wahi toh main chahti hun!
swayam broke the hug,

Sw: I love you!

Sh; I love you too! And I'll miss you!

Sw: I'll miss you too!

Sharon's house:

Sharon was lying on her bed, thinking about swayam she was missing him already! She thought that this is going to be the worst, it had to be, without swayam! Thinking about it, she fell asleep!

Next day Christmas day:

She was leaving her home for college,

RK=ramu kaka

Rk: are sharon baby ji breakfast karke toh jaiye!

Sh: nahi kak mujhe kuch nahi khana

Rk: aap ko kaa ke hi jaan hoga, swayam bab ka phone aaya tha , unhone kaha tha ki aap ko bina kaaye bahar na jaane doon!

Sharon was now smiling, even though he was not here, he still made sure that she did not leave empty stomach!

Sh: I love you my majnu!
sharon after having breakfast, left college, reaching clooege, she was sad, not in the mood, how she hated swayam not being around her, all the time! She was sitting in the canteen with the gang and they were making plans for going out
simmi: hey sharon u coming na?

Sh: nai guys tum log jaao, I m not cumming!
rey: but why, pls chalo na !

Sh; rey I am not feeling well, I m not gonna cum pls understand na

Rey: okay hum tumhe force nahi karenge!
the bell rang and every one went to attende the lecture!

The whole day sharon was thinking about swayam, thinking agar swayam hota toh yeh kehta, who karta. But something that was on her face the whole day was a sad smile.

After all the lectures she went home.

Sharon's house:

As she entered the house, she directly went into her room, there she found a blue evening gown along with a bouquet of red roses. She smiled these both. She quickly went near the bouquet

And found a note on it, the note read

" Agar milna hai humse,

Toh aana hoga ban than ke,

Milunga tumhe main waha,

Jaha se dike sitaatro bahra aasmaa"

                              -Majnu :*

Seeing this she smiled a wide big smile. She rushed to the washroom to get ready.

As she came out wearing the beautiful bule gown, she was looking smooking hot :P

Sh: sitaaro bahra aasma? Yeh toh sirf terrace ho sakta hai!

Sharon without wasting anytime went to the terrace. Reaching the terrace, she was awestruck. It was decorated beautifully, there was a white table at the center of the terrace.

She was just enjoying the view in front of her, that she forget everthing, it was so serene, so beautiful. Suddenly she felt a pair of arms around her waist. Yes it was swayam! He pulled her more closer, still hugging her from the back.

Sw: I love you!
sh: I love yoo too!

Sharon now freed her self from his embrace, and turned towards him.

Sh: par tum toh jodhpur gaye the na?

Sw: tumhe kya lagta hai?

Sh: bataona swayam..

Sw: are nahi jaaneman, main jaya hi nahi!

Sh: phir tumhare dad?

Sw: are woh toh ek bahana that, taaki hume Christmas ek saath celebrate karne ko mil sake, warna hume gang ke saath celebrate karna padta

Sh: par tumne yeh baat kyu chupai mujhse? Pata hai main kitna sad thi. Kitna royi ki tum yaha mere saath nahi ho why did u not tell me?

Sw: who toh,, I jus wanted to tease you, mazak ar raha tha!

Sh: yeh sab tumhare liye mazak hai, hun? Pata hai kitna royi main???
Sw: sorry jaan, maaf kardo na mujhe, I just wanted to celebrate it wid you personally, isiliye karna pada!

Said swayam with holding his ears and a cute pout adored his face!

Sh: ab itne cute pout ko koi kaise mana kar sakta hai! I forgive you, but pls aage se aisa kabhi mat kar na!

Sw: pakka nai karunga meri jaan, I love you.

Sh: I love you too.

Swayam once again pulled her into his embrace, and without breaking the hug sharon said

Sh: you know what,

Sw: what?

Sh: I missed you the whole day,

Sw: I missed you too :*

Sw: merry Christmas sharon!

Sh: merry Christmas swayam!

Sh: swayam?

Sw: hmm..

Sh: everything that was incomplete the whole day is noy complete, everything without is incomplete with out you.

Hearing this swayam without saying anything, just tightened his grip on sharon. They stayed like that, it what its called eternity. They danced, enjoyed in each others company. Swayam gave her gifts, made her feel special. And again and again said I love you to her to remind her that, no matter wht he will always be there for her!

I'll Love you no matter what,

Distances may dray us apart,

You are and always will be,

My Sunshine, My Love, My Life.

            * * * * *

How was it guys? Please tell me!! Hit the like tab and give your most valuable comments, which encourage me to write me! Tongue Tongue 

-Love,MiNi Star 




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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 7:52am | IP Logged
wow..m first


Awww...such a cute OS...
Swaron madly in love with each other...Embarrassed
Gang teasing them...cuteWink
Sharon missing her Majnu...Smile
Her days are incomplete with HIM...awww
Loved the twist..
It was his brilliant plan to spend Christmas with Her...
Awww...lovely...loved the poems...they are cute ...adorable..

I'll Love you no matter what,

Distances may dray us apart,

You are and always will be,

My Sunshine, My Love, My Life

Lovely work kiddo ...keep writing ClapClapClap

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pooja123456 Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 7:59am | IP Logged
such a cute os...
tooo cute!!
--MiNi-- Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by deep_Tanha

wow..m first


Di unres Soon!
Waiting for ur mast Comments! :*

Edited by SwaRon_MiNi - 26 December 2012 at 8:08am
Anomic_loner Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 8:07am | IP Logged
hey mini...Smile

cute os...i just happened to see this os and i m glad about it...
loved the cute swaron convo...aww swayam is just adorable and so is sharon...
swaron eye contact,gang teasing them,sharon missing him,swayam's surprise...everything was just beautifully penned down...Smile

next time when u update something beautiful as such then pm me...Embarrassed

Edited by binuja_ - 26 December 2012 at 8:05am
--MiNi-- Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 8:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pooja123456

such a cute os...
tooo cute!!

Thank Youu. <3
Love, MiNi
SanskritiS IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 8:10am | IP Logged
Awesome Smile
Swayam made an excuse for spending time with Sharon
Anonymous-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 8:13am | IP Logged
This was such an adorable OS! :) I just loved reading it.Please PM me when u write another one!

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