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BV Times#5 ...khushiyo ka sath...shadi ki shurvat

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..::BVTimes office::..

Khushi busy thinking about somethingErmm

Don enter.. splash water on herEvil Smile

Khushi: oye ye kya  tha Angry

Don: tuje jaga rahi thi.. jangane ke liye pani kaam aata haiLOL

Khushi: wo kyuStern Smile

Don: NL pass aa raha hai.. kam par nahi lganaLOL

Khushi: I know yaar.. wo jara ansh ki shadi par drool kar rahi thiDay Dreaming

Don: wo badmai karna.. bahot kaam baki hai.. is baar naam kuch socha hai tune??

Khushi: kiska??

Don: nl kaAngry

Khushi: wo to tera kaam hai.. mai kyu sochuBig smile

Don: kamchor.. kuch aur bhi kargi lazy khushiD'ohchal presentation karte hai

Khushi: ha chal kyu nahiCool

Don & khushi: Lets commens our monthly presentation.  Our news letter...

BalikaVadhu Times #5
khushiyo ka sath...shadi ki shurvat

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(BY vedo)

Week 1:  Dec 03 to Dec 07

At AnSh sangeet Saanchi does a mocking performance of how Anandi and Shiv met and the events leading up to their marriage, showing Anandi in a negative light. Anandi is hurt and so is Shiv. Daddu stops her performance and makes her apologize. She does, but not in a sincere manner. Shiv apologizes to Anandi on behalf of her. The situation is brought back to normal and everyone begins dancing. AnSh also dance. Everyone is enjoying when suddenly Daadisa faints. Shiv rushes her to her room where he overhears her muttering about Jagya in her unconscious state. After a while Daadisa wakes up and is fine. She apologizes for ruining AnSh sangeet but they reassure her that she is more important than anything else. Shiv decides to bring back Jagya and re-unite him with his family for Daadisa's sake. He drives all night to fulfill this mission, almost having an accident in the process. Luckily nothing happens to him. Shiv brings Jagya back to the Haveli much to everyone's surprise and happiness. Shiv tells them how he got Jagya released by appealing to the Governor. The Governor agreed to release Jagya on a bond of Rs 50,000 and with the promise from Jagya that he will stay in Jaitsar and work for the welfare of village people. Jagya is repentant and asks for forgiveness from all, especially Shiv. Shiv forgives him and everyone is happy. He has a brief talk with Anandi in front of Maa Durga's idol where she thanks him and he tells her he is falling more and more in love with her with every passing day. Jagya finds the idol of Shiv-Parvati which Anandi had given him when he was leaving for Mumbai and he had discarded. Anandi is walking in the haveli and reminiscing her time spent there and crying. Sumitra consoles her and they have a heart to heart talk. Anandi conveys her sadness to Sumitra at leaving the haveli and her family and also her fear at going to a new family. She says she feels she is being unfair to Shiv, because love only happens once in a lifetime. Sumitra assures her everything is going to be all right, especially with Shiv at her side. Sumitra reminds her of what a marriage is all about and tells her this time around she is not a "Balika Vadhu"! Anandi expresses her wish that her vidaai be done from the haveli only. Bhairon shares a sweet moment with Sumitra whilst Basant shares one with Gehna. Anandi's bridal look is finally revealed. She talks to her mother's photo, requesting her blessings. Jagya comes to her room and they have a conversation. Jagya tells her Shiv is the perfect man for her and he will give her all the happiness she deserves. He returns the idol she had given him. Anandi accepts the idol and tells him she is happy he has come back to take care of the family now that she is going away. Anandi is brought down and emotionally looks around before leaving to the wedding venue. As she leaves Jagya watches from the balcony and cries.


Week 2:  Dec 10 to Dec 14

It's finally the time we've all been waiting for...AnSh shaadi. Megha & Mohan (from Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha) arrive to telecast the wedding live. Anandi arrives and Megha interviews her. She explains how she also had a re-marriage and applauds Anandi for what she is doing. Anandi thanks Megha and tells her she drew courage from her story. The baraat arrives with much pomp. Shiv comes dressed in his dulha attire on a horse. The Chief Minister also arrives. Jagya is alone in the haveli crying. The Samuhik vivaah begins. Shiv and all the other grooms hit the toran of Ganeshji with their swords. Then Napna (measurement) ceremony happens followed by the nose pulling. Amidst all this Megha & Mohan are there explaining the meaning behind all the rituals. Shiv is escorted inside where he finally sees his bride to-be. Both are mesmerized by each other and share an eye lock. Gehna breaks the eye lock and leads them to their seat where together with everyone they enjoy a cultural show. The Chief Minister makes a speech thanking AnSh for fulfilling his lifelong dream. Before entering the mandap there is a small ritual where Shiv crushes a small matki with his foot which signifies the hurdles he is willing to cross to reach his bride. Anandi then touches his foot, soothing it with water. Next is the Varmala ritual. Mahi tells Shiv not to bend his head for Anandi but Shiv ignores him and does just the opposite. Anandi smiles and garlands him. When Shiv tries to garland Anandi, Gulli pulls her out of his reach and swings her to and fro but Shiv manages to put Varmala on Anandi anyways. Both are happy. Jagya is in the Haveli, watching the ceremony on tv and is emotional. The entire family share some light moments on the mandap. The next ritual is Byahi Phere . Megha gets a village lady to explain what is meant by Byahi Phere. The lady says Byahi Phera is a ritual where ladies (daughter in laws) from both bride and groom families take pheres of the mandap without fire. Sumitra and Gehna come from the Anandi's side and Ira and Meenu comes from Shiv's side. After the pheres all four ladies engage in a mini tug war. Mohan asks what this is and Megha states it's for to find out which family is stronger. In the tug war Sumitra and Gehna succeed in getting Ira to their side. Daddu credits the win to the good food available in the villages that urban people like them miss out on. Ira next gifts Anandi payals and the next ritual is Kanyadaan. Khajan Singh tells Bhairon to do Anandi's kanyadaan as he has been like a true father to her. Bhairon comes forward and does Kanyadaan of Anandi then Sanchi does the Gathbandhan. Jagya is still watching the ceremony and remembering his and Anandi's Bal Vivaah. It is now time for the Pheres, AnSh take the seven rounds around the sacred fire with Megan explaining the vows behind every round. Anandi thinks to herself that there is a lot of difference between this marriage and the her childhood one, where she didn't even know the meaning of the vows but upheld them nonetheless but now she has understood the meaning behind the vows and other rituals. Everyone happily showers the couple with rose petals whilst at home Jagya is crying. Ira puts a gold necklace on Anandi. It is time for the final ritual, Sindoordan. Shiv fills Anandi's maang. Anandi is overwhelmed and closes her eyes. They, along with the other couples, are finally declared man and wife. Everyone claps and is happy. They take blessings of all the elders. Jagya gets up and goes away from the tv room. The Chief Minister congratulates them and gifts a fully equipped laboratory to Jaitsar. Sumitra informs Daadisa about Anandi's wish to have her vidaai from the Haveli. Daadisa is a bit reluctant but agrees after telling Sumitra to ensure Jagya stays away during the vidaai. AnSh enter the haveli amidst flower petals being showered on them. Gehna teases Anandi, calling her Mrs. Shivraj Shekhar. They are seated together and Daadisa sends Sumitra to get the shagun and also to talk to Jagya. Sumitra finds a letter from Jagya saying that he has left and will return once he finds himself again. Sumitra gets emotional and Bhiron tells her to control herself for Anandi's sake. The vidaai ceremony starts. Bhairon applies tilak to all the men and gives them gifts. He also gives Shiv a gift. Shiv touches his feet and accepts the gift. Sumitra does the same with all the women. Daadisa asks Anandi to do aarti in the Haveli's temple. Shiv and anandi do the aarti together. Anandi puts her kumkum hand prints on the Haveli's wall and remembers doing the same in her childhood. They all stand in front of Bhago's picture. Khajan asks her to bless Anandi. Daadisa tells her they have fulfilled the promise she made. Anandi remembers some childhood moments with her mother. Anandi is standing under a dupatta. Sumi feeds her a sweet dish and water. She then gifts her a bangle. Both mother and daughter are in tears. Anandi then goes to Daadisa. Daadisa tells her she will miss the taste of her hands and wonders how she will live without her "chidakli". Anadi tilaks Basant and touches his feet. He emotionally warns Shiv; who is standing by the side watching in a somber mood; to never make their daughter cry or else he will have to bear the consequences. She then tilaks Shyam, who tells her not to forget them. He also indirectly threatens Shiv. Anandi tilaks Gehna and hugs her. Both of them are crying. Gehna says will be difficult to live without Anandi but they will console themselves with the thought that she is happy at her in-laws house. She goes to Khajan Singh and tilaks him. He tells her to win the hearts of everyone in her new home just like she did in the Haveli and live happily. 


Week 3: Dec 17 to Dec 21

Anandi tilaks Bhairon and they share an emotional moment. BS tells Shiv that Anandi is their pride and requests him to take care of her. The emotional vidaai comes to a conclusion and Anandi proceeds towards Kesar Bagh with Shiv. During the journey they share a moment, where she is crying and he takes her hand, consoling her that he is there for her always. Anandi tell him she trusts him and is crying because she misses the Singhs. Shiv tells her she is not leaving them behind, just forming new bonds along with the old ones. Daadisa and the rest of the family find out about Jagya leaving and all are upset. Everyone is sad that Anandi is gone and now Jagya too. At night, while AnSh are travelling in the car Anandi falls asleep on Shiv's shoulder and he admires her. Daadisa is very sad and upset that both Anandi & Jagya are gone. Her grief takes the form of anger as she yells and cribs at everyone in the Haveli. Gehna is worried by Daadisa's behavour but Sumitra assures her it's just a normal reaction to Anandi's leaving and also Jagya. AnSh finally arrived at Kesar Bagh. Anandi is very excited to see the new haveli. The newlywed couple is received grandly and the rituals continue. Saanchi reluctantly does her part while Mahi enthusiastically does his. Anandi takes her first step into her new home. One by one Anandi and Shiv complete all other rituals. The last one is the dance ritual (bahu nachayi). All the family members make Anandi dance by twirling her. When Shiv turn comes he lifts her into his arms as per custom goes around in slow circles, thus completing the ritual. Anandi is sent into Meenu's room to change amidst lots of teasing. She remembers the moments during her bidaai and is sad. Saanchi is angry that her friends got invited to the function and tells this out loud. Anandi overhears her and is sad. Meenu notices and consoles Anandi. Anandi is confident that she will be able to win Saanchi over her in no time. Alok & Daddu talk to Saanchi and try to get her to behave properly with Anandi. Anandi applies her sindoor and remembers the past where Sumitra had told her not to wear sindoor in Jagya's name and insult herself anymore. She contemplates calling the Singhs when at the same time Shiv calls her. They have a cute but short talk as Ira interrupts and takes Anandi down for the "Mooh Dikhaayi" ritual.


Week 4: Dec 24 to Dec 31

The "Mooh Dikhaayi" function begins. Anandi receive gifts from everyone and is praised a lot. Saanchi uses this opportunity to humiliate Anandi by gifting her jeans and top. Anandi sweetly thanks her for the gift and tells her that though she does not wear such clothes, she will keep the gift with her safely. Mahi gets a chain from his dear bhabhi. Anandi meets Shiv's batch mates and they pull his leg. Saanchi takes another opportunity to insult Anandi by introducing Anandi to her friends in English thinking she won't be able to answer them. Anandi surprises her by speaking fluent English. The family members are proud of her while Saanchi is annoyed. Whilst complaining to her friends she says Anandi is a Balika Vadhu. The ladies overhear her and are shocked. They confront Ira about this and she tells them Anandi is a gem and she doesn't care about what society thinks. The ladies leave. Ira, Meenu and the other do the ritual of feeding Anandi something sweet and then they proceed to have dinner. In the haveli, the Singhs sit for dinner and discuss about finding Jagya. At the same time, Anandi too sits with her new family for dinner. Ira tells the newlyweds to eat from the same plate. They agree but Anandi is hesitant to start. Shiv senses her hesitation and quickly makes a call to Bhairon Singh and makes Anandi talk to her family. She is happy after talking to them and goes eat but Mahi stops her and tells that Shiv and her have to feed each other. They do so and he clicks their picture. Khajan Singh leaves the haveli after thanking the Singhs for everything they've done for his daughter. Ira, Saanchi and her friends take AnSh to their room amidst teasing. Mahi is in there as he had done the decorations. Mahi stops Shiv from entering and makes him agree to seven promises before he can get to go inside. Shiv agrees to all the promises.  Whist Shiv is distracted by one of Saanchi's friends; Mahi locks the bedroom door and runs away with the key. In the Haveli, Gehna & Basant decide to adopt a baby girl. Shiv finds Mahi and gets to key after promising to buy him a new bike. Daadisa apologizes to Gehna and Sumitra for her past mistakes. The trio bond as mother & daughters. Shiv goes inside the room and admires the decorations...and Anandi. He sees that she is uncomfortable and tries to comfort her. He is about to go change in the bathroom when many alarm clocks start ringing confusing the two. Eventually, Shiv realizes that Mahi is behind the prank and scolds him while Anandi laughs at her devar's antics. Shiv admires her smile. In the Haveli, Daadisa is worried about Jagya and the future of the Singh bloodline. After changing, Shiv comes out of the bathroom to find Anandi already asleep. He tucks her hair behind her ear and covers her with the blanket. He sits on the bed and stares at her sleeping. The alarm starts ringing again and he stops it before she is disturbed by the noise. To his surprise she doesn't even flinch and so he puts on all the alarms and makes a video of her sleeping peacefully in all the noise. In the haveli Sumitra is worried and doubting her love for Anandi. Gehna consoles her. Next morning, Anandi wakes up to the sound of an alarm. She notices it is coming from Shiv's watch, who is asleep on the sofa. She tries to stop it but he jerks out of his sleep and does it for her. He shows her the video he made and they laugh at it. He then gifts her a picture of the Singh family so she will miss them less. Anandi thanks him and tells him she respects him even more. In the haveli, Sumitra is not feeling well and Gehna convinces her to take rest. Daadisa pays someone to find Jagya. Anandi and Shiv share some light moments and are making the bed when Shiv notices the heart made of rose petals on the bed. He tells Anandi to leave it there and tells her that the second night of their marriage will be the first night and the flowers will be a witness to this. He tries to get close to her. She is nervous and leaves to go take a shower. Anandi comes out of the shower and Shiv tries to get close to her repeatedly but they keep getting disturbed. Sumitra is suffering from low BP. AnSh go down for breakfast. Mahi asks where they plan to go for their honeymoon. Shiv says wherever Anandi decides. Anandi says she doesn't want to go anywhere, she wants to spend time with all the family members.

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(BY payalibm)
nothing can be more emotional then a moment when a girl leaves her parents home and that too for good...never to come back... and that time one can never guess the pain and depth of sadness... Cry Cry Cry


(BY tista)
Date : 27/12/2012
In the first night after the marriage of Anandi-Shiv's while Shiv got his clothes to change suddenly various alarm tones  and a funny song ' Sarkielo khatiya ' started ringing''and Ananadi and Shiv became embarrassed with the lyrics of the song and Shiv got furious and frustrated with those alarm tones''.and started searching for those clocks with his Anandijee and their Suhaag Raat turned into the Searching Raat''..LOL


(BY nniks )
Our beloved Shiv and anandi are finally joinned together for next several births...They are now husband n wife :-)
Their most romantic scene this month besides the sindoordaan was post marriage bahu nachayi rasam.
Shiv lifted anandi in his arms and slowly twirled around.Anandi was covered in a veil but tht didnt hamper their passionate eyelock session...They were lost in each other's eyes totally obvious of the surrounding janta..Shiv rotated around with Anandi his eyes didnt leave her veiled eyes for even one second...How romantic was that ;-)


(BY AryaS)
The scene which struck a chord in me the most was the scene whenSumitra feeds her in spoon and gives her the shagun and Anandi hugging her tightly. That scene was wonderfully portrayed. It showed the final realization of Anandi that '.. the precise moment which she was dreading all these days is indeed here and the way she looks at Sumitra teary eyed when she gives her shagun'.and the way Sumitra tries her best to control her feelings and finally how they both let it out when Anandi hugs her.


(BY Malika)

Bloopers ki ye kahani,

Hai ye bahut purani,

Par na thi humein khabar,

AnSh ke Phere hi milenge inko, to show blooper!! Ouch

Don't believe??? Have a look...


With one blooper over boarding the other every month, how would CVS leave the Shaadi unaffected by the tradition!The Pheras ' Yes, the most important rasam of the most awaited Shaadi on TV, couldn't strike the right chord even spite of perfect expressions/acting by the actors. 

And the reason was the voiceover for their meaning. In addition to being overlapping(more than one vow meaning the same) , the pheras didn't concentrate on the basic vows too. Even the vows for bride and groom were out of sync for the same phera. Also, the voice-over and meaning as explained by Megha and Mohan revolved just around the family and kids of AnSH while totally sidelining their promises to each other as life partners. As each others humsafar. Marriage, especially Anandi Shiv marriage was never ought to just serve the purpose of making a family. Its purpose and horizon is beyond that which was so not reflected in the meaning of the vows they gave to each other. It would have been much better if CVs didn't give us meaning and let us assume'at least we would have taken it from a wider perspective and according to our own wish! Hopefully in real, CVs will turn all these unsaid vows into beautiful realities Embarrassed


(BY ritzi12)

The month ncluded much awaited shaadi of Ansh and loads of ritual but best dialogue of month goes to shiv telling Anandiji

" Iss kamre mein aapke saath main bhi rehta hun yeh maat bhuliyega Big smile "

Shivji now wants to remind anandiji tat she is no longer alone and has a hum safar with herEmbarrassed


(BY AnjanaYYZ)
He wears dhoti with style
But, still we are disappointed
Cuz all he does 24/7 is smile

He drives over a 100 miles
But, still we are all super riled
That he fell for Jagya's guiles

He loves even her snore
But, still we are disheartened
why doesn't he understand her more?

He desires her galore
But, still we are deflated
He does not see the fears she store


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(By  Suchi-Virmanian)
This entire month was the week of Anticipation...celebration. 
Many things happened this month.. but for me the best episode will remain the episode of AnSh Marriage.
It showed that women who have been through so much do have the right to move on and move on they will if given a chance. 
A Proud BV viewer presents the BEST episode of the Month of December 2012



(By khusi_* )

Some more rituals without any explanation'..Confused

Saanchi's constant valueless lines''.Sleepy

Mr shekhar's eagerness to be with Mrs shekhar like "maha chipkoo"LOL

With all those not so important scenes Dec 21st episode is the filler episode of the month


(By khusi_* )

Shiv's return gift to DS "Jagdeesh/Jagat"Stern Smile

AnSh's week long marriage then weeks long post marriage rituals'.D'ohLOL

Jagdeesh's abhiyan for self-discovery leaving singhs worried'.Sleepy

Anandi 's mixed emotions''.n shiv's efforts to make her comfortable by switching himself on n off from his la la land'''ROFL

With some unexpected AnSh romanceErmm

Rating of this month 3.5Star out of 5Star


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(By  dixie123)
 There is no one character this month that is best. This month was all about the remarriage not only of Anandi but also giving second chance to all the unfortunate widowed and divorcee girls. BV not only sent out the message but implemented it also.


(By  monamie111)


(By 55Shobha)

so this month costume of the month goes to

  Mr and Mrs shivraj shekharHeart


(By  surabhi01)
samuhik vivah is a good try to promote equality in society ...with the addition of remarriage there is flow of new conciousnes in society

11 dec 2012


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(By ritzi12)

The winner siggy is

(By khusi_*)

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  DonIsback)

The winner avis is...

(By 55Shobha )

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By VerboseG )

Vedo - Saiyaan by Kailash Kher

Thread Link-

AND here is the prize of the winner



(By  surabhi01)

The Winner is

Name of thread -dolby is coming

name of thread maker -suchi

time of posting this thread-5.42 am

date of posting this thread-11 dec 2012
this thread got 67 likes and run till 14 pages

and here is the prize



(By roberoi )

The winner is...

AnSh OS:Illusion & Reality
by Vedo

AND here is the prize


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(By  payalibm) 

Bakra of the month 
shiv was made bakra whole month by evry one...specially mahi... some time teasing some time legs pulling some time jokes and if not then rituals LOL LOL LOL LOL and man is purelyy desprate but nothing can be happened ... even anandi too made him bakra  of the month Dead... his dreams to have 1st night convertd to 2nd night which is now in full swing of rolling into never to happen night real soon in the future Wink ... bechara shivvv Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry except his sweet sister Wink evry one is making him bakraa LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL... 
an advice shiv ji 
marrige is like a public toilet...
those waiting outside are desperate to get in ...
those inside are desperate to come out ROFL ROFL


FunCare of the Month
Mahi is our fun care of the month...he totally made evry one laugh with his jokes and naughtiness ... locking shiv outside his room blakmailing shiv for bike...and most hillarious was  alarm clock fiasco he did on shivanandi's 1st night ... Wink Day Dreaming ... think insted of asking all that promise think if he has said some thing like this ... 
bhiya wife ke 5 talks you can never understand when ever she will say ... 
1)tum na bahot wou hou( now keep on guessing what she means by woh...)
2)mujhay tumsai yaa umeed nahe thee( then wht ummed you had atleast tell some day)
3)tum pehkaly jaisay nahe rahay (then how was i before)
4)sach batana mai kaisee lag rahe hun ( if tells truth ???i dont wana die Dead )
5)i am very stupid naa ( abb han bol deya tou gayee bhaiss pani mai LOL ROFL )


Glycerin of the Month 
dadisaa can be awarded as a crying manic this month...if it was for shiv caring then for anandi for her marrige for estranged grandson finally returned home jagdish ... for marrige for pain of jagdish loosing anandi...anandi vedai..whole month DS was crying and crying and crying Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry


Band Baja Barati
sanchi has played band baja and barati whole month...evry one in shekhar's family is dancing and demanding sanchi to stop but if she cares... even dadaji tried but try and stop her from being the most fantastic band baja and barati for the month.


Khatra of the Month
whole month sanchi did nothing but eat dran and sleep on one purpose - how to become khatra for anandi and her hapiness... whole month she did nothing but at evry oppertunity avilable or if not then create opertunity to insult anandi and try to make her sad and unhappyyy... Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry ...
two cocroaches in ICU..
1st - kaisay hua(how it happened)
2nd - paragon sai(slepper brand)...and you???
1st - aray just heard anandi name and since that day shouting her name and finally landed with heart-attack
2nd - how sad you didnt die Dead Dead Dead 


(By DonIsback & khusi_*)
the winner of this award is vedo for this excellent avi which reflects the journey of Ansh... 

And here is the prize

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Let Me introduce 

summary of the month(short summaries of 4 weeks)- Vedo(back up-piya_anshian)
Best episode of the month-
Suchi-Virmanian(Back up-payalibm)
Filler Episode of the month-
khusi_* (back up Suchi_Virmanian)
Rating of the Month-khusi_* (back up - adi2512)
Emotional scene of the month-
piya_anshian (Back up-payalibm)
Funny scene of the month-piya_anshian (back up - tista)
Romantic scene of the month-nniks (back up- bhavi_shiv)

Saddest scene of the month-AryaS(back up -Malika)
Blooper of the month-Malika(back up-dixie123)
Dialogue of the month-ritzi12(back up-dixie123)
Irritating character of the Month-
AnjanaYYZ(back up-DonIsback)
Best Character of the month-
dixie123(back up piya_anshian)

Picture of the month-monamie111(back up -vedo)
Best costume of the month-
55Shobha(back up monamie111)
Siggy of the month-ritzi12(back up-  monamie111)
Avi of  the month-DonIsback(back up - AryaS)
VM of the month-
VerboseG(back up - adi2512)
Most active thread of the month-
surabhi01(back up- aparnauma)

Best voiceOver of the month-surabhi01(back up -nya_ansari)

Best FF/SS/OS of the month-roberoi(back up-tv_princess)

Golmal award of the month-payalibm(back up-donIsback)

Main siggy- khusi_*

Winner siggies- vedo, khusi_*

Banners/logos- -shivu- , rashu ,khusi_*

Help in categories , NL, intro OS- DonIsback

Special thanks - BV Times Team 


 Our team will present the Newsletter Of Balikavadhu times Monthly. Its going to publish on date on 2 of every month alternately by khusi_* & DonIsback . Please drop to give your opinion and participate in NL activaties as much you can.. and support us as well to reading our updates. We ensure you all of you, will love this newsletter for sure.


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Any person who is unable to send us section. Need to send us pm  .. in 12 days to reason of back off.. Before 12 days with reason mention.. if your are unable to send us reason or you pm us after 12 days for whatsoever reason we will cancel you your volunteer sheep  and found another volunteer for that.   

Any person who is unable to send the section within the prescribed time (12 days from start of the month) will be called off from Newsletter team & Back up will step in.

Any queries regarding BalikaVadhu Times Newsletter.. pm us khusi_* or DonIsback or anshbalikavadhu. But section only to be send on anshbalikavadhu only..

The NL is finally done. All are free to comment on NL. Appreciation or anything will be accepted by us. Right now, we have team with us. So we don't need help for NL but you can posted your suggestion to us.. We will arrange sing up sheet if we required any addition in NL. but till then we are happy with currently team now.  Enjoy this new year's 1st edition OF BV Newsletter.

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