FF: Fire and Water 2 (Chapter 28-B on Pg. 18)

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Hello guys!!! 
Welcome to FF:Fire and Water thread 2!!!!
Thanks a lot for all your support and love! I hope you'll keep liking my work and encouraging me!


(Scroll down for Index)

Fire and Water

(I thank kaveriw2008 for suggesting this pic..! It's beautiful!Smile)


Comissioner's office:

9:15 AM


"Good Morning Team," the Comissioner said taking his seat. He signaled Arjun and Rathore to sit down while Riya, Shree and Chotu stood behind them.

"So, it has been decided. Arjun, tum, Riya aur Shree Kolkata jaayenge," he said looking at Arjun. He then turned towards Shree and Riya, "Given that they are from Kolkata.. wahan ke logon se interaction aur investigation bhi asaan hogi."

Shree and Riya nodded in return.

"Sir, lekin Pathan abhi bhi Mumbai mein hi hoga. Agar Pathan yahan hain.." Arjun tried to say something but the Comissioner cut him off, "Sikender wahan bhi ho sakta hain. I don't want any arguments."

Arjun balled his fist, but kept quite because he couldn't go against the Comissioner.

Riya looked at Arjun. She knew he was upset. But what can he possibly do, except for obeying orders? But, there was one thing that made her wonder: Why was the Comissioner sending Arjun to Kolkata when the probability of Sikender being in Mumbai is much higher. According to her research, Kolkata wasn't Sikender's comfort zone. It was a relatively new terrain to Sikender. "Ek magarmach paani se bahar kyun niklega?" her logical mind was against the Comissioner's decision.

Yes, there had been a few dealings in Kolkata recently: Drug mafia was the biggest, fire arms being the next. But it wasn't just in Kolkata, but in several other capital cities, the most recent movement being in Kolkata.

Also, the consignment which contained the arms, several other exotic drugs and gems was supposed to leave from Mumbai, not Kolkata! But, when Arjun couldn't speak in front of the Comissioner, what can she do? Moreover, it was the Comissioner's decision, so there must be a strong reason behind it.


The commissioner then briefed them about the mission, "Rathore, mujhe sari information milte rehna chahiye. Kyunki Shree Kolkata jaa raha hain, tumhare kiye yahan ek aur technical expert ki arrangement ki gayi hain."

"Yes, sir!" Rathore said and the meeting was done.


Arjun slammed his fist against the SUV in anger. Riya who had now reached the SUV saw his state and frowned. She knew this was coming. She walked towards him and slowly said, "Sir, main samajh sakti hoon ki aap gussa hain par.."

"Sikender Mumbai ke aas paas hi hain Riya.. wahaan Kolkata mein nahin! Woh uska comfort zone nahin aur wahan rehke woh risk nahin le sakta hain.."

"Jaanti hoon sir. Yahaan woh sabse zyaada mehfoos hain, wahaan nahin. Par Comissioner se ne orders di hain tho kuch tho reason hoga. Aur woh Anurag.."

"Ab Anurag iske beech mein kyun aa gaya?" Arjun snapped for taking his name.

Riya rolled her eyes, "Main Anurag Sengupta ki baat nahin kar rahin hoon. Main tho uske baare mein bhool hi gayi! Main resort ke case mein jis Anurag ka naam aaya tha uske baare mein baat kar rahin hoon," she said in firm voice, "Woh bhi tho Kolkata mein trace hua hain. Agar usse pakad paayenge tho, Sikender ke paas bhi pahunch jaayenge! Agar investigation yahaan se hogi ya wahaan se hogi, kya farak padta hain? Shaayad hum usse pehle doondhle?"

By now, Arjun was listening to her, his hands folded and raised eyebrows.

He wasn't the only audience to her 'insightful' talk.

Rathore was standing a few steps behind Riya, smirking. Shree and Chotu were doing what they always do; they stood there with a stupid grin plastered on their faces.

"Ye Riya tho Arjun sir ki class le rahin hain yaar. Pata nahin aaj kya hone waala hain," saying Shree giggled.

"Lagta hain, Rawte ko samjhane waala koyi aa hi gaya," Rathore said walking past Riya towards his vehicle. Chotu only smiled at her and shrugged. He followed Rathore to their SUV.

Riya was stunned by Rathore's sudden taunt. She had know idea that she had audience apart from Arjun. She turned scarlet upon realizing the meaning of Rathore's comment and seeing Arjun's smirk, "Aap jante the ki Rathore sir yahin the? Aapne mujhe roka kyun nahin?"

Arjun just smiled. It was fun teasing her! He wasn't going to let go off any such chance. He simply turned towards Shree and said, "Shree, let's go."

As Arjun walked away towards the driver's seat, Riya face palmed knowing that Shree and Chotu would definitely add to Rathore's taunt.

Shree cleared his throat standing beside Riya, "We have to talk, baad mein. Agar hatogi tho, I'll get in. Tum piche baith jao. Mujhe Arjun sir se kuch baat karni hain case ke silsilay mein," saying he opened the back door for her.

Riya opened her mouth to say something but decided against it, "Isse baad mein dekhlungi," she thought and got in.


Arjun started the vehicle and Shree began filling him with the details of different officers who knew about Pathan's tip.

"Sir, ACP Deshpande, Control room ka head. Unhe ye information sabse pehle mila tha. Meri unse baat huyi kal raath ko. Uske baad Senior Inspector Shiwde, aur uske saath kuch das constables ko inform kiya gaya, aur woh log Dharavi ke liye nikal gaye. Dharavi police ko bhi alert kiya gaya. Comissioner sir ne Rathore sir ko inform kiya. Hamein chod kar kuch Pachees(25) police walon ko pata tha uske baare mein. Aur sir kal raat se search jaari hain Dharavi aur uske aas paas ke ilakon mein. Kisiko kuch mila nahin," Shree said.

"Mila nahin? Matlab unhone theek se dhoonda nahin!" Arjun said the anger back in his voice. He calmed down immediately, "Khair, unke call logs ka kya hua?"

"Sir, abhi kuch time lagega sir unn saare logon ke lists ke aane mein," Shree said.

"Theek hain. Do ghanton mein air port main milte hain," Arjun said.


In the next one hour Shree and Riya made sure they had checked and recorded all the information they would be needing in Kolkata. They also packed a couple of clothes, as they might staying there if necessary. Shree told Riya that he would be coming directly to the airport.

"Kya matlab Shree? Maine socha hum saath mein jaayenge," Riya said as she zipped her bag.

"Meri kya zaroorat hain Ri? Arjun sir hain na. Woh tumhe le aayenge," he said in a tone filled with sarcasm.

"Shree? Kya hua hain? Tum mujhse aise baat kyun kar rahe ho?" she asked hurt.

Shree chuckled, but managed to hide it from her, "Theek hi tho baat kar rahan hoon. Hum airport main milte hain okay? Bye," saying he cut the call. "Have happy drive with Arjun sir," Shree said looking at his mobile.

Riya was really angry now. She knew something was wrong with Shree and Chotu. They were acting weird and weren't talking to her properly.

Just then she got a call from Arjun, "Riya agar tum tayyaar ho.."

"Haan sir tayyar hoon. Lekin aapko yahan aaneki zaroorat nahin hain. Main khud aa jaungi airport. Thank you sir poochne ke liye.." Riya said, totally pissed off. Arjun had called her up at the wrong time.

"Main tumhe pick up karne ke liye phone nahin kiya tha Riya. Main tumhara driver thodi hoon," Arjun said immediately correcting himself, "Woh laal folder jisme Kolkata case se related kuch photographs hain. Make sure all them are there. Kuch bhi miss nahin hona chahiye. Aur haan seedhe airport mein milte hain."

"Ye ladki bhi pagal hain. She and her mood swings," Arjun said and shook his head. He knew Riya was irritated. He felt she was feeling a little awkward because of Rathore's remark about them and hence is a little irritated. Well, this was all new to her and considering the kind of relation they had shared until now, these sudden changes were in deed embarrassing or rather awkward for her.

He felt he should listen to her for now and give her some space until she adjusts herself to the changing dynamics of their relation, which he was much aware of. He himself needed some time and didn't want to rush anything. "Woh akeli tho nahin aane waali hain. Shree hoga uske saath," he thought, unaware of the fact that Shree was busy grinning in a taxi on his way to the airport, thinking about his and Riya's jolly drive.

 In the airport:

 Arjun entered the airport lobby to see Shree sitting there alone with his laptop. He searched for her but couldn't find her.

Shree looked at his watch once and looked around to see if Arjun and Riya had come. He saw Arjun walking towards him, but there was no trace of Riya. He frowned, "Ye Riya kahan hain?"

As Arjun approached Shree, "Riya kahan hain?" he asked seriously.

"Sir, mere saath nahin hain sir. Maine socha woh aapke saath aa rahin hain," Shree said hesitating a little.

Arjun's face became stern now. He was angry! The red alert alarm went off in Shree's mind. "Main tho gaya kaam se!" he thought and said a silent prayer.

"Shree tum.." Arjun was about to blast him off when, "Ri? Sir! Riya aa gayi," saying Shree ran towards Riya in the pretence of helping her with her bag and the files.

"Koi zaroorat nahin hain. Main manage kar loongi," she snapped at him and snatched her bag from his hand. She stormed towards Arjun and handed him the red folder, "Ye rahin sir aapki red folder. Agar aap ek baar check karlenge tho main bag mein rakh doongi."

She was trying to be as peaceful as possible but Arjun knew that she was miffed.

He checked it and returned it to her. She put it in her bag and sat down in the chair without saying an another word. Shree mentally kicked himself, "Mujhe usse aise baat nahin karna chahiye tha. Kuch zyada hi ho gaya."

 "Ye akeli aayi hain?" Arjun thought and sighed. Now she was even more pissed. Should he apologise? Well, it was Riya who wanted him not to come. But, why did he not ask her again?

"Oh, come on. Main nahin jaanta tha ki Shree nahin aane wala hain. Par, woh 'Main tumhara driver thodi hoon..' dialogue kuch zyada hi ho gaya. Mujhe usse maafi maang lena chahiye.. Par.." Arjun thought, wondering how he would apologize. "Ruthna manana tumhare liye koyi nayi baat nahin hain Arjun. Maafi manglo usse.." his heart told him.

 The announcement for their flight was made and they boarded the flight. They got two seats together and the other one in a different row. Riya chose the single one and Shree had no other choice but to sit with Arjun, leaving Arjun disappointed.

 Four hours later'

 Arjun stepped out of the airport. Riya and Shree followed him. They were all set for their mission as an unknown danger lurked behind a taxi nearby.

The man called somebody and said, "Woh log aa gaye hain. Kya karoon main?"

"Bas unpe nazar rakho. Mujhe unki har movement ki khabar chahiye," were the instructions he got.


So how was it guys? 

Liked it? Disappointed?

Do let me know by leaving your comments!!!

Thanks a lot for all your wonderful comments and support! Big smile

Here's my link for FF: F&W thread 1:


Chapter 27-A,B,C :

Chapter 28-A:

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Sorry guys PMs will be sent a little later..
Really busy at the moment.
I'm extremely sorry!!! 

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merry christmas rose dear...
yayy!!!dhinka chika 1st one to comment on 2nd thread of dis fab ff..
loved d update!!
well why comissioner send riya arjun n shree to kolkata waiting to knw..
Rathod n shreetu wonderful family of ariya...
loved their cute n sweet bondings!!
shree teasing ria n she irritated...!!
Rofl when arjun says to ria that mein tumhe kyun pick krunga tumhara driver thodi hu!hehe..
shree prayer to save frm arjun anger..!!
Arjun ruthna manana to chalta rehta h wow..!!
well siki is back..!!
Hope he doesnt harm our ariya!!
grt update..
hope u lyk my coment dear..
Long coment fr long update hehe..
congo fr d 2nd thread once again..!!!!!

hugs n claps..!!

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"Good Evening Vallery,"i sersly does'nt liked it..balki i to jus LOVED IT LOL..
1st shree-riya-chotu ko q ni bethne diya SleepySleepy
soo comissioner orders Arjun to go to kolkata wid shree-riya..par q ConfusedConfused sikander ke mumbai me rehne ki possibility jyada he naShocked
kahi ye comissioner sik se mila hua to ni na AngryAngry esa he to me use khub marungi.i too think arjun is right "ek magarmach pani se bahar q niklega LOLLOLLOL".hmmmm if not may b there is solid reason Tongue..
rathod ji k liye new technical expert kon kon kon????? TongueTongueTongue any any girl new entry he kya TongueTongue
wah wah riya ne arjun ji ki kya class li i mean unko kya explain kya LOLLOL
Rathod ka taunt aww loved dat one..
sahi me aab rawte ko samjhane riya aa h gai LOLLOLLOL
this shreee-chotu uff alwayz teasing my dollTongueTongue
awww shree ki fake anger ne riya ko dara diya uff... n arjun ji ka mein tumhara driver ni huCry awww bechari akele h airpirt gaiTongueTongue
c'mon arjun rawte now u should aplogize..rii tum kabhi mat manna Tongue huh!!
but but arjun is really very sweet he wana gve her enuf space to adjust SmileSmile
woo taxi k paas kon Shocked sik k admi omg
case is very intrestng..luking farward to read more..beautifully writtern..i enjoyed read it..itz superb..dhasuuu....

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Hey ...
That was fab :)

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rose :

couldnt get a better Christmas gift than this dear ,i guess i should thank you for the wonderful update. accha tell me something, is the police commissioner vs arjun convo inspired from the sunday episodeConfused ? coz i felt so. coz it's so obvious and in-the-face .. even riya could sense something offOuch. but then, if the kolkata chase helps them in getting to anurag, then i'm ready to excuse the commissioner for his words today. 

shree aur chottu ka toh kya kehna, aur ab rathore bhi join karliya hai undono ke saath toh bechari riya toh gayi kaam seLOL .i was smiling ear to ear at rathore's comment and the riya's subsequent embarrassment. poor shree, he tried to get riya have a " happy driving "  with Arjun and ended up getting scolded by both.LOL and Arjun, woh toh ab aur bhi bechara hai ..just decided to apologize to riya but interrupted by the announcement.LOL but i must admit, the moment when arjun actually manages to apologize to riya would be a scene worth watching and i'm waiting for it.LOL till then, i'm ready to wait.

ps : you have shifted your story to kolkata, toh acche se research karlena seher par ..koi chuk nahi hona chahiye, i'll be watching over you.Wink

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wat so sad
no went to pick up her,
arjun want to say sry but
cant wait eagerly waiting for
next part ,
continue soon

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Shree was busy grinning in a taxi on his way to the airport, thinking about his and Riya's jolly drive.

omg!! couldnt control my laugh at this comment and also the red alert alaram waala comment.. hahahahaha mast tha!! sho!! riya is so pissed off!! she didnt sit with arjun?? i am also dissappointed!! hmm update soon!! love this new samjaane waali riya!! and also happy arjun remembered anurag!!

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