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OneShot: Mistletoe

-happilyunknown IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 4:31am | IP Logged

Hiya people! <3 First time im posting here so you guys probably dont know me..:) I am Gayathri and well..this is my story *Or the lil bits i can remember of it* I have renamed the characters..Hope you people like it :)



9th grade math was  too hard for me.




 It was not that I was a dumb person.Lets just say that I had more of a bend towards languages. I glared at the problem on my perfectly lined math notebook as if vision was enough to solve its ever frustrating mysterious air.



 My hand moved over the soft wooden desk already clustered with my fat boring books, trying to seek out the one thing that would make math a bit bearable for me. Suddently another hand stopped mine and I looked up to see Annie, my best friend. She was looking down at me with that knowing look of hers, ready as hell to tell me off. I looked right back at her, trying out the infamous pout.









"No music during math hun..You know that's why you seem to loose marks every time"






"Hey don't blame music..Its the elixir of life haven't you heard?"








The freaky accent.






I looked down at the math problem again all efforts at pouting left halfway.Doesnt matter anyway.Zayn was here and that would be enough to distract Annie. I snatched the ipod that my fingers once searched for and switched it on in an only semi-conscious effort to somehow zone out from the conversation that had started between Annie and Zayn.










I am me.I am in 9th grade.Im in my classroom during recess cause I need to work more on math.Annie is my best friend.She is the one who is kind enough to stay back with me during recess, claiming that the sun is too hot for her to handle, though I knew her like an open book and knew she just wanted to give me some company. But Annie is also the one who seemed to have become the best friend of Zayn Malik.






I didn't have anything against Zayn or Zaynie as Annie called him. He was the just the flower in the flower vase for me.Uh..didn't get me? There are some people..or things for that matter whom you don't really mean to notice but end up noticing anyway.Due to their fragrance..beauty..? I Don't know. Zayn was goodlooking I guess..The girls did have a lot to say about him and I often found myself in locker rooms where he was the hot topic for discussion. But unlike other guys who had found popularity or plain 'hotness' as a merit Zayn backed out from the spotlight.Always.








People called him a badboy.He was not.He just didnt talk that much.How did i know? I dont know.It was definitely a weird opinion from someone who has not even talked to him other than once while passing a ball to him in PE.And that was just one word."Catch".








He had been in the same class as me for god knows how long but I have never found him approachable enough for a conversation.It was not that he was hostile..he had a calm and serene vibe to him alright..it was just that he was different from the others. The guy who knew how to play guitar but never tried electric because he thinks it ruins the beauty of guitar itslef. It shouldn't be loud..it should be soothing.








I cant blame Annie for being friends with him.He was a cool guy.They hooked up on facebook it seems..he had a lotta family problems messing up his head and she had always been the perfect, patient listener. He must have felt wonderful confiding in her, knowing that someone out there would be praying for him. 








It always made me sad to think that he appreciated the littlest of things which we often took for granted.








And luckily, he got over those problems.And now he follows Annie around like a puppy. Not in the sick romantic way like the kids in the class tease or even accuse her. No..no im not joking here. Trust me, I would have teased her if I thought they were right but there was something different about the way he treated her.It was as if she was his angel.You could see that from the way he looked at her. And yes, I did think Annie was lucky to have someone who thought of her like that.Anyone would no matter how tough they were.










Even now I remember smacking myself in the head for thinking so much about him and trying to concentrate on math or even the thudding music that I had imposed upon my ears. But all I could hear at that moment was another voice..slower and more soothing ..a song had started. It was beautiful..encased in perfection.










I took the earphones off to hear more clearly..see more clearly. Zayn had positioned himself on a desk opposite to mine, a guitar placed in his hands. He was strumming it as if it was the most easiest thing for him to do in the world and smiling up at Annie while singing.








"Everyone's gathering around the fire

Chestnuts roasting like a hot July

I should be chillin' with my folks, I know

But I'mma be under the mistletoe




Word on the street's Santa's comin' tonight,

Reindeer's flying through the sky so high

I should be making a list, I know

But I'mma be under the mistletoe"








I stared, transfixed at the sight in front of me, feeling nothing. I did feel nothing. I just heard the song. Annie was bobbing her head along with the music and Zayn was singing for her, obviously delighted at the fact that he made Annie happy.








Maybe it was the staring that tipped him off but right then his eyes darted over to me. I was gazing at his lips then but somehow I looked up at the same time, swift enough to catch his action. Had his eyes always been this intense? They seemed darker.They had this liquid sheen to them like mercury.They still do.Yet at that moment they remind me of a fishbowl. Yes, a spherical aquarium.I was naive.








His eyes never left mine as he continued. I was feeling the room become colder and my nails were creating impressions on my palm.The eye contact was unbearable.How the hell was Annie still breathing?








"With you, shawty with you

With you, shawty with.."








It was only then that I registered the fact. Shawty? That was so..






"Jusin bieber?!"








Both of them looked up at me..surprised. Zayn just looked clueless at the outburst from a classmate who was never really classmatey to him and Annie..well she looked a bit scared at what I might say.








I bit my lip then not sure what I ws going to say..the fact that he was just singing that..






"You couldn't find any other song to sing you jerk?!..Atleast be original wont you?"






With that..i left Annie and Zayn in the room , staring at my retreating back. I didn't slam the door hard enough to make it close all the way.It was open enough to carry their goodbyes.






"She was just pissed off cause she was trying to concentrate on her math.." Annie trailed off trying to cheer Zayn up. She was going to kill me later for upsetting him..She thought he was frail.






I could hear the legs of the chair scratch against the ground as he moved it. My ipod shall forever be framed as his cool fingers had touched it then, trying to see what I had been listening too. Annie told me later that he had seen my most played song and turned pale..Justin beiber- Mistletoe.








But she didn't have to tell me for me to know as the way his voice cracked as he said goodbye to her was enough.






This wasn't the end of our story.And we both knew it.


R&R :)

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BornThisWay IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 4:34am | IP Logged
@paintthetown: Nananana!!! I'm a stalker, & proved to be a stalker once again.
I got the first place as usual Cool
& my name is Megha, what's yours? Wink

I'm having so much fun on getting the first spot & rubbing it on your face ROFL


Now coming to the OS, since I read it before, so not giving it a second read right now.

First thing, Why the hell did you stop writing for so many months? Stupid girl! See you still write so well!

Alright now here is the second thing, even though your OS title boiled my blood for a sec as it is "someone's" song whom I hate extremely! But still your writing soothed all my anger. Embarrassed

Way to go Gayu, loved it! 

& of course now I'm getting the ink of "that" guy. Wink


& next time also I'm gonna reserve the first place ROFL

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armyofspooks IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 June 2011
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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 4:36am | IP Logged

OH NO BORNTHISWAY WHY?! I wanted the first spot!

Edit -
No I still dun like you, bornthisway Dead mujhe first spot chahiye!

This holds so much meaning, cause' it's something on Zayn  Heart
It was beautiful Gagz <3

You dunno your writing (and you) are beautiful ROFL okay yeah, lame -_-

But this was amazing. JB is one of my least liked artists, but who cares? LOL Mistletoe had great depth in this OS Heart

And okay...I'm just blank...and I'm grinning like a freak Silly
However, I think I'm gonna tip Annie off from this OS ROFL

gosh, okay enough of my blathering.

much love,

P.S BornThisWay, what's your name? ROFL

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banditqueenn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 4:40am | IP Logged

Edited Cool

Um.. despite of the fact I read it way back and um.. I'm extremely late and I've to be informal LOL That whole attraction,distraction and you crave for my attention thingy was really successful to rise the anxiety.

Your Zayn is really CUTE Blushing I mean yes.He sings for his buddy.What else ? You don't expect him to do Kathakali ROFL and to top it all he plays guitar Day Dreaming.I shouldn't really say this here but a handsome man who knows to play guitar somehow adds more cents to his hotness <33 Approve 

On a personal note- ID like JB Stern Smile EEF his vocals.He looks so girlish Pinch Kay.I should STOP![ Probably  LOL]

P.S.- Get me some HOTNESS <33 Apart from those two hubbies happily secure with me [or maybe the other way round LOL] Stern Smile ROFL 

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ChaiBiskoot IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 July 2011
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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 4:54am | IP Logged
gayu.. il have to find words to say..
seriously.. ur perfection.. and a terrific writer.. !!
annie.. well.. for a second i wanted to be in her place.. since its a real one.. il back off LOL
i read it twice already!

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MrBiebersWifey. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 8:11am | IP Logged

Beautiful OS <3

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BrunoMars IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 March 2012
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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 9:08am | IP Logged
WoW! This is like awesome my friend! I love it so much. The character is so easy to relate to. And then UFF! Zayn Malik! I am no fan of 1D but the only guy of which I know the name is Zayn's. He is so cute! I see you love him too... Awesome story. And extremely well written. Your work is always so good! Gosh! The outburst part, you builded the story up so well and the outburst part was brilliant. The sad part where you get to know that that was the song she was listening to. Ahw! <-- I really ahwed there. I love the way you wrote how she got lost in him. I got lost in him too. I actually saw him... Awesome work -as always-

Edited by BrunoMars - 30 December 2012 at 7:34am

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Athira_Lalmon Groupbie

Joined: 16 December 2011
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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
[ Nope, I don't remember you. Nada, doesn'tt ring a bell. ]
If you going for that by disappearing then I'm really sorry to say you failed *smug smirk. no smiley for that* After making me bite my nails in anticipation for your OSs, LOL, cry buckets and all..It's a bit, no, a lot more difficult to not remember you.

So, I don't know any of these people. I don't know if they're from a show or your own. But from what I've read here, I like them. Like really like them, and I'd like to read more stories about them. Preferably from you. And that's an order. One of my pet peeves finally make an appearance.
A smile came to my face when I read our narrator wants to listen to music. Makes me recall a tip I discovered this year: listening to some music before studying removes stagnant thoughts and clears mind for insight formation.
Aaanyway, I enjoyed the first person narrative and the characters. I liked Zayn's thought about electric guitars. Evidunna ithokke undaakkunne?
And lastly, the Bieber part. Zayn definitely didn't deserve the narrator's wrath over Bieber (i'm getting tired of typing the n' word. doesn't the 9th grader have a name?) And why over Bieber? *naive*
Nicely written. Looking forward to see you pick up your awesome groove soon.
That pet peeve is typing Facebook without the capital F. Gotcha! You probably thought it was something big, me leaving you hanging like that *wicked grin*

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