Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:KMH2-Mohabat restart;) TH2 Pt 55 Pg142 (13/04)

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Thread 2 already Shocked with some spamming of course! 

Thank you all for reading this story and coming with me so far! please check the next post for the next part Smile 


Hello my lovelies... so i've written another SS! your sweet comments is really egging me on to pursue writingEmbarrassed

This one is going to be a continuation of our favourite show KMH2... i loved the characters but didnt like the way they ended the show! it was not fair to the show/characters/actors... towards the end i would think about the next days episode and how it could've been taken forward. For the past few days i was thinking about it and started penning down the plot that could've been. Im not claiming that its an excellent plot but something that i imagined and wished to happen. So im going to put it up for you to judge how it is.

Although i've sketched the script to some extent i may/maynot change it as per your comments and reactions. So if you guys want to see something happen, please feel free to express it in ur comments or pm me and i will see how best i can include it in my story. If it goes long enough then i may turn it into an FF but it completely depends on your response and how the story goes.

In this one, Michael may or maynot be the killer. Also i will introduce a few characters. There will be lots of shades in the story... not just sadness or fun or romance... but i promise to make it interesting! and also to keep the spirit of KMH2Smile


i hope you guys like it! my fingers are crossedWink



First OS dedication to salmankh1- Raman Calling Raman

First SS- Ek Bheegisi Love Story

OS- Shot Through The Heart

OS Sequel- Everything I Do...

OS for Mahi- kuch mere bus mein!

SS (ongoing)- When love and hate collide...

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Bowing down to the demand of a hot update, i present to you this which dehydrated me while even writing it! Censored  I cant believe that i've written something so hot and bold... cant stop blushing myself! Blushing

This update is dedicated to Jaya... this is wat happens when she demands hot updates LOL

Part 28  MATURE CONTENT (strictly 18+) 


Arohi shrieked and Arjun grinned.

Arohi struggled when Arjun tightened his hold.

Arohi turned her face away but Arjun brought his face closer.

Ever since Arjun had entered the bedroom after her, Arohi had been a screaming ball! She had been running all around, bouncing in the room, over the bed, behind the chair, shrieking at intervals, whenever she thought Arjun would catch her. But Arjun had been cool as a cucumber. He was following Arohi very slowly, taking his own time, allowing her to jump around trying to avoid him. He looked completely at ease, walking behind her. But his eyes betrayed all the calm that his body potrayed. They were blazing with fire, passion and revenge.

Finally Arohi had grown tired of running and Arjun had seized the opportunity. He had grabbed her and threw her on the bed, throwing himself on her before she made a move to get up. Her hands were quickly pinned to the mattress, by his large ones, next to her head. He leaned in closer and brushed his chocolate smeared cheek along hers. Arohi struggled to move her face away but Arjun continued to rub his cheek on her cheeks, tip of the nose, chin, lips, wherever he could. Eventually he leaned down to graze his face on her neck and her chest. He transferred the chocolate from his face to the exposed part of her chest just above the neckline of her top. And arohi stilled.

She knew what was to happen next. She tried to free her hands but Arjun lifted them right above her head, pinning them to the mattress again. Arohi started breathing heavily as she could read Arjuns eyes, conveying to her what lay ahead. He lifted himself off her an inch and surveyed her body. Arohis torso had come off the bed as her hands were held above her head. She was completely locked in this position and Arjun took advantage.

Slowly leaning down, he trailed his tongue on her face, following the path of chocolate. He licked the chocolate off her cheeks, her nose, her chin, purposely avoiding her lips. Arohi had frozen but could not help squirm when Arjun evoked such erotic feelings in her. Arjun ate the chocolate off the tip her nose, biting it softly and then kissing it. Then he concentrated on her lips, staring at them as if they were a target and he had to reach it. Arohi opened her eyes to watch Arjun survey her lips and her breath hitched up a notch.

Ignoring her reaction, Arjun bend down and licked her lips... once... twice. He took her bottom lip in his and sucked off the chocolate till he could taste only her flavour on them. Repeating the same action to her upper lip, Arjuns hold loosened on her hands, as he grazed her wrists, arms, shoulders, and finally stopped at her neck. Arohi could not register her hands were free and kept them in the same location, gripping the sheet underneath, trying to control her wild emotions. Arjun finally kissed her completely, softly, with a tenderness that contradicted his feelings. His one hand left her neck and started downwards. Arohi gripped the sheet tightly in her fists.

When Arjuns hands grazed her chest, almost whispering on her pleasure point, Arohi gasped, she arched her back unconsciously, wanting the contact to be more firm. Arjun cupped her more firmly and drove his tongue inside her open lips. His hand caressed her body and his tongue her mouth. Arohi lifted her hands and placed them behind Arjuns head, gripping his hair, pushing him more towards her. Arjuns hand moved down, behind her waist, on her back, pulling her more into him, as if that was even possible. He kissed her over and over but very softly, controlling his passion.

Finally releasing her lips, he opened his eyes. He moved down, eating the chocolate from her neck and below. Arohis eyes were closed, her face had traces of chocolate, her lips were red, swollen and wet and her breathing was erratic. Arjun lifted his hand to brush away the small specs of chocolate that had stuck to her face.

Arohi slowly opened her eyes. The love and tenderness in Arjuns hazel ones overwhelmed her. She loved this man so much! He was sweet, caring, loving and equally passionate, harsh and aggressive. She cupped his cheek with one hand and brushed away the chocolate with her thumb, mimicking his actions.

Arohi had always wanted to feel the all consuming power of everlasting love. She had dreamt of it as a child, wished for it as a young girl. But never in her wildest dreams had she thought that she would be lucky enough to have it. They had gone through so much, right from the time that he had threatened her by placing a knife at her throat! After the sweet sound of his bansuri, his eyes were the second thing that she had noticed. They were so cold and clear at that time, his mind focussed on his mission. Right now they were soft, warm and dark with passion. His mind was still focussed, but his mission had changed. She had been scared of him that night, and a lot many times after that. Despite of all the negative emotions that he evoked in her, she had still managed to fall for him... hard. Right from standing up against her family to planning to kidnap him from the jail, she could do anything for him. Because her Arjun... was worth it!

Arjun smiled seeing Arohi deep in thought. When he had met her, for the first few times he felt that she spoke or acted without thinking. Something that he could not do, and hence that quality attracted him. But now he knew how much smart and pensive his Arohi was, alongwith being impulsive and crazy. He cupped her cheek and brought her attention back to him.

"Kya soch rahi ho Arohi?"

Arohi smiled.

"Mein ye soch rahi im feeling so sticky!"

Arjun was surprised by her answer and started laughing with her. He suddenly got off her and stood at the foot of the bed.

"I know. So lets take care of it."

Arjun held out his hand and Arohi took it, still not understanding the full meaning of his sentence. The moment Arohi was on her feet, Arjun bent down and lifted her in his arms. Arohis hands instinctively went around his neck. "Kya karrahe ho Arjun? Kaha le jaarahe ho mujhe?"

Arjun continued to stride ahead, smiling. Ignoring her questions, he pushed open the washroom door with his shoulder, and entered the shower cubicle. Keeping her on her feet, he reached out and switched on the shower. Arohi screamed by the sudden blast of cold water on her. Arjun held her with one hand and adjusted the temperature, making the water warm.

Turning her around, Arjun washed away the remaining chocolate on her face softly with his fingers. Arohis eyes were held by Arjuns. Water was running down his face, making his eyelashes wet and darker. His hazel iris had become rust in passion and were lined with black lines of his eyelashes. His eyes were more than enough to make any girl fall for him. Arohi cupped his cheek, wiping away the chocolate and stood on her tip toes. Arjun closed his eyes as Arohi kissed one eyelid, and then another. Arjun looked so innocent, so vulnerable, with his eyes closed, surrendering himself completely to his love.

Arohi smiled naughtily and she bit his nose. Arjuns eyes flew open. Drenched completely from top to bottom, with a crooked smile on her face, stood his Arohi. Arjun walked her backwards till the wall of the shower, shieding her from the water. After the chocolate fight in the kitchen, she had changed into a cotton top and pajamas with teddy bears on them. Her clothes were completely plastered to her body, displaying her every curve to his appraisal. The material being slightly thin had become transparent too. Arjuns eyes roved over her body making Arohi uncomfortable with every passing second.

Arohi held his neck and pulled him in, placing her lips gently on his. Arjun held back for exactly ten seconds, before he opened his mouth and gave in to his passion.

Arjun had tried, really tried, to hold back, to not let himself go completely. But after almost a month he had his Arohi back in his arms, and after two tortorous months, back in his life. He had waited very desperately for this moment. That night in the cottage was a chance meeting, not planned. Then, he had been very careful with her, seeking permission, waiting for her to move ahead. But tonight, he wanted to love Arohi with all his heart, abondoning every bad memory of the past or any negative anticipation of the future. Tonight will be just him and her, in the moment, and her silent approval just made it possible.

His arms went around her back, holding her tight to him, as his mouth ravaged hers in the most hard but passionate way that she had ever imagined. Arjun held her neck with one hand as he tilted her head to deepen the kiss. Arohis willingness and the water drenching them had driven Arjun completely mad... mad for her. Arohis stomach clenched with the fire that he burnt in her nerves. She started feeling breathless due to lack of oxygen but could not stop kissing him back.

It was Arjun who pulled back, finally allowing Arohi to breathe. Resting his forehead on hers, he was gasping to get his own breathing under control.

"Arohi... do you... love this dress... a lot???"

Arjun managed to speak, gasping the words in between but Arohi could not. So she just shook her head in negation and her breath got stuck in her throat the very next moment.

Arjun held the v-neck of her top and pulled it in opposite directions, tearing it right down the middle. Arohis eyes and mouth opened wide in shock as she looked down at her exposed torso and then at Arjun. But Arjun was busy inspecting her delicious body with his eyes. Pushing the material off her shoulders, he removed the top completely and threw it aside.

Sudden shame gripped Arohis senses, and she turned around, pressing her front against the shower wall. She felt Arjun push her hair over her one shoulder and his lips pressed on her neck. Arohi turned her head in the opposite direction, her hands folded and flat on the wall, next to her. Arjun covered her palms with his, entwining their fingers as he placed butterfly kisses on her spine, starting from her neck to her lower back, till just above the waistband of her pajamas. He moved his mouth to the side, slightly biting the soft inviting flesh on her waist. Arohi shuddered and moaned as Arjuns mouth moved upwards, along her waist, biting, kissing and licking the flesh along. He finally reached her shoulder and taking the strap in his teeth, he pulled it down over her arm. He did the same to her other strap and left her hands. Arohi felt Arjuns fingers on the clasp of her bra.


Arohis passionate plea, completely undid him as he opened the clasp and pressed himself to her. Arohi was sandwiched between the cold wall and Arjuns warm naked chest. She realised that Arjun had ditched his t-shirt somewhere along the way. This was more than enough for Arohi to lose sanity, with all the emotions running wildly in her heart, her mind, her brain!

"Arohi..." Arjuns breathless voice whispered in her ear, making her skin break out in goosebumps. "Please turn around."

Arohi shook her head. "Pehle light band karo."

"Light band karunga to tumhe dekhunga kaise! Meri tigress aaj itna kyu sharma rahi hai?" Arjuns hands started caressing Arohis cold arms, bringing warmth to them.

"Pata nahi! Arjun please..."

Arjun chuckled softly. "Tum janti ho na... theres nothing that I've not seen before?!" Arjuns warm whispers and his equally warm hands had thrown arohis senses in a turmoil. Seeing her husband being so shameless and aggressive made her unusually shy. Arjun squeezed her upper arms as he could not wait anymore. "Arohi... PLEASE!"

But Arohi just shook her head vigorously.

"Fine!" Arjun whispered in her ears. "Times up for requests!" Arjuns hands went to her stomach, grabbed the knot of her pajamas and opened them in one shot, making the fabric slide down her legs. Arohi gasped and turned around, only to realise that the only piece of cloth covering her top had slid down too. Quickly taking a step towards Arjun, she hugged him close, not allowing him to see her.

What she didn't realise was, to feel her was much more worse than seeing her... worse for his self control! Arjun lifted Arohi without breaking the hug, making her step out of her clothes. Kicking the clothes away, he grabbed her bottom and hoisted her up, bringing her legs around his waist, hugging him.

All this while Arohis hands were around his neck, her face hidden in the shoulder, holding him as if her life depended on it. Arjun roamed his hands on her bare back and kissed her neck, shoulders, ears, trying to make her as comfortable as possible. He walked to the shower panel and shifted the nozzle from shower to rain shower. Arohi squealed when water poured on them from top as if a cloud had burst. Pulling her head out, but arms around his neck, she looked up to feel the water run down her face.

Arjun looked at her smiling face, watching how she failed to realise that she had exposed herself to his hungry eyes. Dipping his head, Arjun suckled at the flesh below her collar bone, drinking the water that had cascasded off her. Arohi threw her head back and pulled at his hair, as his mouth dipped lower and lower, biting and suckling and driving Arohi completely crazy. She was totally at his mercy, his hands holding her in place, not allowing her to put her feet down. Finally she screamed when she couldn't take it anymore because Arjun had bit her hard on her soft skin in the madness of passion.

Arjun stepped forward, pressing Arohi back to the wall with her legs still around his waist. Balancing her weight between the wall and himself, he discarded his remaining clothes. Arohi was completely lost by now to even care if she was in the bathroom or bedroom, with or without clothes. As long as she was with Arjun nothing mattered now, she just knew that she wanted him... right now.

Reading her feelings in her eyes, Arjun slammed his lips on her, kissing her without abandon. He had wanted control and she was more than happy to give it to him. Grabbing her to him, Arjun gave her what she wanted... everything and more. Right against the shower wall! Arohi was in the air... literally!!! She had completely surrendered herself to Arjun, to guide her, pleasure her and make her complete... something she knew he wanted her to do.

Arjuns heart clenced in a sweet pain as he his body made love to Arohi... over and over again! For the first time in his life, he felt loved, wanted and completely free. If there was anything in this world that he could call his, then it was this woman in his arms. And now she was back with him, to love and cherish. Extreme possessiveness gripped him as he imprinted her lovely face in his memory.

He mentally made a vow to himself to never let her go again... ever. If anyone even thought of harming, as much as a hair on her head, then he would shoot that person, point blank. Arjun hugged Arohi close as he gave himself to her... mind, body and soul.  


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yippeee... 2nd thread Dancing
congo for new thread Hug

waiting waiting Day Dreaming

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Congrats for new thread sheetal. Now want to read update.

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congo for new threadClap

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congrats for new thread
waiting for another rocking update

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