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Forever 21 GEMs (Invites Only)

0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Welcome to Forever 21 GEMs Club.

This is SD who is starting give her time to work on it. She can be a bit lazy.  LOL
A thing which was supposed to be done on Nov 30th or Dec 1st week, is now coming almost in Dec last week !!!

I am gonna make you all work. Trust me. However I am gonna oversee it as usually...coz like Peach says I am the treasury keeper. Good book keeper Cool

Anyways...This post is under construction...


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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged
How did get to know ourselves as Forever 21 GEMs ?

The Guild of Evergreen Minds ( The GEMs)
Motto: Though old, we are still young. 

Well ! then here's the Background on the Naming Discussions.


Sent by Namita

CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, 0-SD-0, Munni_123, DovesView, Soundarya22

Yep, we do. Don't like the store either...some of things they carry, makes me go...Really??

GEM is awesome as an acronym.

How about Forever 21 GEMs??

Sent by Peach

Posted: 03 December 2012 at 10:42am

CC: leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, Munni_123, vaani21, DovesView, Soundarya22

I know like the shop.. Do you have them in Canada? We have them in US..

I liked the acronym GEM though- but not its expansion.. 

Sent by Namzz

Posted: 03 December 2012 at 10:36am

CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, 0-SD-0, Munni_123, vaani21, DovesView, Soundarya22

I do like Forever 21...has a certain ring to it...

Sent by Peach

Posted: 03 December 2012 at 9:39am

CC: leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, Munni_123, vaani21, DovesView, Soundarya22

I like it... FYC.. Lets see what the others say.. 

Forever 21..

Sent by Munni

Posted: 03 December 2012 at 9:34am.

CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, vaani21, Soundarya22

What about 'Forever Young Club'?

Sent by Peach

Posted: 03 December 2012 at 9:32am

CC: leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, Munni_123, vaani21, DovesView, Soundarya22


Hope I havent missed anyone.. These are the only names I have come up with..

The 20s Club (20C) (30s being the new 20s)

The Guild of Evergreen Minds ( The GEMs)

Motto: Though old, we are still young. (or any rearrangement of this sentence..) 

My mind seems to be struck on our age... Cant seem to get out of that...

Please give your feedback and suggestions for further modifications.

Sent by Peach

Posted: 03 December 2012 at 9:03am

CC: 0-SD-0

Offhand I can come up with these- The 20s club..(30s being the new 20s).. Or do you wnat to increase the fun factor in that? 

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Sent by : 0-SD-0

Sent : 03 December 2012 at 8:54am


Once u add anyone in buddy list, u need not wait for their acceptance for CCing. It automatically shows up in that box.

I too don't like this pm. Can't do a Reply to All. It sucks big time and agree, only thought process goes out of the window. I want to switch to regular email. Girls what do you say ? 

I think no asking...just share it with me. I will compile that and send notice to everyone.

I trust you with any name you give. funny one is desirable as sense of humour is liked by all in this group.  I guess so. 


Sent by Peach

Posted: 03 December 2012 at 8:46am

CC: leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, vaani21, DovesView, Soundarya22

Hey, I wanted sometime to answer this pm. I dont want to get confused between your real names and online names.. Munni is not in my buddy list - just sent her a buddy request.. Sorry I am the last one to reply.. I prefer answering my personal mails when I am at home, bcos otherwise my pms lack a personal touch- i tend to forget things when I write in between my work..  Will reply in greater detail by the end of this week...  

@name: do you want a serious name or something along the lines of SBCC and MAS? Will pm the options I come up with- though it would require a greater thought than SBCC and MAS.. 

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 10:26am | IP Logged
Invitations Sent to

Buddy Names

30 +


30 -

Not known

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 10:28am | IP Logged
Introductions - 30+

*******************UNDER CONSTRUCTION***************************

However as a reminder. we have met in this manner

Sent by Leela

Posted: 03 December 2012 at 9:00am
CC: 0-SD-0

Shri, I haven't yet read this PM in full. But felt I had to respond on two points in a hurry.ShockedLOL

The username is leelaa9. And I'm in my 30s.Big smile

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Sent by : 0-SD-0
Sent : 03 December 2012 at 9:03am

Dear All,

Compiled all the mails received in one place. Scroll down to read every ones emails.
You can delete all previous emails, so that clutter gets cleaned up.

So the introductions are done by all except Peach. Not sure, why Peach did not give hers. Peach don't you want to be part of it ? Come on join. You have lot of your Mallu crowd. Wink LOL. Okay okay, I am not being a racist. LOL

Couple of you have added Leela09 in your CC list. I did not enroll her in the group as I thought she was younger than 20's. I started this one as the group for older on. Just felt like talking to women of my group. I am telling you women, I literally have had no social relationships since 2003 and completely barren from 2006 to 2011. I just worked and worked. Professional relationships, I have many...but not on social-personal level. I just had two best friends of mine who live in Delhi. In 2012, through IF I started making friends when I realized, my life is not going to be any better than a donkey if I don't do something about it. 

I am looping you in as otherwise you will wonder what's going on.

SD - Shridevi - Lives presently in NYC. South Indian - telugu. (but better of being called just an Indian with two languages as her adopted tongues - Hindi and English)

Dovesview - Mudhra, Mix of Telugu and Tamil, More of Tamilian. She asked us to guess where she resides. And I guessed Chennai.  Doves you missed Munni_123 in your CClist . Add her to your buddy list.

Vaani21 - Vani. Oh! She has another name too. Manjula. Proper Kannadiga and can speak Telugu too. Lives in Bangalore.Vani, you missed DovesView, Munni_123 and ApplenPeaches. Add them to your buddy list.

Munni_123 - Malathi. Telugu and knows Hindi, English and Tamil...versatile. Wink LOL Lives in CT. Munni, you missed DovesView, Vaani21, Soundarya22 and ApplenPeaches. Add them to your buddy list.

Soundarya22 - Soundarya, Also known as Vini. Wow!!! Mumbaiyya. I love that. You must be Tez Taraar then ? Knows Tamil and Malayalam. Lives in Bangalore presently and recently moved from London.

Surabi - Bindu. Malayali.  Knows Hindi, English and Tamil. Again versatile. Lives in Detroit.

Namzz - She's 33 I guess. Namita  better be called a Fijian and Canadian. She has eclectic mix of Tamil, Malayali and Telugu cultures around while being a Fijian and a Canadian now.

Peach - She too is 33. Peach are you going to give the details ? Or I have to give it ? Btw girls I saw her at Newark airport on Nov 25th when she was returning to Atlanta after her Thanksgiving vacation with her cousins in NJ. Peach...if you join, will request a Club name for this group.

Soundarya and all,

I guess you know that Mumbaiyaa and Delhites don't like each other. Well don't worry now. Few years back, I switched parties. Though I am more of a Delhite, now I don't like it as I do blame that place and its laid back style on personal psyche and grooming which had bred more of intellectual and stubborn character in the Gaddam children that has been responsible for part of setbacks that we had in our lives early on...all three included. I am the eldest. Then have a brother and sister. Saw that Hyd and Mumbai gives you a different perspective on life ...being competitive early on. Well! not all Delhites turned out bad. But I am human right. My mother keeps blaming my father for taking us to Delhi. She did for years. And my sister recently acknowledged that Delhi culture had made her incompetent to be surviving in Hyd. And she felt more of this when she saw students from Hyd and Chennai in Arlington Texas when she was doing post graduation.
As for me, I don't like Delhi, because 1) it gets too cold in winter and I used to go blue with frost bite. There is no heating system in India like here in West. 2) Delhi, inspite of being the Indian Capital, its numero uno in being UNSAFE for girls and women. Every day, every minute on the road is unsafe for women and we need to be careful always. Plus life after 8:00 PM is dangerous when alone. In Hyd, I could go home at 10 - 11:00 PM from office without any fear. And I was taking the public transport. That kind of safety I always look for.

Bangaloreans, (Vaani and Soundarya)
I have been in Bangalore through work from Jan 2006 to Sep 2008. 
Recently, Gaddam family has decided that we want to relocate to Bangalore, as we do not feel mentally happy living in Hyderabad. Although city conditions are good, we have not been able to gel with local Hyd mileau. We still feel lonely and friendless. In Bangalore at least Mom has some of her friends from Delhi. And its easy for my bro and sis employment wise. Bro was working in Bangalore and recently shifted to Hyd after return from US as he felt lonely in Bangalore. But Hyd, professionally, he doesn't like the place.

That's it from my side for today. Scroll down to read every ones emails.

EMAILS : All listed in chronological Order

Sent by : DovesView
Sent :
 02 December 2012 at 8:13pm

CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, vaani21, Soundarya22

Hello girls!

Sorry, couldn't reply earlier. I was away to Bangalore on some personal work without my laptop, hence didn't come online.

I am Mudhra (I was active sporadically on IF using this name sometime back on an other forum. Then I lost interest in the show. I never logged into IF. Lost that ID, meaning I lost the email I used for logging in. I didn't so much show interest in show then so didn't bother to revoke it. I had to create a new one when I was smitten by MB. So I am here as DV now. I prefer to be called DV on the forum).

It is good to know that you young girls are all south Indians. I am one too. Mix of Telugu and Tamil. More a Tamilian in all ways so you must have guessed where I live in India. I love what you guys write. It is a good retreat to meet you all at IF through your writings after the hard, long day. Thank you guys for such an entertainment and sometimes very informative and thought-provoking stuffs that you present. [I am sure you all will agree that, SD, the entertainfopedia (I know, I know, you guys are irked by my neologism  but once in a while you can put up with such intelligent stuff )  needs more acknowledgement here] 

Currently, I am following two shows. MB and QH. Both keeps my interest as of now. Never was a TV bug earlier, never watched any serial for longer time (BAD, haan?). Have watched a bit of BALH, PV earlier. That's pretty much about me.

I am yet to catch up with four days' of ED thread.

Have fun ladies!

Meet you at ED.


Sent by : vaani21
Sent : 01 December 2012 at 4:15am

CC: surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, Soundarya22

Hai all Namaskara

I am Vani.My other name is manjula, i am from Bangalore.Other than Bangalore, outside karnataka i have visited Tirupati few times and temple cities in tamilnadu and kollur temple in Karnataka and Kerala Border.Not visited the northern part of India. Mother tongue kannada,can speak telugu and manage Hindi.All the other indian languages i can understand if i see the whole movie.

Home maker, I take tuitions.

First time interacting in Madhubala IF.I am finding this interesting reading all the analysis and funny posts. Regular watcher of this serial after Hindi Mahabharat serial which was telecasted in Doordarshan .

I am glad i have met friends from other parts of south india with common interests in this Forum.

Thanks for this Shri

All of you Have a nice weekend



Sent by : Munni_123
Sent : 30 November 2012 at 11:19am

CC: leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0

Hi I am Malathi.

 Mom of 2 girls. I live in Milford, CT.

 From AP. Can talk Telugu,Hindi and English. Best friend is Tamil so can understand Tamil very well .

 Nice to meet you all.


Sent by : Soundarya22
Sent : 30 November 2012 at 7:36pm

CC: applenpeaches, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, Munni_123, vaani21, DovesView

Thanks SD...for doing this

SOundarya , also known as Vini. Born and brought up in Mumbai, malayalam mom, tamilian dad, and married to a tamilian. A homemaker currently, I have two boys, aged 6 and 3 and a half. Been in Bangalore for the past year & half, moved from London. 

This is the first time I am this interactive on IF, I have always been a lurker, must say I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. 

Enjoy the i'm going to read all the posts



Sent by : Namzz
Sent : 30 November 2012 at 10:46am

CC: applenpeaches, surabi, 0-SD-0, Munni_123, vaani21, DovesView, Soundarya22

I should start with Namaskaram.

 Like Shri said, I was born and brought up in Fiji and now live in Canada. My Mom is Tamil, Dad is Malyalam and now hubby is Telegu. I speak Hind and English fluently.

 Was able to speak Malyalam and Telegu and bits of Tamil but now out of practice and basically suck at it.

 I have a 3yr old l'l man. His name is Nirav and of course his dad the  overgrown kid. See Bindu, I can relate to that. lol...

 Shri, thanks for this darling. 


Sent by : surabi
Sent :
 30 November 2012 at 9:16am

CC: applenpeaches, Namzz, 0-SD-0, Munni_123, vaani21, DovesView, Soundarya22

Hi all,

 I am Bindu. Lives in Detroit, MI.

 From Kerala. Talks hindi, malayalam and english and can understand tamil...

 working mom with two girls and a third (much bigger) boy

 glad to have met you all. Thanks Shri for this...


Sent by : 0-SD-0
Sent : 29 November 2012 at 12:16pm

CC: applenpeaches, surabi, Namzz, Munni_123, vaani21, DovesView, Soundarya22

 hey all,

 You have not checked this yet.

 So am pm'ing now.

 SD - Shridevi - Lives presently in NYC. South Indian - telugu. (but better of being called just an Indian with two languages as her adopted tongues - Hindi and English)

Dovesview - ??? 

Vaani21 - Vani 

Soundarya22 - Soundarya

Surabi - Bindu

 Two things are common

    We are middle aged
  1. We are all south Indians. 

 Peach and Namzz are younger than us. But I don't want to leave them out of this group.

 Peach is also south Indian - Keralite. I will leave it for her to tell what she wants to be known about her.

 Namz - Namita  better be called a Fijian and Canadian. She has eclectic mix of Tamil, Malayali and Telugu cultures around while being a Fijian and a Canadian now.




Go easy on responses. As I am certainly not very prompt in answering pms of this sort. Lack of time after all that posting in the ED thread  But, I will definitely enjoy in doing what you people dictate to each other in the group. I am sure I will like this. Isn't this actually the reason why middle aged women start having kitty parties. When I was young, I used to get away on the days when Mom used to have those parties. too. I guess hormonal changes. 

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Introductions 2 (30 -)

Although we initially started out as 30+ group who are evergreen minds in Forever 21 style, I have realized in the past month that there are few who are so intellectually bright even though not in 30's, that I cannot stop myself dragging them into this club...Most notably being Zoya and Preet who are Geminis and now know how and why a Scorpio like me can really get allured to their minds. LOL LOL LOL

Preet, Zoya...
Hear me singing out...Tere Peecha na Chodoongi Soniye   

Now the additional Buddies of mine that I am going to invite to join being Forever 21 GEMs are:

  1. AA (apolloartemis)
  2. Red_Opium (We call her Zoe, but She is Zoya)
  3. himbin (We know her as Hima) ---Where do you fall exactly ? 30+ or 30-
  4. kt25 (We know her as Priya)
  5. PreetD 
  6. Zoya_Naziya
  7. Pippa  ---Where do you fall exactly ? 30+ or 30-  
  8. Bhakti2 - Probably the youngest of us all and still a mother of 2. And I am proud of her achievement...of what she is trying to make herself...just her sheer hardwork and her motivated and determined self. Very much should be a part of this club...GEMs
  9. HopelessLove

*******************UNDER CONSTRUCTION***************************

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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 10:59am | IP Logged
The first weekend Discussion we had.

Wondering where it started Soundarya! - VD Stiffness

Enjoy the whole thread compiled in one place. From next time onwards, we can come here and start posting our random thoughts.


Originally started by Soundarya

-- Previous Private Message --

Sent by : Soundarya22

Sent : 22 December 2012 at 12:03am

Hellooo.. it's the weekend and time for emails. 

Have had no time at all this kids have been sick one after the other.

AM quite intrigued with this whole lack of passion crisis in MB that is all over the forum. Don't want to comment on it because it gets so ugly at times. Apparently, people have been tweeting VB, blaming her for VD's stiffness. Really sad. But have to say, he is much more uncomfortable than DD. 

I am seriously wondering if that is the brief given by the creatives, because the actors cannot be so obtuse right ?? To what end, is the question that  is making really curious

Responded by Shridevi

-- Previous Private Message --

Sent by : 0-SD-0

Sent : 22 December 2012 at 9:37am

Sorry, i was writing to you and I missed ur name.

CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, pippa, surabi, apolloartemis, Namzz, himbin, kt25, zoya_naziya, vaani21, PreetD, DovesView, Red_Opium


First off, hearty wishes that your kids recover soon. My ex colleague in Bangalore was saying, it got colder and now he has cold. So seems you all under the weather. 

Lack of passion crisis - even I have been afflicted of it. And I discussed all of this with the other CC's you see in my message 

Peeps tweeting Vahbiz...well I have no sympathies with her. They way she keeps clinging to him or him clinging to her every social ocassion, sets is making me edgy. I cringe and feel..."Give me a break you two". In comparison, I see other tinsel town couples, I don't have those feelings. Even for that matter, Gurmeet and Debolina do not cling that much, though Debo knows in and out of Gurmeet's schedule. Compared to VB and VD clinging to each other at all public ocassions, character Madhu refusing to joing character RK in MEIEJ soap, made sense to me and my first take registered only that. I mean whatever cringe I feel at VB and VD, I was relieved of the feeling when Madhu said NO. Infact I wrote that...later on I kept volatile emotions aside and just studied the character and felt Madhu should have joined as they had to begin that at some point. With VD and VB, things are at such state that they have to stop at some point.

VD is stiff. Yes. Period for me. I don't care how he acted in PKEYK...that vampire story.

>>>>I am seriously wondering if that is the brief given by the creatives, because the actors cannot be so obtuse right ?? To what end, is the question that  is making really curious

Creatives don't know...but DOP is clear wastrel. He doesn't pay attention. The song Aa Zara was choreographed by Remo DSouza and hence it was a bit passionate. All the scenes until confession had good passion. But suddently post confession it is all THANDA. I mean, something definitely is FED into VD by creatives that RK is supposed to be distant now. But one can afford to be obtuse, neither the actors or the creatives. In comparison, DD is not being stiff. So VD needs to ask his creatives if what he is doing is right. Since no one seems is giving him feedback, then clearly the DOP is an idiot and doesn't care...or rather the creatives are confused and don't know what to tell VD...whether to show passion in RK or reticence in RK. Then...I must say, they forgot to brief DD, whose character Madhu though spends most of time with her MIL and cooking still clings to RK naturally. ...So see its all confusion ...dichotomy.

And lastly, my personal take

VD is 24 and DD is 28. Clearly getting married to VB and working with older DD (Didi types) has sandwiched this guy. He is psychologically compromised between two friends (VB and DD are friends). He needs to respect DD for his wife's sake as her friends and someone his senior to maintain cordiality. And to be fair...whenever I see VD, I see the footballer and manly-boyish person, who will be chums with girls but will stay away from intricacies and just be helpful and chivalrous to them.

So here...VB needs to advise VD to become less stiiff, since she is constant presence on the set. be his true critic, DD as his co-actor needs to give him CUE to position himself better.

And so clearly VB and DD are failing VD. When he thinks of them and wants to make everything normal, DD remaining too aloof from VD (just so that she is not caught in gossip and doesn't want any trouble from VB like her earlier experience of Gurmeet-Debolina) is causing all the stiffness in VD.

Bottomline for me..STIFF DD and STIFF RK

Solution...increase joint interviews and off-screen chemistry between DD and VD. And things will percolate properly over the onscreen chemistry.

Infact, that's why Geet-Maan jodi was such a hit. Their off screen interviews were as entertaining and good as onscreen one.

That was quite a ramble. One of these days, if anyone wants to hire me as a counsellor or PR or relationship manager for these TV soaps, I will do great. Don't you think so ? 


Responded by Leela

-- Previous Private Message --

Sent by : leelaa9

Sent : 22 December 2012 at 9:41am

Superb, Shri. But the confounding thing is that VD and DD are a delight in their comfort level with each other in joint interviews. Even the together scenes are only recently flubbing up. No idea why. The equation is the same as it was all this while. Maybe there's some confusion.

Responded by Namita

-- Previous Private Message --

Sent by : Namzz

Sent : 22 December 2012 at 9:43am

Hey all, my thought is pretty straight forward. If you are an actor be professional. If you can't perform, you are in the wrong trade. If you can't do something, no need for half baked jobs. Shri, I agree what's up VD and VB clinging all the time. I don't care for PDA so it's yuck in my eyes. Yet this clingy guy can't be professional enough to perform a romantic sequence?? No one is asking for a kiss but come on he can hug properly. I can't stand VB either. She is just everywhere, no wonder VD is stiff. Like I told Shri what did he expect from a show which has Ishq and Junoon in the tittle!! Play Gulli Danda????

Sorry rant over. 


Responded by Vaani21

Posted: 22 December 2012 at 10:57am
CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, PreetD, DovesView

Hai all,

I am not surprised with this lack of passion crisis.thanks to VD's interviews,videos and public display of love between the couple lol. Even in a few minutes interviews he would remind the viewers about his marital status and vahbiz. which was irritating.

I would suggest the MB team to rename the show as Madhu Aur Ballu..This will be perfect and i am serious

It will be a big surprise if romantic scenes are improved. let us hope the best for our favourite Tv show.

Have a nice weekend 

Responded by Priya (kt25)

Posted: 22 December 2012 at 1:09pm
CC: leelaa9, 0-SD-0


You perfectly voiced how most of us felt after last week's episodes. I did not want to write anything in the ED thread simply out of fear of getting bashed from so called ardent fans. I am thinking that it could be because VD is being overworked by the PH in an attempt to bank the episodes before he goes on vacation. I noticed that his voice was hoarse during several scenes and I felt as though that he just wanted to get it over with the scenes especially the ones where he was in close proximity to DD.

I completely agree with you when you said that it should be DD on the sets who should put him at ease by giving him the necessary cues during their scenes. Also, on the sets Vahbhiz should stop hovering over him all the time during the shoot since that must definitely be making him uncomfortable. Who would feel comfortable in a situation like that? Even DD herself jokingly said that her mother while watching her do emotional scenes would burst out laughing and that of course is not on the sets. So, VB should keep that in mind and give him the much needed space. I did not watch DD's previous show but it was a treat to watch one of TT interviews of DD and Gurmeet in you tube. I guess the news outlets created some gossip about DD and Gurmeet which I am assuming made Debina insecure.

BTW, Gurmeet's wife's name is Debina as there is another actress called Debolina. My only hope is that hopefully VD comes back relaxed after his wedding and performs better in the scenes and not become worse. They make such adorable onscreen couple but the chemistry that was initially there during their hate (love-hate) scenes is now clearly missing in the scenes after their love confession. They both look stiff and there is definitely lack of passion and it is obvious that just good looks is not going to cut it. The show is about MB and RK's Ishq and Junoon and clearly they are not comfortable doing Ishq wala scenes  So what gives?? 


Responded by SD (myself)

Posted: 22 December 2012 at 9:51pm
CC: kt25


LOL!!! I said Debolina,   My bad.

Let's just hope things will turn out better. Actually not just hope, I want it to be better and best. 

Responded by Pippa

Posted: 22 December 2012 at 10:59pm
CC: 0-SD-0

HI shri,

I hate to confess this, but I'm a total loss at CCing. I pmed my reply via leela but am not sure if it is CCed to all the above.

And I don't how to cut and paste or even if it's possible in the Pm mode!!

Anyway, the gist of my reply was that I honestly didn't notice any chemistry or lack thereof between the actors/characters.

Only when I read all that was being written about the thanda equation between the two that I realised something was amiss...even then, I'd put it down to poor direction and other behind the scenes issues.

After what the two actors underwent in their previous shows...sins of omission and commission..I would think they'd be wary this time around...and that shows off and on screen...I had already expected that even before the show began. so, I got what I expected...hence, no disappointment on my part.

Personally, I never saw much chemistry between the two and watch their interaction with a willing suspension of disbelief.

As for Vahbiz, I don't think she has anything do with VD's reservations...she comes across as an assured and confident young lady..and so does Debina...I think the problem is with VD and GC...the younger-men-married-to-older-women syndrome, if there is anything like that. wherein, these guys are being proactive by maintaining their distance from their pretty co-stars so as not to give rise to doubts and questions coming from which ever source.

However, I do agree with you about VD being affected by the 'Didi' syndrome..Heck, I too am...knowing that DD's 4 years older does affect me a little, I a little conventional that way, silly me!

Basically, I have very little expectations from the show and the actors...learnt the hard way not to get too involved and invest too much about myself in a show..too much stress on top of other real world ones.

Responded by Leela on behalf of Pippa

CC: 0-SD-0

-- Previous Private Message --
Sent by : pippa
Sent : 22 December 2012 at 10:48pm

Hi everyone

To tell the truth, I didn't notice anything amiss in the interaction between the two actors/characters.

But, that's me missing the nuances.
However, having read all that's being written about the thanda chemistry, I put it down to poor direction, DOP and make up...(that last because both the actors were looking tired and rather unkempt!)

I personally never saw much chemistry between the two actors on or off screen. After the experiences both the actors underwent in their previous shows, they are both wary and it shows.

Added to that, the viewers too are more careful and have less expectations this time around.

I don't know if Vahbiz has much to do with this. She seems very composed and secure. I think, if  there is any reservation, it comes from VD just as it did from GC and not least, I'd like to think so...don't want to perceive women as insecure and needy!

Bottom line: I lay the blame completely at the collective feet of the PH, cvs, director, Dop and all the behind the scenes personnel.


PS: Hope this missive is CCed to all the above.

Responded by Soundarya

Posted: 23 December 2012 at 3:20am
CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, vaani21, DovesView

Hmmm...I too noticed or it was rather glaring...soon after the Diwali segment of MB was aired on news channels, the same news channels in two days screened a near similar segment of VB-VD lighting diyas outside VD's house. Too much insecurity..."'Look guys, this is who he really celebrates Diwali with"??
 VD's only 24, he has a long way to go in his acting career. if he's going to put up conditions like this to the detriment of the show, too bad for him.
Ekta that way, tyrant though she very clear about these things...she had said when the first Mihir of Kyun Ki..quit the show, that these guys have to realise that it is the character that makes them and not vice versa. Of course, she regularly changes leads if they act smart...and spoils her shows, taking things to another extreme.
Hope you're having a good weekend, have a great week


Responded by Namita

Posted: 23 December 2012 at 3:50am
CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, 0-SD-0, vaani21, DovesView, Soundarya22

I am not sure how true this is but a friend of mine said that coz of VB, VD is on Ekta's black list!!

Responded by Vaani

Posted: 23 December 2012 at 4:00am
CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, PreetD, DovesView, Soundarya22

Yes, this is true VD is on Ekta's Black list.
And soon he will be on Everybody's Black list.If he is so unprofessional.

Both the couple are spoilsports

.BTW was it necessary for the concerned people to leak those confession spoiler video.

They shud show what the viewers want to see and not behind the scenes.

Madhu asking for tears, and Vd screaming i loveu, i love u east, west, south, north lol

Responded by Namita

Posted: 23 December 2012 at 4:05am
CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, 0-SD-0, vaani21, DovesView, Soundarya22

Lol. I agree that was weird. Oh boy if the seriously keep this up he would be unemployed very soon. this age and time what 24 yr old guy gets married??? Sounds a bit weird to me. What does VB do? She an actress??

Responded by Vaani

Posted: 23 December 2012 at 4:16am
CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, PreetD, DovesView, Soundarya22

Yeah, she is an actress. i have not seen any of her serials. i heard she has did some role in VD"s previous serial   PYaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani. And they started dating during this period.

Responded by Namita

Posted: 23 December 2012 at 4:19am
CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, 0-SD-0, vaani21, DovesView, Soundarya22

I heard from my friend again that she is Harshad Chopra's ex!! She seems older to me but then VD looks way older than 24!!

Responded by Vaani

Posted: 23 December 2012 at 4:30am
CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, PreetD, DovesView, Soundarya22

Yes, even i heard the same.she is Harshad Chopra's ex! And yeah even i thought the same she looks older and even VD. He is 28 or 29.In tinsel world they always hide their ages.They always reduce 5 to 10 years lol.Thanks for the cosmetics, surgeries and botox injections.

Responded by DovesView

Posted: 23 December 2012 at 4:34am
CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, vaani21, Soundarya22

Agree with you guys. If the actors fail to draw the distintive line between the personal and professionsal life, it really is going to be hard for them to balance both sides of their lives. In fact, one of my uncle says that history vouches that some of the big stars lives have fallen flat on both accounts for similar reasons.

I think VD is too young to realize what makes a married life succesful. It is not just doting (especially in public) that make the spouse happy forever. There are other things like money, fame , and success too that are very much necessary to make the married life successful in the long run, especially when the couple in question are in the entertainment industry. It is really good to show off your so called relationship and its depth at all the award functions and gatherings but that is only as far as when you have the chance to stick around in the industry. Can the duo here understand that or are they so blinded in flaunting their love relations that it is hard for them to see the reality? As Naams says, didn't he know what it takes to be an actor when signing for a romantic show? If you notice those irksome romantic scenes, his hands touch her lightly, like he is forced to do it as it is mandatory. I mean touch lacks intensity or passion to the eyes that are watching the scene with the romantic glasses on. Obviously, when I am looking at a romantic scene I do want to feel romantic and not cheated. The feigned act actually damages the main story and its development. I hope someone puts some sense into VB-struck young lover boy before it becomes too late for him or for the show.

If VD's personal life is causing the issue, then it is high time the PH intervenes to set things straight for everyone's benefit. Like SD said, things such as joint interviews by the leads, and a glimpse of their offscreen camaraderie will really boost the situation.

Responded by Soundarya

Posted: 23 December 2012 at 5:05am
CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, pippa, surabi, Namzz, himbin, kt25, 0-SD-0, zoya_naziya, vaani21, DovesView, Red_Opium

hey to all, hope I've covered everybody in this mail 

I really don't know how he is going to manage his career at this rate. I'm saying this because he is a good actor. How can he ever imagine he can be an actor whether in the television world or Bollywood without doing romantic scenes?? And as actors don't they know that these scenes can be visually manipulated?? That's what I keeep thinking, why is the director letting it go?? The kiss after the confession, the after effects could have been shown, I mean I'm sure we could give them ideas. BTW, did you notice the hug after the 7 phere shaadi proposal, his hands are on her kurta at the back, not a finger touches her skin! 

Responded by Vaani

Posted: 23 December 2012 at 5:25am
CC: applenpeaches, leelaa9, surabi, Namzz, 0-SD-0, PreetD, DovesView, Soundarya22

I think he is not seeing a full time career in television or bollywood.he is smart enough to understand there are less chances to shine in Bollywood. Barun sobti, Rajeev kandelwal..i am sure one or two movies they will be out.And VD is aware of this. May be he is not so serious in show business.

Yeah i noticed the hug, no touching. he can only scream with passion and he is good at that. when the heroine comes near he gets scared lol. and once he had said Romance and passion can be shown without touching too. I am yet to see that lol

And as DV said it is high time PH intervenes to set things straight for everyone's benefit.

And Shri's idea is also good

Responded by Priya

Posted: 23 December 2012 at 8:23am
CC: 0-SD-0, Soundarya22


Speaking of Diwali, looks like the CVs are not going to show us any Diwali celebration in MB I presume since it seems so very late now. Yep, you said it all. I was actually surprised that he would just go out and voice his opinions about doing intimate scenes to the media without thinking what ramifications it might have on his career. He is a good actor and by putting way too much restrictions he is going to come off as someone who is uptight and not willing to work with the directors and the production houses in future might think twice before casting him for future roles. He should understand that the show MB is his present but should also think about future when he says stuff to media because the media can twist it according to their needs and paint a bad picture of him. No body is asking him to be touchy, feely with DD on the sets and as professionals they both know their limits. However, if the scene requires passion then as an actor he should do his best within his limits and then leave it up to the director and editor to show their skills with the visual effects to bring in the desired results on screen.

I think DD seems to be much more comfortable than him but she is also playing safe and being cautious after the gossip that the media had stirred up with her co-actor from her previous show I guess. It is all up to Vahbhiz/VD to sort this mess out. They should invite DD over to their house or may be all three should get together and sort this out because it is seemingly getting ugly with people bashing VB over on twitter and VD might feel offended because she is his wife after all and might say something to the fans/media which in turn might have negative impact on the show and also on him as an actor. I do believe that Vahbhiz is clingy and a wee bit insecure.


Responded by AA

Posted: 23 December 2012 at 11:53am
CC: 0-SD-0


Finally back from London so sorry for the ate reply! I think it's just a variety of factors- pre wedding jitters, the fact that so many epis had to be banked- it probably affected set direction and what not, and some other stuff. Like I said, if this lack of intensity continues, then I'll have a problem with it- but you're right, its a recent thing, so I'm hoping, post wedding, when both VD's and DD are secure with their committments, things will improve. I do think thought, we should tweet/facebook the production house and channel and mention it- how will anything change if the problem is not seen in the first place? We as viewers deserve better in the upcoming tracks where the entire junoon is supposed to start.
PS: Like Shri said, someone should tell VD 1 and VD 2 that an excess of PDA, besides making me cringe (I've just stopped watching anything except the joint interviews) can also been seen by third parties as indicitive of a problem- if they both keep insisting that they love each other to the ends of the earth and back everytime, then I'll start getting suspiciousWink

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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged
The Second Weekend Topic ...A heart-felt matter by Bhakti

political (?) question

-- Previous Private Message --
Sent by : 0-SD-0
Sent : 21 December 2012 at 11:20pm

I am gonna answer this tomorrow in detail.

In essence here in US...rape victim is sympathized and not victimized further like in India.

India is crap when they talk like that about that victim. The only way we can fix India is being US WOMEN going totally bold else soon we will become a Muslim country where women are not allowed to have a mind.

Since I am a south Indian and have lived majorly in Delhi...with my friends being Delhites, I see NORTHERN India as very narrow-minded in its approach to girl-child. Girl doesn't get protection. In south it is not hunky dory and all rosy, but compared to north, we are very assured in love and protection from families. Hyderabad is safe for women even at 11:00 PM in the night. 

Delhi gives scares and jittters. I am talking about 90's how it was scary even for my mother to walk out alone. I used to be followed by stray men when coming home from college. In buses, open molestation.
In Hyderbad too evil exists. But if a woman protests and picks up a fight with a man, the entire bus or crowd do not judge her for fighting her case, unlike Delhi where everyone looks down upon the woman for attempting to talk.

On Public morals and propriety and way of public and social life, I found Delhi very snobbish and hypocritic. It appeals to you until you are burnt and hurt in its crass ideals away from humanity and reality. Elsewhere in south, life is pretty much always competitive and hence close to reality. Reality protects us, whereas hypocrisy, falsity and idealism makes us Unprotected in illusion.Part of my rebuild in my life was me trying to get away from all illusions of life and see things as they are. I believed myself and tried to be SUN...sooraj. The heat is hot enough to burn but also needed as elemental itself. From a woman's point, it is also like Until we don't learn to be fire ourselves, we will not get our self-respect, our dignity and our will to go on with that pure burning.

Will talk to you tomorrow. Need to go to bed now.


-- Previous Private Message --
Sent by : bhakti2
Sent : 21 December 2012 at 10:55pm

Hi SD  please don't mind I had a question for you coming as it were from a jiji to didi - and as you are in U.S.  I didn't want to post it in the thread as it was not related to MB but till I am a bit shy to ask. Sab kuch toh gadbad hai Dilli mein - things are really very bad and what with the elections taking place no one knows what will happen.  With all the talk I was just wanting to ask ki - what happens to a rape victim in U.S.?  Is there this same sense of shame that people attribute to the girl although she is at no fault in this?  Here people keep saying ki abh voh zinda lash rahegi and his type of thing.  It just struck me as so terrible yaar - she is attacked brutally and yet she becomes the living dead for her lifetime? In the U.S. would a victim of rape still be able to marry? Woud she be shamed?  I have truly been thinking about it - can the mindset be it this way everywhere in the world?  I am worrying that I have done my daughter a harm just by bringing her into the world here.Ouch

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kt25 Goldie

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Hi all,

@Shri - Thanks for the invite and making me a part of this elite club Big smile

This is kt25 (Priya). My full name is Kanaka Priya. But I go by Priya, since most everyone likes to call me by that name. I currently live/work in Florida, US. I am originally from Chennai and a native Tamil speaker. My parents and my older brother (10 years older than me) still live over there. I can read/write/speak Hindi, Tamil, English, French and Spanish. Thanks to my roommate from undergrad I can speak Telugu but cannot read or write.


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