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seeta_naips IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
Mr arrogant and Ms bubbly wow what a pair!!!

please update soon

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newmoon2011 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
Excellent prologue
Continue soon

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rishaithra Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 1:09am | IP Logged
nice ClapClapClapClapClap

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..Sugar_ArHi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 1:31am | IP Logged


Today is a day where the Raizada was looking forward in their life. The marriage of the elder son of the house, Arnav Singh Raizada. The happiest person is Anjali she is laughing giggling and smiling while doing all the preparation of the wedding. It's a dream come true for her, she didn't thought her Chotte will agree to get married ever and that to Khushi who is not from his world. While doing the preparation she meet with an accident and Arnav have strictly worn her.. If she didn't look after herself he will cancel the wedding.. Anjali nodded to her brothers will and always have her medicine on time.. The wedding ritual went through perfectly. Arnav was busy for the hold week and he didn't take part in any of the rituals. He has been force by Anjali for the haldi ceremony and he has to agree to his Di. He doesn't want to break her heart and he can see how happy she is for his wedding. But haldi ceremony only last for 5 minutes, Once Anjali put the haldi on Arnav's check, he quickly wakes up and sign her to stop and moves to his room for the shower..

Anjali know he don't like people put haldi on his face and he hate the smell of haldi but no one force him for other rituals as he is not showing any interest in it. On the other end Gupta was making arrangement for the wedding.. The wedding will be held at a wedding hall. Gupta didn't want to make the guest feels uncomfortable at their small house.. So they decide to do it at a Hall and Raizada family dignity and status wont be spoiled.. The girls were making Khushi ready in her bridal Lengha. She was looking beautiful in the red and green lengha choli. They were teasing her by Arnav's name.

Girl 1: "Khushi.. Jijaji will be droll over you once he saw you in this Lengha.." the start to laugh

Girl 2: "I think he won't leave you on your suhagaraat.." the word suhagaraat surely bring a electrical current in her body. Suhagaraat?? What he will do to me? Will he force me? Will he…?? There were a lot of thought running in her brain but been interrupt by the girls..

Girl 1: "Khushi what are you thinking??" She shake her shoulder when she saw her lost in her own world..

Khushi: "Nothing.." trying to avoid showing her eye to them where all the nervousness are clearly visible..

Girl 2: "You are thinking about Jijaji right..?" trying to guess

Khushi: "What??" she shouts..

Girl 1: "Don't shout Khushi. The guest outside the room will be thinking something happen to you…" with a narrow eye..

Girl 2: "Khushi you know I have heard a lot of your would be husband.. He is a short temper and everyone is scared of him. When he get angry he will destroy everything beside him.." all the world know about Arnav Singh Raizada and he is popular as a star. His charm and his good looking face making girls droll over him. Khushi was looking at her friends who was not living a chance to make her nervous..

Girl 1: "Khushi.. Do you think he will be gentle or harsh on bed..?" Khushi's eye open wider and she look her both friend..

Khushi: "I.."

Payal(interrupt): "Khushi have you ready??" she change the topic. She has listen their conversation and she know Khushi is feeling nervous and now scared after she listen all those words from her friends. Payal sign the girls to move out so she can speak with Khushi and make her relax a bit..

Khushi: "Jiji.." with a slow tone

Payal: "Khushi nothing going to happen to you.. Arnavji won't harm you.." she explain

Khushi: "Will he be harsh or gentle with me Jiji??" that's the question running in her brain now..

Payal: "Khushi.. That girls was teasing you.. Just relax and drink this water.." giving the glass of water to her. Khushi was still thinking the question which has been asked by her friends few minutes ago. Even her Jiji too can't answer her..


At Mandap (altar)

Arnav was sitting on the small stool beside the priest who was starting the mantra. Arnav face was not showing any expression. He doesn't look happy or sad. The marriage was a private ceremony. He had make sure no media on his wedding because he don't like his privacy been show up to the worlds. Today was a day, where all the girls will be crying because the bachelor of the fashion industries is going to married and will own by someone else. His wife, Khushi Kumari Gupta and now will be Mrs.Khushi Singh Raizada..

Suddenly there was a blow of wind and he carries his eye and looks the most beautiful bride walking down the stairs with a group of girls around her. He was trying to meet her eye but she was looking on the floor and not willing to carry her face to look at him. Anjali came forward and hold Khushi's shoulder and took her to the altar. While walking she whisper to her..

Anjali: "Khushiji.. Carry your face and look in front u might fall down if you keep on looking the floor.." She nodded and carries her face a bit and looks at the altar. Her eye meet his eye and she suddenly feel nervous and avoid looking back to him.. Arnav saw Khushi avoid looking at him and he can feel her nervousness. Anjali make her sit on a stool and the marriage ritual started.. She look at him once and they have an eye lock..

The priest starts the prayers and sign Arnav to fill her maang with sindhoor and tied Mangalsutra on her neck and alone tear roll from her eye. Anjali come forward and tied the gathbhandhan knot. The priest signs them to stand and start to take phere. The guest and the family was throwing flower on the couple who was taking phere. Once the phere done the priest sign that they are husband and wife now. Arnav and Khushi come forward the eldest and take their blessing..


It's time for the bidaai (Depart of the bride and groom) Khushi hug her parents and cry on her fate. She hugs payal and cried bitterly. Payal is the only one who understand her every well and she know Khushi was against this marriage.. Anjali come forward and comfort Khushi. Arnav was standing beside her and took blessing from her Amma bauji and buaji and stand near his BMW.. Anjali make Khushi sit in the car with Arnav and the car moves from the wedding hall to Raizada Mansion. Arnav saw her sobbing and he hand her his handkerchief. She look at him in puzzle look and took the handkerchief from his hand..

Arnav: "Is it necessary to cry always..?" He ask her when he saw her wiping her tear.. She remain quiet and avoid his question but that make his anger rise.. "Answer me Damn it!!" he shouts. By his sudden outburst make her shiver a bit and look at him

Khushi: "I don't know.." with a slow voice while sobbing


They reach at Raizada Mansion and waiting at the doorstep for Anjali to do aarti and grah pravesh rituals. Anjali come forward and put tikha on Arnav and Khushi's forehead and sign Khushi to start the grah pravesh rituals. After she slowly kick the small pot of rice and was heading her right leg in the house but been stop by Anjali. Arnav look at his Di with confusion look.. Why she doesn't allowed Khushi to enter in the house??

Anjali: "Chotte.. You have to carry Khushiji in your arm while entering the house.."

Arnav: "What!!" He shouts

Anjali: "It's a Raizada rituals and you have to follow it.."

Nani: "Yes.. Chotte you have to Carry Khushi Betiya in your arm.."

Arnav: "She can walked by her own Di.." looking at Khushi then Anjali

Anjali: "No more argument Chotee.. You have to follow the rituals or else I won't allowed you to enter the house.." Arnav's eye open wider by his Di's threatened. He doesn't want to argue more and today was the most hectic day in his life. He moves near Khushi and slide her hand on her leg and bare back then carried her with her strong arm. She look at him and tight her grip on his collar.. He look at her grip and start to take step till the living room..

Living room

All the Raizada were sitting at the living room and playing some games with the new bride and helping her in opening the gifts. Arnav was sitting on the couch with his laptop and started to get busy in his works.. Suddenly Arnav's phone rang and he answer it..

Arnav: "Yes Aman??"

Aman: "ASR we are having problem with the designer.. They wanted to cancel the deal.."

Arnav: "WHAT!!" he shouts. The entire member in the living room look at him.. "How this possible..??"

Aman: "They have found a new Agency.. Which pay they more than AR and that's the reason they want to cancel the deal.."

Arnav: "I will reach in 30 minutes make the meeting room ready.." then he cut the call and look at his Di.. "Di have an meeting now.. I have to go"

Anjali: "Chotte you can't go.." she look at his confused face when she tried to stop him.. "It's your suhagaraat.. you can't leave you bride alone at least not today.." with a irritated tone..

Arnav: "Di I have an important work then my suhagaraat and suhagaraat can be postpone.." he look at Khushi who was not meeting his eye then he look at his Di.. Who was shocked by his answer..

Nani: "Chotee.."

Arnav(Interrupt): "Nani not now.." signing her to stop then he look at Aakash "Aakash.. Look after everything"

Aakash: "Bhai.. Your suhagaraat too.." with a smile on his lip. Arnav eye become wider after what Aakash spoke and his anger is visible in his eye.. He will handle my suhagaraat.. with my wife my Khushi..He clenches his fist

Arnav: "Mind your words Aakash!!" he shouts.. The entire Raizada look at him..

Aakash: "Bhai.. I didn't mean to.." he was teasing his brother actually and he didn't thought he will be this possessive towards the person he hate the most..

Arnav: "Don't you even dare to spoke those words again next time.."gritting his teeth.. Aakash quikly nodded.. "Di I will be late.." he moves to the main door and turn to see Khushi. Who was sitting on the couch and her eye was on her lap.. He quickly moves out from the Mansion and drove to AR


Shyam was helping Anjali in decorating her brother in law's room for the suhagaraat.. Anjali was putting flower on the bed and Shyam was talking with her..

Shyam: "Ranisahiba.. Does suhagaraat can be postpone..??" with a puzzle look

Anjali: "Shyamji.. Please don't start it.." she is angry with her brothers behaviour and now her husband keep on irritating her with his question..

Shyam: "I really need to know.. Did it can be postpone??" still asking the same question.. Anjali look at her husband and moves near him with angry face..

Anjali: "Ask yourself.. Did it can be postpone??" she moves out of the room. A smile appear on Shyam's face he understand what her wife trying to say although it is implied


Khushi was sitting on the bed of her newly wed husband's room. She was feeling nervous and what he will do with her.. Her friend question click in her brain..  Do you think he will be gentle or harsh on bed??.. Suddenly her thought been disturbed by the voice of the door slammed.. She carries her face and look at him. He came near her and said..

Arnav: "What are you doing on my bed??"with rough voice.. 

She quickly come down from his bed and stand near the wardrobe..

Khushi: "I..I.." she shutter again

Arnav: "Don't you get my words that day..??" looking at her.. "We are husband and wife in front of the worlds but not in my room.." gritting his teeth.. Khushi eye start too watery. He has made her life like held on the first day of their wedding. She gain some strength and answer him..

Khushi: "Even I'm not interested to marry you nor living with you in a same room.." she was looking in his eye and she can clearly can see the madness in it.. He walked towards her and held wrist and take her to the poolside.. She started to wonder.. Why he bring me here..??

Arnav: "This is a perfect place for you to start you new life.." by showing his index finger on the poolside floor.. Tear start to rolled from her eye.. He quickly turn his face and clenches his fist.. He feel his heart is stabbing whenever he saw her tear..

The hold night pass by the lion on the bed and an angelic bride on the poolside floor.

To be continue..




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abika IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 1:34am | IP Logged
arshi married
poor khushi
thanks for pm
con soon
will arnav be soft toward khushi

Edited by abika - 25 December 2012 at 1:45am

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rakenduvadana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 1:45am | IP Logged
Thanks for the pm

the update is fabulous. How heartless arnav is

waiting for the next part

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Bubbles76 Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 1:47am | IP Logged
nice one ... waiting for the next update Wink

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Diva_Akorshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 1:50am | IP Logged
wow! nice part...
so finally husband wife...
feeling sad fr khushi...
it reminding me IPK epi's...
waiting fr next part...

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