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Sujatha.rao IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 1:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aarundhati

Nidhi did not deign to dignify the question with a response.

"Is this all you know of him?"

"You call it insanity. I call it love!"

ClapClapClapfor the chapter and Thumbs Up...Clap...Thumbs Up...for the above three statements...! 

Thank you Aarundhati Embarrassed

Sujatha.rao IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 1:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sshirley

Sorry once again for the delay in my comments
Wow, Sujata, a simply mindblowing chapter.  
[QUOTE=Sujatha.rao]Chapter 20

I know this would be a surprise coming from me, but i just loved this line:

Nidhi smiled to herself. She could hardly tell her sixty year old doctor that she had been thriving on love and sex!

Also loved the way Ashu acknowledges his relationship with NIdhi before Dr. Prabha openly, without a hint of shame, on the contrar rather proudly - simply loved this whole convo. esp. the end:  

Dr Prabha looked at Ashutosh.

"You have something rare. Make sure you treasure it forever!"

"Will guard it with my life, Dr Prabha. You have my word!"



This chapter makes one pity mallika the most... one realizes now that her only fault is pride and a very rigid sense of self-dignity.
Loved this Portion the best:

"With Ashutosh's child?"

Nidhi did not deign to dignify the question with a response.

Mallika could not help admiring the girl. She had an air of dignity about her despite everything!



"I mean how did you take such a huge step? You know he cannot offer you anything till he is free from me"

She said nothing to that.

"What if he refuses to take responsibility?"

"Is this all you know of him?"

Mallika flinched.

"You can never be too sure! And yet, you took this kind of an insane risk?"

"You call it insanity. I call it love!"

"Does he know?"

"He got to know about a month ago!"

Was this what his strange restlessness had been all about?

"Why did you not tell him earlier?"

"Because he would not have agreed to go be with your mother!"



"What do you think you are?  A martyr?"

"No,,,,just trying to make up for having wronged you!"

"When did you wrong me? Did you not say that a marriage is only about two people?"

"I did. I may not have been responsible for your marriage breaking. And yet, I caused you pain!"

Mallika shook her head.

"So, what do you want from me?"



Nidhi shook her head.

Mallika turned away and was about to go.

"Forgive us if you can!"

Mallika continued to walk away without responding!


 At the cost of repeating myself.  you are a marvelous writer Sujata. 

Thank you Shirley Embarrassed
Suvika. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 1:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sujatha.rao

@turags and fanktlk

Divya and Suja,

Let me confess. When I wrote this chapter, I kind of forget that Mallika had offered to have a baby earlier. This little back story was a last minute thought. So, I had to cover up. Hence the line about the donor egg.

Thinking back, I think Mallika would have eventually told AShu about her inability to have children. She thought that the offer to have a child would probably be the only way to keep Ashutosh back. So, she went ahead and made the offer, If this had helped repair their marriage, she would have eventually confessed her inability and suggested they do for a donor egg. Her pride and refusal to accept sympathy was what prevented her from telling him earlier. She did not want to be seen as less than perfect! when it came to a last ditch attempt to save her marriage, she was willing to put her pride on line. It was the greatest sacrifice she could make. Yet, it came too late!

hhmmm...understood...as you said, her pride is her strength and her weakness...

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Sujatha.rao IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 1:28am | IP Logged
Okay folks, here is the last chapter...phew,,,,I thought I would never get here...thanks Dr Jyoti for pushing me to do it...and thanks, Pansy, for breaking your silence to make me do this...and thanks to all of you who have been with me through this journey...hope it was worth your while...I know this story has defied conventional morality...but well...I had to write this!

Chapter 21

"How dare you, Ashutosh?"

Ashutosh was already stunned by the force of her slap. Now, he had no clue what she was talking about!

Armaan intervened.

"Mallika, what is wrong? I was relieved that...!"

"Shut up, Armaan! We're not in court yet. You need not speak on behalf of your client!"

She turned to Ashutosh in rage.

"Why am I surprised though? All you men are such bas***ds!"

Ashutosh and Armaan looked at each other. Why was this turning into a feminist tirade now?

"Mallika, I don't know about other men. But yes, I am a bas***d in the literal sense too!"

"Shouldn't that have made you more conscious of what is happening?"

Ashutosh drew in a deep breath.

"You know?"

"No thanks to you!"

Armaan looked from the one to the other.

"I know we lawyers are supposed to speak only in court! But could you please speak less cryptically?"

Mallika turned on him with flashing eyes.

"I suppose you knew too. And even you did not have the good sense to punch him in the gut? What kind of a champion of women's rights does that make you?"

Armaan looked at Ashutosh. His expression confirmed that Mallika seemed to know of Nidhi's condition!

"Mallika, I just got a call from your lawyer confirming that you will be present for the hearing? Does this make a difference?"

"Of course, it does!"

Armaan closed his eyes. The last thing they needed was a fight on their hands at this stage.

"If I had known earlier, I would have asked you to plead for an earlier date citing extenuating circumstances. What needs to be done is a mere formality. When we are so distanced In heart and mind, what does a month or two earlier matter!"

Had she actually said what they thought she had?

"How could you abandon that woman to go through the pregnancy all by herself? Granted you got to know about it just about a month ago but why did you stay on with us after that? I know we have lost the love we might have once had! But have we completely lost any mutual respect we had too?"

Ashutosh did not know what to say.

"I know I have done things in the past to Nidhi! I am not proud of that! And yet, you thought I would be so vindictive as to jeopardize the future of a child? I know I have not wanted a child. But, I had my own reasons for that. And I am not apologetic in the least about it! But, did you think me so bereft of compassion?"

Armaan could not help himself.

"Mallika, I know we have never shared the best of relationships. But, let me tell you, you are a formidable woman!"

Mallika looked at him with scorn.

"Armaan, let us stick to our adversary positions. I do not need your words of praise. I am about to lose a parent, someone who has been my anchor even though I never realized it. I do not want her to be reason for another child to be denied its anchor even for a minute. She would not want it either if she knew. See you in court the day after!"

She turned to Ashutosh.

"I do not want to see you before then. Go to her. She needs you most now!"

She turned on her heel and walked out, her dignity wrapped around her like a cloak.


"We're getting married the day after!"

His words knocked the sleep out of her.

She had been trying to take a short siesta when he rushed in. Sleeping for long periods was almost impossible now!


"The hearing is at 10. We should have the decree in hand before noon. Armaan is bringing the registrar home at 4 pm. It is all fixed!"

He looked like a little kid on Christmas Eve!

"Why such excitement? Does it matter so much?"

He sat next to her and held her hands.

"Not to us, Nidhi. We are secure in our mutual love. But to the baby, I think it does? He deserves to be born in this world without any stigma!"

"He is our son, Ashutosh. That is all matters! Any legal sanction is only a formality!"

"Nidhi, you say this because you are secure in your identity. I know what it is to not have a father's name till the age of ten. Until Baba adopted me, I had no surname! I know these are mere social conventions at the end of the day but I have suffered from the lack of them. The fact that I was letting the same thing happen to my son was eating into me all these days!"

Nidhi held his face in her hands.

"Ashutosh, I am happy if you are. A piece of paper is not going to lend me or our son any greater respectability or security. Our mutual love alone provides that!"

Ashutosh shook his head.

"I must have done something for sure. To know two such women!"

She looked at him sharply.


"Yes, Mallika!"

"We met at the hospital earlier today. I think she was there to visit one of her patients!"

Understanding dawned on him.

"So, that is how she knew!"

"I asked her to forgive us if she could!"

Ashutosh closed his eyes.

"I don't know if she holds any grudges against us, Nidhi. But she has given the baby her blessings. She tore into me for not being by your side all these days! And said she would have agreed to expedite the procedure even if she had known earlier. She does not want the baby to be denied his legitimacy!"

Nidhi's lips curved in a beautiful smile.

"I am so happy, Ashutosh! Her acceptance matters more to me than any law!"

Ashutosh shook his head. He did not understand the ways their minds worked. But then, he was just a man!


"Mama, I want to tell you something!"

"Are you going to court today?"

Mallika was taken aback.

"You know?"

Her mother smiled at her tiredly.


"Does it matter?"

"For how long?"

"Ever since I begged AShutsoh to come stay with us. I was hoping this would give you the time and opportunity to repair your relationship!"

Mallika smiled at her sadly.

"No Mama...it was already too late...even then!"

Mrs Trehan closed her eyes wearily.

"My daughter is not a quitter!"

"But your daughter also knows the need to quit while she is ahead, Mama!"

She stroked her mother's hair tenderly.

"I am glad that you know, Mama! Now, I can do what I have been wanting to do for long!"

She laid her head on her mother's chest and let go of the grief that she had been suppressing for long.


Armaan shook hands with Mallika's lawyer Arushi.

"You know Arushi likes Armaan?"

Ashutosh looked at her in surprise!

Here they were, standing outside the family courts with their divorce decree in hand, talking about another budding relationship.

"I'll make sure to tell Armaan!"

"Don't! She will tell him herself. If and when she feels the need!"

"Of course, the woman's prerogative!"

Mallika took a deep breath and looked at her watch.

"I am headed back to the hospital. You carry on now! What time are you having the registration?"


"Good! All the best! My good wishes to Nidhi too!"

"Thank you!"

"I don't know what the protocol is. But, it was nice knowing you, Ashutosh! We did have some good times together even if they were not meant to last. Thank you for everything! See you around then! And take care!"

She was about to turn and leave.

"Mallika !"

She looked at him in askance.

He bent down and kissed the top of her head before giving her a warm hug. After a moment's hesitation, her arms went around him too.


"Nidhi, are you okay!"

"Anje, I think my water has broken!"


"Anjie...my water...!"

"I heard you. When? Why did you not tell me before? What do we need to do now?"

"Anjie, relax...I am the one having the baby! Why are you panicking?"

"Because that is my nephew you are having, stupid! What do we do now?"

"We wait for AShutosh to get home!"

"Are you crazy? I mean the baby could pop out any minute now, right?"

Nidhi laughed despite her discomfort!

"You are such a loony, Anjie! Not so soon!"

"But Nidhi, you know Dr PRabha warned you to rush to the hospital the moment you started having contractions or whatever!"

"Dr Prabha is a fuddy-duddy! Ashutosh is  coming with the registrar! I have to wait for them!"

"Nidhi, I don't care what you say! I am going to call Dr Prabha now!"

She moved to the door before turning back and announcing,

"Don't go anywhere. And don't have the baby before I am back!"

Nidhi laughed at her back. Just then, a strong contraction hit her middle and she gasped from the pain.


"Sir, how much longer?"

"Armaan Sir, what to do? Only one more couple left. But their witnesses are yet to reach! That is why the delay!"

"But we were supposed to be at Ashutosh's place before 4 pm. It is already 3.45 and we have not even left!"

"Wht do I do, Sir? They are also a young couple. See, they are waiting with garlands and everything. Just let the witnesses come. I will finish up quickly and then we can leave!"

Armaan walked back to an impatient Ashutosh.

"What is he saying?"

"Another ten minutes!"

"He has been saying that for the last one hour!"

"Apparently, there is one couple left. But their witnesses are not here. So, until they get here, nothing can happen!"

Ashutosh pushed his hair back in frustration.

"What the hell, yaar!"

Suddenly, as if an idea struck him,

"Where is this couple?"

Armaan pointed them out to Ashutosh. He set off towards them.

Just then, Armaan's mobile rang!

"Hello Armaanji, where are you?"

"Still at the registrar's office, Anjie. We will get there soon!"

"No..don't come here!"

"What? Don't tell me Nidhi has decided to dump Ashu?"

"Very funny...I meant don't come home. I am rushing Nidhi to the hospital. She has gone into labour!"

Nidhi's loud groan could be heard in the background.

Armaan breathed in sharply!


He cut the call and rushed towards Ashu, who was talking to the young couple.

"Thank you so much, Sir! We are grateful to you!"

"Pleasure. Armaan and I can be your witnesses. Then, there is my driver as well. Let's get this done now!"

Armaan butted in.

"Yeah, we better get going quick. Nidhi has gone into labour!"

"What? Hell, we need to get the registrar there before the baby is born!"

The young couple stared at them with their mouths agape!



"Nidhi, how far apart are the contractions now?"

"About ten minutes, Dr Prabha?"

"So, Ashutosh getting here?"

Anjie butted in.

"He is getting the registrar, Dr Prabha!"


"His divorce was final this morning. He wants us to register our marriage before the baby is born!"

Dr Prabha shook her head.

"I thought such things happened only in movies!"

The door burst open and Ashutosh and Armaan entered, followed by the bewildered registrar.

"Anjie, where are the garlands?"

"Shit, I left them back home? I was so scared that I almost forgot Nidhi's suitcase even?"

"What do we do for garlands now?"

Nidhi emitted a scream just then, scaring the poor registrar out of his wits.

Ashutosh rushed to Nidhi's side.

"Baby, are you okay?"

"Will be fine once I get your baby out here!"

The registrar looked timidly at the doctor.

"IS the baby going to be born now? Should I go out?"

Just then a nurse entered the room with two garlands.

"Here are the garlands, Dr Prabha!"

Dr Prabha had clearly made arrangements while they had all been fretting.

"Okay, can we get this out of the way so we can get back to business?"

Armaan pushed the registrar forward.

The man looked at Nidhi fearfully, like she was a ticking time bomb.

Dr Prabha handed a garland to Ashutosh and one to Nidhi.

They quickly exchanged garlands and signed the register, with Armaan, Anjie, Dr Prabha and the nurse signing as witnesses.

"I now declare you man and wife!"

Nidhi's response to the registrar's pronouncement was a bloodcurdling yell!

The poor man rushed out of the room, like the devil was at his heels!

"All of you clear out now! We have a baby wanting to be born! Nurse, get Nidhi changed and bring her over to the birthing room!"

Armaan and Anjie quietly left, not wanting to cross swords with the formidable doctor.

Ashutosh looked at Dr Prabha pleadingly!

"Why are you still here, Dr Mathur?"

He gulped nervously before blurting out,

"I want to be present at the time of the birth!"

"And we should be thankful for small mercies? After being an absentee father all along, this is the least you can do!"

Dr Prabha glared at him before walking out of the room regally.

She was hard pressed to contain the chuckle that was at the back of her throat.

Conduct a marriage, supervise a birthing process and deliver a baby! An eventful day after all!


"Baby, take a deep breath and push!"

"Ashutosh, it hurts like crazy!"

Ashutosh could not bear the sight of her tear-filled eyes.

"Dr Prabha, can't we give her an epidural?"

"Who's the doctor here? Besides, she refused the first time I asked her!"

Ashutosh pushed Nidhi's hair back from her forehead.

"You should not have, Nidhi!"

"I wanted to experience labour, Ashutosh! Not numb myself to it!"

How did you answer that one?

"If you husband and wife are done talking, what about trying to get the baby out?"

Nidhi bit back her chuckle, even through the pain. Dr Prabha was quite the battle-axe!

"Nidhi, he's crowning! Now be a good girl and push at the count of three!"

Nidhi stared into Ashutosh's eyes, as if drawing strength from him.

"One Two Three..push!"

Nidhi gave it her all and pushed. Life emerged from within her in a gush!

The baby let out an angry wail, not too happy at being pushed out of the dark, warm cocoon that had been his home for nine months now!

"Congratulations, Ashutosh and Nidhi, you have a bonny baby boy!"

The words were redundant since they already knew. And yet, it was a formality that had to be gone through.

"Ashutosh, come here and do the honours!"

Ashutosh had never been so nervous performing major surgeries. He focused fiercely as he cut the umbilical cord with a trembling hand.

The baby was cleaned and the Apgar score was duly noted.

He was then handed over to Ashutosh and he was asked to place it on Nidhi's chest!

The little one recognized his mother's warmth right away and burrowed in.


"Are you?"

"What else would I be when my world is in my arms?"

"What else would I be when I am in your arms?"

Even the cynical Dr Prabha could not help her eyes moistening at the picture of love that the couple made, with their son in their arms!

Their love had defied convention, law and morality as society knew it to be! And yet, it had triumphed simply because it was as pure as the divinity that blessed it!

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saibanu IF-Dazzler

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Awww so so cute Embarrassed

I super liked this chapter Sujatha di , Mallika is really something , I liked her a lot in this ... Please write epilogue for this , don't make this as final chapter ... Please Smile

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Sujatha.rao IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by saibanu

Awww so so cute Embarrassed

I super liked this chapter Sujatha di , Mallika is really something , I liked her a lot in this ... Please write epilogue for this , don't make this as final chapter ... Please Smile

Thank you Sai Embarrassed
And am so glad you liked Mallika...I had always loved her as a character...she had so much potential but they went and destroyed her...Ouch...this was my way of getting at least some of you to like her!

Edited by Sujatha.rao - 26 December 2012 at 1:52am

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Suvika. IF-Stunnerz

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what a grand finale Sujatha!!! divorce, marriage and birth!!! but i am happy with one thing...they got married BEFORE the child was born...am not saying the conventions of the society are above everything and anything but i am glad the child has the security of the name along with love...sometimes, it does matter a lot...

waiting for epilogue...

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SSA777 Goldie

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Sujatha, what a finish.  ClapClap  Awesome.  Waiting for the epilogue.

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