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Arhi FF "For You Forever"Thread 2 Thd 3 link pg 1

verisimilitude IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Thread Two..

Thank You guys for the awesome response..
Didnt expect this FF to really liked by you all.

Thank you my friends and all the readers for your support and encouragement. Hope to continue to entertain you all like this. Smile


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Thread three

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verisimilitude IF-Sizzlerz

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Sorry for the delay in updates. I would be slow in updating from now on till New Year. This part is specially for LoveARR and all the certified stalkers for affectionately blackmailing me for updates.LOLLOLLOL



Khushi could hear the "uouoouoo" noises from behind when she turned back to see her friends drooling over her fiance.


Divya    : "Who is this Khushi???? Don't tell me this is Jiju?"

Swetha : "Hot Handsome Hunk. ?"

Shreya "Hey Khushi if you ever think of changing your decision please let me know first"

Kavya " Oh Come on guys.. Our Khushi is so lucky to have got him.. I am looking out for the other person in the picture with Jiju.. He looks nice too"

Khushi couldn't stop her laugh.. Her happy tears which turned to laugh made her friends baffled.

Khushi : " OMG I cant stop laughing You guys are unbelievable.."

Shreya :"What do you mean Khushi? Are you not feeling angry towards us?"

Khushi : "Why should I? You always drool over actors and those who look handsome"

Divya : " Don't you feel a bit of possessiveness towards your fiance? We are drooling over him infront of you?"

Khushi : "Divya, why should I feel possessive? He is going to be my husband, my life partner. If I feel insecure that your drooling and admiration would snatch him away from me I should feel posessive.. If he is mine and I m sure that he wont give much attention to the admiration he receives other than me why should I feel posessive?

Swetha : "How do you know he wont give attention ?You just had a talk two days back and looking at the pics can you judge his character"?

Khushi : "No.. I don't say I judge his character. I feel I am not worthy of to judge anyone's character for that matter. But in his case, I have certain trust in him which has stablilized after these two days talk. You might call me delusional but I go by what my mind thinks.. And for you guys, I felt like laughing because you guys never stop drooling anyone who looks handsome in your eyes and if you feel that towards my would be I should take it as a compliment for becoming the wife of a handsome guy.."

Kavya "What a thought Khushi' I appreciate your trust and thought abt him.Vaise Jiju is looking hot and sizzling. I wanna see you both together soon'"

Shreya : "Yea.. I thought you would bark at us for this.. You are too matured Khushi..We cant wait to see you both joining hands soon."

Swetha :"Shre' Can you predict how romantic this couple would look?"

Khushi : " Okay.. stop stop.. enough.. I need to reply him back now get lost all of you."

Divya : " No. we wanna see what you reply him.. Im fed up of reading romantic novels.. real life romance is really thrilling and interesting.."

Khushi made an angry face. The message got communicated to her friends that if they continue to stay back she will get mad at them. Poking into her privacy unnecessarily she hates the most. They left the room not before having a wide open eyed look on their future jiju and his friend in the picture.

Khushi was tensed on what to reply to his mail. She couldn't concentrate as her friends really changed her mood and she forgot what she was about to write to him. She tried to focus on the mail and read his mail more or less 100 times to construct sentences. Not even in her exams she has felt this sort of blank picture on her head. What to write, how to start, when to finish, why to get tensed'Too much confusions and deliberations she finally decided to write whatever comes in her fingers while typing. Well the heart will surely direct the way !she believed. She started to write..

Dear Arnavji..

Thank you so much for the mail. How are you doing? How is your day today?

All are fine here. My college hours went well today.. Hope you called di yesterday.. It might have been so late.

It was indeed great pleasure reading your mail.I was touched by your words that you were happy to hear the approval from me. I too liked you from our first talk.It was not just a yes but it was an acceptance from the bottom of my heart. There is no need to rise my expectation level as I don't have any. But the way you approached me and talk to me is more impressive. Your care and concern really mattered to me a lot. I didn't expect you to take Lavanya's issue so casually. I could find myself lucky that I could get you as my partner. These words are not for the sake of writing but I really mean it.


I didn't expect that you would send me the pictures. Thank you so much for that. Even if you hadn't sent me the pictures I wouldn't have had any issues. For me I like you for the way you are from your words. If a person is liked wholeheartedly we don't need to see each other to share love. You really look very nice and beautiful in these pictures; my friends were literally drooling on all your pictures saying you look hot and handsome. Wish I could send my recent pictures too.. As you suggested we can try for a video chat but the problem is I cant come to Shreya's house everytime for checking mails and chats. I can only check mails in my college but video chat wont be possible. I will try to find out some way to arrange for a chat.

 I heard from di you are very busy in the job that you forget even taking food.Please do take care of your health.

I am not so used to in writing mails. Hope I managed to satisfy you with my reply. Will wait for your call today night. You can call me after calling home as I can wait and please don't keep di and nani wait till late night.

 Take care


With Love


 Khushi finished typing and read about 100 times before sending it. Her fingers were pulling the cursor away from the send button as her doubts regarding anything to add more confused her. Then with a strong mind she sent him the mail with a positive hope that she would get the much awaited reaction through the phone call at night.


Payal was coming to Khushi's house to talk about her love. Buaji was working on the new mission of preparing sweets for the shagun ceremony. Buaji and Garima were sad that NK had left the house and it was quite silent without the brother sister fights.


Payal : "Hai Buaji.. making sweets? Seems like you are too excited on Khushi's shagun ceremony but I cant see your loving smile"


Buaji : "Payal bitiya.. Our Nanhe is not at home so missing him. But I am really excited and happy for Khushi's function."


Garima :"Payal bitiya. I heard your parents is fixing your marriage soon.. So you and Khushi are going to get married soon.."


Payal : "No amma. Not yet. Well I wish it happens though. By the by where is Khushi ?"


Buaji : "Now a days Madam is so silent.she is preparing herself to behave silently in her sasural I think.." they giggle.. Payal goes to Khushis' room to find her writing her assignments in a jet speed.She got really surprised to see Khushi finishing her assignments faster for the first time. She was in between looking at the clock as if she has to catch a train in 5 mts. Payal watched her activities from her door. She just ran through her notes more faster than her writing. Keeping her books in the shelf she ran across her room to set the alarm for the next day to wake up early.She was pacing up and down the room without knowing what to do next without aware of Payal standing near the door. Payal couldn't stop her laugh seeing her friendly little sister like this.


Payal : "Hello.. Soon to be dulhan.. what happened? Do you need my advice on how to run for a relay race?"


Khushi : "Payal.. when did you come? Why relay race? What are you talking?"


Payal : "Okay.. now sit down here. Let me see my baby properly to find out any changes after her Arnavji  called her"


Khushi ( blushing) : "Stop it Payal.. I have not changed"


Payal : "Oho.. mere mention of his name makes you blush. I cant imagine what will happen when you both meet!"


Khushi " Oh.. don't worry about that.I will take care. Now you tell me how is your love story proceeding. I heard your parents are going to introduce a villian to your love story"


Payal : "Khushi, actually I wanted to talk to you about that only."


Khushi "You havent even disclosed your lover's identity. I thought you were just kidding me that you were in love . Are you serious about it?"


Payal : "Yes Khushi. I love him for the past 2 years. I wont marry anyone other than him. My parents are trying to get me married soon. You can only help me in this matter. Infact you very well know the person whom I love."


Khushi : "My help??? What ?? I know him ?who is it ?"


Payal : " Khushi I am dependant on you now. You have to arrange for this marriage please. If you ask my parents they wont deny. The person is none other than Akash, Arnavji's cousin brother"


Khushi ( shocked) :"Akash ji.? Payal.. you both are in love for the past 2 years?????"


Payal : "Yes Khushi.. I didn't tell you about him all these days. I know I did a mistake but now I cant hide this from you anymore.Not that I need help but when you later know about this you shouldn't mistake me.."


Khushi : "No Payal.. I wont mistake you. You loved Akash ji which is not a mistake. Now I am happy that we are going to live in same house soon"


Payal : "Wait Khushi.. We have to make the two families agree for this marriage first. As far as Akash is concerned he is too scared to watch even a romantic movie with his family I think. He was streching our marriage for the sake of his brother;s marriage.Now that Arnavji's marriage has been fixed with you, I asked him to talk to his family.He is still scared and now he is expecting Arnavji's help in this matter to present before his family."


Khushi : " So Arnavji knows about this?"


Payal : "Yea he knows abt the love matter and about me but I don't think he know that I am your friend"


Khushi : "That's very interesting .. Looks like we both have to plan big.."


Payal : "Please Khushi..Can you talk to Arnavji about my marriage. Its really very serious as my parents are eager to kick me from the house soon."


Khushi "Ok.. fine.. don't worry. We will do something for you. I am very much excited to help for your love matter."


Payal : "Thanks Khushi.. Hope everything turns out well"


Khushi : " Don't worry.. Devimayya would surely make this happen'"


Payal : " So hows my Arnavji? Was he nice while talking? What did you guys speak?"


Khushi : "Excuse me.. You are talking to your Jethani about Jetji.. not fair. You should give respect to me from now on!"


Payal : "Oh .. Claiming rights from now on. Okay Your Highness."


Both laughing at each other and spent time in discussing about their future husbands and their in laws.


Arnav was too curious to read the reply. He had to rush to his office for an urgent meeting on the while he skipped his meals. He got back to his seat and suddenly remembered about her mail. He was not sure whether she would have checked the mail or not since she didn't have any access to internet at home. He just browsed his mail box and was astonished to see the reply from Khushi Gupta. The first thing he did was locked his cabin door and kept his phone in silent mode.He didn't want any sort of distractions while reading.


He started reading the mail. The word Arnavji melted his heart and he couldn't just get over the thoughts of that sweetness of the word when she called him. Without further delay he proceeded to the next mail.She had thanked him for the mail which he expected. She had asked him about his call to di yesterday night.. hmm. Caring sister in law he thought.

The next two paragraphs left him in awe thinking about how matured ,simple, straight forward this girl can be.. Their age difference didn't matter to him much now. She was more impressed about his character than his appearance. How could she be exactly the same way what had had expected his wife to be? Her genuine feeling and concern made him respect her more in his heart. True love need not prove itself by the appearance and meeting. She has written about sharing love whole heartedly. That's really wonderful and he wanted to discuss more on that to her. He could read her worry in disappointing him for her inability to check mails and have chats. Before she could find a way he wanted to help her he thought. The pictures she had mentioned her thoughts subtly and had mentioned about her friends drooling over her picture.Well he got another topic to discuss for today and the reaction she would could be easily predicted. The concern she expressed on having his meal made him so happy that he took his meal and gobbled it fast as he could.. Her wish his command symbolically proven...He immediately started calling his di and nani as per his Khushi's command. He had to call her after finishing this call.

To be continued


 Akash : "Bhai Please bhai.. don't leave me like thatI need your help now tell me what should I do in return?

Arnav( with a smirk) : "Okay.. I will help you out. In return not as a favour but as a deal you should arrange for a video chat for me with Khushi in your office. You should convince my would be father in law and bring her to your office for the chat..It must be easier to deal with my would be father in law than your would be father in law What say? A deal???"

Questions by "nannav" and my answers..( Zak-- ab khush?)

1.which browser khushi used to open mail...???Wink

Ans :I guess hotmail..Wink

2. wo 3rd pic mein arnav ke saath kaun he???BlushingWink

Ans :His colleague .. Akshay LOLLOLLOL( search abt his character in the previous parts)

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verisimilitude IF-Sizzlerz

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pms will be sent tomorrow..

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Aasmaali IF-Dazzler

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Yeahhh!!!! Wink
I'm on first...
No basically on second but in commenting i'm on first...
Loved the update...
It is worth waiting for...
Finally video call arranged...
Superb, amazing...
Loved it so so so much...
Please update soon...
Khushi's reply for mail is awesome...
Her response to her friends was just amazing...
Eagerly waiting for next update...

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MissNadia Goldie

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hey amazing update love the letter soo cute and romantic beautifully written 
love how he followed everything she said in the letter
cant wait for the next part
continue soon Smile

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frenzyy IF-Rockerz

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aww!!! her reply was awsum and arnav rean was sooper cool.. her wish is his command!! love these two... payal told khushi abt her love wid aakash... awsum update! precap is exciting... he solves her problem of video chat...

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shane1 Goldie

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Arnav and Khushi love is so pure. Simply loved it.

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..ashiya.. IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update.. Loved the way Khushi replied to his mail and calmness seeing her friends drool over her would be.. And nice precap.. Cant wait for their video chat.. Do continue soon..

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