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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - 12/5/2005

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 1:19pm | IP Logged

An Episode full of Contrived Situations Confused ... and twists and turns enough to give a Formula One driver a headache....Ouch!

The first few minutes of this Episode are a mystery… 'cos it started a couple of minutes earlier than usual while I wasn't tuned in… forgive me folks!!!CryCry


Reconstruction of the first two minutes: The first half of yesterday's Preview!Tongue

Raj, who had been arrested for drinking and driving, has been taken to the Police Station. He has just stepped off the jeep when he hears the corrupt Inspector talking loudly on his cell: "We are getting a search warrant from the Magistrate in the morning. Arre, it's for some famous model, Jessica Bedi!"

Raj overhears this and can't believe what he is hearing…  he makes up his mind to warn Jessica ASAP..TongueTongue


Missed the first half of this very sweet scene!Cry

Armaan is seated at Jassi's desk, fantasizing about his Jassi smiling at him through her glasses and braces. He starts grinning from ear to ear, and her smile gets wider and wider… he is happy and tickled to be next to her and then gives her that mesmerizing glance.. just as he makes a move to get up and go to her, Jassi morphs into Jessica who is looking at him with quizzical amusement, "Armaan??"

Armaan is taken aback! He comes back to reality with a thud as Jassi asks him concerned, "What happened? Are you OK?"

He answers her with disappointment, wiping the sudden tears from his cheeks, "No I'm… I'm OK!Cry"

Just then, Raj calls Jassi on her cell! Jassi does not want to ruin the poignant moment and disconnects. Raj shouts in frustration, "Pick up, dammit.. pick up!!" He calls her again – she discos again!

Armaan says to her softly, "Jessica, I just want to know when Jassi is coming back! I can't bear this waiting! I am feeling so much at this moment – happiness, excitement, nervous and…" He breaks off and Jassi asks him, "And what?" Armaan is radiating happiness! ".. and love!"

Once again, Raj calls Jessica, "Come one! Come on! Come on!" and she discos! He bangs his head with frustration!!!!! Tongue

Armaan comments on her not taking the call and she tells him it's not important. He asks her then, "Jessica I wanted to know.. who will be going to fetch Jassi? If you like, I can do the honors…"

Jassi grins at the eagerness he can barely disguise and answers, "No, she is here!" She stops, thinking maybe she has said to much, but goes on, "I mean, she's almost reached.. she had some important work, she had to meet some people… actually, I am going over to Jassi's place. I must inform the family about tomorrow's Press Conference, but I''ll be going alone…"

Armaan immediately offers to come along with her, and she accepts with a smile!



Billu is lazing on the jhoola surrounded by Bebe and Amrit. He bangs the newspaper down with a loud sigh and says in a disgruntled tone, "WHAT IS this they keep printing, Amrit!! Which actor is having an affair with which actress! Which dance bar opened and which one shut down, and opened up again! Don't these people have anything else to write about!!"

Bebe says sensibly, "Then why doooo you read it, Billu!!! These newspapers are nothing but a waste of time. They are nothing but junk!!"

Jassi is listening to the exchange at the door and suddenly Billu notices her and welcomes her inside., "Arre beta, Come!"

Bebe gives her a very warm welcome and there is the tinkling of laughter and enjoyment as Jassi hugs Bebe and goes to sit next to her. Bebe tells her lovingly that she dreamt of her last night! Jassi replies, "That is why I came over in the morning!"

Bebe offers her a salwar-kameez and says indulgently, "I was searching for something in the cupboard this morning, when I found this… you keep it!! I couldn't give this to Jassi.. but you can keep it!"

Armaan has entered behind them and is looking on at the scene with a sweet smile.

Jassi avers, "No, Bebe.. I can't keep this! I…" Bebe looks downcast and replies, "Oh… how could I have thought you would like this… it's not modern, is it…"

Jassi rushes to explain, "Arre nahin! You misunderstood me. You have preserved this for Jassi.. so you can give it to her when she comes back!"

At hearing Jessica's positive tone and the words 'Jassi comes back' Armaan looks up at the Heavens and gives a beautiful, happy, dimpled smile as if he is silently saying "Thank-you, God…!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

Bebe says forlornly, "Jassi.. beta only God knows when she will come back!"

At that moment, Billu spies Armaan standing quietly at the door and welcomes him inside whole-heartedly, "Mr Suri! Come on in!!!" Bebe and Amrit are very pleased to see him.

When Billu tells Amrit to ask the guests for some garam-thanda, Bebe exclaims, "Chup kar, Billu! They may be guests for you, but they are certainly not mine! Now don't say a word about this!"

Turning to Jassi, she asks, "Puttar, what was it you were saying about Jassi??" Jassi drops the bomb quietly. "Jassi is coming back tomorrow!"

The world is frozen for a second.. then follows a delightful scene where Bebe and Amrit's faces light up as though it's Diwali.. they begin talking all at once and rejoicing! Only Billu looks strained and his face is a mixture of surprise, regret and pain.....

Bebe asks Jassi to tell them how Jassi is!!! "What was she saying… did she say anything about us at all??" Jassi is grinning happily and holds Amrit's hand next to her heart. She asks them to cool down, saying that Jassi herself will come and answer all their questions! "The whole world has a grouse against her, so she is coming back to give her replies. She will be holding a Press Conference in Gulmohur tomorrow. All of you MUST be there!"

Billu makes a queasy face and makes a move to leave them. "You all, please go on.. I'll be in my room. I feel a little ill." Jassi is disappointed and upset!!



Raj barges into the room and begins a monotone directed at the chair. The chair is facing the wall and he assumes it is Jessica sitting there.

"THANK GOD, Jessica, you're here! You know, I went to the Police Station! There I came to know that a warrant has been issued in your name!! That too, a Murder charge!! Look, I don't know what all this is about but until it gets cleared up…leave this place, just go somewhere! Are you LISTENING, Jessica!!?!???!!?"

The chair is propelled around and Raj is ZonkeD to see Mallika sitting there!!!!! OuchDead

She has a cold, calculating look in her eyes. "Murder charges.. and that too on Jessica Bedi???! But a girl like Jessica can never murder anyone, right Raj? I'm sure there's a mistake somewhere, right?"

Raj asks her what she is doing in this room! Mallika replies that she had come to search for a very important file. "But what IS this you're saying, Raj?? Jessica… murder… warrant…!!!"

Raj does some quick thinking and gives it right back to her! "Yaar, you ruined my joke completely!!"

Mallika makes a sarcastic, disbelieving face, "Joke…?"

Raj plays along, saying loudly, "Yaa! JOKE!! I thought Jessica would be busy working and I would come in here, do some ribbing and pull her leg… but your leg came in the way.. hehehe!"

Mallika says with mock-surprise, "Thank God! You had me scared to death for a moment!! Jessica… murder… all too heavy-duty and serious.."

Raj exclaims, "Raj is only serious when he is joking!! If this is the way YOU reacted, imagine how she will react! I'm definitely gonna make a bakra out of her! See ya,.. catch you later!"

He hurriedly leaves the room and Mallika is left fulminating and wringing her fingers, "How did that idiot ever find out???!! If he tells Jessica, the whole plan will come to naught!! I must do something fast!"

Something occurs to her that leaves her looking like the cat who got the cream, "You will be arrested TODAY itself, Jessica!"Dead


Billu is fumbling over something precious that reminds him of Jassi and Jassi is watching him from the door. He has his back to Jassi. He looks old and defeated, as if the weight of the whole world is on his shoulders.

He catches sight of Jassi and goes over to sit on the bed, rubbing his eyes tiredly. Jassi walks up to him hesitantly and asks, "Jassi is coming back – are you not happy to hear that?"

Billu replies in a drained voice, "Happy? I wish you had been here when I had to hang my head in shame for what she did… I wish you had been here to see what me and my family had to go through for her one mistake.. It doesn't matter to her at all. If it had, she would not have left home, left us. I could not imbibe in her the values I wanted to..  If she does prove herself innocent tomorrow, no one will feel prouder than I will. And if she is unable to do that, even my leftover strength will desert me…!"

Jassi is moved to tears and reaches out to reassure himCry, "She will not allow that to happen, Pa.." and catches herself in time! She repeats, "She will not let that happen. If she proves herself innocent, will you forgive her?"

Billu gives her a long look during which she waits with bated breath for his answer.

Finally, he holds his head in his hands and replies, "I don't know, beta! The only fear that is eating me up now is… if she does prove herself innocent, then – will SHE ever be able to forgive ME???"

The question is left hanging in the air as Jassi tries to find the right words to reassure him but in unable to do so without giving herself away…



It is night-time. Mallika alights from her car as a police jeep arrives and the Inspector steps down towards her. She bangs her car door shut and reprimands him, "Where have you been, Inspector Sahib? You took your time coming!Angry"

The Inspector says in a hard voice, "So I have taken money from you, Madam.. but that does not mean I shall materialize every time you click your fingers! I am on government duty!Tongue"

Mallika scolds him saying that she is only asking him to do his duty! "You must arrest Jessica Bedi tonight!!!!"

The Inspector is nonplussed and bites off, "Seems like you have lost your mind, Madam ji! Or you would know that arresting somebody requires a warrant – and a warrant needs to be obtained from a Court – and the Court is closed at night! Do as I say… please go home. We shall see about this in the morning!"

Mallika protests that it will be too late in the morning! The Inspector encourages her to go approach someone else, as he can do nothing. "I have Seniors and I must answer to them too!"

Mallika tries to get through to him. "Look, Inspector Sahib! At any moment, Jessica can get to know of our plan. We have very little time… we must do what we can RIGHT AWAY!!!!! Why can't you understand!!!"

The Inspector replies firmly. "Madam, whatever can happen now will happen in the morning."

Mallika looks at his determined face and switches to Plan B. She says guilefully, "Fine. Then I shall have to make this matter serious."

She calls Aryan on her cell and orders him, "Aryan, call up the Airlines immediately and book a ticket for Paris. Nope… the ticket will not be on mine, but on Jessica Bedi's name!"

She hangs up and faces the Inspector who is hanging on to her every word. "Tell me, Inspector Sahib… if after committing a murder, if a criminal is trying to flee, will you arrest him immediately or wait for the courts to open in the morning?"

The Inspector latches on to her plan immediately and says with a wily grin, "Not at all… if the news is authentic, sometimes the Judge can be woken up at night too! Now… don't you worry about a thing! The police will arrest Jessica Bedi within the next one and a half hour!!!"

Mallika looks verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry pleased!!!OuchDead



Raj barges into Jassi's home and orders the man-servant to call Jessica Bedi Ma'am at once!!!! He starts calling out for her impatiently but the man-servant informs him that Madam has gone out!

Raj is upset and asks him quickly where she has gone. The man-servant says he doesn't know! Raj asks him urgently, "When will she be back!!???" The man-servant doesn't know!!

Raj desperately asks him for a pen and notepad and sits down to scribble a note to her. He tears off the page and hands it to the man, saying strictly, "When Madam comes back, you must give this to her, OK!!!"

He pats the man on his shoulder and asks him his name. The man replies, "Mohan." Raj tells him to make SURE it reaches Jessica Ma'am or he might lose his job! He then makes a hasty exit.

Mohan goes over to the porcelain doll on the mantelpiece and slides the slip of paper under it, where it is clearly visible…



Armaan brings the car to a halt outside the house and gives Jassi a warm look. "So Miss Jessica Bedi.. here you are!"

Jassi is loathe to leave him and go and says to him reluctantly, "Can I… ask you something?"

Armaan tells her to go ahead and Jassi asks him, "When you meet Jassi.. what will you say to her?"

Armaan is foxed by the question and answers with amusement, "Uhhhhh… I'll say that… !" He can't go on! Jassi is enoying the moment and says playfully, "OK.. I'll pretend that I'm Jassi!"

Armaan tries to come into the right mood and plays along, "I'll say to Jassi.. Jassi, you stayed away from Bebe's parathas for so long, you've lost sooo much weight!!!" They both burst into laughter and Armaan says charmingly, "I'm sorry, Jessica! I cannot think of you as Jassi even if I want to!"

Jassi teases him, "Fine! So now don't ask me where Jassi is huh!" Armaan winces at the blackmail and starts again, "Errr.. I'll tell Jassi what she wants to hear from me!" Jassi prods him, what does she want to hear you say?

Armaan closes his eyes and looks serious all of a sudden, looking heart-breakingly angelic. "I'll go close to Jassi.. I'll look deeply into her eyes.. and .."

Beeep! Ta na na naa! Raj calls Jassi's cell and shreds the intense moment … Jassi sees the number and discos – AGAIN!!!! ConfusedConfused

Armaan pleads with her, "Jessica! Jessica, please don't joke with me anymore… please tell me where Jassi is..!"

Jassi explodes a bomb over his head. Armaan is completely unprepared to hear what she says next. "She …. She's at home, inside!!!"

Armaan looks as though someone has just socked him in the stomach!!! He averts his face and stares out the windshield. Jassi observes his violent reaction and thinks, getting emotional, "I'm sorry, Nandu… but I really cannot play with Armaan Sir's feelings anymore!!"



Armaan enters the house, Jassi trailing behind him. He looks expectantly around him and calls out "Jassi?" with a lack of surety about his welcome which is heart-rending. "Jassi, I'm here! Jassi?"

He keeps taking steps forward while Jassi is looking at his back in confusion, wondering how to say the words, whether to take him in his arms, how to break the news… Another "Jassi?" and no one appears…

Armaan's eagerness turns to apprehension and he turns around to look at Jassi. "I don't know how Jassi will feel… what she will say when she sees me! Have I changed too much? She WILL forgive me, won't sheCry??"

Jassi tries to buoy him up but is shrinking inwardly, "I don't know how he will feel when he comes to know that I am Jassi… I hope I haven't changed too much..?"

Gathering all her courage, she gives him a tender smile through her trepidation and comes closer to him.. closer.. closer… her lips are dry as she forces out, "I…."Embarrassed… she lifts one hand to carress his cheek and tries to get the words out.. they are on the tip of her tongue, "I….!!!" He looks confused and makes tiny jerky movements to back awayConfused… her hand is just inches away from his cheek…

TRRRING! The doorbell rings insistently and shatters the peace!!!!!

Jassi goes to open the door and the police barge in!! The team is led by Mallika's pet Inspector and he asks her harshly, "Is your name Jessica Bedi?" She replies, "Ji..! What happened?" He answers, "I have a search warrant! We would like to search you and your house!"

Jassi is puzzled and afraid! Armaan checks that the warrant is bona-fide and shouts at the Inspector, what RUBBISH is this!!! The Inspector orders all his men to go ahead and search and tells Jassi coarsely, "You have been charged with MURDER!"

Armaan is blown away! He forces out through clenched teeth, "WHATTTT!!!!"

Jassi pleads with them that there must be some galat femi.. she cannot murder anyone!!! The Inspector asks her sourly, why then is she stopping them from conducting a search???

Meanwhile, one havaldaar has found her spectacles.. another one her diary and her folder!!! They turn over the objects to the Inspector and he asks the duo whether they recognize the items.

Armaan is surprised but says, "This folder belongs to my assistant Jassi and Jessica also knows her!"

The Inspector corrects him, "You mean, USED to know her!"

Armaan asks through stiff lips, "What do you mean, USED to…?"

The Inspector cries out, "This woman has murdered Jasmeet Walia!!!!"

Armaan barks at him, "Have you gone bonkers???? What nonsense you're talkingAngry!"

The Inspector tells him roughly that it is HIM who has lost his head and not to interfere in their work! Another havaldaar chances across some worn salwar-kameezes and the Inspector questions Jassi, "Are these yours??" Jassi replies, "No… these are Jassi's clothes! All these things of Jassi's.. someone else has planted them here! How can I kill someone else! I didn't DO it!"

The Inspector dangles the diary in front of her and asks her what Jasmeet Walia's diary is doing in her room! Jassi stares at it as though it's a scorpion on wheels. She bursts out, "But I myself brought this here. I mean…"

The Inspector gives a mean smile and a havaldaar then hands him the charred passport. "And whose is this burnt passport???" Armaan watches with shock as the Inspector pieces it together and he sees Jassi's photograph, clear as day!!!

Jassi blabbers, "It belongs to Jasmeet Walia!"

The Inspector looks more than pleased with the day's work. He cautions her insincerely, "Look Madam, whatever you say, say it after deep consideration, as anything you say can and will be used against you in Court!"

BOOM!!!! Armaan can't take it anymore and asks Jassi, "Jessica.. WHERE is Jassi?"

She begs him, "I will tell you everything… but not right now! Not now…"

Another havaldaar hands over the note Raj had left for her, that Mohan had preserved under the doll… It says that the Police are looking for her, and warns her to leave the country immediately!!!

Jassi and Armaan are both stunned to read the note!!! ShockedConfused

The Inspector rejoices, "Arre wah! It's wonderful how we reached just in time! You had every intention of fleeing the country, huh!!! Miss Jessica Bedi, we hereby arrest you for the murder of Miss Jasmeet Walia!!!"

Jassi is led off looking as white as a sheet!!!Tongue



A creaky jail bus pulls to a halt… the door opens and who should emerge but Jassi!

She is escorted by policewomen and subjected to a verbal barrage by the cacophony of Press reporters!

"Jessicaji, have you murdered Jassi? Tell us! Tell us NOW!!! What happened that you had to take this extreme step? You will HAVE to answer our questions NOW!"

Jassi is like Cry!!!!

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 1:33pm | IP Logged

wow..Cry.. hey bhagwan.. what nonsense is this.. i really hope this twist comes to an end soon. cant tolerate this nonsense.... poor armu.. i feel so sorry for him..

thanks qb for a wonderful update as always.. felt as if i was watching the show!

Cool_girl_2145 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
they are just dragging this show...how stupid...
thanks a lot QB for the update....
lotsaattitude Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 1:45pm | IP Logged

All i can do after reading ur update is CryCryCry



Cry my heads off ...
(thanx for ur fab. update queenbee!)

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rose85 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 1:47pm | IP Logged

thnx for the update...btw thy juss killed the whole story..so stupid...y cant she say at the exact moment tht she is jassi....eeeeeerrrrrrrrrr Ouch

dallas Groupbie

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 1:47pm | IP Logged

thanks for updates

yes they are dragging it..

even if Jassi gets released from Jail, she would be convivted for murdering some XYZ, may T&D... and then T&D's kid also start appearing in JJKN for taking revenge. Afterall they have to drag it for another year!!

bystander IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
wow! thanks for the update!
jprasad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Thanks QB!  You gave us a very wonderful update.  May God bless you for that and give you 100s and 100s of children!  Tongue

Please tiffenduffer no more...no more...I beg of you....no more....don't torture Armaan anymore otherwise I am gonna kidnap him and take him away from JJKN.

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