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Welcome to X-Mas One Shot
Voting Roun

We received an incredible 11 entries! And now you, the readers have a chance to vote for the ones you think are the best!

But wait...! There are some rules:

You cannot vote for yourself nor used MIDs, if you do your vote will be disqualified

Please do not promote your work.

Only vote for 3 entries. Any more will not be counted in the end.

The deadline for voting is Tuesday 2nd January 2013!

Entries are posted in the next four posts.
Have fun reading!

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Entry #1

It's our Lucky Christmas

She walked down the unfamiliar streets of New York city. It was her first day here as she had recently shifted her abode from India to the United States of America. She was a student of Mass Communication and was here to work for a reputed channel as a journalist. At least that's what she wanted. But as of now, she was given the position of an assistant editor and she was satisfied. She would progress slowly.


The December chills of Winter sent a cold shiver down her spine, as she wrapped her fur coat closer to her body and adjusted her feet in her thick, black, furry boots. A cup of Hot Chocolate in her hand and her phone in the other. Having no one known to stay with in an unknown country was tough. She decided to re think that portion.


No one? He lived here. Right here. In the same atmosphere that she was experiencing, in the same weather that she was bearing and in the same city that she was staying in. But she had decided not to inform him about her where abouts since she didn't want to burden him. Okay, cancel that! Not burden him. She just didn't want to embarrass herself in front of him.


They were childhood friends. Since she was 14 and he was 16. He used to come down to India every Summer break with his single mother to live with his aunt. His aunt was almost 60 at that time and she lived alone. Although Zoya, being her neighbor, visited her many times, she still felt delighted to see her own family once a year. His mother was a fashion designer in New York and he was in High school.


When Razia aunty first introduced them to each other, she was appalled at how flirtatious Asad was. He was born and brought up in the west. So obviously it was okay for them to be open minded and cool about everything. But she was new to this stuff and was hence a little taken back. Soon they became good friends and started hanging out together. The two months he was there went by in a jiffy as it was time for him to go back to New York. Meanwhile, Zoya had realized she was harboring silent feelings for him.


Then came the following year. They were in constant touch through Facebook and Whatsapp. Zoya also realized that he was beginning to make advances towards her by calling her beautiful all the time. She just couldn't wait for him to come around next year. One day they were sitting on the stairs and Asad asked Zoya out. She was slightly confused but said yes anyway. What followed was 2 weeks of dating and teenage madness. She was apprehensive about him kissing her at first but gave in later on. 2 weeks later it was time for him to go back. And this time she knew he wasn't going to return to India ever again and Razia aunty had decided to shift her base to New York now. Amidst tears and half-hearted promises, Asad and Zoya had parted ways.


And now, 6 years later, she was in his town. Not wanting to meet him and making a fool of herself, she had decided to keep him unaware of her trip. It was next to impossible that he would ever find out she was here. And besides, she was sure he had no memory of her anymore. It was 6 years back! All those lame adolescence promises seemed like a joke to her now. She was stupid and so was he. Or smart maybe. He had dated her, kept himself busy in an unknown country and had gone back. Whatever it was! He was her first kiss after all. She snorted, now that she thought of it, it wasn't that great either.


She went and sat in a Caf whilst ordering another hot chocolate for herself.


"One chocolate please." She murmured engrossed in her novel, totally unaware of an intent gaze on her.


"Zoya?" She heard her voice and frowned. She twisted in her chair and saw a pair of dark brown eyes on her.


"Is that you? Asad?"


"Oh my God! What the hell?!" Asad got up from his chair and engulfed her in a hug as she hugged him back.


"Damn it! Tell me I'm dreaming!" Asad said with wide eyes.


"You ain't buddy! I'm here." She said trying to analyze that how in hell had they ended up meeting here?!


   "Shit. How come you're in the States? Why didn't you inform me?"


Zoya fell silent as she heard him. "Uhhh..I lost your number! So couldn't contact you."


"This has to be the wackiest Christmas ever! Are you alone?"




"Alone Zoya? Or with someone?"


"Well I'm alone as of now but-"


"Great! So tonight you and me! Dinner at my place!" He blurted out without letting her complete her statement.


"But Asad I-"


"No buts Zoya! Here's my number and my address. Be there by 9 pm alright?" He handed her a piece of paper with his number and address.


Zoya looked uncomfortably at him. "Come on Zoya! Just dinner! Besides its Christmas tomorrow! You wouldn't wanna celebrate that alone right?" He nudged her.


"Okay, I'll make it!" Zoya said with her beautiful smile as Asad picked up his coat.


"I'm really sorry babe, have a surgery to attend. I'll see you tonight!" He said. Placing a soft kiss on her cheek he walked out of the Caf wearing his coat. Zoya stood there surprised. She had to eliminate the awkwardness from between them.


She stood outside his apartment, precisely at 9:30 pm. She had had a little trouble navigating her way through the new city but she finally found it. She was dressed in a black knee length, tube dress without any work on it. She knocked at the door softly as it flung open and she saw him, dressed in a white shirt and blue denims with a black waistcoat. He looked hot.


"Hey! Come on in!" Asad welcomed her in and she walked in.


"Wow. This place is really nice." Zoya said as she looked around and noticed every nook and cranny of his tiny little apartment.


"Nice? It's still nothing compared to what I had in mind as my apartment!" He joked and shook his head.


"Never the less, at least you have a place to stay right now. I'm still looking for an apartment!"


"Really? Why is that?"


"No contacts here so it's gonna take some time right?"


"I am your contact! In fact, I'll propose to you a direct deal. Why don't you move in with me!"


"What? Asad..with you?" Zoya said unsure of what she should say.


"Yeah!!!" He said cooly, making themselves comfortable on his small couch.


"I'll..I'll think about it!"


"Where are you staying now?"


"In a small hotel close by."


"And you think that's very safe, nahi?"


Zoya smiled hearing his Hindi pronunciation as he scowled.


"Not again Zoya! You've been doing that since we were kids!"


"Well, you sound funny!"


"I've been here all my life so obviously my Hindi wouldn't be very beautiful, right?"


"Right." She added with a chuckle.


After a few moments of silence he asked.


"You remember Haseena Bi?"


"That fat ass?" Zoya recalled her huge figure.


"Yeah, her! She's so irritating! Can you believe it? She's forcing mom to get me married!"


"So what's wrong?" Zoya asked casually.


"What's wrong?! Seriously? I still want to live man! Besides, I wanna get married to a girl I love. Not some chick from Bhopal!"


Zoya shifted uncomfortably in her seat. So he did not want to get married to a chick from Bhopal. He can never get married to me.


"Yo! Beer?" He offered her a bottle of beer. She took it from him.


"Damn it! You do have beer ehh? I was just testing my luck." He chuckled, initially shocked.


"A lot has changed since then Asad."


"I know. I can see that." He eyed Zoya with a piercing look.


"What?" She nudged him as he kept looking at her.


"No I mean..look at you! You were so..what do you call that? Yeah..bholi bhali! And now, here you are! Looking utterly sexy and having beer with a guy!"


"A guy? I'd rather call you my ex boyfriend!"


"Oh yes! How could I forget? We dated for a week or two right?"


"Yeah, two weeks! You were my first kiss."


"LOL. I remember that. So apprehensive! You would really test my patience sometimes!" He grinned recalling her childish behavior.


"Test your patience? Seriously Asad? I was young and you were my first boyfriend. I had no clue about these things!"


"But I have to tell you, you were awesome!" He remarked, creeping her.


"Shut up! Eww..you are gross!"


"Haha. Well, now that you're gonna be staying with me. You better get used to the dirty talking!"


"Oh I'm already used to it! I remember your disgusting jokes on every person passing by."


"I know right? Aaahh..what days! Absolutely nothing to worry about." He said.


"I know. Specially regarding our future! I miss those days."


There was an awkward silence for a few minutes. They sat near the window looking at the snow fall from the sky, covering the ground white. It was a sight to see and a moment to capture. The beauty of the scenario could make any one fall in love. The chills, the wind and the company was perfect.


Asad looked at Zoya from the corner of his eyes. She had turned out to be a true beauty. When they were together long back, for him it was nothing more than a fling. But today so many things had changed, they were in a different place and at a different level. He was so sure she had a thing for him, but being the girl she is she would never ask him anything. Asad couldn't overlook the fact that she had turned out to be so beautiful and all he was wondering during the lame conversation was how could he kiss her. But now he couldn't hold it any longer. He wanted to take this ahead.


He put down his beer bottle and approached her as she gave him a surprised look. He told her to stand up by beckoning through his fingers. She raised her eyebrows but stood up. Before she knew it, he had brought his lips down to hers and merged them as one.


Zoya was terrified at first, but then she gave in. I mean, who wouldn't? As she snaked her hands around his neck and pulled him closer, he got his cue and picked her up in his arms.


"Asad..wha-?" She broke the kiss for a second and tried to talk but he intervened.


"I know you are attracted to me, ever since we met, ever since we kissed, ever since I left. You've wanted me." He tried to control his rapid heart beat but all in vain as he crushed his lips back on hers.


"I guess I feel so too." He said inaudibly.


As the clock strung 12 they broke apart.


"Merry Christmas, Zoya." He said in a mere whisper.


"Merry Christmas, Asad." She traced his jaw bone with her delicate fingers.


As he took her another kiss she let herself lose. She had to say, this was by far the best Christmas ever. 

Entry #2

Bichhde The Kinare Mil Gaye

6 years later in a small house in  dheradhun

Allah miya whats wrong with you ami ? wake up na muhje school ki liye late ho ra hai

Allah miya whats is wrong with this girl  Aasiya  Amna ahmed khan its only 7am time hai  says zoya

Ami ya tho you're sleepy ya incredibly foolish 7 nahi 8am hai

 Kya  8am allah miya what wrong with you zoya itna late kiase uff she jumps out of bed

They quickly get ready

She leaves her at school then goes to work

On the way home Aasiya is waiting for her ami it is snowing and very cold

She sees a puppy on  road a car is about to hit it  aasiya runs in the middle of the road and saves the puppy she almost gets hits the driver quickly stops  they all hear break screeching

Aasiya just loses her balances andfalls on the road but is fine other then afew  scrapes

When a tall  man ina 3 piece matching suit gets out

 Beta are you ok? He asks

She turns around and her innocent angery choloates stair at him

Allah miya whats wrong with you she says

The man is shocked hearing this

 Aasiya continues aap na kaisa drive kare the ?

Beta dehko galati meri nahi aap ki thi aisa road pe nahi run kar the says the man

Galati meri nahi aap ki hai uncle yeh puppy was going get hit by  your car

Incredibly foolish way of driving he could been hit she holds the puppy

 Meri bag she puts the puppy down near her  and picks up her things she is making sure all  crayons that fell out are perfectly placed back in the correct order

One crayon wasn't placed right she fixed it the man notices that

 And her   tiffin was fallen  and she took her hanky and whipped the small micro spot of  food that was on it

There done perfect she says   

Muhje jaana hai she  walks home

Yeh larki tho bilkul  nahi what am I thinking

His phone rings

Hello asad ahmed khan speaking he says

Haan akram im coming

Aasiya gets home  ami  ami she says

 Aasu my gudiya your home says a guy

Ayan Chachu she runs in his arms

Chachu im hungry muhje kuch kahanna hau  she says

Yeh lo gudiya pizza  he says

Yay she says  they both are eating pizza

Allah miya chachu yeh mess dehko

Sorry meri ma uff yeh mess they ek chota crumb tha

Acha ab yeh sab choro home work karo aap ki ami will be here soon

Ok chachu she says

Zoya comes back home

Thank you ayan aaj bhi aasiya ki saath the she says

No thanks she is bhai ki beti yaar meri bhi kuch lak thi yeh he says

Allah miya whats wrong with you ayan yeh meri beti hai please woh

khadoos n Akdoo  Zille-ilahi      ka naam mat lo what he did  na uske baad either me or aasiya unke kuch hai she says

  ok ok arsa kya hai

irshad says zoya

kyun ho khafa yeh tho bayan kijiye

kar do maaf agar hua hai koi bhool

chalo yeh fool  hi fool hai hogya hai yeh bhool ab sazaa  de do par sorry tho kehne do

ek aur  fool  ko jo lagthi hai phool

she smiles

ok maaf kiya

suno muhje office jaana hai ill be late tho tum dono theek hoge na says ayaan

haan jao office ko key hai na aap ki paas don't ring the bell  warna aasiya will wake up she says

later that night  1am

it's a huge winter storm its snowing very heavily all roads are blocked

a man car gets stuck near a house

he rings the door bell

allah miya whats wrong with ayaan I told him not to

kahi koi aur tho nahi hai  mera pepper spray kahan hai aur cell phone  

she walk down she sees a man standing there his back is to door

kaun hai? She says

actually car is broken and it is a snow strom can I please come in  mere ami bhi hai mere saath

she opens the door

suddenly a huge breeze of snow comes her face is hidden by her hair

he turns she slowly moves her hair

they see each other  they are shocked

his mom comes there too

zoya she says phoopi ami

she hugs her

aao na she says suddenly they hear a lil girl scream

aasu says zoya and runs up to the room

asad and his mom run there to

they see a lil girl crying

allah miya whats wrong aasu gudiya says zoya

ami I had a bad dream she crys  and hugs her

baby don't worry ami hai na yahaan

aap ki pepper spray kahan hai she says

baby yahaan kyun muhje do agar phir dream hua tho ill spray it

assu yeh dream hai dream no pepper spray baby says zoya

how incredibly foolish I am ami muhje daar lag ra hai please woh

Zille-ilahi    ki story phir bolo

Ek  pyaari se larki thi aur ek Zille-ilahi   jo khadoos n Akdoo  tha

Par ek din fight kar the kar the pyaar hogya .. phir uske baad unke shaadi kar liye ' par woh larki aaye thi usa se apni abbu kofind kar ne aur jab unke abbu mile

Who  khadoos n Akdoo Zille-ilahi    ko jab pata tha ki larki ki abbu who hai jo unke ami ko aur uske gahr ko ruin kar main  haath hai who larki bola get out meri zindagi se  they is nothing between us I hate you I never want see your face again . aur raat ko who larki ko he kicked her out he took his evange out on the innocent girl ..uski koi galati bhi nahi thi '

Phir ami kya hua who sry bole Zille-ilahi     kya aur phir happy ending na?

Nahi assu you always sask same thing iss story main aisa nahi hua par

Who larki na door chale gaye  she came here

Aue thode din baad allah miya usko ek pyaar si hoor diye (angel)  

And the hoor name was aasiya uske baad who larki phir se jiye  uski yeh pyaar se gudiya ki liye

Suddenly aasiya is asleep she kisses her forehead and covers her

Zoya looks up and sees asad and his mom in the door way

Phoopi ami  come na ill make coffee

Asad stop her and grabs her hand and pulls her

Ouch leave me

No damn it yeh kya hai why didn't you tell m about Aasiya? Yell asad

Dehko mr. asad ahmed khan leave me bola kya tha? Huh she says

She is my daughter damn it he yells

Shhh she is sleeping kis haak se huh

Allah miya whats wrong with you mr. asad ahmad khan? You said don't ever show me your face again I don't to ever talk to you get out

Tho why should I have huh ? im capable enough to raise my beti  and I have

Suddenly aasiya sees asad holding zoya

I said leave me she says

Suddenly aasiya gets up goes to asad pulls his shirt he looks at her

She calls him close he smiles and bends to her she smiles then sprays pepper spray in his eyes and kicks him

Mere ami se door raho she says

Ouch  he yells

Dilshad has hands on her mouth

Allah miya whats  wrong with you aasiya say sorry abhi yells zoya

Nahi ami yeh tho

I said sorry bolo

Nahi ami

Who is he ?

Aasiya amna ahmed khan sorry bolo yeh aap ki abbu hai says zoya

Kya gande hai yeh aap ko chor diya tha I hate him she says

Aasiya yells zoya and slaps her  izzaat  do aabu hai 

She crys

Aasiya beta

She moves away

Zoya yells asad usko thapar kyun mar re bachi hai  ?

Don't interfere asad mere beti hai yeh she says

Meri bhi hai damn it

Dilshad goes to aasiya and hugs her

Assalaam aylikum mein hoon aap ki dadi  she says

Dadi  yani ami ki phoopi ami she hugs her

Ami says aap ache ho

Aap ki ami achi hai beta says dilshad chalo lets sleep she takes her

 Tum dono go down and talk she says

Zoya is in the kitchen making coffee

You shouldn't raise you hand ata 6 yr old  he says

She ignors him I was just teaching my daughther to respect elders bas

Yeh lo a warm wet rag whipe your eyes she says

 Next  few days

Aasiya was outside playing in the snow

Asad was also there he was helping her build a snow man  zoya had tears in her eyes

Dilshad put her hand on her shoulder

I know tum ko kaisa lag ra hai  jab asad ki dad ko dehkte hoon I feel the same who dard nahi jaa tha zoya

Ami main kya karoon waqt sab theek kart ha she says

Aasiya calls them out to play

They are throwing snow balls at each other and running around

Zoya is running and slips asad cathes her in his arms they have eye lock

Suddenly asad gets hit by a snow ball n his face he drops zoya

Ouch  allah miya whats wrong with you Zille-ilahi    he smiles as he hold his eyes where he was hit

Zille-ilahi     itne dino baad sun ra hoon

She ignors him but notices he is hurt she goes near him and cups his face  blows in his eyes

He is looking at her eye lock

Suddenly bhai they hear

Ayaan he says they hug

Kaise ho bhai

They all go inside

Dilshad tells ayaan that both zoya and asad still love each other

Don't worry bade ami main kuch kart ha hoon

At night zoya sees a shadow she screams

And asad runs  to her

Zoya kya hua? Zoya open the  door

He goes to  push door open but she opens it

He falls on top of her  they are so lost in each others eyes

Her hair is on her face he moves the strans behind her face she trys to push him off her he doesn't move

Zoya please maaf karo muhje im sorry I shouldn't have taken out the anger of what your abbu did to my family out on you

But I only wanted him to know what it felt  like jab unke beti ki saath hua he knew says asad

Jo phoopi ami ki saath was wrong what you did was wrong what is difference from you and your dad ?

Agar koi yeh sab aasiya ki saath kare tho ?

Sorry se kya hota asad you hurt me deeply  move she pushes him away

Zoya im was wrong I know but I love you infact past 6 years se I was still in love with u and missed you

Ab iwant you and aasiya with me ghar chalo

No muhje nahi tumne aasiaya ko chaiye

No he cups her face I want you I love you suddenly lights go out she hugs him tightly

He kisses her cheek and forehead 'and her neck

She melts in his arms

And kisses him back passionately he takes her to bed

Next morning she wakes up in his arms

Allah miya whats wrong with me

She jumps out of bed

Yeh kya hua jo bhi hua acha hai

Galat hai

No tum mere wife ho

Wife ab yaad aaye wife hoon huh aur 6yrs back thab

Zoya please maaf kardo you love me to he says

Just leave please

After awhile they are ready to leave

Zille-ilahi     you're forgetting something she says

He turns kya? Sab tho hai right ami

Ji nahi you forgetting your biwi and beti

She runs in his arms

I love you she says

I love you too he says

Aasiya runs to them asad picks her up in his arms

Ghar chale he says

Haan  she says

Entry #3

Snow is magical?

The sight that met Asad Ahmed Khan's eyes on the morning of the 24th of Deember was an extremely strange one. However, he should have been used to such things happening around his house. After all, there was nothing strange about a petite woman dragging a Christmas tree that was twice her size across the living room; especially if that woman was Zoya Farooqi.

'Kya main jaan sakta hoon ki aap kar kya rahi hain?' Asad should have known better than to ask, considering whom he was talking to.

'Allah..Miyaan..what's'*puff*..wrong..*huff*..with'you?' Zoya panted as she struggled to carry the tree across the hall. She finally couldn't take it anymore and just plopped herself on the ground, catching her breath, the Christmas tree being forgotten for a few moments. 'Instead of helping me carry this ginormous thing, you're asking me what I'm doing. And you tell ME that I have no sense of 'tehzeeb''

Asad placed his hand on his forehead, slightly massaging it; this girl was going to give him a total headache. 'Fine, now that you're seated so peacefully, MAY I ask what you think you're doing?'

'No you may not. But since I'm such a nice person, I'll tell you! I, Mr. Akdu Ahmed Khan, am planning to celebrate Christmas. And before you go into any lectures of how I have no respect for my culture or my religion, I'll have you know that I'm doing this because I think it's a nice concept. Family gets together, there is snow, and everything just becomes beautiful. There isn't anything more than that. I respect all religions, all cultures and I believe in celebrating all festivals; not to their full extent because I won't know the history, but because festivals in general, have colourful vibes to them, and therefore, I celebrate them'.

Asad couldn't believe his ears. Here was a girl, sitting cross-legged on the floor, looking adorable and very much like a child, but her talks were that of a mature woman. She was someone who knew what she thought and felt and wasn't afraid to defend her opinions. She had changed him from someone who was totally a narrow-minded person to someone who was more open to suggestions; and that was a change that he liked within himself. There hadn't been anyone who had the guts to talk to him the way she did; there hadn't been anyone who could put him in his place. She was like a breath of fresh air in his otherwise monotonous life.

'Alright then, I'll let you get to it. I would help, but I have tons of work. I'll get Ayaan and Tamatar to help you'.

Zoya was stunned. Never had she expected something from someone who was such a big Sadu. She figured that whatever she was saying was finally being absorbed in his otherwise closed mind; and boy was she glad!

'I have one question though.'

Zoya's eyes lit up like a child who had just been given permission to eat candy. She eagerly nodded her head, waiting for him to ask whatever it was, so that she could finally carry on with her preparations.

'How do you plan on bringing snow here? I mean, you're in India, not NYC and it hasn't snowed in Bhopal for as long as I can remember'.

Asad felt guilt engulf him as her face fell upon hearing his words. 'But, it isn't Christmas without snow.'

'I understand that you're attached to this very idea, but think about it. There isn't anything you can do about snow, but go ahead with the rest of the plan'

He felt like such a jerk for killing her buzz and having her sitting there on the floor with her head in her hands. She slowly got up and got to work. Nevermind the fact that there wasn't any snow; she would have to make do with the rest of the festivities. With a small smile on her face, she continued her 'tree-dragging' process.

Asad had to give it to her; she was a spirited girl. There wasn't anything that could get her to back down from an idea after she'd had it. If she wanted something, she'd go after it; she was determined and strong. He respected and admired that fact about her. He picked up his phone and dialed a familiar number.

'Yes Bhaijaan! Banda aap ki khidmat mein haazir hai!'

'How did you know I was calling for a favour Ayaan?'

'Bhai, I know you better than you know yourself. So tell me, what's up?'

'Ayaan, can you come over and help Zoya with her Christmas festivities?'

'Can I come over and do what now?! Bhaijaan, are you alright? Did you just say something about celebrating Christmas?'

'Why not Ayaan? We must respect all religions and cultures. Besides, festivals bring a vibrant vibe to people's lives and its beautiful and it's a chance for families to get together'

'Mashallah, she's good!'

'Excuse me?'

'Arrey, nothing Bhaijaan, aap ne bola aur hum haazir! See you in a few minutes!'

Ayaan hit disconnect and grinned wildly. He was so happy for his brother; after all, for all he knew, his Bhaijaan never let anyone break his walls. He was always the 'Sadu' Asad Ahmed Khan with people, barring his few family members. However, this girl had changed everything. Zoya Farooqi was bringing colour into Asad's life and for that, he couldn't be gladder. Now, all it was going to take was them to realize their feelings! 'Woh bhi ho jaayega! Why fear when Ayaan is here!?' As soon as he'd uttered those words, someone whacked his head, making him ruffle his hair. 'Ayaan miyaan, BECAUSE you're present, there is a reason to fear!'

'Humeira, ek din aap is museebat ko 'jaan' kahengi!' Ayaan smiled to himself as he hopped on his bike, ready to go off to his bhaijaan's house.

Zoya was grabbing the pillow tightly in her arms, watching one of her favourite TV shows, 'Gilmore Girls'. 'Snow is magical, magical things happen when it snows'. As soon as those words had been uttered on screen, Zoya let out a squeal, causing Asad to almost drop his coffee mug. 'Did you hear that? Did you? I'll rewind it; make sure you pay attention, Mr. Six-Pack!'

Instead of getting annoyed with her as usual, he simply shook his head and smiled. He definitely had heard and he'd caught her reaction too. The problem was, how was he going to get snow in Bhopal? Why did he WANT to get snow of her in Bhopal? He didn't know. All he knew was that he wanted to see her smile that brilliant smile that he felt was reserved for him. She had given him that smile when he'd saved her from the goons. He called it her 'Asad smile'. He soon realized where his thoughts were leading him and was horrified with himself. Suddenly, something hit him like a bolt of lightning and he smiled.

'Mr. Body-builder? You're SMILING!'

'Huh? Yes, I know. Why? Smiling par tax lagta hai?'

'Allah Miyaan, what's wrong with him? Anyway, I'm going, Ayaan kahaan-? Just as she'd uttered those words, Ayaan came bursting through the door, bowing. 'Tumne pukaara aur, hum chale aaye! Jaan hatheli par le aaye re! Salaam Bhai!'

Asad stood there, watching the interaction between the two, adding a smile or two from his side, but staying mum otherwise; a plan gradually formulating in his head.

After a day full of baking cakes, without CDs this time!, and setting up the Christmas tree, Zoya was exhausted. She went up to her room, and dozed off as soon as she hit the bed, her last thought being that of having a 'snowy Christmas'.

Birds chirped, cars honked and Zoya awoke. Her face lit up exactly like a kids' on Christmas morning, and she rushed down the stairs only to find it snowing outside. For a moment she thought she was dreaming. Full sunlight and snow? There had to be something wrong with that picture. As soon as she stepped out of the house, the sight that met her eyes made her teary eyed. Asad was standing on the terrace with Najma and Ayaan, squirting snow from what seemed like a hose-pipe.

'Allah Miyaan, yeh sab kya hai?'

'It was Bhaijaan's idea, Zoya. We all knew what snow on Christmas day meant to you, so, here it is! Bask in it before it all goes away!' Najma replied softly smiling down at her.

Zoya looked directly into the eyes of Mr. Six-Pack Khan, mouthing a 'thank you' to him before rushing out and jumping about in the garden. Asad smiled and shook his head. What had compelled him to do such an act was beyond him, but there it was, staring at him right in the face. He was in love with his Ms. New York. Her smile, albeit with tears was worth every difficulty that he'd come across in finding 'fake snow' all over Bhopal.  He recalled the lines on the TV show that he'd seen this morning. 'Snow is magical.'

And Asad Ahmed Khan couldn't agree more. 

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Entry #4

Pyaar ka jaadu

Today there was lots of hustle bustle in the house as zoya was getting ready for her college function. Zoya lives in Asad Ahmed Khan's house who is one of the top businessmen in the city. Asad is a very strict person; he wants that things should be done on time and in a proper way. Asad lives with his mother dilshaad and a younger sister najma. They are his only family and he loves them a lot. For people outside he is arrogant and sometimes rude but with his family he is calm and composed. He encourages his sister to take part in her college functions as he wants najma to come out of her shyness. Everything was going fine until zoya met his ammi and she brought her home. One day dilshaad had gone to the market to purchase few vegetables and household products. Over there she had found a girl sitting all alone with no expressions on her face. Dilshaad after seeing her condition and talking to her she felt bad. Zoya was an orphan and today only she was asked to leave the place where she was staying because she was unable to pay the rent to the owner. Dilshaad felt bad for her and saw she was a genuine person so she thought to help her and thus she brought her home. Since then zoya has been living with them and she and najma have become best friends cum sisters. After few days of living with dilshaad zoya started calling her phupi as she saw a motherly figure in dilshaad and dilshaad was more than happy to be called by this name. Dilshaad then requested asad to make zoya join najma's college as she hasn't completed her studies. Asad being an obedient child listened to his ammi and did as per her wish. Since then zoya and najma together started going to college. Asad at first was ok with her ammi's decision but later on regretted it because zoya was a full time chatter box and a big prankster. Apart from these two she was quite filmy and use to talk about how she wants a filmy wedding.

Ever since zoya has come to stay with them every day there used to be some hulchul in the house and also happiness came in the life of dilshaad. Asad's father had died in a car accident and since then dilshaad has never slept peacefully but when zoya stepped in their life dilshaad has started smiling and that too from heart and sleeps peacefully at night since she gets tired the entire day due to zoya's hyper active nature. Zoya takes najma and dilshaad out for an evening walk every day. For najma and dilshaad zoya had become an important part of their life but at the same time asad had started hating zoya as in her every prank he was the one who had to suffer a lot. Though her pranks never intervenes his professional work but when asad is at dining table he faces zoya's pranks a lot of time which irritates him and this mere fact led asad to hate zoya. Also he never understands how zoya's pranks always work even if he tries to stop them. Few times when asad came to know about zoya's prank he tried to stop it but it always backfired and he failed to understand how her pranks were always successful even after he spoils them.

Today was a big day as najma was going to perform in a play along with zoya. It was Christmas time and thus their college had prepared for a small function in which najma was a santa and zoya was amongst few girls who have to wish something from santa.

Asad (walks out of his room): ammi aaj itna shor kyun hai ghar main vaise toh roj hota hai thanks to her but aaj kuch special hai kya

Dilshaad (arranging the breakfast on the table): arey aaj najma or zoya ke college main koi function hai isi liye vo dono tyaar ho rahi hai per kuch decide nahiin kar paa rahi ki kya pehne.

Asad: oh vaise ammi vo sir dard ki medicine kaha rakhi hai sir boht dukh raha hai mera

Dilshaad (in a concern tone): really? Let me make some coffee for you you'll feel better and medicines are kept in the drawer of your room.

Zoya (entering with najma to the dining room): arey apko medicine lene ki koi zaroorat nahiin hai aap ek minute bethiye apka sir daba deti hoon dard apne aap chala jayega

Asad (in an irritated tone): iski koi zaroorat nahiin hai

Dilshaad: asad agar vo keh rahi hai ki theek ho jayega toh karwa lo na waise bhi medicines tabhi khao jab zyada takleef hai varna usse avoid karo

Asad: per ammi (seeing his mother's look asad sighed) theek hai aap kehte ho toh mien ye try kar leta hoon but I am sure kuch theek nahiin hone wala hai ek minute main thodi koi sar dard jata hai

Zoya smiled and walked towards asad. Asad gave her an irritated look and sat down on his chair. Zoya started messaging his head and indeed in one minute his headache vanished. Asad was shocked and without saying anything left from there.  After few minutes even najma and zoya left for their college function.

Asad was sitting in his office and thinking how his headache vanished in one minute. He was lost in his thoughts when one of his employees came to inform him that his meeting which was supposed to happen today got cancelled due to some reason.

 Asad (narrowed his eyebrows at his employees): what do you mean by due to some reason

Employee: sir we don't know the reason just that those people called and said that the meeting is cancelled which was scheduled for today

Asad: they cancelled the meeting without any specific reason?

Employee: yes sir and that's strange because they themselves had said that this meeting was quite important for them and we shouldn't cancel it so they themselves cancelling it without any reason is strange

Asad (thinking): yeah quite strange anyways its ok you leave


Zoya and najma were getting ready for their play in separate green rooms. Asad came to meet najma. Since the meeting was cancelled asad thought to go and support his sister as he knows how shy his sister is. He entered her room and met his sister.

Zoya was getting ready but was bit upset too she thought 'I guess mujhe najma ko bata dena chahiye I shouldn't be hiding it from them they love me so much. I guess abhi play main jab mujhe wish mangni hogi na tabhi I'll tell najma and wait for her decision'.

Zoya stood up and started walking towards the stage where the play was about to start. During her walk from green room to stage she prayed that najma's reaction isn't much neither she takes a hasty decision otherwise she would have to; she closed her eyes thinking of the consequence and hoped she doesn't have to use it.

The play began and zoya could feel something is different but what? Why isn't she able to find it she was confused. Her thoughts were broken when she heard the audience clapping and then she realised it's her chance to perform. Zoya took a deep breath and then sighed and walked towards the santa.

Zoya (on reaching the santa and without looking at the santa): najma dekho please react mat karna yahan per sab log hai boht badi problem ho jayegi pehle please meri baat poori sunna phir react karna ok? (the santa nodded the head in agreement so zoya continued speaking) dekho mien vo nahiin hoon jo tum sab samaj rahe ho mien ek pari hoon jisne yaha dharti pe ane ke liye permission li thi or aaj mera aakhri din hai kal mujhe vapas jana hoga but trust me mien tumse ya phupi se kuch chupana nahiin chahti thi but mujhe allowed nahiin tha kuch batane ke liye or abhi bhi nahiin hai lekin phir bhi mien bata rahi hoon kyunki mien yahan se direct chali jaongi please tum phupi ko bata dena kyunki mien unhe udaas nahiin dekh sakti doobara. Or hain tum chahti thi na ki tumhara bhai aaj yahan aye pata hai miene apne jaadu se unki meeting cancel karwa di taki vo yahan aye and actually main vo meeting cancel nahiin huyi hai vo kal ho jagegi per jahapana ko kuch mat batana. Or ek or baat bolu (santa again nodded) mujhe na tumhare bhai se pyaar ho gaya kash unhe bhi mujhse pyaar hota toh unse shaadi karke hamesha ke liye yahiin dharti pe reh jati per anyways vo toh mujhse shayad nahiin pakka nafrat karte hain anyways najma mujhe jana hoga bye

Saying so zoya left the stage without realising that the santa was none other than Asad Ahmed Khan. He had come to encourage his sister but seeing her scared face he agreed to her wish of going as santa on the stage. Whatever he heard from zoya it was beyond imagination but one thing was cleared why all her pranks use to be successful when he tried to stop them. After few minutes he smiled and walked towards zoya's green room.

Zoya was sitting on the chair waiting for najma to come and speak to her. Suddenly the door opened and she turned around and saw asad was there.Zoya (confused tone): aap yahan?

Asad: tum toh aise bol rahi ho jaise ki tumhe kuch pata hi nahiin? Meri meeting cancel karwayi taki mien yahan aa saku najma se milne kyunki vo aisa chahti thi

Zoya (looked at asad with shock look): apko kaise pata?

Asad: chalo yeh toh pata chala ki tumhare paas itni Shakti nahiin hai ki tum doosron ke dimaag main kya chal raha hai padh sako. Well tumne abhi mujhe najma samaj ke jo kuch bhi kaha after that all I want to say is ki mujhe bhi tumse pyaar hai pata nahiin kabse shayad tabse jabse tum ghar ayi ya tabse jabse tumne mere saath prank khelna shuru kiya.Mujhe ab realise hua ki tumhari harkatien mujhe issi liye irritate karti thi kyunki mujhe samaj nahiin ata tha ki tumhare vo pranks successful kaise hote the jabki mien unhe bigadta tha or iss irritation ko nafrat ka naam de diya how foolish nahiin. I too have fallen for you ms zoya and ab hum shaadi kar lete hain taki tum hamesha ke liye yahan reh sako mere paas or mere saath

Zoya (smiled and ran towards asad and hugged him): abhi karoge shaadi? Or tumhe pata hai aaj pehli baar tumne mera naam apni zubaan se liya hai

Asad: hain ab toh roz sunna padega jab aap Mrs. Zoya Ahmed Khan ban jayengi. And shaadi abhi? Lekin kaise

Zoya smiled and closed her eyes. Asad looked at her with confused expression and when she opened her eyes snowstarted falling in the closed room and the room was no more a green room it had turned into a place for marriage. Asad smiled it was exactly a filmy wedding like zoya wanted just it was done by magic and soon both of them did their nikah.

Asad (after nikah): kahiin tumne jaadu se toh mujhe apne pyaar main nahiin giraya?

Zoya (giggled):  uski zaroorat hi nahiin padi kyunki PYAAR KA JAADU apne aap jo chal gaya

Entry #5

Love of the Snow

Winter had settled long ago, but something was amiss, lost far away. The usual 'festivity' smiles didn't cheer up the New-Yorkers, with only a day left for the new years eve. Amongst all this, an even more lost Asad stood leaning next to the balcony of the room, sipping his coffee with the least bit of interest. Everything was just the same, except that the past included her. The snow-capped mountains possessed his thoughts, as he travelled down the memory lane. 

Flasback starts:

Tackling the thick layers of white, Asad hit the road as he hurried his jeep. The meeting had been exhausting enough. Now, the thought of Najma in the hotel all by herself sent a shiver down his spine, and he pulled up another gear. He knew it had been a bad idea since the day he'd announced his business trip to Shimla, and Najma had convinced him to come along. Though Najma accompanying him wasn't that bad, but in his heart he knew, somebody else definitely was.

With the unwanted thoughts clouding his mind, he stopped the jeep at the hotel and stepped out, only to be left breathless at the sight ahead him. The sunlight caused the garden, that was filled up with snow, to bounce off colorful lights in all directions. In that intricate web of colors, Asad saw the most innocent smile, enlightening the atmosphere all around. That was Zoya Farookhi, his Zoya.

Despite being covered head to toe with all those woollens, he could make out Zoya's sprinting form with Najma, and a few other kids. She looked like a ray of hope and purity, a person who had brightened his life. He'd despised the time she came to stay with them, but gradually, she'd pushed pass all the walls that he built around his heart, only to possess it. Asad was in denial of his love, until that day, when she dressed up for a marriage they were attending. Zoya looked just like when he'd first seen her. He knew she hid a lot behind that carefree smile of hers, but that night, he saw her crying her heart out due to some painful memory. It was in that moment he realized how gravely her tears effected him, right since he'd seen her at the Mazaar. So he did nothing else, except embrace her in his arms, as she let her piled sorrows flow away. That night, they'd reached another level of their unknown relationship.

Zoya saw him standing next to the jeep, and waved an invitation. Afraid that he couldn't control his feelings around her, he declined. Instinct told him she knew how he felt, they'd both been caught staring at each other on numerous occasions. Even Najma and Ammi had noticed the change in his behavior. But his past didn't let him confess to her. The thought of hurting her like his Abbu had hurt his Ammi, haunted him. He would never forgive himself if she as much as shed a tear because of him. And this was the reason, his emotions lay encumbered in his heart. 

He couldn't say anything, but that didn't stop him from collecting the snow-flakes for her in a box, as he knew her love for snow. He'd found that box a few days ago. Made up of crystal, the box had colourful dried up artificial flowers, and filled the room with a natural essence when opened. It had reminded him so much of her, and had made him buy it instinctly.

That night, he placed it in front of her hotel room. He'd wanted to knock the door, but thinking against it, he turned to go back, when the door opened and he froze in his place. Zoya had been surprised for sure, but the color on her cheeks indicated a hidden feeling as well. Words had failed to come out, so picking up and handing her the box, he'd walked away. He knew she'd made sure that he was out of sight before she hugged the box and squealed in joy. 

Falashback ends.

A flash of the sunrays in his eyes brought him out of his reverie. The smile that had made way on his lips faltered. The fact that she wasn't here in New York, struck him a bit hard. It had been exactly a month later since the Shimla trip, that things had been intensifying between them. It was becoming impossible to ignore his feelings, when his eyes searched for her every second and her thoughts filled his mind. But in a second's time, it was all gone. He came back from office one night, only to be informed by Ammi that Zoya had left, never to come back and had requested not to look for her. He'd assumed she had returned to New York, but Ammi told otherwise. Zoya hadn't given any reason, any whereabouts, she'd just left. It had seered his heart to know that she left him without any notice. He'd been going crazy thinking about what they'd shared, but she'd proved that his earlier notion about her was true, an irresponsible spoilt brat. He wanted to hate her, but in the end, he was at loss both ways, with a broken heart.

After she left, even though he'd put up a strong demeanour since that day, but he knew how much it had cost his heart to love, only to be left hollow again. He wasn't sure he could afford to ever hope for any damage control. The snowfall, that too in the city where Zoya had spent her life, stirred all those hidden memories.

A sudden movement caught his eye, and immediately, he straightened up, trying to gauge the scene on the ground that lay directly in front of his apartment. He sighed realizing that a bunch of teenagers were hovering around having fun. He smacked himself mentally for even thinking about her. For a second he had felt that she had been there, but he knew it wasn't true. She was still in India, he knew it from Ammi who'd made it a point to keep in touch with Zoya's jiju. Knowing she could be here just by chance, he didn't want to come for the meeting. He still wasn't sure if he could be in the same city as her, and face her. Giving the place a final glance, he moved inside to refill his cup.

At night time, despite the increasing cold, Asad couldn't help but take refuge under the balcony. He had been restless throughout he day, to an extent that he couldn't focus on the meeting. He'd wanted to wrap things as early as possible, and go back home to Ammi, but even 10 cups of coffee in a row didn't mitigate his anxiety. Zoya had screwed his system badly.

He saw the ground was now filled up with a lot of people, who for some reason were standing in a circle. It was as if something was happening amidst them. Trying to distract himself from the past, he looked with concentration, only to find the object of his thoughts staring back at him from amongst the crowd.

Zoya Farookhi stood there, dressed in her favourite red jacket, the fur cap of which fell on her head. Hands covered with mittens, Asad saw her waving them frantically in his direction. He turned to look around in distress, but when he found no one, he left the cup as he raced down to the ground.

Covering the distance in long strides with the speed of lightning, Asad barely saved himself from falling twice. Catching his breath, he stopped right along the crowd. As if preplanned, people dispersed to make way for him. It was then Asad realized that Zoya had gathered all those people for she was standing on a chair, in order to gain height. He stood rooted, his eyes fixed on hers. In that moment, they both saw how much pain the other had suffered, as their hearts were reaching out. Zoya tried climbing down, and giving into her clumsiness, she lost balance, but like always, Asad's strong arms were there to embrace her. Instead of wasting time, she took him into a hug like never before. She put in all her force to tighten the hold, telling him how much she'd missed him. The crowd's cheering separated them, as Asad's glare sent them away.


That one word from him, and the tears that threatened to fall, constricted Zoya's heart. She hadn't known she would hurt him so bad.

'I have something to tell you. Will you atleast hear me out?', taking his silence as an approval, she continued, 'We definitely had something between us, i just knew it. But then one day, talking about you, Najma told me that your changed behavior for me was probably because you knew about my past, Ammi's death, and Abbu's search. I thought all you felt was pity for me, and the thought tore me. Despite my heart telling me i was wrong, i decided otherwise. On the same day, i found something about Abbu. I couldn't stay any longer, so i immediately left. Moreover, you all couldn't be involved in Abbu's matters. A friend arranged my accomodation, and I've been in Bhopal all time, because turns out the news was hoax. I asked jiju to tell you the same. But two days ago, I met Phoopi accidently, and she told me about you. She knew you were hiding something, but she wasn't sure if it was because of me. She said you'd turned distant since i left, and i needed nothing more to realize how wrong i was. I know i was an idiot, but it was hard to believe you would love me even after knowing the truth. We're so different, you've never liked me, and then my past. I was here in the morning as well. I saw you all lost, and even though i wanted to touch you, reach out to you, i didn't have the courage to face you. I was scared you won't forgive me. I still can't be sure if its a dream or...'

Asad silenced her placing his finger on her lips, and took her face in his hands.

'You'd grown on me, and i ultimately fell for you. Then Ammi told me about your family, and believe me, my heart swelled with pride thinking how brave you were, to suffer all this with a constant smile. I loved you even more, because you brought happiness and hope in my life. I love you Miss New-York, just like you are, hoity-toity'

'I love you too Mr Akdu Ahmed Khan. I dunno why do you love me, but...', she spoke in a teary voice.

Shushing her again, Asad pulled up her sleeve, and gently brushed her burns. Lifting her arm, he placed feathery kisses on it. Zoya shivered due to the cold, and his proximity. She raised up her head as she felt something fall on her. Asad held her close, as he too realized that it was the first snow of the season. He saw her take out the same box that he'd gifted her, and gather the snow-flakes.

'I know i should've thrown the water from the box to keep the flowers dry, but it was your gift, i couldn't part from it', she blushed at his amused look.

To celebrate the onset of snow, the people had put on all the colorful fairy lights that surrounded the ground. The whole place lit up, just like the two souls present there. God was blessing their union with his beautiful snowfall. Nothing more was needed to complete the ambience, as Asad put his arms around Zoya, mouthed a love you before sealing their love with his kiss.

Entry #6

TitleZoya's Santa wish 

La la la la la la la ..

Zoya before her Ipad giving her notorious password with her usual smile.

this girl.. wish I could say something bad to her .. unless Ammi did not make me shut.." thinking this Asad started talking to his manager in the office " Pls send me the documents at home sharp by 7 "...

La la la la la .. After this Zoya started browsing the internet and one chat window got open suddenly ..

She found Emily her dearest American friend .. She screamed " Allah miya she is online .. yahooo" .. as usual she threw her special potato chips which were in her hand, some of those flew from there to near Asad's feet with a superman speed.

Asad gritted his teeth once more. He reluctantly went near her and started to ask about the mess.. Zoya started .. " No Mr. Six.. err.. Mr Khan I dont wanna hear anything else from you now .. my best buddy is here online .. give me some space .. I need to tell her all the story over here .." and without looking at him twice she murmured " specially those horrific stories which are irritating me most".

Ironically it did not escape Asad's ear .. He promptly understood what could be the horrific stories. He could not help making a grunted sound and tried to leave the house as soon as he could.

He was going to his room , his Ammi came. He stopped " Ammi".. Dilshad was carrying a large piece of cake in a tray. She said to him " I saved some for you , would you prefer to have it now or with tea? Actually Zoya made one for me today again ".

Hearing who was the cook he immediately wanted to refuse it, suddenly he remembered the incident when his parents met in the play theatre and all the bashing of his vabi. He remembered that day to cheer her up zoya made a cake . "So is it the same reason today? Was ammi sad today ?" He got a bit anxious and thought to talk about this to Zoya with much more disgust of thinking the mere start of the conversations.

So without delaying the matter he took the tray from Ammi and gave her a smiling nod and left for his room.

"wow Emily, You are going there ? All of them? Wow .. I wish this time also I could have joined you .. I still miss your family".. talking with so much zeal Zoya kept on adding " Emily, do you remember how I made the snow fights with all your cousins? I hurt Mark a lot .. He could not even start a fight later " she completed with a screeching laughter remembering all the fun she had with Emily and her family last X-mas.

Asad again came back near to the hall room. He was hesitant to interrupt her as he knew surely she would start her usual taunts again and directly refuse him or worse would tell him to leave her alone. Thinking of this upcoming scenario he started sweating in this cold weather of December.

Zoya saw a shadow of Asad standing behind her making some astute gesture. She surely started to enjoy his irritation a lot. So having that mind she started asking Emily something about mark. This time she chose her every word very carefully smiling herself.

"Hey Emily, did I tell you after that snow fight with him ( although he could not win with me as no one could win against me , you know right !) what he said to me the other day ? He told he never saw an amazing girl like me specially Indian and he would love to be my best friend forever. "

Asad coughed a bit hard to get her notice. He called by her name. Zoya did not turn as she had earphone but she clearly saw Asad did say something to her. She got a bit curious now. So she wrote in the messenger brb to Emily with a wink symbol.

She turned to him and removed her earphone and asked whether he wanted something from her now . Asad barely could compose himself and told her that he wanted to talk about Ammi if she could give him some times now. Zoya wanted to make some more fun but seeing his pain and anxiety in his eyes she stopped herself. Instead,she turned to her Ipad and wrote some message to Emily and got up from the seat facing him.

Asad cleared his throat " Did you make the cake for Ammi just like that? I mean to say was it for cheering her up ? Is there anything happened to Ammi ? Was she sad also today ? " He found himself asking too many questions at once to this silliest girl and it made him more irritated.

Zoya now understood what brought him here. She told the reason behind her cake . " Allah miya you dont know today is Merry Christmas. I want to make a wish to Santa. I want to celebrate this and thats why I made this. This year I am wishing..."

I dont want to hear what are your crappy wishes anymore " after getting the confirmation that the cake had nothing to do with Ammi's sadness, he bursted at her. Already her way of talking pissed him off and now he dont have any interest to know her wish list. And much to his happieness he saw zoya's face got solemn and she shut her mouth up. So he left the place at once.

A tiny teardrops welled up into zoya's eyes. Nazma was sitting on the dining table cutting some fruits. She heard and saw everything. She really got upset with bhaijan. How could he hurt someone who has no fault?

Later that night, Nazma and Zoya were in their sleep suit, just finished the night chores, were going to say good nights to each other . Nazma looked at her " Zoya if you dont mind could you pls tell me what was your Santa wishes for this year ?".Zoya was a bit surprized , but replied with a smile " this year I wished to santa that if anybody lost their parents in their childhood , they should not be left alone wtihout parent's love. Just the way, this year I met you and your Ammi , phupi , she is like my mother. I felt like I am with my parents in their house. Thats the only wish I cared for this Christmas.. Thank youNazma for everything " And after seeing her tears Nazma could not also stop herself.

"I am a Moron , what did I say to her? Why could not I be a bit more civilized, Ammi is always right , think before saying something, you may end hurting someone", Asad who was standing on the walkaway listening to the two girl's fullconversation, having hard time to suppress his shame for hurting Zoya like that way.

He closed his eyes looking through the window and prayed to Allah " May all her wishes come true ". He just could not understand himself when he felt a teardrop falling into his cheek.

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Entry #7

Os : Moments Of Love

Zoya, rolled her shoulder length hair into soft curls, wore minimum make up that included, eye liner, mascara and a lip gloss, her cheeks were naturally pink and went superbly with her radiant smile. Adjusting the long and beautiful maroon evening gown she picked up a matching stole and wrapped it around her shoulders. Her ever so handsome husband was still struggling with his tie, it amused her to see how a multi millionaire business tycoon, Asad ahmed khan who sealed deals just by snapping his fingers was still a child when it came to wearing a tie. She stood in front of him and took it from his hands, her simple innocent look arrested his gaze as she busied herself in knotting the tie.

'perfect', she said looking at the tie.

'thanks..begum' he said after pecking her cold cheek which turned warm as soon as his lips touched it. He noticed how she still managed to blush like a newly wedded bride every time he came close to her and he enjoyed this to the fullest.

'Mr. Khan..make it fast..I'm waiting for you in the hall." She smiled and went out not before grabbing the Christmas ball passes. She pulled the curtains aside and was shocked to see the view outside. It was snowing so heavily, everything was covered under the thick blanket of snow. An hour back it was dark and cloudy but she certainly didn't expect that the weather would turn out so bad. She switched on the television to know about latest forecast, all news channels splashed scenes of the city roads covered in ice making it impossible to commute around. Her whole evening was ruined, she had given servants an off and had planned so many things for Asad as she wanted to make this evening really special for him. Switching off the television she threw the remote. The cracking sound of the remote hitting the wooden floor in an absolute quiet hall made Asad come out of the room.

'what happened?' he asked coming out and found zoya standing near the window with her back facing him. Standing behind her he too looked out, the weather had certainly hampered their outing. Pressing her shoulders lightly he said,' no problem..jaan..we will go out on new year's eve and have a wonderful time.' Her lips were still quivering as she turned around and eyes brimmed with tears, threatening to roll down any moment.

'no this can't happen ..I'd been planning for this day since a month.. Allah miyaa what's wrong with this weather? why did it have to snow now..couldn't it snow after a couple hours?' she whined like a child and appeared even more adorable to him.

'see jaan we only wished to spend some time together..we can do that even now with nobody at home' he winked at her naughtily but she was still mad and tore the Christmas ball passes after saying,' I don't see that happening'.

'I promise to make this evening memorable for you' he said earnestly to which she asked crossing her arms before her chest,' and how will you do that?'

'I shall cook for you.' He replied while she rolled her eyes in surprise,' the great ASAD AHMAD KHAN knows how to cook! Unbelievable!'

'seriously, Mr. Khan I'm in no mood for jokes.' And went back to the room stomping her feet. Changing into her casual pair of jeans and pullover she jumped onto the bed with a book in her hand. Already she was finding it hard to concentrate and now the clattering of utensils in the kitchen was making it harder. She came out to check what exactly was happening and the sight just took her breath away.

His coat hung neatly on the chair while his sleeves rolled up to his elbows with two upper buttons of his shirt kept open revealing his hard and strong chest. It was a treat for her sore eyes, for a moment she stood there simply gaping at him. He felt her presence and her gaze, he lifted his eyes up from the dough he was making and found his beautiful wife in a daze.

'hey begum..like what you see?' he smirked bringing her out of her dreamland.

'what?..i was just checking you out..I mean, I was checking what you're doing?' she controlled her slip of tongue though he very well knew what she was actually checking out.

'you seriously don't have to this ..let me cook.' She said coming forward. Just the fact that he was making an effort was more than enough for her.

'no I really wanna do it..just for you.' His last words cooled all the anger that was boiling inside her. She sat across the kitchen counter cupping her face in her hands and admired what her husband was doing. She was impressed to see how he was juggling with making kebabs on one gas stove and romali rotis on the other one. With flour smudged on his cheeks he looked so cute and adorable. From time to time he stole glances at her and felt nice to see her smiling at him.

Meanwhile she set the table for the two of them. A candle light dinner with soft music playing in the background would be a perfect way to spend the evening. The kebabs still needed some time when she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to see him offering his hand for a dance. She smiled and thought to herself, Allah miya what's wrong with this man? he is getting so romantic!

She happily slipped her hand into his not before caressing his cheeks to remove the flour off them while he wrapped his other one around her waist and she placed hers on his shoulder. A ballroom dance with him was exactly what she'd wanted tonight, in fact she'd not told him where she'd was taking him in the evening, the ballroom dance was the surprise that she'd planned for him and looking into his soft blue eyes she wondered how he managed to read her mind so well. His lips stretched in a smile as he pulled her closer. They swayed to the rhythm of the music and got lost into each other. She freed her hand from his hold and looped both her arms around his neck while he tightened his grip on her petite waist. Her heart warmed up to see love and adoration swimming into his eyes. Unable to bear the heat of his gaze she lowered her eyes and dropped her head on his chest. She listened to his heart that was beating only for her, a heart that said a thousand words which his lips failed or didn't feel the need to and she never complained, coz their love was beyond words, it was deep and pure. He felt her hands moving up his back and he wished he could freeze this moment. He inhaled the sweet fragrance of her hair as snuggled close to him. His embrace was her home, this is where she felt secured, loved and cherished. For how long they kept holding on to one another they didn't know. It was the loud grumbling of zoya's stomach that made them move apart.

'someone is really hungry' he teased her while she smiled sheepishly.

'give me a minute ..I shall get everything.' He said before brushing his finger on her little nose and left to get the tray. She offered to serve but he didn't allow her in fact he even began to feed her and brought a morsel to her mouth, she shook her head, she always waited for him to eat first and even today she won't have before him therefore directed his hand to his mouth. He parted his lips and had it. The food was amazing and why wouldn't it be, anything cooked out of love has to be divine.

'asad ..its delicious'

 He leaned forward and brushed his lips at the corner of her mouth. She gasped as he licked the coriander stuck at the corner. His eyes danced in amusement seeing her going shy once again. She stood up and said with lowered head,' let me just clean up everything.' With that she picked up the plates and went to the kitchen.

 After completing the household chores she came out with two cups of coffee. By then asad had busied himself in making use of the fire place. He took a small stack of logs as tinder and lit them. Arranging a warm blanket along with some cushions on the woolen carpet he looked back at her and patted the place next to him. Handing over him the coffee she sat close to him and sipped on to that aromatic coffee while leaning her head on his shoulder. Oh it felt so blissful to be with him all alone. Closing her eyes she relished this moment as he lazily ran his fingers through her hair.

A while later she heard some noise that broke the peaceful silence around, looking up she found that he'd switched on the television.

'do you mind if I watch it?' he asked sweetly, she nodded a no and stood up after replying,' I'll get some popcorns.'

She came back with a huge bowl filled with popcorns and found him totally engrossed in a cricket match. Offering him she sat beside him and saw him totally glued to the screen. Even she enjoyed watching cricket but now with just the two of them at home and especially when the evening had progressed so wonderfully then they could've easily done without watching a cricket match especially a test match. Sighing deeply she popped one pop corn after the other and realized how intently he watched every ball bowled. Throwing a pop corn towards him she tried to break his concentration. He called her softly without tearing his gaze from the match. She frowned at him and wondered how could some one ignore his pretty wife and watch a slow boring match? It was not even a twenty twenty for god sake! Irritated, she hit him with some more popcorns and mumbled a sorry. He knew she was doing it purposely and shot her warning glare that irked her all the more and this time she threw a handful of popcorn at him after turning off the television. That was it, he lost his cool and flung on her emptying the entire bowl on her. She squealed in joy and tried to push him back but he was way too strong for her. Pinning her arms on her either sides he moved her down and placed her head on the cushion. Her face was flushed after the struggle and she relaxed under his grip, there was no point in fighting with him, she would never win on the contrary she enjoyed losing to him. Glancing down he found her face covered with popcorns, he bent and slowly swallowed the one sitting on her closed eye lid, she shivered due to his act. He smirked and did the same with her second eye, her cheeks turned scarlet and he loved the sight. Moving further down he opened his mouth to have the ones stuck between her neck and shoulder, her chest heaved up and down in response and her hands attempted to free themselves from his grip. Her throat went dry as she followed her gaze, his eyes were staring at the last popcorn which was caressing her soft lips. The passion and intensity in his eyes made her heart skip several beats. His head slowly dipped down and was about to have it when she opened her mouth and swallowed it. He groaned in defeat while her eyes sparkled naughtily.

'Merry Christmas Mr. Khan'

 The next moment his lips crashed on hers, she happily gave in to him as all their love culminated into that moment. 

Entry #8



Changing your key changes the word
That may drift with flakes.
Just like the wind that rebuffs you; 
Clenched round your word is the snow." 
? Paul Celan


He stood by the window on his right, sighing at the silence in the room. Finally, he got some much needed peace and quiet. He was so sick of all the noise and the loud music, the bright lights and the big talks about eternal happiness and faith in God. He didn't believe in Christmas; the so called season of joy and forgiveness. He snorted. It was all such a waste of time.

A little squeak of the door announced her entry into his entry. She could never be silent, no matter how hard she tried. As she tip toed towards him, he could feel a sense of warmth spread through his blood. He didn't know why; but off late, she had been creating this effect on him a lot. She reached him and gave him a huge smile. He smiled back as he tried to ignore the sensation of pure bliss that was radiating from her. He did not like the way she influenced him.

He looked out of the window and saw a fine sheen of sugary frost covered everything in sight, and white smoke floated in the air that rose from chimneys of their house. The window opened to a rush of sharp late December air that would have the town in a flurry of activity, anticipating the people of the cold weather that was always brought to this part of the world.

"What do you see Asad?"

'"What?" he asked.

She pointed ahead of them. "See that?"

"What, the snow?"

"Beyond that."

"More snow?"

"Stop looking at the snow."

She shook her head at him and stuck her head out and took a deep breath. If she could eat the cold air, she would. She thought cold snaps were like cookies, like gingersnaps. In her mind they were made with white chocolate chunks and had a cool, brittle vanilla frosting. They melted like snow in her mouth, turning creamy and warm.

He looked at intently, as he took in the sight of angel devouring the snow that had been sent from the heavens above. He gazed at the beauty who ruled his mind, his heart and his soul, and he felt a sudden surge of anger rush through him as he saw the snowflakes touching her soft, unblemished skin. The snow doesn't give a soft white damn to whom it touches. And he didn't like the way the way was so blatantly stroking the face he longed to hold.

'You love the snow, don't you?'

She nodded, her angelic face now covered with snowflakes, her smile even wider than before.

'Why do you love the snow?'

She looked at him intently, as if challenging him to read her mind. But for the love of God, when he couldn't get past the sheer exquisiteness of her lovely face, how could he possibly think anything else? He stared at her jet black eyes, trying to comprehend what she was trying to say without words.

"I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas; it brings people together while time stands still. Cozy couples lazily meander the streets as children trudged sleds and chased snowballs. No one seems to be in a rush to experience anything other than the glory of the day, with each other, whenever and however it happened."

"Why does it matter if it brings people together for a day? What's the point in celebrating such a festival if those people you greet today are going to turn their backs to you tomorrow? Why celebrate the kind of happiness that only lasts for one day?"

"Christmas is not just one day of happiness Asad. It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace."

"Now if you're done interrogating me, can I ask you something?"

He nodded. "Why do you hate yourself Asad? Why are you so negative all the time?"

He laughed. This was a question no one had ever bothered asking him till date because everybody thought he was as perfect as he seemed. He was the perfect gentleman, the ideal son and brother, a flawless businessman and the world saw what it wished to see, but no one had ever bothered to see beyond his coal black eyes and question him the reason for his fierce desire to be 'perfect'.

He struggled to give words to his emotions as tears welled up in his eyes, and struggled to keep control on his self.

"Hey, Asad." She reached out for his hand and clasped her hand in his.

Her touch triggered a sensation within him, and caused to forget whatever he believed and just listen to what she had to say; to what she to explain.

"Asad, we have all heard that no two snowflakes are alike. Each snowflake takes the perfect form for the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for its journey. And while the universal force of gravity gives them a shared destination, the expansive space in the air gives each snowflake the opportunity to take their own path. They are on the same journey, but each takes a different path."

She strengthened his grip on him, and he squeezed it back.

"Along this gravity-driven journey, some snowflakes collide and damage each other, some collide and join together, some are influenced by wind... there are so many transitions and changes that take place along the journey of the snowflake. But, no matter what the transition, the snowflake always finds itself perfectly shaped for its journey."


"We, too, are all headed in the same direction. We are being driven by a universal force to the same destination. We are all individuals taking different journeys and along our journey, we sometimes bump into each other, we cross paths, we become altered... we take different physical forms. But at all times we too are 100% perfectly imperfect."

"At every given moment we are absolutely perfect for what is required for our journey. I'm not perfect for your journey and you're not perfect for my journey, but I'm perfect for my journey and you're perfect for your journey. We're heading to the same place, we're taking different routes, but we're both exactly perfect the way we are."

"You don't have to try so hard to be perfect Asad. You're amazing the way you are. Don't force yourself to be someone you're not. Stop being so hard on yourself, Asad. Please stop torturing yourself."

Glistening tears formed in his eyes and hovered for a moment before they fell wetly upon his cheeks.

"You know what you really need Asad?"

"What would that be?" he asked skeptically.

"A hug."

He narrowed his eyes, unable to believe what she had just suggested. Was she crazy or something?


She rolled her eyes as if it had been the simplest question in the world and not knowing the answer was a sign of utter foolishness. He looked at her startled and shocked. He didn't know how to react. Shout he shout and reprimand her, like he always did? Should he just ignore it? Should he just paste a fake smile on his face?

"To explain it in your 'business' terms, hugging has no unpleasant side effects and is all natural. There are no batteries to replace, it's inflation-proof and non-fattening with no monthly payments. It's non-taxable, non-polluting, and is, of course, fully refundable."

He just stood there immobile as she moved forward and wrapped her hands around his waist. She secured her hands tightly around his back and rested her head on his chest. With her hands around him, and her hair blowing in his face, he felt his pulse rate increase manifold and his heartbeat accelerated beyond control. Yet, a sense of calm took over him, and he left like he had been enveloped in a light, warm bubble. A bubble that radiated positivity and hope; a place that felt like heaven.

Maybe it's wrong when we remember breakthroughs to our own being as something that occurs in discrete, extraordinary moments. Maybe falling in love, the piercing knowledge that we ourselves will someday die, and the love of snow are in reality not some sudden events; maybe they were always present. Maybe they never completely vanish, either.

As he clasped his hands around her back, he realized he was in love with this pepper spray loving woman who was his complete opposite in every way possible. And realizing that this love would determine the rest of his life, he was filled with dread.

Would this love bring him the happiness he had been craving for? Or would it crush his life and destroy it the way it had his mother's?

He didn't know, and he really didn't care. All he had was this moment of bliss, that he intended to live his entire lifetime in. A moment was all he had been wishing for.

One moment. One Snowflake.

Entry #9

Title~ Its never too late for Love

She walked out of the airport in the slowest pace possible. It was as if strings of attachment were pulling her back to what was destined for her. She quickly shook her thoughts away and searched for her friends waiting outside for her. But her eyes were searching for nothing but him. 
"Hey Zoya!! Here!!!! We are here",Suzie screamed ecstatically as she ran towards Zoya and jumped into her arms. 
"Oh My god! I missed you so much! I am so glad you are back Zo!Welcome back to New York",Suzie cried.
Zoya pulled an emotional Suzie out of the embrace.
"Its okay",Zoya said with a smile.
"Hieee Zoya",Priya greeted her with a warm hug. Its good to have you back".
Zoya smiled. She had no choice other than coming back. She was glad to see her friends but the thought of never meeting him again was eating her up inside. She couldn't have ever imagined that the guy whom she hated at first would mean so much to her.
"See! This is the plan. You are coming to my place. Staying there. And tonight its Party Time! ",Suzie said.
"No ! No Parties please"replied Zoya. The last thing she wanted to do was party. She was already missing him and everyone else and it was taking much effort to plaster that false smile on her face.
"Its Christmas tomorrow. Christmas Party Zo. You can't miss it. We have planned so much. Everyone will be there. EVERYONE",Priya said and pulled Zoya towards the car.

Zoya fell into the bed as her unpacking was finally done. She was all alone in the house as everyone was busy partying. 
She turned towards the window and jumped up.
"Oh My God!",she cheered happily and ran towards the window.
It was snowfall. She loved snow since childhood. Her mom used to make snowman with her. She quickly grabbed her jacket and ran outside.
It was a festive atmosphere all around. Just an hour was left for Christmas. She saw children playing with the snow. One child pulled the other one and threw him into the snow. The sight was so cute that it brought a smile to her face. She remembered how she and Asad fought in her bedroom with pillows. Her smile became broader as memories of him picking her up and throwing her onto the bed flashed in front of her. They both lay there on the bed staring into each others eyes.
A tear dropped down her cheek as she thought about him. The day she realised she was in love, it was the end. He could never love a girl like her. It was better she stayed away from him and tried to move on. He didn't even try to stop her when Najma had told her that Zoya was leaving India.
Zoya walked past the cute kids and took out the lion mask from her pocket. It was the last memory of Asad with her. Najma had told her how special the mask was for Asad in his childhood and since then it had become all the more special for her. 
"So? If she wants to go, let her go. What can I do?",Asad had said to Najma.
Zoya fought back her tears. Did it really not make any difference to him? Not even a bit? Was the care she saw for her in his eyes false and meaningless? Did she really mean nothing to him?
Zoya wiped her tears away. She had decided not to shed any tears, not even think about him. She had decided to move on. "Enough",she said,"I will go to the party. Why shouldn't I?",she asked herself as she turned around to go to Suzie's place. 
She was just going to open the door to go inside when she noticed a box outside at the door. It was neatly wrapped with a note outside. She took the box in her hands. Just then her phone rang.
"Merry Christmas Zoya!",Priya said.
"There is still time Priya",Zoya said into the mouthpiece.
"Just 10 minutes left Zo! And I bet this christmas is going to be the best one for you!",Priya said happily.
"Uh.. How can you be so sure?",Zoya asked, taken aback.
"Just open the box and you'll know. Toodles",Priya said.
"Box? But how do you know? What...",Zoya attempted to ask but before she could say anything the lines were cut.
She looked at the note on the box. As she read it, it sent jitters through her spine.
                         "Aapki wajah se toota hai
                          Aap hi rakhiye
                                                     ~Six pack"

                      ("It broke because of you
                        Now you only keep it
                                                     ~Six pack)
She quickly unwrapped the box and there was the cell phone which Asad broke because of her. Tears welled up in her eyes but just then reality struck her. 
"Asad",she whispered and looked around. There was no one. She took the cell phone into her hands. All those memories came back to her. All those moments she spent with him, all those moments which made her fall in love with him. all those moments in which they were together, may it be fighting with each other or caring for each other or merely talking with their eyes.

"Zoya".. she heard his voice behind her. Her breathing turned heavy as she gently turned around. He was standing there, tears in his eyes, a radiant smile on his face, his arms wide apart inviting her.
"Asad",she called out and ran into his waiting arms as he grasped her with all his might. His hands roamed over her back and the smell of her hair mesmerized him. He bent down towards her neck and placed a soft peck on her skin. Zoya tightened her embrace round Asad never to let him go again. 
They finally loosened the hug and looked at each other.
"How dare you leave me?",Asad asked angrily.
"How dare you not stop me?"Zoya asked as his hands wiped away her tears. 
"Its never too late. I am here now",he finally said bringing a smile on her face.
Asad cupped her face with his hands and stared straight into her eyes.
"I love you Miss Zoya",he said in a husky voice.
"I love you too Mr Akdoo Ahmed Khan",Zoya replied and both burst into laughter.
Asad took her hands in his and bridged the gap between them Their faces were inches apart from each other.
"Then marry me..",he finally said.
And he got his answer almost immediately as Zoya pulled his face towards her into a breath taking kiss.

The clock struck twelve and greeting of Christmas showered around. Crackers burst in the sky as if celebrating the unison of two lovers, the snow showering happiness on them. After all, its never too late for love.

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Entry #10

A pretty lady in jeans, with a shawl wrapped around her upper half walked down the lane with a slight smile playing on her lips as she saw all the families enjoying their Christmas dinner together. The smile turned into a sad one as she remembered she was home alone this Christmas. She had never missed her family so much as she didtoday.

It started snowing heavily.She was still a few blocks from home.She wrapped the shawl around herself tighter. "Allah miyan, what's wrong with you ?! Iss snow shower ko leke thodi der baad meherbaannahinho sakte the aap ?" she complained and started walking faster. Suddenly, she tripped, and closed her eyes tight waiting for the blow to come.

It never did. Instead, she felt a strong pair of arms go around her preventing the fall. But she kept her eyes shut trying to bring her erratic heartbeats back to normal. A feat she later realised had been in vain because as soon as she opened her eyes, they met pools of chocolate, so mesmerizing, so deep, she lost herself in them as her heart went all staccato. None of them realised how long they stood there in that position. In each others' arms. Right in the middle of the road. With a beautiful background of colourful fairylights and ornate Christmas trees, the snowfall gave the scene a picture perfect effect.

"Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let it snow ! Let it snow ! Let it snow !"

The Christmas carols echoed through the streets. All the houses were decorated beautifully and the fairylights created magic. That along with a majestically decorated and ornate Christmas tree with a soft layer of fresh snow gave the place a grand sight.

The lovely couple in wonderland were interrupted by a little kid who accidentally bumped into them while running to a nearby candy shop. The guy cleared his throat as he helped the lady stand. "Aap khariyat to hai na ?" he asked, and she noticed his eyes were mirrors to his soul, reflecting naked concern vividly. Concern that made her insides melt and go gooey. "J-ji." she stuttered, seeming a little out of breath.

The guy raised a brow but then put forward a hand, "Asad. Asad Ahmed Khan." She smiled as she took his hand and gavi it a firm shake "Zoya Khan".

He gestured to start walking and she complied. "Zoyaji, aap itni raat gaye akele ghar se bahar kya kar rahi hai ? Ye safe nahi hai ladkiyon ke liye." he told her sincerely. As he looked at her, he couldn't help adding "Khaas kar aapke jaisi khoobsoorat ladki ke liye" under this breath.

The last remark wasn't meant for her to hear, but she did anyway. A faint pink adorned her cheeks as she answered his question. "Kuch nahin, main to bas aise hi ghoom rahi thi. Sabko dekh rahi thi...Christmas. Ye log kehtein hai ke ye khushiyon ka tyohaar hai, tohfo ka tyohaar hai. Sab jhooth. Bahana hai bas. Ek bahana apne apno ke saath waqt guzaarne ka, apne parivaar ke saath waqt guzaarne ka. Ek shaam, akele nahi rehne ka. Aur meri kismat dekhiye. Main aaj hi akeli reh gayi" she said sadly.

It doesn't show signs of stopping
And I've bought some corn for popping
The lights are turned way down low
Let it snow ! Let it snow ! Let it snow ! 

Their hands brushed as they were walking side by side and that resulted in an involuntary shiver down Zoya's spine. Asad mistook it for cold and offered her his jacket. She refused. He insisted. They argued. And finally came to the mutual agreement that she would wear thejacket and he would share the shawl with her. While wrapping the shawl around them, poor Zoya tripped again and landed on Asad's chest, their faces centimetres apart.

Unable to resist this time, Asad leaned in to taste her. To take those soft rosy lips in his. As soon as their lips brushed, he realised where they were and what he was doing. He broke apart, but couldn't go far enough due to the shawl. Zoya looked at him with disbelief written all over her face.

"I'm - I'm sorry. Main vo - Main ye - aisa - ugh ! I'm sorry. Mujhe ye nahi karna chahiye tha. Ye munasib nahi hai. Mera nikah ho chuka hai." he said, head bowed.

Zoya's eyes went wide with surprise. "M-main bhi ! Mera bhi nikah ho chuka hai, Mr.Khan. I-I'm sorry. Mujhe na jaane kya hua.."

"K-koi baat nahi. Aapka-aapka ghar kahaan hai ? Main aapko chhod deta hoon."

"Ji mera ghar yahin, b-bas do blocks door hain." she said, shivering again.

Hesitantly, he put an arm around her and pulled her a little close, rubbing her arm trying to keep her warm. She smiled gratefully and ruefully at that. He didn't realised that the cold was, in no way, responsible for her shivers.

When we finally kiss goodnight
How I'll hate going out in the storm
But if you'll really hold me tight
All the way home I'll be warm 

They finally reached her home and Asad got out of the shawl. He frowned, "Itna andhera kyun hai ?"

"Kyuki main ghar ke bahar hoon !" Zoya chirped, back to her bubbly self.

"Haan, par Christmas par andhera ? Uh huh"

"Arre Mr.Khan, iss baat pe ek sher arz hai.
Roshni vo log karte hai jo apno ke saath khushiyaan mana rahe hote hain,
Roshni vo log karte hai jo apno ke saath khushiyaan mana rahe hote hain,
Hum to tanha hai, andhere se hi guftgu kar lete hain !

Wah wah ! Wah wah !" she grinned and turned to open the lock.

Asad couldn't help smiling at her childishness.

"To hum chalte hai. Khuda Hafiz !" he said.

"Mr. Khan ! Rukiye to ! Ab yahaan tak aa hi gaye hai to coffee bhi peete hi jaiye.

"Ji huzoor. Jo hukum" he said, making her face break into a dazzling smile.

As soon as she turned the lights on, several voice together screamed out loud "Surprise !!"

Zoya stood rooted at the spot, stunned. "Aapi, jeeju, ammi, tomato !!" Her voice rose with each word and by the last name, Asad had to close his ears. Zoya ran to them, and squeezed all of them close in a tight group hug.

"Seems like you won't be alone afterall." remarked Asad, smiling genuinely at the happiness in Zoya's eyes. Zoya turned around,ran and literally jumped on him screaming "I love you !!"

He held her tight and whispered in her ear, "Merry Christmas Zoya Asad Khan !"

The fire is slowly dying
And my dear we're still goodbying
But as long as you love me so
Let it snow ! Let it snow ! Let it snow ! 

Entry #11

   ...He looked up to the dark sky as a snow flake kissed his cheek, then melted right away, leaving behind nothing but a water drop.  He stood there on the side walk as the snow started coming down faster. His breath visible in the air, cheek and ears red, hands in his pocket. He closed his eyes as he felt the snow hitting his face. This was Asad, Asad Ahmed Khan. He wasn't made for weather like this, he was made for the warm weather in Bhopal, where the sun's up in the days and cool breeze in the nights, where he could roam around freely without having to think of getting lost... Suddenly his eyes shot open and he remembered what he was here for, his goal. He zipped up his jacket and pulled up the hood and started walking again. The streets were deserted, with the exception of plow truck and or garbage trucks. Seemed like they were the only ones working during the holidays.  He kept walking.                       


             ... A guy dressed in a regular three piece suit stepped out of his Mazda Sedan Car, as he unbuttoned his suit coat, and took his shaded off. He pulled out his cell phone, not looking at what was coming his way...Bang...she was moments away from falling, moments away from getting injured, but to his luck he held her, not letting her fall. The papers which were in her hand flying in all directions. She stood up pushing him back

Female: Allah Miya...what wrong with you! Dekhke nahi chal sakte?

Asad: Excuse Me?

Female: Apko shukur guzar honi chaiye ki mehne police ko nahi bulaiyi hai...aur meri papers!

She looked around at her paper which were scattered around

Female: Chaliye mehre cheese utane madat kijiye

He made a face, Asad Helps no one

Asad: No thank You

He put his glassed back on

(Flashback end)

                 ...He smiled, that was their first meeting, he didn't like her, not at all, she was a pretty face with a big attitude. He looked up from his thoughts and spotted a couple of Carolers

Carolers: We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

It was weird how none of this ever happened in Bhopal. Asad went back to his thoughts of HER.


This was it! This was the umpteenth time they met in less than a week, what was going on, sometimes at the mall, sometimes at the park, even at the Gym

Asad: Why are you following me

Female: Oh hello Mr. meh kya koi stalker lagti hoon ki meh aapke peeche peeche ghoorongi?

Was that a compliment or an insult, didn't matter

Asad: Who do you think you are huh? Aap mujhse aise nahi baat kar sakti

Female: I can because, I am Zoya Farooki, the one and only

He let out a laugh

Asad: Yeh naam pehli baar sunn rahi hoon, aur aap kehrahi hai jaoise aap India ke president hai

She rolled her eyes

Zoya: You know what you are... you're Incredibly Foolish..

Saying this she sung her hair back hitting his face on the way...

Was this heaven? The softness of the long tresses felt as if he was laying on a bunch of feathers...

(Flashback end)

             ...Yup, he was in love, then why else would he come all the way to NY just for a girl, she wasn't just any girl she was the lion tamer, his goddess, who changed hi without realizing it...

He looked at the address on the piece of paper he was holding and looked up to the house in front, yeah it was the same.

He took in a deep breath and rung the door bell, hoping for her to open

The door open, but not by Zoya...a young woman with red-orange hair opened

Woman: yes?

Asad: I'm Sorry I think I'm at the wrong house

 he turned

Voice: Dianne Who is it?

He stooped, that voice almost sounded like...

He swung around, as her roommate walked back in and she stepped into the door way

...Was it actually him? He mind was denying it, while her heart jumped up and down like a fan girl

Asad: Zoya

Zoya: Asad...

Both their eyes locked, and unknowingly a smile plastered onto their face, guess it was the beginning  to a new love story...

As more and more carolers walked by but the two standing face to face, eyes locked,  smiling like maniacs...

Carolers: ... Have a holly jolly Christmas, And when you walk down the street, Say hello to friends you know, and everyone you meet, Oh, the mistletoe hung where you can see, Somebody waits for you, kiss her once for me


Asad: like they said...I have to kiss you...

She started blushing, as he stepped closed, halfway in the doorway and pulled her close..

Asad: Merry Christmas.

she smiled and tiptoed up to his level. and he softly pulled her head to his, and captured her lips...


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-RD- Moderator

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 7:26am | IP Logged
Wow .,...res for my votes ...

Gud luck to All the participants!)


5 ,7 ,8Big smile

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supriya.ipkknd IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 7:27am | IP Logged
res :) 


They were all so good. Its so difficult to choose just three.
I liked 3,5,8 & 10 the most

I can just choose 3.. so It would be 3,5,8

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-Fizzi- IF-Dazzler

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All of them are wonderful. All the best to all and may the best one win! :)

1) 5th Entry

2) 7th Entry

3) 8th Entry 

Big smile

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