Written Update : CID PAR GRAHAN-I (21/12/2012)

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Direction: SALIL SINGH

Scene 1

The episode starts with Dr.Salunke driving ACP Pradyuman back home from a get together. They chat about the nice time they have spent together and about the yummy food they have had. ACP asks him to drop him a little before reaching his home as he would prefer walking by himself. Salunke asks if he has any plans to meet his girlfriend to which ACP replies that its more likely for Salunke to do such a thing and they have a good laugh about it. Salunke drops him nearby and leaves for his own house.

During his walk, ACP sees a girl running towards him for help. The girl was being chased by 3 masked men with swords in their hands. As soon as ACP takes out his gun, the men run away. On being asked about the gun, ACP introduces himself to the girl and offers her to drop her home in his own car.

Scene 2

In the car, the girl introduces herself as Jasmine. She tells ACP that she was returning home when suddenly the 3 men started following her. ACP enquires about her husband but she says he is out of station for now and she doesn't remember his phone number. ACP finds this weird. Further, when the girl asks him to drop her then and there as her home was nearby, ACP's suspicions rise. He asks her address and again offers her to drop her directly at her home. But the girl refuses. She tells him that she stays at KB Colony, nearby in the first bungalow, white in colour. ACP lets her go. However, he decides to go and get confirmed.

Scene 3

At the bungalow mentioned by the girl, an elderly couple informs ACP that they were the only inmates of the house and were not aware of any Jasmine. ACP is shocked.

Scene 4

AT Bureau, Abhijeet, on phone, appoints a team to start looking for Jasmine in the same area where ACP had dropped her. ACP regrets having trusted the girl. Meanwhile, the sketch artist arrives and ACP starts describing Jasmine for him to make a sketch of her.

Scene 5

Residents of KB colony inform the team that they are not aware of anyone named Jasmine in the locality. However, on seeing her sketch, one man says that he has seen her in the bungalow next to his. He adds that she hardly came out of her house and so no one knows much about her.

Scene 6

Jasmine's bungalow

AN old lady welcomes the team into her house. She informs the team that Jasmine and her mother in law Kalpana used to stay in her house as paying guests. She also says that Jasmine had not returned home since last night and so, Kalpana had left after paying the fare of the house. On further investigation, the CID team is informed that Jasmine's husband, Amar used to visit them very rarely. The lady adds that an estate agent had brought the ladies to her asking for a house on rent.  ACP asks her to give them the details of the agent. Vineet search the room occupied by the two ladies but find nothing. ACP asks the old lady to help them draw the sketches of Kalpana and Amar. Rajat suggests that they could interrogate at various marriage halls and registry offices for the details of Jasmine and her husband as she was newly married.

Scene 7

At a Marriage hall, Rajat and Vineet find that Jasmine was married to a guy named Suhaan, not Amar. The manager shows them the family photograph, where the husband and the mother in law were not Amar and Kalpana but somebody else. On further interrogation, they come to know that after the marriage was over, some of the relatives stayed back and refused to leave the hall until someone arrived and took them along. The man who had come to take them wore a cap and goggles and had also called up someone from the landline. Rajat decides to find the call details of that day.

Scene 8

At the Bureau ACP discusses about the marriage racket with Abhijeet and Daya. Abhijeet informs that there has been no application filed for such a marriage, which means not only the people, but the marriage itself is a big lie. Sachin finishes his call and informs them that the address and phone number given by Suhaan at the marriage hall are al false. Nikhil comes in with the estate agent, Viren. He says he doesn't know anyone named Kalpana, but on being shown her photograph, he recognises her as Priya. On strict interrogation he admits having made false verification documents for arranging a rented house for Priya many a times. She used to leave a letter and money for him at a grocery shop whenever she wanted to shift to a new house. Daya receives a call. He is given the information that the call made from the marriage hall was made to "White Line Advertising Agency". ACP asks his team to visit both the grocery shop and the ad agency.

Scene 9

ACP, Sachin, Rajat and Freddy visit the grocery shop with Viren.The owner accepts the fact that Priya used to leave an envelope for Viren many a times but he never bothered to enquire about what was inside the envelope as he was paid Rs.25000 for it anyways. CID team scolds him for being so irresponsible and blind in greed. On asking, he tells them that Priya stayed in the lane nearby.

Scene 10

Priya's house

CID team meets a girl in the house. She introduces herself as Priya's daughter. She tells them that her mother is in Europe for her business related work. When CID informs her about her mother' s probable involvement in a marriage racket, the girl doesn't believe them. ACP asks her to call her mother up and put the phone on speaker. She dials the number, but Priya doesn't receive it. When she calls for the second time, they find the number switched off. ACP orders the girl not to leave her house as long as her mother is not caught and also says that one CID officer will be with her till then.

Scene 11

Nikhil visit the Advertising agency. He meets the man who was called up from the marriage hall on the day of the marriage. The man was none other than the casting director of the agency. He confesses that he used to supply actors for the marriages that were organized by Priya. He says that Priya was involved with something else in disguise of these fake marriages, but he doesn't know what it is. Nikhil asks him about the actors he had sent for Jasmine's fake marriage.

Scene 12

Priya's phone gets tracked and ACP, Rajat and Vineet visit the house. They find three servants who inform the team that Priya has left the house half an hour back. On searching the house, they find 3 swords. This reminds ACP of the 3 men who were trying to kill Jasmine the first night and he realizes that these were the same 3 men. Meanwhile, the three men take out their guns and run away. One of them goes to get the car for them and the other two keep shooting bullets at the team. Rajat gets shot on his shoulder, while Vineet tries and attack them but get captured by them instead. ACP tries to save Vineet but the 3 men manage to take Vineet along.

Scene 13

Abhijeet reaches a studio and asks the actors(the fake parents and other relatives of Suhaan, as per the photograph)  to help his cousin brother get married. When they agree, Nikhil brings the casting director by his collar and Abhijeet shouts on them for being a part of a fake marriage as its all illegal. They confess that they used to act as the boy's family whenever Priya asked them to. When Abhijeet shows them the photograph, they say that Jasmine's parents were real and not fake actors. They had also visited their house as Suhaan's parents before the marriage and so manage to give the CID team their address.

Scene 14

At Priya's house, Amar comes secretly to visit Priya's daughter. He tells her to pack her bags and leave with him as ordered by Priya. But Sachin, who was already hiding in the house catches him and informs his seniors.

Scene 15

ACP, Rajat and Sachin visit Jasmine's house, where they find Suhaan taking away Jasmine's parents.  CID team enquires Suhaan about Jasmine's whereabouts but he runs towards the terrace instead. At the terrace he warns the team to let him go or else he would jump off the building. Meanwhile, on the adjacent building, the three men keep Vineet at gun point and ask the CID team to let Suhaan go unhurt. Sachin manages to reach the adjacent terrace unseen, and help Vineet. However, while one of the three men shoots Suhaan, others push Vineet and Sachin away and they all escape. On one side, Sachin helps to untie Vineet and on the other side, Suhaan tells ACP about a cotton mill near Colaba before dying. ACP says that he knows about one closed cotton mill in Colaba and there is a probability that Jasmine would be found there. So he asks Rajat to stay and inform Abhijeet about the place while he himself(ACP) would rather reach there fast. While ACP leaves, Rajat calls up Abhijeet and informs him.

Scene 16

ACP reaches the mill. He finds a parked mini bus. He tries to call up Abhijeet but finds no network on his cell phone. He starts searching the area when he sees something and is shocked.

Scene 17

Duo is chasing the three men in the car. In the meantime, Abhijeet calls up ACP but finds him unavailable. On the other side, the three men start feeling dizzy and lose control over the car and hit a tree. Duo comes and find the three of them lying dead on the car. Daya notice a minute blood mark on one of the men's back and start checking the car seat properly. They find poisoned pins attached to the seats of the car.

Scene 18

Duo reaches the mill. They notice ACP's car and get worried as ACP's phone was still unavailable. Before they could search the mill properly, a blast takes place and they get injured.

Scene 19

AT the bureau Abhijeet and Daya ask ACP if he was okay as they were very tensed about him. They thought ACP was injured in the blast but was thankful that he was safe. Freddy adds that he could never imagine life without his dear ACP sir. On being asked where he was during the blast, ACP says that he was nearby and had left the place as soon as the blast took place, as he was shocked and didn't know what to do. DCP Chitrole enters. DCP says that the CID team has acted in a shameless way this time. When Abhijeet asks why he was here once again, he says that ACP Pradyuman has proved this time that he is a coward and his greatness is all just because of his team mates. He adds that inspite of the CID team being present at the blast site, 12 people had lost their lives and 4 more have been in a critical condition.  He says that there was a cctv camera at a distance which has recorded the entire thing' what had actually happened at the blast site, how ACP Pradyuman ran away when he was needed.  The entire team is shocked to see this. Abhijeet asks ACP what had exactly happened there and why had he behaved in such a way. ACP says that he had some reasons which he cant share with anyone right now. But assures that the matter wasn't that simple and there is much more to unfold. DCP doesn't care. He constantly insults ACP calling him a coward and asking for clarifications for such an act. He also asks for ACP's resignation to which Abhijeet and Daya protest. After such accusations, DCP leaves giving ACP a 24 hour deadline to think on the issue and decide if he would prefer to clarify the matter or submit his resignation.



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I am sorry if there are any mistakes... I couldn't watch the episode for the second time ...Just wrote what I remember. LOL
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hi CIDians mai chahta hoon ki aap sabhi CIDians
Thread :- CID going good? par apni apni raye pesh kare.
ye kaisa sawal hai.
issi jyada best show pure brahamand (universe) me koi nahi ho sakta.
agar ye serial bhadiya nahi hota to:-
1. to ye 15 saal tak nahi chal paata.
2. SONY TV isse accept nahi karta
3. SONY TV par iske promo's nahi dikhaye jate
4. SONY TV ise band kar deta.
5. log (peoples) abhi tak comment nahi karte
6. Naye threads open nahi hote.
8. iski rank nahi badhti
9. ise votes nahi milte.
10. CID VEERTA AWARDS shuru nahi hote.
11. ye FACEBOOK par itna popular nahi hota.
12. aaj bhi iss serial ke characters par comment nahi likhe jate.
13. ye tv news channel par nahi dikhaye jate
14. is serial ka interview nahi hota
15. iska naam Guiness Book of  World Records me nahi aata.
                  etc. etc. etc.
ye sab abhi bhi jari (certified) hona iss serial ka bhadiya hone ka sabot, praman pesh karta hai.
aap sab mere topic '''*CID best or not'''* par apni raaye de

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^ every thread is getting SPAMed !
VISROM.. kindly look into it !

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thanks for the update Smile
wonderfully done Clap

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SHAGZ Thank You as still I did not watch the epi
but in First Scene as U mentioned that SALUNKHY Sir and ACP Sir moving in SALUNKHY Sir car and on ACP Sir request SALUNKHY Sir dropped Him nearby, here the Girl met Him, so how does ACP Sir car comes sudden???Confused

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They didnt say anything GD. But the explanation is, ACP's house was closeby as I said, so he took his car from his home. 

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Originally posted by Shagnika

They didnt say anything GD. But the explanation is, ACP's house was closeby as I said, so he took his car from his home. 

arry pr Larki Rastay mein mili thi na... acha acha fro Dropping Her... ok ok, Now i got it... Sorry for trouble...Smile

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