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Love Beyond Words... asya ff COMPLETED (Page 8)

Ayuzawa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 7:59am | IP Logged

Okay now this is my favourite part. Why? Because this part has a lot of mitwa moments. In fact this whole part is entirely comprised of mitwa moments. And that is of course amazing'..all AsYa scenes'. I hope all of you enjoy it and let me know how it was. I know I don't reply to your comments but I don't get enough time to. I have my classes on and it becomes a bit tedious to update on daily bases so I am sorry about that. But I am really glad for the support and encouragement you people have shown me. so let's continue with the story.


Asad saw zoya lying still and he rushed to her as soon as he regained his senses. He went to her and tried to pick her up and called out to her.

Asad; zoya'zoya!

The sudden movement made her cough and zoya started to cough harder and harder. Asad put her back on the floor and realised her clothes were torn and also the flames were getting closer. He took off his coat and placed it on zoya. Zoya clutched the coat sleeves and turned into a ball coughing. Asad quickly picked her up and tried to shield her from the flames. He walked out of the room and realised that the corridor had also caught on fire. So he quickly climbed down the stairs with zoya still coughing. Asad could feel how small she felt in his arms balled up like that. He hurriedly went over to the ambulance which was called by the police. the doctors asked him to place zoya on the stretcher. The doctors started to take her inside the ambulance when zoya moaned. Asad held on to her hand and said, "main hoon yahan. Tumhe aab darne ki koi zarorat nahi." And then the doctor took her inside the ambulance and closed there door.


Zoya could only feel darkness and heat around her. Her body felt like it would melt from so much heat. And then she stopped feeling. She felt like she was sinking, going deeper and deeper but suddenly she felt herself being lift up. She heard a distant sound of someone calling out to her. Her mother was calling out her name. And then she realised her throat was very very dry. And she started coughing. It hurt her lungs but she could not stop. And then the pain in her lungs became unbearable so she pulled her knees to her chest and held them tight together with her arms. She felt that she was holding onto something. Some fabric which was really very soft. She felt herself being lifted again. and then after a long time she heard the sirens which were making her head explode. She tried to say something but was only able to moan. She felt a strong hand hold hers and she heard a voice which she found familiar assuring her that he was there and now she had no reason to get scared. She tried very hard to open her eyes to see who the owner of that voice was but she could only manage to see a blurry image of that man and he seemed worried. Concern was written all over his face but she could not recall who that face belonged to. She tried even harder to think and then the door closed.

Inside the ambulance zoya could feel someone touching her and she panicked. But a soothing voice told her to go to sleep and she felt a sting in her arm. She started to fall asleep when out of nowhere she got a thought. The name of the person who had been worried about her. He was asad ahmed khan. Her jahapana. And she smiled as she fell asleep.


Minutes later the door of the ambulance opened and the doctor told asad that there was no need to hospitalise the girl. He could take her home and he could ask his doctor to take a look at her. For now all her injuries were dressed. Asad thanked the doctor and lifted zoya again in his arms and put her in the front seat. He went and sat in the driver's seat and looked at zoya. Her cheek had become blue and was slightly swollen. Her head was bandaged. It hurt asad. He could not comprehend the fact that his one reckless decision had landed him in such a state. She was sleeping peacefully as the doctors had given her painkillers but that didn't change the fact that she was hurt. Hurt because of him. He gripped the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles went white. He looked away and calmed himself down. He put the car in reverse and started to drive.


Dilshad had called asad but now even asad was not picking up his cell. She was about to try again frustrated but just then she heard the doorbell. As dilshad dialled asad's no. najima opened the door.

Najima; bhaijaan.

Dilshad turned around and the phone fell from her hand. The sight she saw made her heart stop. Asad was carrying zoya in his arms. She was unconscious and pale as chalk. Her head was banded and her face was blue and almost swollen. And asad's coat was put on her. But before she could ask anything asad came in and started towards zoya's room.

Asad; tamatar. Dr ko phone karo aur unhe ghar bulao abhi.

Najima; ji bhaijaan.

Dilshad went after asad and asad placed zoya on her bed dilshad silenty went and sat next to her stroking her hair.  Just then najima entered.

Najima; maine dr ko bula diya hai. Vo aa rahe hai.

Dilshad; najima jaa kar kitchen se panni le kar aao.

As najima left dilshad looked at asad and asad unable to meet her eyes looked away but dilshad did not ask a thing. She just looked back at zoya as tears filled her eyes to see zoya who always brought life in their house lying there like a lifeless doll. Asad unable to take his mother's tears walked out of the room and went to his room.

i am sorry as i am having problem uploading the other half of this part so i will soon update it. have patience please.Smile

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eshaa_avrc Senior Member

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*res for later*

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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RMamsa Senior Member

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Lovely! yeh! - a long mitwa moment is reaaallyy in order!

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SimmyOwais Senior Member

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That was really good can't wait fur the next part

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Asyalover IF-Dazzler

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Yaay her jaahpanah has rescued her and thanks 4 da updt 4 da pm and 4 buddying me

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Ayuzawa IF-Dazzler

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okay here is the rest...ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asad was in the hall. He couldn't sleep. He recalled what had happened when the doctor had arrived.


As soon as najima let the doctor in asad came out of his room and followed the doctor into zoya's room. Zoya was awake but partially. The effect of the sleeping drugs and painkillers had made her mind slow. She did not recall the whole akhram fiasco and she was not asking questions about how she ended up on her bed. Not yet. Asad looked at her and now her face was clearly swollen on her left side. He felt a knot in his chest looking at her like that. The doctor checked her and gave a long list of tablets to asad which mostly comprised of pain killers.

Doctor; kya main aapse bahar baat kar sakta hoon?

Asad; yes sure doctor.

Both asad and the doctor came out.

Doctor; dekhiye mr. khan yeh davaiya maine jo di hai vo mostly pain killers hai. Unke gal ki sujan kam hone tak unhe bohot dard hoga. Par unhe yeh painkillers given dose se zyada mat lene dijiyega. Unki jaan ko khatra ho sakta hai.

Asad; well doctor. Iske allava aur koi parishani ki baat to nahi hai na? I mean vo thiik hai na?

Doctor; agar dekha jaye to physically she will be fine soon par mentally aur emotionally unki recovery hona bohot mushkil hai. Iss hades ke baad I think aap ko aur apki family ko unhe kisi bhi tarah ka stress nahi dena chahiye. In fact I would suggest ki unki apni family ko yahan unke pas hona chahiye.

Asad: main pura khayal rakhunga doctor.

Doctor: well then mr. khan I should leave.

Asad: thank you very much doctor.

Asad walked back into the room.

Asad: ammi main ja kar abhi yeh saari davaiya lata hoon.

Dilshad just nodded her head. Asad felt hurt but he told himself that he deserved it. As he walked out of the house he recalled himself vowing to bring zoya with him unharmed but zoya was not unharmed. She was hurt and that meant he had failed. Akhram had almost had her. Zoya was touched by his filthy hands and that made his blood boil and he hated himself even more.



Asad looked towards the door where zoya was sleeping. She was alone right now as his ammi was making coffee for her and asad. Asad had decided to stay out of zoya's room as his ammi had wished. His ammi was angry with him for not listening to her. But she still had not asked asad to explain everything that had happened with zoya. It was like she was even talking about it would somehow hurt zoya. He knew his mother was not doing this purposely to hurt him but right now he felt really guilty and helpless. He could see zoya was hurt and the pain was excruciating even when he saw her from the door of her room. But he could not do anything. It was hurting him and right now all he wanted to do was hold onto his mother and let the tears he was holding back from the moment he saw zoya lifeless on the floor in the flames flow. His ammi's silence was killing him. And suddenly both dilshad and asad heard it. Zoya's heart wrenching screams. Asad's blood froze in his veins. He dashed towards her room and reached there before dilshad. But when he entered the room he did not know what to do.

Zoya was literally screaming for her mother. She was also very scared of fire. She was alternating from pleading the flames to leave her and calling out to her mother. Asad felt dilshad pass by him and she went to zoya and tried to wake her up from her nightmare. And zoya suddenly woke up from her nightmare. She looked around sweating. She saw dilshad and held her hand and said, "ammi'ammi'." her voice was cracking because of her tears.

Dilshad; zoya beta main tumhari phupi hoon.

Zoya suddenly stopped crying and looked at dilshad again. she calmed down.

Zoya; sorry phupi, I was just'

Dishad; its okay zoya. Koi baat nahi.

Asad who was watching all this could not bear it any longer. When zoya screamed like that he had a flashback of her calling out to him as akhram dragged her towards that room. And when he saw her frantically trying to call out to her mother as she cried in her sleep he realised the extent of damage his one stupid decision had done. He went out the room and stood near the door. He closed his eyes and clenched his fist. He heard his ammi say that she will off the gas and come back soon. He pepped in to see if zoya had relaxed. But what he saw made him even feel more vulnerable.

the moment dilshad got up and turned to leave zoya put her arms around dishad's waist and hugged her tight like a baby and cried.

Zoya; please phupi. Mat jayiye. Mujhe daar lag raha hai.

Dilshad started stroking her hair.

dilshad: zoya'main kahin nahi jaa rahi. aab tum rona bandh karo.

Zoya: phupi I was so scared phupi. Vo log mujhe zabardasti qubool karvana'.aur mujhe ghar main kqaid karne wale the. They even said ki vo mujhe barbad karke phir chod denge just to fulfil their ego. And vo akhram he hit me aur mere saath'.i was so scared phupi i...was alone...

Zoya could not finish her sentences because she was crying so hard. Dilshad's stomach churned on hearing what this girl had gone through.

Dilshad; zoya aab tum safe ho. Mera wada hai tumse tumhe koi kuch nahi karega. Main hoon na tumhare paas. Aab bas tum chup chap so jao.

Zoya looked at dishad with wide eyes in her tear stricken face. And then as dilshad sat next to her she put her head in dilshad's lap. As dilshad stroke her she accidently touched zoya's cheek and zoya screamed in pain. Dilshad muttered a sorry and went back to putting zoya back to sleep. As zoya slept dilshad pulled the blanket over her.


Asad had seen zoya cling to his ammi like a baby and then he had heard everything that zoya had said. He promised himself that akhram would rot in jail forever and never see freedom again. but then he had realised that he had again judge zoya wrong. He had thought that her being so normal was because she did not know the amount of danger she was in but the truth was that she was fully aware of the danger and yet she had remained strong. His heart skipped a beat when he recalled their conversation after he had saved her from falling. And then he had heard her scream again and had on reflex entered the room again only to see his ammi saying sorry to her and her relaxing in his ammi's lap. His tears were flowing as he saw her there like a scared child holding on to her mother's dhupatta. he went into the hall and sat on the sofa and broke down

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome part.
I loved it so much.
I feel bad for Zoya.

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