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Love Beyond Words... asya ff COMPLETED

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i thought i should write down what i think is going to happen now in qubool hai. but i know my potrayal of asad saving zoya is far from the serial but i hope you enjoy it. pls do tell me if i should continue.

asad was sitting in his office. He couldn't understand his mother. What was she worried about? Out of all people zoya having a threat from akhram was something ridiculous. That girl who did not listen to any one and who was so careless could end up putting akhram in trouble. A girl who could end up in jail for charges of violence and harm to college property could do anything. Well akhram had called the office to tell that he wanted a leave as his mother was sick. So that meant that their meeting was over. Surely she must have gone somewhere to wander and must have not realised the no. Of miss calls his mother was making.

And then he started getting angry. How could she be so irresponsible? His mother was dying of tension about her well being and she had not even bothered to make a call back home. What could he expect from a girl like her.

He didn't even realise that he had gotten up and was pacing in his cabin like a tiger. He sighed and packed his laptop and walkes out of his cabin.

Dilshad was anxious and worried. She did not know how but she had a really bad feeling about zoya. She was feeling the same kind of anxiety when zoya had left the house without telling that night. Something was wrong. Something was really wrong.

She tried calling zoya again. Still unavailable. Najima got up and put her hands on her mother's shoulders.

Najima; don't worry ammi. Zoya thik hogi. Vo khud ka khayal rakh sakti hai.

Dilshad shook her head and was about to deny najima when the phone in her hand rang. She picked up the phone and said frantically hello hoping That it would be zoya. And yes it was but the voice wasn't clear or was it zoya's voice wavering.

Dilshad; hello..hello zoya! Beta awaz nahi aa rahi ahey thik se...zoya

Just then asad entered the house and his attention was drawn by his mother's frightened and frantic voice. And then he registered what she was saying. Zoya? What the hell had happened? Don't tell me she had again got in to trouble.

Dilshad; zoya! Zoya kya huwa? Tumhari awaz? Tum itni ghabrayi hui kyun...Zoya! zoya!

Asad came around the sofa and took the phone from his mother's hand.

Asad; hel...

Before he could complete the word he heard a gasp and then the sound of a bang and then...

The phone got disconnected.

Dilshad sat down and said, "hya allah! Mera maan keh raha tha ki kuch to hua hai"

Asad; ammi aap fikar mat kijiye. Main zoya ko dhundta hoon.

Asad was about to go when dilshad said, "zoya ko aaj agar kuch hota hai to vo tumharey upar ayega asad kyunki aaj tumhare bharose maine usey janne diya tha."

Asad; ammi aapse kaha na maine. Main use ghar le aaunga.

Saying this asad walked out of his house.


Zoya 1st did not even register what akhram had said but then it started sinking in. He was going to marry her. No in fact he was going to make her marry him. Even by force.

She looked around but all three men had blocked any route of escape. But still he could make noise. Fight till she had strength. And suddenly she felt her strength going. She felt so weak that she could not even manage to stand. And she sat back on her chair. Everything was revolving around her. She realized that akhram had mixed something in her coffee to subdue her. She was losing her conscious when she felt herself being lifted up and then it all went blank.

Later she had woken up in the middle seat of the car. She was lying on the seat but she could feel that the seat facing her and the driver's seat was occupied. She did not open her eyes. She slowly covered her eyes with her hand and then peeked from behind it to find both the men in front of her sleeping. She saw her bag lying in between them. One of the man's hand was tangled in the belt. She slowly removed her cell phone from the bag. She was about to text but who would she text. So she decided to call phupi as she had no other choice. She called and the phone was received in the 1st ring. She was so happy. She felt like she had been under water trying desperately to breath and had broken over the surface. She whispered: phupi. But her voice wavered.

Dilshad was frantically telling her that her voice was not clear enough.

Zoya: phupi mujhe kidnap kiya gaya hai. Phupi...

Just then she heard asad's voice but before she could even hear the whole word the phone was snatched from her and all she could manage was a gasp and then akhram threw the phone out of the window. She was scared.  But she mustered up the courage to reason with this man because right now that was all she can do.

Zoya; dekhiye aap please mujhe jane dijiye. Aisi shaadi se tumhe kya milega?

Akhram gave a small laugh and said, "kya milega. Mere ahem ko sukun ki jo ladki mujhse nikah qubool na kar ke bhagi thi vo aaj mujhse nikah karegi."

Zoya; aur kisne kaha ki main ye nikah qubool karungi?

Akhram; nahi karogi to hum times karvayenge. Chahe jo kuch bhi karna pade.

Zoya heard that and she couldn't help herself from shivering even though she had made a resolution to not get scared. And then suddenly the man next to akhram put a cloth over her face and she started feeling dizzy again. Before losing conscious again though she heard akhram say that she needed to sleep now because during the nikah an after it she would not even be able to breath properly.


Asad had gone to the cafe thinking that zoya had herself somehow got into trouble. But then suddenly it crossed his mind that may be akhram had indeed harmed her. But he brushed the thought away as he trusted akhram to not do anything like that.

One hour later as he was driving to the place from where zoya's call had been traced by the mobile company though he was sure that it was indeed akhram who had taken zoya away somewhere because the staff clearly mentioned that the girl fell sick and the man she was with along with other two guys carried her away. He had shown them akhram's photo which he had asked the office to send him and the staff had recognised it. Also hadn't akhram suddenly asked for a holiday for 4-5 days?

Suddenly he got a flash back of zoya.

 "aap jantey bhi hai ki aap kaise logon ki side le rahe hai?"

Zoya in the dargah crying so heart wrenchingly.

Yes how could he forgotten that. and then later wasn't he and ayaan attacked by the goons who were the groom's relatives who were searching for the runaway bride.

How could he have not realized this before. He had been wrong about akhram all along. Right now the only thing in his mind was that zoya should be safe. Because even if she was scratched a little he would never be able to forgive himself. It was he who had not even bothered to ask zoya for an explanation and had sent her to apologise to that vile akhram.

And the moment he thought of akhram all he could think of was rage. He could never forgive a person who could stoop so low. He was angry, very angry.


Zoya woke up this time to find herself bound to a chair. She tried to move and realized that she was dressed up in bridal wear. She tried moving again this time she tried harder out of fear. Just then a woman entered the room.

Woman;  koi faida nahi. Abhi thodi hi waqt mein kaazi sahib ayenge aur phir tumhara nikah humare bte akhram se ho jayega.

Zoya; main ye nikah kabhi qubool nahi karungi.

Woman; soch lo. ya toh nikah ki rasam pehle chahti ho ya phir suhag raat ki rasam.

Zoya was shoked and even more scared now. The woman walked out. Zoya tried to find something in the room that could be helpful and there she spotted a candle. That would work.


Asad had asked hi office to send every single information about that akhram to him. He realised that akhram's ancestral house was just a few kilometres away from the place where zoya's phone was last traced so he was on his way there. He was angry and he was using his anger to push out the fear. Fear that something might have happened to zoya. He didn't know what he would do if she was hurt that too because of his mistake. He was cursing himself for being so blind in anger about the Elena incident that he had ended up risking zoya's life or even worse her...he didn't even want to think about it. And again he had a flashback.

"its ok phupi. Agar kuch logon ko bina meri baat sune ye lagta hai ki galti merit hi to main zarur jaungi."

He hoped he reached in time.


Zoya had somehow managed to burn the rope and free her hands.  She looked out the window and realised she was om the top most floor. It was too dangerous to go out from there. So she went near the door. She realised her bangles were making noise so she removed them and threw them on the bed as though they had burned her. She reached the door and heard someone speak. She was about to turn back but then what they were talking about stopped her midway.

Woman 1; arey tumne dekha nahi uske hath par vo jalne ke nishen. Kya akhram ko aisi dulhan thik hai?

Woman 2: kya farak padta hai. Akhram ko kaha us akeli ke saath saath nibhana hai. Aur jab chahe tab akhram use chod dega. Akhir hum to sirf apne khandan ki bezati ki bhar payi chahte hai. Phir akhram use jaise bhi rakhe.

Woman 1; par kya vo aisa rishta nibhayegi?

Woman 2; use kya farak padta hai. Ye shadi uske liye bediya hai akhram ke liye nahi. Nahi manegi to ghar mein bandh kar rakhenge. Jab akhram ka maan bhar jayega azad kar denge. Aur phir humara badla pura hoga. Uski zindagi barbad kar ke humein bohot khushi milegi.

Zoya was shocked. She couldn't believe that such people could exist in this world. Such evil thoughts! She was disgusted to the core. And then again the fear crept up. Again she realise exactly what kind of danger she was facing. She went to the window and thought that better than staying up here waiting for these devils to do what they want with her it was better to take the risk of climbing down. It would be better to die than live in hell for all her life. She came out of the window and started climbing down.

Zoya; hey allah miyan. Please aaj meri madat kar dijiye. Please.


 Asad reached the haweli. He got down and saw the open gates. He was so angry that he could have burst in but the fear of what state he might find zoya in slowed his pace. He tried looking at the windows to see if he could see her anywhere and there he saw her, climbing down the pipe. Great! He couldn't help but wonder at her speed exactly how good was she at running from the weddings. He saw a man coming and standing down under zoya. And that was a problem because zoya was so busy looking at the window that she wasn't aware of the guy below her. So asad went there nad knocked the guy cold. He stood there waiting for zoya to come down. Zoya almost reached the last joint and she miscalculated the distance to the ground and lost her balance. But instead of using her hands to cushion her fall she puth them on her mouth to stifle her scream and closed her eyes. But she never felt herself hit the ground. She lowly opened her eyes and saw asad's face. So close, so worried. (mitwa moment)

Asad put her down. And zoya yelled "hey allah miyan!" but asad put his hand on her mouth. She looked at him and realised that she had been loud. She lowered her tone and said, "hey allah miyan! What's wrong with you. Aap yahan kya kar rahe hain?"

Asad; apki shadi attend karne aya tha. Last time misskar di thin a isliye iss bar aa gaya.

Zoya; what

Asad; kya lagta hai aapko? Main kya karne aya hoon?

Zoya; oh right you are here to save me. But let me tell you mr. Khan that i don't need your help. Main khud yahan se bhag sakti hoon.

Asad; i know ms farukhi ki aap ko meri zarurat nahi hain par ab main yahan aya hi hoon to meri madat ke liye thadi jagaha bana dijiye.

Zoya; thik hain chaliye.

Asad had not actually intended to fight with her but somehow he couldn't help be normal when she seemed normal. He was relieved that she was not hurt. In fact he couldn't help but admire her courage and strength to actually try to get out of this mess on her own and not wait for someone to rescue her. She in fact was right now refusing his help right on his face and he wasn't angry. He was relieved that she was still herself. Unharmed unscathed. He couldn't help but wonder if she had been dumb enough not to realise the kind of danger that she was in. It had to be that because no one could be so casual about being kidnapped. He followed her as she made her way towards the gate. Suddenly she realised that the dhupatta of her dress was not there.

Zoya; mera dhupatta. I need to get it back.

Asad; rukiye. Main jhakar lata hoon. Aap yahin rukiye gadi ke pas. In fact aap gadi main baitiye tab tak main aap ka dhupatta lata hoon.

Asad went and got her dhupatta. He looked at it and realised how wrong he was. This girl who he had time and again accused of not having the "tehzeeb" was actually worried about her dhupatta. Even in this situation. And then he realised that never before had she worn anything revealing. Yes she wore jeans but other than that her clothes had always been decent. He pulled himself out of the thought process and walked back to the car. As he reached the car he stopped. Zoya wasn't in the car. He ran to it and looked around but zoya was nowhere. And that scared him. he had found her and lost her. He had got a chance to rectify his mistake but it had slipped right through his hand. She was not there. She was in danger again. And her absence was enough to bring the guilt back.


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I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it.
It's awesomee! Pleaseee continue fast! Pls pm me!

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Awesome start
I really liked it
You should totally continue <3
Oh can you pm me when you continue?

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Oh, my god! That was so amazing!!!! Pls do continue soon! I can't wait! And if you can pls pm me! I don't want to miss anything! :D

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I really enjoyed this. Please continue asap. Add me to your PM  :)

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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really nice plzzz do update soon!!!!

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Super the suspense continues!

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