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Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Everyone plss start commenting in new TB Article  ..this is golden opportunity for PV to get no.1 spot in CM .. 3 articles in a row

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Aarti's truth out in the open on Punar Vivah!


Mere bachhe .. tere bachhe .. humare bacche...We r family  Big smileBig smile


Today's Episode Take

This has not happened very often but today's episode made me all numb .. I was just left speechless and shocked after the episode and mayb that made me realise how much I hv got attached to Yash and Aarti that no way I can take either of their pain CryCry... Yash is going to b devastated hearing the biggest truth of his life while Aarti is going to b all shattered because no way she wanted the truth to come out in this manner OuchOuch... GC and KS class acting especially in the last scene StarStarStarStar

Few pointers  about 3 important questions which is rising in our mind after the episode Smile

Will Yash Sacrifice ?? : This is a very tricky scenario .. Point here is if he decides to sacrifice , then he will hv to break this punarvivah .. which means he will also hv to break the promise he gave to his father about how he will make sure this PV is a success Ermm ... Also sacrifice means he will b snatching away PayPal's mother too .. right ?? Ermm..Sacrifice also means sacrifice of their unborn kid Ayyu here which is still in Aarti's womb .. right ? Ermm... Will Yash make so many sacrifices because here its not just about him and Aarti .. its about all their kids too ... So sacrifice according to me in a remarriage where not just 2 but their whole family is involved will not make much sense and so I feel Yash is intelligent enough not to go the sacrifice route Smile... Max he might ask Aarti what does she want to know if she is forced in this remarriage .. but I dont think he will go for any sacrifice against Aarti's wish ... Smile

To b honest I will b disappointed if CVs take the sacrifice route for Yash's character ,... Its not  just a triangle between 3 characters that one will sacrifice for other .. here kids , families all r involved .. so sacrifice will make it look like just another regular triangle story which I dont want Smile

Prashant is positive or negative ?? Well for me Prashant is a smart opportunist .. He will himself never do anything evil .. he will always make sure his image remains clean in front of all .. But he will take the opportunities that comes his way like if Aarti is kicked out from Scindia mansion , he will b ready to get her and Ansh back rather than unite AarYa Smile... If he sees Yash-Aarti hving a difference over him , he will play a silent spectator and wait for his turn to play the hero trumpcard Wink... He will time and again try to invade Aarti's privacy and remind her of old memories so that Aarti on her own has a change of heart which is is wishful thinking ... He will fire from Taiji or Mr.Dubey's shoulders mayb but will never come out looking black in front of all Approve... He might remain silent when Taiji was spitting venom against Aarti's punarvivah but in front of Aarti will try to act as the sacrificing hero to make sure Aarti herself has a change of heart towards him Wink... So in short Prashant is just a smart opportunist and he still believes that destiny will bring Aarti-Ansh back to him because Yash will never accept her after this truth .. Its more or less his wishful thinking ,. So he is himself not trying anything but is waiting for that opportunity to come his way Smile...

What did Aarti exactly tell Yash today and how will Yash take it ?? I feel picture abhi baaki hai mere dost  Cool.. Monday we might see more of Aarti's dialogues while Yash listening to it all in dark .. so lets not jump to any conclusions right now since we dont hv the precap too Smile.. Today what Aarti said was "Why r u doing all this ... I agree I loved u once .. but now its too late.. I m tied to Yash ji already  " Smile.. The reason why Aarti accepted that I loved Prashant once is because she heard lots of taunts about it few mins back from Taiji about how can she b so heartless and leave Prashant when once she loved him so much .. So somewhere Aarti was replying to Taiji's taunts thinking its Prashant standing in dark Smile... She tried to tell Prashant all that which she could not tell Taiji because she knew that speaking to Taiji is like banging head against wall  LOL but at least Prashant will understand since he knows the whole story and also knows that he is at fault Smile.. So in that dark room she was trying to tell Prashant that look dont try to woo me with all this drama because that love which I had for u once is dead now Smile.. Aarti might hv thought Prashant is arranging all this on Taiji's advice since she feels even Mr.Dubey wants the same Ouch... 

Aarti's words might send wrong signals to Yash and he might feel she is forced in this marriage .. but Aarti will not keep quiet on monday na .. once she sees its Yash and not Prashant , she is going to tell him entire story .. even if doubt remains in Yash's mind , max he will not say ILU to her anymore and might act indifferent thinking she still loves Prashant ... but sacrifice is not an option at all because then it will mean he is actually taking away PayPal's mother for second time  which he wont do ... he might give an option to Aarti to select her path .. but he wont sacrifice Ermm

Yash still does not know that Aarti is a divorcee and right now he might just think Prashant is her ex-boyfriend unless Aarti comes out clear with the main fact that Prashant is her first husband Smile.. So in a way the real truth is yet to come out and thats why I said there is more to the whole drama .. so lets wait for monday to see how it all happens and only then we can guess Yash's reaction .. Right now he just looked shocked and devastated in last frame from which nothing we can make out Smile...

Symbolism Galore ... Pictures , Direction and Dark Room ... Result is the Harsh Truth of AarYa's life coming out in open finally Approve

Aarti's Pictures :
Yash decides to decorate a complete hall filled with Aarti's pictures right from her childhood days to the present and in between he even ends up framing her first marriage picture against his own knowledge Ouch.. Isn't this symbolic to how Yash is actually revisiting Aarti's entire life journey today before he makes his ILU confession ... He first visits her childhood when he frames those childhood pictures and decorates the room Embarrassed.. Then he visits her young college day pictures when he talks to one of the picture and compliments her evergreen  beautiful eyes Embarrassed.. Finally towards the end of the episode he visits Aarti's shocking past when Aarti herself ends up saying it all to Yash even after Prashant trying his best to hide that one particular picture Ouch...Yash's always hv this obsession for pictures .. Its his way of expressing his love to his woman Embarrassed.. Today for a change he decides to visit Aarti's life journey via her own pictures from childhood till now rather than Yash himself clicking her pictures and this is where his life goes all upside down CryCry...

Yash's romantic directions to Aarti : Yash beautifully Directs Aarti using various love props like violinists , balloons etc etc   towards the room where he has decided to confess which is again an indication of how in present its Yash who has given a proper direction to Aarti's life and she is just following those direction because she knows Yash will always give her right direction Embarrassed ...She was happily following it till she sees Prashant in that CCTV camera and thats it ... She looses the focus and direction completely from here on  again with one reflection of Prashant who is a bad omen in Aarti's life OuchOuch...

The Dark Room where finally the truth is out :
Finally Aarti comes inside the dark room with anger and frustration thinking its Prashant standing in dark and ends up telling the biggest truth of her life to Yash who is standing in dark which is again symbolic to how all these days Yash was actually kept in dark by Aarti .. Today when Yash decides to light up their life with his love confession , darkness strikes all over again because its Aarti who selected this darkness by keeping Yash in dark so far OuchOuch

So 3 props r used tonight .. First Pictures and photo frames  to indicate Aarti's life journey seen through Yash's eyes Embarrassed , Second Direction which Yash gives to Aarti via those red balloons ,violinists etc etc to indicate how Yash is giving a proper direction to Aarti's life Thumbs Up till Prashant's presense in CCTV camera interrupts that direction Ouch , Third Dark room where Yash is standing to indicate how so far he was actually kept in dark by Aarti CryCry

Taiji's cunning words and Aarti's reserved reaction ClapClapClap

By now I dont need to elaborate on Taijji and her sick mentality .,.. A man can hv multiple  affairs and rasleela but a women should obediently wait for her man to return back for years and centuries DeadDead...

I m glad Aarti dint argue with such a sick mentality woman Angry.. She kept her dignity intact and just told Taiji that Yash is her husband and she is doing no sin and then she simply walks off .. Bravo Aarti Thumbs Up...

Prashant did try to play the saint there talking in Aarti's defence and how its his fault , but I m glad Aarti showed no sympathy out there and simply walked off ClapClap.. Kratika was absolutely brilliant there with her restrained performance StarStarStarStar

Gurmeet and Kratika .. take a bow for the last scene ClapClapClap

Last but not the least , I dont hv words to praise both here .. absolutely brilliant in that last scene ClapClapClapClap... Aarti's growing anger and frustration when she assumes that Yash did it all followed by Yash's silent reaction of shock and devastation written in those eyes .. woww power packed performance from both StarStarStarStarStar

I m dreading to watch Monday's episode now just because I know these 2 r going to blew me out with their outstanding performances and I m afraid I wont b able to hold back my tears this time since my heart will go out to both here CryCryCry

Overall I loved the entire episode for all the wonderful symbolisms that I saw during the episode and some power packed performances by GC-KS especially in those last few mins ClapClapClapClap

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Yash & Aarti Yash Scindia two individuals that were lost in their own pain because they had lost their previous life-partners whether it was due to an unfortunate accident or because the spouse had an extra-marital affair. 


Aarti & Yash were persuaded by their mutuals families to get remarried as luck would have it they were both against the idea or should I say they were both stubborn. 



But they eventually give in for the sake of their precious angels, their three children and did the Punar Vivaah. 


After the wedding they got to know each other very well, Yash, Arpita and Aarti all three of them share a very special bond...Aarti never saw Arpita as anything more that an ally that would help her win her daughters & Yash's hearts. 



While Yash shared his past with Aarti the tell never disclosed anything about hers cause if she did she would have to tell the former all about how she is a divorcee and not a widow. 

Months passed and now that they are both in love with a slight problem that Aarti already declared her love to Yash but the latter is having a very difficult time expressing his feelings. 


It doesn't matter cause Aarti knows that Yash loves her, words are not needed just his actions and the look in his eyes are a dead giveaway.



Recently Yash has been very curious about Aarti's past, he senses a discomfort in her when he brought it up so he left it alone

...Little does the former knows about the guilt the latter is harboring over not telling him that she's a divorcee and that her ex-husband is none other than Prashsant.    


Aarti can't seem to enjoy any tender moments with Yash because of the guilt of lying to the latter is suffocating her...It's breaking her heart to do the one that he hates the most in the world...LIE. 


The walls are closing in on Aarti with the arrival of P's Kaki, a woman who doesn't like Aarti and seems to take pleasure in taunting her...When the woman learned about Aarti's Punar Vivaah to say that wasn't please would be to mild...She was outraged. 


Kaki started to taunt Aarti but Yash being the latter's knight 'n charming, he let the former know that getting remarried was the best thing to every happened to him and his daughters.    

Aarti plans on telling Yash the truth but at the rate things are gonna right she's just have to take he bull by the horns and tell Yash everything. 

When the truth comes out, Yash will be hurt but Aarti is gonna need him more than ever cause she will be standing in front of him naked...the vulnerability she will be feeling. Yash will have to find the strength within to help her deal with everything that's gonna be coming her way.   

The strongest weapon Yash could use to help Aarti get through the storm that coming is his PYAAR (LOVE) 



P.S Don't know how the take came out cause between coughs and watery eyes I think I messed things up so bear with me and sorry for any mistakes Embarrassed Wink 


A very bittersweet episode with a heart-wrenching ending Cry Cry Embarrassed

It starts with Dubey telling Kaki that he will bring Aarti back into their family and that he knows that Prashant made plenty of mistakes, Aarti who is outside the door hears everything and in self thought says that she will never leave Yash and go back to Prashant and asks how could Dubey say such things? She goes away from there heartbroken....Aww Aarti was breaking my heart especially when she tried to understand why would her father say that knowing well that she is in love with Yash...I just wanted to give her a big hug Cry Hug

Kaki who is happy to hear that leaves from there and Shobha confronts Dubey about his actions, the latter says that he did what he had to do to keep Kaki from creating a scene right there and then...Shobha believes him...hmmm Dubey I know that you said that you only did what you had to to stop Kaki but deep down you still hold on to the idea of getting Ansh and Aarti back also...I'm asking you not to do such thing, you give them a new life once please don't take away their new lease at life Ouch Ouch Ouch

The Scindias leave and Aarti wanna go as well but Yash tells her that he has an urgent meeting that he has to attend and asks her to stay back citing that he will come pick her up when he's done...Aarti tries to protest but kaki insists that she stays, Yash leaves and Aarti is very tensed...Oh my the looks Aarti was shouting at the Dubeys because of what she overheard I tell you if looks could kill the Dubey clan would be no more Tongue LOL LOL

Outside the house, Yash is sitting in the car he's on the phone with someone who tells him that all the preparations are ready they are only waiting for the photos to which he replies that he will bring them...Yash calls Shobha and tells her to send Aarti with the driver to the address he's going to give her, after he hangs up the phone...the former in self thought says that now he'll finally tell Aarti what his eyes have already told her...Awww Yash is so determine to tell Aarti all that is in his heart, the love in his eyes and face Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Aarti comes out of the room at the Dubeys dressed in a beautiful pink and gold saree when kaki who has been explaining to Prashant that Aarti will definitely come back to him stops the former and asks her where is she going? Aarti tells her that she is going to Yash, the old lady stops her and tries to tell her that P is the man she is destined with as she loved him first...kaki tries to reprimand Aarti for moving on with her life and goes on to say that P made a mistake Aarti should have waited for him...Aarti doesn't accept what the old woman is saying and when the latter goes on to place P & Aarti's hands together, Aarti jerks her hand away and firmly tells the woman that Yash is not a stranger but her husband and goes away from there. Kaki tries to stop her when P aks her to let Aarti be...Seriously that Kaki has been chewing too much tobacco, does she really think that any respectful woman would go back to a man who cheated her and denied her son after she has moved on with her life and found happiness with her second husband like she never did before...kaki needs to see and understand that time has changed and that a woman doesn't have to sacrifice her self worth for a man Angry Angry Ouch...Plus you can't force love unto someone Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

Shobha is in her room she is tidying up the bed whne she sees the album on the dressing table, she picks it up and is about to put it back in place when it falls on the floor and notices that the wedding picture of Aarti & P is missing...She realizes that she must have given it to Yash by mistake, she shares her concern with P who comes into the room...Shabha asks him to go and try to save Aarti's marriage reminding him of the favour Aarti did for him by giving him a new lease on life, she makes him promise upon her life that he will do as she asks...P leaves and Shobha is very tensed....Oh my Shobha ma made a blunder or was it destiny's where of setting the stage so the truth comes out, Yash was handed a proof of Aarti's past by their number one well wisher accidentally which IMO meant that it was time and that Aarti couldn't nor shouldn't run from it anymore Ermm Thumbs Up 

Yash reaches the venue, the Sunshine hotel where he is met by a man who gives him the photo frames, the pic of Aarti and P's wedding lies underneath the pile.

Aarti is in the car, she flashes back on what kaki told her before she left the house and she is very tensed...Aww I really worried about Little Aayu, all this stress isn't good for him/her Ouch Ouch Ouch

Yash is in the venue room, he is putting up the photos on the stands...He looks at an old pic of Aarti where she is smiling wholeheartedly and he says in self talk that Aarti's smile is the basis of her existence and that the sparkle in her eyes are responsible for the sunshine in his life...Yash is such a romantic and the man is so love that anyone who comes close to him could be hit with a love wave also...the man is beaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

Meanwhile Aarti reaches the venue and asks the driver why did he bring her there to which he replies that he was instructed to by Shobha, she gets out the car and enters the hotel just then the song Teri Meri starts playing she goes over to where the sound is coming from and sees a stereo she goes to walk away when she notices a note on one the tables...I love the song they chose for that scene when she walked in Big smile

She takes the note and reads it with the Yeh Dil Hai instrumental version playing in the back ground. It's a poem she loves it...She is all smiles and on the paper there's an arrow, Aarti talk to herself saying that Yash is very nice and she looks ate the arrow that indicates her to walk forward...ooh the anticipation of what's awaiting her just made Aarti blush, she walks in the direction of the arrow....Aarti is beaming with love as well one would say that she is glowing Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Aarti comes running down the stairs where she sees four violists playing a smooth melody she stops, looks at them and they indicate her towards her next path to take...She reaches a room where there are a thousand white balloons and one red balloon that are paving her way, the red balloon indicates her to her next destination and in self talk she says that she will ultimately find Yash...Awww Yash, Darling you are a much better romantic than P is you see you didn't need his help with surprising Aarti on her bday Tongue Day Dreaming Day Dreaming 

Yahs is still putting the photos on the stands whe P sneaks in and starts searching for his and Aarti's wedding pic, he finds it...When Yash gets a phone call telling him that Aarti is finally there, he asks them to send here up...P who is hiding behind the pillar wonders what to do now since he's trap...The tone in Yash's voice was pure excitement and anticipation, the poor guy couldn't wait to tell his beloved what's in his heart Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Aarti is heading towards the elevator when she notices P on the hotel security camera hiding behind the pillar and assumes that he was the one that planned everything, a furious Aarti gets on the elevator leaving the red balloon behind and getting ready to give P a piece of her mind...Oh Aarti you and your impulsiveness, that strait of your is good at times but today it landed u in trouble...I know that you were already pissed off at the incident that happened at the Dubeys with that Kaki saying all those nonsense to you but where in the world would that broke good for nothing P would get the money from to do all this when his parents are in financial problems D'oh D'oh Ermm

Aarti comes into the room, it's totally dark...she sees "I Love You Aarti" and her photos since childhood until now all over the place, she sees her & Ansh's pic and the figure standing in front of it...She is really furious and asks the figure why is he doing all this thinking that she is talking to P, she goes on to say that yes she loved him at one time but now she is tied to Yash...the latter who is standing there is shocked and hurt while P who has been hiding behind the pillar witnesses the incident and is shocked also...Awww my heart was breaking for Yash and Aarti Cry Cry Cry Cry just when she was about to get everything she herself disclosed the secret she has been keeping for so long to Yash but it makes me wonder how much more she will tell him on Monday? Ouch 

Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary were outstanding during the entire episode but they really killed it in that last scene, the hurt, shocked and anger in Aarti and Yash was brilliantly displayed by KS & GC Star Star Star Star

To tell you the truth this is the second time that AarYa made me cried the first time was post-Mumbai track when Yash smashed his hand on the table and Aarti was shocked by his outburst and just slid down the wal and stared to weep with Vidhi consoling her Cry Cry

Those two versatile actors are a match made in entertainment heaven Heart Heart Heart

EDIT: I think that P was sad that Aarti blew his plans by revealing the truth like that, I hope you get to see Aarti spilling the beans about how P left her for Nida while she was pregnant with Ansh and that they were married...I want the whole truth to come in front of Yash alone for now and what he does after that is up to him.

But I don't think a sacrificing track would be acceptable at this point cause the Punar Vivaah isn't about AarYa alone there are kids involve as well Unhappy Cry 
I can totally see Yash pulling away because she broke his trust and I can see Aarti getting depress Ouch Ouch Ouch

It's gonna be a high voltage week ahead next week so let's get ready for the roller coaster ride that's awaiting us Wink

P.S: Had a great nap...Hope you guys enjoy the take! 

Have a fantabulous weekend Sweeties *muah* XOXOX

Great tittle Jyo!!!

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Thanks jyo!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

#PunarVivah viewers: TODAY'S #Kratika's interview with Raj Baddhan (Sabras Radio) to be aired at 10 pm (22:00 IST). Don't forget to tune in. Mr.Baddhan had mentioned that the interview had come out excellent ...

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@Jyo:Loved your title and little bit nail bitting episode riteEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
EmbarrassedEmbarrassedYash the Gem of husband vs prashanth the selfish chapAngryAngry
No words to describe , appreciate yashji...Day by day as a human being , Respectable son , brother and most importantly caring , dutiful father to three beautiful ansh , payal , palak , romantic and possessive husbandEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..In husband-wife relationship bonding gets stronger in tough times...In any case both supporting each other with selfless love teach us who is important to us and how valuable the relationship is...Yash-aarthi both deserve each other...Past life can be sweet and also sour...But it is so important to come from all those memories...Yash and aarthi really have crossed those past memories and living their lovable life and mostly living upto more expectation to their punar vivah...
On one side yash is madly in love with his aarthiji and ready to confess his love but waiting for the right situation...aarthi's fear of hiding a big truth is making herself unable to enjoy the new changed romantic yash...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Prashanth really this guy needs a reality check from aarthi...Love must come from heart and not for selfish deeds...AngryAngry...During preggy times a wife needs husband care and protection throughout...Woman physcological fear is protected only by husband...Yash really not only protected his aarthiji...also took care of her like a mother...which woman will say i dont need this husband...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Salute to yashji for his character and his love to his wife and son...Prashanth still and always never want to take responsiblities and not strong towards a commitment...which was the main reason aarthi 's changed heart towards her yashji...
A perfect punar vivah highlight not only themselves but also their children...yash-aarthi made a rocking love story and set an example of how punar vivah will be , what all difficulties we will face when such marriage is held...Our past love / memories will hit us when we newly found love for second time...But its afterall life naa...It is a wonderful journey we need to cross...
Next is romance with fabulous chemistryEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...GC and KS rocking and rocked from mainly episode 169 -- till now...Each and every moment of arya is a snapshot...beautiful portfolio for their upcoming life...Happiness always gets bitter...Life needs some challenge with volcano erruption which will not only strengthen the bond but also will transform our love to Struggling mind...
Finally the stage is ready for yash to know about aarthi's past...As everyone said yash confessing his love once aarthi truth is out will give more colours to their love story...Yes a man who hates lies and blindly trust his lady love...can never tolerate...But the beautiful bonding himself and aarthiji has created themselves will heal the wound...Prashanth i dont feel his stand is strong with one sided support of himself and his lovable father...Aarthi knowing intention of dubeyji is classic and how will she come from her yashji..A big counterpart with heavy confrontation is waiting for us between aarthi-yash and aarthi-dubeyji family..
Talking this new tayji...i dont support her or degrade her...Elder people still has not come to the stage of accepting punar vivah...I wish this punar vivah story will set an example of how husband-wife must be , what all problem we need to face and how standing for each other is important...
Lets stay tuned for today episode to see aarthi-yash confrontation and hopefully i believe promo/precap is misleading like yash confessing i love you aarthiji in previous promos...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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No time to do my takes,  don't know if some here were celebrating, but still want to say,

On these great season of Christmas
May the glow of prosperity, peace and happiness
illuminate everyone's life
Wishing you all a

Merry Christmas
Prosperous New Year



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This old Kaaki. She played one

She played knick-knack on Shoba's thumb

With a knick-knack, paddy whack

Give a Papu a bone

This old Kaaki came rolling home!


This old Kaaki. She played two

She played knick-knack on Sattu's shoe

With a knick-knack, paddy whack

Give a Papu a bone

This old Kaaki came rolling home!


This old Kaaki. She played three

She played knick-knack on Papu's knee

With a knick-knack, paddy whack

Give a Papu a bone

This old Kaaki came rolling home!


Now Forget the hilarious stuff my take is going to be a bit different from my usual style today. So without fanfare here it is:


Originally posted by AngelDark

Love & Zero ; Null & Void! : My Rant.


Not for love or for money can you get another to love you? Has Yash lost Arti already through all his efforts of trying to show his love and spending so much time and money to come up with a 3D-viewing experience for Arti. Arti saw all the facets of the meticulous care Yash took for her, from the violin players to the lovely white balloons to the lovely decor of blue carpets and violet curtains but there is a black mark in one picture and all her concentration falls on how to get rid of this black mark.

A car brought her here on wings of love to a hotel and a song guided her to a letter which directed her to some violin players and then a heart shaped red balloon, in a scavenger hunt to get to Yash that led her to a gilded cage that seemed to trap her and revulsion and bile came up when she saw that black mark. The black mark was the man from her past who was holding a blown-up photograph that she had forgotten and nor cared to see again!

And this is where Arti misconstrued that Prashant wanted her back and had gone to all this trouble to reveal to her to come back into his colourless life.

She did once colour his life but that day is past gone! However much this Taiii had tried to stop her from going back to Yash , that relationship is null and void to her! Prashant should be thankful that she did not ask for child support and other rights.

Has all the love vanished into the void of nothingness 'Yash must feel. Why is Arti accusing him saying this is enough, nay why did she mistook him for another man. A black-shirted man he thought as his friend! A black-shirted man who had saved her!  A black-shirted man who had befriended his son!

Have all thoughts of being impressed with all the meticulous care he took for her banished into the void! It is as if she is saying it with frustration that she is with Yash now and that it is too late for her and Pareshan-T. What a heartache and heart break words can be when they could be taken to mean another thing.


It felt like Arti had flattened a whole lot of dreams to ground zero with those words!

She would have her doubts after seeing Prasahnt through that plot-device-TV in the lift. At the back of her mind she had all thoughts raging inside her . Words of her Bauji Dubey of trying to get her back with Prashant at all costs.  Words of that Taiji who has selective hearing. The Taiji had told her it is of zero consequence that Prashant had left her for another woman but a whole lot of consequence that she never waited for him. How could waiting for 5 years compute to zero, is really something she could never come to understand and no sane human should?

As she mistook the man in the dark for Prashant her anger and helplessness congealed into one firm will when she shouted words of insult in one single sentence! I'm going to rephrase it this way. "I'm the brook contained within the river now and  all avenues for the black river to reach the brook is/has dried up!"


Why did Prashant agree to come to the venue and wander into the room before Arti could? He could just have easily asked the hotel management to delay her progress until he got that blown-up photograph or Shobha could have called Arti and told her to wait some more until the photograph was taken away. But all this is null and I felt that at the back of his mind he wanted to fail even if he was trying to help because of his vow to his mother! Prashant only looks for opportunities that could favour him. I thought he was wishing that the ground had taken him up and nullified him on the spot as he saw disaster strike! Where ever he goes disaster strikes it seems!

As the camera zoomed into the face of stunned Yash I keep wondering what more words can twist his heart. I feel the damage is already done and when one does not want to listen one can tune out the rest of the explanation however hard the other tries to come up with.

I feel it is not Arti's day today when love seems it have become zero when Prashant should be null and void to her!


:By Angel


ON Main Forum too: Love & Zero ; Null & Void! : My Rant.

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@Zetter:OMG the first pic here how much i love those early episEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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