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Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai - Update for 12th May (Page 5)

Angadzgirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 3:39pm | IP Logged

wow chilly. amazing update. i cannot wait to see till tonigh. just 2 more hours to go. just cannot.


Chrissy Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 3:43pm | IP Logged
va va vooom!! Wow!! What an awesome update for today, now I cannot wait to atually watch it! Thank you again for the great update Smile

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 3:55pm | IP Logged

WOW! thanx for the update.. it was really well written and explained too.


stonex IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 4:02pm | IP Logged

great episode and a great great update as well

Thanks very much

|Persephone| IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 5:38pm | IP Logged
OMG!!!that is simply the best episode ever...i just love it.....OMG!!!i will surely watch it...
Hummy Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 5:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chillyflakes

{DEDICATION - This Update is especially for all my Pardesi Friends (as Kariya puts it)! Guys, I have just one thing to say, Distance only makes the Heart grow fonder!}



Mind-blowing episode……I was just so rattled after seeing it, that it took me some while to just calm down and then begin writing! Angad was like…..I don't know how to describe him, seriously, he was THAT GOOD! And his chemistry with Kripa was just va-va-vroom! Simply Superb! And yes, Angad did climb into Kripa's room, but not through a wall, rather a tree (how much more cuter can this chap get). Today was an episode of rather dramatic scenes and of a very important turning point in the lives of Angad and Kripa, with Angad acknowledging that he is indeed in love with Kripa, only he did not put in the exact words! And even though Angad was drunk, he was not out of his senses! Poor Kripa has been truly put in the cross roads of her life by Angad today. Next week is going to be really worth-watching! Here goes the episode, I don't think the update will even capture a fraction of the fabulous episode, but my work is to update, so I am doing whatever best I can!

THE DISC (Woh hain zara khafa khafa, ki nain yun milayi…..)

Angad and Mishti are dancing in one end while the other end is occupied by Kripa and Prithvi. But as usual Angad is busy looking at Kripa, while she does not even seem to be aware of Prithvi's existence and is busy craning her slim neck to catch a glimpse of Angad. Once Misthi has told Angad about Prithvi and Kripa's so-called budding romance, Misthi very playfully asks Angad what is his idea of a dream girl. Now the dancing has slowed down a bit and they are nearer to Kripa and Prithvi. While our resident puppy is giving his irritating love-struck look to Kripa, she meanwhile is doing her best to listen to Angad and Misthi's conversation. Angad smiles and describes his ideal girl by saying that she should be very beautiful, have innocent eyes, her laugher should be like a child's, she should be compassionate, kind and warm, she should be intelligent, sensitive and full of life. Her one smile should bring laughter in Angad's life, her one tear should break Angad's heart into pieces, that should be his ideal girl. When Angad is describing his girl, Kripa is listening intently and her face lights up with hope and anticipation and her eyes and ears are only for Angad. (Prithvi is such an idiot, can't he see that the girl is not even looking at him while dancing with him!!!) Mishti very coquettishly asks him has he found this girl or is he still looking for her. Angad gets a false thoughtful expression on his face, and then he gives one gentle, sideway glance to Kripa, who looks full of excitement and her eyes are lit up brightly, Angad then looks at Mishti and smiles warmly and tells her, ''Yes it is you.'' Kripa's face immediately falls and the light in her eyes fade away to sadness. Mishti is elated and tells him that he is lying once again, but her heart still wants to believe him. Angad breaks out laughing gaily and they enjoy their dance, but yet again, Angad and Kripa cannot help looking at one another all the time!

Kripa is then shown to feel very tired and she apparently tells Prithvi that she wants to get back home, our willing servant immediately obliges and takes her out. Angad who's full concentration is on them, gets a little curious and quite upset and decides that he has to follow them. As Mishti and Angad are about to leave the disc, some friends of Mishti drop by and insist on her staying back. Angad is more than happy and leaves alone.

ANGAD AND PRITHVI'S FISTCUFF OUTSIDE THE DISC (Hum bhi hai josh mein, baatein kar hosh mein, humsein yoon nazrein mila….)

Outside, Prithvi and Kripa walk towards his Car and as Kripa sits inside, Prithvi sees Angad coming towards him. Angad has the most hateful, vile and totally jealous expression on his face as he comes and comments rather spitefully that these small town girls are really adept at trapping rich boys for their own selfish reasons. Prithvi immediately reacts and tells him to mind his language and how dare he speak like this about Kripa. Angad seems to have been waiting for this, and like a small boy ready to fight with his friend over a game of cricket, he pounces on Prithvi and further instigates him by saying that why is he getting so agitated and what relation does he have with Kripa, is she more important to him than Misthi. Prithvi tells him to shut-up and mind his own business and tells him rather coldly that he does not have to explain his relation with Kripa to anyone, least of all to Angad and that he knows him since childhood and likes him as a human being, but that is where their relation ends and Angad should know his limits. Prithvi tells Angad that he knows what is so bothering Angad, the fact that he dislikes Kripa and cannot see her happy (Prithvi which universe are you in sweety!) Angad who has now completely lost sense and his control over temper tells Prithvi rather tauntingly that Kripa must be someone really special, for whom he is getting into a fight with his childhood friend. Prithvi just gets a '' You are a disgusting person, I am not going to waste my time and dignity on you'' and just walks away, when Angad (amazing expressions, superb body language) calls on Prithvi and in a very cheap and indicative manner tells him that, ''Go have fun''. The moment Angad says that, Prithvi just clutches his fist and rushes towards Angad is mad fury and holds his collar and asks him tersely, what the hell did he just say. Angad is now equally mad and looks back at Prithvi with an intense, powerful expression and says that if he gets hold of Prithvi's collar, Prithvi  won't see tomorrow's day (loved the way he said this line!) Prithvi is like oh yeah, come one then, both of them are now openly fighting and have their respective hands on one another's collars and are about to punch each other. Just then Kripa's voice comes from behind asking them what the hell are they doing. Angad and Prithvi both look at Kripa but do not let go of one another. Kripa is just too shocked and has no idea what occurred (As she was in the Car) and keeps prompting Angad to let go of Prithvi, Angad does not react in anyway but just gives one hateful glance at Prithvi and lets go of him. Angad then looks at Kripa and tells her very spitefully that why is she asking him to let go, why doesn't she tell her ''boyfriend'' to let go. Kripa looks really irritated and is about to say that Prithvi is not my boyfriend, but one look at Angad face, and anger creeps in her mind and she says, yes he is her boyfriend, what will he do about it. As a furious and mad with jealousy Angad looks on, Kripa who is equally disgusted  and upset to say anything, realizes that it could only be Angad who would be capable of starting a fight and gives a ''I have given up on you completely'' look at Angad and tells a rattled and disgusted Prithvi that they should just go. Kripa suddenly looks guilty that she had to call Prithvi her boyfriend but she is too upset to think of this and they just drive away.

Angad is now alone and has a myriad of expression on his face as he battles with his deepest emotions and his outwardly denial that he has fallen in love with Kripa. Angad  takes out a bottle of alcohol from his Car and gulps it down, while the title track of KYPH plays (someone please post the lyrics so that I can incorporate it in my Update!)

The next scene, which will go as a classic in the history of KYPH till date! I think this scene beat every thing before it! And it was a total Angad Khanna show all the way, though Kripa did not have one line in this, her expression were simply amazing!

DRUNKEN ANGAD CLIMBS A TREE TO GET INTO KRIPA'S ROOM AGT MIDNIGHT (Kehdo ke tum ho mere warna, jeena nahin mujhe hai marna)

As Kripa is shown to take off her earrings (she is back in the Outhouse), its raining outside, someone knocks on the door. Kripa who is visibly upset wonders aloud who could it be at this hour, as she opens the door, she is stunned beyond belief to see a sloshed and wet Angad standing outside with a deadly look in his eyes! (My god, he looks so damn sexy in this scene, it was just a treat for the eyes) Kripa is disgusted at seeing him and that too drunk, she asks him rather rudely what the hell is he doing at this hour, Angad has no expression on his face except a burning intensity in his eyes, as if he has decided to finish things once and forever today. Angad tells her in a dead pan voice that he wants to speak to her on something. Kripa loses her cool completely and tells him that she is not interested in talking to him on anything, definitely not when he is in such a state and tells him to just go away. As Kripa is about to slam the door on his face, Angad stops it powerfully and gives one intense look at Kripa and tells her that if she does not allow him to talk to her, he will keep waiting for her outside, the whole night in the rain. Kripa is like, ''are you crazy or what'' and tells him that it is his choice and he can wait whole night or even beyond, she couldn't care more. Kripa slams the door on Angad's face, while he goes outside the house and wanders like a mad-man in the lawns.

The next scene shows Angad looking at one of the Outhouse windows open (in the first floor) and he gets a strange, devilish expression and then one glance at a nearby tree. In what I thought was a really cute, humorous, intense, passionate and extremely romantic scene of KYPH, Angad very deftly climbs the tree and plonks himself into Kripa's room. Kripa is facing her back to the window and she immediately turns around as she listens to some sound, her face is horrified as she looks at Angad staring at her with those deadly eyes of his (his intentions looked very dishonorable to me, actually!) Kripa screams on him and asks him how dare he come into her room at this hour and that too in such a manner (oh come on Kripa, how much more romance do you want in your life, you lucky woman!) Angad gives her a cold look and tells her that he is not her bloody servant that he will keep waiting for her outside in the rain the whole night. He wanted to talk to her and he will do so, because he feels like it and it doesn't matter one bit whether Kripa likes it not, as long as he wants it. Kripa looks ready to murder him. Angad then asks Kripa what relation does she share with Prithvi and is he really her boyfriend. Kripa is completely pissed off now and tells him that one its none of his business and secondly if it makes Angad feel any worse, then yes Prithvi is her boyfriend.


Angad comes very close to Kripa, who now looks quite petrified and tells her  that he will tell Kripa what relation she shares with Prithvi. As a scared out of wits Kripa listens, Angad tells her that Prithvi means nothing to Kripa, he is not her boyfriend, he is a nobody in Kripa's life, she has no feelings for him, she has never loved him and she will never love him. Kripa is just too dazed to react, while Angad gets ice in his voice and tells her that he will do something which will establish Angad's ownership over Kripa and then Prithvi will not be able to do anything about it. Kripa is completely horrified now and somehow gathers courage and tells Angad that he just disgusts her completely with his behavior and he should just get out right now. Angad keeps staring at Kripa for sometime and then glances at the dressing table and to the shock and surprise of Kripa, walks towards it and picks up a lipstick and before Kripa can even react, he throws open the lid and puts it over Kripa's forehead. The scene was really well shot, with curtains flowing, and Kripa's hair blowing all over her face and she is frozen as Angad does that and the Camera pans on their individual faces! While Angad looks confident and  completely aware of what he has just done, Kripa is just immobile and only her eyes are filled with tears, which are not yet flowing out!

Angad then moves back and tells Kripa that he himself does not know why he did what he just did and all he knows is that he cannot to bear to look at Kripa and Prithvi together and that his heart burns with jealousy when he sees Kripa with Prithvi. Angad tells Kripa that he does not know the meaning of love and still does not believe in it, he also knows that Kirpa and his paths are never meant to meet, only to cross each other and that they are different from each other in every possible respects. But inspite of all this, he still feels that Kripa is his and noone else's and that is why to put his stamp of ownership on Kripa, he did this act. Angad  tells Kripa that he is aware of the fact that Kripa is looking for love in her life, in which he does not believe, she is looking for a person who will put sindoor in her forehead (that is marry her) but again he has only known to sign with lipsticks on girls backs (lol…he said that rather cutely) but still he put lipstick on Kripa's forehead, he knows that she hates him and probably even he hates her, but he is still attracted towards her by a strange unknown force and he is not able to stop this rush of feelings. Angad then says that by putting lipstick on Kripa's forehead he has come half-way to Kripa and brought her half-way to him, in the sense that since Kripa's believes that by putting sindoor on a girl's forehead, she is morally and mentally committed to the man for her whole life and since Angad has done that, even though he has done that with a lipstick, Kripa has now become his and only his and now no one can come between them. Kripa meanwhile is shown to just stand like a statue, dazed and unbelieving to all that occurred, Angad tells her finally before going (I think he took the stairs and not the tree this time round!) that he has no name for his feelings towards Kripa, but whatever it is, it is something he cannot help and that if Kripa does not feel anything towards Angad, she can remove the lipstick from her forehead, but it will still not take away from Angad what he has taken from Kripa by involuntarily binding her into a relationship with him.


Kripa is shown to be shocked out her wits and then as she finally regains her senses, she breaks down crying hopelessly as she remembers an incident when she was younger. Flashback shows a young pig-tailed Kripa along with her Mother in her room, where Gayatri is applying sindoor in her forehead and Kripa asks her why does she do it everyday. Gayatri replies that the first time, Kripa's father had put sindoor on Gayatri's forehead and made her his wife for their whole life and since that day she puts it because it is not only a symbol of their marriage but also of the commitment of love and protection that Kripa's father had made towards Gayatri and of her commitment & love towards Kripa's father. Kripa then says that she still cannot understand why is it so auspicious or important since it is only a colour. Gayatri is shown to get a little upset and tells Kripa that she should not say so, and that she will understand the meaning and significance of sindoor only when a guy puts it on her forehead and binds her into a lifetime of commitment and relations forever.

As Kripa realizes the significance of her Mother's words, she is all the more emotional and shattered and lifts her hands to remove it, but her hands fail and she breaks down completely, shattered and broken. Kripa is still crying like a child and goes into the washroom and puts on the shower and sits bellow it as she lets the water wash away the sindoor.


Arre baba, I am in no position to comment today. Itna great episode dekhne ke baad, mere muh mein toh zubaan hi nahin bachi! Angad was just amazing today! The way he goes livid with jealousy and the way he is shown to battle with his emotions are fantabulous! Every scene was Angad's scene today and he just ROCKED, RAGED AND REIGNED TODAY! But if I had to choose one of the best scenes by Angad, it would definitely be the one where he applies lipstick to Kripa's forehead and then gives the explanation! This scene could have easily been one of the cheesiest and stupid scenes of KYPH, but the performance by Angad and Kripa and the superb dialogues lifted it to some other level. Just amazing stuff!

Kripa was really good today, the last scene where she breaks down like a child brought out the essence of Kripa today! Angad's action was all the more heart-breaking because Kripa is so madly in love with him and attaches immense significance to relationship and emotions, and Angad has definitely tied her down emotionally and mentally today by acknowledging his love for her but at the same time denying that it is love! Men, I tell you!

Prithvi was good, I liked him in the scene where he catches hold of Angad's collar when he says that nasty stuff for Kripa! But Prithvi cannot hold a candle to Angad, as a character and as an actor, he just cannot help fading infront of our Blazing Sun called Angad Khanna!

Angad – Kripa chemistry has got so volatile now that Nitica's electricity board is going to have a short-circuit as it just cannot take the load……these two are just bringing the house down with their amazing, superb and fantastic on-screen chemistry! Kudos to both Iqbal and Neha for the great job!

The story has definitely taken a turn today and now fireworks are going to explode next week!

wag 1Big smile chilly flakes u gd at writin abt da show, by da way Angad is 1 fit kutaWink
mango Goldie

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thanks a million for the update chillsClap

but i have to wait till monday to watch itCryAngry


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omg wow wat an episode best episode by far!! very well screenplayed i dun get to watch indian soaps cuz i dun have satelite but the way u update chilly is jus amazin makes u fall in lvoe without even viewin a scene!!

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