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Arhi: Self Arranged Marriage Book 1 Thread 2 (Page 72)

singhni_ Goldie

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Posted: 20 January 2013 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
this is currently one of my most favorite FFs and your an amazing writer 

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Part 21

Arnav and Khushi stood at the threshold of the temple, not too far from the hotel and gaped at the grand preparation. The temple was decorated with flowers of all colours possible, rangolis of various styles adorned the floor and the stairs . The moment they put their first step on the stair, petals were showered over them and it would be an understatement to say they loved the shower.



Garima was happily showering plates after plates of petals over their children, shedding happy tears in process. She failed to notice an annoyed and angry Dharam standing with a scared and nervous Shashi.


"Garima!!!" her trance broke with that annoyed voice of none other than Dharam Singh Raizada. She gave him a uninterested 'what' look.


"What the hell are you doing? Didn't I ask you not to scare the hell out of them?"


"Like they'll know.", she shrugged. "They are being showered already by those beautiful ghagra claded girls from the temple terrace, who'll notice me?",




"Shi" they heard their daughter calling out for Khushi from Payal's arms and she readily took her in her arms.


Arnav and Khushi were left in the hotel alone to get ready while the groom's side i.e. Akash, Payal, Anjali and Ayesha along with the bride's side i.e. NK had left for the venue, arranging for a car to escort the couple.


Khushi scanned her little munchkin dressed in green and pink lehnga choli which had a dupatta much to Khushi's surprise. Her hair was adorned with baby pink and green clips and it is not needed to say she looked like a beautiful three toothed fairy.


Arnav stood awed and overwhelmed taking in the whole decoration and arrangement, to top it off the most precious girls of his life was standing amidst them in cream anarkali with golden embroidery with his little doll in her arms.


"When did you..." Arnav queried Akash, bewildered.


"Magic!", he fanned his fingers like a magician in front of Arnav and grinned when Arnav threw a glare. "Bhai! Payal and me while going to our hotel to bring out luggage planned this one out, NK helped us out carrying out the arrangements."



"NK", Arnav muttered under his breath.



"NK" Dharam was again annoyed with the name.


"Will you please explain why you Raizada men dislike NK, he is such a sweet guy." Garima voiced out her doubt.


"Yes a sweet eco-friendly guy",Dharam retorted, "Why is he in green always?"


"The problem is his green attire?" Garima was confused but he was not listening and continued muttering.


"Wonder what will happen if he is stranded in a land full of goats."



"How do you know NK?" Arnav was confused and NK chose to intervene then, Arnav rolled his eyes trying to control his temper.


"I'll explain. Remember the orphanage event?", Arnav nodded, "I heard him calling you bhai and you calling him your cousin. That very day I was in Royally Rajasthan to meet my Darli...err Khushi" the endearment was changed with one deathly look by Arnav. "I saw them in the lounge area and then I befriended them stating I am Khushi's best friend."


"Yes Bhai, he is such a great help, look at the arrangements" and Arnav couldn't deny that. The arrangements were terrific.


Khushi was cooing her daughter and was trying to take the dupatta out of her mouth when her eyes shifted to Arnav who was currently a vision to look at with his navy blue suit and red tie. The fabric and its stitch molded onto his frame perfectly, making him look absolutely heavenly. This extremely lovable, golden hearted man was only hers, she thought with pride and was absolutely delighted to inform her devi maiya about her union with him. Her wedding rituals were starting today and she couldn't wait anymore.


"Amma Babuji I wish you were here", she prayed quietly.


"We are always with you doll" the proud parents grinned from above as they held each other and looked down. A contented smile played their lips.



A tug down his pants brought Arnav out of the uninteresting chat he was having with NK. Anjali stood beside him and was looking upto him. Finally an interesting companion, he squatted down happily beside her.


"How do I look?" to Arnav's amusement she twirled around giving him a full view of her orange and green lehnga. He chuckled and looked up to Akash who was gaping at his daughter wide eyed. "Your daughter is so like you, remember your fetish with your spectacles?" Akash grinned remembering his kid self while Arnav turned to answer the very important and life saving question ever.


"You look gorgeous, absolutely stunning." He found himself being gauged from top to bottom. "You don't look bad either", she commented and he took a bow, "I feel honored." Anjali who was happily chattering with him suddenly turned silent ,fiddling with her dupatta.


"What's wrong?" Anjali nervously chose her words, "I finally know what to call you". Now this is interesting! Arnav was all ears and he encouraged her, "Really what will be that?"


"BP" she muttered in a really low voice. Arnav furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, "BP? What is that?"


"Bade Papa" the words out of Anjali's mouth jolted him vigorously. Another angel landed his life, he couldn't be more blessed. He was a papa as well as Bade Papa, the cool BP. He brought Anjali closer towards himself and kissed her forehead with love, "Its cool, I love it" he managed to speak amidst the chocked emotions he felt.


"I told you Abbu, he will love it"Anjali informed her father who simply nodded in agreement.   




Payal's call for the tilak finally made the boys move near the idol along with Anjali. Arnav and Khushi stood opposite to each other with wide smile etched on their faces. Their journey towards their union finally begins at the very moment. Payal with the priest's instruction moved Khushi towards Arnav's right side which will be shifted to left once she becomes his wife, his Ardhangini (the better half). Smearing her left ring finger with liquid vermilion , she put tilak over Arnav's forehead followed by Khushi's. Rice grains were added over the tilak and sprinkled on both of them, to ward off the evil. The preist then offered a sacred thread to Payal who took it readily and tied it to Arnav's right wrist , locking the knot as tightly as possible, she couldn't risk with this man's safety and happiness.


"Arnav Ji, consider this sacred thread as rakhi too." Arnav was stupefied with Payal's simple statement but she didn't care about the statue she had turned Arnav Singh Raizada into and continued knotting the thread. "Rakhi is not going to be anytime sooner but I am too impatient to wait that long... bhai", she looked up with a smile to come face to face with Arnav's misted yet happy eyes. Happiness was what Khushi felt as she saw Arnav receiving one relation after another in his life, a good riddance to his lonely life. An awed her witnessed Arnav pulling Payal towards himself in a hug and patting her head gently. Few days with him and Khushi already knew this man inside out, she knew what he was feeling at the moment and was having difficulty in depicting his feelings into words.


"I want to do it too", Anjali's demand brought everyone out of their little moment. They watched the little one indicating the pooja tray enthusiastically and desiring to do the tilak too. Could anyone decline that simple demand of her? Plain no. The couple were made to squat to her height and Anjali with the help of Payal successfully completed the tilak ceremony.



"Shall we pray to Devi Maiya now?", Everybody nodded at Khushi's proposal and joined their hands in front of the Supreme Power. Each and everybody thanked the almighty for being so considerate towards them and bringing them back together.Each and everyone of them pray for each others safety, happiness and properity. Finally everyone prayed for blessing Arnav-Khushi's holy union and keeping them together, safe, sound and happy throughout this life and all the lives they'll be bonded together.


"Devi Maiya, you have blessed me with the wonderful person and a beautiful daughter", Khushi prayed, "I want to thank you for bringing them into my life after you took away my pillar of supports under your shelter. Are they happy Devi Maiya? I am sure they are. I just wish they are watching me and are with me today. Tell them I love them and miss them very much?"



Devi Maiya was spared a big task of being a mediator as Garima and Shashi's surroundings resonated with their daughter's heartfelt prayers. They could only sigh contently feeling the happiness their daughter felt at the moment.



Done with the rituals for the day, the family were hurled together at a corner of the temple chatting randomly when NK from nowhere popped out , much to Arnav's irritation, with Ayesha in his arms and Anjali  at his knees.



"You guys need to see this.", he was enthusiastic as he stuffed Ayesha into Arnav's arms. "Aishooo", Arnav frowned at the caricature of his daughter's name, he didn't like it at all, "its Ayesha NK"


"But she loves me calling her that, right dude?" he pointed a thumbs up to her.


"Aight ude"she clapped in return, much to Arnav's surprise and dismay. Great just great, the ladies in his life absolutely adored NK and his daughter who toddled her way and swayed with every steps now used words like 'dude', can it get any better!, Yup he was sarcastic.


"Anyways just watch this one." NK again brought everyone's focus to the little one .

"What is your Shi's name buddy?"


"Shiii!" NK grinned widely and looked at everyone's faces who were hardly amused.


"She calls her Shi anyway, what's so amusing about that?" Arnav carried a 'd-uh' expression while others had a plain poker.


"Now watch", NK wasn't discouraged, "What's your P's name buddy?"


"Nannav" Arnav had rounded up his eyes in shock while everyone gasped loudly. Ayesha pronounced a big word, well big enough for her. Everybody seemed happy but Arnav.


"Nannav? What was that? Princess its Arnav, A-r-n-a-v, come on say it"




Damn! He needed to correct her fast otherwise he would be struck with Nannav Singh Raizada for the rest of his life. He cringed with the thought while everyone rejoiced at the progress the little one made.


Finally Arnav-Khushi's wedding ritual starts... So guys do tell me how do you find the update. The more responses I get the more I can assure you that a 'truckload' of Rabba Ve awaits the next chapter. Therefore guys, comment comment and comment.

Am I missing out anyone mailing but have been given the ID? I sincerely apologize for  my blunder then, I would request you to re-send me your ID again. Thanks




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dmg123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 9:13pm | IP Logged
Edit: I cannot believe I am first!!
This part was brilliant!
The relations between Anjali-Arnav and Payal-Arnav were so nicely written about.
I like the character of Payal, wish they showed her like so in the show!
Also liked the introduction of "Nannav"!LOL
Great job!
Please continue soon! I am eager to read some Rabbe Ve momentsEmbarrassed

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Shweta1691 Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Ayesha and anjali are sooo cute Smile
Loved the whole temple magical
And the cherry on teto was "nannav"...arnav is in for some english classesLOL
arshifan04 Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
mazza aa gaya...amazing one
Kavya_sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
Nice update. Ayesha and anjali-so cute. Nannav frm ayesha-LOL. WAITING for nxt updates.
lilakumariacnw Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
Thanks for d update... Smile
Nice update dear... Clap ... Enjoyed it... Star Smile ...
Love anjali's talk... BP...thats really cool...Wink LOL
NK-ayesha scene ..was sooo cute... Smile Tongue ... Loved it... Heart
ArnavBs irritation is soo fun to watch.. LOL ...
Update soon dear...
Waiting... Day Dreaming

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Beautiful part... Finally Arnav is getting one by one all relationships. Akash, Payal n Nk really put up a gr8 show there. BP is really cool. I love this name from Anjali to Arnav. Ashi is so cute. She calls him Nanav ROFL and also Dude. Few more days with NK  and Arnav will lost it LOL
Continue soon...

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