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Aarya ,FF: Do you remember (Thread 1)imp pg 149 (Page 6)

suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 4:13am | IP Logged
Oh god u r brilliant its just speechless gr8 job sweets pm me next if u can

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IsYaRoCHeR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 5:07am | IP Logged
EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Awesome Piece of writing! Good first try.. Waiting for the next part eagerly! If possible, please PM me your next part.. I didn't want to miss it.. Wink

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RA17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 6:09am | IP Logged

its nice but very short :( looking forward to your next updat..

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kholita IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 6:26am | IP Logged
                chp 4 falshbacks 

falshbacks are a past incident recurring vivdly in the mind,its like a movie made by our collected memories , talk about it may take a long time but see it take just a second

Everybody on the hall were still on the state of shock 
" Did this actully happen ?" vidhi said breaking the silence
Then Prashant 's mother Tai ji say on anger " Yes , that realy happened , this rishta is cursed this is the second time that someting bad happing and stoping us from completing , this marriage is not supposed to happing , let's go "
Tai ji satrt walking away while Prashant and his Father follow her , in the car prashant start to see flasshbacks from his past with aarti
Flashback 1
It was almost 2 years when he saw her for the first time ,when his parent choose a girl for him for marriage and he doesn't want that intil his father menace  him to cut money from him, then he decide to meet to girl on an aranged date just the 2 of them before saying "no" so he can just tell his parent that he " doesn't like her " , Prashant say while sitting in the restaurant waiting for her " she look pretty on the photo maybe i will not feel boring talking to her "
Prashant was a big Wolf the kind of guy who take so many girls at onces , cheat on all of them and break up with them when he start feeling boring, he doesn't want to get married , he was " one woman's man" he was the " ladies's man ", suddly a sweet voice speak to him " excuse me sir, are you Prashant who come for the date ? " Prashant turn to see aarti looking breath taking in a pink  salwar kameez, he said " Yes , aarti right ? "she take a chair and sit down to his table saying" thank god you look exacly like the Pic and you set in this taible , i was i afaid not to find you "
Prashant " you more beautiful than your pic "
Aarti " thanks , you are a big flirt right ?"
prashant said when he was lost on her beauty " yes , i mean no , i mean ..."
Aarti said " relax , im just jocking, is that your first date "
prashant "no, yes , no yes"
aarti keep laugthing at his confuse answers 
prashant then sid " i mean this my first arranged date , i mean blind date, i dated before but not arranged , and not to much actully to much but what i mean is ..."
Aarti siad " chill , take a class of water, you are not in police station im not questioning you "
prashant said to him self " thats weird , usully i dont get confuse when im talking when girls "
Aarti sid " infact thats my first date ever and im more cool than you, ok lets start with an easy things like your hobbies?
prashant smile and siad " women first " 
Aarti said ok " I play hockey in the week end with my friends infact i was part of the hockey team in my college days and i won a few middales , i also love to read books , watching movies specialy horors ones and series like " House" and "How i meet your mother" and my all time favorite " friends " what about you ?"
prashant smile and siad " wow , as for i like to ..." they keep talikng for a while that they lose the track of time , aarti has this abilty to make people comfort talking , prashant talk to her like he know her for years he doesn't know how they reach their but he start telling her his first love story " I was in hight school she was my math's teacher, i was a brat who doesn't care about study intill i meet her, she was a brillions teacher i start to love mathinfact all her students start too, she was so nice and beautiful, i try my best to be one of the best student in the school to impress her, every time she say to me " good work " , " you are showing a big progress " my heart beat fast , i love to wtch her on school and i go to her class to do so ,i pass to finale exam and i was accepted in a good college so i decide to confess my love to her, but when i go to end of the year party i saw everybody Congratulation her because she got married i was shocked i spend to summer playing sad love song agin and again i even start driking for the first time in my life , my friends call me " Devdas " but then i go to college and i move on , thats weird i did not to tell this story to enyone before how we reach this ? "
Aarti said " i have no idea too" and they start laughing
 " what about you aarti tell me the story of your first love
Aarti smile " i was 14 years old , i have got a scholarship to stady art in one of the best high school in india , it was for the rich people, then one day some girls start  Bullying me because im not from a rich fammily , then he come , he was 16 years old , i never saw him before that day he stop them and help me ,that was the first time i saw him, then i find out than he study economy and his the Popular boy their , because his was the Richest student their, also always the first on the school so very smart, so hansome and has an attitute make girls drool over him , but i did not love him because of that , he was a nice person thats what i saw that day on him , and thats why i start to like him , i use to watch him from distance , sometime i even fallow him like a crazy but he never notice me , i was just invisible in his world , i dont blame him , in those day i use to put big Eyeglasses , i had a very short hair i was so skinny and i smell like " art" because my long hours of work at art projects i keep my first sided love for 3 years , we talk a few time but never more than a few minutes, then i hear that he will go to college so like you i decide to confess my love for him on party of the end of the year , i go their i say " Hi " , he was friendly with me then when i was about to see the ILU  a boy with camera come and he ask him to take a photo to us after than he saw to me " Have fun in the party " and go with his friends later i know that he never collect our pic but i do , and i still have the pic of the last time i saw him on my room in beutiful Frame i still fallow his news on Journals and net his is a very famous and rich businessman" she laught 
prashant said " we both have a miserable first love stories "
Aarti laugh and said " Wow , we just found our first common point "
prashant said " wait a minute you steal fallow his news , are you still in love with him ? "
Aarti said escape his question " im hangry
Prashant said " o yes ,we keep talking and we forget to order " after they order and have lauch they keep talikg aarti " i will not stop working after mariage " prashat " me too" they laght then he add " I dont mind you are very talented and your works on publicity are great, the company that you work at is very famous , and you are popular in your Field"
Aarti" thanks , you cannot believe the work behind a 30 second of pub , what about do you enjoy working on familly hotels?"
Prashant" no one ask me that before people dont ask me if i enjoy my work , at first i was not but now im more comfortable i help to make 2 of our hotels to be 5 starts after they were 4 , and i hope the do the same with to rest too"
Aarti " you are good at your work too"
prashant sid with smile " Thanks "

then in the date end  and prashant accompanied aarti to her car and when they were Shook hands, 
Prashant said " i like you , are you ok if we keep up on this marriage "
 aarti said " ok , why not , lets do it
prashant said " ok
aarti " ok " after a while aarti said " prashant i have to go can you please let my hand
prasht said " ok , sorry bye"  
Prashant keep loking at her car intil it turn , his parent were happy to know that he like tthe girl , they dicide that engagent will be in 3 week and he was happy .
But after 10 days he was shocked when aarti call him telling him that she cannot marry him and that she is sorry then end to call , his parent then tell him that they  talk with her the day before her call his parent decide not to complet this since Aarti is very sick ,  and her parent want to take her away for her Treatment and she may not survive , prashant has many questions but his mother end all his curiosity when she said " i dont want a sick bahu what if  she die  , what if my grandchildren were sick too, no way " and that was the end for his first engagement with aarti , it end days before to engagement party , Prashat back to reality when he hear his mother saying
 " Paapu we are home get out from the car and stop tinking i will find a new bahu in no time , i have told you before not to try to marry her again , but you were stuborn , you meet her again after a long time and say " i want her again" crazy kid" 

Sobha and Dubey were in the car with vidhi , oankaj was darving, everybody was silence , Sobha start to see flashbacks of the day  when everything start to remamber to start of all this 

Flashback 2
Sobha was on the phone worried talking to vidhi " Aarti will meet the boy today , they both want to meet first on a date beforeaccepting im so worry , aarti hardly accept to go she say she doesn't want to get married "
Vidhi " Dont worry mom, if this marriage is mean to be everything will be ok, Aarti never feal on eny of her deals , she gonna be ok just relax and pray for the best "
Sobha " i realy pray for the best dear, o god i hear aarti car she is her , i will go to find out how thing go "
Vidhi " Dont forget to call and give the latest information , Bye ma"
Sobha " ok dear bye "
At aarti come in the house she was shock to see her mother on the door waiting for her then sid " Mom you scare me , im not use to see you as long as i open the door "
Sobha " sorry dear ,  i did not mean to scare you i was just waiting for you honey "
Aarti smile and said when she was heading to the leaving room piting her bag down while Sobha was fallowing "  " sorry dear", " i was witing for you haney", wow you realy want to know what happen on the date right ? "
Sobaha set down  and sofa saying" ok aarti set down and tell me exacly what happen in detail "
Aarti set and say " mom you know me im not good at " girls talk" so i will just go to the point he like me and he want to keep up on this rishta so mom , be happy you will have a long weaks of shopping"
Sobha said " realy im so happy , what about do you like him ? "
Aarti," his a nice a guy  , i can see myself as his wife ok mom im tired tell dad im going to my room to have a shower" aarti leave to room as Sobha was trying to stop her saying " Aarti come on, you had gone for hours tell me about to date on more details aarti aarti "but all she hear is the door of aarti room get closed,then Sobha said to her self " was she just jocking ? she was cold ,vidhi in her first date with Pankaj keep speaking for days about it , but my aarti is diffrent"
Then Mr Dubey come saying " Prashant dad just call he told me that we will continue for this vivah, also Tai ji will call you tonight to talk about the engagement and the wedding "
Sobha " Great, our second daugther is getting married "
Mr Dubey said " yes our second daugther is getting married " they start to get ementional , Mr Dubey said to change that feeling of sadness mixed with joy " I will let you handle everything with prashant's mother Tai ji , the woman are more expert in those things"
Sobha " trust me with this i did a great job on vidhi marriage"
Mr Dubey " yes , you did"
 Sobha" im going to call Vidhi , she must be waiting for the news, but first i will prepare the dinner"
Sobha spend hour preparing aarti favorite plate for dinners she was happy then she call Vidhi and tell her everything then what aarti said 
" She just said that , when i come from my first date with pankaj i tell evething with details , aarti is just .. . what can i said thats typical from her "
 Sobha laugh and said" yeh thats typical from aarti, im happy that guy like her , she love the talk but not the " girls talk " , i had to use Emotionally blackmails to make her go to the date ,and she refuse to put eny make-up, i may have to kidnap her if i want her to come with me for shopping to the wedding " 
Aarti suddly come take the phone from her mother and said " hi Sis are you ok ? gess what im getting married but i think my mom tell you that, so you are coming right ?" 
Vidhi" Congraz sis , of course im coming i cannot miss that for the world "
Aarti " the kids and Pankaj baya has to come too"
Vidhi " ok aarti evrybody will come, but please make thing easy for mom, dont toture her on shopping or on all the preparations act like a perfect girl just for once  "
Aarti said  " Sorry sis , i cannot promise you that im a girl with a personality of a dude " sobha who was hearing their conversation while she was preparing for diner start to laugh of aarti last ligne so does vidhi who sid " aarti you gonna never change " aarti said when she saw the plates that Sobha was putiing on table " Ok sis , bye kiss the kids for me, and give pankaj a hi 5 also from me '" vidhi laugh and said " bye aarti but why this hurry you use to talk with me for hours
Aarti sorry sis " i have to go to eat my Rewards, mom say bye too " aarti close to phone give it to sobha and said " im gonna Wash my hand , if i knew that you would prepare all this for me , i would go to blind dates more often " aarti kiss sobha on her Cheek and went to wash her hand saying " no one touch enything before i comeback

Next morning Sobha , Mr Dubey and Aarti were having break fast when sobha said to Mr Dubey " I talk withTai ji last night to engagement will be in 3 weak and the wedding in 1 month"
Mr Dubey " that fast ? "
Aarti " atlest someone is gonna miss me in that house , see Dad they want to get rid of me as soon as possible "
Sobha " its not like that they are the ones in hurry, Tai ji tell me that she want to see her Paapu get married as soon as possible be happy that she give us that time at first she want less"
aarti " who is Paapu ?"
Sobaha " its prashant ,Tai ji keep saying Paapu , Paapu all the call that it stuck on my head "
Aarti " Paapu, yak, i will definitely change his nick name after the marriage"
Sobha and Mr Dubey laugh while get up and start to clear to tible 
Sobha " Look our daugther is doing her best to be perfect house wife "
Aarti "mom i just collect to plate not preparing Feast , and i dont have to try to be perfect at house work, iam perfect you always said that i cook better that you "
Sobha " yeh you cook in an amezing way but when it come to cleaning you are completly clumsy you break all my favorite clases plates and Furniture that is Breakable"
Mr Dubey "infact you are clumsy when you doing nothing,when you are just walking or sitting , you fall all the time and hit the wallsatlest 2 time a day " and he and sobha laugh
Aarti say while heading to the Kitchen with the plate on her hands "im not clumsy the floor just hates me , the tables and chair are bullies and the walls get in my way "
Sobha and Mr Dubey keep laughing tell they hear a voice of plate falling on the floor , Sobha " see , i told , im going to see if we still have plate for breakfast "
Me Dubey" ok , just dont scold her please"  Sobha smile at him then head to the Kitchen , suddenly  Mr hear her sceaming " Aarti, Aari open your eyes"
Mr Dubey run to the Kitchen when he found aarti on the floor unconscious with blood on her nose, and Sobha holding her, he was shocked because aarti in her whole years with them never pass out then he said taking his phone " Im gonna call for an Ambulance"

It was night and on the hospitale Sobha was holding aarti hand , this one was sleeping on on the hospitale bad Mr was standing next to her , them he put his hand on her shoulder and said " Dont worry the doctors has done all the test and give her the treatment soon she will wike up, and the doctors will come with the results  its probably just fatigue"
Sobha said " not its not stress or fatigue, aarti get tired a lot in the had Fever and flu but she never pass out , never "
Aarti slowly open her eyes and said " where im ? mom ,dad what 
happened ?
Sobha " we are on hospital you passed this morning , dont worry
doctors do some tast for you now we wait for the results "
Aarti " atlest now i have a good reason for breaking all your plates
on the morning " then she laugh
Mr Dubey " Told you she will be ok Sobha , look at her start her 
jokes " then look at aarti and said " are you feeling better dear ?"
aarti smile get up from the bed and see "much better dad look at me im walking again "
Sobha " lie down on bed you need rest "
Aarti " No i dont need rest i feel perfectlu fine, what i need is a pic "
Mr dubey " a pic ? "
aari this is  " first time that i pass out ,i know that you 2 did not 
take a pic for me in that position, i know you were freaking out, 
the first thing we will do hen we go to the home is faking a pass out you take pic of me,and then i will add it to my album of photo , of course after i show the pic the Aman and Sunita , "
Aarti hit her forehead and said 
"o my god i forgot to call Aman and Sunita and tell them that im 
getting married , how can I ?they are my best friends since college o god they will get realy angry,  what wrong with me i keep forgotten things this days? "
Sobha tel said " aarti stop tlking and stop your Madness for a while you need rest please lie down, you will call them later "
Mr Dubey "by the way i call you work and talk to amen was so
 worry about you and  he said he will handle everything, at work 
also he will come with Sunita at the hospital after he pick her from
her work too, they keep calling when you were sleeping and they
are on the way to the hospital too"
Aarti " they dont have to came im fine, but dad you didn't tell them
about my vivah news "
Mr Dubey " No dear dont worry "
Aarti" good  because i want to tell them myself "
The door open and 2 doctor come in , 
Mr Dubey " Hi is everyting is ok ?"
Sobha " Nothing is wrong with our daughter ? "
The doctors look at each other and one of them said
" I have some news for you could you come with me to my office "
Aarti said " Come on Doc im awak and im 26 years old  , just tell us all its a bad news right you guys dont look happy , please tell that becuase you had work so many hour "
One of the Doctore smile head on the bed and stand next to it
and say " Hi miss aarti you are finally awake, Hi im Dr Khanna
 Neurosurgeon , how do feel ? "
Aarti " Scary ,you work on brains right ?"
The Doctor said " yes miss aarti and im sorry to said that i have 
some bad news for you "

Sobha suddenly stop her toughs when she hear Vidhi calling her
" Mom we are home please lets go , dont worry aarti is gonna be
ok with yash "

Our flashbacks are not always happy we dont call only to see our happy days or tortoring our self with the bad ons ,we just want to analyze the situation, and finally end with to questions like " What if ..? " " Why we dont have those happy time enymore? "  and  "Why all that had happen to us ?"

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maha9 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 6:56am | IP Logged
Wow I read both 2 and 3 part in a whole and I just loved it dear. Awesome work and the story is getting interesting day by day.
Continue soon dear

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KS1000 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Wow dear this suspension is going to kill me i'm still thinking about what will yash and aarti do after went to their home but now you add more more spice on it by aarti's sickness. Do you really meant about Tai ji that means kaki? and then this paapu how sweet dear please update soon dear i want to know what is going to happen. thanx for the pm dear, i was to go the bed but after seen your update is available my sleep also gone, thanx for the trilling update dearClap

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rutu83 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 1:29pm | IP Logged

what does she have?

abouther being clumsy LOL

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Malika_ZL_Khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Great part

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