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Aarya ,FF: Do you remember (Thread 1)imp pg 149 (Page 36)

Tahitien-moon IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 8:01am | IP Logged
Superb work as usual sweetyLOL

Congratulations Graphic #40

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Piie Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 8:37am | IP Logged
What an awful childhood that poor girl had to go through Cry.
That was awesome write up, Kholita! Your description of Aarti's painful childhood tugged my heart string! Lovely dear...please continue soon & thanks for the PM.

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kholita IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 9:46am | IP Logged
      chp 13 : One last time of love

It takes a second to have a crush on someone a minute to like someone an hour to love someone and a lifetime to forget them.

But what if destiny give us a real chance to forget ? are we going to take it or ...

Everybody was on the living room trying to have a breakfast , but most of them were lost on their tough after a long night without sleep 
" Why nobody is eating ? " a little girl ask then add " Were is aunty ? she promise that she will take us to the school today "

another boy " You did not let us go the party yesderday because of the school , and aunty promise us that she will take us today , then after school we gonna hung out "
the little girl said with a smile" Its always fun to get out with aunty "
Vidhi look to her kids then said " Kids your aunty has traveled to india yesterday "
" But she promise us , also she cannot go without saying goodbye to us " the little girl add with a sad face,
Sobha " Beta , Aarti has no choice it was a very important travel, but she will come soon and make it for you , she will take you guys to all the places that you wanna go into "
Pankaj " Now finsh your breakfast , the school bus will be here soon "
The kids eat then take their bags , and they went after they said bye to everybody
Vidhi comeback after she go with them to the door and said 
" They realy miss her "
Pankaj " She spend to last year and half with us here, she make a strong bond with the kids
Vidhi  said " Infact they always go and ask her for advice if they have eny problems at school and love to go out with her "
Sobha " Aarti just love kids, she has the ability to be a part of their world so easily  "
Mr Dubey " I think we have done a mistake when we let her comeback to india to meet yash again "
Vidhi " You are right dad , if she didn't take time before the operation to meet him , nothing would happen yesterday, he has no idea of her existence intill she goes to meet him " 
Sobha " It was her wish , we were trying to respect her wish , all this talk will not lead to enything lets try to find a solution "
Pankaj " Yash Sindhia is not someone that we can face , he has money and power , he will not let her go, and she is his wife legally 
Vidhi " so what just sit and pray for a miracale "

A silence again full the room and everybody start to remember the start of this 


Aarti and her parents were looking at the doctors with worry 
then one of the Doctore smile head on the bed and stand next to it
and say " Hi miss aarti you are finally awake, Hi im Dr Khanna Neurosurgeon , how do feel ? "
Aarti " Scary ,you work on brains right ?"
The Doctor said " yes miss aarti and im sorry to said that i have some bad news for you "
Aarti " Ok, just say it please
The Doctor " we found a tumor on your brain and .." 
that all Sobha and Mr Dubey could hear , since the shock stop them from processing all the details and explanations that the doctors were giving , but Aarti was listenning carefully , after a while Mr Dubey and Sobha wake up from there shock with they hear Aarti saying to the doctor
" So you are not sure if its a Benign tumor or a malignant tumor "
The doctor " Yes miss Aarti we need to do more test, before giving a final Diagnosis "
Aarti " Ok doctors , im ready to eny more tests , thanks for the informations"
The doctor " Take a rest tonight miss Aarti and tomorow we gonna start the tests "
Aarti " Goodnight doctors "
The doctors " Goodnight " then they both get out of the room , Aarti look at her parents and realize that they were on state of shock , she hold her mother's hand and said " Mom are you ok ? "then look at Mr Dubey and said " Relax , they said that they need to do more tests lets wait and see
Sobha then start the cry and said " Why ? why god is doing this to us , why its not me who fall sick ? ,you are still young "
Aarti said after huging her mother " Mom there is no human who choose the disease and no disease who choose the human , people just fall sick, and we are lucky that the medicine is so Sophisticated in our days ,stop crying mom , you have a BP probleme, all this furor is not good for you" she then start to wipe her mother tears with her hand smile and said " Mom the doctors said that they will do more tests , lets wait and see "
then she look to her father that was just stading like a statue and " Dad please relax "then laugh and said " Im the sick one here , and i deal with this pretty well so guys calm down please, i hate to see you like that please  " Her father then come next to her put his hand on her shoulder and said " You always the brave one just like ..." then he stop talking since he remember his sister, Aarti then look at her father and hold his hand with a sad smile , then the door nock , and then open its Aman and Sunita , Aarti look at them and said " Hi "  
Aman and Sunita rush to Aarti and said 
" Are you ok ? "
" What the doctors said ?
Aarti look at and said " A lot of things are happening in my life this days , seat down and i will tell you " then she look to her father and said " Dad please take mom for a walk she is shaking , a walk will help her to calm down
Sobha " Im not going to let you alone "
Aarti " Im not alone , Aman and Sunita are here mom , the doctor advice you to go for a walk everytime you are on shaking state , please mom"
Mr dubey then take Sobha out of the room saying " Aarti is right
Mr Dubey and Sobha keep walking till they reach the hospital's garden , seat there Sobha now is more calm she said " Ok i feel much better now " then she look to Mr Dubey and was shocked there was tears on his eyes , Sobha look at him hold his hand and he said " I cannot lose her , i promise myself after my sister dead that i will take care of her and protect her , she is not just my niece,or the only thing left from my sister , she is my little daughter  "
Sobha said " She is our little daughter , and we gonna do everything for her  , we will fight this together , we cannot lose her , not now , not like this
After a while they back to the room, found Aarti laughing and jocking with her friends , then after some time a nurse came ask them to let Aarti take a rest , next days Aarti has done more tests , she was smiling and jocking all the time , her parents were with her all the time, Aman and Sunita come to visit her every day then After days of tests the doctor go again for a meeting with them 
" Sorry the tumor is a Malignant, also it spot make an operation so difficult "
Sobha " So there nothing we can do ?"
Mr Dubey " Please are you sure , there is no hope "
The doctor " We cannot do enything here, but there is a hope "
Aarti " A hope were ?"
The Doctor " On USA there is  a hospital and a Research Institute for the brain tumors , the best on the world , if you want i can send all the test there and see if there is a posibility that miss Aarti case will be accepted , since most of their operations are Clinical trials"
Mr Dubey " USA is prefect for us we can travel there from today , i have a daughter there and we have went there many time "
Doctor " Great , but first we need to prepare Aarti's file , then contact the hospital there ..." 
Few days later Aarti and her fmily were on USA on that hospital, Aarti has done more tests , after days the doctors inform her that she is a perfect candidate for the operation ,
The doctors were on Aarti's room explaining the process for her and her family , Vidhi and Pankaj were there too after a while of the doctor talk he said
" Do you understand all what i just said miss Aarti ? "
Aarti " Yes , doctor this operation is so risky and still a Clinical trials, so a 52 % possibily i die during the operation, and a  60 % to end  up on a coma after it,its ok doctor i even signe a organ donations agreement on case i have a brain damage , or a brain dead, but im happy that im not going to cut my hair thank god ,it took it years to be this tall 
The Doctor smile and siad " Finally there is something that we need to discuss "
Aarti " im listening"
The Doctor " Even if you survive the operation, and we were able to remove the tumor and cure everything you may suffer from an amnesia "
Aarti shock " A memory lose , but how ? "
The doctore " You may lose part of your past memories, but dont worry you will not have eny problems to collect new memories after the operation"
Aarti " Parts how much exacly ? "
The doctors " We cannot tell, the brain is realy a comlex organ , you may lose years, forget some people completly , or forget some of the memories that you have with the people that you could remember "
Aarti " What is the possibily that i suffer from a memory lose ? "
The doctors " A very high possibility , infact we cannot avoid it
Aarti " Doctor, you give me an offer before that i can take a few time before the operation if i need to do something can i still have that time ? "
The Doctors look at her on surprise " Yes miss Aarti , we can delay the operation for a 4 months but the risks will be more high then  "
Aarti " I dont think i will need the whole 4 month"
Sobha look to Aarti " Aarti why you ask for delay now you have said you dont need time "

Mr Dubey " The Delay will increase the risks dear "
Vidhi " You have said there is nothing you want to do "
Aarti " Yes , i have said that, im ready to face and fight this , but now that i know  that i may lose part of my memories , i will need time, i want to meet someone for the last time " 
Vidhi " Who ? "
Aarti " Someone that his memories fill my head, and his love live on my heart for 12 years "
Everybody look at Aarti with shock , 
Mr Dubey " Who ? "
Aarti " My first love , yash "
Sobha " What are talking about Aarti ? "
Aarti " Mom remember that pic next to my parents's pic on my desk to pic in the red frame , you always ask me who's the boy that im with ?,"
Sobha " Yes, you said its a friend"
Aarti " actuly its my first love yash shindhia "
Aarti then tell them the story of her first love, everybody was move it but then Vidhi siad
" You were 16 years old , maybe it was just a crush and it was from one sided too , why do you want to meet him again ? he may not even remember you now "
Sobha " Your sister is right is was just a crush , its stupid to risk your life for that , and yeh he never love you then , and may not remember you now "
Aarti " Its not a crush , its love, and for 12 years it just grew day by day, no matter what i do , no matter were iam , my heart beat for him only, but i was ok with that, i was living my life, i agree to get married , i was willing to be a good wife, a good mother , i was ok to be away from him , since i have his memories with me, i was saying to myself " No matter what atlest i have his memories and its enough for me to live with" but now i may lose it, i may forget that i love him , i may forget him and i cannot accept that "
Vidhi " Maybe its a chance for you to forget him and fall in love again , it a chance to start again "
Aarti " What if i didn't love enyone ? his love is very important to me, his love made me a better person, more happy , more strong and i dont want to lose it , but if i have to i want a last chance to meet him again , just see him once before i forget him "
Mr Dubey " Thats crazy , what do you know about him enyway ? maybe you just see him as a handsome boy , a prince charming you were young, and what the hell do you know about him ?  "

Aarti smile and said " when he use to smile the left the right party of his lips more, everytime he laugh he look down , and if he laugh so much tears fall from his eyes, but he doesn't smile or laugh a lot most of time he maintain a cold face, he never talk when he eat , he is so perfectionist, love the do everything rights and success in everything he does , on the library i use to see that he always read to books that will help him on study , that mean he only spend his time of what can give him an advantage, when he think about some solution while working on problems, he bite the end of his pen,he help others when he can , but never wait for their thanks, he realy care about his friends, but he doesn't show his emention a lot , he realy love money and even with the fact that his family own a lot he want to make his own he doesn't want to live on their shadow ,and he is so slow when it come to love, i think he was in love with me but he never realize that, since he only use to smile and laugh when he talk to me, infact he doesn't talk to much, but when we use to meet , he doesn't stop talking , i know so stupid , he also has a huge ego, and hate to make mistakes, he is so realistic and a big  opportunist, when he get angry he become like hulk , and when he think about something that disturb him he put his left hand on his pocking and keep walking and thinking. Its not easy to catch his attention, he is realy full of himself, he hate lies and he always say the truth even if its ugly and nobody like it , a lot of time he look heartless but he is a good person
 he just draw a line around him and doesn't let enyone across it  "

everybody were looking at Aarti , then Vidhi come and said " You realy love him "
Aarti said " I realy love him, and i want to meet one last time before i forgot him just once and i know he may not remember me, he maybe not aware that i exist ,that i love him but i need to see him one last time for me, just for once "
Sobha and Mr Dubey look at eachother and siad 
" Ok , if that what you want "
One of the Doctor said " Miss Aarti i can give you a 4 month delay but you need to take some medicaments on time and pay attention to some signes, the tumor grew slaw because of the treatement, but those signes may lead that its start to grew fast again, feeling dizzy and bleeding nose are a very imporatant ones pay attention to it, also keep a check up with Dr Khanna to keep watching  the tumor ok  "
Aarti smile and said " Dont worry i will do all that, but i dont think that i will take 4 months on india , i maybe back here by next week i just want to meet him once then comeback"
Next day Aarti and her family were on a plane heading back to india , everybody was sleeping , Aarti was awake writing on her black notebook whats happen " ... im comming to meet you again, i have no idea how im gonna do that , but i know that i still love you and i want to see you again one last time , it has been 10 years now since we saw each other , i change a lot , i dont look like that skinny girl with Glasses and short hair that you use to know , but if i ask you : Do you remember ? will you smile at me and said : of course outsider "
She then close the notebook and close her eyes to have some sleep 

Aarti has no idea that she will be back after almost  4 months, since destiny will play a new game with her 

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kinny_ranvir Goldie

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 9:59am | IP Logged
amazing childhood love story of arti...

waiting for superb explanations to be given to arti...

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IsYaRoCHeR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2013 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Cute Simple Update! I got tensed earlier for her childhood memories..

And looking for the next suspense! Update soon! PM me for next one! Wink

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Surish IF-Addictz

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Posted: 04 January 2013 at 12:54pm | IP Logged

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Kesha_H. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2013 at 8:39am | IP Logged
I don't knw if I shud be scared for the next part or be happy but it was a good update Smile

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tharuma Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2013 at 8:41am | IP Logged
Awesome update dear Wink

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