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WU20dec12-rituals and traditions of new bride

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Posted: 20 December 2012 at 7:50am | IP Logged
today WU read at your own risk guysss...coz tadrka of my marrige will be included ... so evry one - i hope have life insurance ...

shiv enters and dadu gives shiv the decorated sword...and tells shiv to shifts the plates with sword and anandi will pick up all those plates which shiv has shifted with sword and anandi sasu maa(iravati)says to anadi you know the meaning of  this ritual and what is its signifiance as f she didtn do it properly then there will be fight between her and anandi evry day... evry one is smiling and shiv starts shifting...(in back BG music playing - sonarou sou suraj ugyoujeray mahahray anganay) and anandi starts picking it up without making noice and at one stage she was about to drop all the plates but she dosnt let it and balance it and evry one has a long relief seigh...and finally she piks all 6plate(in actual also 7 plates)... and iravati is very happy and bless anandi and request her to always tacke care of family and if any issues arises without anyone knowing she solves it and family remain trouble free and dadaji teases anandi ke now anandi already scared of her sasuma and evrry one laughs...iravati says to every one anandi is not her daughter in law but daughter and listning this there is very pecular looks on sanchi face and evry one smiles fondly and then iravati takes out the nose ring which she had put in anandi's bridal attire and gives her becheiya(its a payal and with matching rings for legs finger and married girls wear it life we wear it for some months only then opens it,its a sign of being married and shugan)and then iravati gifts her the same box which shiv has gifted anandi the 1st payal and anandi then anandi touches her legs and takes her blessing...shiv says to mahi he knows what he is its shiv who brought anandi here and married her and why all the gifts to anandi and evry one laughs and mahi is really intrested in knwoing and CM and iraati says shiv you already ahve world best gift in your lap...and shiv slowly says which only anandi can hear" he has the world most beautiful gift for him only and its his for whole life"anandi is blushing listning this and then in home temple arti starts and evry one takes blessing fron god... 

when i entered home all this 7 plates where ready...its another mater i enterd home after standing more then one hour in gate as mahi to stoped gate and got gift in 3 minutes,my devar(husband bro),as i dont have nanad(husband sisiter) didnt let us pass without geting what he wanted and my father in law sais he cant and so much hangama at night 2...lolzz...finally my bua in law was able to throw my devar out of the gate and finally i entered inside home... huby said now he wont do rituals as he now need  gift for evry ritual ...he was made to or forced to say all this coz of my mere tang(legs)kee waat lagee huee thee and then pencil hills and then rituals since morning and ghagra more then 30kg kaa...i was so piised off more then 10mnts and evry ladies and gents were having grand time about this new system sanjiv introduced and no one bothered to look at my condiotn... lolzzz...i thought yaa both bro wont uderstand like i had finally my own plan and i said to sanjiv, i baked you up saying him 50-50 ... hahahaahahha..he was so shoked he started doing rituals without any more gifts...LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL 

then anandi is given altaa(its a red liquid solution like paint and its marking goes light real slowly) and she puts her hands in it and put her hand imprint on the front of home temple(the meaning of this ritual is to let evryone even god too to knwo this is our daughter - in-law and now you have to grant prosperity in her hands so that family always remain happy and this imprint says to god ke you can see all there in her hands and change bad to good)...

there in singhs havelli gehna is cooking and remembering vidai of anandi and crying and sumitra arrives and understands gehna pain and gehna says its not only work but anandi always stood beside her and helps her in evrything and she had become her habbit and now its getign too much trouble to get on without anandi...just then makhan kaka arrivesa dn sumitra tells him where to keep the things and then sumitra sees him still standing and asks him whts the mater and he says same he missing anandi and she was the one who evry morning teels him hsi day shedule and work and nwo he is all lost without anandi and cant seem to do anything without her and sumitra consoles her and he leaves and sumitra and gehna watchign each other in pain..

anandi siting and ladies all over siting around anandi and gents siting on sofa... iravati says nwo 1st ritual is sanchi right and now she has to decorate anandi's hairs...its called seer guthii(seer - head ... guthi - means assembling) evry ladies smiles and says now how iravati and meenu will hide the face of anandi and has to up the ghungat of anandi as without it sanchi wont be able to decorate anandi's head...iravati and meenu passes signal to each other and then they both surrounds anandi with red clothes and now sanchi goes and puts flower(gajra ... )on anandi's head and all ladies are dissapointed and all gents smiles and having fun and then one of the ladies says to anandi nwo to gift sanchi her gift for the rituals and anandi takes her rings out and puts in sanchi finger...evry one claps...

siir guthi happens..there are two or three saying about it...wht i know i will tell is its done by huby sister...she does it to know how much she will love her bhabi...coz lots of pins and evrythign is there in head and all so how lovingly she takes it out and then opens hairs and hwo much pain in between the bride face and then combing hairs and tying up hairs back and exctly like its this is actually to know how much your huby sister will love her bhabi and how gentel or harsh she will be to our rajesthani custom this is nto done at groom home but at the marrige hall only so that female side can know what kind of family they ahve given there daughter to and how there daughters hubyy sisters are as in evry household the most issues and problem arrises via huby sister only...

this happens and sanchi is about to get up but iravati stops her and says another ritual is also by you only sanchi and then she turns and says to shiv to stop staring at anandi as now he cant see and has to turn his face all the ladies starts laughing and shiv make a face and mahi turns his face and then iravati and CM covers girls with anandi and there inside they hides the balls of coton all over anandi and then iravati says to shiv now he can turn and now he has to find that balls hidden all over anandi..and remember he has to search not to keep on staring at anandi... and shiv makes a face...anandi is little blushing... shiv goes and sits beside her and asks her "may I" anandi signals her ohk with her eyes blushingly... shiv searching from her hands through bangels and all confused and lost and anandi signals with eyes nto this hands but this ahnds and turns her hands and CM sees it and smiles knowingly but says to anandi this is cheating she cant help and iravati smiles and joins CM and says its yet time for her to help shiv in evrything...shiv makes a puppy face and mahi says evrything is fair in love and war...evry one laughs around... shiv tries but he cant search even a single ball of cotton and he dissapointly says he cant find and...lolzz one elderly lady says to shic in inocent face what happened shiv..why are you dissapointed and making such sad face..if he cant find now why short time he will find evry single balls hidden in anandi...evry lady blushes around and hides there face and smiles knowinglyyy...mahi goes to sanchi and girls and says you all remember naa...
then anaother ritual starts..its about  kanakn dorii or molli...CM says to shiv anan anandi ke in ti anandi can open it with both hands and shiv from one hands only and mahi says this is wrong and partiallity and dadu says to mahi this is the way it happens and evry one laughs at mahi inosence... and CM says them to start the rituals...and anandi opens and shiv too and evry oen laughs... and this old lady says now do the dance ritual too now bG music going on as this is about the fight happens at home and mostly betwen bhabai and nanadh and sasu doent know how to stop it...this ritual is to know how patience daughter in law has and how long she can stand and fight for the peace at hme or lay down her guard easily without fight and all...

dadu nwo brings a bag full of coins and tells anandi to take the coin out of it and anandi do it and takes out as much as posible and evry oen clapss... this is about how much a daughter in law will save and how much she will spend and while taking out coin how much noice she makes and lolzz... i had taken out all coins outside only leaving one inside the bag in one go as thats what my mom said to me ke leave one as if you do emty means you will clean all the bank balance of hom so not at all do it i took it out all leaving one 5 rs coin in one go...for this i got 5 gold coins full ginni...or i wud get 1 or 2 coins as pur rituals and rights... Clap Clap ClapClap

mahi says now tou dance rituals and he is happy as shiv dosent has to face much problem as anandi is too thin and slim and evry one evry member comes one by one nad rounds anandi one round and  in BG music playing..meaning is in down i am gona write..then calls shiv to come and he comes and stands beside her and dadu iravati CM mahi lovingly watching the pair and then shiv piks up anandi and BG music plays - choudhry...evry one claping and anandi blushingly watching shiv and shiv cant take eyes off anandi...

this dance is to tell daughter in law ke now this is your home and they want to always see her walking and dancing all over the home and as much as this is there howm now tis her too as much and always wants her imprint at home evry nook and corner and evry one welcoming her to the home with belssing and loving and smilingly and expecting her to move all around the home as they are...

voiceover - in marrige the rituals which ever happenes has the meaning and some hideen sence in it ...all this rituals are not without any sences and make awee but with deep meaning for both bride and groom and about the problems and solutions they can have and find in this rituals

precap - in a big bowl its a liquid of milk and water and evry oe saying to shiv and anandi to find out soon and shiv watching anandis and his hands inside that big bowl and then shiv takes out ring and shows and sanchi tones and says to evry one her bhiya shiv is wonner and evry oen smiling starts vanishing and then sache says and your lovingly daughter in law anandi coudnt even do such small and simple work assigend to her and evry one smile vansihes compleitely...and shiv is sad and dissapointed with other family member at sanchi tone

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Posted: 20 December 2012 at 8:16am | IP Logged

Thank you Payal! Big smile

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Posted: 20 December 2012 at 8:18am | IP Logged
what a dreamy Anshilious episode!..thanks for updating!..I am sure you must be really hapoy to update such an awesome epi Wink

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Posted: 20 December 2012 at 8:23am | IP Logged
I had a great time watching today's episode...  

Bechara Shiv, everyone thoroughly enjoyed teasing him including that elderly kaki. 

Anandi is very happy as well, and happy to see her so happy. 

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Posted: 20 December 2012 at 8:24am | IP Logged
glad to see small small rituals which r clearly depicted in this nd yesterday's epi. No other serial has shown such a atmosphere of rajasthani customs even my mom nd grandmom r saying this. PROUD TO BE RAJASTHANI

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Posted: 20 December 2012 at 8:32am | IP Logged
Love ya Payal!
Thanks for the update!!!
tistaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 December 2012 at 8:42am | IP Logged
Haayeee Payal thanx for the WU Embarrassed  I am lost in Ansh lala land Embarrassed

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Thanks for WU payal 

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