Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Written Update by SP

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All previous updates are archived here:

LIVE   STREAM UPDATES ' 20th December 2012

** Time in India Time

** Will bold if possible and it'll be things I feel are interesting or important.  Specifying it for those who disagree so you can choose to read the entire update rather than just the bolded bits.

BB woke them up pretty late ' 9am. They were discussing that in the morning.

A while earlier Rajev was washing dishing and wondering why he lets people (Niketan?) influence him.

1:30pm ' Aashka going through her suitcase and arranging clothes. She comments that Sana says she can take anything from her suitcase and tells Imam, Sana is just joking. Vishal on bed and Imam talking to Aashka and Sana. Niketan gets up from bed and says "sh*t man meri jack kahan hain", "what the what the what the". Urvashi/Sapna also seems to be having a lay in bed. Vishal ' Aashka yeh blue colour bahaut achcha hai. Niketan walking around in the room and now Aashka is saying she took out something after such a long time. She is folding clothes into a few piles and rearranging her suitcase.  Sana is applying makeup as she goes through her makeup bag. Vishal and Urvashi lying in bed. *silence*

1:45pm ' Rajev announcing that today's task has come. Karishma can be heard. Rajev ' BB is seeing the halat of the people. *mumbles* Rajev ' no I do not want to talk to anyone right now. Niketan walks in. Urvashi ' he took the garam water also. Rajev ' when I went there was only cold water. Sapna walks in wearing an apron asking if she can go in as she cut in. Urvashi ' sorry, I'm after Delnaaz.

1:54pm ' Vishal asking Urvashi if he can go for a bath as he'll only take 3 mins. Niketan talking to Urvashi. Urvashi ' when you sleep and when I pour a bucket of water on your face, then you'll come to know. Niketan walks out of the red bedroom. Vishal lying in thought. He rolls to one side and starts singing. Urvashi and Sapna also lying in bed in silence. Sana saying something about her hair. Vishal ' I don't have to go to any meeting after a bath. Urvashi ' you haven't gone for a bath? Aashka ' I'll go after you. Urvashi lets Aashka go first. Vishal to Sana ' are you done? Sana ' yes. She asks Aashka about clothes she hasn't worn as yet. Vishal ' is your blood circulation ok? Sana ' yes, everything is circulating properly. Sana calls Aashka a kameeni for joking around for saying nothing is worth taking from her suitcase. Sana ' see what you like. I'm going to wear these shoes. Aashka ' I want white. Sana ' I myself don't have white.  They are going through her suitcase and she's showing Aashka other clothes. Vishal staring at Sana. Aashka ' tomorrow I will dig into Urvashi's bag. Sana laughs and Vishal smiles at her. Aashka saying she will also dig into Vishal's bag. Sana ' Vishal has quite a few clothes. Sana showing something to Vishal. Sana feels her suitcase might damage their cameras. Sana ' I'm tired of folding clothes. She sprays perfume and goes over to Vishal and sits on his bed and says his shampoo is in the bathroom. Sana's mic keeps falling off her shoulder. She says her roots have grown 2 inches. She's tired of wear the same things. Vishal is mumbling but lying facing her. Can't hear him clearly. He seems to be talking about 3 ' 4 mins for  a bath. Sana and Vishal discussing about a dream she had and Vishal is laughing. Sana saying she was laughing before dying. Vishal saying about Niketan in confession room. Vishal wondering what he should wear. Sapna saying yesterday I said nominate me but maine ullu banaya bada maza aaya so don't vote me on that basis. Sana saying she had a secret task and so she told everyone to nominate her. Vishal ' no it was no task but BB called her in not to do that. Sana ' yeah this can also happen. Bottom line, if you want to vote for her do it from your heart. Urvashi agrees. Sana saying she cant wear nail polish because it has alcohol in it. Sana saying she can't pray when she's out so she prays kaza. Her mom prays all on time except for the morning prayer. Sana wants to wake up at 5am and start praying. She says she prays all day's prayers in one go. Vishal says it must take 10 ' 15 mins right? Sana ' yes. Sana explaining her prayers and Karishma lying in bed staring at them and at her nails alternatively. Sana can't be heard clearly. Sana talking about temples and Cam switches to the bathroom.

2:12pm ' Aashka talking to Delnaaz saying that she has to do what she wants. Urvashi in the shower. Delnaaz saying that she's waiting. Aashka has a face mask on. Del ' I think I need to colour my hair coz if I came with 2 white hairs, I'm going with a 100. Aashka ' I'm going to go for an appointment with dr. Sawant.

2:14pm ' Niketan comes in the red bedroom saying Imam is sun bathing wearing a tiger print underwear. Sana wow, I want to go. Niketan pulls out his wedgie. Lol. Urvashi  still lying in bed asking Niketan why he was called. Niketan saying Sapna  and he was talking about why BB calls people. Urvashi ' aise nahi Niketan ' even you can do this. By the pool, Imam is cleaning out the pool with a net. Del asks Imam if he's going in the pool and if he's going in it's fine.

2:18m ' Vishal asking what she's wearing tomorrow so Sana says a purple jumpsuit. Vishal ' don't you wear traditional clothes. Sana talking about her film release. Vishal and Sana discussing shots from Jab We Met and Sana and Vishal discussing the villa. Niketan tries to come into the conversation. Vishal saying dara studio. Sana I heard it's their villa. Rajev on Urvashi's bed. Niketan is trying to discuss with Vishal and Sana.

2:25pm ' Sapna telling Karishma in the bathroom that BB told her that she cannot ask people to nominate her to go home. Karishma ' I told you that you will stay till the end.

2:30pm ' Vishal and Sana sitting on Vishal's bed talking and Sapna comes in saying that she asked BB can she go? And he said in a style ' kahan? She laughs and others laugh too. Sana and Vishal talking. Vishal ' what are you going to do now? Sana talking about her hair and Vishal says at 10 pm you have to go clubbing. Sana hits him lightly. Vishal ' we'll make some plans for Dubai. You take permission. He has a villa, cars. I want to get out of Bombay. Sana ' wo to hai. Vishal ' don't look in the mirror so much. Sana ' no I feel my face is still swollen. Vishal ' its not. He's talking about pimple or something. He jokes about her getting lost when she sleeps between Delnaaz and Aashka. Sapna is trying on Sapna's flowing dress. Vishal tells her to look. Vishal ' say something. Sana ' my hair have gone dead. Vishal ' no they look good. He touches them and says they are quite dense. Sana talking about where she gets a hair cut. Vishal says something under his breath and Sana laughs. He says something about making up with someone. Sana talking about her hair style. Vishal recommends a banana conditioner. They discuss her scalp.

2:36pm ' Rajev sitting by himself next to the fish tank. In the red bedroom, Sapna saying BB made her laugh a lot and she said I know you will punish me and he said no you wont because we know you participate in all tasks sportingly. I just told him I want to go and tell me the plan. Del is doing eye make up for Sapna. Vishal saying that come with me to Punjab, Sana and I'll fix your Punjabi. Niketan joins them and asks if they are still in Bhatinda. Sana saying Patiala is also good. Vishal is discussing Urvashi about hot water. Urvashi saying Aashka is crying for hot water right now. Sapna saying that don't talk about nominations and what was said, go and tell people. Urvashi saying that BB sounded the best when he told Rajev, don't do any ooh aah. Urvashi leaves for a bath. Sapna telling Delnaaz she's looking cute. Delnaaz starts to sing. Niketan talking in the background. Rajev has come. Sapna comes back and Delnaaz applies her more make up. Niketan talking about going somewhere. Sapna saying that Niketan was called before Sapna. Niketan doesn't seem to be saying what BB said. Delnaaz bolo na. Niketan ' he said you wanted to talk to us and I said no. Sapna ' you know this means that BB listens. Niketan ' no I'm very sorry so BB says then we want to say something to you.

2:46pm ' In the bathroom, Aashka and Urvashi talking. Aashka telling BB to give hot water as it's freezing cold. She walks out and asks Imam who he's talking to. Imam ' to himself. Seems Imam is by the pool. Aashka ' you aren't wearing your mic so I was wondering whom you are talking to. Imam fiddling with a wrap around his waist saying it doesn't stay. In the red bedroom, Delnaaz, Vishal and Aashka talking. Vishal ' BB I want to talk to you. Vishal jokes about Sana to Delnaaz that Sana takes half a day. Sana laughs. BB makes an announcement for Niketan. *muted* Vishal saying the lie that Niketan said, BB wants to say, we never had this discussion. He laughs. Delnaaz singing. Aashka comes in saying that BB wants every house mate to wear their mics properly. Delnaaz ' Sana check your mic. Aashka. Vishal wondering how much time Sana has to press his clothes. Sana goes and sits with Vishal. Vishal tells Sana she's looking hot. Sana ' this is my batman costume. Now both are discussing there's no moisturiser. Vishal jokes about Aashka's hair. Delnaaz goes on saying chhotu. Vishal laughs. Delnaaz ' if there's any real fan of Amar Akbar Anthony. They will remember this line chhotu chhotu. Vishal ' not even Rishi Kapoor will remember this. Vishal asking Sana to fix his nails. Sana saying he needs a nail cutter. She gets distracted. Vishal tells Aashka not to burnt her throat.

2:55pm ' Vishal jokes about Delnaaz's lipstick. Sana laughs and says it's so fattak. Sana says she's looking sleepy.  She puts a flower clip in her hair. Delnaaz talking about bindis. Sana saying she is looking Indian now. Vishal ' you were looking Indian before also. Sana asks him to repeat and he doesn't.  Delnaaz spraying perfume all over her. Vishal asks Delnaaz to pass some tissues. Delnaaz laughing saying that you and Sana both say, pass this pass that. Vishal singing. Sana sings kya khoob lagti ho. Vishal wants a nail cutter. Sana says are your legs cut? Come here and take it. Delnaaz gives him something and Vishal says you don't have what Delnaaz does. Sana ' you don't have what Salman has. Now you cant comment on it. HMPH. Vishal asking for a nail cutter. Sana ' we don't have, we'll have to look. Delnaaz saying both Sana and Vishal are the same. Aashka saying I don't know whose is By God. Vishal says it's 100% mine. Sana ' you copied me. Delnaaz goes chhhotu chhotu, you are crimping your hair. Vishal ' pata chala gusse main Aashka ne Delnaaz ke baal kaat diye. Vishal asks her if Rohit likes short hair and maybe Aashka says he likes skin heads. So Sana and Vishal laugh that Aashka will shave her head.

3:02pm ' Outside, by the tree, Rajev is lying down with his eyes closed. Sana on her bed in a semi lying position. Delnaaz goes out to get water. Sana says she wants water to drink. Sana saying imagine if Del was in the village. She wont get to put make up and the whole day their face would be in gobar. Del sings. Vishal wondering if the wake up song today was from dil to pagal hai and Sana and Aashka say yes!

3:06pm - Imam comes in singing koi ladki hai jab wo gaati hai. Sana says that she was just singing that song. Imam asks if Aashka's crimper can be used then he says if its her person then she'd avoid. Vishal has found a nail cutter and Sana says I'm sorry for disappointing you! Imam - hindi main bolo! Sana - main maafi chati hoon maine aap ko niraash kiya. Imam - Asha Bhosle gets a private jet to go to Las Vegas. Sana says she never even went via plane. Imam saying that maybe after seeing us on this show, they call us. Outside Rajev snoring by the tree. LOL In red bedroom, Vishal and Imam walking around. Vishal walks out looking for a bottle of water. Aashka telling Imam to rinse out something immediately so Imam goes into his bathroom. Sana teasing Delnaaz why she's crying and dancing. Delnaaz stares at her. Aashka singing another song. Vishal back in room with a water bottle. Delnaaz dancing. They are singing. Vishal is ironing his clothes. Delnaaz asking Vishal what water he got for Sana, drinking water or tap water? Vishal - drinking water. Sana and Delnaaz talking about imitating some film song. Vishal asking Sana if she's gone to Haridwaar and Sana says I'm heard of Hyderabad not Haridwaar. LOL They laugh. Aashka asks Vishal what will happen to him. He says nothing as long as he's with Sana. Delnaaz teasing Aashka as chhotu, enough with the make up. Vishal laughs. Delnaaz saying she will call Aashka chhotu for everything. Vishal - and if you get hiccups, understand that someone (aashka) is swearing at you. Shocked Sana asks Vishal what he's wearing. Vishal says red top (sarcastically). Sana: red top? Vishal - I'm ironing it and you can't see? It this white top. Sana laughs and says stop with the white clothes. Wear something colourful. Vishal saying he'll wear a blue top tomorrow. Sana telling Vishal to wear something else and Vishal says he's already ironed his shirt now. Sana says no, wearing something else. Now Vishal wondering what jeans to wear. Urvashi comes in wearing Sana's floral dress and she says, you are looking like Sana today! Del/Aashka saying the top fit her. Sana says, yes coz it's loose. Urvashi wanting moisturiser. Vishal giving her some and she says you gave me so much, my make up will come out. Vishal saying Sapna once charged him 3000 Rs for a hair cut. He asks if Sapna is cutting Niketan's hair and Urvashi says yes. Vishal says he wants his cut as well. Del says dont. Niketan and Sapna walk in. Urvashi - you're looking cut. Niketan - thank you. Urvashi - I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to Sapna! LOL Imam walking out with a bucket telling Vishal, shall I say something you dont mind? Please arrange your suitcase. Shall I help? Vishal - no no, I'll do it. Imam continues and leaves. Karishma - oh God we'll go commit mass suicide. Urvashi - he started again.Niketan and sapna say BB was in a joking mood today. Niketan talking about he had spikes once. As he's leaving he says Punjab main kehte hai, ghar ki kheti hai kabhi bhi uga lo. He leaves saying SANA KHAN...*inaudible* Vishal talking to Karishma that Preiti zinta looks better. Karishma disagrees. Karishma telling Sapna she'll wear Sapna's boots. Urvashi - oh sapna ke boots bhi pehne ja rahe hai. Karishma finally out of bed?

3:25pm - Sapna curling Urvashi's hair. Sapna saying that BB is generally in a very funny mood. Urvashi - what is Karishma doing? She sounded semi annoyed. Sapna - I told him I am better now and ready for his punishment. Urvashi - I like Sapna's hair today the most. Your little pony. Sapna - yeah, my hair are growing.

3:27pm - Sana, Vishal and Delnaaz on Sana's bed. They are talking about cable tv and automatic recording. Vishal - task aya hai. Sana and Vishal sing. Vishal - mansi will give updates related to the show. Sana - what opinions must be. Vishal - rohit must be watching. He must be doing fb, BB. Sana - yeah? karishma back in bed staring at her nails. Vishal singing. Vishal - Delnaaz wake up! Delnaaz - I'm not asleep. Vishal - Sana, is your lunch going to be at dinner time? Sana - yeh not in the mood. Vishal - why are you unnecessarily taking tension? Just do one meal. Vishal singing - bolti hai zada kam yeh samjhti hai. Vishal says this line is for you. Sana giggles and says the song is cute. Vishal - if I get out tomorrow, I'll tell Madhu that if you leave before 12th...*volume reduced* something about clothes. Aashka STILL doing make up. Shocked Karishma lying in bed doing make up. Sapna singing girls just wanna have fun.

*missed a bit but Urvashi was cracking some joke and Sana laughing*

3:35pm - Aashka - come on I'm hungry. Vishal singing - ae kaash ke hum hosh main ab aane na paayein. Imam comes in talking about his shoes are torn and tattered. He has his clothes lying in lonavla. I'll order my things. Vishal into mic - madhu agar mere saamaan se pehle kisi ka samaan aya na to main... Sana laughs and Vishal also laughs. LOL

3:37pm - Rajev sitting by the gym area by himself. He gets up and sings - hey kala kawwa kaat khayega, sach bok. Cam to Sapna still styling Urvashi's hair. Urvashi asking who Sapna is emulating and Sapna says Freida and she's dead now but she was a beautiful painter. Urvashi says she's hungry again. Sapna - I was joking. We can make soup. Urvashi - really? Sapna - I dont know how though. Urvashi - u are joking and BB too but dont joke that much. Sapna - that pizza was superb. Imam saying he's hungry. Delnaaz walking out. Imam asking if anyone else wants to eat. Sapna spraying hair spray saying that Sayantani left it for us. Urvashi - I think Imam cant understand this is not school. Imam talking about a bean bag in his house on which he relaxes. Karishma saying something. Urvashi - bola isne. Imam looking at Karishma. He walks out singing and says, please fix the clothes. Please just press it down. Urvashi - oh goddd. Imam - even I have to pack and even last week BB asked us to clean mirrors and I couldn't coz I was packing. He says so will you guys finish packing today? Sana - I'm packed. Vishal - yes I'll do it. Imam leaves. Vishal - he eats everyone's minds. Sana - no but he's right, yours is really looking bad. Karishma says something. Urvashi - it's not up to you when people pack their bags. Sana closes her eyes and smiles. Vishal singing. Vishal into mic - Sana so rahi hai, gana bajao aur Imam ki class lo. LOL BB chahte hai ki Sana Khan ut jaye. Sana opens her eyes. Vishal - you love sleeping Sana. Sana nods. Sapna and Urvashi discussing that some people were allowed phones. Shocked

3:44pm - In the kitchen, Aashka heating rice. Imam and Delnaaz sitting and talking to her. Rajev in the bathroom. BB sounds a bell's gong. Rajev - is it your plan BB to make someone stand next to the speakers and sound a gong! Rajev walks out and enters inside the house.He goes to the kitchen. In red bedroom, Karishma and Sapna talking. Vishal looking for something, Sapna tells him where it is. Rajev walks in. Sapna - I'm very busy. Urvashi - even I feel like doing something Rajev - it looks like a bird's nest. He comes and touches her hair and Both Sapna and Urvashi scream at him. He gets startled. Urvashi says idiot under her breath and then laughs. Sapna also laughs. Sana Aashka talking and Aashka plans to change. Sapna also tells her to change. Confused 

3:50pm - Urvashi's hair is done. Vishal saying BB my hair spray is in the other room, please give it. Urvashi saying she wants a perm. Vishal and Sapna going to get Vishal's hair cut. Vishal jokes he's going to get his "paisa vasool" and come. In the kitchen, Imam talking about when he was travelling the security check wanted him to give something to the baggage check. He saw Rakha there and Farzana were there and he said hi hello to her. She asked him why he came back from security check and she took his deo? and kept it in her vanity box so he checked in and no one checked her vanity box. She was in business class and he was in economy. So in the plane he asks him to sit in a seat next to her and she got him upgraded like this. She gave him 3 shocks, She asked him why he calls himself kabir and not Imam and he said coz at the time there was a lot of tension and Babari mosque was broken down and riots. She told him no everyone knows you as Imam, call yourself Imam. Then she asked why he stopped written a column in Asian Age. He was shocked and asked her how she knew of it? Rekha said that she used to read it and laugh and liked it a lot. Then she said you work in Lintas right? How is Gautum..? He was a photographer so he was really shocked about these 3 things. He said I want a souvenier or autograph and she had  a slight Texan accent and said, dont act like a crazed fan (something like that).

3:57pm - Sapna cutting Vishal's hair LOL and he says he gets it cut in 30 days but it's been 45 days. She says I'm going short okay? He says hmm. Sapna - you will put products right? Vishal - yes. I like short hair. Easy to maintain and look stylish. Sapna - yeah. They are very long and I'm going very short. Was it this short? Vishal - yeah I purposely went short because I never knew how long I'd be in here. Sapna - yeah here luckily. Vishal - yeah if it wasnt for you everyone would be miserable. Sapna saying she will do his side burns at the end. Sapna doing his other side now.

4:04pm - In the kitchen, Imam still telling some stories. It's about rolling stones. Niketan is in the kitchen but he walks off cam.

*taking a break*

4:27pm - Imam, Sana, Delnaaz having lunch. Urvashi done eating and washing her plate. Imam saying someone he knows inserts a cheese tube inside a cauliflower and the cheese comes out of spaces and when heated it becomes hard. They are eating daal chawal. Vishal has gone for a shower. karishma sits down and starts singing and eats. Imam offering Delnaaz to try brinjals. He added some spices to Aashka's brinjal. Sapna said she washed her hands but where did the hair come from. It's very long. LOL Sapna sitting and eating off cam. Imam - how do you live eating so little (to Sana)? Do you have any energy? Sana - no. Niketan in kitchen. Sana gets up. Imam - we should leave some for Rajev brother. Who else is left to eat? Del - Vishal, Niketan. Del tells Niketan to call Rajev which he does and then he goes into the red bedroom. Delnaaz singing. Karishma - Maachis was a good film. Imam - I made a mistake following you. I took a bite of chilly and baap re baap, how do you guys eat? Sana laughs. Then she leaves the kitchen. BB tells Niketan to wear his mic properly. He comes out and then they tell him to check his battery. Imam says you'll kill me. Niketan saying there was a little difference. Apparently BB said that he will be punished. Rajev whispers in Karishma's ear and Imam said dont whisper or I'll be punished. Rajev - oh why did you say that before. He pretend whispers. Imam - BB told Sana and Vishal yesterday. Rajev - BB says but doesn't do anything. Imam - have you seen big brother? They do very scary things there. Someone asks Sana where Vishal is. Karishma gets up. Delnaaz is sitting at the dining table. She is staring at people with her head down. Rajeb done eating. Del seems she'll fall asleep any second. Sleepy Niketan frying something. Aashka in the kitchen talking to Karishma. In the kitchen, Sapna and Aashka checking the juice bottle which is empty. Rajev, Del say it's a task that the juice bottle has water in it. Sapna - I was told I can steal. Remember? Rajev - Niketan this is her task. Sapna laughing. Rajev - where's the peanut butter. Sapna - BB told me that the ullu banaya bada maza aya. And I said BB shall I go and he said kahaaan? Thsi can be a task to steal my own luxury budget? Rajev - eggs are also missing. Sapna - we made the eggs. Niketan - she is stealing things. Rajev  - I asked her what happened and she said ullu banaya. Imam immediately noticed that it's a task. Sapna - where is the peanut butter, Imam - there's a box there. Sapna - maybe it was Niketan's task because he was at the fridge when I came out. Niketan - I was making ice. Sapna - maybe Vishal asked. Aashka - I took it with break fast it was full. Imam - she who wears black and today she lose and scarf, she can easily hide something. Niketan steals Sapna's coffee and is saying you should have told me. I told Vishal give me a little coffee and he said I'll see it's luxury budget. Karishma says thanks to Sappy. I dont want credit. I'm annoyed with her in 2 days. Sapna - relax. I am sure that it;s with you Niketan even the peanut butter. From 2 days Karishma is saying my coffee, my peanut butter. Rajev - look Sapna's dimples, They aren't even going. Sapna - you think in recession they'll give me a secret task? Rajev - learn from Urvashi. Niketan - Sapna is saying Aashka stole. I dont like 2 - 3 people who dont talk to me properly. Urvashi - I never saw you telling Sapna. Sapna - I am genuinely afraid of Sapna. Niketan - wth is on. I told her in the morning she was at 120 decibles and I told her shush. Urvashi - so what this is me. I speak loudly. i get loud randomly. Sapna - I did a lot today. I washed the toilets, 2 hair cuts, 1 hair styling. Niketan walks off syaing he's going to show off his private stash. Urvashi - Sapna tell us your secret task. Sapna - no I wont I was upset today and BB told me I wont get punished.

4:50pm - In the bathroom. Del playfully hugging Aashka. Then both grab and shake Sana one by one. Sana wiping her wet fringe. Del asking what she's doing. She says they'll set proper now. Sana - now we'll have fun. Delnaaz - kia baare main. Sana walks out. Rajev comes in and Delnaaz walks out. Vishal is here to have lunch and he's worn the shirt Sana suggested but he forgot his mic in the bathroom. Urvashi - BB chahte hai ki Vishal apna mic peheniye. Vishal goes to get his mic. Sapna - Urvashi where did you keep the coffee bottle? Urvashi - Niketan took it.

*taking a longish break*

8:15pm - Urvashi, Niketan, Rajev and Niketan helping in the kitchen. Karishma saying that I was just telling Imam that no one should touch the luxury budget. It was a 2 min conversation. Niketan - I told off Imam. Karishma - and me too. Niketan yes.

8:20pm - Delnaaz and Sapna in the red bedroom discussing how the finale takes place. Delnaaz - it's a 3 hour show. Sapna - who will see such a long show. Imam - yeah it's very long. Aashka lying beside Delnaaz. Imam walks out. Aashka - 9 to 11 max. Delnaaz - everyone found out that Juhi had won in the afternoon. Sapna - who were her competitors. Aashka - Amar, Akaashdeep. Del - did you vote a lot. Aashka nods. Imam back and says a lot of people bet. If people like you they take you till the end but to the end, there's a surprise element. The people favourite goes to the end but the underdog gets it. That's how the bookies make money. Imam walks again. Aashka - a group of us including Juhi and her husband and we went on a saksham course. 5000 people medidating together but Sachin was busy on twitter.

8:25pm - Sana and Vishal discussing a Lori festival outside near gym area. She's telling that it was great and they made great clothes for us. Vishal - my best yrs of life were in Chandigardh. We'll make some time. Sana - yea for chandigardh. Sana singing merry christmas and happy new year. Sana - IF you go, my clothes. Vishal - I'll wait for you. Sana - get Mansi to get my clothes with golden studs. Vishal - I'm not going. Sana - of course not, I am not going to tell you this while you go. Endemol ko call kar ke madhurama ko bhijwa de. Vishal - karwa doonga. Sana - but if I go. Vishal - if you go then I wont feel like staying here. When SHukla went, my heart broke. But if you go then I wont want to stay here. But I want to talk to you seriously but outside. Sana - I come with a lot of baggage. Vishal - I do understand that but my perspective has changed a lot. Sana - a lot of people in my life I take time to understand Vishal - yeah of curse. Sana - you dont get to know nature of people we fight a lot. Sana - you used to seem arrogant. Sana - still? Actually a lot of people thought that when they first now but later they all love. But I thought I wouldnt make any strong relationshsips and now. Vishal - .. Sana - we can have a get together once in a while, these a TV people, they will be busy. Vishal - they all live close by Sana - malaad, how far is that. And some people have strong supporters. I know these 2 people trust me and what I say Vishal - your true character and personality always comes out Sana - this show teaches you a lot in life. Some people you take granted in life but now I think this person does so much for me!

8:33pm - Imam telling Aashka, Delnaaz and Sapna jingles. Del - they are singing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Imam singing dashing through the snow. Ima think Sampat will make the best Santa.

8:37pm - Sana - first he was frank and I was reserved now it's vice versa. It's not my nature to accept fakeness. Vishal - but you so acting in front of me. Sana - you do acting so that people know that you are not liking it. Delnaaz comes and Sana asks her to join but she walks off. Sana - sit with my manager. Ask him about me. He says as much as I know her, no one else does. He knows what makes me happy sad, angry. Vishal - in these 2 weeks. 

8:39pm - In kitchen, Rajev - if I'm here. He only says that footage chahiye and then you only.. and that's an order. Sapna watching Rajev and Karishma make rotis and Urvashi is peeling garlic. Rajev - a friend on mine says he doesn't like killing flies and I told him that but you eat non-veg. He said no I didn't I ate max 20 times. I said ok if it comesm dont eat. Niketan on bed with Aashka. They are checking some bottle and where it came from. Sapna in the room. Aashka - Carlos Sapna - you talking to me (fake Italian accent). Niketan - if Rohit wants, let me know. Niketan gets off the bed and Delnaaz takes his place. Niketan - I dont eat brinjals. Delnaaz - I worn it 3 times and 4th you have so no need to wash the dress Sapna. Sapna - BB I wont be happy with 1, I need 3 presents. Every girls' standard is 3. And it's 3 each. And I'm clarifying because the 24 hr joke (hot water) was dumb so 3 each. Del - and a lot of hungama on 24th. Sapna - if there's a celebrity gues like Johnny Depp then it's good. Del = she has so many demands. Aashka talking to the camera. She calls him jaadoo. Delnaaz hugging Aashka. Aashka telling Delnaaz she'll tell her some story. *silence*

8:47pm - Rajev in kitchen saying ask Aashu. Urvashi - they made parathas for breakfast. Rajev - can we ask Salman to send breakfast also? He sends lunch anyway. Karishma - thanks for all your help. Rajev - for all your bickering. Karishma - for being a prude and bickering. Rajev - I'm joking around, you dont understand? Rajev frying a paratha. Rajev - London's girl came and made rotis for Indians and became Indians.. Urvashi is telling someone to soak in salt and keep (it's Sapna).

8:49pm - Aashka and Del looking at each other. Delnaaz - I wish 31st Dec the show ended. I'm tired. Every day a new stress. Aashka - where is he looking look. Delnaaz - who? (camera?) Aashka - what are you wearing. Delnaaz - orange pink shalwar kurta with brocade work. There's nothing new. I have to repeat. Delnaaz - what do you think about tomorrow? You said last time about Santosh and DInesh and were right before also. Aashka - I was right about me too. Delnaaz - that's why I'm asking. Aashka - I'm manifestng my positive feelings so I have no gut feelings. Only 1 person affects me in nominations. Delnaaz - what are u thinking? Aashka - nothing. Delnaaz - if you think Sana, then you are completely wrong. Aashka - no I will never think that. I will never even for a second. I will not want that to manifest only. *silence*


10:03pm - Vishal and Sana sitting by themselves at the dining table. Vishal - for the first time this man said something of sense. Sana laughs. Both are eating dinner by themselves. Sana and Vishal enjoying their food. Vishal - I made good maggie. Sana - why dont you work like this everyday. Vishal - I do more work than you. Niketan takes the easiest task of mopping, sweeping is harder. Sana - yes your knees hurt when you sweep. Vishal - kitchen is the hardest. I've done mostly garden. Sana - I've done everything except garden. Vishal gets up to wash dishes. He tells her to make tea after she's changed. Sana - Bhatindaaa, pass me a paratha. Vishal passes it and asks anything else? Sana - no. Vishal - shall I wash your clothes too? Sana - no no, I'll not make you do that much. Vishal - come to Bhatinda and you'll go mad what all happens there. Sana - are all Punjabis like you or are they good also. Vishal comes back and fakes an attempt to tickle her (faking, touches her arms lightly) and Sana laughs and says promise I wont say that ever again, promise! He leaves to go to the sink. Vishal - your joke was good. Vishal tells her about a song. *missed* Vishal - dont say all this, Punjab will ban my entry. But Punjab's best and most welcoming. But I'll take you to Jalindar. Sana - no I want to go to Bhatinda. Vishal - nothing is there in Bhatinda. In Jalindar, my entire family is there. Sana - no I want to go to Bhatinda. Vishal - they say that you can take a Punjabi out of Punjab but can't take Punjab out of Punjabis. Aashka sitting next to Sana asks them to repeat so they do. Sana - oh Jalandar! She waves at Vishal jokingly and laughs. Aashka smiling. Vishal - but people washing dishes there... Sana - what? Vishal - I'll say it later or people may misinterpret it. Niketan comes over and Imam as well. Vishal singing. Sana talking to Niketan about something. Niketan carries a plate somewhere. Imam asking for the big bin bags.

10:16pm - Niketan takes a plate of caramel for Karishma and she says it's disgusting. He says it's sugar it's awesome. You can have it. Niketan - I am giving you the esteem presence. Karishma - dont be rude to me Niketan - I'm not, you should be grateful to me. I've been a better friend to you than you have been to me. Karishma - no. Niketan - when I advice you something, you should.. Cam switches outside. Rajev sitting by the gym with an angry expression on his face. Sapna and Delnaaz walking up and down. Sapna heads to the bathroom for a minute. Delnaaz continues walking. Temporarily Sana heard saying - ab jo tumhare saat hoga wo tum soch bhi nahi sakte. Rajev watching Delnaaz pace. He is sitting in silence and looks annoyed. Delnaaz walking with her gaze lowered when she approaches him. Rajev to himself - reciting, I always support people but she never turned around and looked at me, she shunned my hand.

10:20pm - Niketan sitting and talking to Urvashi near the dining table. He asks her about bugsy movie. Sapna saying whoever did this we'll know. Sapna saying ours was more full. Aashka - no. Niketan says no. In the red bedroom, Karishma wiping her tears. Sapna comes in. Karishma - yeah you walked alot. Grow your hair they look nice but not always middle parting. Sapna - ok. of course. Karishma - are you removing make up (she asked for tissues and Kar gives it) Sapna - just eyebrow. I have to do my eyebrows. Maybe I'll do my hair like this tomorrow. Karishma - yes. Sapna walking out. Karishma saying one dustbin. Sapna telling Niketan dont hide the peanut butter next time. Aashka thinks it's her. Sapna - when would I hide it. I sleep the earliest. Karishma - where was it? Aashka - dustbin. Karishma - Niketan asked me for a black bag! He actually asked me! Sapna - really? I didn't even know it wasn't there. There you go. Sapna changing clothes. Imam comes in. Karishma seeing a vest says the lace top looks good. Imam in the bedroom sitting on his bed. He request Sapna to change his hair colour or give him a tube and he'll do it. SApna says no. Imam - why not?

10:25pm - Sana and Aashka in the bathroom. Sana applying a mask. Sana - if I go, it's a different matter but if you go please send Mansi to send my dresses, jewellery, etc. She laughs. If I leave then I'm going to Forever and check out their sales. 

10:31pm - Niketan in red bedroom talking to Karishma saying I;m feeling really bad. Karishma - you are such an idiot. Niketan - eat something, Karishma - it's not just about you. Niketan - from 2 days she's been flat and saying nominate me and today you are wearing colourful clothes. Sapna - I cant be like you that no emotions come out. Karishma, tell me what his happy face is like that. Karishma - I dont remember so well. Niketan is telling Karishma the caramel is good but she doesn't like the hair and it looks disgusting to her. Sapna saying she was a vampire once and used to drink blood and had a lot of good luck coming her way. Dead Sapna joking - I want to drink your bloooddd.Evil Smile Niketan saying he wants to go out and come. I think he's talking to Imam. Urvashi was doing something to Sapna's nails.


Missed - Urvashi, Karishma and Sapna were discussing nail products and such.

10:55pm - Rajev having dinner by himself. Back in the red bedroom, Karishma saying that the day went by very quick. Sapna - should I be happy that Niketan gifted me wrapping paper. She tells Delnaaz? that if she wants to gift any wrapping paper to anyone tomorrow then she can take it. She has a lot in her black market. LOL Rajev done with his dinner and gets up from the dining table. He goes to wash his plate and burps. Dead He walks out and heads outside. Urvashi asking if he ate, He says yes, did you? Cam switches to fish tank and Imam lying in front of it on his stomach with his legs up against the fish tank. He gets up saying chalo bolo London. He starts kissing the glass and fishes. LOL Then stares at them. He starts kissing the glass again. He gets up wishes them good night and walks away. 

11pm - Rajev in the red bedroom saying Karishma never asked him about dinner. Karishma - are you mad, first thing I asked is eat food. Don't you remember anything? Rajev talking but can't hear clearly. Cam on Urvashi. He was saying something about Niketan. Urvashi laughs. (secret task?). Urvashi staring at Rajev and Karishma. In the kitchen Imam throwing things in the trash. He starts to wash dishes. Imam asking Vishal if he's done packing and says it'll be a problem if a task comes like cleaning the glass or something. Imam starts singing ae zindagi gale laga le. Imam asking Delnaaz who should do the kitchen counter? Vishal saying something. So Imam says ok whatever, please any one person do it. Sana and Aashka praying in the red bedroom. Vishal approaches her and smiles, she turns and looks at him as they are in between prayers and then he walks away. In the kitchen, Imam is doing something and putting things away Shocked and singing. Now he's drinking something and stirring and then sipping. He asks someone if they'll drink as it's best for your health. He says subhanAllah. Karishma comes over. Imam washes his cup. Confused Imam - why isn't Vishal doing it? *not sure of the reply* Lights off! Karishma back at the sink. Niketan mopping and Karishma tells her to leave the mopping and do the counter. Niketan continues mopping. Urvashi - I will give it to BB for doing this to me every day in a row.

11:13pm - Vishal is in his bed semi sitting up looking and maybe Sana? Delnaaz seems to be in bed asleep. In the kitchen, Karishma is putting something in the fridge. Niketan - I dont understand what will happen tomorrow. Karishma - I feel they? are genuinely good friends and what you said hurt me but from the last 2 days I've just been thinking about my dad alot. Rajev in the bathroom saying he'll just change. He goes into the shower. In the red bedroom, Vishal still sitting up in the dark. Imam in his room still talking out his clothes from under the bed.

11:17pm - Niketan back in the bedroom. Rajev out of the shower and has changed. He picks up his clothes and leaves. Outside he says to someone - bloody cold yaar. My stomach has gone in. It was Urvashi by the gym area. Rajev -a re you done? No response. Rajev goes in. Niketan and Karishma cleaning the counter or Niketan is and Karishma just waiting. Vishal sitting watching and waiting. Rajev comes in and puts his clothes in the bed drawer. He's off camera but he seems to be applying something and rubbing his hands together by the bed. Delnaaz asleep in bed. Sana and Aashka seem to still be praying. Movement can be heard, bag being zipped but Cam on Delnaaz. LOL Seems Sana uses a cushion for a pillow in between the two larger pillows. Shocked

11:25pm - Imam in the captain's bedroom fiddling with something. He seems to be holding a little purse or a bag and tying a string around it. He picks up stuff lying on the ground. and puts it by his bed. There seems to be a lot of stuff by his bed. Sana and Aashka are done with their prayers. Aashka goes by Urvashi's bed and keeps something? Sapna is asleep. Imam in his room still fiddling with things. He seems to have a lot of clothes on his bed still. There seems to be a cloth hanging at the entrance of the bathroom. Confused Sana near Vishal and talking to him. Vishal - Rajev broke one and the other I cant find. Sana - use mine. Vishal - lets drink tea. Sana - we have to sleep. Vishal - so soon. Aashka comes over and Vishal asking her to sit near the fish tank. He cant sleep. Aashka walks out. Vishal sits up. Sana seems to have gone by her bed. Vishal - oi, dont make it very strong. Outside by the gym, Urvashi telling Karishma, we all request BB to send a message from your mom and brother. Karishma - on 31st it'll be 2 months. At first there was a lot of denial but now I have accepted it. Urvashi applying nail polish and Karishma admiring her steady hands. Karishma tells her to lean against the bench. Some music can be heard coming from outside. Seems like a party. Shocked Urvashi does put her hand on the bench and applies nail polish. Urvashi - my track pants are comning down from behind, Karishma - no you cant see anything, I can see your back.

11:34pm - Sana making tea and Vishal washing dishes. Vishal - ask aashka if she wants. Did you ask her? Sana - baat hi nahi hui. Aashka comes in, Sana asks and says no. Sana - only mad people drink tea at this time. Aashka comes in the kitchen. Sana - to remove the strainer, so much work is required. Sana to Aashka - you're eating an apple? Vishal singing as he washes dishes. Vishal saying he should wash it or tomorrow there wont be time. Sana joking about camera should capture the work he does. Vishal - yes I do so much work. Sana - twice in a day. Tomorrow Salman Khan is going to come. Vishal - boys dont like girls for their makeup. SAna - he already likes me, dont get jealous. Vishal - I'm going to take your class in front of Salman. Sana - dont break us up. He's khano mein khaan tees maar khan. Vishal - two timing kar le. Sana - upar wala hai. Vishal - you will thank me on 12th Jan, wait and watch. Sana - god knows what crime you'll make me commit. Dont make me take out horse nosies. Sana telling that only put a dot of cream where pimples are and no one will look at you and this shot wont go anywhere. Karishma and Urvashi come in. Karishma seems to be carrying a candle to the red bedroom. Aashka sitting at the dining table having peanut butter with something. Urvashi comes and Aashka offers her. She says no. Vishal joking around with Sana. He says you show me Mahim and I will show you Jalindar. Sana - you are from Jalindar and will stay from there. Urvashi - someone stop me, I feel like waking up the vampire. Vishal - who? Urvashi - there's only 1 Vishal - Sapna? Urvashi - see how you figured out by the name. Vishal and Sana joking around and Urvashi saying tu kitna bhi ud le tu bhatinda ka hi rahega. Sana - he's from Jalindar. I will go to Bhatinda. Vishal asking Sana if they can go out for a bit. Vishal - Sana lets go out. SAna - ok. Urvashi taking tea for herself. Sana to Aashka - Ahmedabad, call me, I'll come. Aashka - no I'll go to sleep. Urvashi gets 2 cups. One for herself and other for Aashka and sits at the dining table with her. They laugh. Urvashi - how much peanut butter will you eat. Do you know how fattening it is? Aashka - it's ok. Have your tea. Urvashi - did you talk to SAna. Aashka - they have had their clairifcations. I told her. Rest is upto her. She said sorry what more after that. Leave it. Urvashi - karishma ko lekar? Whats there to say sorry? Aashka - regarding all the misunderstandings. He said if everyone can be ok, why cant we be ok. He's smart. Urvashi - I never said anything about him. He is smart. Aashka - aisa kuch nahi hai but I dont know about him. Urvashi - who? Aashka - Rajev. I dont know what difference it makes to her. He's much older to her. Urvashi - he;s not looking like that. Ashka - they are friends but why are you ruining your friendship coz you are looking weird. Maybe your feelings are somehting else but something else is looking. Why not sort it out? What was in her mind and what she did and why? Not for everyone, BB will step in. Clap Urvashi - I dont know. Aashka - I dont have a prblem but they talk for 2 hrs and I'm least concerned. What he has said he does the opposite. I dont make friends for nominations so you can nominate me. I dont care if you talk to me or not but what did Sana and Delu do?  (for Rajev). Delu tried to talk to him. He snaps at her in front of everybody. If you keep getting angry at someone, how many times will people come t o you. If keeps yelling loudly. I dont care. It's not about me. But it's not good. Like he got angry at Imam. But he wasn;t.. Urvashi - speak loudly. Aashka - one 25 yr old and 40 yr old man sits there should be a difference in wisdom approach. Your approach shows your wisdom. And he says they are best friends. Urvashi - I think he's angry coz of something else and previous things. Aashka - but you should make him understand Urvashi - why should I? He only talks to me. Aashka - that's why Urvashi - he only talks about himself but never listens. Aashka - when he talks so many big things, he contradicts himself. Urvashi - he yelled at me in my task. Aashka - even I got angry but I didn't yell at you. Del told me to say but I said I will but in a different way. Then it went on a different level and we decided to resolve thats why I came to you and said lets end it and resolve it. I just want to say, act your age, You cant behave like a teenager or you ar eins chool no matter what you say is right or not. By screaming you will only look wrong. Urvashi - hmm. Aashka - like delu says she's gullible, She sleeps.

11:55pm - Del walks up and Urvashi says Aashka told me u were asleep and told me to not go to you. *missed*  She sits down. Urvashi - in what matter? these 2? Aashka - he listens to you. Urvashi - he has 10 explanations and I have 0 patience level. Aashka - I thoiught he listes to you. Urvashi - he does but to an extent, I cant tell him to do something. In some matters yes and some no. After that Niketan said, we are telling since yesterday and then in that matter he involves Delnaaz like she came to stop him. Aashka - she will come. But 4th time when you get angry I will let go. Urvah - del doesnt let go. 50 times it has happened. WHat should I explain to him. Explain to Del. Del - what is the topic? LOL Aashka - I said he gets very angry. He's not 25. He has seen so much hurt and experience so grow and be graceful show dignity. The amount Imam told me, Vishal, he never said to Rajev but I didn't see Niketan and Vishal screaming like a mad man. I didnt get angry. Niketan and Rajev come. Niketan looks to see what Aashka is eating. Apple with peanut butter. Niketan - why aren't you sleeping? Aashka - first time del cant sleep. Rajev walks back to the room. Niketan - why cant you? Del - I was trying. Nikean - lie down and try. Del - the AC is making me feel hot and cold. Urvashi - he has done this 50 times. My question is...Ouch

12:01am - Cam shifts to red bedroom. Imam still fiddling in his room. Karishma and Sapna asleep in their beds. Rajev is missing. 

12:03am - Vishal singing tum itna jo muskura rahe ho. Kya gham hai jisko chupa rahe ho. Sana seems to be missing. Imam still putting his things away.

12:08am - Sana telling Vishal about the sweater she got from Ammam Jordan. The red sea isn't red. And Petra rocks are a natural formation. She went to shoot there. It's a 7 wonder of the worlds. So I was doing my show, full day shooting. There were 2 donkeys and my make up artist wanted to to take a picture with the donkeys. Rajev walking back inside. Sana continues.

12:15am - Cam in red bedroom. Rajev seems to be in bed about to sleep. Talking can be heard outside. Niketan outside. Rajev in bed but he's moving in bed. Delnaaz, Urvashi, aashka and maybe Niketan are still by the dining table. 

12:21am - Rajev gets up from bed and goes out to the kitchen area.

12:22am - Rajev comes back with a bottle of water and lies back down in bed. Cam zooms towards the kitchen area. Imam coming inside and going to his room. 

12:27am - Can hear Sana talking but not clearly. She laughing. 

12:34am - Sana talking to Vishal about Dubai and that she had gone with her make up artist who has light eyes and very good looking but he's gay so people thought he's either her bf or actor and she said no, he's my make up artist but he's gay! Come on, Salman is coming tomorrow, They go inside and see everyone still awake. Vishal sits near Niketan. Sana says I'm going to sleep. Urvashi calls Vishal ziddi number 1 and he says why. Urvashi becaus eyou dont listen and then you'll eventually do it. Sana wishes everyone good night and leaves. Vishal goes to the bathroom saying there's water spilt on my bed. Now Urvashi asking Aashka about some cream. Aashka - if you and I are best friends and someone comes and I know him and there's some affection and if between you and I...Cam switches Ouch to Imam still not asleep but lying and stretching in bed. 

12:41am - Vishal in bed next to Vishal. He seems to be trying to get Sana's attention by saying psst. 

12:48am - Niketan and Delnaaz come into the room. Vishal calls Del over and says something. Then Niketan tells Vishal he was talking outside right..its related to that? Rajev still awake. He drinks water and turns to sleep. Urva and Aashka still talking outside. Sapna - so uncool guys. I was fast asleep but if you want to come in and laugh, don't come in. Finish everything. Sleep walk in or dont come in better.

12:55am - Sapna gets up irritated and walks out to get water.

1:15am - Sapna walks back in.

1:17am - Aashka climbs into bed.

*stopping updates here*

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LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 21st December '12

** Time in India Time
** Any bold bits are what I consider you might find important/Interesting.
** Any red bits are spoilers

PS: Since bedrooms were merged, I will only say bedroom instead of red or yellow hence forth.

SPOILER: Vishal has been evicted. Live feed is on mute and dead because Bipasha

8am - Everyone asleep. Lights out.

8:04am - Cam switches to outdoor pool cam.

8:05am - In bedroom, lights still out.

8:10am - Pool cam. Rajev out. Music playing. Someone else walks out. Nice beat like someone clapping. Urvashi - I was wide awake when... Someone walking back into the house.

8:15am - Rajev thanking God for Delnaaz, the time spent in the house, wonderful moments.. etc.

8:17am - In bedroom. Delnaaz is up and taking clothes out. She walks out. In captain's room Imam is combing his hair.

8:19am - Karishma filling water in the kettle to boil. *missed* Imam in the kitchen drinking milk? Imam - what are you thinking? Karishma - I was just trying to practice something in my head. Imam - but you laughed so it must be something funny. Karishma - no... I have a habit of talking to myself. Imam - as do I. At night, I have full on conversations with myself. Imam washing his cup. Imam - captain can't wash his cup. Karishma - I washed a couple of times. Cup is not a chore. In the bedroom, Karishma saying something. Sapna saying something to Vishal. Karishma - Niketan told me good night. Then Delnaaz came and said good night. Karishma - it wasn't me. I promise you even if I can't sleep I wont say a word. Karishma singing ice ice baby (wake up song?) by "Iced T". Sapna - it's not Iced tea. Sapna talking about shaping his hair and dressing him up like MC hammer. Sapna laughs. Vishal sitting up in bed. Karishma - I have to go pee.

8:28am - In bathroom, Rajev walking his face. Niketan brushing. Delnaaz waiting. Sana out of the toilet and leaves. Delnaaz goes in. Niketan says, doesn't she wash her hands after going to the toilet? Rajev - dont know there's no interaction. Rajev - what were you guys saying at night Niketan - at night I was saying, regarding date there was no take. Rajev - what was Aashka saying. Niketan - two words, Rajev didn't do right what Imam shouldn't scream. Sapna comes in and screams shut up as Niketan is leaving. Rajev - good you screamed. Sapna - I was on planet mars and they woke me up.

8:31am - Karishma sitting on her bed massaging her neck. She starts to  apply powder on her face and then lip gloss. Karishma sings a line, ma da ladla bigad gaya. Karishma sits back goes, mhm coffee and takes a sip. BB buzzes for batteries. Outside, Imam is near the tree. Rajev? going in. 

8:36am - Vishal in the dining area. Sapna, Aashka, Sana, Urvashi changing batteries. Sapna leaves. Karishma comes, takes batteries and leaves. Sana - I'm going for a bath now. Imam walks in. Sana talking to Vishal and says there's no sugar here. She's making tea. Imam asking if people changed batteries. He tells someone to return the shoes she stole from Delnaaz. Karishma headed out. Imam leaves and goes out. Vishal sneezes and says jai mata di.  Aashka - someone said something about hands. Vishal sneezing again and goes to red bedroom. Sapna - who hid the peanut butter? It must be Imam if he found it. He found it there? Aashka humming ice ice baby. Sana calls Vishal to come get his tea. Vishal comes. Sana - is it ok? Vishal - it's ok. Sapna walking out. 

8:40am - Imam giving batteries to Niketan and Delnaaz. Imam and Niketan walk out. Imam tells Niketan he always forgets his mic. Outside. Imam tells Niketan about swallows. They both go in. Vishal - is anyone in the bathroom? Niketan - one person, you can go. Imam says he's going for a shower. Niketan in the kitchen alone. He turns off the stove and pours in cup. He takes his coffee and heads out. Outside Vishal is sitting with his cup in the garden area. In the kitchen. Sana finishing up pouring tea. She carries 4 cups out.

8:44am - Sana hands a cup to Rajev. He thanks her. She hands to others. She says I'm not sitting in the sun. Then she says, and it's too cold in the shade. Where do I sit? Aashka comes with her to sit on the bench. Sana says, okay lets go in the sun, It's cold. Rajev and Karishma facing the fish tank. Sana sits next to Vishal. Vishal - I'm going to the toilet after this. Sana - I'm going to take a bath and then do everything. Vishal - good. Sana - when will Del come out after washing her face. Niketan standing in the sun. Del comes out and Sana tells her her cup is on the bench. Sana - how many hours were you in? What were you doing. Vishal - good morning Delnaaz Kaur. Can't see Delnaaz nor hear her as yet. Vishal - something about Imam, rest shouldn't be worried. Not sure what they are discussing. Sana - samne wala insaan neend se ut jayega. Vishal - she;s over reacting.

8:48am - Karishma telling Rajev that he's a good guy whether others are or not. You are a good person. These things resolve in 1 or 2 hours. In 1 month, Auri Madhorima wont be here. Rajev - Niketan says things in a harsh language but I listen to him because he says honest person. Karishma - he's harsh with me and he says he's been a better friend to me than I am to him and maybe I am. Rajev - when I didn't know you, I thought very pretty girl but I dont her know at all. When I got to know you, the beauty wears off. Okay, beautiful is what beautiful does and hndsome is what handsome does like Vishal said he's better looking. I had no impression of you so you are sweet but ok. Then I got to know you and thought, not a very good impression. When I interact I thought no yaar. When I interact with you I felt you were better. When you left and the circumstances you left, I had nominated you. Only 2 people it happened, one Urvashi and you and one more who I felt bad. And I really mean that because of the comfort level. I had no reason and now I wonder why I said but I went and said sorry on cam. When you came back, the small moments of saying good night, very sweet things to say and I was thinking day 1 what I thought, what I said in between and now. Good thing about you is your behaviour didn't change whether I'm talking to you or not. Your behaviour was consistently nice. 

8:53am - Sana talking to Aashka and Urvashi about diwali dress. Sana - we;ll have to repeat, I have no new dress. I told Madhorama I want clothes, not because *muted* Niketan drinking coffee on sunbed somewhere and burps. He sings bahar se koi and stops. Niketan fiddling with his hair at the nape of his neck. He keeps sniffing in between. He drinks his coffee and seems to be looking at the pool. Sapna comes up. Sapna - Kar made coffee as a peace offering. Niketan - we made it together. haha. Sapna - this is the 12th week. Niketan - yeah. Sapna - crazy. Niketan - except for 1 out of those 4, all were from before. Sapna - which 4? Niketan - those who are nominated. Sapna - you hid the peanut butter? Niketan shakes his head. Sapna - then who is it? Maybe Imam. He was going through trash. Niketan - he was going through trash. Sapna - yeah trash bag. Niketan - I thought it would be on top. Sapna - same. They talk about setting curd. Sapna saying, we'll style your hair like vanilla ice. Niketan sings ice ice baby. Niketan - that was a fun phase of music. Sapna - 80s. They discuss songs. Niektan - let's talk abotu sex baby, I wanna sex you up, I'm too sexy for my shirt. - 4 songs about sex.

8:59am - Rajev to Karishma - you can preempt what you are about to say. 3rd - when you have a task, if you genuinely felt A is better, say that and stick to that. Liverpool you liked or Manchester or.. Karishma - if I want something, maybe I have learnt to adjust. When in doubt. Rajev - dont try to sit in 2 boats. Karishma - yeah. Rajev - make a friend. Karishma - with your words, I dont feel down nor uplifted. I want to be better. Like I thought you were entertaining and he was romantic but genuinely it was not our decision. Rjave - but my clarity is very strong. Karishma - even in mine in relationships or.. I live alone and I'm very strong but when in doubt I put my hands up and maybe I'm diplomatic. I am. Rajev - like people say that I get angry and I do. I say I can say something to you to make you better. Karishma - I like the way I am because I dont want to hurt anyone. Rajev - the more strong you are. Karishma - listen I've been taking care of my mother and brother so I'm stronger than most people. I know Niketan is like that.. Rajev - you have limited yourself to 2 - 3 people and they leave then you are disappointed. When behaviour not the task that you are diappointed. iF someone is my friend so I am. Karishma - no, my friends are outside. Rajev - you have to take a stand. I am talking as a fellow gemini. You can't please them. Karishma - I am who I am so if it's not broken, why fix it. There you go. I'm going to get hot water. Rajev - yeah baby. Rajev gives Karishma her cup to take inside. Rajev calling niketan at the entrance - tu ne kya... then he heads to the bathroom. Niketan heading inside.

9:06am - Karishma calls Niketan Nicholas. Niketan looking at himself in the mirror and fixing his hair. Sapna to karishma - I'm going to shower now but Vishal will take 10 mins so I'll make a cup of coffee. Karishma - I put hot water, check if it's enough for 2 cups. Sapna - no. She fills more. Niketan comes to the counter. Karishma - are you saying hanuman chalisya? Sapna - give our coffee bottle? Karishma - why this is awfuly full. Sapna - why dont you awfully keep your mouth shut? Now to see what will happen at night. Karishma - oh ho meri maa. Karishma looking for maggie. Sapna - I didnt hide it because I dont have time for stupid jokes. Sapna to Niketan - wear baggy pants today. Sapna - I'm not mean, I'm vindictive. Karishma - I'm never waking you up ever. I'll play statue at night even if my mom comes. Sapna - you look ok today. You want to go home today? Karishma - yes. Sapna - sorry I cant help you I have better people to nominate. Chalo I'll fulfill your wish, Karishma - ill go see your cat. *random chat* Krishma - can you believe 12th jan? Rajev walks in. Karishma singing Lord wont you buy me a mercedes benz. Karishma - I want a samsung galaxy tab. Rajev laughs. We'll think of ipad 4. Sapna - 4 kab nikla? Or maybe by the time we are out, it comes out. Karishma - Oh my lord seriously Nik.

9:13am - Rajev in bedroom. Urvashi - hai, aaj bahaut hai. Rajev singing andar se koi bahar na ja sake. Rajev grabbing his suits. Rajev - eventually they never sent my designer suits. Sapna - Rajev I'm next but if you want you can go since you are nominated. Niketan cockily - do you think Vishal has the guts to say, wait Sana, Sapna is next? Niketan goes to sit on bed besides Urvashi. Urvashi - Sapna, are you talking about bathe. He went to potty, then shave brush and now shower. Rajev - if she wont know then who would know. She cut her hair so it started again. Waise Urvashi thanks for the massage yaar. Sapna - keep quiet. Rajev - you also became Niektan talking in between. Rajev - Urvashi thanks for the massage. Urvashi - welcome. Sapna - what black clothes shall I wear today? Imam - you're wearing white? (Rajev) even I;m wearing white. Urvashi - Sana is also wearing white. Imam - she's wearing purple. urvashi - she's wearing her white shalwaar kameez. Rajev - this is just a coincidence friends.  Niketan to Urvashi - ek baat batao..(he stops) okayyy. Urvashi - who sprayed perfume? Niektan - Sapna. Urvashi - oh on her bed? Sapna - what? Urvashi - mist? Sapna - I do every morning. Urvashi - hmm. Karishma comes with her cup and sits on her bed. Sapna - last night I dreamt of.. Niektan - I dreamt of sidhu, everyone went home, there's no party. many days go by and no one is announcing the winner so I went to Delhi and I thought of going to meet him. Karishma - you remember your dreams so clearly. My friend came in my dream and she did plastic surgery and I couldn't recognise her and I was talking to her husband saying she's become so fat. Rajev goes out. Karishma - I'm missing sidhu ji but I cant imagine him and Aseem in the same room. Rajev comes back and puts his suits away. Sapna - it's dj aseem. Karishma - dj make so much money. Sapna - good one. Karishma singing. Karishma into her mic - BB chahte hai ki Karishma confession room main aye. Sapna - what do you want? Karishma - I want to talk. Sapna - you should have said yesterday. Karishma - I did. Sapna - either night or tomorrow morning. If something was wrong they'd talk. Karishma - different thing. Niketan - you want to ask how your hair is looking on TV. Karishma - I'm not that shallow Niketan. But your hair are looking good. Niketan - give Sapna this complement. Karishma - what will you call confession in Hindi? Niketan - kunphessan. LOL karishma talking about decorating the house for Christmas. Karishma - Sapna look how he's flattening his hair. (Niektan). Vishal has come. Vishal has come wearing a white kurta pajama. Sapna - I like what you are wearing. Karishma - yeah he looks nice. Sapna - you aren't wearing anything over it right? Vishal shakes his head. Niketan - everyone is wearing white right? Karishma - I dont mind going any time. Sapna - Rajev is going next. Rajev after you, my turn. Rajev - go outside and tell people. Only 3 people everyone is afraid of Imam, Gabbar and Sapna. SApna - what rubbish. Urvashi and Niketan joking about Babbar. Imam - what is this, everyone is wearing white. Vishal - aap bhi white pehen rahe ho? Imam - yes. Urvashi - wearing  colours of peace. Imam comes out in 2 pieces of towel. Urvashi - wear clothes. Imam - it's looking weird? Urvashi - yes, much better than hanging around in towels. Imam walks off saying sorry. Sapna - you wore this on b'day? Vishal - diwali. Sapna - oh you wore lion costume on your birthday. LOL Vishal singing - teri meri meri teri prem kahani.. Sapna sneezing. Urvashi - this light is very strong. Karishma/Sapna - bahaut. Niektan - and in my house, in Bombay and Delhi, lights are so less, Karishma - same. My electricity bill is a 1000. Niketan - you dont have an AC? Karishma - no but fridge, etc and I put candles. You have to do eco-friendly. Niketan - hey prabhu.

9:34am - Imam - you are looking very smart vishal. Vishal - thank you. Niketan under his blanket, face covered. Urvashi in blanket as well. Urvashi to Imam - you were going to wear white, what happened? Imam - I am going to dry it. Or else I'll wear pink. He leaves. Vishal - let him wear something else. Everyone is wearing white. Even Sana. Sapna - lets all wear black. Karishma - I'll wear black. Sapna - you too? *silence* Sapna - imagine I only told Nazia I'm going to BB. No one else in my whole salon knew.

9:37am - Cam in bathroom. Sana near the cupboards. Rajev by the sink, He looks at her and continues grooming. In the bedroom, Karishma and Sapna discussing a necklace. Karishma saying she finds clothes are over priced and you dont get what you want. Even Zara. Top shop, basic tops are no less than 40 pounds. Sapna - what has happened to top shop? Vishal seems to be checking a drawer for something. karishma saying on 26th last yr, outside of Selfridges people get so aggressive and say I saw it first. I say calm down, it's not going to look good on you. Now they are talking about hammer and nail.  Karishma putting something on her head and saying, doesn't it look good? Sapna - no. I hope I get a christmas card like my diwali card.  Vishal zipping up his bags and packing. karishma - you know when Aseem went from here and he felt down, I feel it's going to happen to me. I need to remove that thought. Then she sings, I believe I can fly. This song must be so popular when you were in American. Sapna - mhm. Vishals bags seem ready. Imam comes in and saying he's been stealing stuff like glow in the dark and people's shoes. Karishma - Rakhi is coming in amchi mumbai. So many messages must have come on my fb. *silence*

9:46am - Imam saying something to Vishal about wearing white shoes. karishma - oh god. They walk out and she laughs as Imam is saying - full white main jo maza hai white main nahi hai. Delnaaz comes in and Sapna says she's going next coz Del will take 30 mins. Del - I think Aashka is going next. Sapna - nooo, I let nominated people cut in. I was after Vishal. Delnaaz - I'll iron till then. Sapna - good idea. Karishma - this bag is cute. Phantom. Sapna - hmm? hmm. Sapna goes out with her towel. Sana comes in and Urvashi saying - you took a bath? Sana - yes! Urvashi - didn't wash your hair? Sana - I did, they are wet, do they look the same? Sapna screaming at Rajev - haven't you gone in for a bath as yet? Delnaaz ironing. Niketan, Urvashi, Karishma in bed.

9:55am - Sana making a second round of tea. Vishal sitting at the dining table. Vishal telling Madhu that if he's leaving then to please put his phone on charging or he'll have a bit of problem and he doesn't know where his car keys are, either he gave it to one of them or put it in his suitcase and to find that. 

*taking a break*

General Update: Sana going to change. Vishal and Delnaaz talking. Delnaaz says if you are leaving, please go to my mom and tell her to go to my home in Malad and send my clothes. I the bedroom, Sana still not changed. She starts putting make up. Imam and Delnaaz discussing the older tasks and Sampat. Jaago jaago plays for Niketan. Niketan asks everyone to come sit out with him. Urvashi finally agrees to sit out with him. He leaves to go to the kitchen, Urvashi comes out after 5 mins.

10:26am - Imam - I hope I stay today. I don't want to go. Mujhe jeet ke jaana hai. If it was upto me I'd make everyone win. You, Sana, Urvashi, maybe Karishma. I still have doubts about Aashka. Not Niketan, not Rajev, so yeah, just 4 - 5 of us. But who will be the 6th? Delnaaz - no, we are saying 6 but we don't know anything.

*will give brief updates as mostly people are discussing getting ready*

11:52am - Niketan talking to Sapna about Karishma saying that yesterday billi ki thook nikal rahi thi ki mujhe nominate karo, mujhe yahan se jana hai, what is this sh*t... and today, I'm back! Sapna - give yourself credit for that. You can ruin her mood. 

12:45am - Rajev talking to Karishma in bedroom. Karishma - being alone doesn't mean lonely. Rajev - maybe I'm being selfish but I want to see you smile. Karishma - TV is on so I'll go to the bathroom and come. Rajev - I'll tell you something? Maybe Sana will go today so just be nice and say good luck to her. Karishma - I always say good luck to everyone. Rajev - yes, but just wish her. Karishma - I always say good luck to her. Rajev - okay. Karishma walks out, Sana is sitting by the gym area and Karishma says good luck. Sana - thank you. Karishma walks to the bathroom.

12:51pm - Karishma back in the bedroom. Rajev - she will be touched by this gesture. Karishma - karam kar, phal ki chinta na kar. Rajev - no but I'm sure she'll be touched. Karishma - but I always wish everyone. Rajev - but one on one is different. Karishma - I even offered her my black dress once saying agar pehenna hai to she can.

1:03pm - Vishal, Sana and Delnaaz discussing Rajev's anger. Sana mentioned how badly Rajev said for Sapna and she told him he shouldn't have done that. Vishal said and to Imam as well. You are yelling so much, to what level will one control. Delnaaz - yeah I told him that dont get so angry because you never know after 5 days you may be sitting and drinking tea. She tells Vishal that as long as we are there for how many ever days, we are there. Vishal - yes I know but there are also 70 cameras watching. And I felt bad that Karishma was sitting with me and then going inside and saying things about me.

1:11pm - Imam in the kitchen/dining table. Imam to Karishma - do you want me to stay? Karishma - listen... *silence* Imam - what do you say? Niketan comes and says there are only 3 answers to a question, yes, no or silence. Imam - what does silence mean? Niketan - What did you ask? Imam - do you want me to stay and go. Niketan - then in this case definitely yes. Imam - chal be shaane. Niketan - seriously. If you ask me, my answer would be definitely no. Imam - I knew you'd say that. Imam walks off. 

1:13pm - Sapna and Niketan in the kitchen. Niketan - our luxury budget is getting over now. I'm fed up of this. Did you steal it? Sapna - I don't do these little silly things. Agar kuch churana hai to kuch bada churao. Niketan - jewel thief. 

1:16pm - Sana notices someone has written her name on a chair. Vishal, did you write my name? Vishal - no. Sana - even I didn't write so who wrote? Aashu did you write my name on the chair? Aashka - no, I thought you wrote it. Sana - no. Delnaaz - ask Rajev Sana - I DONT want to know. She laughs.

1:22pm - Del, Aashka, Urvashi and Karishma are sitting on the white sofa. Urvashi - music has started. Vishal comes and sits down.

1:25pm - Urvashi telling Vishal that Imam has reserved his spot on the sofa because he wants to be in the center. He has left a pile of cushions. LOL Vishal is sitting next to the cushions. Sana will be sitting next to him. Urvashi says that's Sana's favourite spot. Vishal - pata hai, meri bhi. They remember Rajev is also there so they adjust themselves and the cushions a little bit. 

1:27pm - BB makes an announcement for all the housemates to come and sit in the living area. 

1:29pm - Rajev wishes Sana, Vishal and Imam good luck. And everyone starts wishing each other good luck. Rajev - Imam doesn't need good luck. We all do. LOL

1:31pm - BB makes an announcement for Rajev to adjust his mic.

1:34pm - Everyone on the sofa except for Niketan who is busy making coffee. Cam shifts to outside of the house.

3:30pm - Seems Vishal is out! Sana it seems was crying  and didn't eat food. Sapna just said that she heard Vishal's voice outside.  Cam stuck in bathroom.

3:44pm - Urva comes in the bathroom and says wear something new to Karishma. She says she's wearing purple today and then something else next friday. They leave. (2nd eviction?)

*missed bits here, will add later*

7:15pm - Since the last 45mins, the live stream has been showing empty rooms. Apparently Bipasha special Super Saturday is being shot with the house mates.

7:22pm - Living area - empty! Shocked

7:28pm - Fish tank, two people walking towards the camera - one looked like Sana. Audio is back. Delnaaz at the kitchen sink washing a cup. Imam saying something to Delnaaz and muted. Cam back to the fish tank. 

*taking a break since live feed is dead*

10:23pm - Outdoor cam but lots of laughing, clapping heard. Rajev and Sapna are the loudest. Rajev keeps saying, Niketan!!!! Nothing seen except the outdoors. Ouch

10:31pm - Urvashi comes into the bathroom, goes into the toilet and then comes out and leaves. Still muted.

11:10pm - I think I hear Salman Khan joking around with everyone in the house. I hear him laughing! I think I hear Sana laughing too. Shocked

11:12pm - Outdoor cam and everyone leaving him out of the gate and stand around outside talking about the day. They head inside. Niketan talking to Urvashi outside, Sapna approaches them. All muted.

*will be stopping updates as I have to head out*

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LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 22nd December '12

** Time in India Time.
** I'll try to bold the bits that I feel are important/interesting. Or look for emoticons.
** Any red bits are spoilers.

SPOILERS: After Bipasha, Salman Khan entered the BB house last night. Nominated contestants today are: Aashka, Sapna, Karishma are confirmed. Maybe Sana as well. Someone came to meet Aashka!

*may start late as I have a headache, apologies in advance*

8:04am - Morning song - Aaja na chhule meri chinri sanam and then BiggBoss song played.

Missed Updates in General: Aashka made tea instead of Sana. Sana and Karishma start talking and Niketan says Karishma is happy because of it. Sana looks sad. Microwave is working again. Sana slept without eating last night. And it seems she cried the entire night after Vishal's exit. And it seems Aashka was crying after the shoot with Salman. 

11am - Niketan showing Sapna outside that the pool is full. The pool water is green. Sapna says that it's a task. 

11:08am - In the dining/kitchen area, Urvashi and Aashka sitting at the table. Urvashi - Sana wont eat? Aashka - she will.

11:10am - Niketan in kitchen. Imam walks in asking who is the most fashionable actor and actress. Sana in bed under her blanket. Confused Rajev walking outside. In the kitchen, Niketan joking that he wants to see his contract regarding all the sweeping and mopping he's doing in the house. Karishma - Niketan, my mom sent a message yesterday. In the bedroom, Urvashi calling Niketan. She walks out. Niketan eating. Niketan - if it was thick crust or normal pan pizza, he wouldn't eat it. Aashka sitting and talking to Niketan. 

11:15am - Sana still in bed under her blanket breathing deeply. Ouch Urvashi walking out saying bedside to yahi hai and leaving. Cam on Sana. Outside, Niketan saying he is drinking cold water after eating spicy pizza. Urvashi wanting to order some guard. Deep guard. She figured out that in her sleep she's been chewing her cheek since the last few days and it's hurting a lot. The skin in coming in between her teeth. Aashka saying there is such a thing. Urvashi saya yes teeth guard and you only wear them in the night. Now I'm avoiding chewing. Urvashi is boiling water. Sana still in bed. Disapprove

11:21am - Rajev brushing his teeth in the bathroom. Outside, Imam is talking to Delnaaz and Karishma. Imam telling her that you are syaing you never even used to talk so make an effort to talk because you have been a very essential part of each other's lives so make an effort to be friends (with Rajev). Karishma agreeing. Confused In the kitchen, Niketan talking about Zara with Aashka and Urvashi. Urvashi saying her lower waist was 26. Niketan - when you were thin? Urvashi - extremely thin but even then my legs/thighs were fat. It can only go with cardio. Niketan - dont buy faded and torn. Urvashi - I never buy that. Niketan - not flared but tapered. Urvashi - no, when skinny fits come in the market, everything becomes skinny. Or boots cuts. Urvashi - take from Zara, it's 2 seasons behind. Urvashi - I don't buy from Zara.

11:26am - Imam talking to Delnaaz that she was as thin as Karishma and it could be due to weight loss and Delnaaz saying that she never realised when it happened. I dont know when I had a thyroid problem, borderline diabetic, spondylitis, etc. When I have emotional problems, I would run to shoot and I'd keep professional busy and stressed me. Shweta Tiwari and I are not pals but we have a friendly relationship and in a couple of conversations... In the kitchen. Niketan and Aashka alone now at the dining table. 

11:30am - Sapna coming out of the bathroom and Urvashi going in. In the kitchen, Niketan - who all are left, you me Delnaaz.. Aashka - Sana. Niketan - Sana is lying down. Shall I try something dangerous? Aashka - what? Niketan - brownie with maple syrup. Aashka - lethal. Niketan - did you know maple syrup has no fat in it. Aashka - and in a brownie? Niketan - yes, what's in a brownie is there.  Niketan complaining there are no clean plates. Aashka saying there are 2 types of brownies, one with filling, she wants the other. Niketan - lets try the one with walnuts. He heats all of it and saying we'll have half each. He heats it in the microwave! Shocked He opens the maple syrup. Sapna comes in and fiddles with the kettle. Sapna - now I'm good in the house. Why are you eating maple syrup there are no pancakes. Aashka - because of this thief. Niketan pours maple syrup over the brownie and offers her some. Aashka offers Sapna and she says no, coffee coffee, I'm very sleepy. Aashka and Niketan share the brownie from a plate. Niketan to Sapna - chalo bolo London. Aashka and Sapna snicker. Niketan to Sapna - there's a funny thing. Sapna - you'll say later? Niketan - there's a fashion quiz in the afternoon and the quiz master is. Sapna - I'm busy ok? Niketan - it's an official task. Niketan - I liked when Salman said, she's still in the 80s. Sapna - haan hai, us din kya keh raha tha? Basuri?

11:30am - Sana still in bed. Seems she has menstrual cramps. Sana  moving about and wiping her eyes. Outside, Imam talking about compromise. Urvashi telling Karishma that she needs to keep her mouth shut. She was talking about cockroaches. Karishma - and I was talking about my mom and samsung galaxy tab 2. Imam - and I want eon. Will I get it. Urvashi getting up and walking off and says yes. Delnaaz planning on going for a bath. Karishma informs her that Rajev just went for a bath. Imam asking if Karishma's mom and brother will come from London for the finale? Karishma - maybe. If I meet them in the finale, it'll be very busy. My aunt will come and my best friend Lipakshi. Imam is making noises to attract birds. Karishma wants the 3 weeks to get over fast. karishma saying last week went very fast.

11:34am - Niketan in the bathroom asking Rajev is there's hot water and Rajev saying there's only chilled water. In the bedroom. Sana is sitting up and Aashka lying in her bed. Sana saying she needs to iron her clothes. Aashka offering to iron and suggesting she wear a skirt. Sana saying she can't wear a dress when her legs are in such a bad state. She wants to wear leggings. In the bathroom Niketan asking how long he will take. Rajev - 5 mins and request BB to please give him hot water. Rajev - had hai yaar. Urvashi walks out of the toilet. Urvashi asking Niketan to request something for her. Niketan saying when I ask for you it doesn't come, when I request for myself it comes. Urvashi - so ask for yourself. Outside Imam making Delnaaz and Karishma to play the countries game and Karishma says you guys play, I want to day dream. Delnaaz asks Imam if he had to choose a life partner from the girls in the house who would he choose and Imam says Urvashi because she reminds him of her sister and she's a single parents and it's not a physical attraction, it's an emotional one.

11:40am - Sana ironing in the bedroom. She then goes to her suitcase and grabs some things and heads out. Sana - who's bathing? Urvashi - Rajev. Sana - my dress has spoilt. Urvashi - you want to wash your hair. Sana - yes but it'll be quick but at the moment .. *muted* Sapna sitting with Aashka outside wondering if there have been link ups in every season. Aashka saying Ashmit and Veena. BB rings a bell's gong. Urvashi goes to check. Outside, Delnaaz and Karishma discussing winning the show. In the bathroom, Rajev is out. Niketan - wo kahan pe hai? Outside, Sapna - it was fun last night.  The pool is nearly half empty. Sapna saying she wants to make cat eyes today. Aashka - smokey cat? I'll do it for you. Sapna looking at the pool - this is so disappointing. Aashka - look at the fungus. Sapna - this is coming back. They decide to go in and do Sana's eye make up. In the meanwhile Sapna teases Delnaaz about taking very long to take a bath so she should go last.

11:46am - Karishma and Niketan sit by the pool. Karishma - how do you feel? Niketan - good. Karishma - after last night what Salman said... *muted* In the bedroom, Aashka started to do Sapna's eye make up. Aashka saying she saw a very bad thing in the middle of the night that even the cameras may have seen. Sapna - what? Aashka - I cant say. Sapna complaining about Imam's wig hair that's everywhere. They start on her eye make up.

12pm - Imam, Urvashi and Delnaaz having a very random chat and Imam is changing topics pretty fast. He likes Shania Twain. 

*will update only important things or will give a general update as the stream is quite boring right now*

General Update
By 12:30pm - Sapna's eye makeup was done and she was very happy. Sana was back from her shower and getting ready, Urvashi went for a shower, Imam talking to Del and various people about random things.

12:40pm - Imam talking to Delnaaz and Aashka that Mink should have been there as she would have done the tasks very well last night.

12:45pm - Sana puting on makeup and eating an apple. She seems to be sniffing from time to time. Disapprove

*taking a break*

By 1:30pm -  Karishma and Rajev were talking by the pool. Sana was dressed. Niketan requests coffee and she makes tea for Delnaaz. She heats up something for herself. Rajev, Niketan in bedroom, Rajev is feeling hot. Aashka goes for a bath. Karishma and Sapna go to the bedroom and lie. Niketan, Sana and Del sit and talk. Then Delnaaz goes for a bath. Niketan and Sana talk about some shops. Urvashi applying make up in the red bedroom.

1:35pm - BB announces that all the house mates need to stay indoors. Urvashi joking that Delnaaz just went for a shower. Niketan advising Sana about her diet and about the stress in the house. He's saying that everyone here puts a lot of oil in rotis like Karishma pours two spoonfuls of oil per side of roti. He has cut down, sweets, oil, fat. He's saying Karishma must have put on weight but she's not saying. He's talking about how people put on fat in various places. Then he speaks of how he would have pizza every 2 weeks and he's now having pizza after so long that he thought he's become sick. Imam seen coming out of the bathroom wearing a wig.

1:40pm - Delnaaz back from shower complaining that she had just gone and BB makes an announcement.

1:48pm - Sapna styling Aashka's hair. Imam playing with Jose the monkey saying that Delnaaz goes for a bath and BB turns off the water. Sana comes in and Imam asking her when she'll wear her narangi coloured dress. She says in a couple of days. 

1:53pm - Karishma in bed. Niketan, Urvashi sitting in theirs. Sana sitting in her bed. BB announces Rajev to wear his mic. He comes in and grabs from bed. Urvashi asking someone if she's ok. Niketan saying that when Imam comes he'll say we are all about to meditate for an hour. Urvashi - what will happen then? Niketan - there will be silence and peace. He talks too much. Sana folding clothes on her bed. Urvashi talking to Sana. Niketan shushes her. Imam heard talking outside probably with Rajev. Sana sitting in bed thinking and looking at everyone. Sana - Delnaaz is used to going to the bathroom and BB calls her.

*took a break*

General Update: Rajev and Karishma sleep. Urvashi presses Niketan's hands. Sapna also sleeps. Aashka and Sana talk for a bit and then Aashka falls asleep. Sana looking around. They hear Imam talking to Delnaaz and Urvashi says I hope he stays there and doesn't come here. Niketan saying that he bets if Delnaaz comes and is asked what Imam was saying, she wouldn't be able to say. Later he repeats and says he himself tunes Imam out when Imam talks. Delnaaz and Imam sing songs as Delnaaz washes dishes. Urvashi and Karishma joke about Niketan not having a butt. Karishma says she has no junk in the trunk. Karishma says she's getting a stye. Niketan jokes that if she's getting a stye, they will kick her out of the house the moment it is confirmed. She says is there any preventative thing she can do? Sapna says she can close her eyes and sleep and to keep quiet. Karishma tells Niketan to stop being cocky. Karishma says she's leaving on the 28th anyway. Sapna tells her if she's sure and if not then to shut up.

3:28pm - Imam was talking to Delnaaz and said that yesterday he heard his mom's voice and he was shaken up. Shocked BB mutes it.

3:35pm - Imam and Niketan talking and Imam says he's wondering who he's going to nominate. Niketan immediately tells him he may get to save someone. Imam says he knows who to save if it's 1, 2 and 3. If it's 4 he might be confused. Then he tells Niketan not to discuss nominations with him because he might lose his captaincy.

3:55pm - Imam says that you told Vishal to go right? Karishma - no I never said you go. I said I'm sorry but you  have to go. Imam says you must be sad right that your friend left? Karishma - it never affected me. Niketan tells her that she cried last time coz she was in love. Karishma - no, our conversations were very normal. Niketan - that's how love starts but then you realized that it was one sided. Karishma - no, Nik, I never came here for that, my dad just passed away and.. Niketan - now don't go on that track, you always get defensive and use that track. Karishma - no, I dont. Niketan - yes you do.. Imam - no but she's right, she's not looking for love got it Nikki boy?

*taking a break for a while. Feed is boring*

4:30pm - Sana comes to the kitchen to make tea and says to herself that she's reall gone mad.

Missed - nominations took place

6pm - Sapna was sitting by the fish tank and searching for a fish. Azaan was going on and Imam was sitting inside and reciting something. Outside, Niketan by himself by the pool. Rajev walks up to him and sits down. Sana, Delnaaz, Aashka and Urvashi are sitting together near the gym. Sana is joking around. Delnaaz saying Urvashi looks like Urmila and start singing pyaar tune kya kiya. Sana wants another voice message. Aashka going and biting them and Urvashi saying this is physical violence.

6:15pm - BB asks all the house mates to come inside and gather in the liviing area. They all go inside and sit on the white sofa. Imam saying, I'm the last wild card entry left right? Urvashi says yes. Imam says Aashka is also there. Karishma - no she's there from day one. Urvashi - she never went home. Sana - I've started to see that BB sent two Japanese twins as a wild card entry. Can you beat that? I've started seeing all these things in my dreams.

6:18pm - BB makes an announcement and is muted. (nominations?)

6:21pm - Niketan is the first person to get off the sofa and come to the entrance. Rajev says - we can't talk. Rajev joins him and says 4 people, can you believe it? Gajab! Inside Sana, apna to safe hai? Urvashi saying, no one is discussing anything. Delnaaz saying the same thing. Karishma - I thought this week it'll be my nomination. Sana - even I thought I'll be nominated. Outside, Rajev, Sapna, Sana, Karishma counting how many times they've been nominated. Sana - they thought why to send the boys, there are only 2 left, lets send the girls. (girls are nominated?) Niketan is pacing. Sapna - I said nominate me and BB called me and said no one knows who you are. I am only the face who is not a TV face. Rajev - but Sana ka.. Sapna - no she's does TV ads. Sapna - I am not a known person. Delnaaz saying no no. 

6:27pm - Niketan walking by himself come on yaar this is tense, lets play squash. Sana laughing and joking around. Niketan sitting by himself by the pool. The others aren't as clearly audible. 

6:30pm - Urvashi deciding what to wear in the red bedroom. She's walking around singing. She goes to the bathroom.

6:34pm - Sapna discussing on friday she'll do Aashka's hair. Aashka - I told you before itself, whether I'm nominated or not, you should do my hair. Imam asking Sapna - should I die my hair red or black. Sapna - it's upto you but I think it should stay the same Sana agrees. Imam - okay then I'll stay the same colour. Sapna - how will they handle 4 chicks sitting in the middle wearing black? Karishma - I know. Sana - I'm wearing purple this time. *missed* Sapna - if they went to US, why not go to London? Karishma walks off. Sapna - no one called. Sana - I dont know what ha;f the things were said. Imam - Salman told you that you laugh and cry at the same time which is a deadly emotion. After listening to your mom... Sana - when I cry, I get confused and start laughing. Now, Sapna saying only veg pizza is remaining and its ours. Sapna walks off. Sana and Imam discussing the food and what Imam can eat. Imam - so this is over right? Sana - I told Vishal to send clothes from my house. The other day I wore Vishal's sweater brown and it got flour on it and I washed it and it became weird, it's losts it's shine. Imam - so is it over now? Sana - maybe they'll ask you to nominate someone or to save someone. Imam - and we can't discuss. Sana - no. Delnaaz - or maybe there's nothing. Imam and Sana say that captain usually contributes something.

6:42pm - Cam switches to Niketan and Karishma sitting by the pool. Sana goes to the bathroom. Del comes over to Niketan to talk to chores. Niketan saying 2 - 3 people haven't done anything.

6:44pm - In the kitchen,Aashka and Delnaaz hanging around. Aashka - I understood the maths. Delnaaz - how? Aashka - it's easy, use your brains. Aashka going to close the front door. Delnaaz at the dining table. Aashka comes back and talks to Delnaaz. *inaudible*

6:46pm - Niketan, Karishma and Imam talking. Imam talking about sri raam? Sirraj?

6:50pm - Sana comes into the kitchen talking about random things and heating something. Sapna at the dining table eating with Aashka. *random chat* Sapna - Rajev thinks he's my equal, I'll have to show him his place. I'm the real shahenshah. (Sapna nominated). Sapna saying that it's 5pm according to the microwave. Sana - please dont say anything or they'll switch it off. Sapna - this is not the real time. Sana - still, they think we lie. Sapna - so 9 people in the house? Sana - yes and 5 only are safe. 

6:56pm - Rajev in the bathroom talking to Urvashi who seems to be in the shower. By the pool, Imam telling his story. Karishma goes off and Imam sits next to Niketan discussing Ganjawala and Gayatri (not sure who). Rajev comes over and Imam asks - ugal ke aya jo ugalna tha? Niketan - were you talking to the camera? Niketan asks BB to call him into the confession room. Now they are discussing something black left behind by the BB team. Rajev saying the pool is still dirty and there's mud there. Imam - they are recycling the same water. Niketan walks off and Imam telling Niketan his tag is showing out of his "bum". Rajev sits next to Imam on the sun bed talking about the weather and it's not as cold as expected. Imam thinks some task will come. Rajev says tomorrow. Niketan back and Imam asks his height and then says he looks like certain people. Urvashi walking by and Niketan joins her. They are walking and go inside. Imam asking Rajev about his family. Rajev says he's the eldest, then Rakesh and then his sister. *random chatter* Imam and Rajev talking about someone who were at a loss coz of the tasks.

7:11pm - Sana, Sapna and Aashka discussing the food. Urvashi joins them. I need to make something. Sapna - me and Aashka ate, Sana ate, ask the rest. Urvashi heating water. Sapna saying she ate too much. Urvashi wondering if the curd has set. Karishma, Del and Niketan in the bedroom. Niketan saying he thought he'd go in November. Karishma - I was even getting a feeling yesterday. Del - no now be positive. *muted* Sana at the dining table all by herself. Sapna and Aahka washing dishes. Sapna saying she's running to the bathroom too many times. Sana joking around. Sana keeping her plate. Sapna - keep it here now. 

7:16pm - Niketan saying that they put me on the side when I was captain too. A captain's role is not everytime. Del - what are you saying. Karishma to Aashka - hello fellow nominee. Aashka laughs. Sapna walks in and says to Del, are you going for a walk. Del says, let me wear my shoes. Del goes to the bathroom. Sapna is removing her eye make up. Niketan semi- lying on the bed. Karishma is putting some blush. Sapna - everytime you've been nominated you've been nominated with me. Karishma - aap kahin nahi jaa rahe.

7:20pm - Outside, Rajev talking to himself. Thank you God thank you. This is the biggest thing. (he's safe). In the bathroom, Delnaaz is playing with her hair. Someone in the toilet. Urvashi comes out and washes her hand. Delnaaz - make food after asking people because I'm not eating. Urvashi - even I'm not eating anything. Del - Sana also already ate. Only 2 - 3 people haven't eaten. Urvashi - ok. She walks outside and just stands in the middle thinking and sighing.

7:24pm - Sana applying nail polish on her toe nails. Imam - when the people save you, you should thank them. Karishma - thank you everybody. Sana laughing. Imam going on talking. *random food chatter* Sana - Rajev do one thing, you also dont eat. *random chat in the room* Rajev asking Sana to say, if she does, he'll agree. Sana is silently applying nail polish. Niketan - there's a big yes in silence. Niketan tells Sana about some shop. Urvashi talking to Sana. They are talking about shops like Mango. Niketan asking her about menswear and Sana says she's so busy by herself that she never paid attention. *random chatter* They are discussing putting spit on your face or something. Sana is disgusted. Urvashi saying it's just morning spit and you dont have to keep it on all day. Sana jokes that people use it like a moisturiser. Niketan talking about some ad he shot in Kenya.

7:42pm - Imam sitting in front of the fish tank and kissing the glass. He's talking to the fishes.

7:44pm - Sana and Aashka discussing make up. Sana says she'll apply eye liner on Friday. Aashka says she'll be using it. Sana - you wont share? Get lost. She laughs. Rajev saying something about nominated contestants. karishma saying they asked her if she ever spoke to mosquitoes and she said no. Rajev laughs - you talk to mosquitoes? Karishma - maybe Imam even talks to his nails. *random jokes which Urvashi starts* Niketan says everyone looks retired, he asks Urvashi and people that they should go outside.

7:53pm - Imam sitting outside by himself talking to himself in Hindi. Sapna can be heard talking to Delnaaz Imam - are you guys psychologically demotivated? Delnaaz says no. Imam to BB - will they be okay BB? Why do you feel this way suddenly? Del - yesterday Bipasha came right? Imam - yes she strengthened our hosla and she's even more beautiful. She's like old wine, as she get's older, she looks more beautiful. Her calves are so defined. Imam says that Imam stood on the table and danced and broke the glaas. He's talking to the camera now. Apparently Kareena said Imam? or Akshay? is the only guy whose lap if I sit on my husband Saif wont mind. He tells himself that they will eat and sleep then wake up again tomorrow. He starts singing - so gaya aasma so gaya yeh jahan. Imam to Del - what must be the time? Del - when did the 8:15 azaan take place? Imam - long ago. Del - so it's 9 - 9:30pm. Azaan starts. Imam - it's taking place now. That was maghrib, this is the isha azaan.

8pm - Niketan talking about partying. Karishma gets annoyed at something Niketan said and saying she made a mistake so get over it.

*taking a break*

8:20pm - The feed is muted.

8:27pm - Everyone comes out and Urvashi and all are discussing that no message came for her and I was telling her to be patient. BB mutes. Sana comes out and Karishma goes to talk to her. Overhead camera angle. Now Urvashi is talking to her

8:29pm - Rajev and Niketan talking. Rajev - nominate to sab ne kiya hai, maine kya kiya hai. Niketan - take it easy. Rajev - so it means Aashka is not going on 28th. Rajev - they are letting everyone talk. They never let me talk to my brother. (seems someone came to meet Aashka Shocked)Shocked Rajev - this is an unfair advantage because you are watching 24/7 and then... *silence* Rajev - when I saw in shalwaar kameez, I thought who is this new contestant.LOL *muted* Rajev and Niketan walk out. Urvashi comes in bathroom and leaves. Few people standing near the main gate (Urvashi, Niketan and Rajev). Karishma and Sana talking near the gym. Sapna and Delnaaz walking up and down. Imam standing at the entrance of the house. Sapna is only unmuted saying her knee? has split. Niketan comes to Sapna to talk and *muted*

8:35pm - Delnaaz and Urvashi are talking now. Karishma and Sana go to the entrance. Then walk away. Aashka seems to be spending some alone time with her visitor in the house. Most people's eyes are glued to the inside of the house. Cam changes to empty red bedroom. In the bedroom, Imam walking into the captain's room. Aashka is screaming & cheering, people are clapping, Sapna? is laughing. Urvashi is laughing. 

8:41pm - Rajev outside by the pool saying Aamir Khan! Sapna - Rajev you've become veyr demanding. Rajev - arey Karishma where are you going. Niketan walking to the bathroom. Rajev - arey Niketan. Niketan - Raju bhaiyya. Rajev - aaeye. Aashka walking out with Urvashi and Delnaaz and going to the gym area. Sana on her bed eating brownies. Sana gets up and leaves. She seems cheerful. Outside, Rajev on the sunbed by the pool looking upset. Niketan joins him. Rajev - aaj ka ho gaya task. Urvashi heard saying something in the background. Rajev inviting Niketan to sit down. Rajev - aren't you eating. Niketan - itna to gand khaya, yeh wo, brownie. Niketan explaining something about Aashka that she'll do something now cant hear coz he's talking softly. Rajev - Sana Aashka Delu are too strong. Ek point ke beyong.. and sab na.. Sapna comes over and offers them brownies. She goes inside. Urvashi joking around with the others. Rajev - now nothing makes a difference. Next week for us is 4th. If today, unho ne.. ab yeh..we have to keep our average up of saying sorry 3 times a day. Whatever happens on the 28th, will be something we cant imagine. So now it's in the hands of BB. Niketan - if my calculations are right, there shouldn't be any nominations after this week. Maybe 3 people are eliminated. Rajev - if we say this to Karishma she wont be able to sleep. We should let Sana and Karishma. And captaincy only 3 people are left. BB might give something.They have made a family war. Delnaaz's family came, Urvashi's family came. So it's family war. Now her mom. Niketan - their bonding is so funny and we know who likes. Rajev - unko hamse zada hai. Niketan - if a neutral guy comes. Rajev - he'll go mad. Oh god, when I wake up, I go out, I cant see that. Itni mehnat, she told Urvashi I love you yaar and uske liye pachaas taunts maare honge. Urvashi heard saying by the time I ran. Rajev - when her mom hugged you and said I know. In the distance, Aashka and Delnaaaz talking. Niketan to Urvashi - maine Delnaaz ko... Near the gym area, Aashka crying saying please andar bulao. Now mom came, it's a ...BB is muting. Del to Kari - your mom can also come. Sapna - look.. *muting* Aane do or I'll do something. People laughing. BB sounds a gong. Urvashi saying there was hair in the sink. Sapna saying Sana go check what has come.

*stopping updates here for now*

Essential Updates:
Karishma was sitting and talking to Imam about his behaviour.

10:38pm - Rajev comes and sits with Karishma on her bed. Karishma and Rajev talking about Imam. Rajev - he doesn't know what he says. Karishma - footage mil gayi. If I leave on Friday, I have a stye in my eye. BB announcement - BB chahte hai... *muted* Sana and Delnaaz sit up in bed and Urvashi says she accidentally took Sana's mic.

10:46pm - Rajev talking to Karishma about how other people's behaviour hasn't changed towards people even though theirs has changed. Karishma - dont give her so much importance. Get over it. Rajev - now if someone tells you one word then how do you react? Karishma - I'm a girl, ladkiyan nakhrein kar sakte hai, ladke nahi.

10:58pm - Imam joking around with Sana and Delnaaz. Imam is pressing Delnaaz's foot or putting cream on her legs and Sana is laughing as is Delnaaz.

Edited by simplypurple - 22 December 2012 at 10:30am

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i hope ur headache gets fine soon dear...!!!hug from behind emoticon

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This thread should be a STICKY ----SP is putting in so much of hardwork and many people read it on a daily basis --------@ -

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Originally posted by --GODFATHER--

This thread should be a STICKY ----SP is putting in so much of hardwork and many people read it on a daily basis --------@ -

I second your Opinion 

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Have made this thread GA for this forum.

Members are requested NOT to post in this thread. Let this thread be ONLY for SP updates. Any queries can be PM. Thank you.

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