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CONSEQUENCES (a fiction)-updt Chapter 16 (pg 51)

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Okay, this is my first attempt to post a FF in this forum. Hence, my humble apologies if it doesn't meet your expectations. Cry Hmm...feeling nervous though, nevertheless, what the heck...bring it on!
Critics are welcome but try not to throw rotten eggs or tomatoes...though roses and carnations are anticipated! Wink Alright, enough of my rant, here we go:
Chapter 1

Aarti yawned as she stiffly walked to the shower. She glanced at the reflection in the mirror with amused dismay. Her ebony black hair appeared more like a bird's nest than a head of human hair. Well ain't I just sexy, she mused with a half smile as she scratched her messy hair. She showered quickly and got dressed and pulled her hair up in a tight bun. She cursed the wisps of her hair that dared escape. Aarti sighed in complaint, why couldn't her hair ever behave? Trying to tame rebellious strands of hair down, she walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast before leaving for work.

"Good morning Mrs. Maya," Aarti greeted the plump receptionist as she walked into the lobby of the accounting company where she worked.

"Good morning Aarti, how are you today?" The receptionist asked with her typical cheery attitude and Aarti smiled feeling the cheerfulness contagious.

"I'm good thank you," Aarti replied simply.

"Oh tonight Mansi and you are flying out to Nevada, right?" Mrs. Maya asked, with genuine interest.

"Yeah, pretty much as soon as we get off of work we're heading to the airport," Aarti told her.

"Oh that's good but be careful though. You know what they say about those big cities, especially Las Vegas," Mrs. Maya warned her with a look of concern.

"I will, well I better get off to work. Talk to you later Mrs. Maya," Aarti told her with a polite smile and walked over to her little desk. She gathered the papers in her out tray that she would have to present to her father and the founder of the company that she worked in. She hoped he still wasn't angry at her for what happened yesterday.

Well here goes nothing, she thought as she walked into his office. "Good Morning Mr. Dubey. I have the morning's duties here for you as well as some documents that you need to look over," she stated as soon as she was in his office and set down the papers in front of him. He glanced up from whatever it was on the computer screen and gave her an icy glare.

"At least that something you manage to do correctly more times than not," he stated, disapproval oozing from his voice. Aarti gave a weak shrug in reply, feeling the familiar shrinking feeling that she got whenever her father talked to her with such a tone.

"Dad," she started but his eyes narrowed at her in warning. Her father insisted that in the work place she should address him as everyone else did. That way no one could ever think he gave her special treatment for being his daughter. It wasn't exactly true he did give her special treatment but not in the good way, he expected so much more from her than he did from everyone else.

"I'm sorry'Mr. Dubey. I want to apologize for yesterday. I didn't mean to offend the Sharma's, I seriously didn't know what to talk about with them about. The whole knocking over the wine glass and spilling the wine on Mrs. Sharma was a complete accident! I swear I just turned and it went flying!" She tried to defend herself but it was clear her father wasn't moved. His stern hard face only made the sinking feeling grow worse and she felt like such an utter disaster.

Would she ever stop disappointing her father? "I'm sorry my social inadequacy cost you another important client and made you look bad," she offered hanging her head and keeping her gaze on her feet.

"It's my fault in the end," she heard her father state with a flat tone. "I should've known better than to invite you to the dinner. You'd think I'd learn my lesson by now. I guess I just keep hoping that one day you'll grow out of this silliness of yours," he told her. Aarti looked up and apologized once more but he waved it off dismissively. "Yes, yes Aarti. Just promise me that while on this ridiculous trip of yours to Las Vegas that you won't make a fool of yourself. I can't afford you to tarnish the Dubey's family name more than you already have," he told her harshly causing her to flinch and apologize yet again.

"Remember, I want you here bright and early Monday morning for Mr. Schindia's arrival too," he warned her.

"I promise that I'll be here bright and early Monday morning Mr. Dubey. I also promise that I won't make a fool of myself or embarrass you," Aarti told him though she wasn't sure how well she could keep the second promise. She didn't know how but she always found herself making a mess of things. Often the harder she tried not to mess up, the bigger the mess she made. Though the good thing was if she did do something embarrassing in Las Vegas, her father would never find out.

Aarti doubted that even with her awful luck, could she end up doing something so big that it would get to her father's ears. She was sure what happens in Las Vegas would stay in Las Vegas. She left her father's office and saw a mischievous looking brunette sitting on the corner of her desk. Her insecurities disappeared quickly as they came, to be replaced with a smile as she walked up to her desk. "May I do something for you Ms. Patel," Aarti asked with a professional tone.

"Oh God that makes me sound so damn old," the brunette stated with a pout. "Are you packed and ready for our trip Aarti?"

"As ready as I'll ever be I guess. I really don't know what you expect to get out of this trip honestly Mansi," she replied and Mansi gave her a pointed look. "I know your whole "go wild" plan but seriously I don't think I could ever do anything wild."

"Well there are categories of wildness Aarti," Mansi reasoned. "Obviously I don't expect you to get drunk off your ass, do a strip dance on a table and get kicked out of a club! Honestly I only want you to go have fun and stop worrying about what other people, especially daddy dearest, will think about you the next day. That's it," she finished. Aarti gave her lifelong friend a small smile in reply. That didn't sound too bad and in fact it sounded kind of exciting.

Later that evening Aarti craned her neck in attempt to see all of the huge skyscrapers that passed through the taxi window. She'd never been out of the tiny town of Red Bank, so this was her first time she'd seen in person the enormous buildings. Aarti tore her eyes away from the large buildings and down to the streets. The street was bumper to bumper with cars and the sidewalk was just as full with people, quickly walking here and there.

She bit her lip with nervous excitement as they got out of the taxi and she took another look around while Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas" kept running through her head. "Come on Aarti, let's not waste any more time! Let's go out tonight," Mansi cheered as they took their luggage out of the trunk. Aarti shrugged with a smile and paid the driver. Everything felt so different from home that she actually started to believe that maybe anything was indeed possible.

Her excitement grew as they checked in and went to their room. Maybe she really could shed off the whole "good girl" routine and become more like the women she'd always envied, the sexy confident women that always had men panting after them.

Four hours later, Aarti entered into their hotel room and peeled of her damp clothing. Some guy had spilt his drink on her as he pushed passed her to crudely hit on Mansi. He didn't even apologize; she thought bitterly tossing the clothing into one of the bathroom sinks and turned on the shower. Who was she kidding? Aarti would never be the type of woman that a man would want to be with. It was clear to say that she didn't enjoy their first night in Las Vegas.

The club they went to was horrible. It was so dark that she stubbed her toe so many times she'd lost count. It was so smoky that Aarti was convinced her chances of getting lung cancer increased five percent. The music was a horrible electronic thumping that sounded like something long lost from the sixties. If all that wasn't enough to make her evening a disaster then there were the patrons of the club.

The only guy that talked to them ignored Aarti completely or only gave her enough attention to spill something on her or nudge her out of the way. They all wanted to dance with Mansi, which despite the fact they looked like major scumbags made Aarti feel rejected and low. Not even the "bang'em and leave'em" wanted to spend a fraction of their time with her. Aarti sighed, depressed as she got under the hot streaming water. This trip was a bad idea, she thought gloomily.

After her shower, Aarti put of a fluffy white robe, feeling a little better, and left the bathroom. "Hey Aarti, how are you feeling?" Mansi asked cautiously. She gave her friend a defeated shrug as she sat on her bed.

"I'm alright I guess but I think I'd rather just visit the shops or do some sightseeing this weekend instead of doing the whole "go wild" thing," Aarti confessed and Mansi pouted.

"Awww Aarti, don't give up yet! Just give me one more night okay, I'll find the best club Las Vegas has to offer and I promise we'll have some real fun," Mansi pleaded and Aarti wanted to put her foot down and tell her no. However the look on Mansi's face made her feel bad and she couldn't say no.

"Alright," Aarti said with a sigh. "I'll give the "go wild" plan another shot."

"Great you'll see Aarti! Tomorrow is going to be so much better," Mansi cheered. I doubt it, Aarti thought bitterly. There was no way in one of those places could she ever enjoy herself but she simply gave her friend a smile in reply.

The next night, Aarti walked into the crowded club behind Mansi. She let out a small content sigh of relief as the warmth of the place seeped into her. Her black sleeveless shirt and short black skirt didn't give her much protection against the coolness of the late spring night of Las Vegas City. Aarti wanted to wear something more practical but Mansi insisted that she wear that. Tonight they were going to go all out, according to Mansi.

She had dragged Aarti into some clothing store that morning and forced her to try on several different outfits till Mansi found one she liked. The shirt showed off some cleavage that Aarti felt uncomfortable with and the skirt was shorter than she usually wore. She tried to ignore how self conscious she felt and looked around the club. At least the club was better than the one from last night, she thought in an attempt to remain positive.

It wasn't smoky, had good lighting and the music was good. The place was a bit crowded but not to the point that it made her feel like she was a sardine in a can. Maybe this won't be so bad, she thought following her friend to the bar, trying to fight off her feelings of being out of place. "Come on Jalebi," Mansi shouted over the music. "Let's get some "punch" in you, and see if we can't get you out of your head," Mansi shouted with an impish smile.

"Jalebi? What are you talking about?" Aarti asked confused and Mansi's smile grew.

"It's all in the attitude Aarti. Tonight you're the Jalebi who's come to have some drinks and fun! Not Aarti the nave and meek," Mansi cheered looking very convinced of what she said.

"Getting me drunk isn't going to change who I am you know and whoever said am into alcohol," Aarti told her half teasing and half serious as they pushed their way through the mass of people towards the bar.

"Well duh! I'm not trying to change who you are Jalebi. I just want you to be that wonderful person that you are underneath all the self doubt and isolation," Mansi replied.

"I don't think that person exists," Aarti told her with slight bitterness in her voice.

"I am so not friends with losers thus you aren't one. In fact you're an awesome person! I've seen your awesomeness from time to time when you aren't trying so hard to be what your father wants you to be," Mansi told her.

Mansi waved at the bartender with a flirty smile that no man could resist. Aarti had seen it work its magic several times. "Hi," Mansi said with her flirt mode on full blast. "My friend and I are so thirsty, could you get us something good to drink," she purred. Aarti bit her lip to keep from laughing as she noticed that Mansi already had this guy wrapped around her finger.

"Sure thing," he replied. "Can't have a beautiful woman such as yourself going thirsty now can we," he added with a sly grin.

Mansi returned his grin. "You mean women, don't forget about my absolutely stunning friend," Mansi told him and Aarti's breath hitched as her cheeks heated up. The bartender's gaze only flickered to Aarti before it eagerly returned to Mansi.

"Uh'yeah sure, I'll get you ladies something to drink," he replied, obviously not sharing Mansi's opinion of Aarti's appearance. Aarti felt her mood start to dip as it had the previous night. She admired Mansi's effort but some things would never change. Her ex-boyfriend, the one and only thus far, Prashant was right. She just didn't have what it takes to catch a man's eye even if she did have a stunning figure, nice outfit, silky long hair, and beautiful face.

The bartender returned with their drinks and tried to make small talk with Mansi but she totally brushed him off. Apparently she had picked up on his lack of enthusiasm for Aarti's looks. Aarti couldn't help but smile as she drank the sweet fruity drink in her hand. That was a thing she loved about Mansi. The brunette beside her was loyal to the end and if she felt someone was treating Aarti unfairly, Mansi had no problems in stepping up and giving them a piece of her mind.

When they were finished with the fruity drink Mansi handed her a shot glass filled with multicolored layers. Aarti eyed the drink curiously wondering what the liquids were and how did the bartender manage to keep the layers so defined and prevented it from mixing. "Don't dissect it Jalebi and just down it," Mansi told her giddily and Aarti shrugged and knocked back the drink. Her eyes watered a little from the burn of the alcohol but the taste was pretty good. "Again," Mansi demanded handing her another despite her weak protest.


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good one nice post dear

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I simply loved this one - So new and fresh - would love to see a bold Aarti...in the coming chapters...

Very well written!Smile

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I like it!!! Pls continue soon!!!

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After the third shot Aarti started to feel buzzed and a little light headed but it was a good feeling. "Now let's dance Jalebi!" Mansi cheered grabbing her hand leading her in the crowd. Aarti giggled tipsily at her friend as they went out on the dance floor.

She had no idea how to dance so she just mimicked whatever Mansi did feeling silly and awkward at first but when the last drinks kicked in Aarti no longer cared about how she appeared to others and just let her body move to the music. "There you go girl, shake that booty!" Mansi cheered and Aarti couldn't stop herself from laughing loudly.

Not thinking about anything, she let the vibrations of the music fill her and the rhythm of the music move her body. Aarti was actually enjoying herself. "Is this a private party or can anyone join?" A deep voice asked from somewhere, startling her. She stopped dancing and looked over her shoulder, feeling some of her insecurities roaring up their ugly head. There stood two of the most gorgeous men Aarti had ever seen in her life, a black and a brunette haired.

She quickly looked them over bashfully. They both were dressed like a million bucks but the black haired had a cleaned up playboy look to him while the brunette had a rugged playboy look to him. Mansi smiled impishly as she tapped her chin with her index finger eyeing them both. "I don't know, what do you think Jalebi? Can they join?" Mansi asked her. Aarti's breath hitched again and her cheeks burn with a blush as she gave her friend a glare of embarrassment.

Mansi gave her an encouraging look. Come on Aarti it can't be that hard, she told herself and turned to the two men with her best attempt at a seductive smile. "Sure why not," she answered with a confident tone that suggested she always had gorgeous guys coming up to her asking to dance but on the inside she was honestly feeling like a fool and expected them to laugh or say the question was for Mansi alone.

The black haired gave Mansi a bright smile holding his hand out for her. Mansi flashed Aarti an excited smile and a look that screamed "this is so awesome!" She nervously looked to the other man, afraid he'd be disappointed that Mansi didn't choose him. Aarti was surprised to see that his gaze was on her and with no indication that he felt disappointed. What's more, he held his hand out for her, Aarti's smile turned more authentic as she took his hand.

Her stomach clenched nervously as she fretted about making a fool of herself in front of him. It was one thing to just move to the music and another to actually dance with another person, she hoped she could at least avoid stepping on his toes. They moved to the dance floor and she felt a shiver of pleasure run through her as his hands rested on her hips, it had been a very long time since she'd been this close to a man.

They moved slowly to the music and Aarti was aware of how stiff she was. With a deep breath she slowly forced her body to at least relax so she could move with more ease. They actually fell into a good rhythm and it appeared as if for once Aarti was going to be able to walk away from this with some dignity intact. Though for safety measures she decided not to look at him directly but simply give him discreet glances.

When the song finished Aarti felt a little disappointed as she stepped back, expecting that he'd go back with his friend or with some other woman. She knew deep down that he only danced with her to keep her busy while his friend danced with Mansi. She was just about to walk back to the bar when the music started again and he took a step towards her. She tried to hide her surprise as she realized he still wanted to dance with her.

Her pulse raced as his hands returned to her hips and she couldn't help but wonder if it was her imagination or was he dancing closer to her than before? She looked up at him shyly and found he was looking down at her. Her eyes met his hazel brown ones and she felt so completely drawn into them. Even if she wanted to, Aarti suspected that she wouldn't be able to look away. Everything seemed to fade away around them.

She wasn't sure how long they had been dancing with each other when Mansi called out to her and broke her out of the trance his eyes had her trapped in. Her breath caught in her throat at the realization that this whole time she had been staring at him. Inwardly she groaned and looked at her friend. Aarti felt almost sick thinking about what he must think about her; probably that she was some kind of desperate freak. Oh great! So much for leaving the club with her dignity, she thought sourly.

Aarti tried to swallow the vial feelings taking over her and focus on Mansi. "Hey Jalebi bring your "hotty" over to the bar! By that look on your face I think we need more to drink," Mansi told her winking at her then she led the guy she was dancing over to the bar. If Aarti wasn't embarrassed before now she was. Her cheeks warmed up to the point she was sure she could've fried an egg on them.

"Your hotty?" a deep smooth voice asked from behind her and she turned to see the man she was dancing with had a small smile forming on the edges of his mouth. Aarti gasped inwardly looking at the perfectly featured man in front of her and gave him a nervous smile, as her heartbeat suddenly increased its beat dangerously. He had the sexiest voice she'd ever heard and she didn't even know a voice could be sexy!

"She said it, not me. That's Chameli," she told him, trying to sound normal even though on the inside she was close to freaking out. With a dismissive shrug to help demonstrate how "normal" she felt, Aarti rushed over to where Mansi was at. As soon as she reached the bar Mansi handed her a small shot glass filled with a brownish liquid.

"Bottoms up," Mansi told her and Aarti gave her a nervous smile taking the glass. She hoped that whatever it was in the glass would drown out the insecurities that were screaming at her to run to safer waters because she was only making a fool of herself. Aarti knew she was having fun before and wasn't ready for it to end just yet.

"Thanks…Chameli," Aarti replied with a small mischievous grin and Mansi looked at her confused then smiled.

"Yeah that's me, Chameli!" Mansi cheered then down her drink. Aarti nervously picked up her own and followed suit. It wasn't like the layered drink from before; this was hot and burned all the way down her throat. She coughed as her eyes watered. "Another," her friend demanded as she handed her another shot glass. Aarti lifted the drink and she felt someone lean in towards her from behind, she turned to see that it was the man she was dancing with.

"For a Jalebi you don't seem to be that much of a drinker," he whispered in her ear with a tone that suggested he was flirting with her instead of being condescending as she first thought. Her heart started racing again and her stomach nearly jumped up through her throat. She downed the drink she was holding with more ease this time and forced a smile on her face as she turned to look at him.

"I make it up in other things," she replied in attempt to sound sexy and gave him her best attempt at a flirty smile but instantly regretted it. She must've sounded like an idiot, she thought, chastising herself. To her surprise he returned the smile and took a step towards her.

"Oh really and what things would that be exactly?" he asked leaning on the bar giving her a heated look. Aarti's heart raced even faster, her breaths quickened and her blood seemed to have grown impossibly warm.

"Now it wouldn't be any fun if I told you that now would it," she replied with a smirk. What was that Aarti? And what the hell is in these drinks? Never in her life had she been so forward and suggestive! Her breath caught in her throat as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her against him.

"No, I guess it wouldn't be," he answered with a look that no man had ever given her before. Aarti's mouth went dry and she felt close to a cardiac arrest which only got worse when he lowered his face closer to hers. His lips were about to touch hers when she felt a wave of panic attack her and she quickly backed away. It had been nearly six years since she had been with a man but still Aarti had never experienced anything like this before. Her heart raced wildly, she was panting as if she'd just ran a marathon and so hot that she felt she'd burst in flames at any moment.

She looked back up at him nervously and saw that he was still looking at her intently. A blush crossed her cheeks as the feeling of embarrassment ate at her. This weekend was all about having fun and letting loose, by backing off like that she wasn't having fun or letting loose. "I think I would like to dance some more," she told him hoping he wasn't insulted or put off by her cowardice.

"Sure," he replied with a small smirk and a nod. As he took her hand a small wave of relief washed over her. Maybe she hadn't ruined the night after all? Aarti's breath caught in her throat again when he pulled her against him till there was no space between them as they danced. She swallowed nervously as her whole body responded to his closeness. Goose bumps and shivers ran across her, despite the incredible heat that seemed to pool throughout all her body as one of his hands slowly moved along her back to rest on the back of her shoulder.

Once more the entire club seemed to have disappeared as they danced and the longer they danced the more Aarti's body begged to be closer to him, something that terrified her as much as excited her. He suddenly took a hold of her chin for her to look up at him and Aarti tried with extreme difficultly to swallow. His face lowered towards hers once more and this time she felt powerless to pull away from him.

He stopped with his lips closely next to hers and Aarti's mind screamed at him to close the distance but she remained frozen unable to move a single inch. After a few excruciating seconds passed he finally closed the distance between them giving her a soft yet intense kiss. Aarti melted against him and if he wasn't holding her, she probably would've collapsed. Desire consumed her like nothing she had ever felt before as she returned the kiss and opened her mouth to deepen their kiss.

The man pressed her against him even more as he explored her mouth with passion. A soft moan escaped her as she held onto his jacket for dear life; she no longer knew what was going on in her. Just when she was sure she was going to black out from lack of oxygen the kiss ended. Aarti looked up at him and was surprised by the look of passion and desire upon his face. He gave her a small sexy smile and she blush once more feeling the heat pooled in her abdomen.

They started to dance again; she didn't even realize they had stopped. He held her up against him tightly with one hand on her upper back while the other circling her waist. She had her arms up around his neck with her head resting on his chest. She was enjoying herself but the turmoil of raging hormones and unfamiliar wanton desires were frustratingly left unsatisfied. She had never felt this aroused before in her life and wondered if this guy was some kind of walking pheromone.

He leaned down towards her once more and she looked at him with curiosity. "Want to go somewhere more private Jalebi," he whispered huskily causing her already chaotic body to go into over drive even more. Aarti just stared at him not sure if she heard him correctly. Did he just seriously ask her that? He really wanted to be alone with her?

Aarti nibbled her bottom lip not sure what to say, her body was screaming yes but her rational brain was reminding her that she'd never done anything like that before, she didn't even know his name! For once in her life Aarti threw rationality to the wind. This trip was about letting loose, besides what could it hurt really? Why not just for once do something crazy? Tomorrow she was going back to Red Bank anyways.

"I would love to," she replied. Her dance partner smiled as if he had just won the lottery and took her by the hand, leading her out of the club. She smiled giddily as he held her tightly in front of him while he hailed a cab, she felt like something precious. He bent down trailing kisses down her neck and she leaned against him with a shiver of anticipation. Her smile grew when she felt the hard proof that he was as turned on as she was. His grip around her waist tightened as she couldn't stop from pressing her hips back against him. He moaned softly tangling his fingers in with hers and Aarti's smile was so big now it nearly hurts.

She was a little disappointed when a taxi finally stopped in front of them and he pulled away to open the door for her. Once they were in the cab he gave the cab driver an address and pulled her close to him. He cupped her face with his hand lowering his face towards hers to give her another intense kiss that had Aarti unable to think of anything more than what a great kiss it was. She wasn't sure how they managed to continue the kiss till they reached their destination but when it ended she felt breathless yet again.

The man paid the driver and she tried to ignore the sly smile the cab driver gave them. He held out his hand to help her out of the cab and Aarti took it shyly. She couldn't believe what she was about to do. Her brain is screaming asking her to stop and take a hike, but her whole body is just reacting to the opposite direction. She, Aarti Dubey, was about to do the unbelievable thing in her life! She's going to sleep with a guy she'd just met, a guy whose name she didn't even know! So much for her principle of no sex before marriage! Aarti stop...just stop...her brain seems to be screaming at her continuously!

He wrapped his arm around her waist and the other took her hand softly as he guided her into the luxurious hotel. She couldn't help but melt into this man. There's something very special about this one...something she feel so close and comfortable with. She smiled a tiny smile as he glared at the bell boy when he approached them and asked if they needed anything. He must be drunker than I am, she thought giddily. No man, especially a man like him have ever acted possessive with her. Her smile grew when she noticed he always had at least one hand around her even when he had to open the door to his room.

Aarti gasped as he pinned her against the wall with his body forcefully but not hurting her as soon as the door to the hotel room was closed. "Now where did we leave off," he said gruffly and she smiled nervously. Another lustful yet passionate look passed through his face just before he kissed her again, this time it was hungry and insistent. Aarti wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up against him. His hands ran down her sides and wrapped her waist before he lifted her up off the floor. She tangled her fingers into his soft hair.

Aarti kissed him back with all that she had; wanting to make this as memorable night for him as she was sure it was going to be for her. He let a low long moan and wrapped his arms around her pulling her from the wall and towards the bed. She felt heady with arousal as he set her down on the bed. He kissed her neck with soft but persistent kisses as he started to un-tuck her shirt from her skirt.

"You're incredible you know that Jalebi," he told her as his hands slipped under her shirt and slowly inched his way up her sides making Aarti's body to ignite with pleasure in a way that she had only read about in books. He carefully removed her shirt and she blushed as a feeling of self consciousness hit her but the heated look the man was giving her made the feeling melt away. He kissed her again removing his jacket and shirt.

Aarti ran her hands over the man's bare chest with the unfamiliar need to touch every part of him. She had never felt the need to touch someone like that before and a playful smile crossed her face as she could hear his breath quicken. He pulled her against him and kissed her with another ravishing kiss. She couldn't stop herself from inching closer to his already close up body. Even though they were up against each other, Aarti felt like it wasn't enough. She had to get closer, though she had no idea how it would be possible.

He removed the rest of his clothing and they joined their bodies with a heated passion. It has been her first time but he made it in such a way that she seems to feel like an expert. Even the pain of the first thrust didn't seem to be of deterrent to her. The guttural wanton sounds that came from her, surprised her but she was unable to stop them. Just like she was unable to control her body anymore, it moved and twisted at his beck and call. She was a slave to the attention and pleasure the man on top of her was giving her. It frightened her somewhat but more than anything it made feel as if she was the sexiest and most precious thing on this earth.

Aarti stretched as she woke up the next morning. She felt rested and relaxed than she had felt in a long time despite the raging headache assaulting her. She slowly opened one eye but closed it quickly as the rays of sunlight were like knives stabbing at her brain. She groaned quietly burying her head in her pillow when suddenly a hand that wasn't hers brushed her thigh. Aarti's eyes widened all of a sudden and when a shriek of surprise almost were to escape from her lips... 


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OMG OMG OMG...this was fantastic... I could swear my body was heating up reading this fully loaded passionate update.. For a first timer (if I can ever say that), you were beyond superb. Loving this bold Aarti.. The way you explained the scenes were just over the top.. My already corrupted mind could imagine and picturise everything that was going on (I won't say what I felt but I guess you would already know by nowLOLEmbarrassed).. Great job and do continue asap..

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This was beautifully written and it captured the emotions of the characters perfectly. A great start

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Awesome hot romantic story.. Can't wait to know who is the man.. Continue soon!Wink

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