Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

LIVE Discussion Thread 71

-Cruiser- IF-Sizzlerz

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LIVE Discussion Thread 71

Video Links of Live Feed : Short clips by sscomp32

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BB6 DT's note

Hey Everyone :)

This is about spoilers and LIVE Streaming of BB.

ALL Discussion pertaining to Eviction and LIVE UPDATE should be discussed ONLY in SPOILER or LIVE DISCUSSION THREAD which are sticky threads, at least the news which have not been aired.
Any posts or topics discussing spoilers shall be deleted without notice.

Consolidated Updates are given by Star 
simplypurple Star 


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Yay. I am actually first on a live discussion thread.

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what happen? which task ? kya huwa mujhe bhi batao i was not watching so dont know what exactly happen? urva ne kya kiya???
simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 19th December '12

** Time in India Time
** Will try to bold important/interesting bits or check bits with emoticons.
** Red bits are spoilers

SPOILER: BB removed the ban on Aashka becoming a captain last night. IMAM became captain

Updates from earlier part of the day:

During the date, Sana and Vishal were saying, I hope our parents remember this was a joke and they were only acting and there's nothing like that. Sana - I think more than my family, I would be more embarrassed. 

Back in the room, Urvashi was saying to Rajev that Vishal had refused to share a blanket with you and Rajev said that even I dont wan't to share a blanket with him. Urvashi is saying because I can't share a blanket with a boy. Rajev - correct. So Delnaaz and Aashka give theirs in exchange for Niketan's blanket which is supposedly larger.

10:10pm - Sana and Vishal are back from their date and they get thumbs up. They got chocolates for everyone. Sapna says thank you and runs into the house. Sana and Vishal are in the bathroom and Rajev asking her how the date was.

10:12pm = Urvashi - this guy from the first day he's crying about his ex-gf. Either he is making a fool out of all of us or.. please talk to Sana about this. After that, I think he's playing a game Ashu, be careful. And Karishma also told me the same thing. And told he's talking about officially dating Sana and he said about these things that he would have a problem with these things, now what will his mom say? Sana comes over and gets them pizza and thumbs up and Urvashi says thank you! Sana says now Sapna and Niketan's date is going on. Niketan saying he ordered chocolate. Sapna - this is not yours, this was brought by Sana and Vishal. Urvashi screaming from the bedroom to come here. Niketan - yeh mental hai! ShockedConfused Karishma takes a bite out of the chocolate and Sapna says was this one bite? Niketan - I left it coz it should be melted so I am not eating anymore. Niketan goes to the room and says there were only 2 slices, me and Karishma ate half and Sapna ate one slice, there's no more left. Cam switches outside to Sapna enjoying the chocolate. urvashi screaming some more. Sapna - ask your bf! Sapna comes in the bedroom. She gives Urvashi some thumbs up but not the chocolates. Sapan - tumhari date itni puski ... Sana - we aren't that bad also. Sapna - we know. Urvashi - you are very bad. Sapna - 3 slices of pizza and 2 garlic bread. Urvashi - if I get evicted then I am saying now only that I want pizza. BB interrupts her by asking Vishal to wear his mic properly.

10:21pm - SAna saying full melodramatic day tha hamara. Filmy. Vishal says yes. Cam switches to Karishma on bed - confused ho gayi hoon confused! In the bathroom, Rajev - during Kashif's performance we were told that it was based on performance and today.. Niketan - Rajev, tujhe aise reality checks roz milte hain. Rajev - so I take it. In the red bedroom, Karishma saying she wants to go home and spend it with my family. Sapna - which family? Karishma - my dad's sister. Sapna -  Karishma - I feel I'm saying too much. Why do I have to make a comment if someone has an ex-girlfriend. Or am I being silly. Sapna - yes. Karishma - like Vishal told me he has an ex-girlfriend and he still loves her but chances are less and when he said for Sana, I felt he said from his heart and Urvashi said then why did you say he feels it from his heart and I said because I felt that it was from his heart and maybe he really likes her and we don't know maybe they really like each other. Sapna - right. But think about it tomorrow. Karishma - then you'll support me? Sapna - no. Karishma is shocked. Vishal is washing dishes.

10:31pm - In the red bedroom, Sapna and Karishma having a random chat. Karishma - I told you remember that I went to a country and I have visited it and that country has grown. (Niketan) Sapna laughing. Karishma - because last time when I went to the country. Rajev walking and saying whats the joke and Karishma and Sapna laughing. Karishma - wo postcard main alag hai. Sapna - let's look for another country. Karishma - I want the exact same country. Sapna - you decide or I will infiltrate in the country. Karishma - jo grow ho raha hai. Sapna - dirty girl. Karishma - I'm not. Sapna - have you researched? Karishma - not now 1 yr ago. Karishma - many tourists have visited this country. Sapna - can you depend on a yr old research? Niketan - depends on what. Sapna - no, you cant because you can't because I have just visited the country in JUly. Karishma - how much time have you spent in that country? Sapna - LAUGHS. Karishma - this is what I mean that it has had too many visitors. Sapna - I never went on a private tour, I went for some other reason. Karishma - no, it's okay you can go. Sapna - ok so i'll go, ok. Karishma yes.

10:36pm - Vishal is telling Sana that I've told people that I'm going to visit my gf in London and you tell them that what I said to you is only the last 5 days 1 week since I'm feeling this. Sana laughs. Vishal - look I'm only telling you this so you dont feel something wrong. Sana - no man, it's your life, why would I take it in the wrong way? Sana going to call Aashka for wudhu. Vishal telling Sana, there was a nail cutter right? Sana - yeah. Vishal telling Sana, whatever I told you, you think I'm joking or acting and I'm not serious but I mean it, okay. Sana trying not to crack up. Aashka coming but leaves. Vishal - did he say anything to you and go? Sana - no. Vishal - thank God. Sana - you are a Kameena.LOL Sana it's masti mazaak, not on the show. Aashka comes. Sana - this mouth wash is so dirty that someone may vomit. Vishal - green one is ok. Sana - but they aren;t sending.

10:41pm - Urvashi calling everyone because 2 mins ago she went to the confession room. I seems a tab has come. And some task. In the living area, everyone is waiting on Sana, Vishal, Aashka and Imam. Urvashi is like, now who will call Imam. They all call for him. Urvashi waiting on Imam now. 

10:45pm - Imam arrives and muted. Urvashi reading and it's inaudible, Can;t make out anything. aap dhyan rakhna...Sana?... Urvashi goes to get something from the store room.

10:50pm - Someone saying earring le lo. Urvashi maine bhi. Vishal - boys ko to bilkul peeche rehna. Everyone sits down again. No one can be in a more hideos state. They are being shown a song and they have to guess a film? Karishma - tu mera hero! Imam is dancing with the music. Oh Balma. Urvashi - we have been given a choice of 2 songs and we havent heard the other one.  Imam - I like this one. Rajev - can we hear tu mera hero as well? That song video is playing, Karishma - I love this song! Urvashi - I love this song. BB is muting.  Imam is dancing. Everyone is clapping. It;s only audio and everyone is singing with them. Sana - more energetic, Balma better rahe ga. Urvashi - yeah. Sana - it's 1, 2, 3, 4. Urvashi - it's not freestyle. What they say, you'll have to do what they choreograph. Everyone gets up and goes to the activity room. Aashka - how will they choreograph us without seeing the gardi ka placement. Let's see where the car is. Niketan - abe hero laga yaar.  They are playing the balma song again and Sana dancing. Imam - pause this. Everyone dance together. Niektan and Karishma are pairs. It's Balma. Ladke come hai. So Aashka with Niketan. Sapna with Vishal and Rajev with Sana. San, Rajev and Delnaaz are short. They have to follow what Imam does. He is choreographing the dance. Imam - everybody together. Your hands have to go up! Karishma you dont want to see the wrong end of the stick. Karishma - sorry sorry. Imam is choreopgraphing. Imam - what's so funny karishma? Be professional. Ladke upar kareinge haat (push up), girls push down. Everyone has to follow Sana. Start the music from the beginning, snapping. Sapna walks off.  Karishma tells him dont shout at me. I'm laughing coz I'm enjoying myself. Urvashi even I dont want to do it. Sapna comes to the bedroom and lies down. Imam says lets her go if she doesnt want to do it.

10:15pm - Everyone comes into the red bedroom to change. They are all wearing black and tell Sapna to come. She says no I dont want to promote a car and I dont want to give my time to a choreographer who doesn't give a sh*t. Urvashi doing her make up. Sana looking for black clothes. Sapna - I dont have black clothes. LOL Karishma - I'm not wearing a dress. Sana changing into her black top. Rajev wearing a black jacket and then removes it. BB rings a bell. Imam still in captain's room. Everyone goes out. Rajev cant decide on wha to wear. Rajev takes a belt out. Aashka changes into a black outfit. Vishal changes his top into a black shirt. And wears a jacket over it. Sapna still lying in bed. Cam zooming on her. Rajev is wearing his belt. Imam - Sana looking lovely! Sana opens up her hair. Rajev to Sapna - come. Sapna- even from week one I said I cant do the dancing task. I need time, I cant learn this is 10 mins so let the group do it. It's my skill. Everyone starts to leave one by one. Imam wants to wear a yellow wig. Karishma ironing her hair. 

11:28pm - Niketan walks into the bathroom, uses a mouth wash and changes his shirt to a black one. Aashka also there. They walk inside. In the redbedroom Delnaaz asking for a black eye liner.  Urvashi and Karishma still getting dressed. Vishal is ready and waiting. Vishal - aur kitna waqt. Niketan in a black jacket as well. 

11:35pm - Sapna saying that she's not coming. Imam has f-ed up both tasks. If she gets punished. She'll deal with it. Everyone walks out. Cam stuck on Sapna. Ouch Song keeps playing 3 - 4 times. Cam on Sapna. She's getting irritated.

11:47pm - Everyone can be heard cheering hip hip hurray repeatedly. Cam still on Sapna.

11:49pm - Imam comes in to fill water and thanks God. Another buzzer is sounded shortly afterwards. Cam still on Sapna. She's turns over. Girls screaming. 

11:54pm - Everyone in the bathroom. Vishal saying this is enough task for a day. Dimaagh ki dahi kar diya. Sana - now the process to remove make up starts again. Niketan - if I had known we'd get a coffee mug. Sana - I dont use mac products? Aashka removing her lipstick and Sana says ab tum ram leela ki delu lag rahi ho. Niketan find that amusing as he leaves. He's changed into his PJs. Urvashi removing her make up. Sana doing wudhu. In the red bedroom, Niketan teasing Rajev about something. Delnaaz comes in joking in gujrati about make up. Delnaaz goes into a shower to change and Urvashi goes into the toilet to change. Sana waiting on Aashka. 

*stopping updates here*

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My gosh guys, you dont even let me reserve a post. LOL

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Delu wants to use Imam's Captain's Room toilet...

...kar de scandal Imam...scream it was dirty!!! ROFL

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