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May 2 2005

Updater: Jink

Miilee enters the convent again. She looks at the flurry of activity, the kids playing, the nuns walking. She walks inside slowly and runs to Father Manuel, who is teaching football. Father Manuel is surprised to see her here. Sister Chubby also sees Miilee. Miilee runs to Father. He asks her why she is crying. Miilee tells him, Sister Chubby and Khushi that the Rastogis accused her of stealing. Father says that he trusts her and knows that she could never steal. Khushi takes Miilee to their dorm. Sister Chubby asks Father if Mother Superior will let Miilee stay there. Father Manuel says that he is only concerned why the Rastogis treated her like that.

Bobby tells Rahul that he is moping because he misses Miilee. Dadima tells Hiralal that she is sad about Miilee leaving. Hiralal says that she was a thief. Dadima tells him not to call her a thief. She says that Miilee was a lot of fun. Maybe God doesn't want to see her happy. Khushi asks Miilee why she is tense. Miilee says that if Mother Superior doesn't let her stay her then where will she go? Sister Chubby comes and tells Miilee that Mother Superior has asked that she come to the office.  Miilee looks at the office and sees all the people and the decorations - a birthday party for her! (Wasn't her 18th birthday one week after the show began?) Miilee cuts the cake and feeds everyone. Rahul comes there and tries to apologize but Miilee tells him to go away and that there is nothing left to say.

May 5 2005

Updater: Culture

starts with Miilee at a disc with her roomate and they are dancing when miilee says shes thirsty and tored and goes away and sits in a chair near teh bar... same time rahul and bobby enter and rahul noticies miilee sitting near the bar and staright away goes to her and says hello and stuff...miillee to take his trip is thinking lemme hear what this chap has to say.
rahul gets all flirty and starts saying all the same things to millee (black dress waali)as he said to the tomboy miillee a day before... thn he invites her to teh same place with the same dinner invitation.

Miilee figures something is wrong and decides to get to the root of this.  She goes back and tells her roomate that there is something fishy with this and for sure Rahul played a prank at her. .... she decides to teach him a lesson.

(... now here on my order would not be the same but will try to give u a jist of what happened)

.... dadima is shown to be in her room and she is getting ready... she calls hiralal and tells a SCHOKED and very surprised Hiralal that she wants to go out ... there is something she needs to sort out.... she keeps thinking of her promiise to Miilee incase she finds that Mille had not stolen the neclace. ... she decides to get her back and to apologize to her.

she comes out of her room and here they show th entire rastogi family looking in shock as they see dadima dressed up in her best and out of her room... they are even shocked to see her go out of the house... the entire family keeps looking on in surprise while dadima just goes out and doesnt speak to anyone.

Kamini rastogi at this point calls up Vishal rastogi and says aapne kuchh suna.. he in his sarcastic voice says .. "jab bologi tab to sununga" ... actually it was insulting in a way but damn hilarious.... she tells him about dadima leaving the house to go somewhere .. vishal rastogi cannot believe it ... but later he also accepts it and is very surprised.

in another scene thy show Sagar coming to meet Vishal Rastogi (VS) ... VS shows him some tape and says this has evidence of what u do ... (i guess he is refering to his relationship with teh maid) .... Sagar cannot believe it but VS seems very confident that he would use it incase Sagar troubles him anymore.

Same time dadima is shown in the car with hiralal... she is surprised that things have changed soo much arnd Simla... hiralal tells her its been a really lng time since she stepped out too.

in another scene karan is shown to have been calling Miilee in teh hostel.... he tells her that he is the same guy who was taking her photographs... milee recognizes him and asks him th purpose of the call.. Karan tells her that the photos have come out and whn can he come over to give them to her. miilee says she is in the Convent for a very long time so whenever he chooses is ok with her.

Sister chubby tells miilee that Mother has given her permission to stay on for a little while longer in teh convent. Milee is verry happy.

Miillee's roomate cmes looking for Miilee telling her taht soem lady has come looking for her ... Miilee cannot figure who it can be but goes anyway.... its dadima.. Dadima asks for forgiveness for her misunderstanding and asks miilee to return back to the Rastogi mansion. Miilee is very angry and doesnt want to go back .. she reasons that she was insulted and thrown out of the rastogi mansion for no fault of hers and refuses to go back... . dadi ma is very upset and tell sher that after a very long time he found someone who she could relate to... who brought happiness into her life and made her smile... who made her change a little.. who she could look forward to seeing every day and who was like  fresh breeze in her life ( actually im really bad at writing and i cannot do justice to what dadi actually said.. it was very nice and very touching... unfortunately this is the best i can manage ) dadi then leaves ... miilee is shown to be standing in dilemma... Hiralal asks dadi where miilee is and dadi tells her that she wont be accompanying them ... she goes and sits in teh car... when she looks around for Hiralal she sees Miilee sitting in the car too and is very happy....

This is where it ended... now looking forward to seeing what happens in the next episode.... i read somewhere that VS will create a scenen on seeing Miilee return.. anyway lets see whats up on Monday.... Hmm.... but it seems like ages away...!!

anyway its just a brief .. i hope it manages to tell u what happened yesterday ..

May 9 2005

Updater: hetal

Kamini & sahil are sitting in her room while kamini is cleaning some jewelry. Sahil tells to kamini - sis, I don't understand how to tell you this. Kamini says what is the problem now, look sahil if you need some money this time then she cannot help him this time. Sahil says, he doesn't need help; it's her who needs help. Kamini is shocked and says ME? Sahil says, he thinks that jijz 's have an affair with some gul. Kamini says, what??? Sahil replies that yes..jijz meets some gul these days and he feels sad for his sister that her house is breaking. Kamini asks, who is the gul? and asks if he has some details. Sahil says, he doesn't know but he will find out very soon. He knows a man who has the news about visha's affair but he's asking for 50,000 Rs. for the new. Kamini thing that that's a big amount for the news but sahil convinces kamini saying that it's a big amount butt he news is big too. And finally he gets money from her.  And tells himself that what ever happens in this house is less.

Driver sagar & Ghayal having breakfast while Madhubala is serving them asks if they need something. She asks both to sit here and talk while she is going to look for Babita, as she hasn't seen her around for a while. She leaves and sagar and Ghayal have some funny talks about their love story. Also ghayal gives some tips to sagar.

Next sahil is sitting in living room and Babita walks from back and sits in his lap. Sahil says, anybody can see them here; even her mother can see them here. Babita shakes her saying no that he mother is cooking in kitchen and asks sahil that did he talk to his jijai about her job. At which sahil has no idea about what job she is talking about!!!! Babita says, she is tired of this uniform. Sahil touches and rolling down his eyes on her and says that this dress can be taken off. At same time Madhubala is watching them talking from far and gets angry. She walks back into kitchen. Babita too leaves waving goodbye kiss. Both mother & daughter exchanges some angry looks at each other in kitchen.

Next scene is in living room where Rahul & Bobby are sitting and talking.( somany sitting area in one living room wehre no body sits at one place ) Bobby mentions about the pro Rahul had with his father on the family pic. Day. Rahul says that he had little misunderstanding with his father, but everything is solved now. Rahul says they should go to disco tonight, on which Bobby says that he still hasn't forgotten the disco gul.?!  And all sudden he takes the name of Ramola and to avoid the situation, changes the topic to millee. He asks Rahul, if he thinks millee is the thief of the locket. Bobby says that millee is good gul and she cant stole anything. At which Rahul just stares at him.

Next scene shifts in car, Sagar & Ramola going somewhere. Sagar is doing the same funny talks. He says that some maharaj has told him that he is a lost prince of some big kingdom (as Ghayal gave him the tips). Ramola says that it's like some movie story.  Anyways at the end of their talk, Ramola gets mad and shouts as whole Shimla can hear her.

Next, Kamini calls Meena at her office and inquires that if Meena is going out of town (Mumbai) for few days. Also kamini expresses her doubt about Vishal having an affair with some woman. Meena says that she is doubting him for no reason. Kamini asksm what meena thinks about Rahul and their relationship?  At which Meena says that this is whole life decision and she needs time to think. So kamini okays and wisher her good journey and says goodbye. At same time Rahul gets there and he has heard the conversation between Meena and his mom. Rahul is little romantic and so Meena says should she cancel her trip? So Rahul, no, he has to stay here to take care of her house and everything else. Also he gets he key of Meena's house as well.

Karan reaches to church and asks sister about Millee. Sister says that Millee left and she went to her home. So karan asks sister for Millee's address and phone no., but sister says that she cant give him that since its againt the rules. Karan gets little angry and says he cant leave millee, he has found her very hardly. So sister says that karan can leave his no., and whenever she talks to Millee, she will convey the message. But still karan asks for the adrress, at which sister says that if it's in his destiny then he will meet Millee …..have faith in god and sister leaves.  Karan says, he doesn't know about god, but he has faith to himself, and he will find Millee for sure, and he cant loose her again.

Again Rahul & Bobby are sitting room and talking about the dates with Millee & Discovali. Bobby says that Rahul is lucky that he has two dates and Bobby has nothing. Rahul says, he is too smart that he got the keys from Meena and he's going to spend time with two guls at her apartment. He says, girls are so stupid; it's so easy to convince them for anything!!!! Also rahul says that he will help him hook up with discovali's friend…..!!!

Finally….!!!!! Dadima and Millee enter in house with the big music. Rahul, Sahil , Ramola & Kamini get up seeing them coming.  Babita, Madhubala, & Ghayal come out too. Dadima says, why are you all so surpriced? I have brought millee here myself, and declares, she will live here now. Kamini & Ramola say, she is a thief, and still she has brought her here. Dadima says by looking at sahil, she knows who stole the locket and she doesn't want to create any other drama in this house. Babita & Sahil look shocked to hear that and look down. Dadima is about to when Vishal stops Millee going inside. He says, Ma, this gul cant stay in this house. Ma and son argue on this topic and dadima says vishal has done bad things to innocent people, but at last she is his mother and he has right on this house before him. Vishal says why is talking about samething over?( iguess reffering t millee's mother). She is talking to her son for this gul who has no relation with her. she is just a servant . At last dadima says that let the secret about the stolen locket go off under ground with all other secret, and if he tries to dig it one by one everything will come out and he will be in deep deep water. Everybody is shocked and looking down at dadima's statement. Babita is crying looking down. Rahul, madhubala & Ghayal are happy, and dadima takes Millee inside. Vishal looks shocked with anger and like this is impossible..... The end.  

May 10 2005

Updater: Hetal

Dadima & Millee enter in dadima's room. Millie tells Dadima that she was very brave and she talked out everybody today. Then Dadima says go and put your bag in your room since there is so much work to do around here. Millee leaves the room without her bag, next moment she comes back to take her bag. Dadima ask her to go out and knock on door and also ask for permission, but dadima starts laughing and so Millee does too.

 Next Ghayal & Madhubala are standing in kitchen. Ghayal asks her that why she has chilly & lemon in her hands. Madhubala replies,"Millee ki nazar utarne ke liye". Then madhubala Millee ki nazar utarti hai, and wishes her that she always remains happy and she shouldn't be worry about anything and everything will be fine. Madhubala asks Millee to go to her room quickly because Kosh is waiting for her. Ghayal & Madhubala has some more sweet, & funny fights. Next Millee goes to her room and Kosh is so happy to see her. kosh says that she knew that she didn't steal anything. Then millee says dadima says the samething but she didn't tell her that who stole the locket?? Kosh says that lets celebrate and lets go to disco. Millee says that she can't go tonight since she has some important work to do.

 Next Rahul and Bobby are talking in front of drum set (well rahul had stick in his hand but didn't see him playing…just trying to be cool huh?!! hehe) rahul says that its very important night for him since she (woh) is coming to meet him finally. Bobby says that he's going out with not one, not two, but three guls at same time-one Nina (not Meena, im really bad with names I guess ), 2nd discovali and 3rd millee, also asks him which gal he like more..!!? Rahul says that Nina has beautiful face, discovali is too much and Millee..is okay( shakes his head) !!

Next Sagar & Vishal are in living room while sagar is making drinks for both. They both talk about Millee, and Dadima.Vishals says that ma came out of her room after18 yrs for that gul; whom everybody proved a thief. Sagar says that might dadima knows that millee didn't stole the locket but somebody else did it. But Vishal still says that he doesn't like millee around this house. She is bad luck for this house. Also he says that he doesn't understand that why he feels so weird looking at that gul.

Next rahul is getting ready for date..making his hair, cream, perfeuim & all..!!!…and dancing as well. He asks Bobby that how he looks. Bobby says..first class dikh raha hai!!  Rahul says that since she is coming, looks don't matter much here.  At other end Kosh asks millee that why is going on date with such outfit on. Millee says that "yehi Millee ka style hai"!! Both Millee and Rahul are thinking that they are getting late, only 30 min left and they shouldn't get late tonight.

Next Hiralal brings milk for Dadima and says that people in this house are in tension about Dadima coming our of her room after 18 years and millee came back in this house. Dadima and hiralal talk about everybody, and how they reacted when dadima walked out of her room and hiralal says that might people of this house do something bad to millee so millee leaves this house herself. Dadima says that she wouldn't let that happen, and Millie, herself is enough for everybody.she is no less than anybody.  She can answer very well on anybody's tricks against her.  

Next Rahul is waiting for Millee in Nina's house and thinking that how long she will take to get here..she will come..she has to come..i never has lost any bet, then how can I loose this one?! It's okay that Millee is coming tonight but the main thing is tomorrow..Discovali!! He's walking around and phone rings & he thinks that it can be millee's call, and might she call to cancel the date..after so many rings finally he picks up and It's Bobby on other end.!! Bobby asks if Millee has come there yet., and doorbell rings..so rahul throws the phone and runs to door. But before he opens it, he makes hisself cool and calmly opens the door..Millee is standing there. Rahul stares at her (shows some flashbacks of him & ramola about revenge on Millee). Millee breaks the silence, asks can I come in? Millee comments that the house is nice and big. Rahul says its his friend's and sees Nina's pic laying on table, so Rahul jumps there and puts the pic frame down, so Millee cant see. Meanwhile Bobby is listening them & Rahul notices that the phone is still on so he hangs up the receiver & at other end bobby says hello hello? Millee says the living room is very beautiful, and then the bedroom must be more beautiful. Rahul takes her to show the house around. While going again he hides the Nina's pic under the pillow. Suddenly, millee says that he has invited her for Special Dinner, so they should finish that first.

 Next Sagar & Kamini are sitting in front of fireplace and again talking about Millee and Dadima incident. Then Kamini asks sagar for the info about Vishal and the woman. Sagar replies that he's on it, but he needs some more money.  Kamini is shocked but finally agrees to give him 10,000 Rs., but Vishal hears them talking about him and tells that Sagar should not be worried about anybody else, he can take care of this house. He tells that kamini should stay alone, since he's been married to her he goes out every night, he's going out tonight and he will go in future too and asks Sagar if he's going with him or not and leaves. Sagar whispers that he will take money from her later and leaves with Vishal.

 Next back to Millee and Rahul are taking dinner. Rahul says that food is good. He has cooked the food his self. Some funny thing around the table happens. Millee says with such a look on her face that they will have coffee in bedroom. She will go and get fresh while he cleans and gets coffee and she leaves. Rahul cleans the table very quick and lights some candles in bedroom, and also dancing with excitement, and comes down waiting for Millee. And.... Discovali Millee comes out of bathroom, first Rahul says with shock ..Discovali? He stares at her and also shows the flashbacks where Rahul invited Millee and Discovali Millee for dinner using same dialogues. Millee looks at him with anger and then puts her red cap on and says "Millee"!!! episode ends on millee's anger face!!!

 well guys its little late but finally got it. im bad with naming, which i didnt know till i started updating.  kamini's bro is Sagar, and its not meena but its Nina. and the driver is Rocky. today's episode was more about Rahul, and he was pretty funny too. he acted well. they show bobby more then karan. i wish in coming episodes they show karan more. enjoy the updates


May 11 2005

Updater : Jink

Millee comes out in black dress as the discovali. Rahul is shocked and asks if she was at disco other night.!! Millee says that it was her; but he couldn't recognize her that time. Millee gets angry and tells him that what does he think about guls? Rahul smiles and asks her for one more chance but Millee refuses and pushes him away from her. Again rahul tries his best to convince Millee and says that you so nice, but Millee says that " Tum to kamine Ho!!" Again Millee pushes him away and tells him that he's not ashamed of what he has done to her? Also she challenges him that if he ever comes in her way, she will not spare him again! And he will not be able to go to disco again & millee leaves.  

Next, in kitchen, kosh and Millee are eating ice cream and Millee tells her the story about Rahul. Also Millee tells her how she taught him lesson tonight. But Kosh says that might Rahul loves her, might he doesn't know that himself. Millee is shocked and says that Love him? Love that liar? He only flirts with guls, he can't love anybody. She will love somebody, who loves her truly from his heart…true love.  

And next scene moves to karan's room, & he's sleeping. Now the new version of Milleee, which is Sarah appears and walks down to karan's bed. She's wearing white dress with pink duppata (very traditional and looked beautiful, sweet, and very different than Millee) & long earings, bindi and open hair. She puts her hand on karan's forehead and karan gets up and he's surprised and happy to see her and says you have come here?! Sarah says you still remember me?! Karan stands up and says he never has forgotten her, there is no single moment when he doesn't think about her. She asks him that why he doesn't finish her unfinished painting. Karan replies, he has promised himself that till she doesn't come (millee or Sarah)  back, he will not paint. And she lays her head on him and says that she has come back to him..as MILLEE!! She has come to meet him and that why her new name is Millee. But karan says that he lost her again, she asks how? Karan says that he went to convent today and they say Millee left and they can't give him address of her, and he doesn't know how to find her? Sarah says that she is with him, very close to him, and where she can go? Again she asks him to finish the painting again, and promises that she never will leave him, and she disappears. Karan shouts for Sarah ..Sarah and promises that he will finish the painting of her.  

Next day, Madhubala & Millee are in kitchen. Millee is eating and tells her that she missed her food in convent and she cooks well. Madhubala tells her that she also missed her while she wasn't here, and she is the only one who laughs and make other laugh in this house. Millee agrees that people in this house needs to laugh, since they don't much. Madhubala says that Millee is pure from heart and Ghayal enter in kitchen asking for driver Rocky. He also comments that millee should do some shayri. Madhubala says that rocky already left so Ghayal leaves without saying anything, at which, madhubala is surprised that he didn't say any shayri looking at her. She also says that he's Love Guru of rocky, and Rocky is Aashiq since he's born!! They both talk about Rocky and Ramola and laugh.

Next scene moves to Rocky's room where he has changed his hair style, & wearing black shirt and singing and talking to his self and looking at some romantic pic on wall. And he says that he has become Ramola's choice's hero and he starts dreaming where rocky and ramola is going in car somewhere. Ramola is sitting in front sit and looking all shy. The song plays "Jo tum ko ho pasand wohi baat karenge" and next they both start dancing at some place. Both have dressed like 70's. Ramola is wearing sari and Rocky has guitar and he's playing and dancing. Now the song changes and its " Na-na karte pyar tumhi se kar beithe" and still the dance are going on.(quite funny scene)  But the dream breaks, when Ghayal wakes him up and praises him that he's looking like some hero. He also says that he should go to mumbai and should become hero. Bobby says that he can't go, because he loves Ramola and Ramola is here, in shimla.

Next Bobby and Rahul are talking about last night. Bobby teases him that two guls ditched him in one night. Rahul corrects him that not two guls but one gul – Millee. Bobby makes fun at him and Rahul get little angry and says that he has dealed with so many guls.. then Millee is nothing. Bobby says, Millee is the one who made him fool, and she will never talk to him again. Rahul says, she has to talk; he never has lost any bet. Rahul & Bobby bet for 10,000 Rs., that Rahul will make her come back to him in seven days. Rahul says that wo Millee ko 7 days main patayega..You know who I'm, Rahul Rastogi!!! Bobby says that he's going to get 10,000 anyways so Rahul says – don't be sure!!

 Next scene moves to Dadima's room with Millee. Millee is talking as always so fast. She tells that Dadima speaks old kinda language, which nobody speaks nowdays, and that language only was spoken in old black & white movies. Dadima says that new generation has no tehjeeb of how to speak and all. Both have some sweet argument on the whole language issue. Millee calls dadima Maam and dadima asks her, what is maam. Millee replies her that it's short for of Madam. Dadima asks her not to call her maam so Millee calls her Mr. and both laugh on it. And Rahul enters in room saying good morning to dadima, while Millee looks away as Rahul looks at her. Rahul says, he wants to talk to Millee, but Millee refuses and says she is doing some work here. Dadimas asks if they had any fight. Rahul says no but Millee still refuses to go and talk to him. Rahul asks her to come and leaves. Again Millee starts talking nonstop and asks Dadima that you talk about tehzeeb and Rahul didn't knock on door, nor he took any appointment from her that she has time to talk to him or not. So dadima starts laughing and tells her to go. So Millee leaves in huff. Dadima says that Millee has come to this house; this house is filled with happiness.

 Next scene moves to Karan's room & he tells Hiralal that he's starting to paint again. Hiralal is happy to hear that and ask if he's going to paint old unfinished painting or the new ones. Karan replies that New, and he doesn't know that why he does this? Hiralal says that this is life, and karan is staring new thing by forgetting the old.. Karan thanks him.

 Millee comes out in garden and passes by Rahul & Rahul holds her hand tightly. Millee asks him angrily to leave her hand. Rahul asks, why she has problem with him, they live in same house and how long they cannot talk? Millee asks, if she doesn't talk to him what difference does that make & Rahul says that it does make difference. But Millee tells him that the difference makes to him is that some strange gul made him fool, & asks him, what did he like about discovali?  Rahul says that she was very nice, short skirt..and then he says that nah, I didn't like her? then he says, I'm just joking. Millee says that you made joke of myself – Millee and all the other guls he goes out with. Rahul with little anger says, watch your toungh!! Millee says that what he will do if she doesn't? She knows what rahul did to her in office. And calls him liar and kamina and everything. Rahuls says, you are passing the limits, who are you? You are just a servant of this house and looks in her eyes deep like he shouldn't have said that!! Millee says that she knows very well that she is just a servant of this house and a master and servant never cant be friends. Also says she will not forget that and even he should not forget that either. Millee walks away, pushing him and rahul walks in opposite direction. Episode ends on both walking away in opposite direction.!!

Again, its very late, im sorry for that. but i loved today's episode. my favourite scene was between karan & sarah. they both looked good together, they share good chemistry. first time saw Millee in very different looks and she looked quite pretty and mature and very quite. i hope they show more scenes of them.The whole episode was Millee millee millee comparing to last one.like her nostop talking, charming  i like Millee and Rahul fighting..they look good fighting but today's fight was a bit more. Ramola and Rocky singing and dancing, was quite funny..something new comparing to ramola's chillao thing. Millee shared good moments with dadima and madhubala and so kosh. no vishal, kamini and sagar in today's episode, which i liked. vishal always is irritating. the million dollars Question is will Rahul & Millee become friends..ever? and how Karan & millee's going to meet again and how things are giong to happento them any love or not?? enjoy..


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12th May: Hetal

Madhubala, Millee & Kosh are in kitchen, while Madhublaa is cutting some vegetables as usual.Tongue Kosh says that her and Millee is going out for some business – own business. Madhublala asks what business. Millee replies that there, so many trees with lots of money (Car owners)LOL hangs out on road so we thinking to go and get some out of it. So Madhubala says that good joke..Money on tree?! So Millee says as speaking Hindi movie dialogue, "Mere pas Ma Hai" and shows Santoshi Ma's pic, so Mashubala does pranam and say Jay Santoshi Ma. So Millee and Kosh start laughing. Madhubala scolds and says badmash!! But then she says that Ma has shown her a real Chamtkar, so Millee says that wait and watch that how people do namskar to chamtkar!! and Ghayal enters and says "Chamtkar?…Madhubala maan gayi?" so Millee says that he will never change and asks Kosh to go with her. Madhubala wishes all the best!!

Next scene moves to Rahul & Bobby in Rahul's bedroom.(these two always talk about guls, there is nothing they do except talking and ladki patao missionWink) Rahul says while playing with ball that Millee is too much, her brain has gone down. So Bobby says, look Rahul, you have made mistake. Rahul says my mistake? And he puts down the ball & goes to Bobby and says the mistake he made was that he wanted to tell her sorry. So Bobby says since she is angry, she will not listen him. So Rahul says that this guls na..! They don't understand anything!! And also says that kisine thik hi kaha hai – " A woman's heart is ocean of secrets" ( I agree with you Rahul, heheLOL). So Bobby dumbly says that he has seen Titanic for 13 times,Confused tells him that he has made a big mistake about Millee. Bobby says that forgets the bet for now and gives him idea that pretend in front of Millee that he knew both guls(Millee & discovali) all along, and he was just playing, and having fun. Rahul likes the idea and thanks him aur pairo me padta hai!! And tell bobby that keep 10,000 Rs.ready now and leaves. Bobby says, what?  & says Kya Bewkuf hun main, khud ke pairo pe kulhadi mar di!! Cry& calls rahul..rahul..sun na?!

Next, Millee & Kosh are on road & selling Santoshi Ma's pic. And advertising about the pic by saying Jay santoshi ma. In back ground the song "Millee..Millee..Millee" plays. Now both go to separate cars to sell the pics. While calling out Jay santoshi ma.. santoshi ma.. santoshi ma..! Millee goes to a car and tells the guy that look at mataji's pic every Friday and get all the wishes filled, so the guys says, he already has 2 wives. Millee says, then buy 2 pics and none of the wife will remain. So the guy tightly asks what? Millee says Kuch zyada ho gayaTongue! And goes to other car and tell him that he will never get any health issue if buys it, the guy says, he's doctor himself. Millee says, aaj to ek ke bad ek lallu hi mil rahe hai!! But she sells some pics and so kosh does too. (Cable went off for few sec, so I missed little.)

Next scene, Vishal and sagar are in Vishal's office and vishal tells him that he bought that tape so sagar says good. But Vishal tells him that sagar must transfer the share of his company on his name, else he will give the tape to police. Sagar says that he had nothing to give and pleads him that he will be ruined; vishal can't do that to him. (again the cable went off so I missed little)

Next rahul is looking for Millee all over the house. He checks in kitchen, dadima's room very quietly, and other rooms as well. And he's thinking that where Millee has gone, and he can't find her anywhere and goes back to his room, where Bobby is sitting(kaha na kuchh bhi nai karte ye donoWink). He tells bobby that he can't find millee. But Rahul says that he knows where millee can be at this time so they both leave.

Next, Millee is counting her money with all the excitement and a guy comes and snatches the money and starts run. Millee too runs behind him, but karan, the reporter Karan runs behind him and catches and gets the money. (Again I got blank screen so missed)

Next Sagar is sitting in car with some strange gul, and tell he that he'll give her 10,000 rs. for some work she to do for him. The work is that she has to go to office and talk to guy name Vishal. The gul agrees and sagar smiles.

Next Millee is shown to walking & Karan is hiding behind wall and looking at her, but comes out and asks her, if she hasn't go home yet? Millee is surprised to see him and asks that where did he go? Next, Millee brings ice cream bars and asks him if eats, karan replies, yes and specially melted. Karan asks why she paid for it; he should have paid for it. So Millee answers that Sarkar made good business today and since he saved her money, sarkar is very happy todaySmile. Karan laughs so Millee asks him if he even can laugh too? He says, yes, but its different that he didn't know that he laughs too. Then millee says that she doesn't know his name and asks himConfused. Karan asks her to guess. So millee says that she can't guess the name but she can say that he's a nice boyBig smile, else most boys now days are liar & dishonest. While bobby & rahul are in car, and rahul sees Millee with Karan, laughing, and stops the car and gets out. Millee too notices him and gets up with anger. Rahul goes there and asks, what is this happening? Millee says that, can't you see, I'm with my friend and still there are people whom I can make friends and trust them, while karan is staring at Millee surprisingly. Rahul asks that who is he? Millee says – he's my friend & she holds Karan's hand and leaves with him.

Next Vishal walks into office and notices the gul whom sagar has sent and asks her if she's waiting for somebody(something is very wrong with the guys of this house, they cant take eyes off guls). The gul says that she's waiting for sagar. Vishal replies that sagar already left and if she has some work from sagar? & sagar is flipping the coin and laughs and says – I win, now there will be fun!!!

Next Millee brings tea for Rahul in his room. Rahul is reading newspaper & doesn't look up and asks her, what is it? Millee says tea. She keeps it on table and starts leaving, but rahul stops her, and asks her to sit. Millee says- Kuch kam hai to bolo varna main ja rahi hu! Now rahul looks at her and asks – aise mooh latkakar kyun khadi ho? Millee replies – mera mooh aisa hi hai!! LOLAnd again asks if she can leave now. Rahul says no and stops her, while he takes cup and looks down & sipping some tea. And there is this silence around the room, nobody's saying anything and Millee is all flipping and gets like why am I here kind of look? Finally Millee breaks the silence and asks that what drama is he playing with her? Rahul asks, drama?..Exactly, I'm been playing this drama since he met her at disco. And just by changing hairstyle, make up, and outfit, she didn't look so different that he couldn't recognize her. and tells her that might she thinks that she's make him ullu but main to ullu bankar tumhe lallu bana raha tha!! Millee gets this expression like "He's Impossible". Rahul says, he felt that he has started liking her and he wants her to win always. Millee says that he's still lying. Rahul asks if they can be friends again, but millee doesn't respond to him but looked like she's thinking that should she accept the proposal or not?  Rahul puts his hands on her shouler and says Please Millee, and Hiralal is at the door calling Millee. He's shocked to see the scene between Millee and RahulShocked. Millee& rahul are standing in position where he can't see their faces so he thinks they are up to something. So he calls Millee and says that dadima is waiting for her. But both rahul & millee are aware of that they have gotten caughtEmbarrassed, but they didn't do anything. Millee and Hiralal leaves, and rahul gets his teacup and acts like nothing and gets scared, confused kind of look.

In living room, hiralal tells millee that what ever she is doing is not good. Millee asks what she is doing? Hiralal says that she lives on earth and dreaming about Moon & being a servant of this house, she can't love the master of the house. Millee says that there's nothing like that, nor she likes the people of this house, nor their faces. And what ever he saw, and put in his brain, is his misunderstanding. Also I'm not doing anything wrong. Also she says that if a servant happens to fall in love with the malik of the house, then what's wrong in it? Don't poor people have true heart, can't they love somebody. And Hirala is very shocked to hear all this and mumbles that Millee is speaking Parvati's (i guess Millee's mother) language!! Millee asks that what is he saying? And he says loudly that they can't love. Poors don't have the right to love these rich people, their bad luck, poorness & tears are their bad lucks. Milless says, that's not true, but hiralal says, this is true, history never can be wrong. He says that he has seen somebody's love, hopes, and tears being buried under this big house. Hiralal becomes very emotional and almost in tears.  Millee too stunned to hear that. Hiralal sighs and tells her that, shrap hai is ghar pe; nobody can ever love somebody in this house. Millee says that if the history of this house can't be wrong then voice from heart can't be wrong too. She says that if there is some shrap on this house then I too being stubborn, and if I happen to fall in love with somebody in this house then history will change, she keeps saying that history of this house will change.  Both look at each other like they have challenged each other. The End.


the episode was good, no dadima, kamini rocky, ramola today. and little scenes with visha & sagar, which is okay. and it is very clear that Millee will fall in love with Rahul and have good friendship with karan. the thing i like about karan is, he different then rest, he loves her but he's not flirty, but he's simply nice to millee, today they shared some good moments together. but last scene showed that Millee's mother must be a servant of the house too. Millee acted really good in last scene, her anger, and frustration came out well. well, you all have good weekends. Smile


May 17th: princess_dj


In the 16th episode they showed the scene they show in the promo wherein the panditji comes home and tells millee that some rich guy loves her and will marry her....

The serial ends when millee sees rahul and panditji together...

Rahul gives some money to the pandit and says "wah kya acting ki hai apne".. millee sees this... bobby is with rahul and is praising this idea of rahuls and suddenly sees millee watching this conversation.... when rahul sees this .... he suddenly looks up at a window and starts saying maa... "500 Rs dene the na maine de diye" ....... millee seems to kind of buy this idea...Smile

in the next scene.... kosh is trying to convince millee that rahul really loves millee.... she tries to tell millee that she knows that millee also dreams of getting married to rahul etc.....

millee tells her that even though a person can dream... its not neccessary that all of them come true....Smile

rahul calls up bobby and starts talking to him as if hes talking to a manager... and tells him that vahan pe sirf ek orphanage banega aur kuch nahi...

next scene they show rahul coming to talk to "Father Manuel " in the orphanage and suddenly father has an heart attack.. rahul takes him to the hospital and mother superior goes with him..... when millee's friend ( i forgot her name the girl she lives in the orphange with) sees this she assumes that rahul has said something wrong and hence father had an heart attack ... she calls up millee and tells her that because of rahul father had an heart attack......Angry

in the hospital... they show that millee comes to meet father manuel... and when she sees rahul there she remembers her friends words and goes to rahul and says ye tumne achcha nahi kiya...and slaps him....

the episode ends on rahuls surprised face.

May 18th: princess_dj

Millee goes to the ganesh temple in the hospital ans tells god that she never complained that he never gave her parents and a family... but she is not going to let anthing happen to father manuel...

Millee's friend ( ithink her name is khushi) prays in front of a cross...

The operation is over and the doctor comes out and tells everyone they father is out of danger.... when they are thanking him he says that they should actually thank rahul because if rahul hadnt gotten him here on time thne things would have been much different.... millee and khushi are surprised to hear this...

rahul then goes to millee and says "tumhe mujhse kuch kehna hai" agar haan to sorry ke siva kuch bhi bolo....   millee says vahi to bolna tha... kushi come and tells them that the misunderstanding was because of her nas she's  sorry.... rahul says lets forget about everything as father is now fine...

mother superior then tells rahul that he might be tired and so should go home... rahul inturn asks them to go home and tells them that he would stay there in the night... everyone agrees but millee says that she also wants to stay in the hospital....

They then shoe some scenes between rahul and millee..like both of trying to doze off sitting... and finally millee ends up sleeping in rahuls lap....

When the doctor comes in... he tells rahul that father is now out of danger ... mille pretends to be sleeping... the doctor them asks rahul about the hospital bills.. rahul says he will take care of them but requests the doctor not ot tell anyone that he paid the bills....

Tina calls up dadima and asks her where rahul is ? Dadima tells her that father manuel is sick and so rahul and millee were in the hospital the entire night.... tina is surprised and hangsup telling her she will call back...

in the morning they show millee thanking lord ganesh... and telling him that she will never fight with him again... also that she would stop  fighting with rahul... rahul comes in and millee just says thankyou bhagvan... and when she is leaving rahul pulls her towards him and tina sees this happening....

The episode ends at rahul looking at a surprised tina...

I think her name is Tina... Shes the girl whom both Vishal and rahul like...

IN between they were some scenes between sagar nad babita... jus time pass scenes....

May 19th: princess_dj

Nothing great happened in the show today...

last episode ended on nina's surprised face...

Nina tells rahul that she was worried that he was in the hospital... he says i am alright... father manuel was nto well... She remind him that he has a very very important meeting today and so he has to come to work. Rahul tells millee that he has to go and leave... they show that nina is trying to show off to millee that rahul belongs to her and not to millee....

millee and father manual come back to the convent... and they see the entire docorated convent.. and mother tells them that this was all rahuls idea...

millee is waiting out the convent for rahul to come... he comes with flowers in his hand... she thinks that they are for her.. but he tells her that they are for father.... but he gives her a rose.... ( dil chahta hai style.... wherein the moment her holds the rose she ends up holding only the stick)

rahul and millee are with father... millee asks him how dadima is doing and he asks her to call dadima .. she does and tells dadi that she is missing her a lot.... and will be home soon... before she goes back to fathers room rahul leaves and so rest of the scenes are pretty much millee thinking about rahul and taking care of father manuel...

in the meanwhile, vishal comes to  meet nina and asks her why isnt her car in the parking lot... she says that she didnt get her car today.. vishal says good i can drop u home then... She says no i have some work.. i will come later... vishal gets angry and says " main achchi tarike se jaanta hum tumhara kaam kya hai ?? "  She then asks him as to why he hates his son so much... he just says that she would also feel the same when rahul would dump her for some one else..... and leaves....

Nina starts thinking and says i have to meet rahul and ask him whether or ont he loves me.... and goes towards his office...

in the office they show bobby and rahul talking ... rahul tells him that he is going to tell millee that he loves her... and so he will win... Nina hears this and starts crying.... Episode ends....

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May 19th: JinK

Recap: Dadima tells Neena to pray for Father Manuel as Miilee would otherwise break down and from tomorrow she will be staying at the hospital with Rahul. Khushi comes and says that Father Manuel is awake now. The doctor says that it was really Rahul who saved Father Manuel's life. Miilee falls into Rahul's arms just as Neena walks in…


Scene 1


Rahul: Neena? You here?


Neena: I heard you were in hospital. I was worried and so came over.


Rahul: I'm not ill, Father Manuel is. Though he's getting better now. Nothing to worry about.


Neena: Rahul, there's also another reason. Maybe you forgot, we have an important business meeting appointment which we have been trying to get for two months. Come on, let's go.


Rahul: Neena, cancel the meeting! How can I go now?


Neena: You don't care about your business at all, Rahul? It's extremely important!


Neena looks at Miilee angrily.


Rahul: You're right. One minute. (to Miilee) Miilee, I have to go for a meeting. Uh… It's very important. I'll – I'll phone after the meeting is over. OK?


Miilee doesn't respond.


Rahul: Neena, let's go.


Neena: Rahul! If you're sad like this, then how will you concentrate in the meeting? Give me a smile.


Rahul smiles, and he goes outside with Neena. Neena gives a victorious grin to Miilee, who glares back at her.


Scene 2


Father Manuel and Miilee both come back to the Convent. They walk in and see decorations, everybody gathered there.


Everybody: Welcome! Father Manuel!


Khushi goes and runs to Father, who hugs her. There are welcome back messages on the walls.


Miilee: Mother? How did you arrange all this in such a short time?


Mother: Not me, Rahul did this, with the help of the children.


Girl: Yeaah, Miilee! Rahul bhaiyya is very nice. He gave us gifts and toys and chocolates!


Every child: Yeeeaaahh!


Father Manuel looks at Miilee as though he's saying I told you so.


Scene 3


Miilee is waiting outside for Rahul. She waits and then sees Rahul's car coming. She smiles. Rahul gets out of the car with a bouquet. They both walk towards each other and smile.


Miilee: I've been waiting for so long, Rahul!


Rahul: If I had known that you were waiting, I would have come even later.


Miilee pretends to get angry at him.


Miilee: These flowers are beautiful.


Rahul: Yeah, the flowers are very beautiful.


Miilee: Are they for me?


Rahul: For you? No, they're for Father Manuel.


Miilee gets sad.


Rahul: Oh, yeah – now I remember.


He puts his hand in his pocket and takes out a rose. He gives it to Miilee and takes away the petals and leaves Miilee with the stem. Miilee sees this and starts to playfully run after him and hit him. Rahul then throws all the petals at Miilee. She starts to smile and dances around while rose petals are falling like raindrops all around her and a song plays.


Yeh kya hua, ek baat pe

Armaan barasne lage

Abhi mile phir milne ko

Tujhse tarasne lage

Adhi adhoori

Baatein ye teri

Mujhko deewana

Karne lagi…


And then Miilee comes back to reality and smiles.


Scene 4


Rahul comes into Father Manuel's room where he is reading.


Rahul: Good morning!


Father Manuel starts to get up, but Rahul stops him.


Rahul: Please continue lying down.


Miilee walks in. Rahul looks at her and they both smile at each other.


Rahul: Flowers!


Miilee sticks her tongue out at Rahul, and Father Manuel smiles.


Rahul: Put them down.


Father Manuel: Put them down, child.


Miilee puts the flowers on the table.


Father Manuel: She always takes care of me. And you, Rahul, have saved my life. I'm indebted to both of you.


Rahul: Oh, no, Father! You're the Father of our lovely Miilee, so doing anything for you is our responsibility! Right, Miilee?


Miilee smiles and looks away. Father Manuel laughs.


Father Manuel: Rahul, your Dadima has turned our Miilee into a proper girl, otherwise she would always play with the boys – and prove to be too rough for even them!


Rahul laughs. Miilee turns away.


Rahul: Father, soon enough Dadima will leave our house and come here to play football with the boys!


Miilee: how is Dadima?


Rahul: Dadima is absolutely fine? Want to talk to her?


Takes out his cell phone as though to show off.Tongue


Miilee: No, I'll – I'll phone from the Convent's landline.


Miilee runs out.


Father Manuel: If God wills she will always stay happy like this.


Scene 5


Miilee picks up the receiver and phones Rastogi House. Dadima picks it up.


Dadima: Hello?


Miilee: Dadima?


Dadima: Miilee! How are you? You never phoned, I was thinking of coming to the Convent! How is Father Manuel now?


Miilee: He's gotten much better now, Dadima!


Dadima: Due to all our prayers to God.


Miilee: Dadima, I might take another days here.


Dadima: That is no problem. You take care of Father Manuel, and of yourself!


Miilee: (a bit sadly) You take care of yourself, too.


Dadima: You don't worry about me. And if you need anything, just phone. I'll come over there as well. Miilee, don't cry! If you cry, then I won't like it. Go and take care of Father Manuel.


Miilee: (sobbing now) Bye.


Dadima: Bye.


Scene 6


Miilee puts down the phone and goes back to Father.


Miilee: Where did Rahul go, Father?


Father Manuel: Rahul went, Miilee. What happened to you? Why are you crying?


Miilee: I was talking to Dadima on the phone, so some tears came into my eyes.


Father Manuel: You love Dadima a lot, don't you? Go to Rastogi house, child. Anyway, I'm better now!


Miilee: No, Father! Dadima said to take care of you until you're all better! And come on now, it's time for your juice! Uh, Father – did Rahul say anything?


Father: (drinking juice) No, he just said that he was going and to tell Miilee that he would come back.


Miilee: When?


Father: He didn't say, Miilee.


Miilee: That's the only bad thing about Rahul! He never says the whole thing!


Father looks up at her, surprised.


Father: Really? And what's the bad thing about you?


Miilee: Me? What could be bad about me?


Then she smiles and hugs Father.


Scene 7


Days pass. Miilee takes care of Father and sleeps next to him on the floor at night. And one day, the phone starts ringing.


Miilee: Hello?


Kaush: Miilee, catch your breath first! Have you been running to the phone? Expecting someone else's call?


Miilee: No, of course not! Who else would phone me except you?


Kaush: Stop, stop! You're just running along your words!


Miilee: Is everybody fine at home?


Kaush: Dadima's fine, Sagar Sir is fine, Vishal Sir is fine, Kamini is fine…


Miilee: Oh, leave them, Kaush! Tell me about the others!


Kaush: Oh yes, Ramona is also doing fine. And…


Miilee: Kaush, what have I got to do with her? Tell me about the others…


Kaush: But there's nobody else left! Oh yeah – Madhubala is fine! And Ghayal is OK!


Miilee: Kaush, tell me about the others!


Kaush: About the others? But who else is left? (Smiles) Oh yeah, maybe I forgot somebody! Tell me, who!


Miilee: Me?


Kaush: At least say, Kaush, is my Rahul fine? Does he eat on time? Does he sleep on time?


Miilee: Stop it, Kaush, what have I got to do with him? If you want to tell me, then tell me, otherwise I'll hang up…


Kaush: Miilee, Miilee! Rahul is absolutely fine.


Miilee: Give him his tea and wallet in the morning on time, and tell him that I-


Kaush: I? What were you going to say, Miilee? You want to say that tell Rahul that you're madly in love with him?


Miilee: Have you gone crazy? Me love Rahul?


Kaush: But you care about him a lot.


Miilee: Well – yes.


Kaush: And you must miss him a lot! Hmm?


Miilee: Yes.


Kaush: And you must wish that you could just fly over to him and stare at him.


Miilee: Kaush…


Kaush: OK, I accept that you don't love Rahul.


Miilee: Kaush, I didn't say that!


Kaush: So say what you haven't said yet! (laughing)


Miilee: Should I?


Kaush: Yes!


Miilee starts singing:


Na thi kabhi, sapne mere

Aise mehake hue

Kadam mere

Na thi kabhi

Aise to beheke hue…


Kaush runs to the kitchen and tells Madhubala, Ghayal and Rocky that Miilee has fallen in love! They all are happy and start to dance too. Miilee runs around with balloons and continues singing:


Na thi kabhi

Koi arzooh

Pehle to aisi hasi

Kyun lag raha hai

Mil gaye ye

Aasman aur zameen


Miilee runs over to {imaginaryLOL} Rahul where he is with his car and sings:


Tumse guzar ke

Jabse gayi hai

Badli hui hai

Meri zindagi…


Kaush, Madhubala, Rocky and Ghayal dance together around Rastogi mansion sing:


Apni Miilee

Khoyi hui

Kiski khayalon mein

Udti jaaye

Roko isko zara

Armaan naye

Leke chali

Gulshan ke apni gulli

Ye pyaari dekho isko zara


Miilee runs around the Convent with balloons…


Haan Miilee


Scene 8


At the office, it is night and Neena is looking at Rahul's photo. She thinks of all the times she spent with Rahul and then Vishal walks in.


Vishal: Hi, Neena!


Neena: Hello, sir.


Vishal: Neena, I didn't see your car in the parking lot.


Neena: Yes, I didn't bring my car today.


Vishal: Oh, that's great.


Neena stares at him like thisDead


Vishal: I mean, no problem, I'll drop you home!


Neena: Uh, no sir, I have some – some work to do.


Vishal: Yes, I also – I mean, I know what work you have here. Neena, all that glitters is not gold. You are thinking that Rahul is gold, but he is not.


Neena: Sir, why do you hate Rahul so much?


Vishal: You will also hate him when he dumps you like a fly in a mug of milk.


Vishal walks off angrily and Neena thinks that Rahul would never do this, as he loves her a lot. Neena thinks that she will make Rahul confess his love today. Smiling happily, she goes off to Rahul's office and overhears a conversation between Rahul and Bobby.


Rahul: You won't believe it, Bobby. At that very moment I made Miilee think that I loved her. I can tell that she loves me now…


Neena starts to cry.Cry


Well, yesterday's episode was quite good. I actually felt sorry for Neena at the end. Also for Miilee. Everyone did their acting quite well, and I was happy to see Sagar and Babita and Kamini and Ramona out of the way for at least one episode. Anybody want to start a We Hate Rahul club?Wink



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24th April: princess_dj

Episode starts off with millee thinking over the story which dadima told her ( about her mother and vishal) and also about that ek naukar aur malik kabhi pyar nahi kar sakte....

She tells Kosh that she is upset about what will happen when the household would come to know about her and Rahul.

In the mean while , millee wants to teach Hiralal a lesson and hence adds sleeping pills into the into his chai.... Hiralal drinks the chai and sleeps on the couch.... Mrs.Rastogi walks in and is furious at Hiralal... and tells hiralal that  He is fired.... Milllee then comes running out and tells ramona and Mrs.Rastogi that she was the one how added sleeping medicine in his chai and so hiralal is innocent... and hence she should be fired.... all the others kosh, madhubala and ghayal.. also join in and say they were also involved and so they should all be fired along with millee... Mrs.Rastogi is furious and tells all of them to get back to work... she then goes to Saagar and complains that all the servants are now a days helping each other out...and so he should keep an eye on all of them and also the meetings they have....

IN the meanwhile, ramona has to meet someone from the modelling business. She has to learn french for that as that lady speaks only french... rocky tells her that he knows french in order to impress her and so becomes the interpreter....... When they meet the lady...  Ramona ends up siging the contract which makes her the main model of the company and also its like some bikini making compnay and the lady in the end says  i am sure you would look great in a bikini ( in french of course.....LOLLOL)

In the kitchen millee thanks everyone for supporting her, hiralal comes in and tells everyone to get back to work ... he tells millee that " hamare hizaab ke bare me hum baadme baat karenge" and leaves...

kosh asks millee to give rahul's suit to the laundry..... In the next scene they show rahul and bobby talk about how rahul won the bet Angry .. bobby says that he wants rahul to prove to him that millee is in love with him... They start walking towards rahuls room... In rahuls room they see millee dancing with Rahuls picture and his suit....

Rahul tells bobby dekha maine bola tha na ... Bobby is surprised and asks him how did he do that ?? Rahul just says abhi to kuch nahi hua.. aage aage dekho hota hai kya.... AngryAngry Episode ends on his face filled with evil intensions....


Comments :

1. Millee's dance with Rahuls Picture was nicely done.... Thumbs UpHeart

2. Rahul is defintely going to ditch millee OuchConfused


New promo shows... Dadima all excited and telling neena : Sach tum aur rahul shaadi karna chahte ho" ...... ye to achchi khabar hai... and a heartbroken millee.....

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25th May: JinK

Nautanki of the episode: Miilee walks in when Dadima is peacefully sitting listening to her old records sung by Mukesh, Mohd. Rafi, Suraya. Miilee starts singing what she calls 'new', a song by Daler Mehndi. Dadima tells Miilee to stop making all that noise. Miilee says that it's a song. Dadima says, shocked, that was a song? Then she says that songs were those which were sung in her lifetime, which touch your soul. Miilee says that her soul falls asleep listening to these!

Jale pe namak chirakna of the episode: Babita comes into Neena's office to clean, but doesn't do any cleaning. She says that Neena should be very careful, otherwise what is hers will be taken from her. Neena gets annoyed and shouts at Babita that why did she tell her all this as she is neither her colleague, nor friend, nor relative. She is a mere maid. Babita smiles and says that the one who is carrying away her Rahul is a maid too. Neena looks up. Babita says that she is talking about Miilee. Then she goes away, leaving Neena scheming.

Shar{miilee} of the episode: Miilee is in the Convent taking care of Father. Father tells her to remember that one day she hated going to Rastogi House and now she has so much khushi there. Miilee suddenly remembers and goes to talk to Khushi. Miilee tells her what Father just said. Khushi says, yes, of course, before that was Rastogi House, now it's Rahul's house. Miilee says, but Rahul is a thing to like. Khushi then smiles at her and runs after her trying to get her to say what is in her heart, but Miilee runs away.

Yudh of the episode: Outside in the garden, Kaush, Babita and Madhubala are drying the clothes while Ghayal is cultivating his flowers. Madhubala tells Babita to work faster but Babita replies that she has some other work to do and she is going. Madhubala says that she knows very well what work she has to do and stops her. Babita says that whenever the topic of Miilee and Rahul comes up, then how come nobody accuses Miilee like this? And whenever Miilee is here, what work does she do? And where is the queen right now?

Kaush says that she has gone to the Convent to take care of Father Manuel. Babita says that Miilee's salary should be cut, all the time she spends in the Convent. Kaush asks why she is that worried, does she pay Miilee's salary? Babita says that one day that too will happen and then flounces off to meet Sagar.

Khullam khulla pyar karein: Babita is in the kitchen and sees Sagar. She calls him over. Sagar offers her a jalebi. Babita says that she has a news even hotter than the jalebi. She thinks that Rahul and Miilee have fallen in love, just like them both. Sagar says, Miilee isn't that kind of girl. Babita says, so you mean that I am "that" kind of girl? Sagar says, of course not, I was saying that why would a handsome boy like Rahul fall in love with a monkey like Miilee? And they both laugh.

Pyar mein Phool kya cheez hai: Miilee is shown sitting on the kitchen counter, plucking the petals off a rose and saying, 'He loves me - loves me not - loves me". Then the camera angle shifts to the floor and we see around a hundred rose petals lying on the floor, plucked off their stems by Miilee's love. Ghayal sees his well cultivated roses being killed and then asks Miilee why she did that. Miilee replies in a poem. When Ghayal is still confused, Miilee says that now he spoiled her entire mood and if Madhubala wanted those roses, wouldn't he bring the whole garden for her? As Ghayal thinks about Madhubala, the real Madhubala comes in front of him and scolds him for scolding Miilee.

Pyaar mein dhoka: Miilee asks Dadima if anyone ever loved her. Then she says that nobody ever could have, with that ugly hairstyle of hers. Then she smiles and tells Dadima that she is still very beautiful, except for her horrible hairstyle. She goes to get a comb. Meanwhile, Neena enters the house as Rahul and Bobby are talking. She meets Rahul and takes him to Dadima's room where Neena says that she and Rahul want to get married. Dadima is extremely happy and Miilee, who has seen all this, starts to cry.

Comments on the episode:

The episode was quite good in my opinion. But I kind of missed the presence of Rocky and Karan, and I wanted to see what happened after the French episode. But let's hope they'll be back soon! Meanwhile, I liked the confrontation between Kaush and Babita today. This is one dislike that will turn into an enormous grudge one day. I hate what Rahul and Neena are doing to poor Miilee; she really should leave Rahul and go to Karan in my opinion!

The acting was, as usual, good today. Madhubala was good when she shouted at Babita. Kaush was great and so was Babita. Sagar was fine, though funny! Rahul really looks different from the innocent, playful Rahul he was before. Mansi Scott as Neena is doing great. Her charm is irresistible. Dadima is as usual, just in tune with the show. Khushi and Father Manuel are natural, and Miilee is amazing, with a lot of emotions showing through in the episode today; love for Rahul, Father Manuel and friendship for Khushi, happiness with Dadima and then sadness when she sees that Rahul and Neena want to marry each other.

JinK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2005 at 2:56am | IP Logged

26th May: princess_dj

Show starts off with a very stuned millee when she hears that nina and rahul wnat to get married....... she starts crying... dadima asks mille to come in... and nina says " Oh to tum millee ho?" is ghar ki naukarani... Milee keeps quiet and doesnt say anything... then nina tells dadima ... "dadima is naukarani se khaiye na ki sabka mu meetha karaye..." millee just walks away... Dadima then tells nina that she never called millee a naukarrani neither does she consider her one ( cho chweet!!!!Smile)

Rahul keep staring at millee... millee tells kosh what happened.. and kosh keeps on telling her that probably she was wrong....

Dadima congratulates vishal and tells him that his son is getting married to neena and so he should be happy... Vishal tells dadima that neena is too old for rahul... and dadima sharply replies haan aur tumhare liye bahut choti... She tells him that even though she lives inside her room she knows what goes on in the house...

Rahul tells bobby that he will definitely win the bet.... he goe sto kosh and tells her to convince millee to meet him.... She says that its hard to convince millee but she will try...

She speaks to millee and after a long discussion she finally agrees to meet rahul .....

Rahul is in his room waiting for millee to come... but out of the blue neena arrives ... he tells neena that he needs some more time and does not want to get married so soon.. she agrees but when she sees millee waiting outside the door... she huga rahul and screams aloud... i am so happy ke ham shaadi kar rahen hain......

She then opens the door and walks away giving millee a very " cant you leave rahul alone" kind of a smile...

Episode ends with millee and rahul staring at each other....

JinK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2005 at 5:48am | IP Logged

30th May: JinK

Mujhpe bharosa karo!: Rahul makes Miilee come in. He says that he didn't say anything when Neena said that they wanted to marry because circumstances were like that. He pleads with Miilee to believe him. He tells Miilee not to cry and then he hugs her - and Hiralal sees that!

Tumhare bhalai ke liye: Miilee runs out of the room. Hiralal stops her. He tells her that the path on which she is walking will give her nothing but sadness and grief of a lifetime. He says to stay away from Rahul, and she can consider it his advice or his order. Then Miilee goes away angrily and Hiralal says to himself sadly that what happened to Parvati should never happen to Miilee.

Khushi Miilee: Miilee phones Khushi, who realises it is Miilee as soon as she hears the ring. Miilee says that Hiralal has gotten her mood off. Khushi says that Rahul is really... Miilee tells her to say nothing about Rahul! And then Khushi says to come to the Convent and get her cheerful mood back!

Woh kaise nahi maanegi: Rocky is extremely happy and is making his own awful poetry! He says to Ghayal that he helped Ramona with her contract with a French woman and he says that they speak French in Dubai.

Kya contract hai!: Vishal reads the contract, which says, Oui vous modlerez pour moi dans un costume de bain, which means Yes, you will model for me in a swim suit! He calls Ramona who is happy and says that now she will stand on her own two feet, but her father tells her what the contract means. She shouts, "ROCKY!" and runs after Rocky, chasing him all around the mansion!

Khane mein khazana - lekin acha khazana nahi!: Miilee goes to the office to bring food for Rahul. Neena is flirting with Rahul and Rahul flirts back. They both hug and Miilee comes at that precise moment! She throws down the food. Neena and Rahul look at her, and she goes away. Neena is happy.

Baat kya hai?: Father Manuel asks Miilee if she has any problem. Miilee makes Father search for a 'spot' on his nose and then when Father realises, he laughs as well!

Mujhpe bharosa karo (part 2!): Miilee is walking on the road when Rahul drives up and asks her to believe in him. He then forces her into his car. Miilee tries to fight with him, but he continues driving. Finally Rahul stops the car, gets out, grabs Miilee and takes her to the cliff. He tells her that he is not lying. Miilee shouts at him that he is a liar and to stay away from him. A guru sahab comes up to them both and says that Rahul should go to the mandir on the mountain, and if he is a liar, then he will fall from the steps. Rahul grabs Miilee and takes her up. They keep on climbing even though Miilee tries to resist. Then Rahul shouts to Kali Maa. Then some rocks fall down at Rahul...

JinK ki taaza fresh-baked comments

A great masaledar episode! Just amazing. Compared to the kind of boring episode of Thursday, this was funny and dramatic, as well as kind of scary. This was a sharp, well-scripted, organized, well-directed and wells-shot episode. Over here, Miilee comes in the morning at 7.30, in the afternoon at 4.30, the new episode at 7.30 pm, and a late-night repeat at 11.00 pm! So I'm definitely going to catch at least one repeat of this great episode!

JinK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2005 at 11:25am | IP Logged

31st May: JinK

2 love-birds: Miilee realises that Rahul is not lying (he isn't, he doesn't really love Neena) and she goes and hugs him. They both hug on the side of the cliff. I sort of thought that Rahul would fall to his death, but sadly, didn't happen.

Madhubala aur Chandramukhi: Rocky runs out to Ghayal and says that Madhubala is calling him. Ghayal is excited as he thinks that Madhubala is now going to reciprocate his love and then he runs into the house. Babita tells him that Madhubala is waiting for him. Madhubala meets Ghayal and says that she was waiting for him. She points to a woman hiding her face with a dupatta and tells him to see the woman. Ghayal looks at the woman. She lifts her dupatta and it is Ghayal's wife, Chandramukhi!

Niklo yahan se!: Rahul is flirting with Neena. Vishal walks in and calls Neena. He tells her to keep away from Rahul. When she refuses, then he kicks her out from her job.

Sangeet ye hota hai: Miilee is singing the DHOOM song and Dadima comes and says that that noise is not music. Then she puts on her gramophone and puts a really old record on.

Aap aisa nahi kar sakte!: Rahul comes into Vishal's office and protests that he can't fire Neena. Vishal says that business decisions are made on business reasons, and not on the basis of a lover's heart. Rahul says that he will call a board meeting. Vishal says him to call a meeting, but nothing will happen. Neena is outside listening to this. She is happy.

Mohe leke jaana re: Dadima is listening to the music. She says to Miilee that music is like this. Then she sees that Miilee is asleep! She strokes Miilee's cheek gently. She then sees Miilee's headphones and puts them on. The Saiyaa song comes on and she starts to dance!

Fired Neena Miilee ko office se nikalti hai: Miilee goes to bring food for Rahul. She is talking to Rahul's photo and then Neena walks in. Miilee says that she brought food for Rahul. Neena says to stay within her limits and stop playing these games with Rahul. A servant can only be a servant, and that Rahul and she are getting engaged, and then married (and did you ever hear of anybody who got married, then engaged?). Then she kicks Miilee out, and when Rahul comes then she diverts the topic.

Mujhe dukh kyun Mile(e)?: Miilee goes to the mandir and says to God that only she gets sadness in her life. Why can't she ever be happy? At home, Rahul asks Madhubala where Miilee is. Madhubala says that Miilee had made food for him and took it to the office. Rahul thinks that he didn't meet her, and that means that Neena...

JinK's comments on the episode

Once again, a good episode. Miilee's acting was great. Rahul was good, as was Dadima. Neeru Bajwa was good in her first episode as Neena, but I think she lacks the more modernized look that Mansi had mastered. The story is really developing well, but one question - where is KARAN?

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