OS: This is love... (13+)

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Hello Thendralians!  Hope everyone is well.  Here's a little special OS I wrote.  I was originally going to post it for Diwali but it wasn't finished yet so I'm posting it now. 

Just a note that it contains content that may be mature for some people, but I guarantee you nothing shocking.  Hope you guys like it and let me know your feedback.

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Tamil, a 27 year old graduate with a business degree from a prominent business university.  After completing his degree he is now working in one of the most prestigious business companies in a superior position.  He believes that work comes first.  He has an elder brother and a younger sister.  His father passed away. 

Thulasi, 23 year old engineering student who is doing her graduate studies at an engineering university.  Her dream is to always become an engineer.  She has a younger brother and sister.   

The parents of Tamil and Thulasi who know each other wish for their children to get married to one another.  Tamil was living in the United States of America for the past 7 years and Thulasi focused a lot on school in Chennai.  Both only met once when they were younger but do not remember each other.

The parents tell their kids about the proposal and Tamil and Thulasi each angrily refuse to get married right now because of their goals.  Both firmly say no but their parents put pressure on them.  Tamil's mother suffers from a heart attack and she wants to see her son married soon so she can get his younger sister married and settled.  On the other hand Thulasi has to think about her younger siblings and their future.  Therefore without any better option Tamil and Thulasi decide to get married to make their families happy.  However both agree that this wedding is only to please their parents and nothing more.  Tamil and Thulasi never believed in love and wanted to focus on their careers first.

It is 4 months after their wedding…

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OS: This is love...


(Thulasi's Engineering University)

It was the day before Diwali and Thulasi went to class in the morning.  She was sitting in one of the labs with her friends.

Deepa: "Thulasi, is Tamil sir coming for Diwali tomorrow?"

Thulasi looking up from her book: "I don't know.  He's still out of town but I don't think he's coming home tomorrow since he said the trip was going to be a little long.

Deepa: "So you guys aren't spending Diwali together?"

Thulasi: "I guess not...I don't know...I want him..."

Thulasi suddenly cuts herself and looks at the clock on the wall and says: "Come let's go to class."

(The next day)

Thulasi woke up bright and early for Diwali.  Before heading to the bathroom she decided to call Tamil's cellphone but he never picked up.   Putting the phone on the table, she heads to her walk in closet and picked out a purple designer salwar along with bangles and a chain and lays it on her bed before entering the bathroom with her towel.

After getting ready and leaving home, she first goes to her parents' house and sees her father, step mother and her siblings.  She takes her younger sister and grandmother with her to the temple and after everyone eats lunch together at the table.

Grandmother looks over at Thulasi: "How is Tamil doing?"

Thulasi touching her food: "He's fine."

Padma: "When is he coming back from his trip?"

Thulasi: "I don't know maybe in a few days."

Thulasi just looks at her plate of food and hardly eating it.

After lunch she goes back home passing by her friends' house each giving them a box of sweets for Diwali. 

She comes home and as she gets out of the car she finds the front door unlocked.  She tries to remember if she locked the door or not but then clearly remembers that she did in fact lock it.  She starts to get scared and wonders if a thief is inside remembering that there was a robbery in her neighbourhood a few weeks ago.

Thulasi goes to her neighbour's house to see if anyone is there but unfortunately there is nobody.  Having no other option she slowly creeps inside taking off her black heels and grabbing an umbrella from the shelf outside.

She steps in and walks slowly.  Going carefully in every room she covers the downstairs floor.  She says to herself: "Nobody in the kitchen, family room or living room..."

She slowly creeps up the stairs being careful not to make any noise.  She enters her room but finds no one in there and then goes to Tamil's room and sees nobody there either.

She goes to the master bedroom now and opens the door but still no one.  She lets a sigh of relief and says: "I must have forgotten to lock the door from the outside."

Just as she's about to go downstairs she hears the bathroom door open.  Thulasi jumps and lets out a scream without realizing she's about to trip on the steps falling down the hardwood stairs all the way to the first floor.

Before Thulasi could fall down, she feels a hand pull her arm up.  Looking to see who it was she notices it was Tamil dressed in black formal pants and a crisp white shirt with a blue tie loosely around his neck.  He looks worried but holds her arm strongly and pulls her up.  Thulasi falls into his arms but he catches her and holds her carefully.

Thulasi stares at Tamil still not out of the little shock she just experienced.  Tamil looks back at Thulasi without realizing that he was holding her so closely.  Few seconds later Thulasi comes to realize what just happened, she looks around and notices Tamil still holding her.  Tamil then helps her back up to her feet and says: "Sorry...I didn't mean to scare you."

Thulasi: "It''s okay..."

She takes a step back, fixes her shawl around her neck and asks: "What are you doing here?  I thought you would still be in Mumbai for your business trip."

Tamil: "Yes I was supposed to work today to submit the project work but I stayed up last night and finished it so I can be here.  It's our first Diwali together'I mean after getting married and I wanted to be home..."

Thulasi was feeling a little happy inside to know that Tamil was here.

Tamil: "I bought something for manager went shopping today to buy clothes for his family and he told me to get something also."

Tamil goes to his room and opens his walk in closet and takes out a bag.  He gives it to Thulasi and she opens it.  Inside a beautifully decorated box was a red and bronze lehenga.  It looked beautiful, very elegant with the gold work on it.

Tamil: "I bought this for you...not sure if you would like it or not..."

Thulasi looks at Tamil: "No no I like it, it's very beautiful.  Thank you." 

Tamil: "You're welcome" and leaves.

As he goes downstairs he gets a call on his cell.  It's one of his co workers.

Friend: "Hi Tamil.  Sorry to bother you but do you have the file for the new project work? "

Tamil: "Yes I do have it.  Why?"

Friend: "Sorry but I need it.  Sir wants to see it and I don't have another copy of it."

Tamil: "Oh don't worry I'll come and drop it off at your house."

Friend: "Sorry man I know you wanted to be with your wife for Diwali."

Tamil: "Hey it's okay.  I'll be there soon."

Tamil cuts the call and goes back upstairs to Thulasi's room.  He knocks on the door even though it is open.  Thulasi was sitting on her table reading a book then gets up.

Thulasi: "Hi."

Tamil: "I just wanted to tell I need to go to my friend's house."

Thulasi looked a little disappointed and looked down.

Tamil: "I need to give him an important project file."

Thulasi looking back at him: "Will you take long?  She then quickly says: "'s just I don't like to stay at home...alone at night..."

Tamil lets out a small smile: "No it won't be long.  You continue on with your work I'll lock the door."

Thulasi nods her head.  While Tamil is heading downstairs she stands by her door and looks at him.  Tamil turns around at the last step and sees Thulasi.  He then takes his bag and car keys and leaves.

While Tamil is driving he thinks about Thulasi and how they were for the past four months.  Their arranged marriage was unexpected and something he wasn't ready for nor liked at the start.   

But Tamil was slowly falling in love with Thulasi.  He liked many things about her.  Her patience, her soft behaviour, her love for her work and family and always trying to help others are things he was admiring most in Thulasi.

He wasn't sure how she was feeling as both of them never spoke much to one another.  He remembered how they were not ready for marriage right now and how Thulasi asked him if she could take a part time job to help pay for her school and things.  He thought more about them together and how they refused tickets to go on a honeymoon from their parents by saying they had work...

Twenty minutes later, Tamil reached his friend's house.  His friend greeted him at the door.

Friend: "Hey Tamil.  Why don't you come in and join us for dinner?"

Tamil: "Hey sorry Satish.  Thulasi is home and she doesn't like to be home alone at night especially after what happened with the break in.  Here's the file man.  You take care.  Call me if you need anything.  Happy Diwali."

Friend: "Happy Diwali Tamil."

Tamil leaves from there and drives home, remembering the night of the robbery and how Thulasi hated thunder storms...


It was 2 am and Tamil and Thulasi were sleeping in their rooms.  Tamil was fast asleep while Thulasi was wide awake unable to sleep because of the storm.  The thunder and hail was hitting hard against the window.  There was a flash of lightning and BAM!  The thunder went hard again. 

Suddenly the power went out and Thulasi's night lamp switched off leaving her room in complete darkness.  Thulasi pulled her blanket over her head praying for the power to come back.  She then hears a knock on the door and jumps in her bed. 

Tamil enters her room: "It looks like the storm cut the power.   I brought a flashlight just in case you need it." 

Thulasi pulls the sheets down and tries to act brave but fails as the hail and thunder bash against the window.  Tamil leaves the flashlight on her night table.  Just as he's about to leave she says: "Can I sleep in your room tonight?"

Tamil turns around a little surprised. 

Thulasi thinking about what she just said: "'s okay...never mind..."

 Tamil: "It's ok...I understand.  You don't have to get out of bed...I'll sleep here on the sofa."

 Thulasi: "You sure?"

Tamil: "Yeah it's no problem, let me just get my things." 

Tamil goes and gets his pillow, comforter and cell and sleeps on the love seat sofa in the room.  

Thulasi gets into bed and says: "Thanks."

Tami looking at her: "Get some sleep...good night"  and he closes his eyes.  

Thulasi looks at him and smiles then starts to fall asleep.


Tamil reaches home and opens the door.  He is surprised to see little candle lights decorated around the house.  He goes to the kitchen and sees sweets on the table too.  He goes upstairs looking for Thulasi.  He passes by her room and stands there astounded.

Inside the room, there was Thulasi in the red and bronze lehenga Tamil bought.  Her silky thick hair was let down and she wore beautiful matching jewellery.  She was sitting on a stool in front of her dresser facing the mirror blow drying her hair.  Thulasi had her head completely bent down drying her hair.  She then brings her head up and sees Tamil admiring her.  She stopped drying her hair and looked at him through the mirror without realizing that the back hook to her lehenga came undone and she never tied the back string yet exposing her bare back.  Both looked at each other lost for words. 

Tamil then comes back to reality and says: "Sorry I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to go to your parent's house today."

Thulasi says softly: "I went this morning."

Tamil: "Ohh...okay."

 Thulasi then looks at herself in the mirror and sees how her top is open showing her entire back.  She gasps then quickly turns around the opposite way facing Tamil trying to tie it.  Getting nervous, her hands keep slipping and she cannot close her top.

Tamil sees Thulasi trying to fix the back of her lehenga.  He approaches her.  Thulasi sees Tamil approaching her and turns to the side now, her heart beat increasing.  She was feeling a little uncomfortable and shy exposing her entire back and waist to Tamil. 

Tamil stands right behind her now and he can smell the freshness of her body wash and shampoo lingering around the little drops of water on her back from her hair.  Tamil hesitates a little to hook the blouse but Thulasi gives him a small nod.  Tamil then moves Thulasi's long silky hair out of the way and closes her blouse.  As he touches her, shivers run down her back.  She feels her heart beat racing and looks down.  Tamil finishes tying the string.  He then takes Thulasi from her shoulders and turns her around slowly.  Thulasi has her head down unable to meet his eyes and Tamil slowly lifts her chin up.  Thulasi looks into his eyes.  Tamil admires her perfectly shaped cocoa brown eyes and asks: "Do you like the dress?"

Thulasi smiles: "It's very beautiful.  Thank you." 

Thuasi goes closer to Tamil and hugs him, her arms around his neck and he hugs her back with his arms around her waist.  He then takes her hand and leads her up to the terrace.  He brings firework sticks and lights one up.  He gives it to Thulasi but she looks a little nervous and doesn't take it.  Tamil then holds her hand from behind and starts to twirl the stick around.  Thulasi practically in Tamil's arms starts to blush but lets him help her.  After putting the sticks down Thulasi leans on Tamil's shoulder and both look up at the sky to see fire crackers shooting up in bright colours.  They admire it then head downstairs.   

Thulasi goes downstairs and starts thinking.  She was wondering if she was falling in love with Tamil.  The past four months were a whole new experience for her.   She didn't want to get married before reaching her goal.  She started to recollect memories remembering the day when they both said they wanted their own space and took separate rooms.  She remembered how there was nothing between her and Tamil and the day she yelled at him even though he was still so kind and forgiving towards her. 

Deep in her thoughts, Thulasi wasn't looking where she was putting her feet.  She slips on her long skirt and misses a step.  But before she could go tumbling down the stairs she feels a hand across her waist holding her up. 

Tamil caught her in time again and asked: "Are you okay?" 

Thulasi almost lost for words: "Yeah...I'm fine...sorry I was thinking about something."

Tamil: "What's wrong?  You alright?"

Thulasi nods her head: "Yes." 

Thulasi looks into Tamil's eyes and smiles.  She now carefully lifts her skirt while Tamil supports her. 

Tamil and Thulasi reach the kitchen and Tamil pulls out a chair for Thulasi to sit.  He makes coffee while Thulasi just admires him sitting on the island table.  He gives her a coffee mug not noticing that it was his own personal mug and runs upstairs.   A few minutes later Tamil comes downstairs in a black and gold kurta with a camera in one hand and Thulasi's shawl in the other.  He comes down to see Thulasi lighting a few more candle lights carefully around the house.  He looks at her and lets out a small grin.

He approaches her: "I brought my camera...if you don't mind can we take a picture?"

Thulasi puts the candles down and nods her head. 

Tamil goes near Thulasi and he gives her her shawl.  Thulasi takes it and puts it on her shoulder.  Tamil sets up the camera and stands beside Thulasi but there was a significant gap between them.  Thulasi then moves closer and was standing right beside Tamil now, smelling his cologne and feeling his hard body while he clicked the pictures.

Tamil put down the camera on the table beside and Thulasi hugged him and kissed his cheek.  Tamil, surprised looks at her. 

Thulasi: "I know I'm not easy to understand but I never thought I would feel this way..."

She looks into Tamil's eyes and he looks back at her: "I think I'm falling in love..."    

Tamil goes close to her and says: "Wow Thulasi, after four months of living with you, this is the first time I am hearing you talk this much in one day." 

Thulasi blushes and says softly: "People say I talk a lot when I get nervous...

Tamil: "Nervous about what?"

Thulasi's cheeks turn red and she shrugs her shoulders: "I guess everything...I mean us...our life...together.  I don't know how you feel...

Tamil puts his finger and on her lips: "Ssshhh...I've fallen in love with you already." 

Thulasi smiles at him and gets tears in her eyes. 

Tamil: "You should never cry in your life.  I'm not going to let that happen.  Okay?"

Thulasi nods her head and closes her eyes while Tamil gently kisses each eye.  He then kisses her left cheek then her right cheek.  Thulasi opens her eyes as Tamil kisses her forehead followed by her neck then her arms.  Thulasi feeling her heart beat race lets Tamil kiss her, liking his strong body yet his soft touch on her.  Tamil then takes her by the waist and carries her in his arms going up the stairs.  He carries her carefully looking at her eyes all the way to the master bedroom.  He pushes the door open and carefully puts her on the untouched king size bed not ruining her lehenga.  He then turns on the table lamp and watches her face glow in the dark.  His wife looked so perfect sitting on the bed.  He goes and sits on the edge of the bed and Thulasi hugs him from behind, her cheek pressing against his back. 

Thulasi: "This is love and I don't want to lose you...ever."

Tamil gets up and turns to face her now sitting on the bed: "You will never lose me because I love you."

He goes closer and closer to her face then kisses her soft pink lips.  Thulasi kisses him back getting warm inside.  Still kissing her, Tamil reaches out with his hand and turns off the lamp leaving him and Thulasi in complete darkness though in each other's arms and with each other's love.  


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Smiles all i can say is that gisel and esther have company now!
way to go!
as I read and get lost in all yr FFs, cant help feeling how wonderful it shud be if a couple of episodes are let to be penned by you people and taken (as fan special episodes!)--CTs--anyone listening?

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Great one smiles!!!...awww beautifully written and so realistic and best was an arranged turned love marriage ... Awesome!!!!
Keep writing !!!!

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It was like watching (imagining) through a blueray video...Crystal clear with detailing!
Perfect birthday treat for usParty!

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Thanks Smiles!
That was so beautifully written. Loved the concept of forced arranged marriage and slowly how they love each other. So well narrated! Great Work!Clap

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OHHHBig smile
smiles-20 u really,really impressed me with your ff...Embarrassed
thanq so much yaaa...Smile
ONE thing is very clear that all the members in this forum are really very good writer...!!!Tongue
i am really able to imagine tt with this write up...LOL
I believe in love after marriage...!!!Big smile

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