Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Discussion Thread 70 Update Pg 1

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LIVE Discussion Thread 70

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This is about spoilers and LIVE Streaming of BB.

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BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 19th December '12

** Time in India Time
** Will try to bold important/interesting bits or check bits with emoticons.
** Red bits are spoilers

SPOILER: BB removed the ban on Aashka becoming a captain last night.

Last night, before going to sleep Aashka hugged Urvashi.

5:30am - Imam sleeping near the entrance wakes up and then asks BB's camera man to please raise the blinds. Then asks if the blinds will be raised or not. There's no response.


8:30am - BB makes an announcement that blinds will be down perhaps? Urvashi wonders what will happen outside. One bathroom is closed.

8:40am - Sapna asking about the morning wake up song - jhoot bole kawwa kaate. So what's the relation? Urvashi says that crows are sacred. Karishma says in London it's the opposite with magpies. They are considered witches' birds. Sapna jokes about Niketan's question - have you ever lied to any contestants? No. JHOOOT. Urvashi - all his lies were funny. Karishma - but his truths were not. Sapna - COME ON KARISHMAAA Urvashi - if you are not with Niketan's opinions then don't say you are. Karishma - I am okay with it. Urvashi - no, you're clearly not. It's his opinion.

8:56am - Outside, Rajev talking to Niketan near the fish tank saying he doesn't touch women like that. Sana, Aashka and Delnaaz sit down near the fish tank on a mat. *random movie chatter*  Rajev and Niketan sitting in silence. Delnaaz is telling the story of Amar Akbar Anthony. Vishal says that no one would know the detail that you remember. Delnaaz saying she's seen in 15 times or so. Delnaaz says - so listen. Vishal who has joined them on a chair outside says, sunna padega abhi. Rajev telling Niketan about cigarettes. BB mutes. Rajev is saying that during his married days, they had this VCD. And there were only 2 choices. This and Karz, you you want to commit suicide or be shot? LOL Then he asks Delnaaz if she still has the VCD. Delnaaz says yes.

9:06am - All the 4, Delnaaz, Aashka, Sana and Vishal get up and head to sit towards the gym area. Vishal goes inside to get another chair. Delnaaz telling Aashka she has personality wise from Amar Akbar Anthony and why she calls her chhotu. Vishal - Delnaaz, stop this movie and find another movie to discuss. BB chahte hain ki chhotu confession room main aayein. All laugh.*random chat about Aashka's new pet name and hair style* Vishal - today is wednesday, some new small task will come. They are doing good. Sana - yes, these small tasks are fun. Better than sitting and laying eggs. LOL Delnaaz - laying eggs. Laughs. Delnaaz is saying her house is in malaad and the studio is also in malaad. Aashka - talking about Rohit and Gauri (not sure who that is). Apparently Gauri is ready for marriage. 

9:13am - In red bedroom, Karishma sitting in bed as is Urvashi. Urvashi - this t-shirt was tight, I promise you and it's so loose now that it pulls up. Karishma - good. Urvashi - it's good in one way but my money is wasted. Karishma - yeah you'll have to buy new clothes now Urvashi - oh pleaseee. *silence* Karishma - I also want to go to the bathroom but I'm very lazy. 

9:19am - Karishma gets out of bed and walks out to the fish tank near Niketan and stands between Niketan and Rajev. Rajev wishes her good morning. Rajev - Sana, is there more tea? Sana - no, I'm going to make it now. Karishma leaves. In the red bedroom, Urvashi is lying in bed awake.

9:26am - Karishma is brushing her teeth in the bathroom. The toilets have been boarded up.Imam is asking her how her neck pain is. She says better. Karishma walks out followed by Imam and a bucket. They both go inside. Seems Niketan is hanging around Sana, Del, Aashka and Vishal. Confused

9:29am - Karishma - it's written there, yahan pishaab karna mana hai. It's so funny. Urvashi laughs lightly. Both in bed. Sapna also there. *silence* Karishma asks Sapna to stop tossing in bed. karishma is discussing movies. Imam is drying clothes outside

9:39am - Sana is preparing a second round of tea. Outside, Sapna is taking to Delnaaz by the tree and it seems to be a serious discussion. Aashka and VIshal go inside the house. Vishal asks what they are making, why not make bhurji.  Sana wants half fried, sunny side up. Aashka - let's make a filling breakfast. Sana - Rajev makes a good bhurji. Aashka - then let's ask him only to make. Vishal talking about the counter and he said ship and Sana says boat. Vishal sits down at the dining table and says it's turned quite cold. Sana asks how the tea is and he says very good. Sana takes a cup out. 

9:45am - Niketan walks in and asks what's being made? Vishal - bhurji but if you want to make something you can. Niketan - no, Aashka makes it well. Aashka - but they want to eat Rajev's hand made one. Niketan - who? Aashka - everyone. Sana walks in saying she told Rajev that they'll keep everything ready and she can come and make everything. *random food chatter* Niketan is making coffee. Niketan to Sana - you are stuck between people like Aashka, Delnaaz, Vishal, Rajev. I am the only one who is right with you. Did you sleep properly after sleeping with a girl like Aashka? Aashka - I'll give you one kick. Sana and Vishal laugh. In red bedroom, Sapna talking about snow in America with someone. Can't see anyone else around. Confused

*missed a bit*

9:55am - Vishal requesting Madhorama to send some pants and jeans. Imam in red bedroom asking if Urvashi slept well and she said she slept very well. Niketan comes in with coffee asking Vishal where Rajev's jacket is? Then he goes over to Urvashi requesting to see her pouch. In the kitchen Sana is happy and laughing and joking while she prepares the flour to knead it. Urvashi talking to Sana about a tragedy king. Aashka asks her who it is. And Sana says Rajev. Sana is now rolling out the rotis. Aashka is busy chopping something. Sana looks at someone and says jhadu wala aa gaya and laughs. 

10:03am - Urvashi comes to the kitchen and starts joking with Sana. Urvashi saying something about Rajev and trajedy king. Sana - they would only ask me 1 question. What do you plan to wear tomorrow? Urvashi - and you wouldn't know. Then they discuss that they need clothes for 21st and 31st. Sana saying she has no clothes left. Aashka saying her clothes have started to repeat a 3rd time. Delnaaz comes in. Sana asks her if the tea was good and Del says very good. Sana offers Urvashi a sip of her tea. Heart Sana tells Urvashi Society tea is very strong and something makes a tea bitter. Urvashi walks off after a bit yawning. Delnaaz is going for a shower and she says give people food. Sana - okay mummy. LOL Aashka - what does Rajev do? Does he mix the eggs first? Sana - yes, but you can call him. Aashka - I'll keep everything ready. *silence and random food chatter*

10:11am - Niketan and Imam talking in the bathroom. Niketan is talking about Mink's entry and he was discussing with Sidhu at night and Endemol people were waiting for them to go to sleep and she entered at 2 - 2:30am at night. Imam - do you think she can come back as a wild card entry? Niketan - I don't think so. He goes on to say that Sidhu is one of the highest paid personalities on TV today. Cam shifts to kitchen. Rajev is in kitchen. Urvashi at the dining table watching. Sana is calling Rajev a bhurji specialist and he says no you guys also make it well. Niketan walks in. Urvahsi and Niketan walk off to the bedroom. Karishma walks in to the sink. She grabs a broom and dust pan. Rajev to Sana - last night your friend cleaned/made? (Vishal) Karishma walks off. Sana making rotis. Rajev chopping something. Aashka frying the parathas.

*only breakfast and cooking chatter*

10:28am - Aashka tells someone to call people as the breakfast is ready and Delnaaz doesn't want to eat. Rajev jokes because I'm cooking. 

10:32am - Niketan and Urvashi lying on her bed. Urvashi says it looks like a lazy day today. Niketan is doing breathing exercises.

10:35am - Cam shifts to kitchen. Rajev and Aashka still discussing cooking.

10:40am - Sana was trying to carve something with a knife and dough. She shows it to Aashka. Cam later shifts to red bedroom. Niketan still doing his breathing exercises. He stops. *silence*

10:45am - Sana has made roti in the shape of lips and a tongue sticking out and Aashka has cooked it. Vishal is holding it up and says wow Sana, I want to frame thisLOL
Screen capture here:

10:49am - Sapna comes in. Vishal is eating at the dining table. Sapna joins him and says mirchi is come. Rajev says to cook for so many, I get scared that I may not go over. Sapna says no it's perfect, she grabs something from the counter and adds to her bhurji. Urvashi walks in. Urvashi sits down to eat and Vishal gets up as he's done. Sapna telling Rajev that Niketan has said from before that you are going to make it

10:55am - Delnaaz walking up and down outside. She seems to be talking to Imam. Imam is dragging the clothes dryer and saying a fly is sitting on the clothes. Delnaaz asks Imam to wash all the bottles today after breakfast. Imam says he did it all yesterday. Delnaaz oh, if you did it then great thanks! Imam - you can ask anyone from the kitchen department. Delnaaz - no, I believe you. Imam walks in saying bismillah. Delnaaz asks him to take the cup on the ground and he takes it inside. 

11:01am - Vishal lying in bed. At the dining table, Rajev, Sapna, Urvashi, and a few others sitting having breakfast. Sana and Aashka by the stove. Sana frying rotis. Imam grabbing his food in a plate.

11:10am - Everyone left. Delnaaz, Aashka, Sana and Imam are having breakfast now. Delnaaz saying that Sapna plans on doing something interesting related to poetry. In the red bedroom, Niketan is mopping, Vishal semi lying in bed lost in thought. Niketan - what are you thinking? Vishal - no, nothing. Niketan - I never even realised you were sitting here. *silence* Cam on Vishal.

11:15am - Delnaaz, Aashka and Sana eating and talking quietly. Niketan passes by and Del asks him if he ate. He says yes. Imam talking to Aashka about the food. Imam comes over to them and starts talking about someone who becomes a woman in order to get work. Sapna comes over and last time Delnaaz's captaincy ended and Aashka's started and Sapna saying that today is the same day. She asks Delnaaz to come to the side, she wants to discuss the floor plan. Sapna asking if she can wear Sana's leopard print dress. Sana says sure. Sapna wants a dress that looks like she's going out, like out to a bar. Confused (Sapna intends on doing some skit?) Sana and Aashka sitting at the table in silence. Aashka tells her to get up. They are now discussing lunch. Seems Sana burnt her arm as she is blowing her wrist. Sana joking she'll have to wear Imam's body suit as she has so many wounds that she can't wearing any clothes any more.

11:22am - Urvashi walking in carefully and Niketan telling her to avoid areas he has mopped. Sana washing dishes. Urvashi filling her water bottle. Sapna saying she needs 2 -3 girls but wants it to be a surprise element. Urvashi making tea. She asks Sana to check if it's 3 cups. Sana says yes. Urvashi giggling and saying she will take a full cup. Niketan asks her if she's washing her dishes.

11:26am - Urvashi now washing her dishes. Niketan mopping the kitchen floor. Sana keeping things away. Urvashi asks Sana if she'll drink tea and Sana says no, she just drank coffee. Karishma seems to be going for a bath so Urvashi says NO, then she says okay go. LOL Sana chopping from veggies for lunch.

11:33am - Urvashi singing English songs and saying, what awesome songs were there back in the day. You must be really young when these songs were released. Chhotu. Heart You are 88 born? Sana - 87. Urvashi - you are 9 yrs younger to me. Chhotu. Heart Sana continues chopping. Niketan says Vishal/Sapna is sleeping and Sana says that's good that BB lets people sleep sometimes, whenever I sleep, BB plays jago jago. Ek din nahi hoga ki unhone mujhe chain se sone diya ho. Urvashi sings hindi songs and Sana joins in and says "oh rabba main to mar gaya oye, shadai.." is her fav song. Urvashi walks off.

11:36am - Urvashi lies near the pool on the sun bed with her tea. Sapna sitting on the other side of the pool saying she's taking in a new perspective. She never saw the house from this angle. *random chatter* Urvashi sings my heart will go on.Clap Urvashi to Sapna - you are the second that I know whose birth date is on 5th. Sapna - Rajev also. Urvashi - when is it? Sapna - 5th June. Urvashi - oh so 3rd person then! When is Vishal's? Sapna - don't know.

11:43am - Imam in the bathroom washing clothes. Niketan asks if Aashka is taking a bath. Imam says yes.

11:45am - Sana alone in the kitchen working. Niketan has joined Urvashi on the sunbed by the pool. Rajev comes over and says that Urvashi, thanks for not giving me a cup of tea. Urvashi - you never said anything. Rajev - I did. Urvashi - it's lying inside.  Rajev - who will get it? Urvashi - you. Karishma walking by. Rajev - Karishma, are you getting tea? Urvashi laughs. Cam switches to Sapna sitting in some corner with Jose her monkey and a cup. 

11:49am - Urvashi and Niketan sitting and dicussing some blinds and cameras.

11:51am - Vishal is up and singing in the red bedroom. He is walking about doing things in he red bedroom. He takes his water bottle and fills the iron. He starts to iron his clothes.

11:57am - Vishal comes into the kitchen saying he slept for a bit and no wake up song played. Sana says yes, it's good. Vishal says Sana is in the kitchen for so long. Aren't you going to shower? Sana - maybe if someone lets me go. Vishal is going to apply a face mask and Sana is going to choose clothes. Vishal - what are you wear? Outside Karishma has joined Niketan and Urvashi. Niketan is reciting a prayer. Sapna still sitting far away. Urvashi joins Niketan in reciting another one.

12:02pm - Sana is choosing her clothes. She grabs her towel and heads outside to go to the bathroom for a shower. Outside, Karishma is fiddling with her hair. BB announcement for Imam to wear his mic. Niketan - what he does is, removes his mic to clean the bathroom. Karishma - yes because it gets in the way. Niketan - *inaudible* Rajev walking by and Urvashi says, ho gaya? finally? Rajev walks inside singing.

*taking a break as it's boring*

Important Updates for a while:
12:14pm Karishma - Nik, what you said, it's no big deal. What you said is your opinion. Niketan - but I didn't say anything. Karishma - yes but I'm just saying it's your opinion and I came to talk to you last night. You should respect my opinion as much as I respect your opinion. Niketan - yeah, I, main kuch keh thori na raha hoon is baare main.. Cam switches to red bedroom.

12:26pm - Sana back from her back in the red bedroom. She asks what's happening. Urvashi looks at her and sings in a slow speed, jaawaaani jaaaneeeman... she laughs and says I wont ruin this song. It's the only one left. LOL

12:45pm - BB's bell is sounding. Sana says it seems a letter has come.

1:15pm - BB made an announcement. Blinds will be coming down.

1:45pm - BB calls Imam to the confession room. Tab has come.

1:50pm - Everyone walks out to the living area. Imam walking with the tab. Everyone is seated on the white sofa. *muted* 

1:53pm - Everyone gets up, Rajev and Sapna go running towards the door but the blinds are down. Cam switches to red bedroom, Sana walking in. Aashka in kitchen. Rajev heard saying everyone should get a chance. Sapna saying something. Aashka called Delnaaz and Sana and Delnaaz saying that shuru nahi hua hai. Niketan saying to Sapna in the red bedroom - say the personal stash is over. Delnaaz calls Sapna sappy and she says what is this sappy sappy, kaun hai yeh sappy. Rajev walking behind Sana saying wah, gazab yaar. They walk out of the red bedroom. Karishma walking out of the captain's room and going into the kitchen/living area. Imam putting make up on his face. Sapna completing the styling of Delnaaz's hair.

1:58pm - Imam ties a cloth over his head and changed his shirt. Outside BB makes an announcement of the rules and *muted* Sana saying something about numbers. BB is muting. Everyone goes outside. Only Imam is left. He's complaining that he hasn't shaved and looks like a piece of crap. He ties a scarf around his neck and heads out. Cam stuck in the red bedroom and muted.Ouch

2:36pm - Outside, Niketan sitting with Urvashi crying and saying something that in her life she only wishes.. Rajev comes and says humne billi paal li. if we knew, we'd all choose number 1. Aashka - everyone chose numbers below 5 Vishal - I chose 40s because I have a lot to do in my life. Imam - so I'm safe from nominations right? Sana - when you were Krishna and you had a fan following. Vishal - everyone has a plans Urvashi - agar aya hai rona, to aya hai. I am remembering my father, I can't do anything about it. Urvashi walks off towards the bathroom. Niketan sitting alone in thought. Rajev comes out and says billi paal li. Niketan - they know what is going to happen. Inside, Sana, Vishal and Karishma discussing their duties. 

2:45pm - Sapna sitting by the pool. Rajev comes over and says chalo bolo captain. Sapna - not with the house mates' sehmati. 

2:47pm - Niketan and Aashka by the sink. Imam sitting with Aashka, Vishal and Delnaaz.  Imam walks off and Niketan leaves. Aashka fiddling with the tab. Vishal - are you calculating how much you earned in 11 weeks? Urvashi clicking a pic of Del, Sana, Vishal and Aashka.

2:50pm - Outside, Sapna sitting one side of the pool. Niketan, Rajev and Karishma sitting on the sunbeds. Sapna asks them about chores. Sapna, I'll go ask Vishal. Niketan - I went inside for the task to get a belt and Aashka was saying she was going to use the belt for something else because I wanted to use the belt as a hunter when I become captain. I said how were you becoming captain and she said that if they asked Delnaaz to take two names, she'd take my name and...Niketan gets distracted and Cam switches towards Sapna and he can't be heard. Karishma asking if Sapna filled her stash from hers? Sapna - can't do that stupid. Tumhara luxury budget hum nahi le sakte

2:55pm - Aashka showing Urvashi the pics. Everyone gone in to have lunch. Everyone is taking pictures while Imam, Niketan and Sapna are serving themselves. Karishma - you have to eat! Imam says yes, he takes a spoon and says wishing everyone lots of health and happiness and takes a bit so everyone can start eating. Imam - Sana eat. Sana - yes later.  Sana comes and serves herself. Imam sitting at the end of the table, Sana and Vishal closest to him. Everyone at the table except Urvashi. She's in the kitchen. Seems she's done eating. Imam thanks Aashka for the lovely food. Sana coughing and Urvashi saying Sana upar ki taraf dekh Sana upar dekh! HeartSana looks up. Sana drinking water. Most people done eating except for Sana, Aashka, Vishal, Delnaaz and Niketan. Urvashi saying, technically it's the captain's room and BB is muting. Imam is making lans and taking to Sana and Aashka and joking. 

3:08pm - Sapna talking to Imam saying that everyone singing the national anthem whether it's a task or not... Imam saying nahi main to chahoonga... Sapna walks off. Urvashi preparing some parathas. Niketan comes over to her. Imam saying something about national anthem. Urvashi - yeah, I've seen how people run into the plane like it'll run away without them and even to get off the plane like the the ariport will run away. Niketan - OMG, kitna dhuaa hai. Urvashi - OMG you have a problem with everything OMG BB please start the chimney Niketan - people please be quiet because when the chimney is on, they can't hear people. Chimney starts and after a minute it goes off. Urvashi - Sana do min ke liye chup raho. Sana laughing - 5 people are talking, tumne mujhe hi bola chup rehne, ab main vote tumhe nahi doongi.  Urvashi - you know why now. Sana and everyone continue talking.

3:13pm - Sapna eating something by the pool. Rajev or Niketan is talking to someone. Can't hear properly. Aashka and Urvashi's names were mentioned. Karishma sitting on the sunbed. Rajev comes to her singing.

3:16pm - Sana and Imam talking about eggs and lizards. Urvashi, Vishal, Delnaaz and Aashka still sitting with them. Imam wants another quiz. They tell him that Sapna plans on doing something. Imam asks what and Sapna says it's a surprise. Sana goes off and Imam says lets play, kaun banega lakh pati. And whoever wins I'll give them a prize outside of the show. Niketan can be the quiz master. Imam - I can't even wash my own dishes? Urvashi - no Imam - this week is going to be very difficult for me. Urvashi - I dont think so. Imam get's up. Delnaaz is saying that the captain's bathroom's basin is leaking from below. Delnaaz calling Imam captain captain! They are discussing something about the luxury budget. Imam says he'll come in 2 mins. Aashka is saying that he has said sorry so many times to me. If he will stay the same for the next 7 days... Urvashi - it'll be fun when he gives karya to Sapna or Rajev. They all get up. 

3:23pm - Sana walking out of bathroom. Niketan still inside. Sana walking inside. Rajev sitting with Karishma by the sunbed sees her and says arey wah! And follows her. She goes and sits on a chair by the gym area and Rajev joins her. Cam switches to karishma still on the sunbed singing to herself. Urvashi walking to the bathroom.  Imam in smoking room. Urvashi standing at the entrance and Imam goes in and tells Niketan will you host a quiz contest for us. Niketan - yeah, when. Imam - before a task comes. 

3:27pm - Vishal at the dining table by himself. Aashka Del and Sapna in the kitchen. Vishal walks off. Delnaaz setting the dining table straight. Sapna washing dishes. Outside, Aashka is sitting with Karishma.Niketan is still talking to Imam. Karishma to Aashka - do you think bipolar is offensive? Aashka - maybe. Karishma - but in this context that I said bipolar, do you think it's offensive? Aashka - maybe bahar lage to some people. Karishma - but if you have it, it's ok. Urvashi comes out and Imam saying can we have a quiz? Urvashi - in the evening. Imam - why not? Niketan - mere khush hone ka reason main aapko bara Jan ko bataoongi. Niketan - I'm genuinely happy he's captain. I'll tell you that. Abhi mere ko. Abhi meri baat hui and I was like hain? Urvashi - kya? Imam comes in and says after 10 mins can you come outside? Urvashi - yes.

3:34pm - Vishal has joined Aashka and Karishma outside. Inside, Imam, Niketan and Urvashi telling him to shift his things in the captain's room. Niketan helps him and says mujhe permanent bed mil gaya. I was telling him I'm genuinely happy he's captain, uska reason... BB shifts to Karishma sweeping the red area. Sapna washing dishes. Outside, Delnaaz is talking to Vishal and Aashka. Del - you invented groups and saying I don't know what games are. Vishal - yeh batane wali baatein hai. Inside, Imam is wondering if he can sleep anywhere outside. They are telling him to ask but he can sleep anywhere. 

*random conversations so taking a break*

Important Updates Only:
3:44pm - Vishal talking to Delnaaz and Aashka and saying looking now he's talking and I keep telling him bhai bhai since the game I came and then he only went and filled her ears in regards to me. Aashka - his problem is that whoever is close to Sana and Delnaaz he's doesn't like them because I never had a problem with him. Delnaaz - no because I know him so well, he's a bad listener, even yesterday when that question was asked about Sana and Vishal. Karishma joins in so they change the conversation. Now they are discussing Imam and Aashka is saying that Imam thinks that no one is like Dolly Bindra and Pooja Missra and he wants to do more than them. He told me in the village house. Karishma - really Aashka - maybe he;s not a bad person and if you call him at 4am and say you have a problem he might come. Vishal - yeah he might come. Aashka - He said he has nothing to lose. He told me what all he has done in his life. Vishal - he will drive away the people in his life even more like this. Karishma - but you got along right? Vishal - yes, Imam, me and Shukla enjoyed a lot one week. Karishma - he said that to me you insinuated I should see a psychiatric and I said because of the dual personality. Sometimes I cant gage him. Aashka - he doesn't allow it. Karishma - I think I said a little too much. Aashka - I think  Karishma - I said bipolar like dual personality Aashka - maybe he takes it seriously and gets help. I told sir that =. Karishma - I said maybe you have this and I dont want to offend you. Aashka - his neices and nephews might talk about him and feel bad. It's not like people haven't have fights but no one has provoked anyone. Karishma - no one knows what happened next. He threw the powder her aunt gave. It;s not nice. Vishal - there's some issue. Karishma - Urvashi says you are defensive and I am and I would like to improve. Contructive criticism is ok but I dont know. Karishma gets up and goes. Aashka - my opinions keep changing. Wo baar baar Sana ko apne point of views deta hai and he says you get influenced by people. Salman asked her if you get influenced. Delnaaz - he talks too much and listens lesss. When he talks so much. Vishal - I dont care what he says but when I and Sana talk, what is your problem. Delnaaz - exactly this problem I have. There are so few people left. I never stopped each other from talking. Vishal - when you guys tlak, that's different. But coming and saying Vishal is like this that. If I was Rohit, if someone keeps touching you like this you wont like it. I told her I dont have a problem with Niketan talking to you coz his body language is different. Delnaaz - why is he going on saying no we are just friends then... CAM SWITCHES. Ouch

3:58pm - Inside, Imam, Karishma, Urvashi and Niketan are naming all places with A.

4:08pm - Sana and Rajev talking. Sana - you cannot take a joke. Rajev - why should that blame be given. You can understand others hurt and pain and jo bhi maine kaha it was for you. Sana - when I take a stand, I'll take in front of others. Rajev -  Sana - I dont think there's a point in saying anything. Rajev - main to chahoonga that these people go and I will go because I dont exist. Or I should go. And I will do amal on this. I'm sorry I'm talking like this. I'm sitting with Niketan and tum apna group banake baithe ho. Sapna ko kuch skit karna chah rahi hai, did she ask me if I want to do, you write. I said I'll see if I can. I said I dont want to do. I'm not your dad's servant that I should write. She said we'll do it at night. I said I dont want to anything without asking Sana. I'm talking to you sana. Sana - I'm listening to. Rajev - I will write and she will say because she will feel a woman's. I said that if you can feel, then she should write. Am I your assistance. Sana laughs. Rajev - it's serious and you are laughing. Sana - generally laughing. Rajev - .. Sana - yesterday's poem was very good. Rajev - it was for someone stupid. When Aashka wasn't there, Vishal wasn't there, you were my friend. Now you have Vishal and Aashka now and you aren't talking to me. I had so many friends but I talked to you but I am not there for you. I am fond of you. Sana - I never thought of it at this level. Rajev - you didn't save me but I am still friends with you. I understood you. Can you keep your hand on your heart that if you dont save them, it wont affect your friendship? I can say on your and their face that it will. But for you, if someone else is there then I'm not there. I'm very angry. In my mind, I've thought this often. Open your eyes, I'm no one of yours. I'm so invisible? *muted*

4:19pm Sapna sitting with Del and Vishal and saying that if someone grabs number 1 position, no one will fight with him. Vishal - true. *silence* Sapna - too many flies. It's a problem. I think if skit aaj kareinge then tomorrow jayega, too many message will be. Del - sat ko karo. If we do it well, it will definitely be aired. Sapna - what I said for Shivraj. If I do that and this also, bahaut zada ho jata hai. Main is liye bol rhai hoon. Next week we can do araam se, Monday and Tuesday also. Aashka comes back. *random chat* Sapna calls Niketan ghar ka sab se bada jhoota. And then the morning song joot bole kawwa kaata. Del - Karishma got affected by it. *chat about BB*

5:30pm - Imam was still making them play the game but now with the entire housemates. Everyone was frustrated.They get a relief when Imam decides to have a smoke.

5:45pm - BB sends batteries so Imam makes everyone change their batteries. 

5:50pm - Sapna doesn't want to do the skit today because she said a message in a confession room and it's a social message which will go out on 20th according to Sapna so she will do the skit next week. Rajev says, the reason I was saying is because I don't know if I'll be there and Sapna says, don't say that. 

6pm - Rajev talking to Sana saying that Karishma was upset yesterday with what Niketan said. Niketan told him to talk to her and he said I can't because I don't want to interfere and maybe if I was asked if you are surprised if Sana Khan made it till here then maybe I would also say I am surprised and maybe you would also say that. Sana they asked layak, I would never say koi layak nahi hai. Main to bolti layak hai, Rajev haan main bhi, Confused Then he says that Karishma was saying she was feeling bad. Sana - I told him that you knew her for 5 yrs and dated for 2 months according to Karishma so Niketan said that no we dated 9 - 10 months. I was like wow, another lie. If someone lies so much, how can you trust them. Trust is a huge thing in a relationship. Rajev - yes and NIketan himself told me he dated Karishma. I never asked. Outside Delnaaz was saying when Imam first came he was doing Rishi Kapoor.

6:13pm - Imam sitting and talking to Rajev about the skit he was going to do so he says Sapna doesn't want to do it today. Imam is telling Sana, we'll make a song and you dance on it. We'll find a music composer. Then he says, lets sing the poem that Rajev wrote instead of reading it. He goes off singing it. In the red bedroom, Karishma, Urvashi and Sapna are asleep.

6:40pm - BB making an announcement not whispering and BB asks Sana and Vishal if they heard anyone else say such a thing. Urvashi comes out and says that unhone bahaut hi gambheerta se warning di thi. Seems they were whispering and BB was warning people from doing that. Rajev and Sapna reading the poem they have written on the side of her bed.

6:49pm - Niketan asks Karishma that when she and Sapna were discussing him, where was it. She says near the gym. He asks her why she's crying. Karishma - just dad ki yaad? Niketan making her recite a prayer with him. She starts to cry so he puts his hand on her head and continues reciting the prayer. Urvashi comes over and asks her what happened. She says nothing. Niketan says it's not my fault. Urvashi says she's making rice. Karishma says she'll come. Niketan - it gets boring right? Karishma says it;s not about boring. I don't have a dad. I don't believe this. Niketan - go meet your mom when you get out. Your plan for Dubai is very good. 12th Jan is a Saturday. Both sit in silence. Niketan is watching some people and smiling and Karishma is looking down. Niketan - then? Karishma - I don't know. Niketan - you think this is... Cam switches to red bedroom where Rajev and Sapna are still discussing their poetry. 

7:04pm - Karishma in the bathroom, washing her face. She comes out and tells Niketan, she goes to help Urvashi. Niketan tells her to sit and talk and she says she wants to keep her mind busy and goes inside. Urvashi asks her if she's okay and she says yes. And shesays she was missing her dad. When Niketan was saying Hanuman chalisya she was remembering him more. They continue preparing for dinner by chopping, etc.

7:12pm - Urvashi saying Sana never washes the tea utensil. Niketan haan kabhi bhi nahi. Karishma haan kabhi bhi nahi. Urvashi - Vishal says he doesn't like khussar phussar and b*tching and now he's sitting and doing that and I told everyone yesterday not to whisper and remove the mics and talk and now he's doing that. And jin se wo baat kar raha hai unko bhi akal nahi (Sana). And wo itna ziddi hai.  Niketan - I don't like that he's so lazy. Once he sits somewhere he never moves only from there. 

7:20pm - BB made an announcement for everyone to gather or a tab has come. 

7:24pm - Urvashi to Aashka - why did Sana do this? Aashka - I told her. Urvashi - wo khud marega aur dosron ko bhi marwaiga. He said he's not interested in khussar phssar so why is he doing it now. Us waqt uske loyalties badale hue hain. 

7:27pm - Sana was crying in the bathroom because she got scolded and she's worried what her family might think. Vishal follows her out of the bathroom. Everyone comes and sits in the living room on the white sofa and Imam is reading a tab. *muted*

8pm - Karishma gets up and leaves and after a minute everyone stands up and sits back down. Karishma comes back and sits down. Niketan talk .. Imam asking Sana what you are looking for in a guy who she'd like to date - dimples, is interesting, he has a sense of humour and the place is good. That's all for a date. Now Vishal's turn. Vishal - as closely I know Sana, no one else does and I would like to spend some time with her. Imam - that;s why you keep whispering with her. You need to entertain us. So it can't be this simple. Rajev?  Niketan laughs. Sana - I'm ready to go on a date alone. Imam - Rajev? Rajev - this house and everyone in India knows that my closest friend in this house among the females is Sana and when we don't talk then people say I start singing and the bigges gift is not materialistic things but time. And the most time, I've spent with Sana and I think Sana also enjoys it and it's not about options but choice and even when people are ina  room, I like to talk to Sana. I say everything on my mind. She's wise, intelligent. And she says I make her laugh and I tell her like for example, look up. I always try to make her stay happy and I hope she always keeps smiling and if she ever saves me or doesn't, it wouldn't affect me and the biggest thing is about saving someone but it doesn't affect him. Imam - what you are saying, you are a good poet, why not sing it. Vishal - look I dont want to do these things, let Sana decide. Imam - why? Vishal - I'm not comfortable. Imam - so what do you think you can do? Vishal - see Sana has to decide and I cant sing or dance? Imam - why can't you? Vishal - you can't tell me. Imam - I'm asking Vishal - I'm not comfortable. Imam - ok. Rajev - this is a very enjoyable task and I'll say my latest poetry and I'll present it for Sana. Sapna - no but it's for someone else. Rajev - don't do that now. Sapna - no please Sana - this is such an insulting task for me if you want to do it do it, I don't want to go on a date.  Sana walks off and Imam says I'll talk to her. Sapna - I wrote it for another guy and how can you say this? And wo bhi air hoga and yeh bhi air hoga. Rajev - how can you say yeh gana mat gao, it's my poetry. Sapna - fine cut my line and do it. Look we wrote that with someone else in mind and if I was Sana I'd be offended. Rajev - but I wrote it. Sapna - but recite from your book.

7:40pm - In the bathroom, Sana - look if Rajev says like this then I will take Rajev only and if he doesn't treat it as a task, I'm not going to decide. Aashka and Delnaaz are consoling her and calming her down, Rajev and Sapna still arguing. Sapna - I would be offended. Niketan - look concentrate on the task and think what you have to do. Rajev hugs Sapna. Rajev - it's insulting for her. Niketan - one candidate is backing off so take advantage of that! Sapna - recite another poetry from your book. Sana - when you were in splitsvilla, you couldn't treat it like a task, when girls said that they will remove their hearts for you did they actually do it Vishal - but I'm not comfortable Sana - but you can talk right? Urvashi - but Sana is right, she's expecting he does something. Sapna - but he's not like this. Urvahsi - he says no for everything. Sapna - it's not a real date. Urvashi - he says no always. Rajev - itna ganda task kiya. Sana comes back and says she's decided to take Imam on a date and Rajev says now I'm going to the bathroom. 

7:48pm - Imam - now Bb as you saw that because of a misunderstanding, we couldn't do this task. Vishal requests Rajev to go first this time. Imam says please present it as a song. If you ever want to win someone's heart, you'll find a lot of flowers here. Rajev - sab se bada bloody fool main hi hoon. People laugh. Since Sapna didn't give me permission to present my poetry and I will recite a poetry from my book. Imam - I'll say one thing that one poem is a poem not poetry. Everyone says Imam dont say that now. Rajev gets angry and says what is this I start talking and you interefere, if you talk you much I will nominate you. What is this grammar lesson. BB mutes. Sana holding her head. Rajev - I told you a 1000 times dont interfere. You know a lot of languages, you dont know the meaning of Kanjar. Dont interfere zaleel stupid man. BB mutes. Rajev is shouting. Urvashi gets up and walks away. Most people get up and walk off. Sana and Vishal also walk out. Then they all walk inside. Rajev is still shouting. Sapna goes to talk to Rajev and brings him outside. Rajev is still shouting at him. Imam is silent. Rajev - you should be ashamed of yourself. Imam - see poetry is plural and poem is singular. Urvashi - look unko mat toko, he doesn't like it. Imam - but it's important to correct someone when they are wrong. Urvashi - it's not in your hands, we are not taking an English class here from you. Let him do whatever he wants to do. Imam still going on about poetry. People are explaining to him. Imam - just because I;m tolerating doesn't it mean... Urvashi - like for example you keep grant stalk and everyone knows its grand stalk, we corrected you 3 times. Sapna adds in. Urvashi - he doesn't like it. this is not school that we came here. If he doesn't know, it's ok. Niketan - if someone has a grammatical error . This is a task and let them do it. When they are done with their own creative thinking, then you give them ideas. Imam - BB shoudl call him into the confession room because I can't bear the way he talks to me. Urvashi - it's their task, not your task. This is not a sanchalay. You cant correct their Hindi English. He's not a young child. Everyone comes back. Karishma says koi baat nahi ab ho jayega. 3rd times the charm.

8pm - Sana - ab main bol rahi hoon ab mujhe koi interest nahi hai, She laughs as well as Del. Sana - mujhe zindagi main bahar kabhi nahi jana hai. Del - aa raha hai. Rajev is taking ideas from Niketan outside. Niketan says sing dard - e - dil. Del and Sana say, send both boys to the panic room. Urvashi is saying wait now, let ME finish. Rajev - I will sing and dance coz it's MY poetry. Vishal says something and Sapna says shut up Vishal. Urvashi - in your screaming, dinner will not be made only. Rajev - no problems, we are going out now. Urvahsi - okay now I will also think of myself. You think there's a line only for you outside?

8:03pm - Rajev - I have to win Sana's heart so where were we. So I will present a poetry for Sana. When I dont talk to you .. sorry I will go over.. I think Niketan, Sapna, Karishma and Urvashi will taunt me because this poetry will suit perfectly. Uljha sa rehta sa rehta hoon paresha sa reha ta hoon, ... teri hi khayalon main hoon yadon ke badlon main hoon, muskorane ko tayyar hoon magar abhi aason main rehta hoon, Sana. Done. Vishal - Imam says that when you talk to someone look into their eyes. Sana laughs Vishal - me and Sana know each other for a while and I like her a lot. You ahve a physical attraction and want to know her and after coming in this house, I have really started liking her and I dont know how to say this in Hindi but I;m falling for her. Mujhe nahi pata yeh hoga ya nahi magar.. main feeling utni hain aur wo yeh jaanti hai. Dont take this word seriously... hume tumse pyaar kitna yeh hum nahi jaante. Every sings along. Tumhe koi aur dekhe to jalta hai dil. Everyone claps and laughs. People singing and laughing. Sana not looking at him. Rajev looking worried. Karishma - awww. Rajev - be original guys. I just want to say when i wake up I see you, when I sleep I see you when I drink protein shake you see me when you use my face wash I look at you and I never prayed for myself but when you were nominated, I prayed for you and I never did a vote appeal for me but I did vote appeal for you. When I talk to Karishma, I talk about you and when ... Vishal - I can't wait till 12th Jan. Rajev - I can't wait till 12th Jan. I will say it today. Tum to meri dost ho. Vishal - whenever we go... I swear on my mom that I want to see her win. And I would like to go on a date with her. Urvashi - saying but dont whisper! Imam - take her to the mirror and talk and then Rajev will do the same. And Karishma but we cant hear. Imam - no it's supposed to be private. Sana - the whole of India is listening, kahan ka private. Everyone laughs. Sapna to Karishma - why are you confused you dont have to go on a date. Sana and Vishal go to the side. Imam - what do you think. Everyone refuses to say. Niketan - she has to decide. Imam - but as an audience. Niketan - no. Urvashi - no we dont want to. Vishal comes back and Sana says I'll stand here only. Niketan talking to Sapna - that casette change ho gayi hai. Sapna - no no side A and B. Karishma was about to whisper and Sapna says no no dont get involved and dont take take us down with you you cant whisper say in your own normal voice. Karishma - I want to tell you guys something later. Sapna to Niketan - if side A goes, what will happen to side B. Imam - please sing a song with Sana's name. People tell him that she's decided and Imam gets annoyed saying he's a sanchalay so let me give m suggestion. Vishal gets up. And says please take me out for a date? Rajev - sun sana sun. Oh Sana Sana mat kar mana mana. Main tujhe pe fana oh tu Sana hai, tu nahi mana mana. Sapna - most dumb, not happy. Rajev - what did you say? Sapna - not for you. Vishal - jab kisi ki taraf dil jhukne lage. Rajev - dard e dil dard e Sana pehle to main shayar tha Aashiq banaya aap ne.dard e dard . Main to nahi jaooonga, dost mere jaayeinge. Everyone stands up and claps. Imam - eahc person tell why Sana should choose you and not the other one. Vishal - I'm better looking and same age group. Rajev - jaadooo meri nazaar, khusboo tera badam, tu haan kar ya na kar, tu hai meri Sana. I dont know if India agrees or not if I'm the msot handsome but everyone knows who has the most understanding. If 75 days non stop you are with someone and if you know. Imam - but why dont you think? Rajev - they look brother sister. Everyone laughs. Rajev - even Karishma and Saif have a great pair. Delnaaz said that she likes Sana so wouldn't she want to meet Sana outside. And Delnaaz herself said that I never did as much in 14 yrs for her as much I did for Sana so I rest my case. Imam again asks the audience and Vishal says it's Sana's decision and Urvashi also says it's her task. Rajev says it's a task and so everyone. Imam - everyone can take one name. Niketan - Rajev Sapna - Rajev Kaishma - Rajev and Vishal. Aashka - I agree with Karishma. Delnaaz - same Urvashi - it's Sana's decisin but Vishal did as much as he could express some people are expressive and some aren't but who entertained you then it's Rajev. Imam - Sana would you want to say who is the winner. Rajev is my good friend and we have been together was 75 days and 24/7. I like his company and he says stupid things that make me. I know Vishal is very reserved and what Vishal did is not his personality and this is like his last elvel and can't do more than him and he did with his heart. And whatever he did he did from his heart. Rajev was entertaining and Vishal was romantic. Imam interrupts and everyone gets annoyed because it's her opinion and you ruined her moment. Sana - so if it comes to going to date then I would pick Vishal because on this stage I feel strange to go with Rajev and I know it's not that kind of date and because it's specified and Delnaaz is here and I'd be uncomfortable to take Rajev and I think because me and Vishal have fought more than we spoke so I'd tak Vishal coz he doesnt expect it of me. Urvashi - great. Imam - thank you Rajev for performing so well. And 3 cheers for Vishal. Vishal to Aashka - yeh task isi liye hua. 

8:34pm - Rajev is annoyed. Delnaaz and Vishal are discussing it. Can't hear. They cant go yet because the blinds are still down. Urvashi, Aashka are annoyed at Imam for interfering and Rajev for not behaving maturely. Sana and Vishal are sitting on the white sofa alone and talking. Urvashi - well done Sana, tumne samjh dari ka kaam kiya hai. So well done. Clap Now they are saying how they laughed at Kashif's performance. Urvashi and all preparing dinner.

8:44pm - Imam comes in saying this was a good task, it had everything, drama, suspense, romance. Urvashi talking to someone and they say Rajev is upset. Urvashi - I dont know I dont get involved in these things. Aashka - me either. Vishal and Sana sitting talking on the white sofa. Imam reminds them no khussar phussar ok? Imam - where's Rajev, shall I call him to eat? Aashka - no dont he's talking with Karishma. Imam - he was entertaining beyond anyone. Delnaaz - it was not about entertaining. She had to choose what touched her heart. Imam - no lets talk about reality and not soap opera crap. Del - but it was her decision Imam - what's the big deal in giving your opinion, dont be diplomatic, and everyone gives me their opinion. Rajev has have every reason to be disappointed because his performance was supreme but Sana handled the situation very maturely. Vishal and Sana get up and Sana goes to sit at the dining table where others are eating. Imam says Niketan you're a star. Vishal walking around. Aashka talking to Sana. Imam - if you talk to him now he might be okay. I think you should go talk to him now. Aashka - jao bol ke aao. Can't hear Sana. She gets up and tells Vishal she's going to talk to Rajev. She enters the red bedroom and stands by a bed. Visal and Niketan whispering. Niketan - haan magar task. Look, I'm giving you honest advice. *cant hear*

8:52 pm - Karishma comes out to eat. 

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fire_gun IF-Stunnerz

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i heard niektan,rajeev,aaksha and dellu devi gone under hammer of bb by  lie detector  ...but what abt rest like vishal,kaishma,urvashi and rest people ?Ouch

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MsPrez IF-Sizzlerz

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Is Sana wearing Vishal's t-shirt?
fire_gun IF-Stunnerz

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aaksha and delaanz came like devi after lie detector Ouch..but what abt rest ppl did they gone under lie detector too ??/Ouch

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shreyanag IF-Rockerz

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Delnazz to sana and aashka- tum log sab ko khaana de dena

sana to delnaz-ok mummy ROFL

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