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Delhi rape victim passed away! R.I.P (Page 438)

Eva JQ IF-Dazzler
Eva JQ
Eva JQ

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Posted: 07 January 2013 at 7:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ashish.sachi

Originally posted by NandyLove

Originally posted by panchaali

1) UAE- Instant DeathPenalty within 7 dayshanging
2) Iran- Instant Stonedto death/hanging with24 hrs
3) Afghanistan -Instant death by bulleton head within 4 days
4) China - No Trial,Medical proved rapethen Death Penalty
5) Malaysia - DeathPenalty
6) Mangolia - Death asrevenge by family
7) Iraq - Death by stonetill last breath
8)Taliban - Limbs/Legs/ Balls All Cut
Off,&then stoned&thenshot
9) Poland - Deaththrown to Pigs
10) INDIA -Compromise, Thinking,Trial, Bribe of 2 laks,Rich family Kid,
Abuse&Embarrass ment
Even d girl dies still nocharge gets in
protest still the PM does notspeak...
look at all thesecountries and learnsomething.

Got this from a face book post...I think that needs to be shared...

I am very much saddened by the plight of Jyoti. Those 6 Assholes , should be meted punishment in accordance with her will i.e  burning them alive

But , I just could not understand , why people are sharing absolutely wrong information about Rape Laws in different countries. Even a cursory Google Search shows , there is no where in World Death as punishment of Rape.

In China the offense has 3 to 10 years of Imprisonment.

In Malaysia , between 5 to 20 years Imprisonment.
Also Martial Rape is not considered rape there.

So People please stop sharing Non Sense & Absolutely wrong Information.

like to add some more about Malaysian Law about this.. not only the rapist gets 5-20 years imprisonment, he also gets several  rattan cane  punishments.. some might get 10-15 rattan cane punishments.. sounds very light punishment but one of my friends' father was a prison warden. He was one of those who carried out the rattan cane punishment to those prisoners.. 

As my friend told me, they would expose the rapist back.. totally expose/naked.. hands and legs were tied so they  could not try to cover up their bums with their hands etc.. 

before the punishment was carried out, the officer had to make sure the rattan is very fine but sturdy... and once the person been whacked at his bum with this rattan, his skin would crack / break  with only 1 punishment. The wound was really really deep.  It took months for this wound to recover... when the wound was nearly recovered, the second rattan cane punishment would be carried out.. the officer would hit about several millimeters from the 1st wound.. Sleepy meaning it would create a new wound and never let the 1st wound to recoverConfused..imagine if he gets 10 rattan cane punishments... how he will live with sore bum for 10-20 years? Confused 

ChanandlerBong IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2013 at 7:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by NandyLove

Danger is near: 99% victims in Tamil Nadu knew their rapists

CHENNAI: Women constantly face sexual harassment in public, but the gravest danger could be closer to home than they imagine.

This is particularly true of Tamil Nadu where, crime records reveal, more than 99% of victims of rape were acquainted with their assailants in some way. In many cases, the culprit was a family member, a close relative that the victim would normally have no reason to fear.

Of the 677 cases of rape reported in Tamil Nadu in 2011, 675 victims knew the perpetrators, according to statistics compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau. Only two women were sexually assaulted by strangers.

Chennai police registered 76 cases of rape in 2011, including 74 in which the victims knew their assailants.

Of the 675 accused in the state in 2011, 249 were neighbours of the victims, 96 were relatives, two were close family members, including parents, and 328 were "other known persons" and acquaintances.

The data for Tamil Nadu is reflective of nationwide figures - 93% of rape victims across the country knew the offenders - but also indicate that women in the state are more vulnerable to sexual assault by people they trust than anywhere else in the country.

In 24,206 cases of rape reported in the country in 2011, 22,549 of the offenders were family members, relatives, neighbours or friends of the victims.

Disturbingly, in the 677 cases recorded in the state in 2011, 45 victims were 10 years old or younger, 46 were between 10 and 14, and 181 were between 14 and 18. Most victims (365) were between 18 and 30, but as many as 272 were minors. Two victims were more than 50 years old.

"A private place, like a woman's house, is now more dangerous than a public place," said Prasanna Poornachandran, CEO of International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care. "The high incidence of sexual abuse by acquaintances and relatives is primarily because of a lack of awareness."

"Girls do not suspect family members or relatives and many victims are afraid to tell someone when they are first assaulted, leading to repeated abuse," he said. "Women should be aware of the threat and be advised to protect their daughters and teach them how to protect themselves."

A senior police officer said there has been a marked increase in sexual abuse by family members in Tamil Nadu. "But women are also filing more cases against close relatives because awareness programmes have emboldened them to lodge police complaints," he said.

All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) national secretary U Vasuki said there should be more stringent rules to curb sexual harassment in educational institutions and workplaces. "How do you stop sexual abuse in the privacy of a family's residence? The state should be more proactive about educating girls and women about the dangers they face and their right to bring charges against offenders."

I am a resident  of Tamil nadu  , you have terrified me more

I  am now scared   to even be alone at my home  

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NandzLuv Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2013 at 8:00am | IP Logged
I was terribly shocked Shocked to hear tis

Delhi gangrape: Accused produced in court, two lawyers offer to defend them

The Saket court witnessed chaos as the five men accused of rape and murder of 23-year-old woman, were produced before court. Bar association members created ruckus after two lawyers offered to defend the accused.
The five, who could face the death penalty if convicted, are also charged with kidnap, robbery and conspiracy over the attack on a bus on December 16 that sparked protests across India about the levels of violence against women.

The defendants have been named as Ram Singh, Mukesh Singh, Vijay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Pawan Gupta.
A sixth accused, who is 17, is to be tried in a separate court for juveniles. The sixth accused, who is reportedly, seventeen and a half years old will be presented before a Juvenile Justice Board which has already summoned his school principal to determine his exact age.

Two of the six accused had on Sunday expressed the wish to turn into state witnesses. Vinay Sharma, a gym instructor, and Pawan Gupta, a fruit-seller, had confessed to their crime when produced before the court on December 19.

The two said they wanted to be witnesses in the case and refused to take the service of a legal aid counsel.

Some lawyers on Monday said they were willing to represent the accused but others expressed their anguish.

One advocate told the court that he was approached by the family of the accused, asking him to defend them.

"I was approached by the family of accused, I should be allowed to meet them here to sign the 'vakalatnama' (contract with the lawyer)," said the advocate.

To this, the judge said he would not be allowed to meet the accused and could go to Tihar Jail to sign the papers.

The incident has caused widespread rage and protests all over the nation, with protests being staged in several major cities, mainly in Delhi.

Police have pledged "maximum security" during the hearing at the magistrates' court amid fears for the defendants' safety. A man was arrested last week as he allegedly tried to plant a crude bomb near the home of one of the men.
Legal experts say the court in the Saket district of the capital would likely transfer the case to a more senior court during Monday's hearing.
"The court will ask them if they have lawyers and then it will appoint an Amicus Curiae (lawyer) to represent them and supply copies of the chargesheet to the accused," said Vishwender Verma, a senior advocate at Delhi High Court.
"The case will then be committed to a sessions court as a magistrates' court cannot try rape and murder cases."
The student, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had spent the evening at a cinema with her boyfriend on the night of the attack. After failing to flag down an autorickshaw, they were lured onto a privste bus they thought would take them home.
Instead, a gang are alleged to have taken it in turns to rape the young woman as well as sexually assault her with an iron bar that they also used to attack her companion. The pair were then stripped and thrown out of the moving vehicle.
Outlining their case before the same court in Saket on Saturday, prosecutors said there was DNA evidence to tie the defendants to the crime scene.
"The blood of the victim tallied with the stains found on the clothes of the accused," said Rajiv Mohan, part of the prosecution team.
He also said police had recovered possessions stolen from the victim and her male friend.
As well as the forensic and other evidence, the woman's friend has testified to police and has reportedly identified the culprits.
The friend in his media interviews, said that passers-by ignored the naked and bloodied couple for 30 minutes after they were thrown out of the bus and police then wasted more time arguing over who had jurisdiction.
"The cruelty I saw should not be seen ever," the 28-year-old man, who also cannot be named for legal reasons, said.
There have been widespread calls for the attackers to be hanged, including from the victim's father.
"At first I wanted to see the men responsible face to face but I don't want to any more. I just want to hear that the courts have punished them and they will be hanged," he told Britain's People newspaper.
"Death for all six of them. These men are beasts. They should be made an example of and that society will not allow such things to happen."
Rape cases are usually held behind closed doors in India and it will be up to the court to decide what the media will be allowed to report.
The police have issued an advisory saying "it shall not be lawful for any person to print or publish any matter in relation to such proceedings" unless they receive permission from the court.

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NandzLuv Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2013 at 8:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -niti-

I am a resident  of Tamil nadu  , you have terrified me more

I  am now scared   to even be alone at my home  

Or neither me too i am also frm TamilNadu
Sidda8 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2013 at 8:24am | IP Logged
May her soul rest in peace. May her attackers be punished so greatly that it will be remember by all for years to come. No girl deserves her fate but she is in a better and safer place now. Away from this sinful world that is full of beastly creatures. 
ChanandlerBong IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2013 at 8:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by NandyLove

Originally posted by -niti-

I am a resident  of Tamil nadu  , you have terrified me more

I  am now scared   to even be alone at my home  

Or neither me too i am also frm TamilNadu

I  read   a week back in the local newspaper that a   school girl was raped by her teacher  2-3 years ago . Another  student witnessed the scene  . The guilty immediately threatened the witness that he  would  fail him/her  if her/she revealed the truth.  The   victim went  and complained  to the head master  and even correspondent  who did  not respond properly . 

The girl after  a year of struggle   had  finally   go justice . The guilty  was punished  . I think he was given a  5 year death sentence  and   some amount as penalty Sleepy

Seriously , shocked  after the judgement   Angry!! But hats off to the girl's courage  

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NandzLuv Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2013 at 8:32am | IP Logged
So 100%  sure braveheart jyothy's soul will nvr RIP , her death will go in vain. Her case is goin to be like other rape cases which r pending in India. The victim is dead/alive bt the culprits r roaming freely outside nd inside prison with lot of protection

Each day hearing rape news in channels ..totally fed up..R these liquor men's doin purposely

As frm the news articles , the statements, the case again postponded to Jan 10 , as two lawyers came forward to defend the accused. The juvenile 6th accused will be put up in prison fr 3yrs nd thn he will released it was said so frm some articles. The case will end in tis mnth , i don t knw abt th judgement

Nothing to say, the promise frm the govt the law will be changed is just an eyewash..They r dragging the case bcoz as we knw the protestors were at top anger state , to avoid t they r prolonging , such tht the public will forget the case gradually.  Why can't the judegement be given soon , wht the hell.

I am very happy tht she s dead nd living happily in heaven.

No tough laws gonna be raised , these 6 bas***ds will be living in the prison wth life imprisonment r some yrs of prisonment..Never expect death penalty frm the court.

Totally totally frustrated ...Dammit ashameful country

Hereafter nvr celeb Independence day/Republic Day. We hv to boycott the republic day..Bt thinking abt the army , navy & airforce soldiers we can't boycott it's fr thm

There s no independence for women in tis country frm men's nd frm some bitch witch women's also


Saw in FB - Two faces of India

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2013 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Yes we should be ashamed as a nation for the degeneration overall.  The delhi case has ripped apart our notion of shining India, a rapidly progressing India and a nation which aspires to be a major player in the world centerstage.  SHAME!!!
Our police had the audacity of arresting women who posted two simple sentences on facebook and was arrested and traumatised when a hatemonger at hyderabad is blatantly inciting people to wage war against India and he's been accompanied by the police to his home safely.  Decide yourself where we are heading as a nation?  

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