REDUX 2612 - ??????? # 7

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Hi ,

Quite short and succinct ;

 The contrast between Mehar and Ritika was brought out  wonderfully by the actor :

The remorse of Shantanu as he  understands how much he had neglected his own family

The caring father worried stiff about his daughter and the   least bothered , least worried for  Suchi cuz she is not the Mom.. Highlighted the difference between parents !

Suchi's  desire for a family and her fear of fractured lifestyle that they are living was fleshed out quite tellingly via that Penguin Story..Kudos to the Creative for not turning it melodramatic  nevertheless  making it poignant...

Qayamat se Qayamat tak ;

The ever resourceful  Mastana has managed to gain the trust of  Suchi by the simple expedient of  stating that HE, Mastana  will save  Papa and on top of that, the penniless Mastana has managed to get some moolah for himself n Suchi to get to Agra by the simple expedient of narrating a sob story which would have made Meena Kumari proud ..Yes, Mastana  has been keeping things simple and escaping with his life..will this simple man be the one who will manage to topple the terrorists organization.

Shahana, Quick to judge, not given to reflective thinking  has already condemned  Mastana as the traitor,  and she has also done the unthinkable, she has questioned the judgement of her Husband Mallik  who HAD said that Mastana is trustworthy..will this pave the way for independent thinking of Sha, where she begins to question her Husband's goals with  her own  realization of consequence or will the rolling boulder move on inexorably towards its doom... It appears that Sha is geared towards destruction as we see her still remorseless planning to bomb the children's meet and to achieve this purpose she has got a Hardware techie to create a Tablet and install the Nova 6.

Needle of Suspicion ;

Mehar has begun to slip up, Rashmi has begun to get suspicious about  Mehar but she has not twigged on to the fact that there could be a replacement ..what will happen when Rashmi realizes that Ritika is an imposter!

Bloody Trail;

Jadda ;
The man  or the spider who has spun a web which appears to be leading  the unwary right into the heart of conspiracy ! ..He is questioned for  ticketless travelling  and he provides the final  tickets to his co passengers ..The  attitude  detached, the mindframe cold... Is he deliberately leading the police to Agra  cuz he wants the Mastana connection to be established ?? Will there be any more deaths ??

Mummy-yan tho Aap sabke bhi hongi..Bang , Bang  ... Kya Jadda bhoolgaya, ke uske bhi  Mummy hai..will this crime come home to him ??

Randeep,  who found the foto of Rinki has been lead to the club where she was working and has now been connected to Mastana.. Randeep has been getting the timely breaks..When will he get the first insight into the pendent ??

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 Bhagam bhaag continues... 

Both the passengers were  ticketless today...ROFL

The hilarious dialogue of the day ... Sardarji truck driver to Mastana..".OYE tussi cargo gaddi nu passenger gaddi banaa ditta woh bhi bina tikat daa "...ROFL 
Batata hoon sardaar se pangaa lene kaa natija...ROFLROFL

...Mastana is even better than Jadda in cooking up stories...rightly dascribed by Jadda yesterday... he has a shakal bhole anari kaa... lekin chaal shatir khilari kaa...and managed to dupe the sardarji...ClapROFLROFL

Mastana racing against time to reach Agra with little Suchi in tow... felt really sorry for the kid...had to act like a "goongi"...Disapprove
Jadda in hot pursuit of the love birds Mastana-Rinki ...was caught travelling ticket less today... so he indulges in senseless cold blooded mass murder of the Ticket checker, Railway Police and the fellow passengers who had the misfortune of witnessing his heinous deed...Rightly said by Anu... the scene reminded us of Kasab in the CST station video clip in the cctv camera...it was too much ... could have been avoided me thinks... or should have been blurred so as not to hurt the sensibilities... will never be able to love this cold hearted character again... ApproveI think that was the aim of the story writers and they have achieved their aim... UnhappyDisapprove

Rinki in a tearing hurry to sell the necklace...which she thinks costs the unthinkable... but the jeweller thinks other wise I'm sure...LOL

The most touching scene was little Suchi not wanting to be like a penguin baby...AWWW... "Penguin nahin rehena chahti...baby penguin ki mamma paida karke chhor ke chali jaati hai." a child caught between parents who don't get along...missing her mother's presence in the family...  .. Unhappy
also touching was the Shantanu -Mehr scene ... kidnapping brings the warring couple closer... thats what He thinks ..Ouch

ClapRandeep proceeding in his investigations further>>..spots the pic of Rinki hitherto unnoticed by the other police man Shekhawat..and traces her to the dance bar >>..interrogated her friend >>.. Picks up the lead to Mastana >>.. Agra >>.. Rajamandi ...Thumbs UpClap

 ClapRashmi gradually noticing the changes in her didi she adored...firstly Mehr slipped up  ... she failed to remember the time diff b/w India and UK... Also failed to call up home on reaching London...nothing was missed by Rashmi... "Didi .. didi nahin thi...didi pehele jaisi nahi rahi... badal gayi hai .. lagta hai bohut kuch chhupaa rai hai."... girls yeh larki bilkul Randeep ke takker ki hai yaar ClapThumbs Up

UnhappyShahana racing towards tabahi on 2612...doesnt waste any time in labelling Mastana the traitor... informs Bade Mallik saab...Ouch

slick and crisp episode... good job creative team...


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she looks like mother... but she is not
shantanu in captivity, in grave peril... he remembers past days... times when he should have been there for his wife and child, things he had taken for granted. now he stands to lose it all... desperate to put things to right, he turns to his life-partner,his wife... "I am sorry," he says. But she is not attuned... how can she be? she is not "The One"
I am fine... she says... almost carelessly... she is not bothered? why not? she is being held hostage with her husband... but she is not even a bit disturbed. her husband is falling to pieces. her child is being held alone in a hostile environment and she cooly states that Suchi is fine... right! suchi is in Disneyland... mehr dear, not your fault... take some lessons from that creepy employer of yours... poor Ayesha is saddled with her as a mother... but a mother she is nevertheless...

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The epi snapshot-cat and mouse game in the chase and race to the finish line - Thumbs Up

Finishing point-Rajamandy Agra..

The trophy-Question

A creamy pale skinned neck of rinki adorned with a beautiful necklace for Jadda..

Rab ne ban di criminal jodi of bunty aur bubbly aka rinki and mastana...for the dot connecting Rathore...

Cause and effect- heroines ke style meinBig smile

Rashmi with her thinking cap ascertains everything is not right with Ritika...and the topic is up for discussion with Malti

Shahana decides to not trust anyone for help after the jadda and Mastana incident ... she procures a computer geek for embedding the  dangerous yet seemingly harmless button cells in it... 

Pushpa...I donot hate kids with tears .. inme kitna emotion hai re.. *snif* *sniff*Cry

Kids are the sure shot emotional  tadka of an episode and suchi with the penguin wala dialogue and her innocent query to Mastana hits a home runThumbs Up

Aur end main aata hai akson- bang bang or dhishum dhishumApprove

Jadda shows of his marksmanship on the train as he leaves a bloody body count... aree hero ko next clue milne ko mangta na...Cool

The colourful episode analysis ends.. keep u r self glued to the screen until next time...Wink

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After watching the episode yesterday  few things come to my mind.

1. Jeddah is like a trigger happy Kasab killing innocent people for no reason at all. I dont know why they had to show it like that. Is it possible to travel ticket less and shoot the TC and the other people in the Railway coach and get away scot free. Maybe hopefully there will be a red alert announced on Jeddah's name.

2. Rithika was never affectionate to her daughter or else why will the small child have the idea in her head that the penguin's mother will leave the penguin and go away. Mehr nearly lost the plot yesterday. But she has sowed doubt in Rashmi's mind.

3. Mastana has the luck of the devil and he has fooled the truck driver and is going to save Rinky.

4 The impatient Rinky is off to sell the necklace and having high hopes but wonder what it is actually worth.

5. Randeep has caught  up i the chase and has one advantage. He knows where a look a like of that necklace is.

So tomorrow we can see a Shootout at  RajaMandi.


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Is the show going off air soon after 26 Dec... is that the reason no SBS or SBB coverage for the show ??... no more promos ??...DisapproveDisapprove
arre the romance between the leads has not even begun.. it is just about budding ... now full stop ?? Broken HeartOuch

what wouldn't I give to see some dhamakedar scenes between Jadda and Rinki... both are such patakas.. i'm sure together they would have set the screens on fire...may be Jadda falls for her and double crosses Shahana.Day DreamingDay Dreaming.. what a story that will be wow... but ALAS.. sigh...OuchBroken Heart

I hope I'm wrong 

Sathyavan and SAVITRI are alone at last ...in the room where the floor is made of rose petals and tastefully decorated with jasmine n roses ... And lit up with floating aromatic candles ...
Sathya tells savitri to relieve herself of all her heavy ethnic jewellery and restricting trousseau ...She comes clothed in a simple saree.. RED ...the colour of love ... to find her husband waiting for her ... And looking at her admiringly ...her flowing pallu, her hair tumbling down over her shouldres and back in soft curls ...and her beautiful face looking even more beautiful with the vermillion mark on her forehead ... The mark which declares her as exclusively HIS woman  ...to love and to cherish for ever ...and he is mesmerised ...

The couple is so madly in love .. Yearn for each other ... The maiden who appeared in his dreams ...and tormented him ...One he wanted to touch every time ... The girl whom he always longed to hold in his arms ... Was right there before him ...and they try to be as close as possible ... Dancing in synchronicity ... Feeling the closeness and looking deep into the eyes and getting lost in their depths ... Their chemistry making the viewers forget about the glass partition separating them ...making Savitri feel comfortable and yet yearning for Sathya's touch ... 

They both recall how Savitri got violent flashbacks whenever Sathya touched her ... And he had promised not to touch her untill she was rid of her nightmares ... 

Sathya and Savi share the bed with a curtain of chameli and roses between them for he must not touch her as he promised her ... Savi is very happy with her husband who is so caring and understanding ... They both want these moments to go on for ever and never end for it was  the night they have finally come close and feel the sense of belongingness ... And they are lost in each other ...

In the morning she brings him tea and pauses to lovingly drink in the sight of her sleeping man ... Her hand of its own violation moves towards him and is about to caress his cheek .. When she stops suddenly recalling her handicap.. And longingly looks at him ...and Sathya as if sensing her eyes on himself ...wakes up ... He knows she was about to touch him ...they do not allow distances to separate them and ...tells her to sit closer ... And she gladly obliges making sure not to touch him ... Very sweet scene...

Leela wants Sathya to put the Kangan on her as per the traditions .. Savi is immediately scared thinking of the scary flashes she would get at his touch .. But he rests her mind by assuring her .. That he would be careful ... She he keeps his word ... Then it is time for Savitri to touch her husbands feet and seek his blessings as per the traditions ... Throwing her again into a dilemma ... How to hide the facts of her violent flashbacks from the MIL ... Waiting for the story  to unfold ...surely her pati is her parmeshwar enough to get her out of all theses sticky situations ...

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Such serials are very rare in India and and not many people will be watching it because it does not have the safe formula of Kitchen politics and rhona dhona.

It would have been nice if they had given some publicity for this show. But what to do? Maybe it will end on 30th hopefully.


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Originally posted by anurao.66


Such serials are very rare in India and and not many people will be watching it because it does not have the safe formula of Kitchen politics and rhona dhona.

It would have been nice if they had given some publicity for this show. But what to do? Maybe it will end on 30th hopefully.


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