Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

LIVE Discussion Thread 69| Update p.1, 125, 143

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LIVE Discussion Thread 69

Video Links of Live Feed : Short clips by sscomp32

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BB6 DT's note

Hey Everyone :)

This is about spoilers and LIVE Streaming of BB.

ALL Discussion pertaining to Eviction and LIVE UPDATE should be discussed ONLY in SPOILER or LIVE DISCUSSION THREAD which are sticky threads, at least the news which have not been aired.
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BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 18th December '12

** Time in India Time
** Will try to bold important/interesting bits or check bits with emoticons.
** Red bits are spoilers

Updates from the earlier part of the day:

SPOILERS: BB just gave the housemates a task to have a Q&A session with Imam. Details in the link above. 

5pm - Delnaaz and Karishma talking about Imam and Karishma saying that Imam is so rude and it's not nice. No one is perfect. Rajev comes over. Del - we've all seen ups and downs. Karishma - if you don't want to talk to someone so dont. Rajev, did I say anything too much to him? Delnaaz - good thing BB did this in the afternoon coz people sleep in the afternoon. Imam heading inside. Karishma - god knows what he'll do, he's walking like it's a show. Delnaaz and Karishma discussing that the way Delnaaz talks is like she's like her mom. Karishma - if you are upset, then I can give you coffee. Delnaaz - as a captain, I wasn't even in the task, nor even in the luxury budget. She tells Sapna is upset and Karishma says she's missing her friend. Karishma - you are not entertaining, you're negative, you have a good person inside, get it out. Urvashi and Niketan walk by. Karishma - does he have dual personality? Rajev - he has also worked outside and this can't be the real person. Karishma - does Imam have a lot of fans who will now hate us? We have AC problem, 24 hr taska. Delnaaz - it's a high end camp. Karishma - they don't show us. Rajev - toilets are so far. Delnaaz - even if you have an argument, you can occupy yourself but here you can't do anything here  Niketan is calling Rajev over and he says what do you want? Cigarettes? Rajev heard saying - yeh drama hai.

5:08pm - Sana and Aashka are telling someone is looking punjabi. It's Delnaaz. Delnaaz starts dancing. Vishal is sitting at the dining table opposite Sana. Sana wondering about a song and oh when her dad gets married and then she laughs and says no no. Now Delnaaz and Sana are calling her Raju, chhotu, master raju. 

5:11pm - Delnaaz hugs Sana as they are joking around and she goes to wash her plate and Sapna is washing dishes and says she'll wash it. Sana says no I'll wash it. Sapna says no leave it I'll wash it. Outside, Rajev and Niketan are wondering if they'll air this and Karishma saying that they show small tasks. In the bedroom Delnaaz is calling Sana and Urvashi is imitating her. Outside, Karishma asking, did I say too much Nik? Niketan gets annoyed and says - there is no self centered self obsessed person more than you in this house! Karishma - thanks, I just wanted to know if I said too much. Niketan - how many times? Now Niketan keeps asking her what are you drinking and Karishma calls him an idiot under her breath. And then says see I'm very calm. Niketan again asks her what is drinking. Karishma ha ha ha. Niketan continues. Karishma - aap ki self obsessed friend coffee pee rahi hai. Niketan - mere baal kaise lag rahe hain? mere baal kaise lag rahein hain? Nahi aap yaha aake bataein. Mere baal kaise lag rahe hai. Niketan - thora footage bhi de do, thora shakal bhi dikha do, coffee mug ke saat. ROFL Then he teases her some more and asks her, oh what did you just finish? Then he goes away and Karishma says he's so vindictive and rude. ShockedLOL

5:20pm - Rajev explains to Karishma that you guys were very patient with him and he doesn't deserve it. You were very calm with him. He spoke badly about my friend. If I didn't say anything, I will look like an idiot. I also have in my heart. He doesn't know what words means -  la hawla wala quwaata means shaitaan in a very bad way. Confused (it means  "There is no might nor power except in Allah.") You say such a dirty word for a girl. Sana is walking by so Rajev asks her for tea. Rajev - I wrote something nice and Sapna liked it. 

5:26pm - Vishal in the kitchen with Sana removing something from her hair and telling her he'll talk to her after lights off but she's busy singing. Vishal - stop acting. Sana - I have to or I'll forget when I go out. Sana is admiring his clothes and Vishal thinks she's joking and tells her to get lost. They discuss the collection - infinity. Sana tells him the tea is done. Sana hands Sapna the tea and he asks Sana to also taste it. Del asks Sana for tea. Sana says peeche pad jati ho. And then  Sana tells Del that Vishal said it. Then she hugs her. Vishal - enough Delnaaz. Del - I'm not doing anything just hugging her. Sana - Delnaaz, you aren't in bed with us so I'm not feeling good. Del - I'll tell Aashka this. Sana - laughs and says Allah ke waste. Vishal also laughs. Del laughs too. Now Sana carrying Rajev's tea outside singing. Rajev gets up and says thank you. He says do you have 2 mins and then says, this is the 3rd time. Karishma is talking to Niketan. Karishma calls Delnaaz and she sits on a chair. 

5:35pm - Niketan and Delnaaz is saying, do you think Vishal will go? But say from your heart. Delnaaz thinks Vishal will go. Niketan - could be. Niketan is saying those 3 are discussing there. He draws their attention and says, Delnaaz was talking about you. Delnaaz - mera dil hi bait gaya sochte sochte. Niketan - only 3 weeks are left so what difference does it make? There's a life outside of this house. Whoever left, you feel attachment. I said if you go people will be happy so try changing that now. Delnaaz says to someone, kuch jal raha hai. Niketan - when there is a luxury budget task, whoever's team he's in that team will go down. Even we were thinking a lot before doing. So when the task comes, no one will have fun thats why people are avoiding him so much. Delnaaz is asking Niketan to order constipation tablets. Delnaaz - please order ducolex 3  or 4 strips. Niketan is asking her to try isabgol and Delnaaz saying she has tried she's heavily constipated. Karisham walks over and asks about chores. Niketan - what is the time now? 6? Karishma - 6:30pm because when Imam was talking, the 5:30pm azaan was going on.

5:44pm - In the bathroom, Imam is sitting on the floor and fiddling with a tray. Outside, Delnaaz has gone. Karishma - lets not speculate that if there's an eviction today then another set of 3 people will be nominated. Maybe you me and Sapna. Niketan - so what? Delnaaz comes back and is saying that he's removing his name from a tray and she's feeling sorry for him. He's isolated by his own acts like Kashif. I was feeling bad for him too. I wish usne sambhal liya hota. Karishma - Salman gave Kashif 1 week to integrate with us but he didnt Delnaaz - we said that we fought with Rajev when he fought with Imam. So it's not necessary to take everything about you. Rajev walks away saying I rest my case from another group. Karishma saying there was a spot light on the tree. Rajev says bye bye everyone, nice meeting all of you. Niketan - we'll meet you all outside. Do I say anything naughty? Rajev - Dinesh ko neeche se leke gaye, mujhe uda ke leke jayeinge. Sana and VIshal seems went to pack.

5:50pm - Urvashi asleep in red bedroom. Vishal makes a joke and she gets up and says, shut up, I'm listening to everything.

*taking a break*

5:55pm  - Niketan, Rajev, Karishma and Delnaaz discussing who might leave. Niketan said that taali ek haat se nahi bajti so Rajev and Delnaaz wont leave. Rajev goes inside and says that Sapna, outside the elimination lights are on. BB anounces Vishal to wear a mic. Sapna says, yeah we felt that it was about the eviction. Rajev is saying I have 6 nominations. Sapna is saying we'll be nominated together and will move together. Rajev says his bags are packed.

6pm - Rajev outside pacing and Karishma saying there's a lot of noise. Niketan lying backwards on the sun bed. Rajev is telling Niketan he's again gone to spoke. Karishma - wo kya karega. Inside Sapna is done washing dishes and is cleaning the counter. In the red bedroom, Aashka, Sana and Vishal all in one bed. Aashka is saying you put your legs on me and sir told me. Sana - they must be saying I'm so small. Sana - masti masti main Urvahsi ne apni dil ki baat kardi. Urvashi is saying something bad hard to hear but Sana and Urvashi both are laughing. Sana - yeh bol nahi paa rahi ki shut up, Main sab samajh gayi tumhari chaal. Urvashi - haan, repeat what you said. Aashka - her legs were on my legs, now are on my stomach. Next sir should shout at her. Sana - BB, dont you know this is our ghar ki baat. Dont send this out. Imagine if I snored. Aashka - I would have rejected your friendship. Sana - my mom says I kick in my sleep. Aashka - you dont kick, you slam your legs on to mine. Sana laughs and says something about Urvashi getting up and hitting her and Urvashi says, what did you say chutku? Tu teher. Then Sana says look at Vishal sleeping and says look at him he's getting his beauty sleep. She grabs a flower and uses the stem to tickle Vishal's nose.

6:10pm - Vishal tells Sana not to trouble him and he turns away from her and sleeps. Then Sana tells Madhorama not to send Vishal's jeans and clothes but to send hers. Vishal opens his eyes and listens. Sana - BB Vishal is sleeping.

6:14pm - Niketan, Rajev and Karishma are discussing how the finale episode will be and then gets up and goes to the bathroom. On the grass Imam is sleeping. In the red bedroom, Aashka and Sana are chit chatting. In the kitchen, Sapna is cleaning the stove. Delnaaz is watching. Sapna - everyone awake? In red bedroom, Sana - 2014 brazil olympics. Sampat ji pata nahi jayeingi but Vishal is right now in Brazil. Sana - you should have got me a teddy bear. Aashka - did I know you'd come and that I'd like you and that I bear your nonsense and you? Sana giggles. *silence* Sana - in my house, I also lie like a dead person liek Vishal is lying in the corner. Someone comes shouting and Sana becomes quiet. It was Urvashi. Vishal stretches his arms and Sana moves away from his hand. Sana saying to Urvashi it's 100% eviction. Aashka - Urvashi come under the blanket and see what my situation is like. Urvashi - chotu raam, put your foot down. Chotu raam, let her sleep. Sana turns around and sleeps. And says my legs are here, this is HER leg. I will clear all my crimes and settle everything and leave. Urvashi - only Rajev will settle here. Sana - he will not settle anything no matter how much he says. Sana pats Vishal and says in your dreams also thought you'll come here and sleep and you should go to Bhatinda. Vishal gets up for a min and tells Urvashi that she's gonna get him back on the stretcher and if not his name is not Vishal Karwal. (or somehting like that). Niketan comes in and climbs into Urvashi;s bed and is eating. Niketan - kya naam tha, oh yeah Bigg Boss, please ek blanket bhej do. Urvashi - kya naam tha. She laughs. Sana to Vishal. She pats him. Where are you Vishal? Vishal smiles. Vishal - mera lena dena nahi hai door door tak. I've gone to Bhatinda only once. Urvashi - stop over kiya tha tumne? Sana - kay baat hai come on, Vishal - ladki bakwaas karti hai. Sana to Aashka - let me sleep. She tells Aashka to scratch her shoulder. Urvashi - idhar bhi shuru ho gaye. Vishal looks at them then closes his eyes again. Niketan done eating and now semi lying down. He pulls blanket over his chest.

6:27pm - Sapna wiping the dining table and Karishma was sweeping the kitchen.

*feeling tired so need a break*

General Update: Everyone in red bedroom, Imam sleeping outside. Niketan makes fun of Karishma saying that when Tsunami comes she'll ask her friends, wait but how's my hair looking? LOL Karishma looks very annoyed. Rajev says I'm on your side. They discuss the Imam task. Urvashi says she doesn't get the purpose of it. Are we looking bad? Delnaaz wonders about the purpose as well. Niketan thinks it's so that everyone could tell him what's on their minds. Delnaaz is saying that Imam is asleep and he wont get up. Niketan says that BB will play jaago jaago. Urvashi thinks that makes he's trying to take it all in or planning how to release it. Rajev tells Karishma that Niketan is imitating her and later Niketan was about to joke about Karishma's worries about her hair again but gets interrupted. They check out all the cameras that have been installed in the red bedroom since yesterday.

8pm - Urvashi called into confession room and Vishal thinks it's eviction time. Urvashi comes out and says a tab has come. Rajev says that it;s eviction time, let's go. Outside, Delnaaz is telling Imam that he should eat and he said he can eat when he wants to. They announce tab has come and Delnaaz asks him to come. Aashka comes out and says they've placed a wire openly!

8:15pm - Everyone gathers in the living area on the white sofa. Rajev cracks jokes about the tab is the time for Imam to leave, chalo bolo pack up. BB makes an announcement (maybe for Karishma's mic) and Niketan says - will this be aired? Rajev laughs. Urvashi starts to read and it's muted. It's some task. there are 4 contestants who will play. Some questions and answers, anyone can answer. There will be a buzzer sound. 

8:20pm - Vishal goes and washes dishes. In the red bedroom, Niketan is saying maza aayega. There will be warmth in the activity room. Urvashi saying that Rajev will go first and the mic that is being attached over the ears. She demonstrates it on Rajev. And it has to be constantly on that position. Delnaaz is with Niketan. Aashka is retouching her make up. 

8:25pm - Urvashi is saying that even after lights off, you have to wear a mic and talk normally, you cant whisper under the blanket. These are very important rules in the BB house. Urvashi is saying that they have to answer the questions clearly. Vishal is in bed telling sana Sana and Delnaaz is getting ready.

8:32pm - Seems they have to go to the activity area. Delnaaz saying that if there's a confusion, do you pass the question? Sana - it's yes and no. Vishal - it's personal questions related to BB. Sana - it's a lie detector. Vishal - layered voice test. Sana is an audience. Delnaaz seems to be one person undergoing the layered voice analysis test.

8:42pm - Someone telling Rajev that you can refuse a question if you don't want to answer and Sapna says but dont do that coz then it wont be fun. Rajev saying but if it's person. Niketan says it's related to BB.

8:44pm - Buzzer buzzes. Everyone goes in. Sana and Imam are the last to get into the living area. Imam is heard saying bismillah. Everyone settles somewhere. Rajev is first. Everyone wishes him luck. Questions will be by BB and once the question is asked, everyone has to be quiet and Rajev only has to answer after BB completes the question. He has to say yes or no or refuse to answer. Niketan is also to go on. Sapna is tell him that she won't be offended by anything he answers.

8:49pm - Rajev on the chair. BB is telling him of the rules. and MUTED. Ouch
Rajev, pehla sawal, do you think that BB *muted*
RED. Everyone lies.

Do you think all the women in the house are eager to talk to you?
GREEN. Niketan - only Delnaaz. Delnaaz - kameena Niketan.

Do you feel that the women in the house feel bad when you touch them when you speak?
Uhh, No.
GREEN. Everyone claps. BB tells him not to use unn ah. Everyone laughs.

Do you ever feel attracted towards Sana?

Are you jealous of Sana and Vishal's friendship?
RED. Everyone laughs.

Have you ever spoken badly of Vishal and filled Sana's ears.
GREEN. Everyone claps.

Do you feel that Niketan is really your friend?
GREEN. Everyone claps.

Do you feel that you are the most eligible (yogya poorna) to win BB6?
GREEN. Everyone claps.

Do you argue with Imam because you can easily target Imam?
GREEN. Everyone claps.

Do you dislike Aashka for giving her opinions on the relationship between Delnaaz and you? Do you feel she interferes so you dislike her for it?
GREEN. Everyone claps.

Do you feel responsible for your divorce with Delnaaz?
He skips.

Do you really want Delnaaz back in your life?
He skips because it's not related to the show.
BB says he has given him full right to skip.

*missed* The things Bakhtiyaar said are they true?
He skips because it's not related to the show. Rajev refuses for a second time.

Do you feel that Delnaaz will again accept you in her life?
*missed* (he answered no according to others)
GREEN. People clap.

*questions end* It's Delnaaz's turn. Niketan and Sapna are talking. Sapna saying that she doesn't have a personal relationship. Sapna and Niketan discussing Sana and Rajev? Or Vishal?Sapna says she denies it. Delnaaz is ready.

Delnaaz, pehla sawaal, do you feel that Rajev's attempt to get you back are a dikhawa.
RED. Urvashi says both of them started off with a lie.

Do you think that to win bb6..*muted*?
GREEN. Niketan looks worried.

Are you diplomatic to look right and truthful?
GREEN, Everyone claps. BB tells her that she can take a moment to think.

Do you feel Urvashi is really your friend?
GREEN. Everyone claps.

After your divorce, do you have a personal relationship with anyone other than Rajev?
GREEN. Everyone claps. Niketan is shocked. Sapna is tensed and upset.

Do you have a romantic relationship with this same person?
GREEN. EVeryone claps.

In the house, have you ever felt ashamed after Rajev's behaviour?

Do you feel that Sana and Aashka are truly your friends?
GREEN. Everyone claps.

Do you feel that Rajev, besides you, is attracted towards other females in the house.
GREEN. Few people clap. 

Your brother Bakhtiyaar, what he said to everyone, are you in agreement with it?

Are you afraid to be truthful in front of Imam?
GREEN. People clap.

Do you trust Rajev more than Sana or Aashka?

Do you.. *muted*Ouch

Do you still love...? (partly muted)
Rajev goes up to Delnaaz. Delnaaz skips. BB says she has full right. Questions end.

Niketan is up next. Vishal kisses Delnaaz on her forehead, Imam goes and shakes her hand. Rajev jokes this will be a red light area.

Niketan, pehla sawaal, do you feel that BB6 you are the most likely (jogya) to win?
RED. Rajev - I rest my case. BB tells Niketan to carefully listen and answer

Do you feel that in the BB house, you are the smartest house mate?
RED. Everyone laughs. Rajev - one more and it'll be a hattrick.

Do you really consider Rajev as your friend?
GREEN. Rajev - I rest my case.

Was Karishma ever your gf?
GREEN. People laugh.

Do you think Karishma makes friends for her own faida?
Yes. Cam focuses on Vishal looking tensed. BB repeats the question. Same answer.
GREEN. Some people clap. 

After coming on this show, have you lied to any other contestants?
RED. People laugh.

To win this show, can you trick your friends?
GREEN. people clap.

Right now, are you attracted towards any female contestant?
No. Urvashi - BB is confused. BB repeats. Niketan says no.
GREEN. People clap.

Do you feel you are better than the other housemates?
*clears throat* No.

Are you afraid of Imam?
GREEN. People clap.

Kya aap rajev ke khande pe bandook rakh kar apni ran neeti khelte hai?
No but he asks the question to be repeated and changes his answer to yes.
GREEN. Rajev - I knew it. Delnaaz is confused.

Do you make friends to escape nominations?
GREEN. Imam looking serious

Do you think Karishma is worth staying till this point in the house?
GREEN. People clap.

That was the last question. Aashka is next.

Aashka, pehla sawal, do you feel that some housemates footage pane ke liye aapko nishana banate hain?
GREEN. Urvashi - at least one person started with the truth.

Next question *muted* Repeat - Kya aap Urvashi pe bharosa karna chahti hain?
GREEN. Urvashi - finally

Do you feel that to win BB6 you are the sabse yogya ummeedvaar hain?
Yes. Karishma looking upset
GREEN Niketan - only I think I cant win.

Do you think Delnaaz is worth winning BB6?
GREEN. Everyone claps.

You are a TV actress, do you cry as an act?
GREEN. Everyone claps.

In the village house, aapke ke prati, dusht vavhaar , have yopu forgiven him?
GREEN. Everyone claps.

Have you ever felt attracted towards a girl?
RED. Everyone laughs.Niketan - kya us ladki ka naam

The girl we saw in Village house was that the real Aashka?
GREEN. Niketan whispers into Urvashi's ear.

If you or Sana stay till the finals, would you like Sana to win?

The behaviour of Santosh was very loving, did you ever like this?

Do you feel that Niketan has filled Urvashi's ears against you?

Do you feel what Sapna says, she follows through?
GREEN. People clap.

Do you really consider Delnaaz a friend?
GREEN. Everyone claps.

The Q&A session ends here. Imam helps her down. Aashka - I didn't no what they meant by aakarshak. Sapna says you're not married, you've moved on. It doesn't make a difference. Karishma - can we talk about it later?

8:40pm - BB asks them to leave the activity area. Imam asks Karishma if she's ok? It's not about you, it's everything about him. Rajev - I'm sabse attractive. Doors are still locked. Urvashi saying if I didn't know about this I would have made a scene. Karishma - why are people coming to me, I never said anything. Sana - there's no reason to lie. Karishma - I'm fine. I want to talk later. Sapna - now. Karishma - let me change. Sapna - even I need to go pee. Sapna - let us go home. Urvashi - who are you attracted towards? Aashka - a little towards you and a little for Sapna's feet. BB buzzer. Sana - round 2. Karishma - it was 7 yrs ago for 2 months. People finally open the door and go back in the house. 

8:47pm - Niketan - I said what I felt about Karishma. I have said it to here, well not said it to her but I do you guys think you will win? Aashka - if we think. Niketan - I dont think so. Aashka - Rohit, baby, I'm straight, you know that right? I am but in a different way. Sana joking, ok, I know you dont want me to win. In the bathroom, Imam tells Karishma that he feels he needs to seek counselling because he can see him going in that direction coz he's been counselled for alcoholism. Niketan is saying to Urvashi that the Sana Vishal thing was what the question was related to.

8:53pm - Vishal, Sana and Aashka sitting at the dining table. Delnaaz - 4 red for Niketan, 2 for me, 1 for you (aashka).

*stopping now to watch TV telecast*

10:15pm - BB makes an announcement for all the house mates to gather in the living area. Imam thanks Aashka for the food. Everyone waiting on Imam who is trying to remove his sleeves or something. He grabs his tea/coffee and comes to sit down. Everyone claps and gets up. Maybe Aashka was told she can be captain again.

10:23pm - Sana and Karishma making dinner. Aashka is also cooking. Vishal is sitting at the dining table. Delnaaz says that BB also jokes around as haan hoon. They continue cooking dinner. Sana making rotis and Karishma frying them. Shocked

10:29pm - Niketan sitting on the sofa and telling Urvashi that some people (Karishma) can't take criticism. Urvashi said that but you know each other from outside. 

10:32pm - Imam asks Vishal if he's standing up for captaincy and Vishal says how can I? I'm nominated and Imam says, oh right. Urvashi saying that it will be last week of captaincy and Delnaaz is saying no. Sana is saying there will be another captain and Vishal says there will be 2 captains and Urvashi says how can can it be? Delnaaz and Aashka are joking around. Niketan is just staring. Niketan offers Delnaaz stuffed paratha. She takes it. Vishal requesting the tea after food that she promised. Sana asking yes, but why did I promise?

10:37pm - Del asking Vishal if Rajev said something to him and Vishal said no nothing, I know what conversation was being referred to. Sana sits next to Vishal. Niketan offers Karishma, Vishal, Sana and Aashka pickle. Vishal - I don't eat pickle. Vishal asks Sana if you understood anything today or not? Sana says no, I dont understand anything. Vishal is telling Aashka and Sana that Rajev's body language as a friend is different and he fills her ears. Sana - I dont think he fills my ears. Vishal - I dont think you can be so dumb. Del - please include me as well. Vishal - You understand everything but you act. Sana - do you really think that? Vishal - is it proved today or not? I've told her the same thing again and again. A friend's body language and facial expressions are different. If it wasn't the case, it would not go out. Aashka - chod na. Vishal - I never said that about Niketan, it's obvious about Rajev. I can see the way he talks. And they asked the same questions and it's proved. And he filled your ears and I told him that I said why are you filling your ears of Sana against. Aashka - he said no and it came red. Vishal - a guy can see the way a guy looks. Aashka - let it go. Vishal - no but it's wrong. She doesn't understand. I'm not fighting but everything I told you (SAna) it's proved today. Sana - I swear to you yaaar. Vishal - I'm telling you now. Sana to Del - we'll tell you everything after 12th Jan. Sana - Aashka you are only captain next. Aashka - that's upto the house mates. Del - there's no doubt, BB knew you can begin that's why. Vishal - if they ask you 2 names, give Sapna and Aashka. Del - no BB himself took her name because he feels there's a chance.

10:45pm - Sapna and Niketan saying that Sapna - Karishma told me that you guys were flirting. Niketan - and you know that this was aired. Sapna - and it's because I said he flirts with me and it's a healthy flirtation. Even Vishal and I and there's nothing there. I'm not even attracted to him. You are a male and I'm a female and it'll make our stay enjoyable. And even Karishma thought, I must tell you this then. So why are you going there? Niketan - Mink laughed and told me this. And you must have told Sana. Sapna - I told everybody but much later - Rajev, Delnaaz, Sana, Aashu and I said much later and I said, why do you think Salman said Niketan why told you have a one night stand. Niketan - old times sake? Sapna - I dont think even Karishma and you got it. And it was an inside joke. I think 2 weeks ago I told them this. 2 - 3 weeks ago. I was saying everything happens in this house and Is aid so you know nothing. Everyone was shocked. Karishma said I;m like your good friend in case you find out later and I was like who's going there. And we were so stupid because we covered our mics. But Mink came and first day asked me. No second day, she asked, right here, on that bed, she asked me every single thing about you. So I thought she has a crush on you. Niektan - really? In major task, Vrajesh and Rajev were hounding her tell me what happened outside that's why she snapped at him and said to everyone the same question this guy is asking. Delnaaz is asking about batteries. Del asking about Karishma. Niketan - Karishma isn't here. Karishma jahan pe bhi main hoon, wo opposite jage pe ho gi. Niketan to Sapna - and do you think Karishma would have reached at this point? Coz technically it;s only her 8th week. And she only lasted till now because she went out and came back in. Urvashi comes in. *random chat*

10:53pm - Sapna to Urvashi - dont you think he had a crush on Mink? Because Urvashi said that he's lying. Niketan - Mink thought I had a crush on you (sapna).  Sapna - major saab ke time, she sat and asked me everything about you. So you have a crush on Niketan? I said no, why would you say that? You know, that conversation air ho gaya tha and I was telling Karishma there's a slight flirtation between me and Niketan. (she repeats the same thing). Urvashi - Karishma is another one only. Sapna - I told Mink and I said I dont know coz Niketan doesnt take a stand and now even if there was anything it's gone and he's very thanda for him and I said no, he's all yours. No I dont know if I said that but she asks me about a boy and then she is chipkaoed to the boy. Niketan - Mink chabi-ed me and then went and told Delnaaz Niketan likes a girl, guess who and every day Del kept asking me is it her or her? Karishma comes in and tells Niketan to mop. Sapna - saying I thought Mink had a crush on Niketan Urvashi - and she thought he had a crush on you. Sapna - no, can;t be because we had that conversation. Urvashi - so she was playing on that conversation. Now Niketan is joking about Urvashi sleeping with Sapna and anything can happen. Sapna - love can happen between anyone. Niketan - and love has already happened there with Aashka. Do you like any girls here? Urvashi - no, have you ever been attracted to a girl? No. RED RED RED. Niektan is saying that he has two names for nomination. Sapna - Karishma you are going to get direct nominations Now Sapna is tellign Karishma to steal Vishal's blanket and she says no. So they say you dont want to ruin your friendship. Niketan - first you kept sitting with him and trying to get him to be your friend. Karishma - no. Sapna - Karishma you are so stupid. So stupid. You are acting like an aam janta. Try to think like a chor sometimes. Karishma - no.

11:06pm - Vishal is telling Sana I told you why does Rajev get angry when we talk? I never told you about Niketan because I don't see that. Ladki pata chal jata hai but you can't understand. Sana - but you know how he touches me, like this. Vishal - so how else would he touch you on tv. Sana - but how did I never thought that and I never felt that. Vishal - you never felt like that but you should. 

11:08pm - Karishma - bloody idiot. Sapna - I know why you are talking to Niketan because you want to escape nominations. I've figured you out Karishma. Now she tells Niketan that Karishma is talking to you because she's afraid that you will nominate her. Look she's afraid . Niketan - she's worn that t-shirt for me. Want to see? Sapna - no Niketan - thora samay nikaal ke dekhna.  Karishma comes in. Sapna - the jokes is on you Karishma. You've worn the t-shirt for Niketan? He just said. Karishma - seriously? Main abhi isko utaar doongi. Sapna and Urvashi laughing. Karishma walks out. He tells Sana to make tea. Niketan - who went to confession room? Sana - Imam, he went in twice. Karishma talking to Sana about tea. Sana is pouring tea thru the strainer. Karishma thanks her and she says welcome.

11:12pm - Karishma comes in and gives Urvashi a plate food and tea cup. Sapna - love you more huh? (on her t-shirt). Karishma removes her top and says I can sleep in this and Sapna says that yes you want footage right, please bend more so the camera man can see. Karishma goes down and removes another t-shirt and then she wears another t-shirt and dumps the pink one in the drawer. Karishma - I dont want to talk to Niketan for a few hours. Sapna - how many? Karishma - till the time I'm asleep. 

11:15pm - Urvashi - why dont you ask Vishal to share? Karishma - he's not comfortable to share. He thinks it'll send out a wrong message. Karishma saying that her cousin brothers share. Usually they are more accommodating. Urvashi - I found it funny. The argument about personal. Sapna - but some of them were. Urvashi - Sapna tell me one thing, tomorrow if I get married and divorced and I come on this show, you know what is going to come on this show, you can't be that naive. You must have discussed before coming and kiya hai. Sapna - they said didn't discuss. Urvashi - no Delnaaz said Rajev said dignity and grace ke saat raheinge. Rajev called me and said he;s going and said you are going and I said no. I dont break rules coz it was a confidentiality clause. Yeh hona hi hona hai. He said bakhtiyaar is personal but when Salman asked he said so much so why are you contradicting. Del - where is Niketan karishma? Sapna - who cares? Karishma - he's sweeping and mopping. Aashka comes in and Urvashi saying that listen I wont change my chores ok? Sapna to Aashka - I'll meet you aaj raat 5 am under the blanket. Understood? Urvashi - our conversation reached walking from here to there. Delnaaz finds out Karishma has a lot  of ducolex. She wants 2 - 3 strips. Karishma - 2 - 3 strips?! Wait let me search. Sapna to aashka - when you sat on the throne, you looked superb and no matter how much chotu raju amma, you are called. Now sabse sacha aashu and sabse jhootha niketan. Niketan - no. Sapna - hai la tum sana ki tara ban gaye, no!  What is this medicine for? Karishma - constipation. Delnaaz takes the medicines. Karishma - main shoot se pehle le leti hoon. Sari, yeh wo. Sapna - BB ne hame bathroom liya aur le liya. (to karishma) want to go last time to pee before we sleep? Karishma - no. Sapna - coz then i'll ahve to go at 2am. Karishma - i'll go with u at 2am Sapna - I want to go now. Karishma - then go. Ullu banaya bada maza aaya.

11:24pm - Urvashi where is Imam sleeping? He's coming inside. BB please Imam ke liye ek gadda bhej dein aur Niketan ke liye ek kambal. Delnaaz wishes everyone good night. Sapna - kal milegein. Abhi Raju bhaiyya aayeinge aur natak shuru. Sana good night chamiya! Urvashi - aaj raju aaya nahi andar. Delnaaz = he's lying by the pool side. Urvashi - he does this before the nomnations. He wont even eat. Ask him before you cook Sana. but tomorrow is wednesday. Sana, you have to think so much about your nighty? Sana, pull down peeche. Sana - short hai. Urvashi - yes I can see that. Do a retake and walk from there and come in again. Karishma in background asking Imam if he's sleeping in the room.

11:28pm - Vishal washing dishes in the kitchen sink. Niketan comes out of the toilet and says something about Imam and Sapna says, you are a liar! BB main yeh prove ho chuka hai ki tum jhootey ho. Sapna and Karishma walk out. Sapna - Rajev tell you friend Niketan we are busy. What happened to you? Karishma - Rajev, what happened? In the red bedroom, Sana is telling Urvashi to take something and Urvashi says if I die, you only will have to give me mouth to mouth resuscitation. Sana - okay. LOL Imam comes in the red bedroom and Urvashi says, Imam, why dont you sleep in the room? Imam - I feel suffocated. I;m not used to sleeping with so many people. In the bathroom, Niketan telling something - ladkiyon ko aati hogi. In the kitchen, Vishal washing dishes.

11:34pm - Niketan says Vishal! Vishal - haan bhai. He's done washing and wipes down the area, puts things away.

*stopping updates here*

Last update:
11:43pm - Urvashi - Rajev tragedy queen Sapna - Karishma went to the bathroom with me, never came back. She must be sitting with him. Urvashi - gossip girls changed? (not sure what words she used exactly). BB announces that everyone needs to be inside the house for a little while and no one can go into the garden area. Karishma walks into the red bedroom and asks her to share the blanket. Karishma - you have a mental block, so unblock it. *random jokes* Karishma - you know there's a po*n star.. Sapna - yes I know Karishma - there's a po*n star and his name is Johnny Deep. ROFL Sapna - yes I know.

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Rajive ko bahar nikalu , he was rude with sapna in the past , aaj uskay saath baith kar shairy kar raha tha and same with Imam , dillu divorce say ye pagal ho gaya hay 

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please..can yu guys give me a summary..y is every1 huggin sapna nd imam
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ye log sara din ya toh sote hain...ya khaate hain...!!

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Originally posted by ms_1991

please..can yu guys give me a summary..y is every1 huggin sapna nd imam

dono ki baat paki hogai hay apus mein LOL
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Urvashi has the best nature and she should win the show - Santosh!Thumbs Up

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rajeev kitna weird lagtha hainLOL

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