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Tears of Joy or Sorrow Part 20 on pg 39 (Page 8)

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Part 5


Nutz: How are you feeling Priya? You are looking much better this morning and I hope you will be out of here today. She comes to Priya's bedside and gives her a hug.

Priya: I am feeling fine Natasha, especially after eating aloo parathas made specially by your bhai. She gives Ram a side glance with a shy smile.

Pihu: And you know what Nutz bua, Papa even put our secret ingredient in the parathas.

Nutz: And what is that secret ingredient dear Pihu. Please tell me also.

Pihu looks at Priya: Mamma, shall I tell Nutz bua? Priya smiles and nods her head. Actually Mamma always says that if you put a lot of love in the food you are making it will always taste superb. That is her secret ingredient bua.

Nutz: Aha! So I see your Papa put a lot of love in the parathas so it tasted really good huh? Bhai, what kind of love did you put in the parathas? Papa wala love or some other wala love? She winks at her bhai and laughs as she sees him blushing.

She walks up to Ram and looks into his eyes: Thank you very for giving me back my bhai. Please don't go away anywhere again, you mean the world to all of us and I can see Priya smile only because of this Bhai. Please don't take away her smile again, she means the world to me. Remember your choti a few years ago; the spoilt brat sister of yours? Well if it wasn't for Priya, I would have still been a brat. She changed me for the better Bhai and I am indebted to her for that. She squeezes Ram's shoulder and blinks at him.

Ram is moved by what his sister said and remembers the whole domestic violence and kidnapping track and the expression on his face changes into pain as he remembers the whole court case and Priya's imprisonment. Natasha snaps her fingers and he comes out of the dark thoughts.

Ram suddenly turns very serious and looks at Pihu: Rockstar, Nutz bua will drop you off at school and will probably come to pick you up as well. Please do not go with anyone else, either Nutz bua, Nanu or Papa and Mamma will be the only ones picking you up. Please remember this and even if anyone comes and tells you that I sent them to pick you up, please don't go with them.

Pihu: Okay Papa, I will not forget this. I will wait for Nutz bua or Nanu or you and Mamma. Bye Papa, bye Mamma, see you later. She goes to Priya's bedside and gives her a hug before she leaves with Natasha and Shipra.

Priya is wondering why Ram said that to Pihu. Why is he scaring her? Did something happen that is worrying him about Pihu? Is there something that he is not sharing with me? Wonder what happened, I have to find out. She looks up and notices that Ram is also not in the room.

Ram stepped out with Pihu, Nutz and Shipra and is talking to Shipra as Nutz and Pihu are walking ahead.

Ram: Mummyji, thank you for sending Ayesha away this morning. I understand she is also your daughter, but at this moment, I do not want her around Priya or Pihu because of the way she behaved outside. Please keep a close watch and let me know if there is anything to worry about. I don't want Priya to know all this as she will get worried unnecessarily.

Shipra: I understand beta, I don't know why Ayesha is behaving so badly and I apologize on her behalf. Please take good care of Priya and Pihu. I don't want anything bad happening to them.

Ram: Okay Mummyji, please explain to Choti and Papa also, so they are also aware. Take care and I will go back to Priya or she will wonder what happened to me.

Ram goes back to the room and stands by Priya's bedside. Priya looks at him: What happened Mr. Kapoor? You seem to be worried about something? Is something wrong?

Ram smiles assuringly at Priya, suddenly the expression on his face changes to a serious look and he holds her hand: Yes, Priya there is something that you need to be worried about.

Priya's eyes grow wide and she looks at Ram: What happened Mr. Kapoor?

Ram runs his hand over her head and bends down close to her and whispers: I want you to worry about taking good care of yourself and getting out of here as soon as possible. I cannot bear to see you lying so weak in bed. The Priya I know is always hustling and bustling with activity and on the go at all times. I want that Priya back, so you have to work on it. Will you worry about that for me?

Priya is suddenly taken by surprise at the close proximity with Ram and doesn't want him to know how she feels about him. She has created this mess in their lives and cannot bear to see her beloved suffer more, yet, she can't help adoring this caring avatar of his. She smiles at him and nods her head.

Ram can see it all in her eyes – her love for him, the shield that she is trying to use to cover her feelings for him, the pain and hurt in her eyes for all the trouble and hard times she feels responsible for. Being so close to her suddenly brings out the soft side of Ram. He looks into her eyes and smiles softly at Priya. He puts his hand on one side of her face and just cannot take his eyes off her. She looks so tired and weak, and all he wants to do is make her happy again. He wants to see that mischievous glint in her eyes again, he wants for her to tease him about anything and everything like she used to five years ago. He snaps out of his trance and moves back as he realizes how dangerously close he had gotten to her. He sits on the stool next to the bed and holds her hand in his.

Just then there is a knock at the door and the doctor comes in. Ram stands up and both Ram and doctor exchange greetings.

Doctor: So Priyaji, how do you feel this morning?

Priya: I am feeling good this morning doctor.

Doctor: I would like to run some tests again, so that we can see where you are. The reports from last night and early this morning look really good and I am hoping this morning will also be the same.

Priya: Doctor, when can I go home?

Doctor: If the results of the morning tests are good, then I could probably send you home tomorrow morning. I would like to keep you in the hospital for just another day to make sure you get the rest you need.

Ram: Doctor, I understand your concern, but will it be possible for us to monitor her at home? I can take a nurse with me to attend on her at home and keep track that all her medical issues are under control. Other than that I can assure you that we will make sure that she gets all the necessary rest and proper diet etc., at home.

Doctor: Well if you are guaranteeing me that she will get the necessary rest at home, then I can send her home as soon as the test results come in after a couple of hours. Secondly, since there is a psychological issue also, I would like the psychologist to assess her condition and then we can probably send her home. In the mean time, I will assign a nurse for you to take home with her. I understand that she doesn't live with you, so you must promise that she will be under complete supervision round the clock for the next twenty-four hours. After that she can do light house work and slowly get back to her regular routine.

Ram: I assure you that there will be someone from the family with her at all times and that she is getting all the required rest and nourishment needed.

The doctor finishes with all his checks and leaves. The nurse comes in and takes care of her daily routine and she also leaves. Ram is sitting on the couch reading some of the instructions the doctor left. He notices some movement and lifts his head to see Priya trying to get out of bed.

Ram: Priya, what are you trying to do?

Priya: I want to get out of bed and walk around for a bit. I am tired of lying down all the time.

Ram: Let me help you. He holds her hand and helps her out of bed and watches as her frail body  moves around the room slowly. He keeps looking at her and notices how weak and pale she looks. He thinks to himself: She has gone through a lot and really needs to be taken care of. I have to do something about her condition and get her back in shape. Priya, I promise I will make things better for all of us. The time has come for me to do something constructive. Ever since you got back, I have been nasty to you and this has GOT to change. How do I tell you that it is not just Pihu that I want back in my life, I want my life back, you are my life Priya and I have to do something to get you back in my life.

As Priya is walking around the room she notices that Ram is checking messages on her phone and is surprised why he has her phone with him.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, can I please have my phone back?

Ram: Trust me Priya, I will not do anything to harm you and right now I don't think it is advisable to give you your phone. I will take care of anything that needs to be taken care of. Like I said this morning, I want you to concentrate on getting better and getting out of here. That is our priority as of now.

Priya sits on a recliner in the room and watches out of the window. Her mind is full of all kinds of thoughts, most of them are about Ram and Pihu. Ram is so caring and concerned about me inspite of be making his life a mess. Sigh! How I wish we could get back together and live a normal happy life. Ram is not getting any rest with me in the hospital and he is also still recovering. How I wish I was strong enough to take care of him, I wish, I wish, I wish! She looks at Ram who is busy on her phone and she wonders what he is doing with her phone. After a few minutes, Ram looks up from the phone and notices Priya is looking at him.

Ram: Do you want something Priya?

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, you need to take rest too. Maybe you should go home and get some rest. I can manage alone here. I have noticed that you are not stretching and relaxing, which you should be doing. Please lay down on the couch and get some rest if you want to be in the hospital with me.

Just then he gets a phone and looks at the caller ID. It is Shipra and he signs to Priya that he will be back in a couple of minutes and leaves the room without even waiting for Priya to say anything back to him. He comes back after a few minutes and she can't help noticing that he looks very worried.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor is everything alright? You look very worried.

Ram: Nothing to worry Priya, just some regular office crisis. I am trying to get things straightened so that we don't have to worry about it.

Priya: You can go to the office if your presence is needed there.

Ram: Priya, I am where I need to be at the moment so don't take stress now. Just relax.

Priya feels very uncomfortable. She senses that Ram is not telling her something and that he is worried about it. She notices how preoccupied he is and then remembers what he told Pihu that morning before she went to school "Pihu, please don't go home with anyone other that Bua, Nanu, Mamma or me". There seems to be something serious going on and he is not telling me about it. Is he worried that I will stress about it? Does anyone else know about it? Why is he not giving me my mobile?

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, I want to talk to you, can you please come here.

Ram walks over to Priya, sits by her bed and holds her hand: Yes, Priya what do you want? I know something is bothering you a lot. You look very stressed and tense. Please share with me your problem and I will definitely try and help you. Please Mr. Kapoor, I cannot see you like this. You are walking around like there is some serious problem.

He holds her hand in both his hands and looks lovingly into her eyes: There is nothing that I cannot handle to worry about. Priya, I do not want to burden you with all my worries. I can handle it and if I there is something that you can do to help, believe me, I will come to you. Right now I want you to get some rest and get well soon. Can you do that for me? If you also worry then it is not going to help you recover and I don't want that. I promise, I have everything under control and please don't stress out about it.

The doctor and a couple of nurses come into the room and are discussing something with Ram in low voices. One of the nurses walks up to the monitors and is getting some readings while the other one sits on a chair by the window. Ram comes up to Priya and sits by her side. The doctor also comes by and gives Priya an injection that makes her drowsy and she falls asleep almost immediately.

Ram: Thank you doctor, I think she needs that at the moment and I hope you do understand the seriousness of the situation. I have to leave her for a couple of hours and I do not want any other nurses or doctors to come into the room. I have informed the police and they are going to keep watch outside the room. I hope you are well equipped with everything that you might need for her treatment while I am gone. And, please do NOT under any circumstances tell Priya what is going on outside her room. I do not want her to even suspect that the situation is grave. She is already kind of sensing that there is something going on, that is why I wanted you to sedate her. She is a very intelligent lady and she will find out what is happening if she is awake.

Doctor: Mr. Kapoor, don't worry about Priyaji. You go and take care of your business and I will make sure that she is safe here. The police have arrived and there will be two of them outside the room and there are cops under cover all over the hospital, so if there is any trouble, we will protect Priyaji. When will your sister come here?

Ram: Choti will be here any minute and I will leave only after she comes here. He looks helplessly at Priya and walks up to her. He holds her hand in his and says: Priya, I am sorry to leave you and go at this moment, but I have no choice. I will take care of everything and come back soon. Yes, there is danger lurking around us at the moment but once it is all over, I will tell you about it. Don't worry yourself sweetheart! I love you very much and I will be back really soon. Bye.

In the meantime Nutz comes and Ram talks to her and leaves. Nutz walks up to the stool by Priya and sits there looking at her. She sighs! Ah! How calm and composed she looks now. God, please set everything right real soon, I want this nightmare to end for Priya and Bhai. Nutz is rather agitated. She keeps looking at her phone, her watch and at the door time and again. In between she keeps looking at Priya too. She looks at the two nurses that are inside the room. One of them is reading a book while the other is asleep on her chair. She texts someone and keeps looking at her phone waiting for it to ring or beep with a message.

It is about three in the afternoon and Nutz is pacing up and down the room. The nurses are also awake and a bit uneasy watching Nutz. Priya is stirring and the nurse tells Nutz that the sedation seems to be wearing off and Priya will be up soon. Nutz looks at Priya and again texts someone, before she can send it out Priya looks at her and calls her name.

Priya: Natasha what are you doing here? When did you come here and where is your brother?

Nutz: oh hi Priya, how are you? Bhai had to go to the office so I came to stay with you till he gets back.

Priya looks at the clock in the room: Oh Natasha it is past three and who will be picking up Pihu?

Nutz: Bhai said he would pick her up on the way back from office. In fact he must be with her now.

Just as she finishes her sentence, Ram comes hurriedly into the room with Pihu. He leaves Pihu in the room and goes out immediately. He is talking with the cops outside and then to the commissioner of police.

Ram: Well, thank you very much for all your help sir. I think the worst is over and I will take care from now on. My daughter is with me and with your help all is well now. Thank you once again.

Ram comes back into the room and picks up Pihu in a tight hug. Tears are rolling down his cheeks and Priya notices everything. Shipra and Sudhir also come into the room along with the doctor at the same time.

Doctor: Priyaji, I hope you had a good sleep. I just got the results for your tests and everything looks good. The psychologist said she spoke with you and feels you are good to go home. However, you will need to be under observation even at home and please follow the instructions strictly.

As he is finishing talking, Vikram and Neha also come in. Now Priya is sure something serious is going on and is worried. Everyone looks very worried and tense. Her heart skips a beat and she is wondering what it is that is bothering everyone. Ram puts Pihu down and gives Neha a big hug.

Ram: Thank you so much Neha, I owe you big time. I don't know what I would have done without your help. Vikram and you have always stood by us during our most darkest times.

Priya cannot take it any more. She musters up all her strength and on the top of her voice: WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON? I can't take it any more. Please tell me what is going on, I really need to know.

Pihu runs to her bedside and climbs up on the bed and gives Priya a big hug. She lays down on Priya's arm and holds on to her. Ram walks up to the other side of Priya's bed and sits down on the stool by the bed. He takes her hand in both his and strokes her hand with his left hand.

Ram: Phew! That was some adventure we had this afternoon and I am glad it is all over. Priya everything is fine now and I promise the worst is over and there is nothing to worry about now.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, please tell me what happened. I could make out from your face that there was something you were keeping from me. I guess that was the reason the doctor gave me an injection to sleep so that I wouln't worry about anything. But now that all is well, why don't you tell me what happened.

Ram: Well, Ayesha was sending threatening messages to you on your mobile and she had no idea that your phone was with me. She wanted you to leave Mumbai and me alone and go away with Pihu. She even picked up Pihu from school and sent you a message that she had two tickets by the flight taking you and Pihu back to Dubai and that she would have someone waiting at the airport with Pihu. She threatened to hurt Pihu if you did not pay any attention to her threats. Since I had your phone with me, I called Neha to pretend to be you and go to the airport and pick up Pihu and head to the plane. In the meantime, Ayesha called Mummyji and told her the whole plan. Mummyji called and told me everything and with the help of the police and the airport authorities we were able to get to the bottom of this. Ayesha is safe in custody and Pihu is safe with us. All thanks to Neha and Mummyji, who kept pretending that she was on Ayesha's side and getting all the information from her and kept me informed of every movement of Ayesha's, we were able to get to the bottom of this real fast. I did not want you to be worried about Pihu or anyone else. You don't deserve all the tension at this stage. Don't worry Priya, all is well now and NO one or nothing can come in our way now.

Priya is shocked to listen to all this and holds on to Pihu. She bends and gives her a big kiss on her hair and cannot stop the tears from flowing out of her beautiful beady eyes. Ram holds on to her hand and is stroking her arm gently trying to calm her down. Pihu is looking very worried into Priyas face and is wiping her tears with her tiny hands.

Priya: Where is Kush? Does he know what happened and where is mother is? Poor boy, he must be going through a very rough time now.

Ram smiles and shakes his head from side to side. He looks at Vikram and Neha: See Vikram, what did I tell you? This is Priya, she is always worried about everyone other than herself. He turns around to Priya: Kush is with Ma at home and no, he has no idea what happened. He was picked up by the driver as usual and doesn't even know of all the drama that happened with Pihu. All he knows is that she got picked up early from school and was brought to the hospital to see her Mamma. He will be fine Priya, I don't intend telling the little boy what his mother did. We will take care of that.

Priya: So, is Ayesha going to jail? Is there any way to get her out of there? She is not bad, it is just the influence and wrong ideas that are being fed into her that are doing all this to her. She is a little weak….

Shipra: Enough Priya! No more from you, this girl was hell bent on ruining your life and you are still supporting her. What are you made of? How can you pardon her for all that she has done? She has to pay the price for the evil that she has done.

 Ram: I think both of you are right, but when it comes to someone hurting or threatening MY family, I will not tolerate it. If she has made a mistake, then she should be punished. We cannot forget that Priya was punished for a mistake she never committed just because of a false witness given by Ayesha, and we are all paying the price for that now. I think we should let the judicial system take its course of action. Right now Ayesha is in custody and her fate will be decided by the judges in court.

Priya: But, what about Kush. What crime has he committed for him to be put through the test? We have to handle him with care and make sure he is not hurt with the whole situation. He is very young and vulnerable at this point and we don't want him growing up with hatred and misconceptions.

Ram comes to Priya and says: That was a lot of excitement for the whole week I should think. Let us take one moment at a time. Right now I wish to put the whole of today's adventure behind us and move on from here. We will talk at leisure about what is to be done with Ayesha and the case once we go home. Right now, the doctor has given permission for us to take Priya home, so let us work on that.

Everyone is very happy to hear Ram. Pihu goes and whispers something in Ram's ear and Ram looks at Priya and smiles. He turns to Nutz and Neha: Choti and Neha, I have one favor to ask of you two. Can you please take Priya home with you? Neha, I know you will be there to help Priya.

Neha and Nutz are shocked at what Ram just said. Take Priya home with us? What did he mean by that, only then do they notice a naughty grin on his face and he winks at both of them.

Pihu and Ram go to Priya and help her get up. Ram says: Priya, please get ready and go home with Choti, Neha, Mummyji and Papa. Pihu and I will leave for KM right away.

Pihu hugs her mamma: Bye Mamma. Please take rest.

Both of them leave and Priya has a lump in her throat. Suddenly she feels sad and depressed. She is going to be alone without Pihu again? Well that is what I chose and I guess that is what I will have to get used to now. She has tears in her eyes and thinks of all the wonderful moments with Ram and Pihu in the hospital and slowly leaves along with Nutz and the others silently.

Pihu is watching this from behind a pillar and almost comes running to her mother. She cannot bear to see her cry. Ram picks her up and whispers something in her ear and she quickly wipes her tears and goes with Ram in the car.


Okay friends that's it for now. A small twist to the tale, so let me know if you like it. Any kind of criticism is welcome. Thanks once again for all the encouragement and do keep it coming.

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Superb superb.. U wrote secret so secretly that anyone did not know the plan made by Ayesha.. And what abt sending priya wid nuts and neha at home. Isn't she going KM?

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Awesome update!!!

Finally Ayesha in police custodyClapClap
So i wonder wat baap-beti have in plan for Priya??? cant wait for the next one!!!!
Thanks a ton 4 PM's!Big smile
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wonderful update
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Awesome update Smile

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that was smashing
woah ayesha wanted to hurt pihu...Angry
glad all is well once again...pheww
ahh something is cooking in ram-pihu's mind..wonder what it is
waiting for nextTongue
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phewww, so much of actions and drama took place but alas Ayesha is in hands of police and Priya is out of hospital, I guess some big surprise is waiting for her and also for us, so pls come up fast with ur twist as am waiting eagerly, continue ASAP

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Awesome updateClap

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