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Tears of Joy or Sorrow Part 20 on pg 39 (Page 5)

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omg sndhya i so so loved this new FF i can't tell u yaar i know what will be our Golu's mentle n emotional state piir baby went to his mom... i so loved & wanted to watch some this kind of story in show... wanted to see this kind of emotional thouching moment btw Ram & KK awesome update yaar & really gud start yaar i loving this FF so plz do connt soon...

leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
part 2
omg in just one moment story has changed from where to where Priya in hospital even on death bad as she can't live without her love of life & life of love... what an emotional coonect btw PriPithey r just amezing... awww what an updte yaar u brought tears in my eyes... such a thouchy update... now post next soon waitinggg & thanks for PM...
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i luv bALH
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Very nice and touchy update...please update next part!!!
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Part 3

The doctor comes back into the room and sees Ram and Pihu by Priya's side and is relieved to see color coming back in Priya's face. He tells Ram that the test results were improving now and if she continues to improve at this rate she should be out of the hospital in a couple of days. But, till then she needs constant monitoring and a lot of rest. Her brain had undergone a lot of trauma and if she doesn't get the rest she needs, recuperation will take longer. He allows visitors to come in one at a time and spend no more than five minutes each and they will have to leave. He also tells Ram that it is not advisable to keep Pihu in the hospital, because all this might have a negative effect on the little child and that will set back Priyas health.

Ram to Pihu: Rockstar, the doctor says that Mamma is getting better, but she needs a lot of rest. If we let her rest now then she can come home in two days, otherwise she will have to be in the hospital for a longer time.

Pihu: Papa, if we go home, who will look after Mamma?

Ram is in a dilemma. He wants to stay with Priya, but doesn't want to leave Pihu alone at home. He doesn't trust Ayesha and Pihu is still not comfortable with anyone but him in KM.

As if she has read Ram's mind, Pihu says: Papa, why don't you stay with Mamma. I will stay with Nutz bua at Nanu's home. But, you must promise me that you will let me come and see Mamma again in the evening. Bua can bring me back. If you are with her Mamma will be happy and she will get well soon. She holds on to Ram's hand with one hand and Priya's with the other and smiles.

Ram bends down and picks up his Rockstar in his arms: Are you sure you will be alright with Bua? If you will be happier I can come and stay with you at home and I can ask Bua to stay with Mamma. I will come back during the day when you are at school. That way I can spend time with both of you

They both turn and look at Priya and she looks at them and gives them a weak smile. Some of the medication seems to be making her drowsy, so she keeps drifting off to sleep on and off, but as long as she sees her beloved Ram and Pihu, she is happy.

Everyone is allowed to come in and spend a little time with Priya, while Ram and Pihu are watching them eagerly and making sure they do not disturb her. Priya is content and drifts into sleep again. When Nutz comes in, Priya is awake and tries to talk to her.

Nutz: Priya, it's okay. Please don't strain and try to talk, you need to get as much rest as possible so that we can get you out of here as fast as possible.

She signs to Nutz to come closer as she is unable to talk too loudly: Natasha, please take Mr. Kapoor and Pihu home. He needs rest as he is also just recovering. I don't know how long he has been sitting by my bed, but he has to lay down and rest too. I will be fine here, please take them home.

Nutz: Don't worry Priya, I will make sure Bhai goes home and gets some rest. You are right; he has to be fighting fit before he can take care of his family. You don't worry about him or anyone else. I will take care of them. You just get well soon and come back home. We want you out of here as soon as possible.

Shipra is listening to all the discussion going on. She goes to Sudhir and says that she will stay with Priya and take care of her. Ever since the shooting incident and the whole custody issue, she has been feeling very guilty of not being there for Priya while she was ready to give her life for her ungrateful mother. She sincerely wants to spend some time with Priya so that she can make up with her and clear her conscience a bit. Ram is not too comfortable with her staying over with Priya.

Ram: Choti, please take Pihu home with you. She needs to get some rest. I will stay with Priya now and if I need, I can rest on the couch. You can bring Pihu back during visiting hours in the evening. I am hoping that the doctor will let us take Priya home by this evening. Mummyji, you can go home with Papa now.

Shipra gives a very sad look to Sudhir. He raises his hand in a gesture telling her to wait. He knows that Shipra really wants to help with Priya and also understands why Ram doesn't want her to stay. They both go up to Priya and pat her on her head gently and leave the room with Nutz and Pihu. Everyone starts to leave.

Ram picks up Pihu and says: Rockstar, I want you to get some rest so please go to Nanu's house with Bua and you can come back with her in the evening. I will be with Mamma now. Pihu nods her head and leaves with Nutz and the rest of the Sharma family.

After everyone has left, Ram goes back to the stool by Priya's bed and sits down. He takes her hand in his and gently rubs it. Priya feels his touch and opens her eyes. Both of them share an eye lock and are lost in each others eyes. Priya can recognize that touch anywhere, anytime. But she is worried that he is not getting the rest he needs. She knows she almost lost him and cannot bear for that to happen again. She has no idea that they almost lost her and that is why Ram is reluctant to leave her side.

Priya holds Ram's hand and gestures to him. Ram gets up from the stool and moves closer to her. Priya says: Mr. Kapoor, you need some rest. Why don't you go home and come back in the evening? I will be alright as the doctor and nurses are constantly monitoring me.

Ram: It's okay Priya. I want to be here with you. If I need to rest I can lay down on the couch on the other side of the room. Please don't worry about me, I will be fine.

She turns her face away from him and he knows that she doesn't want to listen to him. He frowns and shakes his head sideways "And she says I am stubborn!" he says to himself. He gets up and pushes the couch as close as possible to the bed and settles down. He puts his hand on her bed so he can touch her. Within minutes the room is filled with his snoring. Priya turns and looks at him and shuts her eyes and smiles. Soon she falls asleep as well.

Later in the evening Pihu comes back with Nutz, Shipra and Sudhir. As they walk into the room the doctor who is in the room smiles at them and signs to them not to disturb the two love birds. Both of them are in deep sleep and the loud snores are all they can hear. Nutz puts her hand across her mouth to stifle a giggle.

Doctor: This is the first time I am seeing a patient so sound asleep inspite of the loud snores. Anyway, she is getting the rest she needs. We did have some really close calls with her. If all goes well, she might be able to go home in a few days.

Nutz: FEW days? Can we take her home sooner if we can get her to rest?

Doctor: I will not promise anything at this time.

Ram hears whispers in the room and wakes up. He looks at Priya and sees that she is still asleep. Pihu sees him wake up and comes to sit by him. He gives her a hug and a kiss and she does the same to him. He greets Shipra and Sudhir with a smile. He sees the doctor and goes to talk to him. Both Ram and Sudhir step outside the room with the doctor leaving Shipra, Nutz and Pihu with Priya. After the doctor leaves Sudhir turns to Ram.

Sudhir: Beta Ram, please let Shipra stay with Priya tonight. I understand that you do not trust that she will take care of her. I think she has had a rude awakening after the shooting incident and wants to make amends with Priya. I am confident that Shipra is finally ready to be Priya's mother and wants to make it up to her. Please give her a chance Beta. You can go home with Pihu as she will be comfortable with you.

Ram: Papa, the past week has been a big lesson to all of us. If you are sure that Mummyji has changed her attitude towards Priya, then it is alright for her to stay if she wants. I will also ask the doctor to keep a nurse in the room, just in case.

Sudhir: Thank you beta. This will mean a lot to Shipra and I am sure she will not let you down.

Both Sudhir and Ram go back into the room and see that Priya has woken up and Pihu is sitting by her side on the bed. Priya has a very contented smile on her face and is intently listening to Pihu's stories. Priya is rubbing Pihu's back while Pihu is holding her hand and playing with her fingers.

Priya looks at Ram and Sudhir and smiles at them. Ram looks at her and is happy to see that she is looking a lot better than she did when he first saw her in the hospital. Both of them have an eye lock only to be broken by Pihu, who is trying to talk to her mother. Nutz and Shipra are sitting on the couch watching Priya and Pihu's interaction. It is such a joy to see the mother-daughter duo talking to each other. They can't help wonder at how patient Priya is and the contented look she has as she is listening to Pihu's non stop jabbering.

Ram: How are you feeling now Priya?

Priya: I am fine and after seeing all of you, I wish I could go home now. What did the doctor say about when he will discharge me and send me home?

Ram: He wants to keep you under observation for another couple of days he said. If you are alright tomorrow then maybe I will request him to send you home tomorrow.

Pihu: Yay Mamma! I want you to come home soon. She turns to Ram: Papa, I want to tell you a secret. She says that and jumps out of bed and takes a hold of Ram's hand and drags him out of the room. "Papa, can I decorate Mamma's room before she comes home? I want to give her a surprise. Will you help me?"

Ram: That's a very good idea Rockstar! Of course I would love to help you. We can start working on it in the afternoon when you come back from school.

Pihu: Papa, can we go to Mamma's house and sleep there tonight?

Ram looks at Pihu and understands that she has missed Priya in KM and wants to feel Priya's presence around her. He says fine and Pihu is very happy.

They go back into Priya's room and Pihu jumps back into bed next to her Mamma. Ram walks and stands beside Priya's bed and stares into her eyes. Priya notices Ram and asks him through her eyes what is in his mind. Ram just shuts his eyes, smiles and shakes his head. Priya smiles back shyly at him.

Ram: Priya, do you want me to stay here tonight?

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, I think it would be better if you stayed with Pihu at home. I think she needs you more at this time and she is not comfortable with anyone else. Also you need to get some rest. You have been in the hospital all day.

Of course Priya is unaware that Ram and Pihu are going to spend the night at her apartment as per Pihu's wishes.

Ram: Your mother wants to stay with you tonight. Are you sure you will be alright with her?

Priya: Yes Mr. Kapoor. I will be fine with Ma, but there is no need for anyone to stay here tonight. I am feeling much better and the nurses are just a buzzer away.

Ram: I know, but we will be more assured and comfortable if someone of us stays with you at night too. This is for our satisfaction Priya. I will tell Mummyji that she can stay with you. If there is any problem you can call me at any time and I will come back.

Priya: No Mr. Kapoor, you need to get some rest. You have been here all day and more over, Pihu needs you. Our little princess has gone through a lot in the past couple of days. She needs a lot of hugs and kisses and I am sure you will keep her safe and secure. I will be able to rest peacefully knowing that you are with her.

After a while the nurse comes and takes Priya for a walk. Pihu and Ram go along with her and are very happy that she is able to walk, even though a feeble walk. They bring her back to her room and then all of them bid goodnight and leave, with the exception of Shipra.

Pihu: Good night Mamma, I love you!

Priya: Good night my princess. Please don't trouble Papa at night. He will sleep in your room tonight.

Ram: Good night Priya, sleep tight. See you in the morning.

Priya: Good night Mr. Kapoor, please get some rest tonight. I am fine and please don't rush here in the morning. Take your time and make sure that Pihu goes to school tomorrow. She has already missed school today.

Ram gives Priya's hand a tight squeeze and blinks his eyes lovingly at her.

Shipra goes to the door and sees everyone off and comes back to sit beside Priya.

Priya: Ma, you can sleep on the couch, I hope it will be comfortable.

Shipra: How can you be so good my dear? You are always thinking about everyone's happiness even though your life is full of tears and sorrow. I don't know how you do it. I am so sorry for giving you such a hard time after you came back and inspite of that you almost gave your life to save mine. I am ashamed of myself and don't deserve to be a mother.

Priya holds Shipra's hand and strokes it gently: Ma, it is your and Papa's upbringing that has made me what I am today. I will willingly give my life for you if I need to. Please don't apologize to me and make me feel so small. You were, are and will be my mother come what may. You did all this to shield your daughter Ma, your younger daughter, who needs you. Don't worry about me Ma, I will be fine. Pihu was with me for the past five years and I just didn't know how to handle the situation I am in, so I had a breakdown. Once I regain my strength, I will definitely have to get used to living without her. Just imagine Mr. Kapoor Ma, he didn't even know that he had a daughter for five years and now that he knows, it is only natural for him to be angry with me for keeping her away from him. When one makes a mistake there is a price to pay, so I guess it is my time to pay the price. Ma this is all destiny and I cannot blame anyone for anything. Five years ago I thought I was making the right decision and now I realize that it was the worst decision that I could have ever made, as every action has a reaction I have to face the reaction as well.

She begins to tear up and Shipra goes close and wipes her tears away and gives her a big hug.

Shipra: Priya beti, please remember your Ma and Papa are always with you and we will be your support and help you through these troubled times. Please don't cry and concentrate on getting better dear. She gently pats Priya on her head as she falls asleep.

Her phone rings and she looks at the caller ID. It is Ayesha's call and she cuts the call. The phone rings again so Shipra picks it up as she doesn't want to disturb Priya.

Shipra in a soft tone: Hello Ayesha, is this an important call or can it wait till the morning? I don't want to disturb Priya she is asleep. I will call you first thing in the morning after I go home.

Ayesha: How come you are with Priya Ma? I thought she was in the hospital.

Shipra: Yes she is and I am staying over with her. What do you want now?

Ayesha: Wow! So much love suddenly for your older daughter, or should I call her my souten? How come you are taking care of her? Where are Ram and Pihu? They have not come back to KM, so I thought they were staying at the hospital with Priya.

Shipra: Ram and Pihu left sometime back. Maybe they have gone to our home to spend some time with your Papa. Anyway, what do you want from me now? If it is not important, I will talk to you in the morning.

Ayesha: Ma, I want you to go back home right now. Remember I am the one who is supporting you and how can you go and stay with Priya now?

Shipra: Firstly, she is not Priya, she is your older sister, Priya "di". Secondly, I have responsibilities towards her also. Ayesha, I do not want to argue with you now. I will call you in the morning when I get home. She disconnects the phone.

Ayesha calls back and Shipra switches off her phone so that she doesn't disturb her anymore.

Priya stirs in bed so Shipra goes and sits beside the bed and holds her hand. Soon she also falls asleep on the stool beside Priya's bed.

The early morning sun's rays stream through the gaps in the window curtain and there is a lot of commotion outside the room. Shipra wakes up with a start and looks at Priya. She is still asleep and Shipra bends forward and kisses her softly on the palm of her hand and smiles.

Shipra to herself: How calm and peaceful my angel looks! God, please take care of her and give her smile back to her. She is always making everyone around her smile so why should her life be filled with sadness.

She goes to peep outside to see what all the commotion is about. She sees Ayesha and shuts the door again. She sees that Priya is still asleep, so she tip toes and goes out of the room.

Ayesha: I am Mrs. Ayesha Ram Kapoor and I don't know why you are not letting me go into the room. I wish to sepak to my mother who is inside.

Nurse: But Ma'am the doctor has given strict instructions that the patient is not to be disturbed and no one is allowed inside without his consent.

Ayesha: You go and bring the doctor now. I want to speak to him. How day he not let me go in? My husband is paying the bills and I have every right to go in.

Shipra: Ayesha, stop shouting. You will wake up Priyadi. She needs rest and if she hears you, she will wake up. I told you I will talk to you once I go home.

Ayesha: Ma I want to talk to Priya now. She is ruining my life and she needs to get out of here now. She has no business hanging around in Mumbai. She should take her daughter and leave now.

Shipra: Ayesha, we will talk at home. This is not the place and time for all this. If you don't leave, I will ask the nurse to make you leave.

Ayesha: I think you are forgetting whose side you are on. I have been paying all your heavy shopping bills all these years and you dare to go against me? At the end of the day, you have to come begging me to give you all the luxuries in life. I hope you remember…..

Even before she finished her sentence, Shipra gave her a resounding slap in front of the nurse, who was looking wide eyed at what was happening.

Shipra: Sister, please call the guards and ask them to take this lady out of here. She doesn't belong here and I don't want to see her here again.

Ayesha is shocked that Shipra slapped her and was going towards her mother as if to slap her back when a hand caught hers and stopped her. Shipra looked on with tears in her eyes.

Ayesha turned around and saw Ram holding her hand with a frightened Pihu behind him. Shipra quietly held Pihu's hand and led her into the room. She did not want the little child to witness all the unpleasantness outside.

Ram dropped her hand and in a very calm voice: Ayesha, you are crossing your limits now. Please go home and we will talk once I get back home.

Ayesha: Where were you all night? You know how worried I was and I couldn't sleep because you had not returned home. She started off on her sympathy trip.

Ram just raised his hand gesturing her to stop talking: Thank you very much for your concern. I was busy taking care of some work so did not come home. Please go home now and get Kush ready for school. If you stay here longer, he will be late. He gives her a stern look and Ayesha leaves.

Ram comes inside the room and goes to Shipra: Mummyji, I hope you are alright. I am sorry Ayesha misbehaved with you.

This is it for now. More in a couple days. Do not forget to leave your comments.

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Some people never learn, Ayesha is one of them.
It was a nice read, continue soon ;))

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Oh thats good update ..
Glad that priya is able to walk ..
shipra changed behavious .. I so wanted to see this in show
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good one! 

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