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Tears of Joy or Sorrow Part 20 on pg 39 (Page 39)

haribol79 Goldie

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Posted: 27 February 2013 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Wow.. that was so lovely update..

thanks a lot

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Very nice update

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Family No.1 together forever waiting for the new member to join.Pihu's b'day,her dad's feelings,Priya's content,Baby's first kick,Kush everything is marvellously penned down.Sandhya so Priya is going to need utmost care n complete rest.Ram will definitely take care of everything.I have faith in that.
Keep it up Sandhya.You always rock.

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jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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waiting for next update, pleaseee

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sushfiza IF-Sizzlerz

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sangautam Senior Member

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Part 20

All is quiet in KM and SH as everyone is worried about Priya's condition. The doctors refused to let them bring her back home as she has to be on bed rest and monitored round the clock. Ram refused to leave Priya's bedside until Vikram came and forced him to go home and be with Pihu as she was very upset too. She was allowed to come and spend a little time with her mother during visiting hours only as this could be a very traumatic experience for the child. She came to visit the first evening when Priya was admitted and looked very scared as she saw her lying in bed with a lot of tubes and wires running all over her body. A fetal monitor was connected to a belt strapped around her stomach and that was keeping track of the number of contractions she was having. There was a drip connected to her right arm and the blood pressure cuff on her left arm. Pihu went close to her mother and gently caressed her left arm and put her head down on the bed beside Priya. She had tears in her eyes and suddenly she let out a loud sob.

Priya: What's the matter Princess?

Pihu: Mamma are you and the baby going to be fine? Why are you in the hospital? How long will you be here? When will you come home? Is the baby going to come out now?

Priya shut her eyes and took a deep breath as she was trying her best to hide her tears. It was so painful to see Pihu so upset and worried. She gestured to Ram to come and hold Pihu as she looked on helplessly.

Priya: Princess, everything is going to be fine sweetheart! The doctors want to make sure that everything is alright. The baby is not strong enough to come out now, so they are giving me some medicines so that the baby can stay for a few more weeks inside my stomach. Please don't worry Pihu, everything will be fine. Papa will be with you till I come home and then all of us will be together again. See, I cannot hold you right now, but Papa will give you a big hug and a kiss from him and also from me and the baby. We love you very much and so does the baby.

Ram bends down slightly and puts his arms around Pihu, picks her up and makes her sit in his lap beside Priya's bed: Rockstar, don't worry Mamma is going to be fine and she needs rest so the doctors have decided to keep her in the hospital till she is better. The doctor wants her to be in the hospital so that they can take good care of her and the baby. Nutz Bua will take you to Nanu's home and I will come and pick you up in a little while to take you home. You can play with Kush till I come and get you.

Pihu: If you come back, who will be with Mamma?

On hearing her question, Ram is at a loss of words and looks at Priya. Nutz comes to his rescue: Pihu, I will take you home and when Papa is ready to go home I will bring you back to the hospital so you can go home with Papa and I will stay with Mamma. I will be here to take care of her till your Papa comes back in the morning after sending you to school. You don't worry about your Mamma, she will be fine and we will all take turns to look after her – I promise. Kush will be waiting to play with you so we must go home soon.

Saying this she takes Pihu to Priya's bedside where she holds her mother's hand and gives her a kiss and Priya raises her hand to ruffle Pihu's hair and she smiles weakly trying her best not to let the tears leave her eyes. As Pihu turns to leave, Priya closes her eyes and the tears escape out onto her soft cheeks only to be noticed instantly by Ram, who wipes them immediately. He bends down and kisses her on her forehead and runs his hand through her hair as if trying to pacify her. He pulls his chair closer to her bed and sits down holding her left hand in his.

A nurse comes in and checks the fetal monitor and comes to Priya's side to talk to her: How are you feeling Mrs. Kapoor? Do you feel any of the contractions? Did your doctor tell you to inform us if you have more than four to six contractions in an hour?

Priya: Yes sister; I felt only four contractions in the last hour so I didn't think it was necessary to inform you. Is everything alright?

Nurse: Well looks like you are having silent contractions that you are not able to feel. Please don't worry about it; we are here to take care of that. Do you have any pains during contractions?

Priya: None at all sister.

Ram: When will the doctor come to see her next?

Nurse: She should be here in a few minutes as she has finished her surgeries for the day.

As they speak Priya begins to gasp for breath and grasps his hand firmly in hers: Ram, I feel very uneasy; my head is spinning and I am finding it hard to breathe.

Her voice begins to trail and her grip on Ram's hand weakens. He gets up from his chair and leans forward towards her: Priya, Priya, please answer me; just look at me dear. You are going to be fine, don't worry.

He turns towards the nurse who is on the other side of the bed: Sister, please take a look; what is happening to my Priya? Do something for God's sake.

Ram turns back to her and rubs her hand vigorously as he calls out to her loudly and tears are pouring out of his eyes: Priya, what is the matter? Can you hear me? I love you very much, you are my life dear, please open your eyes and look at me just once. Everything will be fine. See, I am next to you and will never leave you.

His voice shows desperation even as she doesn't seem to respond to his cries. He looks at the nurse and then back again at Priya turning her face towards him and tapping her on her cheeks trying to revive her. He takes her hand hurriedly and kisses it as his tears flow on in an unending stream.

Priya shuts her eyes and is breathing really hard. She clutches on to Ram's hand and tries to hold on to it but her grip is slipping. The nurse immediately connects the oxygen cylinder and as the monitor is beeping a couple more nurses and the doctor rush into the room.

Dr. Jain: Sister, disconnect the drip immediately. We need to draw blood and check the Magnesium Phosphate levels. Get that taken care of now. Priya, can you hear me? Show me some sign that you can hear me.

In response to Ram and the doctor she slowly wiggles her fingers weakly and Dr. Jain notices it immediately.

She turns to Priya and strokes her right arm and speaks to her in a very gentle and calm voice: You are going to be fine Priya. There is nothing to worry now. I have disconnected the drip and you will be fine in a few minutes. Take deep breaths slowly and you will feel more comfortable.

Priya settles down slowly and Ram is still holding on to her hand and stroking her hair gently. He notices that her breathing has stabilized but is worried that she has not opened her eyes as yet. He keeps scratching his temples even as he sweats profusely and tries to wipe his forehead. He is very nervous and helpless as he is watching the doctor and the nurses. He sits down on the chair and continues to hold her hand. He gets up almost immediately and bends down to plant a kiss on Priya's forehead. He looks up at the doctor who is watching her breathing and feeling her pulse.

Ram: Doctor, what just happened to Priya and why? Is something wrong? Will she be alright?

Dr. Jain: Yes, Mr. Kapoor she is fine now. This is normal during preterm labor. That is the reason I insisted that she stays in the hospital because we need to monitor her constantly. The medication in her bloodstream got a little higher than it should be, so she became breathless. That is why we have stopped the drip for a little while when the medication will reduce in her blood and we can start the drip again. Initially this is bound to happen till we can actually balance the amount of medication that is going into her.

Ram: Will the medication harm the child or Priya? How long do you have to give her the medication?

Dr. Jain: Well, we have to continue giving her the medicine till her contractions stop or she goes into full time labor. The baby is still under developed so it is very important that it stays in the womb till it is alright to come out. That is the reason why we are giving her the drips. We can't give you a time frame; she could be in this condition for a few days, weeks or sometimes till delivery. Don't worry Mr. Kapoor, we will take good care of her; our nurses are very competent and I am also here if they need me. We just have to wait and watch. The medication will not harm the baby in any way, let me assure you of that.

Ram: What will happen if we decide to stop the treatment Doctor?

Dr. Jain: Well, that is not an option at this stage Mr. Kapoor. I know all this is new to you, but the drug will cause no harm to mother and child, so don't worry. There will be a certain amount of discomfort during the initial stages, but once we can regularize the drug then she will be fine and let me repeat, this medicine will not have any side effects on the child, I can assure you.

Slowly the color comes back in her face and she opens her eyes and Ram and Priya look at each other as she smiles weakly at him and her grip around his hand tightens. They are having a silent conversation as the doctor leaves the room. He strokes her arm and bends down to give her a kiss on the palm of her hand. She lifts her hand and runs her fingers through his hair slowly and she shuts her tired eyes as she falls asleep. Ram is keeping a close watch on her breathing and looks helplessly on.

During the course of the next couple of days she has one more such episode and then the doctors finally figure out the required dosage and are continuing the treatment. In the meanwhile Ram is unable to see Priya suffer with the drips and has a long discussion with her about whether it is worth all the trouble. He feels that if necessary they should terminate the pregnancy, leaving Priya in tears that he can even think of that as an option. She wants the baby and is not ready to even talk about termination while Ram says that if he has to choose between the two he would have no hesitation and would choose Priya. They have a heated argument about it.

Ram: It is not worth putting you through all this trouble Priya. I cannot bear to see you like this; you are more precious to me than anyone else in this whole world. If this baby is not meant to be, we will learn to live without it, but I cannot imagine a life without you sweetheart; what is the use of having the baby….

Priya puts her hand across his mouth and stops him from continuing: Please don't say this to me. Ram this is the fruit of our love for each other and I am sure the baby will be our strength; I cannot imagine what you are trying to say now. I know it is your love for me that is speaking all these terrible words; he or she can hear you and must be feeling bad about it. Ram, please; please don't think so negatively, we need to be positive now. Everything is going to be fine now.

Ram just shakes his head from side to side and scratches his temples. He knows he can never win an argument with her and gives up trying. He has conversations with the doctor privately and even she assures him that all is going well, just the discomfort of the drips and the pain of poking her arms regularly: It will all be worth it Mr. Kapoor; when at the end of the treatment you have your baby to hold and enjoy for the rest of your lives. Everything is going fine with the baby and with Priya now. Don't worry anymore and you should be the support she needs at this time.

Rather reluctantly he leaves Priya to go home and spend some time with Pihu, who is now demanding more attention; especially since her Mamma is not with her. The little girl is so worried about all that her mother is going through and wants to be with her father more than ever before. She wants to spend time with her mother in the hospital, but the doctors do not encourage her being there as it is stressful for both mother and Pihu. She comes in the evening everyday with Nutz when she takes over from Ram and he takes her back home. He takes her to the park with Kush and sometimes they go for an ice cream or their favorite Kulfi place. Ram is so tired these days and is hardly able to concentrate on his business. Rishabh keeps him posted about the office and days are slowly passing by.

Priya is now thirty weeks into her pregnancy. The doctor is happy that everything is going fine except for the discomfort of being in hospital. Finally the day has come when the doctor feels she can go home provided she gets the needed bed rest as the baby is doing fine and growing well. Ram promises that he will be with her at all times and make sure she follows all the orders. He gets Kush's old room ready for her to move into since it is on the ground floor and she doesn't need to climb stairs. Priya is very happy to hear the good news. She is relieved to hear that all is well and she is going home after five weeks – seemed like she was away from her home for a really long time.

Pihu is ecstatic hearing the news that her dearest Mamma is finally coming home. The poor girl has had a very traumatic five weeks – worried about her mother and also about the baby. She has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new born and was rather scared that she might lose both her mother and the baby. Ram was a pillar of strength to her and even though he was as scared and worried as his little Rockstar, he did not let her see the fear and insecurities he was battling. KM is hustling with activity; the staff is all upbeat to hear that their dear "Priya madam" is fine and will be back home the next day. Dadi is personally supervising the decorations around the house. KK is giving instructions to Bansi kaka about the menu for the next few days and Pihu is busy in her room, making a picture for her dearest Mamma. Pihu insists that Kush also come and spend the day with her as they prepare to welcome Priya home.

Pihu: You know, Kush we must take good care of Mamma and the baby when they come home. The doctor said that she should not strain and that she needs to be in bed. We have to help her from now and even after the baby comes she will need our help. We are going to be big sister and brother for the baby na? Papa said we can ask Mali kaka to help us pick some roses from the garden and put them in a vase for Mamma. She will be very happy to see them.

Kush: Yes Pihu, I will also help you. Priya angel is the best and we will decorate her room with flowers and balloons and she will be very happy. You know Pihu, I was very scared when I used to hear Nanu and Nani talk about Priya angel and they used to cry. I thought she will die and prayed to God to take care of her and the baby so that we can all be happy once again.

Pihu: I know, Kush even Papa used to be very scared. So many times, when I would go into his room quietly, I saw him holding Mamma's picture and cry while he was talking to her; just like how I talk with Happy and Tiger when I am sad. When I used to see Papa cry, even I cried and would go to my room so that he never saw me cry. You know Papa also feels very sad when I am sad, so I didn't want him to know I was sad. I miss my Mamma so much Kush and I promise to take care of her so that she never falls ill again. If Mamma is not at home, everyone is so sad and quiet. Even Happy and Tiger were very sad because Mamma was ill and in the hospital for so many days. I will let them also sleep in Mamma's room when she comes back because they also missed her na. As soon as I finish my picture, we will go to the garden and pick the flowers for Mamma's room.

Ram was standing outside her room listening to the innocent conversation between the two children. His eyes filled with tears listening to them pour out their woes to each other. He was so emotional listening to them talk about Priya and realized how traumatic an experience it was for everyone. He walked into the room: So what are my Rockstar and Champ up to? Arrey wah! That's a beautiful picture you are making Pihu, I am sure your Mamma will love it. How about the three of us spend the evening making the room look pretty for her? I am sure she will be surprised and happy to see all the things that we are doing for her. She told me yesterday that she is so happy that the doctor said she could go home and be with both of you. She misses you a lot you know!

Pihu and Kush see him enter the room and jump off the bed to give him a big hug. They are happy to see the smile on Ram's face and excited about decorating the room. Soon all three of them march into Priya's new room to organize and decorate the room. They put up balloons and streamers around the room. Both Kush and Pihu put up pictures on the walls along with the card that Pihu made. They make a huge "Welcome back Mamma, we love you" banner and put it on the wall behind the headboard so she can see it as she enters the room. They get a lot of roses from the garden and put them in vases around the room.

The next morning Ram stirs in bed and looks around as the smile on his face slowly grows wider and wider till it stretches from ear to ear. What a nightmare the past five weeks were! He gets out of bed, goes to the window and draws open the blinds to let the bright rays of the morning sun stream into his room banishing the darkness and insecurities that the past five weeks had brought into their lives, sending them in a tizzy and sapping all the energy and happiness that they were looking forward to. He looks at the clock in the room and grinned as he turned around and went to get ready for the day. Finally he was bringing Priya home today and most of the previous night went thinking of her and the new baby to come. Glad that the dark cloud had passed and no damage was done. He shuddered at the thought of what could have happened and is thankful that all was well with both Priya and the baby. He steps out of his room all dressed and excited as he saw everyone up and about making sure that everything was in place before Ram brought his Priya back home. Pihu and Kush are also dressed to go to the hospital with Ram and there is no stopping them today. They are talking excitedly about Priya's home coming and cannot wait to give her a queens' welcome back.

They reach the hospital and Priya is looking fresh like the morning dew in a beautiful emerald green tunic with black tights looking a little pale and washed out. The dark circles around her eyes tell us the story of how traumatic and stressful the past weeks were; in spite of which she wore a broad grin showing her happiness as she saw the most important people in her life walk in and greet her with a big hug. She was sitting in a recliner waiting for Ram, Pihu and Kush to come and take her back home – her own place where she belongs. Earlier in the morning the doctor came in and checked her and issued orders to disconnect the drips and all the monitors that confined her to the hospital bed for the past five weeks. She heaved a deep sigh as she got out of bed gently assisted by Nutz who was her night companion for the past few weeks. She missed having Ram with her at nights but was glad in a way because he was with Pihu – her princess who needed him to be with her. Everyone's life had come to a standstill and she was happy that normalcy would return to Sharma, Shergill and Kapoor household at least temporarily till it was time for the baby to come into their world – the outside world. Well, she thought as she sighed, that is going to be a while she hoped and said a little prayer thanking God for helping them through these troubled times and being there for them.

The doctor insisted that she be wheeled out and did not allow her to walk: The more rest you get, the longer you can prolong the pregnancy and that will be the best for you Priya. I am very happy that you came out of this without any problem and hope you don't have any more issues till you are full term. We don't want you back till then, Priya; all the very best.

The nurses gathered around them as they bid them farewell after Priya gave them a big bouquet of flowers and gifts for all of them with thank you notes.

Ram drove the car himself and brought it to the front of the hospital and helped Priya into the front seat beside him. Pihu and Kush got into the back seat and were chattering away. Priya looked at Ram with tears in her eyes – these were tears of joy as they left for home; where she wanted to be in the warmth of her own bed with her family around her. She looked out of the window as if she was seeing the outside world for the first time and she smiled to herself as she drifted into sleep. Ram looked at her and put his arm to stroke her cheek and moved the strand of hair that was blowing in her face threatening to disturb her peaceful nap, as he tucked it behind her ear. He was happy that the nightmare was over and all was well. Now, he would take care of his queen at home and make sure she was happy and cheerful for the rest of the pregnancy.

When they reached home Dadi and KK were at the door to welcome her with open arms. It was an emotional reunion of the trio; especially Dadi and Priya as she was unable to go to the hospital and visit her. Dadi was so anxious and worried about the whole situation and was so relieved when Ram gave her the good news of her homecoming. Priya was so weak that the ride home was exhausting and she was waiting to get into bed and take a nap already. Pihu and Kush held her hands and escorted her to the room downstairs. She was moved to tears as she looked wide-eyed around the room and saw how they had decorated it and was so happy to be back home. She gave Pihu and Kush a great big hug even though she had hardly any energy. She told them how happy she was to see all the drawings, the banner, the cards and most importantly the flowers around the room. Once she lay down on the bed, the children left the room and promised to return as soon as she felt good enough to have company. She gestured to Ram asking him to sit by her side on the bed and lay on his arm turning towards him with her arm around his broad chest. Soon she was fast asleep like a little baby; comfortable in the arms of the one she loves. Ram looked down at her and rubbed her back with his hand and planted a soft gentle kiss on her hair. Within no time the room was filled with loud snores and both of them had a contented look on their faces – happy to be with each other after what seemed like ages.


... to be continued

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gupta90 Senior Member

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aww such a emotional update, thank God priya is out of the hospital and slowly going to be back to normal, loved the innocent conversation between kush and peehu, you have written that beautifully. Smile

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Dsudipa Goldie

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very emotional  & touching update
u written very well
thx god she come to home
loved d innocent convo b/w Peehu & Kush 
thx 4 d update ClapClapClap

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