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Tears of Joy or Sorrow Part 20 on pg 39 (Page 3)

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wonderfully written Star

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Part 2

Its dinner time at KM and everyone is seated around the dining table. Pihu is looking a little lost and Ram notices it. He gets up and sits in the empty seat beside her and she jumps out of her thoughts.

Ram: Rockstar, why is your plate empty? What can I serve you? I asked the cooks to make all your favorite food. I hope you like it. Can I serve you some aloo parathas?

Pihu: Thank you Papa. She puts one piece of the parathas in her mouth and stops. She makes a weird face. She looks at Ram's face and realizes that he is waiting for her to say something about the parathas. "Aloo parathas is my favorite Papa, but I think Mamma makes it better than your kitchen wala uncle. She can come and teach him how to make it I am sure."

Ram is a little disappointed with her answer and Pihu notices the change in his expression.

Pihu: But Papa, I like it and thank you for asking uncle to make all my favorite food. Here, let me feed you some aloo parathas Papa. I know it is your most favorite food too. She breaks a piece of her parathas and feeds Ram. Ram in turn breaks off a piece from his plate and feeds her. Dadi and KK are watching Pihu and her papa and are so touched.

KK sees the happiness in Ram's face even though she can't help noticing the sadness in his eyes. The sadness never seemed to have gone away after Priya left five years ago and she hopes that things will get better now that Pihu is here with him.

Ram looks at Pihu and admires her manners. He cannot take his eyes off her. She is finally here and why do I feel it is a dream? She reminds me a lot about Priya, the way she tries to make everyone happy, not wanting to hurt anyones feelings and very caring. So mature for a child that is not even five years old.

After dinner Ram takes Pihu and Kush to his room. Pihu looks around the room and picks up the photo frame with Ram and Priya's picture. She hugs the frame and shuts her eyes for a minute. She quickly looks to see if Ram is looking at her and gives Priya's picture a kiss. She looks up at Ram.

Pihu: Papa, when will Mamma come here?

Ram is tongue-tied for a split second and immediately changes the topic: Pihu, let us go to your room. I want to show you something.

They go to her room and he shows her the goldfish bowl with two goldfish swimming.

Ram: I don't think you saw your new goldfish Pihu. They are waiting for you to give them a name. What are you going to call them?

Pihu: Wow Papa! Are they my own fish? Are they going to live in my room forever? I love them Papa. Since they are goldfish, I will call one Goldie and the other Sona. How do you like the names Papa?

Ram: Fantastic Rockstar! I like the names. It is almost your bedtime, do you want to go and brush your teeth and change?

Pihu nods and goes to change. Ram lets out a deep sigh, takes out his handkerchief and wipes the beads of sweat that are forming on his forehead. He looks around the room and is waiting for Pihu to come back.

Pihu is back and looks at Ram: Papa can I talk to Mamma now? Please? I want to tell her about my goldfish and about my room.

Ram dials Priyas number and hands the phone to Pihu.

Pihu: Hello Mamma.

At the other end Priya is sitting on her bed with Pihu's drawing book open in her lap. She hears the phone ring and sees it is Ram's number so answers it immediately. She hears Pihu on the other side and stops for a second. She shuts her eyes, holds her breath and exhales slowly.

Priya: Pihu, my princess, how are you?

Pihu: Mamma I have my own room here and Papa has got me a lot of toys and teddy bears. I also have two goldfish and I call them Goldie and Sona. I am having a good time Mamma.

Priya: I hope you remember what I told you. Please be good and polite. I am sure you will make Mamma very proud of you darling.

Pihu: Yes, Mamma I remember. Please come soon, so I can show you everything in my room. Mamma will you come tonight and read me a story?

Priya: Not tonight my princess. I have to pack all your stuff so it will take me some time. I am sure Papa will tell you a story or read to you if you ask him.

Pihu: Ok Mamma, good night.

Priya: Good night Princess. She disconnects the phone. She takes a deep breath and puts the phone away. She goes back to Pihu's drawing book and is flipping through the pages. There is an eerie silence in the room. Priya is silently walking around the room picking up Pihu's belongings and remembering all the good times with her. She has a smile every time a memory pops into her mind and she moves on to something else.

Back at KM, Ram is tucking Pihu into bed.

Pihu: Papa can you please read to me? Actually no, can you tell me a story? I love listening to stories before I go to bed.

Ram goes on to tell his and Priya's story and after the first bit, Pihu interrupts.

Pihu: Papa, how do you know this story? Mamma has told me this story many times. This is my favorite story Papa. She gives Ram a big hug and a kiss.

Ram is taken aback for a split second and then he gives Pihu a kiss on her forehead. Ram continues telling her the story and soon she falls asleep.

Ram covers her with the comforter and turns on the night light and leaves the room. Pihu sees Ram go out of the room and pulls something out from under the pillow. It is a picture of Priya. She gives the picture a kiss.

Pihu: Good night Mamma. I love you. When will you come here Mamma? I miss you. Papa is very nice but I wish you were also here. Saying this she holds the picture close to her heart and shuts her eyes. A lone tear escapes her eye and she involuntarily lets out a sob. She is having a hard time falling asleep. She shuts her eyes and then opens them again, looks at her mother's picture and tosses and turns in her bed.

At Priya's apartment, Neha and she are sitting at the dining table. Priya is thinking about Pihu and remembers her feeding Pihu and how excited she gets when she sees her favorite Aloo Paratha.

Pihu: Mamma, you are the best best Mamma in the whole world. You make the best aloo parathas and no one can be as best as you. You always make my favorite food and do everything nice for me. I love you Mamma. You are the best.

Priya feels Pihu hugging her and comes out of her dream. She gets up from the table and goes into her room. She sits on the bed and sees Tiger on the bed. She says " Arrey, I forgot to pack you Tiger. I am sorry. I will send you tomorrow. Tonight you can stay with me." she hugs Tiger and keeps rubbing his back as if she is searching for Pihu's little hand on Tiger's back. She shuts her eyes and has a sad smile on her face. So much has happened this week. She remembers the shooting incident at the party, Ram recovering in the hospital, the scene outside the court where she hands over Pihu, her life to Ram, her very breath. How did I even think my life and my breath could ever be separated? I am sorry for keeping Pihu away from you Ram. I hope you are happy now. If you and Pihu are happy, I am happy too.

Don't know how the night passed. For Ram, Priya and Pihu the night was just an extension of the previous day. None of them really slept. Pihu was very tired the next morning and she got out of bed and kissed Priya's picture. "Good morning Mamma. I miss you."

Ram gets out of bed and goes to Pihu's room: Good morning Rockstar! I hope you slept well.

Pihu gives Ram a hug: Good morning Papa. Can I call Mamma and say good morning to her too? Please Papa.

Ram calls Priya's number and Priya answers: Good morning Mr. Kapoor.

Pihu giggles: Good morning Mamma, this is Pihu and not Papa. I wanted to say good morning to you so I called. Do you want to talk to Papa?

Priya: Good morning my Princess. I was waiting for your call. I hope you slept well bachcha. You have to get ready for school now.

Pihu: Yes mamma. I will get ready for school now. I love you mamma.

She disconnects and gives the phone back to Ram.

Ram: Pihu, please go brush your teeth and get ready for school. Call me if you want any help. I will also get ready and I will drop you and Kush at school.

Natasha is very worried in Sharma house. She, Shipra and Sudhir are in the living room having their morning tea.

Natasha: Papa, we must do something to get Priya out of her shock. She is not reacting to anything and this is not good for her. Neha said that she did not eat anything for dinner and she is just staring around and talking about Pihu as if nothing has happened. She is so deeply hurt and we need to get her out of this. It is not good for her.

Just then the phone rings. Neha is on the other side and she says something to Nutz. Nutz looks at Shipra and Sudhir and tells Neha that she will meet her in her apartment. " Mummyji and Papa, I will just be back. Neha called and said she wanted to show me something," she says and runs out of their home. Sudhir and Shipra look at each other very worried.

Nutz enters the living room and sees Neha trying to talk to Priya who is lying on the ground and not responding. Nutz calls a doctor in the building and he comes in to check Priya.

Doctor: Natasha, she is unconscious and we need to get her to the hospital as soon as possible. Does anyone of you know what led to this?

Neha: Actually doctor the past few days have been very stressful for her. She goes on to tell him about the happenings of the whole week. She has not been eating and sleeping well this whole week.

Doctor: This doesn't sound too good. Anyway why don't you admit her in the hospital immediately and we will run some tests and get a drip going. She does seem to be dehydrated too.

Nutz calls for the ambulance and tells Neha to go to Sharma house to tell Mummyji and Papa what happened and that she will take Priya to the hospital.

After a while the Kapoor family doctor comes out of Priya's room with her reports: Natasha, things don't look too good for Priya dear. She is not responding to anything and I am afraid she might go into a coma or we might even lose her. The drips are taking care of her dehydration, but her vital signs are not good now. This is serious matter, so if you want to inform anyone, please let them know now.

Nutz is in a daze. She doesn't know what to do. She calls Neha, who is in Sharma House with Sudhir and Shipra. She tells her what the doctor said and as she is talking Sudhir grabs the phone from Neha.

Sudhir: Natasha beta, what happened to Priya? How is she? What is the doctor saying? Will she be alright?

Nutz: Papa, I don't know what to say to you. I wish I had good news, but, I don't. Doctor asked me to tell you all that her condition is not too good. She is unconscious and is not responding to any treatment.

Sudhir is in shock. He hands over Neha's phone to her and falls into the chair in the living room. He is unable to talk. Tears are just pouring out of his eyes and he is turned to stone.

Shipra sees him in that state and is worried for him: Sudhir, please say something. What did Natasha say? How is Priya? Sudhir, please talk to me. Tell me what you heard.

Neha takes Shipra to a chair and makes her sit down and tells her what Natasha told her. Shipra is also in tears.

Shipra: Why is God being so cruel to Priya? She has always thought of everyone before thinking about herself. Even I was very rude and mean to her after she came back. What kind of a mother am I? Am I Priya's mother or is she mine? Even though I gave her such a hard time she was always so kind to me. If it wasn't for Priya, I wouldn't have been alive today. God, why are you doing this to such a good person? Why don't you take me away instead? Please make Priya alright Bhagawan!

Neha goes to Sudhir and talks to him: Uncle, please listen to me. You have to be strong for Priya. She respects you and listens to you always. Please talk to her and help her get out of this situation. Please come with me to the hospital and talk to her Uncle. She is so lonely now and needs all of us to be with her.

Sudhir slowly gets up and walks towards the front door. All of them leave the house and head to the hospital. Neha calls Vikram on the way to the hospital and tells him all that happened. Vikram is shocked and tells Neha that he will be there at the hospital right away.

Vikram: Does Ram know what happened?

Neha: I don't know Vikram. I am not sure if Nutz has already told him about this. I need you to come to the hospital right away. Uncle is in a state of a shock and I want you to be there to help him.

At the hospital Natasha is pacing the corridors. She calls Karthik and tells him all that happened and says she misses him so much especially at a time like this. Sharmas, Neha and Vikram arrive at the same time at the hospital and go straight to Nutz.

Vikram gives Nutz a hug and asks: Nutz, have to informed Ram? He needs to know what happened. Please have faith in God. I am sure everything will be alright. He did not bring her back into our lives to take her away again just like that. Do you want me to tell Ram or are you going to call him? It might be better if you personally spoke to him. Neha and I will take care of the situation here, please go to KM and talk to Ram. I am sure he has not left for work as yet.

Natasha leaves for KM. On the way she calls KK: Ma, is Bhai at home or has he left for work?

KK: Good morning beta. Ram just left to drop Pihu and Kush at school. What's the matter beta, you sound very anxious? I hope everything is alright with you.

Nutz: All is fine ma. I am coming to KM in a few minutes. I need to talk to all of you, especially to Bhai. Can you please ask him to come back home after dropping the children at school. Please don't tell him I called.

In a few minutes Nutz arrives at KM and goes straight to KK's room. Soumya and Dadi are also in the room. She walks in and hugs KK and breaks down.

Nutz: Ma, I am very scared. Priya is unconscious and the doctors feel she might not make it. I am very scared for her Ma. I don't want to lose her again. The doctor asked me to inform the family to come and see her if they want. I think we have to convince bhai and take Pihu to see her Ma. God forbid, if something happens I don't want Pihu to have any regrets whatsoever.

They all hear footsteps and see Ram walking into KK's room.

Ram: Ma, you asked me to come back home to talk to me. What is the matter Ma?

Nutz runs to Ram and hugs him. Tears flow without stopping. She just holds on to him and tells him everything that happened in the morning. Ram is in a daze. He just walks out of KK's room and goes upstairs into his room. Nutz follows him.

Nutz: Bhai, did you hear what I said? The doctor asked me to tell the family to come and see her if they wish. I think we have to take Pihu to see her mother. I know it is going to be very hard for her, but she has to see her mother bhai. I do hope you understand what I am saying. After this Pihu will be yours and yours alone. There will be no one to share her with you.

Ram is lost in thought again. God, not again! What have I done? How could I have been so insensitive? Why did you bring her back into my life if you were going to take her away again? Please let this not be true. What am I going to tell Pihu?

Nutz shakes her brother: Bhai, we don't have much time, you have to call the school and get permission for Pihu to come with us. Bhai, come on call the school now. She hands her phone to him. Just then Ram's phone rings. The principal is on the other side.

Principal: Mr. Kapoor, I don't know how to say this, but Pihu is having a meltdown. She is sobbing continuously and says she wants to go home. Is something wrong at home? Can you please come to the school and either pacify her or take her home and calm her down. Nothing seems to be helping her. Even Kush has tried to calm her but she is not listening to anyone.

Ram: Yes, madam, I will be there to get her in a few minutes.

Ram leaves the room and goes to the school to pick up Pihu. He calls Nutz: Choti, can you please go to the hospital and let me know the latest from there. I will bring Pihu there straight from school.

Nutz: Bhai, you can talk to Vikram. He is in the hospital with Mummyji, Papa and Neha.

Ram disconnects and then calls Vikram: Ha Vikram, how is Priya? Can I talk to the doctor? Is he there with you?

Vikram: Ram, I am sorry yaar! The doctor just came and spoke to me. He says there is no improvement in her condition. They are trying their best to revive her, but she doesn't seem to respond.

Ram: I know Vikram, it's all my fault and I will be there with Pihu very soon. Please tell Priya that I am coming there with Pihu and that nothing is going to happen to her. I am sure she can hear you.

Ram is thinking about Pihu. Wonder what is going on in that little child's mind. Poor girl, just to satisfy my ego, I am putting her through all this. How can I be so inhuman?

He picks her up and takes her into his arms as she is still sobbing.

Pihu: Papa, I miss my Mamma. I want to see my Mamma. I think she is also missing me and is sad. I want to see her Papa.

Ram takes her into the car and holds on to her. He turns away from her and wipes his tears and talks to her in a soft and gentle voice: Pihu, my Rockstar let us go and see Mamma right now. I am sure she also misses you and will be very happy to see you. Actually Nutz bua came and told me that Mamma wants to see you. She was a little unwell so they have taken her to see the doctor in the hospital. I will take you there to see her just now. If she is sleeping, you can hold her hand and sit by her side till she wakes up. Let us not talk loudly and wake her up.

Pihu: Is she having a fever? Why don't you ask Nani to make her some Kaada? It is a bitter drink, Papa, but I am sure Mamma will be fine if she drinks that. She doesn't like to take any tablets.

Ram: Yes, Pihu, I will tell your Nani to make some Kaada for her.

They reach the hospital and go in. Ram sees everyone in the corridor and walks past them with his head hanging low. He is feeling very ashamed of what he did and cannot make eye contact with anyone.

Nutz is in the room with Priya and when she sees Ram and Pihu come in: There Priya, your little princess is here. Please talk to her. She gets up and walks out of the room leaving Ram, Priya and Pihu to themselves. God, please make everything alright, at least for Pihu's sake.

Ram and Pihu walk up to the bed. Ram looks at Pihu and Pihu at Ram. Both are looking grim. Pihu notices the drip and the heart monitors in the room with her big brown eyes. She goes to one side of the bed and holds Priya's hand: I love you Mamma. Please open your eyes and talk to me. I will tell Nani to make some kaada for you and you will become alright. She kisses the palm of Priya's hand and rests her head on it. She puts her hand on her Priya and gently pats her.

Pihu: You know Mamma, I missed you so much yesterday and was very sad this morning at school. I wanted you to read to me last night and kept talking to your picture. Mamma, I will make you very proud of me. I was being a good girl, you can ask Papa also. I did not trouble anyone in Papa's house. I like my room and I like all the toys too. Papa bought me a lot of toys. I am happy at Papa's house but will be more happy if you can also come and stay with me Mamma. Please get up soon and come with me. I feel very sad when I see you ill in bed. I will pray to Bhagawanji to make you well soon okay mamma. All the while she is resting her face on Priyas palm and patting her on her tummy.

Ram is watching all this with a very sad look on his face. He is just staring into Priya's face and crying. He doesn't know what to say. He sits on the stool beside Priyas bed and looks at her peaceful and calm face. How can she lie so calm and serene when all our hearts are in such great turmoil? I am sorry Priya, give me just one more chance and I promise I will make everything alright. Maybe I don't deserve you, but please don't do this to our dear Pihu. You cannot leave her and go. I cannot be both mother and father to her. I don't know how to and you are the only one who can show me how to. I have been very cruel to you Priya, I am very sorry. Please wake up and give me another chance to make things better for all of us. I love you so deeply and cannot live without you Priya. I went too far this time and please don't pay the price for my nastiness. Come back and give me any punishment – other than being away from Pihu and me. Look at Pihu, Priya. She needs you and misses you so much. Don't do this to her my dear. Please come back Priya. I promise to be a changed man – your man, one who you will be proud of my dear. Please give me one more chance.

Pihu suddenly notices that Priya is moving her fingers slowly. She gets up and looks into her face with a smile: Look, Papa, Mamma is moving her hands. Ram also looks towards her hands and at her face.

Ram: Please come back Priya, Pihu needs you. Don't leave us and go away again. We love you very much.

Priya begins to move a little and Ram calls the doctor in to tell him what he saw. The doctor comes and checks her pulse and is taking at look at the monitors.

Doctor: There seems to be a very slight improvement in her pulse and her blood pressure, but she is still too far gone to say anything Mr. Kapoor. I hope her daughter is going to be the miracle to bring her back to us. He bends down and puts his hand on Pihu's head and says: Beta, please continue to talk to your Mummy and ask her to come back. Pray that she gets better soon. God will surely hear your prayers.

In the next hour or so, Priya is slowly responding to both Ram and Pihu. She has not yet opened her eyes, but there is movement in her face and her limbs. The drips have been removed but the heart and other monitors are still connected to her. Her heartbeat is almost normal and so are her blood pressure and breathing. The doctor comes in and says what they have all been waiting to hear.

Doctor: Phew! I think I can comfortably say that we ALMOST lost her. Now she seems to be recovering. She needs to be here till she is completely out of danger. Mr. Kapoor, whatever you all have done, I don't know, but all I can say is that you all have brought her back to life. I will be monitoring her constantly, but please stay with her and keep talking to her. I think that is what is helping her more than the medications.

Pihu: Mamma, can you hear me? Please hold my hand if you can hear me.

Slowly Priyas hand grips Pihu's weakly. Pihu is very excited: Mamma, I know you can hear me now. Please open your eyes and see me. Please tell Papa not to cry. He has been crying a lot because you are sleeping and not talking to him. Please Mamma, everyone is waiting to see you. You have to wake up now so we can go home. I promise I will not leave you and go anywhere. I will stay with you forever Mamma.

A lone tear escapes from Priyas right eye and Ram is quick to notice it. He wipes it with his hand and takes her hand in his and kisses it. He gets up from the stool and tries to retract his hand from hers to go out, but Priya grasps his hand and doesn't let go of his hand. He turns and looks at her and smiles even as the tears are flowing. He kisses her hand a million times again and again. Thank you Priya, I won't leave you any more. You are mine and will be mine forever.

Finally Priya opens her eyes and looks on either side, closes her eyes and smiles weakly. Both father and daughter are ecstatic. Ram goes close to her face and kisses her on her forehead. He holds her face between the palms of his hands: Thank you Priya, I love you.

Pihu climbs onto the bed and holds her Mamma across her chest and kisses her. Priya opens her eyes and smiles seeing both Ram and Pihu with her. She lifts her hand and ruffles Pihu's hair gently. She rests her hand on Pihu and looks lovingly into Ram's eyes. "Sorry Ram, I didn't mean to scare you so much. I love you and Pihu so much and cannot live without you both."

Ram immediately puts his hand across her mouth: Please don't say that and embarrass me more. I am the one who has to apologize for being a beast. Just don't say anything. You must get better and out of here first. Then everything will be fine. Your parents, Ma, Nutz, Vikram, Neha are all outside waiting to see you. Shall I ask them to come in? Are you in a mood for visitors?


That's it for now friends. I will continue the next part if you want, tomorrow. Do drop in a word or two and let me know what you think.

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Wow, really lovely.. Clap
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This. This is the thing i wanted to watch in balh, heart wrenching update.. A mother love can go to such a extend is a wonder... Hats off to u..! Just fabulous update.. By seeing ram near to death priya has realised how deeply she loves ram, and now its ram turn to realished.. Gosh..! What the hell the cvs r doing.. I hope the cvs get a part of ur ss to read... Pls update soon, can't wait for the next..

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Really heart wrenching...your words made me feel RaYa's and Peehu's paIn, guilt and longingCrythey belong together...pretty please make them a happy family againClap

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thank u...cont. soon
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I read both the parts to this work of yours!! truly enjoyed the emotions displayed n loved its pace!Clap
Me have read your previous FF too!!
Please add me to your PM list, if u send out PM's!!
Thanks a ton!! Will wait for an update to this!!Big smile
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superbly writen i really touchedCryCry

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