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Tears of Joy or Sorrow Part 20 on pg 39 (Page 19)

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Awesome update dear, really like it Thumbs Up
Lol... I really loved the scene where Ram fails to get Priya's sign language ROFL oh God I love my golu & bondhu yet so romantic Ram Hearteverybody is having a gala thine teasing our endearing couple Wink ... Really, they are a beautiful couple& a pleasant sight to watch as a couple... And I really like everything about our beloved old RaYa's kingdom(their old room)... Unlike the soap, Rishab & Soumya are so cute in your FF ( in the seria, she becomes a disgusting headache sometimes u know...)

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Part 11

Ram is up very early next morning admiring his Lady Love as she sleeps on oblivious to what is happening around her. She looks so peaceful and happy in the arms of her beloved, ears against his chest, listening to the music of his heart. He moves her on to her pillow, very slowly so as not to wake her up. He is looking around for their clothes because he is absolutely sure, that will be the first thing Priya will ask for when she wakes up. He reminisces last night and a broad smile lights up his face. Their union after five long years couldn't have been sweeter than it was last night. She is even more beautiful now, than she was five years ago. "I think motherhood has made her more gorgeous," he says to himself even as he chuckles and smiles shyly thinking about last night.

Priya begins to stir and Ram quickly shuts his eyes and pretends to be asleep. She stretches her bare hands out of the comforter and suddenly wakes up. She looks to her right as if to assure herself that last night was not a dream. She sees Ram next to her and at first thinks he is asleep, but on a second glance she notices him stifling his smile and trying his best to shut his eyes and make her believe that he is asleep.

He can't fake it any more: Good morning Priya, did you sleep well?

Priya: Hmmm! Good morning Ram. She rolls over to her side and puts her arm over him and draws him closer when she realizes her bare hand is spread over his bare chest. It all comes back to her and she suddenly withdraws her hand coyly. She draws the comforter closer to her and gives shy glances to Ram.

Ram smiles back and turns towards her and props himself on his hand and looks at her as if he has x-ray vision. He chuckles as Priya is squirming under the sheets.

Priya: Please don't look at me like that Ram, she says and covers her face with the sheet and almost immediately an even more shy Priya pops her head out of the comforter.

Ram: Aww Priya! You can do better than this, he says teasingly. He throws his head back laughing and slowly pulls out her night clothes from under the comforter. Here take it!

As she puts her hand out to take it, he pulls it away from her: Ah a! not yet. You have to bribe me my dear! He sticks his face close to her and purses his lips: I'm waiting.

She looks at his face and smiles: I give up! She says as she bends forward and surrenders to his early morning demands.

Ram gives her clothes back to her: What a lovely way to wake up every morning! I love you Priya, you are the very breath of my life.

She quickly gets into her night clothes and gets out of bed: I love you too Ram, life cannot be more beautiful. I had better get ready for the day. I have to wake up Pihu and Kush and get them ready for school. Are you planning to get out of bed now, or do you want a few more minutes?

Ram: I am getting out of bed right now. He rolls out of bed after getting into his clothes and goes to the rest room. In a few minutes he calls out for Priya from inside, so she goes to check if he needs a towel or something. Instead a pair of strong hands pull her into the bathroom and one can hear some protests from Priya which eventually subside. All is quiet in the rest room and soon both of them emerge from there all dressed for the day. Priya is wearing a light blue saree wth her wet hair wrapped in a towel, while Ram comes out in a banian and a towel wrapped around his waist.

She goes to her dressing table and undoes the towel and is wiping down her wet hair. Ram comes from behind her and puts her bindi on her forehead and admires her reflection in the mirror.

Ram: Ah! Now your bindi will be straight for the rest of the day. It bothers me when I see your bindi crooked and sometimes I know you do it on purpose.

Priya smiles at him and stands up. She hands him the sindoor container: I want you to do this for me every morning. My day will go off well if you adorn my maang every morning.

Ram obliges her and puts the sindoor in her parting and takes her face in his hands and gives her a peck on her forehead before he takes her in his arms. A perfect morning after a perfect night, he says.

Both Ram and Priya go down. Ram goes to the children's room while Priya goes into the kitchen to make tea. She sees Soumya in the kitchen.

Priya: Good morning Soumya, I hope Pihu did not wake you up in the middle of the night.

Soumya: Good morning Bhabhi. I hope you had a good nights rest. She says as she eyes her from top to toe with an evil grin. Anyway, how come you are up so early? I have got breakfast ready, packed the children's lunch boxes and both Pihu and Kush are in the process of getting ready for school. I got everything under control Bhabhi, go back to your room. I am sure Bhappa misses you.

Priya taps Soumya gently on her shoulder: Tut Tut! Chee Soumya, don't be so naughty. Ram is also awake, and he is with the children while I am getting his tea. I will make tea for everyone, so don't worry.

She finishes making tea and brings out the trolley with the teapot and cups to the family room where everyone is sitting.

Priya: Good morning Ma, Dadi, Rishabh.

Ma, Dadi and Rishabh say good morning to her and soon Ram joins them from the children's room.

Ma: How was your night?

Ram avoids looking at her in the eye: Fine Ma. We slept well. Priya also avoids eye contact and is engrossed in making tea for everyone. She gives everyone their cups and is just getting up when she hears loud screams and Pihu and Kush are running to her.

Pihu: Good morning Mamma.

Kush: Good morning Badi Ma.

Priya takes them both in her arms: Good morning Bachche. She pushes them away from her and looks at them from head to toe: Arrey Wah! Both my children are gems. They got up early and are ready for school. Soumya chachi said she packed your lunch boxes too, so you are all set for the day then.

Kush: Yes, we are ready for school and are you going to drop us at school?

Priya: Yes, of course, both your Papa and I will drop both of you at school and Nuts bua will come and pick you up in the afternoon to take you to Nanu's house. Papa and I have some work so we might be late and I don't want you stranded at school.

Pihu: So when you are done with your work, will you come to Nanu's house and pick us up?

Priya: Sure my Princess. Both Papa and I will be there don't worry.

Priya is busy getting breakfast for the children while Ram is watching them from the family room. He smiles in admiration as he sees the interaction between Priya and Kush. He notices that Kush is very comfortable with Priya and is hoping if Ayesha decides to give full custody of Kush to Ram and Priya, then the transition will be smooth. He knows how difficult life is at a young age without a mother and doesn't want Kush to go through that trauma. Soon everyone joins them for breakfast and when they are done, Priya takes KK into her room and briefs her about Ayesha before she leaves with Ram.

Ram and Priya drop Kush and Pihu at school and head to the police station where Ayesha is. The lawyer is waiting with the papers and as soon as he sees Ram, he hands them over. Ram and Priya go into the police station and Ram is busy with the Superintendent while Priya goes in to see Ayesha in her cell.

As soon as she sees her she gets up and comes close: Di, how is Kush? Did you tell him where I was? Did he even ask for me?

Priya looks at Ayesha and can tell that she has had very little sleep and her tear stained face says a lot. She comes close to the bars and holds Ayesha's hands: Kush is fine Ayesha and he asked me where you were. I told him that you had gone out for the weekend with your friends and he seemed comfortable with the answer. We just dropped him and Pihu off at school and Natasha will pick them up after and take them to Sharma house with her.

Ayesha sounds very remorseful: You know di, I have been very rude with Nuts and left no opportunity to insult and put her down, but she has been such a great support for Kush. She loves him dearly and he is also very fond of his Bua. I don't know how I am going to face everyone when I come out. I made a lot of enemies in the past five years and I wish I can do something to wipe the slate and start afresh.

Priya listens to Ayesha and her eyes well up. She feels so sad that Ayesha brought all this on to herself because she let the false success get to her head and then there was no turning back. However she is now happy that Ayesha is remorseful and is willing to start life afresh on a positive note.

Priya: Ayesha, as long as you are willing to work hard and pick yourself up and make an honest start, we are all with you. Even Papa and Karthik will forgive you and be your strength. Remember Ayesha, we are a simple middle class, close knit family and as long as you have your head firmly sitting on your shoulders, I am sure you will turn yourself around and make a success of your life. Do you have any plans for your future?

Ayesha: I would like to go back to school and get a degree first di. I was so deep into modeling that I didn't care to finish my studies. If I want to do something with my life, I must first get an education. I don't know where to start.

Ram comes from behind and seems to have been listening to the conversation: Well, I think I can help you with that Ayesha.

Ayesha: Good morning Jiju.

Ram: Ayesha, I have been listening to a bit of your conversation with Priya and we are all there to support you if you are willing to help yourself and go along the right path. I can get you into any of the smaller universities in the US where you can start off with a degree. But you will have to work your way through your education. I will fund your initial expenses and will even help you in getting a job to support you. Remember it is going to be a big struggle but it teaches you to live life and that is the best way to come up in life. All of us have gone through hardships and it is these hardships that make us stronger and help us emerge as winners. What about Kush?

Ayesha: I want to take on his responsibility as well Jiju. The poor boy has been motherless till now and I would like to change that. I know that I am not the only single mother in the whole world and I will do my best to set a good example for him and bring him up to be a fine human being. It is going to be a big struggle at first, but like I said I want to start life afresh and go the whole nine yards.

Both Ram and Priya look at each other and smile. They are not used to seeing this new Ayesha and don't know what to expect, but are very happy to see that she is even thinking about turning over a new leaf.

Ayesha: For starters, if Ma and Papa will take me back, I would like to stay with them and make amends with them first. I would like to go and apologize to them as well as Karthik and Nuts for my inexcusably obnoxious behavior.

Priya: I spoke to Papa and Natasha and both of them are of the same opinion and would like to give you a second chance. You are most welcome to stay with us in KM, but I leave the option open to you.

Ayesha: No di, I would like to go home and be with Ma and Papa. That is where I belong and I would like to start there.

An inspector comes and tells Ram that all the paper work is complete and that Ayesha is free to go home. Since the case has been withdrawn, there will be no criminal records to her name, but this is a warning to her, that in case she is found guilty of any kind of crime at a later date, then all these records will be opened up again.

Ayesha comes out of her cell and hugs Priya and weeps like a little baby who has found her lost parents. Priya also gets emotional initially, but controls herself and tries to calm her little sister. She holds on to her and walks with her into the car and they drive off to Sharma House.


Okay friends, I have been sleep deprived lately and would like to go to bed now. This is a short update, so please bear with me. I am one big sucker for resilience and always want to give people a second chance. Isn't that what life is all about? So, that is why, I am trying to resurrect Ayesha's character, not only for herself but because, she was brought up by Priya, so she must have imbibed some of her qualities and also for the future I would hate for Kush to turn negative and he needs a positive role model in his life and what better person than his own mother. Do let me know what your thoughts are.

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sreev12 Goldie

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awesome! Clap

I am with you on that second chance turn.
cloud121 IF-Rockerz

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Nice update dear...thanks for pm...continue soon!!!
sushfiza IF-Sizzlerz

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i think ayesha deserves a second chance...thanks...
shonuz_mom Senior Member

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Nice update Sandhya. I too believe in giving second chances, and I hope Ayesha improves her behaviour, if not for anybody else, then at least for Khush, who is just an innocent child.
jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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I completely agree with u, intact I also believe that second chance should be given, let's see how Ayesha turns up, and I also firmly believe that education is the most important thing in ones life and when u want to start ur life afresh start with the scratch, so education is essential, and with that the hardship as thud is the will force which make person to move forward, will wait for the next update, take care
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very well written Smile hope everything with ayesha settles down soonSmile

please continue soon Smile

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