Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Discussion Thread 68 : Updt Pg 1

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LIVE Discussion Thread 68

Video Links of Live Feed : Short clips by sscomp32

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BB6 DT's note

Hey Everyone :)

This is about spoilers and LIVE Streaming of BB.

ALL Discussion pertaining to Eviction and LIVE UPDATE should be discussed ONLY in SPOILER or LIVE DISCUSSION THREAD which are sticky threads, at least the news which have not been aired.
Any posts or topics discussing spoilers shall be deleted without notice.

Consolidated Updates are given by Star 
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BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 18th December '12

** Time in India Time
** Will try to bold important/interesting bits or check bits with emoticons.
** Red bits are spoilers

SPOILER: Aam aadmi won the task. WOrk going on in yellow bedroom, boys and girls moved into red bedroom.

*missed morning*

9:20am - Sana making tea/coffee. Sapna in kitchen. Urvashi comes in from outside saying it's very cold. Sapna said that it was hot and she asked the AC to be on in the bedroom. Urvashi says, so because of you I was cold. Then they discuss sleeping and sharing blankets with boys. Urvashi was ashamed but she asked Niketan to share his blanket with her last night.

9:24am - Delnaaz sitting on the sun bed by the pool. In the kitchen, Urvashi saying she's going to open a packet of big beans. Sana - why are they sending doodi and laalsa everyday? We'll have to request from bhindi. We only ate once. Urvashi - no, no, I've made once with onion and once without. Sana - then twice max. What else never came? Urva - let me tell you one thing, there's a lot of rice. 3 doodi from before, 3 came now, there's phool gobi. Outside Sapna talking to Delnaaz saying he has Karishma's blanket now... Cam back to kitchen discussing their rashan.

9:30am - Sana saying she had a little waist and now it's become big and Urvashi laughs and hugs her from the back. Sana saying she has love handles and has atyachaar over her so both Sana and Urvashi start singing emotional atyachaar in sync. LOL They grab their tea cups and go outside. Sana - my tea customers have decreased. Urva laughs. Sana - all have spread out outside. She goes to give a cup Rajev. She goes away. Niketan to Urvashi - he (Imam) wont leave. Rajev and Karishma sining garam chai ko pilani wali ho. Rajev to Urvashi - tum rone walo main se nahi ho rulane wali ho. Urvashi talking about some conference room where a make up seminar was held and there were 10 people and she went. From france the chanelle head went, french guy. They were sitting opposite and a girl was sitting who was her ex-school mate. The guy started talking about skin tone and the products for Indian skin tone. He looks at her and said that India is a mixture of so many skin tones, he points at her ex-mate - see black and Urvashi - see white. Urvashi was like pite ga aur mujhe bhi pitwayega. LOL

9:36am - Sana and Aashka sitting with Delnaaz on the sunbed. Del to Aashka - you are sad after cutting your hair? Sana saying looking from here we can tell whether it's Rajev or Vishal because both have dimples. ShockedLOL Delnaaz - it;s Vishal. Rajev is skinnier. Sapna joins them on the other sunbed. Urvashi and Karishma discussing some shop in Shopper's Stop mall. BB is going on increasing and decreasing volume. Ouch Niketan talking about Globus. Karishma says I dont like Globus, I go to Phoenix mall. Urvashi talking about pets - birds get their wings clipped. And guinea pig. It would hide and you keep palak and it woul come out. Niketan talking about colourful sparrows. Urvashi said that her sister had a cockatoo. It would eat the wood. They would oil the cockatoo. Confused Her dad would make the bird clean his tooth. Urvashi said that he ran away from the kitchen to the tree and would say catch me catch me. LOLThis was in Hong Kong.  Niketan - hong kong food is very good. Urvashi - you need a palate for that. It took me a long time to adapt.

9:44am - Urvashi sees a sparrow and says that a black colour sparrow came down. Vishal looks up. Niketan saying when the Tsunami came, all the free dogs ran away and they never died. But the pets or tied up ones couldn't move. Urvashi gets up. slaps Niketan's back and leaves saying they have a sense for these things.

9:46am - Urvashi telling someone she's hungry. Can't see. She's talking to Sana, Delnaaz and Sapna. Karishma gets up from near the fish tank from where Rajev, Urva, Niketan and Vishal were sitting. Delnaaz says, you guys should wear something different, we can't tell who is Rajev who is Vishal. Sana walks up to Vishal and picks up his cup. She takes Rajev;s cup. Sana to Vishal - don't say you are turning black after this. You are sitting directly in the sun. She walks off and Rajev follows her. Niketan looking at Vishal. LOL Vishal saying he's going to go finish his garden chores. Niketan places his cup on the chair Vishal was sitting. Rajev comes up. Niketan says need aa rahi hai matlab letne ka man kar raha hai. He grabs his cup and says I'll go get cofee. Rajev sitting by himself near the fish tank. Imam coming out of the bathroom with a bucket and a wig. He's saying subhanAllah subhanAllah as he goes inside. Rajev sitting in silence staring at the fish tank.

9:52am - Niketan was in red bedroom walking out. Outside, Sapna sitting on a sunbed all by herself. Delnaaz, Aashka and Sana have left.

*short break*

9:57am - sana and aashka preparing lunch. Niketan saying ho gay and looking into the fridge. Niketan - what's the date today? Sana - 18th. Niketan - something is kept for you. Sana - something aiwi. Niketan places a plate of papaya. Sana - oh papaya (boredly). Sana asking Aashka about how many Aloos she needs. Sana is peeling potatoes. Niketan leaves. Sana says outside also she gets katti outside and then becomes batti also. Here she becomes batti because they are around. Aashka asks her the reasons she becomes katti for. Sana says anything, not smiling, etc. Niketan is telling Sana she's safe. Sana sarcastically laughs and says - I trust you completely Niketan, I don't trust anyone else more. Niketan says something. Sana laughs and says chal bhaag yahan se Niektan, mere party ka plan barbaad kar kiya. Na rahegi yeh, na rahegi party. She laughs. Sana asking Aashka if she saw what a good job she's done. Aashka is saying damn about something. Sana is asking her to put dettol.

10:05am - In the red bedroom, Karishma or someone is cleaning out the garbage. Rajev is ironing. Urvashi is talking to Sapna saying she went to Marriott once and she got hiccups so they make fun of her, A B C D hic A B C D hic. LOL They said on the count, she would hiccup. Rajev leaves. Urvashi still joking around and telling her stories to Sapna. Urvashi saying she's got a habit of Sana and her way of laughing.Heart Sapna says she hasn't noticed how she laughs. Urvashi says she requested BB to send an extra gadda, Imam is in the bedroom looking for his black belt with dots and metal studs. He only got 1 belt and his hair brushes are missing. Urvashi - ask BB where all your stuff went.

10:13am - Sana and Aashka still in kitchen. Sana chopping up the potatoes now. Aashka - till the time the breakfast is complete, you wont move out of the kitchen or I wont talk to you alright? (courtesy shreyanag) Sana laughs. Aashka stares at her angrily and tries to step on her foot. Dead Sana moves and laughs. Niketan at the sink . Karishma is sweeping the kitchen. Rajev in the kitchen humming. Rajev leaves. Niketan getting ready to mop. Sana singing chalte chalte yunhi koi mil gaya tha sare aam chalte chalte. She's peeling onions and  chopping them. Niketan leaves and Karishma is gone too. Aashka kuch pees rahi hai. Sana is chopping onions. 

10:24am - Niketan mopping the red bedroom. Imam and Karishma discussing how they can hear the BB staff talking outside nowadays, full conversations. In the kitchen, Sana and Aashka still preparing stuff. Imam walking out. Sana continues singing chalte chalte.

10:26am - In red bedroom, Karishma just staring into space, Urvashi asks someone what happened. Maybe Imam. *silence* Karishma talking about her hair. *silence* Karishma wondering what to wear as she has no clothes left. *silence* Niketan asking if he should pour salt water in the hall as well. Karishma decides to pluck her eyebrows. Urvashi staring into space. Sleepy

10:33am - Sana filling her water bottle. Niketan says he's pouring a little lysol water in front of the fridge. Sana asking her what all she put in the utensil and Aashka is listing them. Niketan is mopping the dining area. In the bathroom, Vishal and Imam are there at the sink. Rajev walking around. Vishal leaves forgetting his mic. LOL In the kitchen, Sana and Aashka making small talk. Aashka asks Vishal is hot water is coming. Vishal comes over to Sana and Sana asks him what is he making, Chai or Coffee? She says you are rich people.  Sana asks Niketan where their coffee bottle is. He says with Sapna. She says please give it to me later. Vishal walking about and has still not realised his mic is missing. Imam is in the kitchen pouring milk into a cup. Sana looking for tissues. Sana is feeling cold. Vishal asks Aashka why she doesn't explain to her. Aashka - explain how? Sana asks Niketan to tell Sapna to give her coffee jar. In the red bedroom, Sana enters and is with Delnaaz. Urvashi staring at them and then turns around. Karishma telling Delnaaz she lost a lot of weight. Urvashi says something teasingly. *random chatter*

10:41am - BB announcing Vishal to wear his mic. LOL In the kitchen, Vishal has worn his mic. Sana teasing him saying if we tell him to make coffee, we have to get coffee, milk, everything and give. Then she tells him you have only put 10% of work in this coffee because I brought the cup, coffee, milk, sugar, teaspoon, okay? At the dining table, Imam is sitting and staring at everyone. Niketan mopping and asks him to lift his feet.  Imam tells Niketan that every chair has footmarks on them and he should clean themLOL  Niketan continues mopping. Imam tells someone in the living area saying talk louder so I can also hear. Then he announces he'll go have breakfast. He comes into the kitchen and puts something into a utensil. Sana is struggling to fix the handle of a frying pan? Vishal sitting at a dining table. Imam says he wants to use the stove first and then they can continue. Sana joins Vishal at the dining table with her coffee. She says that the mud from the other task is still on the chairs. She and Vishal chit chat. Aaska looks uncomfortable standing next to imam.

10: 51am - BB sounds a bell's gong. Imam asking where the lysol is.  Aashka gets a tray and reads a letter saying BB wants everyone *muted*...probably to return the costumes. Outside Karishma singing hare rama hare krishna as she paces around. BB sounds a bell's gong yet again. 

10: 56am - In the bathroom, Rajev at the sink, Karishma goes for a shower while singing. Rajev singing dil to pagal hai while shaving. LOL Outside, Imam is checking on the clothes drying. He goes and fixes the chairs by the gym and sits on one and puts his foot on the other and says bismillah and starts to eat. He requests BB to send a packet of cigarettes as he really needs them. He looks at something and says SubhanAllah, then says what a weather. In the red bedroom, Sapna is asleep. Urvashi is still lying down. 

11am - Sana and Niketan walking off and Niketan saying he's going to rest. Sana is back with her mug. Vishal asking if Imam said something to Aashka. She says no. Sana saying Del doesn't want to eat. Niketan in red bedroom standing and reciting something. He lies on the bed and Urvashi saying her legs are hurting. Niketan mentions Vishal, Sana and Aashka are in the kitchen. Outside Imam is still eating. 

11:04am - Imam tells BB that the plants are dying and need new soil or they are already dead. He sees his shirt has flown off the clothes stand. He continues eating. Imam is talking to the camera and saying if you are wondering what I'm eating, it's called Pampa bhat - left over rice with curry patta and *missed*. Like poha and upma, in bengal, it's this with aloo and onions. He says it's delicious. Now he's talking to the camera in Bengali and says I cant speak Bengali but I try. He has never seen a cuisine like bengali food and he loves postu. And kashundi with daal chawal. You wont need achaar. His Calcutta friends, he orders kashundi, bengali dhoti and it has a lot of pleats with a unique design. Only one person in Bombay can iron it on grant road. Then he says his mouth is watering even though he's eating. LOL He talks about something he repeats from the Parsi religion - good thoughts, good words, good deeds. He admires the weather and wants to just relax but he has to clean the toilets. He walks inside and calls Niketan and then whispers for something. In the kitchen, he keeps his dishes in the sink. Rajev is there. Imam starts washing them. Sana and Vishal still talking. Rajev eating breakfast in a bowl. He takes something from a tray and puts in his pocket. He walks off. Aashka still cooking and talking to Sana and Vishal. Vishal says he's hungry. Rajev finishes his breakfast and leaves his bowl on the dining table and walks off. Vishal and Sana teasing each other about cooking. Imam asks Sana if she can make biryani and she says no so Imam explains the process to her and says it's the easiest thing to cook. Sana says the fish biryani that came for them. Imam walks off saying - is that a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me. Vishal laughs and repeats it to Sana, Aashka and Rajev and says that was hilarious. Imam walks back in

11:16am - In the red bedroom, Niketan is check Urvashi's shoulder for pain. Niketan talking about his favourite t-shirt from Diesel that's got a faded look. Urvashi says her threshold of pain is very high. Niketan saying about something he has read and BB mutes him. LOL Urvashi saying she's still in pain. Niketan tells her to keep pressing on it lightly. He is telling her about reflexology pressure points but on the hand and he can't remember the Indian name for it. Urvashi is guessing accupuncture. 

11:19am - Rajev sitting down to eat papaya. Vishal talking about Sana falling asleep at night and not moving after that. Aashka says talk to me about that. Sana - unho ne to neend main bhi mujhe conscious kar diya. She laughs. Vishal putting salt or pepper on the papayas and eating. BB asking someone to ensure they changed their batteries.  Rajev eating papaya as well. Vishal is singing tera mujhe hai pehle ka wada koi, yuhi nahi dil lubhata koi, jaane tu ya jane na. LOL BB asks Rajev to check his mic's batteries. Rajev says I've changed it but it only is showing 1 bar. Aashka gets the box of batteries for him and he says done BB. Urvashi walks in and Rajev says Samsung chef is here now. Karishma walks in and Rajev says Karishma, listen! Urvashi is talking about adding oil int he food. Rajev and Vishal joking about Imam?

11:27am - Sana in red bedroom and the camera looking right at her and she starts singing tera mujhe hai pehle. Sana asks if she should wear something and Niketan says yeah beautful and keeps saying very very good. Now he's asking Sana what he should wear which pair of jeans. LOL Sana signs and whistles to Niketan something and then Sana is wondering what the noise is. If there's a storm and she might fly away in the dress. Niketan sings gangnam style. Sana and Niektan walk out together. She asks if he's going to shower, he says you first. Then they start joking and says pehle tum pehle tum. Then Niketan tells Sana lets race to the showers and whoever reaches first.

11:31am - Niketan walks into the kitchen and Karishma is making her cofffe and Urvashi is making dosa. Niketan tries to help unstick it.  Sana and Aashka sit at the dining table and Vishal is staring at Sana. Karishma, Niketan and Urvashi at the counter. 

*stream is choppy so taking a break*

Breakfast is being prepared so will give only essential updates so I don't tire myself out.

Important Updates:
12pm - Urvashi was in the red bedroom, on her bed facing the mirror and cleaning it and saying sorry BB please send matches. She suddenly notices Vishal on the bed besides her bed under the blankets. She embarrassingly asks him, oh you are here? I never saw you. He says yeah, in the yellow bedroom there's no back rest so I never feel like lying there. Urvashi says oh yeah back rest and then leaves. LOL

12:11pm - Rajev and Karishma sitting at the dining table. Rajev - BB should announce that Imam you've again gone flat. Karishma - see when he's not doing anything, you're remembering him.

12:32pm - Delnaaz comes over to Sana and Aashka in the kitchen and tells them that some is crying. Either Sapna or Karishma. 

12:53pm - Rajev talking to Sapna and Karishma about providing lyrics to music. Hai chaand bhi, hasin raat bhi, bas tu nahi, teri kami, to kis kaam ki yeh chaandni. He says that whoever these songs are picturised on, more than the film, these songs will be talked about more. LOL He continues but cam switches to Vishal talking to Aashka, Delnaaz and Sana.

1:43pm - BB called someone (rajev?) to the confession room. Imam and Karishma think it's some task.

2:25pm - Rajev telling Niketan that he told Imam he has a habit of drinking water from the bottles by touching with his mouth. So he should keep that with him and no one else will touch it and he shouldn't touch other bottles.

2:27pm - Vishal sitting outside talking to Delnaaz and Sana. He tells Sana, sit in front of me. LOL Then Sana hands him a cup and he finishes off the tea/coffe.

2:40pm - Sana telling Vishal, things you don't want people to know about your personal life, you shouldn't talk about it. Vishal - aur jo batani hai wo? Sana starts laughing. Delnaaz discusses Rajev that he can joke about someone to the point of driving someone to tears but when he comes to himself, he can't even take a small joke and she has had to deal with that. Sana says yes, but he does that with his own people that he hurts them. Delnaaz agrees. Vishal says there's a fine line between ego and self respect. He is talking about ego he saw in his school and Niketan joins them and the cam switches to the kitchen where Karishma is still complaining loudly about her neck pain and telling her brufen to please work. Confused

3pm - Niketan sitting outside with Sana and Vishal and discussing the last night's quiz. Sana said he didn't give her marks for 31 suitcases and Niketan swears he did. Then they discuss the salt question and she knew the answer but Vishal confused her because he became scientific and Vishal says they add iodine to prevent goiter. Niketan says, main bata hoon kyun they add it. Vishal says to prevent goiter (he's right). Sana says I knew it was some pal who climbed Everest and Niketan said he liked the table sides question. Urvashi had 0 points in the first round.

3:07pm - Niketan says that nearly everyone had the same scores only Imam had 45 and he wonders how Karishma got 65 points in the quiz. Sana and Vishal say that she managed to get very easy questions like age of boys and girls in marriage. Niketan - and wo gabbar babbar wala. Sana - lo batao. 

*stopping to watch live chat with Santosh*

4:25pm - Seems they've got a new task. BB has sounded a buzzer and everyone is heading outside the house. Vishal and Niketan are carrying something to the side. Niketan mentioned poonch. One of the monkeys is missing. The one with the eyes covered. Niketan brings it over. Delnaaz explained - Imam will be asked questioned, no overlaps.

Sana - we have no problems and you say such nice things but you said something to aashka that's not nice and I didn't like it and I want to know why did you say that and do you think it's right?
Imam - I want to apologise, it's my fault

Vishal - treat people the way you want to be treated and I believe you earn respect
Imam - I agree.

Imam - Aashka before you ask, please let me be the person I choose to be.
Aashka - We started from 15 people and now there are difference in opinion and there isn't 1 person who wants to provoke you and we want to be entertained, when you see a person, you ask once or twice but you reach a point that you don't realize that the person and their parents also get hurt. Do you think someone really provokes you to that extent?
Imam - refuses to answer

Sapna - When it comes to provoke, Imam has done it more and he imitated me and he did a skit on me and the reason is bullshit and today if he says sorry, he will call me a kanjar billi so this exercise is a waste of my time. I dont need a response.

Karishma - since you've come you've treated me nicely, but I dont know if you are bipolar but you are very rude, judgemental and you've used words of putting this or that in. Where did you find us rude. Even your energy is negative and we were going to nominated you. We were nice to you and even my family will think what's happening. People might find you entertaining but we dont. You dont show that you are a nice person. You're ruining a lot of things.
Delnaaz - do you want to response
Imam - no

Niketan - I want to say the same Karishma did. I saw the imam today is good but I knew you from before and you came so I was happy but yesterday your reaction was esxtreme. I don't know why you chose to react and snap. When we joke, you think it's coz we are joking about you. LIke we were discussing hypothalamus was related to a spiritual conversation and you thought the conversation was about you. So why do you see us in a suspicious manner.
Imam is quiet.

Urvashi - Imam, will you look at us? You tell us to look into your eyes. I made you understand things the first day and I said it because I wanted to make you understand things as a human to human. I am in agreement with everyone and I understand you feel we are talking about you but there's a way to tackle it. You crossed a lot of limits. I told you that I was hurt and I just request that you never do that;. If you want a benefit of doubt then everyone wants it.
Imam is refusing to talk

Rajev - you talk about body language and your body language shows that you aren't interested.
Imam I'm listening
Rajev - you have no himat to do anything to me. You know so many languages and I don't believe  you dont know what it means. I am ashamed of you. In 24hrs I am sure the same hrs will come. In the quiz, you dont know how to act in a quiz show. Sana is the youngest but she is more mature than you. I dont feel like every talking to you and say good morning to you. Others are great they show so much patience, I dont have it. I told BB that next time, it will not be my fualt. No one talks to you, they are just being polite. 
Del - okay,..
Rajev - let me finish. 
Del - your question

Sapna - I would request you never talk to me because I dont want this batameezing and sorry.
Rajev - me either
Sapna - I dont want any good morning...
Del - okay guys

Del - Imam, do you want to say anything? *reads* If person after this also has a problem they will give Imam a pyaar ki jhappi.

Urvashi - if you are trying to divide and rule, then it's not going to work because we stand united and we will stand united. Besides nominations, we will stand united, we will not stand for batameezi because not only your parents are watching but so is our family, parents, kids. So please, we stand united, join hands. Next time, please dont use disgusting words and dont show the animalistic behaviour coz you are 1, we are 9.
Imam is silent.
Rajev - wisdom is in what you prove not what you show.
Sapna walks off
Everyone walks off. Urvashi hugs Imam and Aashka hugs Urvashi. Vishal to Imam - I enjoyed moments with you. Urvashi - all of us. Imam starts to cry. Aashka hugs Imam. He sits down and continues to cry.Imam goes to the toilet. Niketan - did you notice? Aashka, show him what tears are. Kya bandar hai yaar. Sana to Vishal - it was a task so we did it. Now it's his choice what he does. Niketan - main to badi dhyaan se dekh raha hoon. Dekhaa. Glycerine hai? Confused

4:50pm They all walk inside the house. Sapna is in the kitchen. Karishma - I shouldn't have called him bipolar right? Sapna - you could have said insaaane. Dead

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second Smile

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koi to bata do imam ki dosti kab kaise hui Big smile

also someone knows that for how long posts are blocked once you exceed the limit

They r having apple pie and aloo parantha .. some combo :D :d Aashka kitne pyaar se puch rah hai . " urvashi tu mithi roti kahyegi" .. 

babes day 1 se aisi hoti to kya baat thi .. aaj hum dellu Vs aashu kar rahe hote

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Originally posted by enigmatic_zephy

koi to bata do imam ki dosti kab kaise hui Big smile

Imam starts talking with people at any given time.

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i can't see iImaam anywhere...has he been thrown out??
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best of urvashi -

urvashi-sana bonding well.. Thumbs Up

urvashi scored 65 points in quiz(highest and tie wid karishma) Party

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Super Koolyipee

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He was around just a minute ago.

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