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FF:Shameless Thread #6: Ch38 Water, pg1!!

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A romantic thriller..Arnav and Khushi's emotional journey through confusion, pain, heartbreak, danger, and most of all love..

Shameless Readers:
Thanks to all the loyal readers for their comments and encouragement. This will be the final thread. Shameless is about done. 

New Readers: 
Unfortunately due to repeated plagiarism, i've taken down Shameless. I am simply posting the final chapters for those who have followed the story from the beginning. Shameless will be available as an ebook in Feb/March 2013 (with some major edits) if ur interested.

*DO NOT plagiarize, share, or distribute my work* Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Won't say much. Except hope you can find a quiet place to read. And step onto this roller coaster carefully. Also, some are still confused about Roy-al-ice. They are one and the same. Two different personalities. One has always craved his mother's love and blood, and the other is much darker and craves only blood. Liyana is not a past love but Royal's mother. Hope that clears the confusion.

Starting in 3..2..1..

Last word of caution: deep breaths..

NOTE: Chapter is in two parts, page 1 and page 117. See you at the end.

"NO!" screamed Khushi as she watched him raise the knife high, plunging it into Aman with zeal.


And then as Aman fell on the cold floors of the garage, blood pooling around him, the rope around Khushi's wrists slipped undone.

"Run, Mrs. Boss," gurgled Aman, sinking rapidly, his eyes darkening as Roy stabbed him once more, "RUN!"

Roy barely heard Khushi's hasty footsteps recede, he laughed, pulling Aman up by the collar. "I've stabbed you in such places that you'll die slowly, your pain never-ending," he whispered with a wide grin, "You will beg for death but it won't come for some time."

He dropped Aman back onto the concrete floors without a word, turning away.

"KHUSHI!" he screamed as he ran after her, "You're next!"

Shameless by TINA!

Chapter 38: Beneath the Water

Arnav slammed the breaks as he jumped out, breaking into a run into the thick forest.

"Where to?" he asked the lead detective, his eyes scanning the trees.

The man zoomed the map on his phone. "This way!" he yelled, racing forward.

Arnav chased after him, the two low-ranking detectives at his heels. His heart hammered as they delved deeper inside the forest, his feet splashing through a small stream.

Natasha's words crossed his mind repeatedly, agonizing his soul: "My brother has a secret property here in Nainital. It's an exact replica of his garage in Delhi or his 'playhouse' as he likes to call it."

Horrible, twisted images kept flashing past Arnav's eyes: Khushi crying..Khushi screaming with pain..Khushi lifeless..

No! He refused to let anything happen. She was his life. Without her, he would die too. But first, he'd kill the monsters who'd played with their lives this way. For the umpteenth time, he prayed, hoping someone was listening. He wasn't the least bit religious, but the words tumbled past his lips: Please..please, keep her safe. She deserves to live. She deserves all the love in the world and a lifetime of happiness. Please, please help my Khushi.

As he broke through dead tree branches, an odd sensation began to emerge alongside his fear and doubt.

It was one of familiarity.

He paused for a second, seemingly frozen as the detectives raced passed him. His head swerved side to side. Images from the past crossed his mind.

Arnav's eyes rounded as he realized it: he had been here before. On a motorcycle trip long ago. He'd passed these same trees then.

Natasha's words floated around him: "It's on Lenox Drive..Secluded in the middle of the forest, near a small lake."


He threw his hands to his head as he fought to remember. Lenox Drive..small lake..

His eyes snapped open, he recoiled back, his feet slipping on the fallen leaves as it hit him. Damn it to hell! They were leading him the wrong way. From what he recalled, there was no lake nearby.

Arnav spun around, heading back toward the jeep.

"Not so fast," broke out a cold voice.

Just feet from him stood the lead detective, the gun in his hands aimed directly at Arnav's head.


Khushi ran out of the room in which Aman lay dying, stepping through the only other door. Her hands were shaking as she locked it behind her. Animal-like shrieks erupted outside. "YOU'RE NEXT!" screamed Alice, her footsteps nearing.

Khushi wildly scanned the room, her pulse escalating. A way out..that was all she needed. A way out of this hell.

She froze as she realized that she was in a second mammoth space. But this one was not empty like the last. At least 10 luxury cars were parked in a neat order, ready and waiting. A giant swimming pool was at the back wall.

Where are the doors? thought Khushi as fear bubbled in her. How do I get out? There has to be a way out. There has to be.

But she couldn't find one.

The only exit was the door she'd come in through. The walls on all sides were entirely white and unfurnished. There was not even a single window or vent.

Harsh pounding on the door shook her. "I have a key, you shameless girl!" shouted Alice, her voice echoing. "Where will you run now?" Deranged laughter sounded.

Khushi faltered as she stared at the door, its knob turning. Think, Khushi! Think! her every instinct screamed.

Her eyes suddenly froze on the light sockets on the wall beside her and then a small axe near one of the car's tires.

Without a thought, she grabbed the axe, hitting the light switches with all her might. Sparks erupted.

And then Khushi ran as fast as she could, out of breath, as she hid behind a parked car, the axe tightly clasped in her trembling hands.

Just as the door burst open and a cry of rage escaped Alice, the overhead lights throughout the garage turned off. They were suddenly plunged into darkness. Khushi's heart stilled as she realized she was trapped and that danger was very near.

Alice giggled, the sound high-pitched and ugly. "Oh, you want to play a game, do you?" she laughed. "Fine let's play, but in the end, you know I will kill you, Khushi! I will not let Liyana enter our life again! I am in control! ME ME ME!" And then as anger exploded out of bounds, Alice ripped her designer dress into two, the maroon beads flying in all directions. Her eyes closed, the glazed look disappeared.

Royal hummed as he walked blindly to his right, his every step confident. He dipped his hand into a giant barrel, a sick grin crossing his face as he fingered the blood.

There was suddenly the sound of liquid being dumped.

Khushi squinted to see what he was doing through the blackness.

But just then, a small lighter flickered to life. She covered her mouth with her hand as she saw Royal standing in the far corner, his body bare except for the crimson blood that clung to him like a second skin.

"You will love me, Liyana!" he growled, his eyes narrowing as he tried to find her in the darkness. "Come and accept your fate. You are mine, finally Mother! And this time you will love me!"

Horror choked Khushi. How would she ever escape this insanity, she wondered?

And then as she ducked from sight, her head brushed against the wall behind her. She froze as she felt it. It wasn't a solid wall, she realized, her eyes rounding. It was all entirely glass.


Arnav's hands fisted as he gazed at the lead detective. "How long have you been working for Raina?" he asked, his tone indifferent.

The detective's eyes narrowed. His grip on the gun never slackened. "Not too long. A couple of days before you arrived in Nainital."

"I'll give you more money than he will," said Arnav, "Just lower the gun."

The man shook his head. "He's paid me more for setting off those fireworks than you ever did."

Arnav stalked closer. "I will--"

"Stop right there!" shouted the detective. "One step forward, and I'll shoot your brains out right here! Throw your gun aside. NOW!"

Arnav threw it, holding his hands up. "Fine..see. Just relax. And put the gun down. Negotiate with me."

The man barked a hollow laugh. "I work for Alice, Raizada."

"Boss, do you need us?" asked one of the low-ranking detectives, his reed-thin shape breaking through the dead trees.

The lead detective looked to his right for a split second. And that was all that Arnav needed.

With a speed that shocked them all, he lunged at the lead detective, throwing him down.

"Shoot him!" ordered the detective, trying to reach for his gun. "Shoot him now!"

Arnav punched him in the face with all his strength, his anger spilling forth. They had hurt his family, he knew. Adrenaline and hate rushed through him as he slammed the man to the ground again, his fist connecting brutally with the man's jaw.

"Shoot!" screamed the lead detective, wiping back blood. The two other detectives fumbled with the gun, their hands quaking as the gun swiveled back and forth between the two men fighting.

Arnav kicked him in the knee so hard, bone crunched. The detective cried out, his howl echoing through the forest. The two detectives finally aimed their guns at the still standing Arnav, sickly smiles on their faces.

With a roar, Arnav threw the detective's flailing body directly at them. And then grabbed the discarded gun near his feet.

The men looked stricken. They threw their guns aside, holding their hands up in surrender. "Please, don't, Mr. Raizada! We weren't involved."

Arnav frowned harshly as he stomped closer. He didn't believe a word out of their mouths. With an oath, he slammed his fist into their faces, uncaring as they slipped to the dirt ground, unconscious.

The lead detective was crawling on the ground, his face streaked with mud and pain as he laid a hand over his injured knee.

"Don't, Raizada. You can't kill me."

"You deserve it," said Arnav grimly, aiming the gun to his face.

The man gulped, his face whitening. But before he could quite grasp it, Arnav had swung the gun to the side, hitting the detective so hard in the head, the man crumpled on the ground, his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

"You deserve to die," said Arnav, pulling the unconscious man up by his collar, his eyes hard. "But not so quickly. You're going to rot in jail first." With a curse, he threw the detective aside, his heart finally slowing down.

He was about to turn away when a small beeping noise sounded. Something made Arnav search the lead detective's pockets. His eyes widened as he pulled out a cell phone.

On the screen it flashed: 5 new messages from Aman Mathur.


Khushi tapped her ring finger against the wall, being very careful not to be heard.

It clinked back in answer. Her breathing stilled. So it was true. It was a false wall, a floor to ceiling mass of  thick glass, its surface painted a blinding white to disguise it perfectly. No wonder all the cars were facing this one wall. It was the garage door.

So she'd found the way out, but she was no closer to getting out. Blindly, Khushi felt along the wall, her open palms searching for a secret knob or handle.

There was nothing.

How would she get out, she wondered as hope dimmed. There had to be some activation switch, she realized, some button.. But how would she ever find it in this impenetrable darkness? Would it even work with the electricity shut off?

A cry of rage erupted from the blood-soaked man across the room. He was blindly searching the space, cursing every time his hands met empty air.

"Liyana! Come out, come out!" called Roy, his head swerving left and right. "Why can't you love me now? I will love you more than that Raizada ever did."

Khushi froze at the mention of her husband. Her heart soared with love for Arnav. They'd crossed every seemingly impossible obstacle in their way.  Nothing had been able to crush their love. And now, they were on the brink of starting a family.

A memory of Arnav lying on a hospital bed, a bullet in his chest, floated through her mind. On that dark night, he had shared his longing for love and family with her, even as he faced the possibility of death. Khushi's eyes tightened. She would never let anyone harm that dream. He and the baby meant everything to her. Her hand rested on her protruding abdomen. It's okay, baby. Mama's here. I will save you. I won't let anything happen to you.

Even if it meant she herself may be harmed.

Her eyes scanned the garage with renewed determination. And then as love and motherhood blazed within her heart, a plan came to her.

Of course..


Royal kicked the wall next to him in anger as he swept through the blackness. Where the hall was she! Why was Mother playing these games? Couldn't she see that he'd won?

A voice snaked into his mind, demanding power. Alice giggled. It's me, Royal. And I always win. Move aside.

Go away, Alice. I'm in control here.

Her laughter changed to malice. Her teeth flared. She attacked him in his own mind, her voice taking over. HOW DARE YOU! I AM THE ONE IN CONTROL! Blood always wins, Royal! Blood always wins!

He retreated after a brief struggle, letting her sweep through him. As always, he could not reign Alice in. She was him. And he was her. Two halves of one deformed circle.

Good boy! she said, relishing her dominance. Now let me deal with this witch! I will kill her tonight and then we'll be happy again. Everything will go back to normal. Just like when we were kids. Blood will win.

Alice's grin reversed to a deep frown. "KHUSHI!" she screamed suddenly, throwing her head back. "Come out and face me! NOW!"

There was pin drop silence.

And then one of the parked cars suddenly began beeping loudly, its security alarm loud as it echoed through the mammoth space.

Alice laughed with glee, racing down toward the parked Ferrari, its lights blinking on and off. She wrenched open the door, her hands desperately trying to find those black curls she knew so well.

"Khushi!" she giggled. "I've got you now!"

But just then, another luxury car roared to life, it's engine starting in a matter of seconds.

Alice froze, jumping out. The second noise was coming from the far left corner.

Her eyes widened as Khushi stomped on the accelerator with all her might.

And then the Lamborghini was flying through the hidden garage wall, a thousand shards of glass breaking away.

Moonlight poured into the garage as the car sailed out, its speed out of control.

Click here to read second half: page 117

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