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(J of A Wife - Book 2) REDISCOVERING LOVE!

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Hi all Smile.  Welcome to book 2 : REDISCOVERING LOVEEmbarrassed.  For all those that are NOT familiar with this SS  ...   here is the link to the first book:
Manyata adored going horse back-riding at the crack of dawn.  She only learned riding recently & found that she loved every second of it.  She'd watch the sun peek out through the clouds  ...  she'd breathe in the crisp ,morning breeze.  It made her forget her worries   ...   or rather , JUST POSTPONE IT FOR A WHILE.  She called out to the keeper : Steven - take SHADOW to her stable.  She whispered to the horse : same time , same place ...  TOMORROW!!!   
The steaming hot water from the shower pounded on her fragile body.  She held up her hands to the wall & water poured down from her head to below.  A hand curled around her waist.  She closed her eyes & held onto her breath.  He kissed her on the shoulder.  Good-morning Princess.  Hmmm , was all she could muster.  Open your eyes Princess.  If I do ...  YOU'LL BE GONE!    
She wrapped a towel around her body & entered her walk-in closet.  She chose a pair of blue jeans & a white, long-sleeve shirt.  She carefully buttoned the cuffs of the shirt, making sure ; the scars of her slit wrists - were not visible.  Just to make sure   ...  she added some chunky bangles & a watch.     
It was almost 7 o'clock  ...  she sat at her desk & sipped on a cup of coffee.  From her drawer , she pulled out her diary.  She opened a page & wrote : 20th November 2013  ...   Uday - I'm tired writing to you.  Next week will be 1 year that u are gone.  U know that when u get back  ...  you'll have a lot of reading to do , as I'm gonna make u read each letter I wrote to you.  I miss you terribly.  I love you  ...  I STILL DO!       
She heard a gurgling sound.  She smiled to herself and continued writing : Sorry Uday  ...  I have to go now , somebody more IMPORTANT than u ; needs my attention.  She closed the diary, kept it back into the drawer & walked over to the cot , in the center of the room.  She took the little girl into her arms.  Hi Princess , & the baby smiled. 
She caressed the child's cheek with the back of her finger , whilst admiring the infant.  The girl had Uday's eyes, his nose , his lips , his complexion & even though , she was just over 11 weeks old   ...  she had mastered her father's signature smirk.  Little MEGHRANJALI was a duplicate of her father , therefore Manyata often refferred to her as "PAPA KI PARI". 
I'm sorry for bringing u here   ...  so far away from civilization; but this is a test for your Papa.  He once told me  ...  that wherever in the world I'll be  - HE'LL FIND ME! , she explained to her daughter.    
She switched on the TV to WORLD NEWS.  The main head-line was : After the recent spate of deaths in a little town in India , called DEVGARH ; health officials have taken a decision to quarantine the village.    
Manyata , immediately phoned someone.  Haan Bhabhisa' ,came the reply.  Unnati  - I need to go to India.  Can u baby-sit Megha for a few days?  How fast can u come to TEXAS???      
Oh and Unnati   ...   don't forget ...
So everyone  ...  that was the prologue for book 2 (REDISCOVERING LOVE).  Do tell me what u thought of it.  Please note  ...  THIS IS JUST THE PROLOGUE  .  CHAPTER 1 will pick up from the exact point where book 1 ended.
BTW ... The name for Manveer's child was kept by the baby's BUASA' ... GARGI BUALOL

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...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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                   Basic Character Sketch:

Devgarh family : DS , Brijraj , Komal , Vijay , Jai .
                          (remains the same as in the show)
Jaigarh family   : Giriraj , Uday + Manyata , Unnati .
                          (remains the same as in the show)
Rajkumari Meghranjali Singh :  The future heir to the thrones of Jaigarh + Devgarh.  First child of Yuvraaj UdayVeer  & Yuvraani Manyata Singh.
Doctor Priya Sharma :  Physician of Manyata.
Major Virendra Singh Mallik  :  served in the Indian army.  Was medically boarded off when he sustained burn injuries when a limpit mine exploded near the border.  Has undergone reconstructive plastic surgery , to restore his appearance.  He is now , an exact replica of Yuvraaj UdayVeer Singh. He also goes by the name of Veer Mallik.
Roopa Aunty :  Mother of Veer.  Extremely protective of her only child.  Not too pleased with her son's choice of girl-friend.
Shivani Prakash :  Child-hood sweet-heart of Veer.  Very loud , very annoying and sometimes her love for Veer borders on obssession. 
Ajay Prakash :  Brother of Shivani . Owns a garage and works as 1 of the mechanics in it.  Best friend of Veer.  Not too keen on the idea of his best friend courting his sister.  (HE FEELS VEER CAN DO MUCH BETTERLOL).
Rajjat  Shukla :  Very loyal and trust-worthy allie of Manyata.  Stays with Manyata in Texas  ...   as her bodyguard.

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                              Promo for book 2:

The crowd of people were getting out of control.  Manyata was suddenly pushed when a strong pair of arms secured her from falling.  She was stunned to see her saviour.  She immediately closed her eyes.  Soldier , is that the way to treat a lady? , she heard him ask.  It was the same voice.  U can open your eyes now Ma'm  ...she realised she was still in his arms.  Uday? , she asked softly.  He shook his head : I'm Veer Mallik.  She stared at him for a while  ...  his name was familiar, then she recalled from where she knew him.  U SAVED MY LIFE!  AH ...  so u do remember me!
Was it possible for 2 people to look the same  ...  sound the same? ,she wondered.  Is this guy really Veer  ...  or could it be Uday?
Veer is MY son.  U want proof  ...  I'll give you proof!
And who are you? ,asked Shivani.  She's ANGEL ,answered Veer.  Both girls stared at him in shock.  Manyata frowned at him questioningly & he replied : The first time I saw u in hospital Manyata  ...  you looked like an angel; so I decided to call u that!
Manyata felt her heart shatter into pieces as she watched Shivani kiss Veer so passionately.  Both of Veer's hands were in the back pockets of Shivani's jeans & he was squeezing her butt and at the same time , he was watching Manyata's reactions.
Admit it Angel  ...  you're falling for me.  I'M NOT ,she yelled.  He pulled her in for a smooch.  She moved away from him and gave him a tight slap.  He pulled her again for a second kiss.  Yet again , she backed out & slapped him.  For the 3rd time  ... he kissed her passionately & Manyata too, responded with equal vigour.  The kiss lasted for many minutes leading to Manyata removing Veer's shirt.  They broke from the kiss for air.  Manyata buried her head into Veer's chest , she panted heavily.  From the corner of her eye, she spotted Uday.
Manyata & Uday hugged each other tightly.  She rested her head on his chest.  Tell me Princess.  She shook her head in a "no" .   You're in love with Veer , aren't you?  He could feel her tears soak into his shirt.  Uday , too, shed a lone tear.    
Manyata got out of bed naked.  She didn't notice that Uday was awake & watching her.  She picked his shirt from the floor and wore it.  U look so beautiful Princess.  Uday - there's a difference from the last time u saw me naked and now.  I'm a mother now.  Hmmm   ..   you're right!   YOU'RE MORE GORGEOUS NOW!!!!   She blushed.
You named her Megha.  I hoped you'd keep the name I chose.  I did keep the name u wanted.  But then , MEGHA?  It's her middle name . He frowned in confusion.  Why does she have a middle name?
Aye Vijay Beta   ... how was your trip to America?  He didn't answer.  DS nudged him.  Beta- hum kuch poonch rahe hain.  Sorry Nanisahib  ...  I'm still trying to figure out if what I saw was true or was it my imagination.  What did u see?  Unnati with a baby , he blurted out.
Princess - I need some money.  Billionaire UdayVeer Singh is asking his wife for money , she giggled.  I left u everything - REMEMBER  ...  now I'm penniless.  Fine  ...  I'll write you a cheque.  He narrowed his eyes at her as she smirked.  NOT FUNNY PRINCESS!!!
Nice legs Uday, she complimented as she gawked at his firm calves and muscular thighs.  I could say the same for u sweet-heart , he said as he ran his finger over her milky white thigh.  I hope u wore the swim suit that I got you , beneath this shorts and T-shirt!!!
Chup ho jao meri pari.  Itna kyun ro rahi ho?  Pata hain , jab tum rothi ho  ...  tho bilkul boore lagte ho  ...  Mama ke jaise lagte ho! , Uday tried to calm the baby's cries but it back-fired as he saw a fuming Manyata standing at the doorway. 
Congratulations Mrs Singh  ...   you're pregnant with twins!!!
Okay ...  that's MORE than enough.  This promo is NOT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE.   The promo is FOR THE ENTIRE BOOK!!!!  Hope you liked it.  Hope it cleared some of your confusion.

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awesum promo. so in the end manveer gonaa get et a twins. nice.
cont.soon cant wait to read the first chapter.

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Omg awesome update
Book 2 is here
Can't wait till the next chapter
Aww manveer baby is here

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awsomee...prologue nai love it
awww...lovew this scene
she had mastered her father's signature smirk.  Little MEGHRANJALI was a duplicate of her father , therefore Manyata often refferred to her as "PAPA KI PARI". 
hailaa...kitna lamba naam
update soon thanx for PM. and yeahh..uday ko jaldise wapas leao

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i'll say damn awesome!

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