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FF-Babies On Board-Part 41 Thrd 5 17/13*Updated (Page 38)

abysana Senior Member

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
now i'm like this Broken Heart

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abysana Senior Member

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
  Ermm  still waiting...

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ShwethaaRaju Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 3:04am | IP Logged
Nice writing..keep updating soon..

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crazyyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by HK90

finnaly found it but i'm going to res it for now
i'm feel too sleepy Sleepy

superb, mind blowing Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap  Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
loved it too too much Hug Hug Hug Hug
as I read I was worried about Arush, and tense that Arnav did not answer the phone. I know it's crazySmile, but this story has become a part of my life that every time I read an update it seems to me that everything is real, and plus you write so well that in the end you feel that everything is happening in real.
I liked it so much that Arnav has made ??a promise to himsel that never put hiss phone in silence, no matter how important the meeting is but family comes first. Really a great thought. Good decision Arnav Thumbs Up
The last part was really great, for Anjali  the solution of every problem is Havan or poojaBig smile! In effect before she said I was already saying yeah we neet to own a pooja here, but apparently Anjali think biggerLOL. Afeter this I imagine why Arnav considers them crazy. Poor Arnav.
waiting for the next part, update as soon as possible.

P.S. Are Diya going to like NK? Or our sweet NK is going to stay kuvara for the rest of his life. Hope not I will love to see NK's wedding, his babies, omg NK and babies!Shocked what will happen? For now he is a baby himself. 

P.S.S.  Congrats for the new threadClap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

HugThanks for such a long comment Big smile u made my day !!! Arush and Arushi kind of became real to me too and i love writing about them.It feels as if they are indeed real and playing right before me Day Dreaming everytime i write about them.

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crazyyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 5:08am | IP Logged
SmileHey guys here is the next update !!Forgive me for mistakes as i dint proof read this!

Part 37


Throughout the night Arush was whimpering in his sleep.Arnav had placed Arush in between him and Khushi on the bed.He and Khushi alternatively tried soothing him and kept checking his temperature.


Neither of them slept properly the whole night as their attention was only on Arush whose temperature dint decrease.They realized by early morning even Arushi began getting temperature.


Khushi tried feeding Arushi but she just whimpered and turned away.Khushi worried her bottom lip and looked at Arnav tearfully.She dint know how to make it alright."Arnavji ab Puri bhi bhimaar ho gayi.Ab hum kya karenge "(Arnavji now puri has also fallen sick what do we do now) she asked him sadly as tears began falling from her eyes helplessly.


Arnav ,who was sitting beside Khushi while cuddling Arush in his arms , lifted up his hand and immediately wiped her tears "Khushi shhh roh mat.Sab teek ho jayega.Since they are twins,agar ek bhimaar ho gaya toh doosra bhi bhimaar pad jayega "(Khushi don't cry.Since they are twins,if one of them is sick the other one will also fall sick)


Khushi nodded sadly and caressed Arushi's soft cheeks which were hot to the touch "Par Arnavji hum humare bacche ko aise nahi dhekh sakte " (But Arnavji I cant see our kids like this) she said and buried her face on his shoulders crying softly.


Arnav's heart clenched to see his loved ones suffering. But before he could wipe off Khushi's tears, Arush who was laying tiredly on Arnav's lap raised his chubby hands and wiped Khushi's tears much to the surprise of his parents.Khushi smiled through her tears and hugged Arush close. Arushi saw her brother and not wanting their parents sad, she too jumped on top of Arush and hugged Khushi.


Arnav smiled at his kids gesture and after kissing them on their foreheads he smiled at Khushi "Khushi dhekho rona band karo.See you are upsetting our kids " he said while ruffling Arushi's hair fondly.


Hearing Arnav,Khushi nodded and wiped her tears and took both her kids in her arms and cuddled them giving them a loud kiss on their foreheads.They smiled back at her weakly.


They heard a knock at their door. Arnav placed another kiss on Khushi's forehead reassuringly and went to open the door to find their entire family minus the kids standing outside their doorway with a concerned expression on their faces.


They all barged in and most of them began speaking at once "Hello Hi Bye Bye how eech humri Arush bitwa " - Mamiji


"Khushi bitiya ab humri Arush ka thabeth  kaisan hai? " - Naniji


"Khushi ,Arush kaisa hai.Kal raath teek se soya ki nahi? " ' Payal


"Khushiji How is my prince?  " ' NK


"Khushiji Arush kaise hai? Inhone kuch khaya? " Anjali



Arnav rolled his eyes the moment his family started asking questions at once.Khushi smiled a little.She understood the worry and concern of everyone.However,she began worrying her bottom lip wondering how to tell them that Arushi too is unwell.


Arnav looked at his wife's tensed expression and answered for her "Actually Arush ka temperature kam nahi hua hai.And moreover ab Arushi bhi bhimaar pad gayi " he said looking  at his kids. He made a conscious effort not to let his worry show out.He knew Khushi is worried sick thinking about their babies already and he has to stay strong for both of them.If she knows worried he is,she will not be able to handle it.


All of them gasped at the news.Anjali sat next to Khushi and lightly touched Arushi's forehead "Hey bagwan " She then looked at others and said hume na,aaj hi havan rakhna chahiye.Aakhash tum panditji ko call karke batha dhena ki aaj shaam saath baje hum havan shuru karenge " Arnav again rolled his eyes and looked Aakhash who dutifully looked at Anjali and  said "Ok di main abhi call kar dheta hoon "


When Payal came towards Arushi and showed her arms out fondly,Arushi tiredly went towards her and looped her arms around Payals neck and placed her head on it.Payal cooed to her softly and carrassed her back.


Arush stayed only with Khushi and dint go to anyone else other than Arnav.Nani touched Khushi's cheek "Khushi bitiya aap fikr mat kijiye sab teek ho javath hai.Anjali bitiya havan ki thayaari bhi shuru kar chuke hain.Bachon jal se jal teek hojayenge " Khushi smiled lightly and nodded "Ji naniji "


Arnav frowned "What the " he then looked at Nani amused and said "Nani ,fever dawaai se teek hojayega havan rakh ne se nahi "(Fever will come down through medicines not by keeping havan)


Khushi glared at him and looked back at Anjali and Nani "Naniji,Di aap inki baath mat suniye hume pura yakeen hai havan rakhne se humari aloo aur puri ki saare nazar uthar jayega"( Nani and Di don't listen to his words,I fully believe that by keeping havan all the evil eyes on Aloo and puri will go off ) Arnav quirked his eyebrows in a way he knew annoys her and said "Oh really Khushi ? "


This time Nani glared at Arnav "Chotte aap chup rahiye.Yeh humri vishwaas hai.Aap beech mein mat aayiye  "(Chotte you keep quiet.This is our belief and you don't come between this). Arnav just shrugged and said "Whatever "


Anjali got up and said  "Khushiji hum havan ki thaiyaariyan shuru kar dhenge.Aap bilkul pareshan mat huiye .Humari chotte ki chotte aur gudiya jal se jal teek hojayenge " ( Khushi I'l start the preparation for havan.You stop worrying.Our Chotte's chotte and gudiya will get well soon ) smiling she kissed Arush and Arushi.


NK smiled "Ya Khushiji don't worry humari Arush aur arushi ki pukaar jaldi se uthar jayega "


Everyone chuckled at NK's blunder.Dia slapped his forehead playfully and laughed "NK pukaar nahi Bukaar "


They all left in a while to start preparation for havan to be held in the evening.




It was evening and the preparation for havan was in full swing as Hari prakash and his brothers were all running around the house with flowers and pooja stuffs.Khushi meanwhile was sitting with the kids and trying to feed them cerelac.


Arnav held Arush and Arushi on his lap while Khushi tried feeding them.Much to the surprise of Khushi and everyone,Arnav dint go for office today and he spent the whole day taking care of Arush and Arushi.


Khushi was having a tough time feeding the babies as they dint seem to eat the whole day.Even know inspite of so much cajoling by her and Arnav they hardly ate any.

Khushi pouted when Arush spluttered the cerelac back at Khushi and giggled.Seeing this Arushi too began giggling and started doing the same when Khushi fed her.


She put down the spoon angrily and complained to Arnav who looked amused by all this."Arnavji dhekhiye na hum subhe se indhono ko khilane ki koshish kar rahe hain aur yeh dhono mooh nahi khol rahe hain " ( Arnavji look at this,am trying to feed them since morning and these two are not even opening their mouths)


Arnav smiled and touched her cheek lovingly "Khushi relax.They wont feel like eating due to fever but give it to me main koshish karta hoon " he said taking the bowl from her.


Khushi looked at him doubtfully "Arnavji agar yeh dhono humari haath se khaane ke liye itna thang kar rahe hain,aap kaise khila paayenge? " (Arnavji if these two are giving so much of trouble to eat from me,how will you be able to feed them? )


Arnav smirked "Khushi main Arnav Singh Raizada hoon aur main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon" Khushi pouted at him and muttered "laad governor ".


Arnav chuckled and ignoring her,he called NK who was talking to Dia and Payal. "NK come here " Khushi looked on frowning.


"Hey Nannan mera bhai! Kya hua? " NK grinned at them and sat next to them.


Arnav looked at NK and said "NK elephant ban jao.Now "


"Kya??!! " Both NK and Khushi said simultaneously looking puzzled.


 "Nk Arush and Arushi are not eating so we have make them play to get them to eat.And they like riding the elephantwala game " Arnav said smirking.


NK always ready to help agreed immediately with a wide grin and went on all fours.Arush recognizing the game immediately squealed and clapped waving his arms "chaaachhoo" NK's grin widened at the way Arush called him 'chachu'.


Seeing her son happy,Khushi immediately lifted him and placed on top of NK's back.Arush grinned widely and held onto NK's neck.


Arnav bent forward and fed a spoonful of cerelac to Arush,who immediately opened his mouth in the sprit of the game.


Seeing Arush and her chachu Arushi pouted and began flailing her arms "mummmaa haaa thhii " (Mom elephant )


Khushi smiled and immediately tying her dupatta to her sides she went on all fours this time while Arnav made Arushi sit on Khushi's back carefully.Soon both the kids grinned and giggled. Seeing their chachu and maasi playing with their brother and sister, Anjana and Piyush soon joined them in the elephant walk.All this while Arnav carefully fed both of them.


By the time they successfully finished eating,NK and Khushi became tired.However Khushi felt happy that her kids somehow ate something.Arnav smirked at her and cupped her cheeks "Ab khush? " Overcome by happiness and love she hugged Arnav and kissed his cheek quickly unmindful of the kids and NK.She pulled away and smiled broadly bohoth khush Arnavji " He smiled back.





Arush began crying and figeting the moment havan started.Khushi muttered "chotte laad governor bilkul apni papa ki tharah "


On the other hand Arushi quietly sat on Nani's lap while eagerly watching the panditji and havan.


At one point of time Arush's cries became too much and Arnav got up carrying Arush "Khushi main Arush ko lekar humari kamre mein jaa raha hoon "


Khushi protested "par Arnavji di ne Arush aur Arushi ke liye yeh havan rakha hai " But before Arnav could argue back.Naniji spoke up "Koi baat nahi Khushi bitiya aap jaane dijiye lagath hai Arush bitwa ko bhi iss havan pooja mein khonu vishwaas naahi hai " she said smiling.


Arnav smirked and left.Khushi pouted after the father son duo "Beta kiska hai.Laad governor " she muttered under her breath and concentrated on the rest of the pooja.


Embarrassed Thats it for now pls dont forget to like and leave your cooments.Pms will sent later tonite !

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meettu IF-Rockerz

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Me first yipppeee
Awsome update
Twins are unwell
Nd arnav nd khushi sad nd plus hawan
Nd all r becumg elephant...
To cheercboth the kids.. 
Loving it 
Update next soon.

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zemeera Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 5:14am | IP Logged
It at was cute update,loved to see the caring side of Arnav and Khushi.Smile

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 5:18am | IP Logged
cute update, loved the way entire raizada family cared for arshi kids.
arush is so much like asr.

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