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FF-Babies On Board-Part 41 Thrd 5 17/13*Updated (Page 135)

aNkItA.C IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 5:46am | IP Logged
aartu fast yaar

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crazyyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 5:50am | IP Logged
Hello Shello everyone Big smile for once am back sooner with an update EmbarrassedLOL proud of myself Tongue!!
Thanks for all the lovely comments and like you guys wanted am making the anniversary continue for one more update.So here is the part 2 of the anniversary party Embarrassed Be fairly warned this update is little longer than usual EmbarrassedLOL dont skip it if you are bored ! Dead


Part 41



At the Gupta House, Arnav ,Khushi and kids were received by the Guptas with warm happy hugs followed by blessings. The moment they stepped into the house,Arushi squealed in happiness and jumped into the big arms of Buaji.


"Hai Re Nandakishore humri chotti thitaliya aagayi.Kaisan ho bitiya.Apan nani ko yaad kiya ki naahi? " ( Hai re nandakishore,our little butterfly has come.How are you laddie,did you miss ur granny or not ? ) Buaji spoke to Arushi with a loving smile as Arushi giggled and nodded her head as if she understood.She then eyed Buaji's specs on her head and before Buaji could realize,she plucked the specs from Buaji's head in one quick move and began flinging it out in her arms giggling.


Khushi gasped "Puri yeh aap kya kar rahe hain.Aapki Naniji ko chashma wapas dheejiye " ( Puri what are you doing? Give the specs back to your Granny ) she said looking at a giggling Arushi.Arushi shook her head "Na na " then tried putting it on her face making everyone around her chuckle.Khushi too began laughing.


"Hai Re Nandakishore yeh toh bilkul humri sankadevi jaisan hai "( Oh God she is exactly like our sankadevi)  Buaji laughed. Arnav smirked proudly.On the other hand Arush who was cuddled in Garima's arms began pulling her Goonghat and laughed.Arnav tried to stop him but Garima just laughed "Arey nahi nahi bitwa rehne dheejiye humri naathe humse khelna chahath hai khelne dheejiye .Haina jeeji " ( Oh No no son leave it.Our grandchildren want to play with us let them play.Right sis? "Garima asked Buaji who nodded with a proud granny smile and both the grannies began showering kisses on both Arush and Arushi.


Babuji smiled at both of them from the wheelchair.Arush glanced at Buaji and again pulled Garima's ghoonghat "ne nee " he cooed gesturing down.Garima and Buaji frowned and Arnav chuckled "Aunty he wants to get down " Garima smiled "Oh acha yee lo babua " she let him on the floor slowly.


Arush walked towards Babuji grinning happily.When he reached him,he held his hand and began blabbering in his infamous baby language.Everyone were touched by his sweet gesture.Khushi was surprised to see the usual quiet aloof Arush ,mingling and playing happily with his grandparents.Babuji smiled while happy tears flew from his eyes as he gently carrassed little Arush's head lovingly.Over the past few months, Shashi's health began improving and he regained movements in hands though his legs are still wobbly and he could rarely speak normally yet.


When she saw her brother playing and cuddling to her grandpa's knees,Arushi too began squirming in Buaji's arms.Buaji laughed understanding what she wanted and let her down.Arushi smiled happily and quickly crawled over to Shashi's wheel chair and she too stood on her wobbling legs carefully by supporting herself by holding on to shashi's knees.Both the kids giggled and began blabbering their baby talks simultaneously to him.


Happy tears welled in Khushi's eyes and Buaji,Garima's as they saw Shashi smiling and carrassing the kids fondly in response to their baby talks. Arnav and Khushi looked at each other and smiled lovingly.Arnav knew this bonding of the kids with her Babuji meant a lot to her.


Rest of the afternoon went by happily as Khushi narrated all the instances of Arush and Arushi's latest antics making Buaji and Garima laugh.Arnav on the other hand was busy keeping an eye on both Arush and Arushi  which was proving to be a difficult task ,as both of them went in different directions.


While Arush walked around Khushi's old room exploring the bed from one side to another,trying to pull off the bedsheets and trying to climb the stool on his own, Arushi began crawling in the direction of Kitchen and began pulling off utensils from the bottom racks.Arnav found it tedious to keep track and handle both of them at the same time but he dint want to disturb Khushi who was spending some quality time with her parents and Buaji talking happily.


He ran behind both of them an entire hour and finally ignoring the wailing protests of both the squirming brats, he carried them in his arms and went inside Shashi's room where Khushi and her family was talking.


When they saw a tired Arnav,Garima and Buaji gasped "Hai Re nandakisore ! Yeh dhekho Garima humne Arnav bitwa ki khathirdhari karne ki bhaje ihaan beitkar humri Sanka Devi ki bak bak sun rahe hain.Chalo utto" she stood up leaving Khushi wide mouthed by her bak bak comment.


Arnav smirked at Khushi,then answered Buaji  "Arey Nahi nahi Buaji main toh har roz iski bak bak sun raha hoon.Aaj ki din toh mujhe chutti de dheejiye " All of them laughed except Khushi,who pouted at him.


Arush and Arushi kept wiggling in Arnav's hold and he chuckled, "Khushi we should leave now warna hum humari hi party pe late hojayenge "(Khushi we shld leave now.Else we will be late for our own party).


Khushi gasped as she remembered the party "Hai Devi Maiya,hum toh bhool hi gayi " She then smiled at Buaji and Garima "Buaji Amma hume ab nikhalna hoga.Aap sab ko bhi thaiyaar ho na chahiye " ( Aunty,mom we have to go now.You all should also get ready )


Arnav nodded "Haan Buaji ,Aunty aap sab ready ho jayiye,Main teek che baje gaadi bhijwadeta hoon "( Ya Buaji ,aunty you all get ready.I'l send a car at sharp 6.30 )


Garima answered quickly "Arey nahi nahi babua,gaadi bhejne ki khonu jaroorat naahi.Hum sab auto pakadkar aajayenge " ( Oh No no son,there is no need to send the car.We will catch an auto and come )


Before Khushi could answer,Arnav answered immediately "No way Aunty,Uncle ko takleef hoga.Maine kaha na I'l send a car and that's final " he said in his typical ASR tone which stopped further arguments.


Buaji and Garima smiled.Even Shashi smiled at him gratefully."Teek hain Nanda kishore" Buaji agreed smiling.


Khushi smiled widely and hugged Babuji,garima and Buaji "Teek hain amma,buaji ,babuji hum chalte hain aap sab jaldi aajayega "( Ok mom,aunty and dad we are leaving now.You all come soon )


On leaving ,Arush and Arushi protested to leave the arms of Buaji and Garima making them laugh in happiness.They kissed their chubby cheeks lovingly. Khushi asked the kids to give a kiss to the grandparents and they happily obeyed by kissing the cheeks of Buaji,Garima and Shashi.


By the time they reached Shantivan it was already four and they found the entire Raizada mansion bustling with activity.All the decorations were complete and Shantivan looked like a palace.Khushi gasped in happiness as her eyes took in the dcor of the house which was decorated by fairy lights and red roses.The curtains were a mix of white and baby pink giving a contrast to the red roses.


Arush & Arushi clapped their hands gleefully and began cooing.Both of them started squirming in their parents arms wanting to be left down so they can explore and create a mess of the perfect arrangement.Arnav himself was impressed by the arrangement.He knew their family will be throwing a grand party for them ,but even he dint imagine the amazing dcor.


"Arey Bhai,Khushiji aap dhono finally aagaye " Aakhash who was looking over the final arrangement smiled at them and gestured to the hall "So bhai, Khushiji kaisa lag raha hai yeh sab " ( So bro ,Khushi how do you like all this ?)


Khushi smiled broadly "Arey wah Jeejaji yeh sab bohot badiya hai.Aur aap sab ne itne kam waqt pe itna khoobsoorat sajawat kiya hai "( Wow jeeju all this is amazing.And you guys have decorated beautifully in a short span of time )


Aakhash smiled "Majority of the decorations and ideas is Dia's unhone subhe se kitna mehnat ki  And ya NK bhai bhi .While Dia ensured all this is done perfectly ,NK bhai followed Dia the entire time  like a love sick  puppy " he smirked chuckling.


Khushi laughed and Arnav smirked rolling his eyes.Arushi flailed her arms trying to move into Aakhash so she can cajole him to let her down "Chaa chu  nee nee " She used her charming smile in an attempt for Aakhash to recommend her parents to let her down.


Arnav,who held her in his arms smirked "Nice try princess but am not taking the risk now" he then looked at Aakhash and asked "Baaki sab kahaan hai? "


"Bhai woh actually,Di aur Payal kitchen mein hai.They are ensuring all yours and Khushiji's favourites are getting prepared" Aakhsh said winking at Khushi whose smiled widened at the mention of food.


"Acha!! " She turned to Arnav "Arnavji hum zara di aur jiji se milkar aate hai " she said and stepped in that direction only to be stopped by NK who appeared out of nowhere "No no Khushiji aap ab kitchen nahi jaa sakte.Aap pehle apne kamre jaakar thaiyaar ho jayiye.Come on hurry up time is flying " He pushed playfully in the direction of her and Arnav's room.


Khushi pouted and left carrying a protesting Arush in her arms.Arnav again rolled his eyes and followed her with Arushi."NK ,Aakhash  I will get ready and come back " They smiled and nodded.


The next hour went by busily with Khushi making the babies get fresh and making them ready.Arnav too helped her in dressing up Arushi and Arush.


Arushi was dressed in a pista green princess gown with a halter neck looking gorgeous and like a mini version of Khushi.Arush was dressed in a custom designed little golden sherwani looking dashing and cute.


Once the kids are ready,They left them in the play area and Khushi began dressing.Arnav who was on the phone with a client,looked dumbstruck looking at the beauty in front of him.Khushi had curled her hair leaving few strands carassess her perfect oval face.His gaze never left hers and he lost all concentration on the call.


Khushi looked at him from the mirror and winked at him playfully.She knew he hardly paid attention to the call.That wink did it for him.Coming out of the magical trance he said "Mr.Malhotra I'l have to call you back.Its an emergency " without waiting for response he disconnected the call and strolled towards his beautiful wife as she finished applying kajal and lip gloss.


He hugged her from behind and moving her now curly hair carefully aside began nuzzling his lips near her collar bone and at her nape.Making her close her eyes in pleasure.Her breathing became rapid and she murmured "Arnavji chodiye "


He lifted his face and gazed at her through the mirror.He smirked at her glazed look and at her rapid breathing.His gaze fell on the set he gifted her,which lay on the dressing table.


He lifted the long earring in his hands.He nuzzled and nibbled her earlobes sensuously before securing the earrings on her beautiful shell shaped ears.Khushi's eyes closed and her head fell back automatically unable to bear his pleasurable ministrations.


He then lifted off the purple and diamond necklace carefully from the case.He kissed her nape sensuously licking,nibbling and teasing her making her moan in pleasure.When she thought he will turn her around and kiss her senseless ,he simply clasped the necklace around her neck.She wailed a protest making him chuckle "Not so soon Khushi, I don't want to start something which I cant finish " he whispered in ear chuckling making her pout at him.


 He was buttoning the sherwani ,when his eyes fell on Arushi.He stood rooted to the spot,his eyes widening in surprise."Khushi " he whispered without taking his eyes off Arushi.


Khushi who was looking at herself in the mirror making final touches,turned to look at him to find him looking at something intently.She followed her gaze towards the play area and gasped.


Arushi with utmost concentration in her face was standing in her legs on her own and was slowly walking little unsteadily towards a doll lying on the other side of the room.Khushi's eyes widened and her smile grew wide.She held Arnav's arms as they both watched Arushi silently walking for the first time without support towards the doll.


When she reached her destination and lifted off the doll.She clapped her own hands with a big happy smile.Khushi and Arnav laughed and rushed to her side and took her in their arms and kissed her together.


"Wow princess well done.You have given the best gift to papa and mamma on their anniversary " He kissed her chubby cheeks once again.


Arush too clapped his hands and walked up to Arushi.Both of them looked at each other and smiled proudly.


Khushi hugged Arnav in happiness.Like Arnav said this is indeed the best gift her daughter had given on their anniversary.She smiled brightly and thanked her lucky stars for bestowing her with such amazing kids and a loving husband.

Smile Thats it for now!! Hope you guys liked this update Big smile pl drop in your comments and dont forget to hit like button Wink

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nice update Heart
puri pulling buaji's specs LOL
the kids are too adorable Smile
thanks for the pm dear Wink

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shit yaar mssd d first place *banging my headwa*LOLLOLLOL
aartu superb update yaar..loved d bond of arush arushi wid their grandparentsSmileSmileSmile
part 3 update soon AngryAngryAngry
haye rabba ve rabba ve!!!!
GQ some gutter contents pileeejjjBlushing
love uAngryConfusedOuchSleepyShockedTongue

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Loved d update
wen I read ur updates I feel
as though am living dem

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awesome as always
loved the update a lot
beautifully written
princess started walking great update

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